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  • chunnicalesimp
    05.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    *me starting a new anime or manhwa*

    "Wow he is so pretty. I wish i could make him mine"

    The character:

    You didn't have to hit me that hard
    #reality really hits hard #said it out loud #this should be an unspoken thing #tsurune#anime#manhwa#anime boys#anime edit#memes#anime meme #tsurune kazemai koukou kyuudoubu
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  • oikawasbabytoe
    05.05.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Does anyone have any good BL manhwa recommendations?

    #anime#manhwa#bl manhwa#manga #anime / manga #boys love #snail pond robber #bsd anime#bsd wan #tower of god #my hero academia #haikyū!! #haikyuu!! #black clover
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  • mangajams
    05.05.2021 - 15 hours ago

    From childhood friends to lovers ... the path for them was not an easy one but they managed to be together :D

    From: Hate you, Love you

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  • ma-belemon
    05.05.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Title:Blood sacrifice

    Vampiro 🔥🥵

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  • thatbllover
    05.05.2021 - 19 hours ago

    ⚠️TW: sexual⚠️ scroll past or just block😗

    these two are so funny😭😂😂 I WOULDA SMACKED FHE COMPLETE SGIT OUTTA DIS MAN💀🔫

    Manga: Love Nest (Minaduki Yuu)

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  • yayooichan
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    🍄 Manga : The Crows Marriage 🍄

    🍄Alternative : Karasu no Youmeiri; カラスの嫁入り🍄

    🍄 Author : Sakura Riko 🍄

    i don't know how many times i reread this and i never realized that they were cousins AHHAHAHAH still cute tho and i love how the seme is soo nice and the uke is just a fluff ball 😘 ugh, i love the both of them sm 💕 this one of my fav mangaka btw! And also, look minaaaa~ all of the manga cover is sooo beautiful! Urgh i am sooo in love with it! 😍 this manga was cute and fun to read btw! And psst 😌 UNCENSORED FWOP FWOP SCENE WUHOOOOOO 🔥🔥🔥 and i swear I have never seen such a pretty 'hole'!!!! HAHAHHAHAHA 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • mangajams
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    This was a heartbreaking read with the uke’s past and how seme was an asshole to him in the beginning

    From: Hate you love you

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  • megumithesinner
    03.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    this human being sleeps beautifully

    #byeonduck #painter of the night #boys love#baek nakyum#yoon seungho#yaoi manhwa#yaoi #seungho x nakyum
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  • megumithesinner
    03.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    “no one’s touching my lil Mo”

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  • impromptu-sketches
    02.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    𝕄𝔸ℝℂℍ & 𝔸ℙℝ𝕀𝕃 𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟙 ✦ 𝕎ℝ𝔸ℙ-𝕌ℙ

    Hey everyone,

    I have once again taken a short break from my blog. But I’m back with hopefully lots more lists & recs! I love our little community! Let’s get into it ~

    These last two months I’ve still been catching up on all of the ongoing stories I’ve fell behind on. But, I’ve recently finished a few: The Good Teacher, Our Companionship, and Love or Hate. I thought Love or Hate had a sweet ending - it was definitely the one I was hoping for. I wonder what the author will start next! In addition to Fools Remastered continuing, of course.

    In addition to ending a few stories, I’ve started some fantastic ones! Like Blind Play - intense AF. And looking forward to more.

    I really have just one manhwa I want to talk about right now and that’s Painter of the Night (spoilers from season 1 & 2 ahead). I am SO emotional about what’s been happening and SO excited about what’s coming next. I do always say that, but it’s TRUE! The end of season 2 was so precious, it’s really done a 180 this season, I love it.

    I love that point in a story where you can visualize the possible directions it might take and you don’t know which path the author will choose. Right now, Painter of the Night seems wide open to possibilities. And I hope the side stories will continue too!

    As always, feel free to comment with your recommendations, list requests, and thoughts! Happy reading! ◕‿◕

    #bl manga#bl manhwa#yaoi #painter of the night #love or hate #love or hate manhwa #blind play #the good teacher #boys love#wrapped
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  • hyungsoft
    01.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    - ̗̀↳ 𝐖𝐨𝐨 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐠 𝐲 𝐆𝐲𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐠𝐣𝐮

    ✎。。。𝚃𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚔𝚜 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚜𝚞𝚙𝚙𝚘𝚛𝚝*ೃ࿔

    ┊⿻ [𝐌𝐚𝐧𝐡𝐰𝐚 ☟︎︎] . . . .

    ┊⿻ [𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐨 𝐚𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐞𝐫 𝐚 𝐞𝐬𝐞 𝐚𝐥𝐟𝐚 ] . . . .

    ┊⿻ [𝐇𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐨 𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐚𝐥𝐩𝐡𝐚 ] . . . .

    ╰──༄ ‧₊˚───── ───

    ────────────────────────── ;;✦

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  • shinahbee
    01.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    BL poll season?


    So I’m not going to lie I’ve been a little bored and started to read a bunch of twitter tweets from people that I follow, hence the post about the “BL characters as people around you” i don’t know why but a bunch of people started BL character themed polls on their twitter and i found some of them interesting 

    so I thought I’d take some screen shots of some of them and react to it? lol. I don’t know what this tumblr post is going to be like may turn out to be me sh*t posting on these results...lol. 

    again warning* if you are triggered by anyone sh*tting on your fav series or character, don’t bother reading cause that’s going to happen.

    who knows? maybe i’ll be entertaining to you all so let’s start...

    okay so the first poll results was for Top 30 Best BL characters.

    oh dear, I can see all the simps just frothing at the mouth over this poll and I was not wrong, but what is up with the results though...

    omg really? I thought suha would be higher, glad he made the cut but why is he so low? he’s an interesting character with a lot of layers, maybe people don’t see it that way but I could do an in depth analysis on him alone, so I guess only I feel like he deserves more ...

    and of the course the next is his partner 

    oh jiwoon...how little they know...lol. he’s a really interesting character as well that suffered a lot of emotional trauma and hinted abuse, yet he was still able to get through that a pull himself together to build a reputation for himself, I find that really admirable, considering it would have taken me forever to come to terms with my pain and pick my self back up again after that...so yes he deserves higher in my opinion

    I’ve never talked about this series “yet” but this is one of the ones that have a really ballsy protagonist and I love those characters cause they just take the normal troupe you think they are and throws it out the window, mongryong is really that character that makes you think he’s on crack or is crazy, he does whatever he wants and doesn’t let people take advantage of him.lol. so I really like him...he’s very different  and that’s what makes him interesting.

    Yay! Juha made it onto the list! i’ll be your simp forever...lol. I love him so much if that wasn’t apparent from my tumblr posts on pearl boy. right now maybe this rank maybe a low but just you wait when he get’s his character development ark...ya’ll will be on that simp train with me, I really do want to see juha stand up for himself and kick that f*cker piwon in the balls come season 2, he needs to fight for himself , that’s the only way to be a stronger person! so here’s hoping that will happen for him

    lmao look at this couple still being together even in polls, although that warms my heart, doshik honestly deserves a higher rank, you guys are sleeping on him...he’s such a great character, I didn't think so at first because he looks kind of harsh but after that scene where he saves juha from that perverted old man, I had an epiphany and just went “ I like him...” lol. he’s one of the bravest and caring and sweetest characters that is well written and just all round great person, i’m so glad he is being recognized even by people who don’t even read pearl boy. I don’t know who the heck chose these photos but these are from the early chapters, where as the art improves 10 fold in later chapters, and i don’t know if it’s just me being a simp for doshik but he honestly looks better and better in each progressing chapter, here’s an example...

    looking real sexy even if he looks sad.lol.

    ahh! Felix! well deserved to be in the top ten, he is an amazing character, not only going against character troupe as being a strong person who protects his partner but also a person who accepts emotional trauma as something of the past and was able to defend and stand up for himself as well as for others that have been wronged. he’s so great...if you don’t know him yet please acquaint yourself with the manhwa hold me tight.


    you thought this was going to be a whole some post didn't you...of course like some polls there are trolls who think this is a great opportunity for me to be funny and vote for some one that is awful....hence this happened and now i’ll shit on it.

    WHAT IS THIS F*CKERY? who the hell thought it was a great idea to have him on the poll who took the place of some better characters that could have been on the list but wasn’t? when I read those comments under this post it made my blood boil...some people...are sick mother f*ckers, their only excuse is that he’s hot...well a serial killer who beats up homeless people and punching dead girls can look the same too...it’s not an excuse, it’s honestly not funny, not even as a joke. I’ll just leave it at that..cause this is my third sh*t post on this dude and i’m ready to erase him from my memory. I say that every one is allowed to like whichever person they like...but if you like pilwon I’m genuinely concerned for you...

    anyways, the next one is poll for Top 30 BL boyfriend material characters

    this is so subjective, it depends on the type of person you are attracted to, and there are some that i’m like...why? bet you know who i’m talking about, I still don’t know why characters from Love or hate and yours to claim are ranked here so high...i’m like, so these are the stories you people are into...huh? to each their own i guess.lol. 

    anyways, I have a few honorable mentions 

    no surprise Gio is on here, but honestly deserved a higher rank since he’s such a great character who just is smart and witty and romantic, doesn’t take any body’s sh*t, can’t bully him he will dance all around you and I love that he’s like that without being like those alpha males who just gets enraged when things don’t go their way.

    agree whole heartedly, he’s definitely boyfriend material, you will need to read crash into me to know why, but suengchan is very selfless and caring towards his partner. so he is well deserved to be in the top 10 in my opinion.

    ah no! why is Jensen ranked so low, he’s one of the best ones out there, what are you people on? Neil isn’t on there either...smh

    the next one almost made me lose my shit

    the untamed/MDZS fan in me is enraged, why is lan zhan ranked so low?...ya’ll need to wake the f*ck up. I’m very disappointed but not surprised considering some of the manhwa garbage you people seem to be into... 

    Doshik is also ranked low so i’m quite disappointed.

    and again someone listed Pilwon as a joke and voted for him to be number 2...ugh shake my head, it’s not funny...luckily it was just a joke cause when i saw that I was not so thrilled.

    okay the last one is Top 20 hottest looking couples 

    i’ll just mention the two that matter to me which will be listed below, if you’ve read my favorites I would have already told you why these two series are one of favorites

    glad the two that I like are in the top 10, but where is ash/eiji and wangxian? a little disappointed they were not even nominated? well again not surprised. 

    anyways, here’s the end, I was just bored and wanted to comment on some of these results cause they are obviously more biased towards the popular titles which is unfair to the lesser known titles but have great stories. every one is entitles to their opinion so of course i refrained from sh*tting on the other results because you can’t really put down something that someone else enjoyed just cause you didn't really like the story, even if you find it crappy, which is a lot of the ones nominated. Also would like to see the Top 30 worst characters in BL...lol. cause i know more than enough to fill that list..ya’ll know who’s number one on that hit list currently.lol.

    just also want to put out there that these are just my personal opinions on the results, I appreciate the ones that I like being nominated but it does not mean that I agree with all of the ones that were listed, since a lot of it was really biased and mostly based on popularity or recently read. 

    hope you enjoyed reading! i’ll be studying for a assessment test for the next two weeks so i may not post anything, depending if i have time.lol. hope you enjoyed reading! you can follow me on my social media bellow for more!




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