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  • hyporheicflow
    01.08.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    ...i can’t decide if lucy liu mando should go in my next formalwear compilation or not...

    #like. she is technically formal but also in the format i do the other mando character drawings bc helmet..... #ig i'll see if there's another i do from this list that i like less than her lol
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  • gdcee
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #gdc asks#mandalorians#mandalorian culture #sorry this isn't very coherent #i mean mandos basically use shitty parent as a swear word #same way we use bastard #so that says something about what is considered obscene in their culture
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    01.08.2021 - 2 hours ago
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    01.08.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • waywardwarriorcosplay
    01.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    That's a wrap on Day 2 of @galaxyconraleigh . Met some great fellow Mandalorians. This is the way! . . Blue Mando: @redmanstudioworkshop Yellow Mando: TBD Armorer: @waywardwarriorcosplay . #galaxyconraleigh #galaxycon #galaxycon2021 #thisistheway #mandalorian #mando #comiccon #armorcosplay #mandocosplay #mandaloriancosplay #3dprinting #cosplayarmor (at GalaxyCon Raleigh) https://www.instagram.com/p/CSAur9Wjhrr/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • mandos-sluts
    31.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    The Warmth

    The Mandalorian x Fem!Reader

    Rating: Explicit

    Word count: 2.5k

    Summary: After Mando crashes the ship on a freezing planet, your shivering and chattering teeth threaten to keep Mando and his colleague up all night, so Mando is moved to use his body heat to warm you up.

    Warnings: Smut, fingering, semi-public sex, dirty talk

    A/N: Please don't hesitate to message us or comment if you want to be on our tag list!! Feedback is always very much appreciated <3


    You’ve been Mando’s mechanic for a few months and this is the first time he’s ever done a bounty hunt with a partner. He’s a young man, close to your age and he’s new to the profession, so he sought out Mando (and his carbonite chamber) to help him catch a particularly difficult bounty.

    You thought it was nice that Mando agreed to help this kid capture a quarry. Your positive attitude toward the situation was short-lived, however, after you actually met him.

    You spent all day with him today, and he exposed himself to be a smug, arrogant asshole whom you cannot wait to see off. You bicker with him more than you do with Mando, which is saying something. Although you secretly enjoy your squabbles with Mando, the same is certainly not true with this guy.

    To make matters worse, he and Mando crashed the Razor Crest on an ice-covered planet while fleeing a New Republic patrol ship. And the three of you are now stranded on this freezing sphere until the morning when you and Mando can fix the ship.


    The ship is freezing. You and Mando are on your tiny beds in the Crest’s sleeping quarters, and the annoying tag-along is on a pull-out cot at the end of the room. Each of you are clinging to your skratchy thin blankets, trying to keep warm and fall asleep.

    You’re shivering like never before. The pjs you’re wearing are the ones you packed for the hot desert planet on which you were supposed to be spending the night. That is to say, your tiny silk pj set doesn’t cover much.

    Your teeth are chattering like crazy; your jaw mechanically trembling and loudly, vibrating your teeth against each other.

    “Ughhhh!” The guy says as he sits up in his bed and looks back at Mando.

    Mando looks at him while gets up on his elbows and exhales. ”Y/n, can you stop? We’re not gonna be able to get any sleep with your chattering.” Mando says.

    “D-do you t-think I’m d-d-doing th-this intentionally?” You respond.

    “Maybe if you were wearing more clothes…” The guy mutters.

    “S-sorry, but I w-wasn’t planning on y-you and Mando crashing the f-fucking sh-ship on this freezing f-fucking planet.”

    “Fuck.” Mando utters as he gets up from his bed, taking his blanket with him. “Scoot over.” He demands approaching your bed.

    “W-why?” You ask.

    “I’m gonna use my body heat and this extra blanket to warm you up. It’s gonna be a pain in the ass if I have to deal with you getting frostbite.” Mando states sharply.

    Your bed is against the wall and you’re lying on your side facing it, with your knees up almost at your chest. You scoot closer to the wall so that your legs are a little over an inch away. Mando splays his blanket on top of you before sliding behind you under the two blankets.

    You’re a bit surprised that Mando is willing to do this for you. You can’t recall a time that he touched you when he wasn’t grabbing your arm when you were slipping or unintentionally bumping into you in the cockpit.

    Mando slides in right behind your body, almost spooning you, and sets his head down on your pillow.

    While pulling the blanket up, your head jerks back and bonks Mando’s helmet. “Ow, Mando, your helmet.” You say.

    “Y/n!” The boy says angrily. “Just deal with it so we can fucking go to sleep!”

    “Shut the fuck up.” You say, sitting up in your bed and looking back at him.

    “Everyone shut the fuck up.” Mando barks. “It’s dark enough that I can take my helmet off for the time being. Okay?”

    “Spoiled brat always gets her way.” The kid remarks.

    “I will kill you.” You bite.

    “Ha! I’d like to see you try princess.”

    “Both of you shut up.” Mando orders in a deep serious voice as he pulls his helmet off.

    He returns his head to your pillow, positioning it almost in the crook of your neck, and his warm breath sends a stroke of heat down your spine.

    Your skin is ice cold to the touch, the opposite of Mando’s. With his large, soft hand, he rapidly rubs your arm in attempts to warm your goosebump-covered skin.

    You stretch your legs out and he puts one of his legs over yours to warm them. He then moves his hand to your lower thigh and rapidly moves his hand up and down again to try and rid your goosebumps.

    You know that Mando is not trying to touch you in any sexual way. His sole purpose is to warm you up so that your teeth will stop chattering and everyone can get some much needed sleep: to share his body heat with you. But you can’t help getting turned on.

    His muscular leg is wrapped around yours, weighing you down. He’s breathing heavily in your ear while his hand rubs your thigh. And your body is wrapped in his, your ass right against his crotch. You can feel your panties dampen.

    “Fuck how are you so warm?” You whisper, breathing heavily.

    Mando doesn’t respond. After feeling like he sufficiently warmed up your leg, Mando moves his hand to rest on his own leg and go to sleep.

    But you don’t want him to stop. You want his hand back on your body, partially because it’s so warm, and you are trying not to think about the other reason.

    You daringly grab his hand and slowly move it to your stomach under your loose silk tank top— where your skin is sure enough ice cold— and start running it across your tummy. Mando gets the hint and starts mechanically rubbing his large warm hand up and down your stomach.

    Your pussy pulses as his knuckles graze the underside of your boob. You let out a faint, high-pitched whimper as you push your butt into his groin, trying to test the waters.

    Mando grunts. “Fuck.” He says under his breath as his hand stops moving.

    Mando slowly drags his palm up your waist and you put your hand on top of his as it retreats.

    “P-please keep touching me, your hands are so warm.” You whisper.

    Mando’s hand doesn’t move and he doesn’t say anything, filling your body with nerves as you instantly regret saying that.

    After a long, dreadful pause, Mando scoots his body forward, pushing himself into you. “Where do you want me to touch you?” He inquires in a whispered, raspy voice, right in your ear.

    “All over.” You whisper hesitantly. “I– I’m cold everywhere.

    “Yeah?” Mando murmurs as he moves his hand back down to your thigh. He strokes it, but much slower than before, caressing your soft skin with his thumb.

    “What about here?” He mutters in your ear as he slowly inches his fingers inward and up your thigh.

    “Yes.” You breathe out as arousal shoots to your pussy. You squeeze your lips together to try and prevent any moans from escaping as his hand creeps closer and closer to your cunt.

    Mando moves his digits up into your short loose shorts and stops them right below your pussy. “You want me to keep going baby?” He whispers into your ear with his lips grazing your earlobe.

    Baby. Your cunt pulsates when Mando calls you that. Never in a million years would you ever have imagined that Mando would call you baby.

    “Please.” You whimper.

    Mando’s fingers make contact with your wet folds as his other hand wraps around your neck and settles gently on your throat. He lifts his thigh off of yours so you’re able to open your legs slightly and let his hand in.

    You feel Mando smile against your neck. “No panties, huh?” He lightly chuckles. “Fuck. You’re so wet.”

    You can’t believe Mando is talking to you like this. You can’t believe your employer’s fingers are in your cunt. He is slowly circling your clit with two digits and your mouth falls ajar.

    You inadvertently squeak out. “Ahh—”

    “Shhhhh gotta keep quiet, okay?” Mando whispers in your ear as he picks up the pace on your bud. You bite your bottom lip and try your best to stay silent.

    The guy’s not close enough to hear the whispers you and Mando are exchanging, but he’s certainly within earshot of some things.

    Mando moves his thumb to your bud while his other fingers tease your entrance. He slowly pushes his long thick middle finger into your hole. You bite down firmly on your lip as your back arches, driving your butt harder against his stiffening member.

    “You like that baby? Mando mumbles as his grip on your throat tightens.

    You nod your head, trying to make as little noise as possible, breathing heavily through your nose.

    Mando’s soft plump lips wander your neck and shoulder, kissing and sucking on your tender skin. He slowly starts pumping his finger in and out of your hole, gradually pulling it all the way out before pushing it back in.

    “Fuck, baby girl.” He spits as he grinds his bulge into your ass. Mando’s breathing picks up as his heavy panting in your ear lights a fire in your core.

    “Y/n.” Mando breathes in your ear. “Let– let me put my cock in you.”

    You nod your head as much as you can with his firm grip on your throat and his face in your neck. Mando removes his fingers from your cunt and you feel him pull out his hardened member.

    “Pull your shorts down, will ya?” He whispers tugging at the hem of your pants.

    You pull your pjs off your legs and Mando lines his dick up with your entrance. You feel his precum smother against your folds as he slowly begins to push his cock into your hole.

    You can’t believe that Mando— your boss essentially— is fucking you. You would have never guessed that this is something Mando would do; that this stoic, no-nonsense Mandalorian would fuck you on his broken down ship just a few meters away from his associate.

    You feel overly full of his cock as he finally bottoms out and it’s taking everything in you not to moan. Mando grunts and he starts thrusting into you as his hand wanders up to squeeze and knead your tits.

    The two of you are deep under the covers, facing the wall with Mando spooning you. He’s holding your body flush against him as he thrusts into you.

    Your mouth is wide open and you’re breathing heavily. His fingers creep up from your throat and find their way to your lips.

    “Suck on my fingers.” Mando commands in your ear as he dips two digits into your mouth to silence your heavy breathing.

    You do as you're told, sucking his fingers as his cock rams into you over and over again.

    Mando grabs your leg and hooks his arm around it, providing him an even better angle to drive into and hitting your G-spot with each thrust.

    You try your best to keep your lips sealed around his fingers as drool escapes the corners of your mouth. But your jaw falls open after one particularly hard drive.

    “Mmahhhh!” You accidentally squeal out.

    Mando withdraws his fingers and slaps his palm over your mouth, muffling the moans that you can barely control. “Shhhhhh, you gotta be quiet.” Mando whispers through his grunts. “....Unless you want him to hear.”

    Those words send a pounding force to your pussy as he continues to ram into you with his large hand planted over your mouth.

    “You want him to know I’m fucking you baby?” Mando exhales into your ear. “Want him to think you’re a slut?”

    Even if his hand wasn’t covering your mouth you wouldn’t be able to respond. His other hand finds its way to your clit and you feel your entire body begin to tense.

    “You’re gonna cum aren’t ya?” Mando says.

    You shake your head while your toes curl up, squealing under his palm.

    “Ughn. That's it. Good girl.”

    Just then your orgasm rushes through your body, your cunt fluttering and pulsating on Mando’s length while your body spasms.

    “Fuck. I can feel you clenching down on my cock. You’re so tight.” Mando breaths out, moving his hand up flat against your stomach.

    “Shit. I’m gonna bust soon baby.”

    You pull Mando’s fingers down from your lips.

    “Ins-side me.” You manage to choke out.

    “Yeah?” Mando says moving his hand down to your throat and gripping it tightly as his pace and force become unbelievable.

    You plant your own hand over your mouth because you can tell that Mando can’t focus on quieting you anymore; and all he cares about is ramming into you as hard as possible.

    Mando’s grunts and pants in your ear become louder, and he drags his mouth down to your shoulder, biting on your now sweaty skin to suppress his moans.

    Mando exhales sharply and you feel his warm juices coat your insides. Mando’s grip on you loosens and you let your hand drop from your mouth as you both lie there, catching your breath.

    “Fuck. Why haven’t we done this before?” Mando whispers as he pulls his softening member out of you.

    “Because you’re so intimidating and unapproachable.” You quip.

    “Yeah? That why you practically dragged my fingers into your cunt? Huh, little girl? Mando counters, wrapping his arm around you.

    “How else was I gonna get your cock in me?” You tease.

    “Aww you could have just asked me, princess. I would never turn down the opportunity to get between these pretty legs of yours.” Mando replies, rubbing his thumb up your bare thigh.

    You lightly chuckle as you pull your shorts up your legs, but Mando’s hand stops you. He growls in your ear. “Keep these off.” Mando mutters, closing his eyes.


    The kid’s annoying ass doesn’t say a word the next morning while you and Mando tend to the ship.

    “I wonder if he heard us last night.” You lean over and whisper to Mando, noticing how awkward and uncomfortable the guy looks.

    “He definitely heard us.” Mando responds casually without looking up from his tools.

    You turn your gaze to Mando. “You think?”

    “Yeah. Did you not hear the bed slamming against the wall?”

    “….No. It was??”

    All you could hear last night was Mando’s deep sexy voice breathing and grunting in your ear. But now that you think about it, it totally makes sense. Not only is your bed really squeaky, but the head of the frame knocks against the wall almost every time you move.

    “Yeah, fairly loudly.”

    “Shit. Why didn’t you stop?”

    Mando scoffs. “I don’t really give a fuck who’s in the room— if you ask me to fuck you, I’m gonna fuck you.” He puts down his tool and looks directly at the boy. “Besides, maybe now he’ll think twice about being a smart-ass to you, princess.”





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  • writerofthelorde
    31.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Wherever he goes, I go - The Mandalorian - Chapter twenty-nine (29)

    Characters: Din Djarin & Grogu + Leia & Luke (for this chapter)

    Chapter wordcount: 4.488

    Total wordcount: 146.102

    Chapters: 29 out of unknown

    Story summary:

    Din is struggling with being alone. Grogu is struggling with missing his dad so much he’s making Luke’s life a living hell. There has to be a way for them to fix this, right? Maybe Din could just... join them?

    Chapter twenty-nine (29) summary:

    Luke and Grogu try to figure things out while Din tries his best to heal.

    Link to the first chapter

    Link to the 29th chapter

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  • beskarberry
    31.07.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #getting to see everyones different interpretations of him has been such a treat #thank you#fanart #flower for ishtar #the mandalorian#mando#din djarin#FISH BOI #he's not a fish but that really stuck lol
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  • lesbisoka
    31.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    hi guys🥺

    #i miss u #my mutuals#and followers#and pals #im still on my mando high just not publicly djsjskks #hows it beeeen #shaneen speaks
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  • ninaaznk
    31.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    this is not main so i can be emltional all i want and not apologize. oh my god 5 sentidos by dvicio ft. taburete

    #i've been listening to that song for one hour straight as if this were 2019... #just. dvicio #luché con mis fantasmas todos los que algún día me gritaban que renunciara a todo lo que he sido 😥 #por tí no me arrepiento no tiro las llaves practico el momento tú me alimentas los cinco sentidos 😥😥 #yo quiero estar borracho viviendo mi vida pero a tu lado bebiendo tequila de cualquier vaso rompiendo la fila si tú te vas 😥😥😥 #yo nunca he sido un santo no vendo lecciones de contrabando de todos mis huesos estás al mando me enredo contigo en este huracán😥😥😥😥 #clara tais toi
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  • mootheloon
    31.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    My 4th digital painting went a lot smoother than the other 3! I loved The Mandalorian and this fan art is long overdue. Thank you for looking!

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  • justalittlecloud
    31.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Danica: Post Yavin Rebel years

    as mentioned by @eyecandyeoz Girl boss vibes

    This sweetheart is the cutest Rebel you’ll see and is quite pleased to help!

    She finally got her first IMP! How momentous!

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  • mandogab
    31.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Cuyan Kryze-Syndulla 💚🧡

    #atin kryze#jacen syndulla #atin & jacen #cute parents #just a random thought #they won't have a kid probably but... #proud grandmas#jedi/mando kid
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  • flowerflamestars
    31.07.2021 - 11 hours ago

    He’d been mass-produced- she was just famous, and far, far from safety.   She wasn’t even trying. Head to toe in white like a fucking beacon, brutally bright against the endless sand, even as the light faded. The Alderani mourning braid could have been clocked from a mile away, pins shining in the mass of her hair.   Foolish as fuck- maybe she did, actually, have something in common with her twin besides day of birth.   Boba pulled off his helmet, and watched the measured, sure steps, of Leia Organa approaching his throne.   It felt like too much, to say her name. He’d heard that piece of shit smuggler call her princess, like it didn’t send pain lashing through those furious, dark eyes.   It wasn’t even her correct fucking title.   “Huttslayer,” Boba grumbled, empty space carrying the rasp of his voice.   And Leia smiled.   “Lord Fett.”   Maybe not foolish. Maybe she just knew that if anyone on this planet touched her, they’d lose their hands- and any other offending appendages Boba could cut off for her, unless she wanted the work herself.

    #may I offer you some....Boba Fett on this fine summer day??? #SAD SPACE MAN SUMMER CANNOT BE STOPPED #I just think #the twins had like #the exact same taste in men #just in different directions #Luke: he's JUST SO RELIABLE #YOU KNOW STRONG NICE CARING #Leia cocking a shotgun: sorry baby bro can't hear you over all the crime lords who want to call my husband daddy #this derange paring brought to you by the facts: #Leia would make a better Mando than a politician #I am writing in a Kylo free world so uh...sorry Han Girls? #nothing #and i MEAN nothing #will ever beat the internal hilarity of Leia rolling up to Luke's #very pretty flowery wedding party #to his Nice Shiny Mand'alor #with Boba Fett menacingly carrying her space purse #they're such nightmares i took them out of armor fic and gave them their own billing #COMING SOON
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  • omgreally
    31.07.2021 - 13 hours ago
    #806 followers celebration #din djarin/f!reader #din djarin/you#mando/you #mando/f!reader #mando/reader#din djarin/reader #din djarin x you #din djarin x reader #mando x you #mando fanfic
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  • spaced0rk
    31.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    din trying to speak in jawa language will always be one of the funniest things i've ever heard

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  • viking-raider
    31.07.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Mando cares about the IG-Nurse droid. I'm not crying! YOU ARE!

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  • dinthehottotty
    31.07.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Din with Y/N - A thought

    Kagra: Mando's the best bounty hunter this galaxy has ever seen!

    Y/N: *snorts* right

    Din: what's that supposed to mean.

    Y/N: you get shot more than your bounties do.

    Cara: they've got a point.

    #din djarin#reader#y/n#kagra#cara dune#mando#stupid thoughts #dont feel like writing #but this lives rent free in my head
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  • jester-mereel
    31.07.2021 - 15 hours ago

    rip to the white people writing clones wanting to be mandalorian to be more similar to jango.

    but I'd have projected my own experience as a contemporary filipino disconnected from pre-colonial filipino identity and have used my personal grief-like feeling for some great loss to have created a clone culture of simultaneously longing for and alienation from mando identity.

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