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    Victoria De Angelis 💥
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    Five inches apart cause you are gay

    Paring: Victoria De Angelis x Fem reader

    Warnings: there’s a dirty joke and there’s drinking and cursing but it’s pretty much pure fluff.


    “Shit I didn’t know how exhausting performing is” You said as you were walking into the hotel suite you shared with the rest of your band.

    They had been touring for a few years before you joined them. Damiano had decided that he wanted an additional singer so he could do some songs with a feminine voice. Victoria found you and from then on they treated you as if you had been with them forever.

    But this was your first concert performance, and wether, all performances were exhausting or it was a combination of the summer heat and you being out of shape, you were tired and sore.

    You had the bright idea to take a hot bath to try and combat the sore muscles. But by the time you started to mention it Ethan had already started running one for himself.

    “Well there is a hot tub on the balcony..” Vic suggested

    “Yeah .. but I didn’t bring a swimsuit”

    “Who says you need one, we’re on the top floor of the tallest building around. No one is going to see.”

    “Why not, honestly I’ve known y’all for a few months but we’ve seen each other nude more times than I’ve seen anyone else naked”

    Vic offered to go grab towels for both of you from the bathroom occupied by Ethan.

    She returned with a towel wrapped around herself and one for you.

    You jokingly asked if Ethan was mad at Vic for grabbing towels.

    “Nah I don’t even think he noticed me, he was somewhat distracted enjoying himself”

    You chuckled knowing exactly what that meant and knowing that it perfectly fit Ethan’s personality.

    You headed outside after you disrobed and wrapped your towel around you.

    You got in the hot tub and waited for vic to join you, she came outside with a speaker and a bottle of wine with glasses for both of you. She set everything down on the table beside the hot tub and dropped her towel.

    You don’t know why you had expected Victoria to be wearing anything. The woman desperately despised clothing and wore as little as she could at any given moment.

    You’d seen her naked body endless times before, but there was something about this time. The moonlight accentuating her curves. The peace of the night made you feel as if you and she were the only ones on earth.

    Victoria turned on some music and poured two glasses of rosé for you and her. You didn’t know if she knew how drawn you were to her in this moment and you couldn’t decide if you wanted her to.

    She hopped in the tub and settled beside you.

    “The sky is beautiful isn’t it?” She said

    “It’s so clear and peaceful, this is so nice”

    “ I love staring at the stars, no matter how far apart they are in reality, they look as close as we are right now” she said as she rested her head on your shoulder.

    You were so close together, you could smell the perfume she put on half way through the day so she wouldn’t smell like grass from the festival.

    You ran your fingers through her hair, stopping to separate any knots from all of the head banging she had done during the show.

    Your looked down at her face lying on your shoulder and she looked up at you.

    There was something that just told you she felt the same way about you as you did her.

    But before you could dare to make the first move.

    She moved slightly, and touched her lips to yours.

    You parted your lips and deepened the kiss.

    She moved herself so she was sitting straddling your thighs. You put your arms around her back.

    Your hands roamed each other and you kissed each other until you lost track of time.

    Before you knew it the suns first rays were hitting you….


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    maneskin = dark abba

    #that's it that's the post #that's what I have to say #also that's what listening to them while driving does to me #maneskin#abba#damiano#damiano david#maneskin damiano #abba mamma mia #shit post
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    #maneskin talk #get it done gurl
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    #maneskin talk #my name on the tag made me laugh a bit
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    ︵‿the   gift ‿︵

    🎁Thomas x reader

    🚨 definitely not safe for work 🔥 slutty smutty filth
    ° Thomas Raggi & nonbinary reader insert
    ° Thomas' partner has been missing him terribly during his time in Austria- how will they welcome him home?
    ° the lyrics included werent written by me
    wordcount: 5,799
    ° 2nd commission but finally my 1st thomas story! @wow-ihateithere thankyou for the coffees- 1st thing you said was that i should have fun & well&truly i did. thankyou for your patience & for letting me explore a different part of the beautiful gay rainbow. thankyou for the pics of your dog. thankyou for coming up with some of the dirrrrrty talk & for helping me pick the title ❣️
    I was thinking, got the feeling- the gift you gave is gonna last Forever

    “I got something for you - a gift, I got you a gift.”

    You didn’t need to see your boyfriend’s face to know that he was eager, probably smiling with his teeth, as he spoke into his phone. After more than a year together, you could read Thomas’ tone, effortlessly reading between the lines.

    Hell, you were eager as well. You should be used to him going away at this point - his work schedule had drastically changed since the beginning of your relationship, but his job had not. He was a rock star and as time passed he would only belong to the road more-and-more.

    But you still got the same rush of anticipation when you knew he was due home. When he was back where you could touch, taste and hold him again, it was a high greater than anything you had ever known.

    The passionate delight would take over when you first got to see his face, it was a fire that started deep in your stomach, immediately noticeable as your breath quickened. You wanted to rediscover every part of him, to make up for all of the time you had wasted being apart from him. You wanted to know the ways in which he was still the same, you wanted to know the ways he was different. You were so keen to tell him all of your thoughts, excited to see his reactions as you recounted dreams.

    You were ready to have him back in your arms - but you had to wait for him to return from Austria. The flight would hardly take any time at all, but you were tired of this yearning - at this point it was a slow torture.

    “Is it Gucci? ‘Cause I would expect to be kept in designer stuff, seeing how my boyfriend is a high-fashion model now.”

    He laughed and you liked to imagine a pretty blush rising in his cheeks. “You know that we weren’t allowed to keep any of the things from the set. And I didn’t have time to see if Vienna had a Gucci store.”

    You sighed dramatically. “Whatever, I’ll just have to be satisfied with finally having the photos.”

    His voice got slightly quieter. “You sounded pretty satisfied the other night when you saw them for the first time.” Now you were certain that he was blushing, you could practically feel it.

    And he was correct. Even though you had been on set for the photoshoot (unlike most of the things Måneskin were doing these days, the photo session for Gucci hadn’t conflicted with your university schedule), you hadn’t been prepared for the final result. The pictures you had taken on your phone, nor your memory from the long night, could do the campaign images justice. He had timed his call to coincide with the release of the photos, allowing him to hear you gasp upon seeing him in that harness.

    You had been breathless, your praise of him, and how delicious he looked in that luxurious setting, had almost been completely buried under all of the profanities you couldn’t help but say.

    “Well caro, I have a little something that I got for you.” You said.

    “You got me a gift?”

    You were smirking, thinking about the purchase - which was still on the dining table. You had carried it in from the car, going into the kitchen to check that you had the right size batteries in your arsenal. It would be far more at home in the bedroom, where you were currently sitting.

    “Do you wanna guess what it is?”

    “Umm… uh… is it… umm… Those new Doc Martens I was showing you, the ones with the glossy, metallic, kinda-green finish?”

    You had gotten up from the bed, walking into the hallway. “No.”

    “Oh, the Basquiat ones.” He had been coveting those boots for awhile - the work of his favourite artist on his favourite brand of shoe, they had basically been manufactured for him.

    But you had been keeping that idea on your Christmas list.

    “Honey, it’s not shoes.”

    “Okay, uh… a PS5?”

    You scoffed sarcastically. “Oh yeah, ‘cause you have so much freetime for gaming.”

    “Hmm, right…”

    You had reached the dining table, now looking upon the silicone device. “Would you like a hint?”

    “Yeah, alright.”

    You weren’t entirely familiar with the set-up of the toy, so you couldn’t turn it on as soon as you picked it up. You found the button and pushed it to bring the vibrations to life. Of course, all vibrators bragged of their super discreet, super quiet vibrations - so it was impossible to know if holding it up to the phone would help him to hear what was going on.

    “Do you hear that?”

    “Hear?” He repeated and you mentally cursed. “Babe, is that-”

    “Hang on, hang on. I’m gonna put it down on the table.” You switched it up to the next level of intensity before placing it upon the tabletop. “Maybe the acoustics are better down there…”

    The vibrator had a mind of its own, buzzing its way across the table. The table rattled, filling the otherwise silent room with a gloriously erotic rhythm. You felt your heart pounding harder as you watched it, awaiting his reaction.

    “Do you need another hint, cucciolo?” You asked.

    “Is that…” He made a strangled, tense attempt at clearing his throat. “Is that a gift for me or for you?”

    You laughed breathlessly. “Well, I guess you’ll be there too… But let’s just say that I’ll be taken care of very nicely. It can’t be all about my greedy little bottom every single time.” You turned the toy off, holding it in your hand.

    His voice had gotten quieter and you imagined him holding the phone closer to his mouth, paranoid of being overheard as he sat in Vienna International Airport. “Are you sure? I thought we were retiring… that kind of thing for a while, ‘cause we’ve never really had a perfect experience with those two in one… set-ups.”

    You could clearly picture how he must look in his current state - his eyes darting all over the room, his knuckles turning white as he clenched his fists. Maybe he was getting that pink hue on his neck as he nervously picked his words, doing his best to not attract any attention. He was so sexy when he got nervous and flustered, you loved the power that came from pushing him to that state.

    “I know, but I’m no quitter.” You said, hoping some of your confidence would rub off on him.

    You couldn’t blame him for this trepidation, it was true that you hadn’t yet found an apparatus that could provide both of you with stimulation at the same time. The only times you had gotten to come together had been during standard penetrative sex. There was nothing wrong with him fucking you with his cock.

    But he had his most intense orgasms when it was you doing the fucking with an add-on appendage - these were the climaxes that would ruin him for a couple of hours afterward. These were the climaxes that you committed to memory, re-examining them on the lonely nights alone. These were the climaxes that demanded an instant change of bedsheets.

    You were determined to get it right because you loved it too.

    But you knew it could be better, you knew that you could gain your own release, not just a contact high from watching him come. You were willing to keep trying, to not give up after all of the shitty harnesses that really couldn’t hold up and would loosen in one way or another. You just had to find the right toys, and your internet research (along with some first-hand experience insights from Victoria) led you to believe this vibrator was what you had been waiting for.

    “I found something new and I’m very excited about it. Do you want me to send you a photo, caro?” You offered.

    He sounded thoroughly rattled now. “Umm no, the wifi isn’t that strong here and we’ll probably have to board soon.”

    “Okay babe, best to leave it up to your imagination anyway.”

    “Yeah. Do you want a hint about your gift?”

    You strolled into the kitchen, feeling the need for a glass of cold water. “No, let’s keep it mysterious, then we can both have surprises when you get home. It’ll be like Christmas has come early.”

    “Christmas will be the only thing coming early.” He said.

    “It better be.”


    Thomas hadn’t had any time to unburden himself from the weight of his bags before you pounced on him. You had been waiting, watching the street outside your house since receiving his text that they were leaving the airport. You had shelved the paper you should be writing - concentrating on something like sociology right now felt like a complete waste of time.

    You covered his face in enthusiastic kisses, you had never before felt so ready to devour him. He wrapped his arms tightly around you and you took your feet off the ground, placing your legs around his waist.

    “Welcome home.” You said, your skin tickled by the beginnings of stubble growing around his mouth.

    “I missed you so much amore.”

    “I missed you too. It’s not the same when you’re gone, it’s like I can’t breathe properly until you’re back.”

    His eyes were darting all over your face, refamiliarising himself with your features. “God, I know. I felt like I was going through withdrawals or something.”

    “What if you just never left again?” You suggested, returning your feet to the ground. “And I quit uni, so then we would never have to leave this house again.” It was a joke storyline that the two of you had indulged in many times - when the lust seemed neverending and when fucking felt more essential than oxygen.

    But each time you said it, it felt less like a joke because the time apart never got any easier. The way he was looking so deeply into your eyes made you want to seriously consider it. You pushed the straps of his backpack off of his shoulders and grabbed the front of his shirt.

    It was just like a script and he knew his lines perfectly. “And we could fuck forever.”

    “Yes.” You said in a breathless whisper.

    “Let’s do that.”


    He brought you in for another kiss and you felt your knees growing weaker as his hand caressed your cheek. Your mouth sighed open to allow the invasion of his tongue and you curled your hands into fists around his shirt. He swiped his tongue along the back of your teeth and you pressed your body harder against his.

    You moaned when he moved one hand down to cup your ass, feeling it through the fabric of your shorts. You were ready to unleash all of the desires pent up inside of you. You were tired of dreaming, you needed your fantasies to be real and complete.

    Denim was thick, but his jeans weren’t able to fully contain his erection. You moaned again, heavier this time - you were so ecstatic to feel how ready he was. You reached down to grab him over the sturdy fabric with him drawing in a sharp inhale as he broke away from the kiss.

    “Aw, cucciolo.” You cooed. “You really missed me, huh?”

    “So bad.”

    You were grinning as you hooked both of your index fingers through his belt-loops. “I understand. C’mon and I’ll take care of my little slut.”

    His bags and guitar case were left by the locked front door as he allowed you to lead him toward the bedroom. You stole more kisses from him, not needing to see to navigate your way around the home. He kept grabbing at your face, trying to pull you in for a longer kiss. But you were too preoccupied by the task of undoing his jeans.

    You backed up into the bedroom and he drew you in for a kiss that stole all of your breath. You pulled away, yanking your shirt up then over your head, with him quickly doing the same.

    You stepped onto the bed, watching his hazel eyes grow incredibly focused as you pulled at the restrictive fabric of your sports bra, removing it from your chest. He still hadn’t gotten tired of looking at you naked, always getting a grateful look on his face as he stared. And it still gave you butterflies, it made you want to love him forever. He admired your body like it was the rarest masterpiece the world had ever known.

    You loved the way he appreciated every part of your body with his hands. He could make you feel at peace in your body, after so much time searching for the right terms and the right ways to be yourself. He validated every side of you and accepted you wholly.

    It sets you free, allowing you to run wild and indulge in desires you had never dared to dream of before. He didn’t need you to be the girl that the rest of the world saw you as. The only labels he cared about were that he was the puppy and you were the master - the rest of it was fluid.

    What you had together was truly limitless and it made your blood run hotter than lava. Your lust was a powder keg, constantly ready for him to give off any kind of spark.

    You dropped your shorts and beckoned him, curling a single finger. He lost his jeans before joining you on the bed. But he didn’t stand to mirror your current position, instead he brought his knees to the mattress directly in front of your feet.

    You smiled, playing with his hair as you revelled in the desperation in his eyes. “Mio caro, ilo mio cucciolo…”

    He was caressing your legs, running his hands up-and-down your exposed thighs. He began to press kisses across the skin above what your underwear covered. You continued to run your fingers over his scalp - the thought of pulling on his hair was so very alluring, but you resisted while he was being so good.

    “Do you know how utterly fuckable you look in those Gucci photos? And it’s not the brand name or the status or the paycheck. It’s you and nothing else, caro.”

    He smiled, kissing you a couple more times before responding. “You were there when we shot it, you saw every look…”

    “I know but it’s different now. It’s larger than life. And now the whole world knows what a greedy little bottoming bitch you are.”

    His fingers had started to play with the waistband of your underwear, hinting at his desire to have you naked, without making any real threats to your authority. The way his lips were moving across your skin made you want to give it up, made you want to pin him down and use him.

    “I knew you’d like them.” He said, his dreamy eyes making your heart flutter. “When I told Vic that I was gonna call you in time with the photos going up - she said that I should put the do not disturb sign on the door…”

    You smiled at the mention - of course Victoria had been privy to your phone sex, as your closest confidante, she knew details that others would label as too much information.

    “‘Cause she said, they will need some time to properly consume the photos. And that, they shouldn’t be rushed. And that you deserve someone with the patience to respect their need for alone time.”

    Now was when you decided to exert some of your power, tugging his hair to force him to meet your eye. “Damn right I needed alone time, your ass looks so great in those photos.” He smiled and you applied your fingernails to his scalp. “It’s a real shame I didn’t get to take a taste.”

    He licked his lips. “I know.”

    You grabbed his chin, fire in your eyes as you looked down at him. “I don’t think that you do know, I don’t think that you properly understand the punishment of looking at something I can’t touch. I don’t think you know how it feels to be so fucking wet that you can’t think of anything else, the punishment of wanting to hear your slutty sounds while you’re behaving like a tease in another country.”

    He waited for you to be undoubtedly finished speaking before opening his mouth. “Punish me.”

    “Is that what you deserve?”

    “It’s more than I deserve.”

    He was so obedient, the thrill of power went straight to your head - your thoughts lighting up like a Christmas tree. You could see that he truly meant it, a genuine statement delivered with the correct language of a submissive. You saw in his eyes a reflection of the adoration you felt for him and you wanted to fulfil his fantasies.

    “That’s right. But I’m gonna punish you anyways.” You said. “Lay your pretty face down on the pillow.”

    Without any hesitation, he let go of you and shuffled further up the bed. You inelegantly got down from your feet as he laid his stomach upon the mattress. You looked at his pert ass, still covered by his black briefs. You were allowed so many possibilities, all you had to do was pick your favourite to start with.

    You didn’t let yourself get carried away and just do whatever would provide you with pleasure the quickest. You knew what your boyfriend liked, what got him to the point of begging. You also knew what you liked the best, what you could do to him to get your cunt dripping.

    So you took your time to compile a flexible method in your head, thinking about which moves you wanted to use. He didn’t peek during this process (he knew better than that), not even when you rolled open the bedside draw. You picked out the new vibrator without switching it on, you placed the toy on the mattress next to you - closeby for when you would need it later. Along with this, you grabbed a bottle of flavoured lube. You slid the drawer full of naughty secrets shut again, wanting to mostly concentrate on what you could do with your hands.

    His underwear dulled the sound of the first spank, but you could still hear his breathing hitch. You drew your hand far back, a confident swipe through the air to deliver a spank to his other buttcheek. You could see his hands had balled into fists around the pillow as you slapped him again-and-again - wanting to turn his perfect ass to a lovely shade of red.

    You could hear that he had begun to moan and you could feel the muscles in this area growing tenser. Instead of pulling the underwear off, you pushed them up until most of the fabric was wedged between his cheeks - something like a g-string, allowing you to look at his ass as you played with it.

    You put a hand to each of his cheeks, applying a pinch while you used your other hand to spank him some more. He squirmed, his noises getting louder and you could feel more heat spreading through your cunt.

    You could feel your hand starting to sting and your breathing had become ragged. You leant down and used your teeth on him, earning you a throaty cry from him. You sucked on his skin, hard enough to cause a hickey as you reached your hand blindly out for the vibrator. You pawed across the bedspread until you felt the sturdy toy hitting against your fingers and you snatched it up at once.

    You sat up, giving his ass a few pats. “Are you done being a bad little slut?” You switched the dildo on, but kept it away from him. “Have you learnt your lesson?”

    He shuddered, raising his head from the pillow. “Yes, thank you amore, ah.”

    He whipped his head around when you touched the toy to the small of his back. You grinned and held the toy up for him to see. His mouth fell open as he rolled over, a more comfortable position for him to view you.

    “Surprise.” You said.

    He sat up and tentatively reached a hand out. “Is this…?”

    “Is this your gift? Yes.” You transferred it to his hands. “More accurately - me using it to fuck you, that’s the gift.”

    He was turning it over in his hands, trying to gain all the necessary information from just looking at it, it seemed it was similarly brand new to him. “Which belt were you gonna use? It doesn’t really look like it’d work with any of our o-rings. It’s lacking the wide base, but I guess it-”

    “Do you wanna know what else it’s lacking? The need for any belts, rings, straps or anything.” You said and he tilted his head to the side, his confusion clear. “It’s totally strapless, this part goes up inside of me.” You pointed to the tight curve at one end of the dildo. “And I hold it up there while you’re getting fucked by all of this.” You ran your forefinger down the dildos silicone shaft.

    “What are these bits?” He asked of the two prongs that protruded from what was to be your end. “They kinda look like bunny ears.”

    You giggled, playing with his dirty blonde hair. “That’s what they’re called on the side of the box. But they sit around my clit, and then vrrrr….” You poked your finger into the space between the ‘ears’, shaking it to mimic the vibrations you would be receiving. 

    “Wow.” He was smiling and it excited you to see that he had lost his earlier worries over being subjected to another less than spectacular strap-on experience. You had him ready to be fucked by this new cock.

    “Wow is right.” You put your hand to his shoulder and gave it a gentle push. “Underwear off, cucciolo. I’ve got to fuck you right now, I’ve missed watching you come.”

    You removed your underwear and took the toy back from him. You turned it around, the contoured pony facing you. You saw that he was watching you, looking from your face to the girthy curve that you were considering. You felt emboldened by his gaze, his dick impossibly hard but his patience prevailed. You leant back and spread your legs, allowing him to see even more.

    You brought the head of the stilled nub to your wet heat, it was an easy insertion into your slick cunt, the ridges sliding between your awaiting walls. It fit so perfectly, instantly close to your g-spot, making you moan.

    With some adjustments, you had the rabbit ears on either side of your clitoris. But you hesitated from turning the vibrations on.

    Breathing in deeper, you returned your focus to the task at hand, looking over to where he was still watching you patiently. You plucked up the bottle of lubricant, uncapping it and being instantly greeted by the sweet, artificial scent of strawberry, making you feel ready to indulge. You pumped some of the thick liquid into your hand, putting time into especially coating your index and middle fingers. He was mesmerized by this movement and you could tell he was anticipating how your next move would affect him.

    “Show me that slutty hole.” You said, your voice quieter but not softer. You added another generous dollop of lube to your hand, this time running it up the length of the silicone shaft.

    He laid back, legs splayed, his naked body ready to be used by you. He tilted his ass up from the mattress, he was so practised at this point. For the moment, the vibrator was forgotten as you used one hand to massage his ass cheek. Your other hand became occupied with locating his hole, finding the tight ring and starting to ease it open. You used one coated finger to copy the gentle rhythm you were massaging him with and he shut his eyes, moaning. You moved slowly, loving this process of preparation to show him the care that he deserved.

    He took in one of your fingers and soon allowed a second. You let go of his ass, keeping him distracted with your fingers' affectionate explorations. You returned your hand to the slippery dildo and edged yourself closer to his body.

    You continued to work your fingers inside of him, making him gasp when you teased the tip to his hole. Gradually he accepted the tapered end into him with you taking the necessary time, not rushing to fill him up at once, even though you could feel your cunts eager clenching.

    “Is that good for you, cara?” You asked.

    He didn’t form any words to agree, instead just humming as he nodded his head. With very little resistance, you were able to have all of your cock inside of him.

    A slight shift from your body brought a shudder from him and you took this moment to switch the vibrations back on. It was a blissful harmony of stimulation for you at once. You pulled your hips back a bit, then rolled forward. Not too hard, but enough to make your heart leap into your throat when the tip hit against your g-spot.

    You tested at finding a rhythm, receiving the response from him of moaning as he tilted his hips further. Your nerves jittered to an exciting height as you slowly stroked your length up-and-down his tender flesh. You felt like your clit was swelling, the vibrations working in a pattern that wanted to send you straight to Heaven.

    You moved quicker and the way he slumped back, his stomach contracting, made you think you had potentially found his prostate, where he would feel the stimulation most. You were inspired to put more power into your rocking, rewarded with his increasing panting as he continued to fail at catching his breath.

    “God, such a good puppy.” You said through gritted teeth. “You don’t just play at being a bottom bitch for the cameras - no, you fuck like it too, ‘cause it’s what you are.” His thighs clenched together around you, keeping you where he needed. “You’re my bottom bitch.”

    He had fallen back onto the bed, groaning as he writhed through the mounting pleasure. “Yours.”


    You pushed through the wild convulsions that threatened to destroy your rhythm. You had to keep fucking him, had to keep drawing these unashamedly erotic sounds out of him.

    It was like coming up from the deep end of the pool, that uneasy but fleeting feeling before your head breached the water’s surface - because you had all of your senses disconnected from reality and you had no knowledge of what had unfolded in your absence.

    But those fears had no place in reality.

    It didn’t matter that he was having the most successful year of his life. His fame hadn’t shaken how much he loved to be your submissive. There was no hint of an ego - it didn’t matter that he could hold the attention of a stadium full of people in the palm of his hand, a neverending fountain of praise. He left all of that behind him as soon as he left the stage.

    When he got home to you, you delivered a swift kick to knock away the pedestal that the rest of the world placed him on. You dragged him down to where he was nothing but a series of animal instincts.

    The fame enchanted you more than it did him. You could hardly believe the escalation of your power trip these past few months. It had been thrilling to find a man who was willing to let you play out your deepest fantasy of stepping outside of the gender listed on your ID and becoming the one who wielded the cock. You had his crown, even at his high status - it was you who was on top.

    And it obsessed you.

    “Now I get to have you how everyone who saw those photos wants to.” You said. “But you look even better now, riding my fuckin’ cock.” You put a hand to his stomach in an attempt to steady yourself. “You’re so proud of that ass, being such a show off. Maybe one of these days we could really show you off, I could film you taking this cock like a pro.”

    He shook his head, while his hips still rolled, still chasing his orgasm. “Don’t.”

    “No?” You asked, reaching down to pinch one of his nipples. “You don’t wanna show this off? But I thought you were proud of being my bottom bitch.”

    You saw his Adam’s apple move slowly as he made an audible gulp. “Only for you.”

    You grinned, dragging your nails down his chest. “Il mio cucciolo.”

    “Yes, yours.” He whimpered.

    “Come for me cara.” The vibrating pad was pushed against your g-spot and you felt your resolve failing you, you were ready to be overwhelmed. “Come on my cock.”

    “Ung.” He made a strangled cry, twitching up into a thrust.

    This sent the dildo’s rounded tip harder into you and you felt your eyes roll back for one incredible moment. Your pitch was suddenly much higher when you next cried out. “Yes, oh fuck. You’re gonna make me come, you filthy… ah, oh God.”

    Your entire body was consumed by the pulses that the toy was providing to you, these relentless patterns only strengthened each time he rutted into you. You became crazed, desperate for your orgasm and you hit into him with this new determination, focused solely on your pleasure.

    The only sounds in the room were his desperate pleas and the slapping every time your body collided with his. You were locked in this moment with him, needing him to complete you as you aimed to completely ruin him.

    “Take it, take it, yes baby, take it.” You grunted over the sound of his delicious moaning.

    “Yes, yes, ah, yes.” He kept pushing into you harder, getting all that he could from the vibrator.

    At this point the ecstasy had consumed you and you felt ready to leave consciousness behind entirely. The vibrations were rattling you so deep down, practically preparing your soul to climax as well.

    You screamed, your hips snapping and jerking as the wave took you over, instantly flooring you. “Tom, baby…” The strength had fled your body and all you wanted to do was collapse onto him.

    You opened your eyes at the feeling of your centre of gravity shifting and you found he was sitting up. He got as close to your eye level as he could and you put your hand to the back of his head, wanting him close, but you didn’t have the energy for any kisses.

    He was still working at his rhythm and you watched the delight play out on his face as his orgasm was pushed to an even greater intensity. It made you ache, it made you feel like you could come again - if you allowed it.

    “Come for this cock.” You instructed.

    He was soon spilling himself, making a series of strangled noises as his mouth gaped open. You felt him become heavier in your hold and so you let him go, letting him float back down to the bed. He crumpled, a panting mess.

    You didn’t think you had ever been so sweaty in your whole life as you dismounted from his twitching body. You extracted the dildo, tossing it to the ground for you to find and clean later. The strawberry scent had left the room, evaporated out and all that was left for you to smell was sweat.

    You laid down and immediately rolled over to cuddle into him. He held you, keeping you with him as both of you came down from those awe-inspiring heights. There was nothing to be said in this moment, on a different level of awareness, you knew he felt the same.

    After a while you felt his fingers comb through your hair and you decided it was worth staying awake. You opened your eyes to find him staring at you, his gaze filled with that intensity that made you feel so appreciated and so unashamed of who you were.

    “I love you.” He said, making you smile - being adored by him never got old.

    “I love you too, cara.”

    “That was an amazing surprise.”

    Pride swelled in your heart, pushing out any lingering insecurities as you traced your fingers across his collarbone. “Yeah? I think so too.”

    “It makes the gift that I got for you look like a tacky joke.”

    You grabbed his hand and gave it an encouraging squeeze. “No, I’m sure that I’ll love it. I’ll love whatever it is ‘cause it’s come from you.”

    “Should I go get it?”

    “Yes please.”

    The plain paper bag that he returned with was only small, but you were excited nevertheless. You sat up and eagerly reached for it. He returned to the bed and handed the object to you, but you made sure to give him a kiss before opening the bag.

    You saw one item inside and you tipped the bag upside down where the gift fit neatly in the palm of your hand. You were looking at a black and white photo of Sigmund Freud, attached to a keychain. You turned the plastic square over, looking at the words printed there.

    You felt yourself laughing as you read it aloud. “Freud envies my penis.”

    He was smiling, but in that uncertain way, as if he didn’t fully believe your laughter. “It’s dumb, I know. But there was this whole museum for him there. And there was so much shit in the gift shop and I didn’t wanna get something you wouldn’t like - like a basic ass shirt.”

    “No, it’s so perfect. I am gonna put it on my keys right now. I think I’m gonna laugh every time I see it.” You held it up by the ring, you were already thinking of the friends you wanted to show it to, people who would appreciate your boyfriend’s sense of humour.

    “Yeah, and I figured that if you ever lose them we can say that they Freudian slipped out of your hands.”

    You bowed your head, briefly joining him as he chuckled. “You are lucky that butt of yours doesn’t quit, ‘cause that joke is weak.”

    He pushed his head into your shoulder and you wrapped your arms around him to pull him down to the bed with you. Embracing, you laughed together, falling back into sync on another level.

    ╭── ⋅ ⋅ ── ✩ ── ⋅ ⋅──╮

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    Måneskin : makes rock music at tons of gigs and festivals, livin their best vida loca de rockstars 🤟

    Also Måneskin : getting fans at the front row not moving at all cause they're filming the show with their phone 🙃

    I'll get a ticket straight to the boomer zone, but why go to a concert to film it ?? First, phones have average to bad recording quality for concerts - loud sounds and bright lights never agree with phone so maybe leave that to people with professional gear. Then, I don't see the joy in standing still to film a show - especially a rock concert. I love to sing along, dance, jump, cry, dive in the music. Well, anything really but... that ?

    Gif made from "IWBYS" Open'er Park 2022 from Alter Art Youtube channel.

    Look at that front row. Only one fan (split tye hair) is enjoying the moment, the rest are on their phone. I think it looks sad. We're enough on our phone all day, why not leaving it for a few moments ?


    I mean no disrespect to anyone, neither to fans on that video nor to fans in general. This is a personal reflection on people modern behavior to live through screens even moments that - to me - taste better when crystallized in memory. I'm a boomer, please, enjoy your life however you want. Especially, enjoy Måneskin 🤟
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