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    I’m Aiko from @voluerpremiere​, and I decided to move my bad ending AU to this blog! With this being said, are you interested in interacting with a lazy, cowardly bad ending Persona 5 protagonist? Then you’re in the right place! Just reblog or like to let me know!

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            I’ve loved and I’ve lost / But that’s not what I see


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                                       Here come the buffs!


    FEATURED MUSE: Futaba Sakura / Navi / Oracle from Persona 5

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    #video games rp #persona rp#persona roleplay#smt rp#manga rp#manga roleplay#anime rp#bnha rp#bnha roleplay#mha rp#mha roleplay #kingdom hearts rp #kingdom hearts roleplay #✶ — › oops I did it again— ⌜ self promo ⌟
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                                                    ┏ hopes * dreams┛

    wake me up ||
    au fem!kenma 


    light rays of sun danced & dipped through kenma’s somewhat sheer pink curtains. the fake blonde let out a grumble, tugging the sheets over her head in a desperate attempt to shield herself from the morning sun.

                                    … the soft jingle of her front doorbell began echoing
                                                  who could be trying to break in so early … ?   

                                                  ❝ᶦ ᵃᵐ ⁿᵒᵗ ᵃ ᵐᵒʳⁿᶦⁿᵍ ᵖᵉʳˢᵒⁿ ❞ 

                                                 her voice croaked softly
              forcing herself up-right, a pale-pink blanket falling over her shoulders.

                             …【this better not be those bill collectors again】… 


                                                                                    ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ ᴄᴏɴᴛɪɴᴜᴇᴅ..

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    ❝ hello my name is koi && this is a new blog i’ve created for my multiple muses!! right now im maining fem!kenma from (au) haikyuu!! but i have loads more to offer!! if you’re interested in rping with me and any of the characters i play, please LIKE/REBLOG this post, message me even? :)❞

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  •                          And the ocean fell in love with the moon. 
                               Independent/Selective oc Queen Ula  from Jak and Daxter
                                     art drawn for me by skystears on gaia (personals do not reblog)

    #anime rp#manga rp #jak and daxter rp #personals do not interact or reblog #video game rp
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    — From the grave to the stage
    You’re a natural, babe!

    Indie selective Terence T. D’Arby  from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure - Stardust Crusaders

    [  7 Years RP Experience | OC + Crossover Friendly | 18+ Content ]

    Played by Eddie

    #self promo#jjba rp#jojo rp#anime rp #part 3 rp #stardust crusaders rp #rp blog#rp blogs#manga rp #terence d'arby rp #finally set this up! #come get yall gamer juice
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    Do you like saints? What about saints that will curb stomp you and petition for your murder? If you said yes to either than Chamo Rosso is the girl for you. Follows from fallencanary.

    #anime rp#manga rp #rokka no yuusha rp
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  • Run you tired hero, don’t forget her sacrifice....

                   Indie and highly selective Pre!ToS Mithos Yggdrasill of ToS. C.

     ....but always keep in mind it wasn’t you who took her life. 
    #anime rp#manga rp #video game rp
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  • now is the TIME, now is the HOUR.
    i am the MAGIC, i am the POWER.
    all i need is ONE STAR in the SKY
    WISH for you EVERY NIGHT.

    template. psd ( 1 / 2. ) 

    #anime rp#manga rp#supernatural rp#witch rp#oc rp #wtf do i even  tag #pls support my brand #・゚✧ SELF PROMOTION.
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    amanda is back at it again folks and with me remaking my blog ( again ? yeah i know LOL ) for my smol bean of a flower girl. i bring you an indie blog for a.eris g.ainsborough of square enix’s f.inal f.antasy vii. this blog is also dash only !! if you wish to interact with me, please give this post an ♥ or a  ↺ ( which i most prefer !! ). in case you do follow me, i suggest reading my rules which can be found in my description. if you click on the word ‘ bloom ‘ it’s there and will send you to my google doc’s. thank you for reading && have a fantastic day !!

    #* sp. #aeris gainsborough rp #ffvii rp#ff7 rp #final fantasy vii rp #ff rp #final fantasy rp #kh rp #kingdom hearts rp #anime rp#manga rp #video game rp #( lol i think thats it for tags )
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  • welcome! this is a revamped tsubasa/sakura rp blog.
    please  or  if you would like to interact with a child
    blog. i am looking for others who want to react with
    my muse! tsubasa reservoir/world chronicles.
    crossover friendly. multimuse friendly. 

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    indie dash only & low activity persona 5 oc. as seeked by ichi.

    #✧ — ⋆ a girl wielding a scythe ; self promo . #persona 5 rp #oc rp #persona oc rp #video game rp #video game oc rp #manga rp#anime rp
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    Hey, are you into Greek Heroes who are flirty, yet immortal? Into Irish Teachers who will offer to simply teach you rune magic ? Meet Achilles and Scathach. May I ask for a like or a reblog  if you are willing to write with two totally-not-a-snacc muses, please? Thank you!

    #★。、::。.::  protector of the undead || Self promo #fgo rp#anime rp#manga rp#fate rp
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  •        who    RESIDES   within    ME     ?    

                                                   rebooted   kaneki  ken   rp   blog  .  manga   exclusive 
                                                  established    2014     &     suffering   again   in   2019   !!   
                                                  previously   known   as     infxrus   .    mutuals   only     &
                                                  extremely   slow   activity   .               not   spoiler   free 

    #kaneki ken rp #sasaki haise rp #tokyo ghoul rp #tg rp #tokyo ghoul:re rp #tg:re rp #tg re rp #manga rp#horror rp #rebooted rp blog #anime rp#aot rp#snk rp#noragami rp
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  • be careful who you trust, the devil was once an angel. // credit.

    #ii.     ›     self promo. #death note rp #dn rp#anime rp#manga rp #( so have this ig )
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  •                          “ THINK I’LL TURN UP THE HEAT IN HERE !!

        {  Revamped INDIE SELECT. THRAX of OSMOSIS JONES. Penned by COLA. Originally                         @redbeastfromthedepths | Sideblog to multimuse @highabcveground​   }

    #anime rp#manga rp#disney rp#dreamworks rp#indie rp #osmosis jones rp #nintendo rp #video game rp #// remaking one of my old blogs from like two years ago ? uH Hu h
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    hey do you remember Popee The Performer? Follow me.

    #this is linnea and im in hell #♬♩♪♩ OOC. Linnea cant catch a break #anime rp#manga rp #indie horror rp
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  • Open X Starter

    The streetmusicans song had lured Senritsu like a child following the Pied Piper through the crowd  to where the group had build up their instruments. 
    A small crowd had gathered around the Musicans, it were only a few people, in the busy town people had not much time for Music and because of this the young woman was just even more eagerly to listen to the streetmusicans. Nimbly Senritsu stepped between them, letting the Heartbeats of the crowd and the songs of the Musicans wash over her like a warm springrain. Automatically the young woman put down her Rucksack and started to sway her head from one side to another, moving after the sweet melody that filled her ears. When the first song ended, a long note danced in the air before the sounds of the city around them swallowed the last melody eagerly like a hungry mouth. A few people on the crowd left, but Senritsu only grabbed in her shirts pocket and threw a few coins in the violincoffin the Musicans had set up for givings before she returned to her place in the crowd.  It was a bright day, hot even, and the silver coins looked white under the  sun as if melting in the heat. 
    After a few hushed words between the streetmusicans, in the young womans much too keen ears as loud as screams, they started to play another song that soon drowned the noises of the city around them. 
    Senritsu closed her eyes, listening, leaning from one leg to another, humming along contently with this song and even the following song. 

    In the tact of the current song another melody mixed, a Heartbeat that played along it, danced between the rhythmn of the instruments, swirled Sampre Dolce between the Musicnotes.

    Blinking owlishly Senritsu promptly turned her head.

    In the blink of an eye she met the gaze of a blonde boy who had crouched down beside her bag.
    In the blink of an eye she heard the blonde boys intention in his Heartbeat.
    In the blink of an eye, just in the manner of a second,  the young woman said, gently, soft, but with a almost maternal sternness: “Don´t, little one.

    Then the second ended, the boy grabbed Senritsus Rucksack and nimble like a mouse jumped up to dash down the street into the twisted guts of the city that were the contorted  alleys. Senritsu clenched her teeth and, a lot of slower, so much slower, pushed herself past the crowd to go after the boy while she swore she could hear her once shattered and grown back differnetly bones moan in agony over the sudden movements. The boy was already out of her sight when she reached the entrance to the alley and ran- or in her case hasty waddled- into the labyrinth that were the alleys in the town, but she could hear his runningpattern, his breathing, his heartbeat echo from the walls even at the distance as if he was standing right before her. 
    And Senritsu could still hear the boys individual runningpattern and the tact of his raspy breathing as fast as a haunted rabbit, when she turned around a corner and suddenly stood before a wall.
    The Musican  blinked owlishly, a soft frown drew a long line between her big eyes. Like a confused bird the young woman tilted her head to the side as she slowly, her deformed legs throbbing painfully, walked back to the last corner she had rounded around. With the boys individual walkingpattern- now he was walking, she noticed,as her rucksack was a little too heavy for him as he was limping under the unfamiliar  weight - she turned to the first person the Musican

    “..you do not happen to have seen a blonde boy ran past you? This tall?”, Senritsu lifted her small hand a little over her own head.

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    Up to date with manga, maybe fandom is dead but mm indie Black Clover character Vetto. spoilers are here because its been quiet a while yeah? written by nugget

    #black clover rp #manga rp#anime rp
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