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  • akindofmagictoo
    13.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    manuscript search tag game

    the lovely @sleepyowlwrites tagged me :D 

    my words are unbothered, unusual, unwavering, uninterested, unorthodox

    unbothered (Dragonsong) (friendship piles! tbh Sierra is the person Isi would be most comfortable doing this with... she’s not super touchy-feely) 

    Isi and SB ladled soup into bowls. When each was filled, Robin took it in both hands. A few seconds later he set it down. SB stuck a finger curiously in one, and immediately pulled it back with a yelp. “That’s hot alright.” 
    “That was the aim,” Robin agreed, warming the last bowl. After a second, the deadpan sarcasm gave way to a pleased twinkle in his eye. 
    The table wasn’t designed for five people; Sierra sat pressed up against Isi and halfway into Holly’s lap, though she didn’t seem to mind. Robin and SB had a bit more space on their side of the table. 
    Sierra tucked in enthusiastically, apparently unbothered by the heat. Holly glanced at Robin, then began to eat her own soup. It was simple, but well-spiced, and no one spoke until the plates were clean. Not even Enya, who had her own small bowl on the floor. 
    Isi smiled. She’d have preferred to be travelling today, but despite the crammed setup, the little house felt like a home.  

    unusual (Hurricane) 

    “Careful,” said Aria from nearby. “I’ll not have you re-break your ribs when they’re almost healed.”
    Clambering to her feet, Aella returned, “They’re practically healed already. And it’s not like I’m doing anything unusual… unlike the time I broke them.” 
    “Unusually stupid, you mean.” 
    “Alright, alright, I’ll take that. But—” She punctuated the word by gesturing with the sword. 
    “Sit this out,” said Tempest. “Aria’s right.” 

    unwavering (sort of) (Hurricane) 

    Aella stopped. Where was Tempest? Where was her crew? Not a single person in the crowd around her looked familiar. 
    No, that wasn't true. Off to her right, a white man stared at her. A chill ran down her spine. She glanced towards him. His gaze remained intent on her, never wavering. She didn’t think she’d seen him before, but something about him was eerily familiar. 
    Normally she hated crowds, the way they seemed to stifle. But now the crowd seemed to melt away as the man in the blue coat made his way towards her. She wanted to run, but where would she run to? And why? This was one man. 

    uninterested (again, sort of) (Dragonsong) 

    “He only listened to you because—”
    Isi was not interested in this line of argument. One quick jab of the quarterstaff to Brendon’s jaw and his eyes rolled up in his head. He slumped backwards. 

    unorthodox I did not have anywhere 

    I will tag @rosiewritesandrambles @isherwoodj and @talesofsorrowandofruin (and anyone else who wants to play) to find the same words! they’re a fun set. 

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  • schneckie
    13.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Illumination from a copy of Historia destructionis Troiae, dated from between 1325 and 1401.

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  • catinthesun2
    13.06.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Izzy and Vera from Monsters & Manuscripts with w|w solidarity! 🌈

    Love this couple. Vera couldn’t figure out why Izzy couldn’t stop laughing when she saw the sweaters.

    Izzy is a fun character to write because her character is all about change. Her own ability to make a decision to change and the way the world change. She’s seen a lot in the last 200 years!

    #writeblr#writing#original work #monsters & manuscripts #original vampire character #original lesbian character #original bisexual character #find me on ao3 #happy pride 🌈
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  • tovezza
    12.06.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Have so many ideas for medieval era dreamer trilogy I might even make character moodboards etc etc etc

    #Matthew poet jordan ILLUMINATOR also queen but ILLUMINATOR in artistic and literal sense #Hennessy woman running around with sword who bamboozles modern historians like the same lady was a nice queen with #These attributed manuscripts and also sleeping with half the local women ANd fighting things with magic swords??? #Carmen businesswoman trading with vikings in Dublin liliana time traveller from future Declan king but truly male wife #Ronan Christian mystic being tempted by devil also ex priest in training and general hermit #Adam brehon judge!!!!
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  • hekate-writes
    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Does anyone else realise tht they've zoned out but are too lazy to zone back in? No? Just me? Ok

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  • cindymoond
    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #writing coach near me #How to become an author #Stream of consciousness writing #Manuscript Review
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  • cindymoond
    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #Manuscript Review #Resources for Writers #Birthing Your Book #Inspired life Publications #Published Author and writing coach
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  • cindymoond
    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #how to become a writing coach #Writing Coach and Publishing Expert #writing coach near me #How to become an author #Manuscript Review
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  • akindofmagictoo
    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    manuscript search tag game

    another! this is from @dragon-swords-prophecies 

    my words are cat, fur, orange, white 

    cat + fur (Hurricane) 

    Most of the buildings looked like shops rather than houses. Perhaps this place was mostly somewhere for ships to stop when they needed it, rather than a large residential town. A light breeze caressed his skin and tossed Aella’s curls around. Her boots crunched as she walked. 
    A tabby cat wound itself around his ankles, mewing for attention, and he stopped. Aella turned around to see what the noise was, and smiled at the sight. “Aw, you made a friend. Where’d it come from?” 
    “I don’t know.” 
    She crouched and petted the cat’s soft fur. It abandoned Theo and went over to Aella instead, butting against her knee. She grinned up at Theo as she scratched it gently behind the ears. “It likes me better, apparently—oh, no…” 
    The cat disentangled itself from Aella’s petting and stalked away. Aella pouted, but didn’t manage to hold the expression very long, and laughed. “I guess it doesn’t like either of us that much.” 

    orange (Dragonsong) 

    “I cannot promise how well we can fly,” said Fintan. “We have been kept here a long time. But there is perhaps something else I can do.” He lifted his head higher, towering over Isi. “Hold up your sword.” 
    She unsheathed it, steel ringing on leather, and held it high. Fintan inhaled deeply. A soft rumble began at the back of his throat. Isi sat as still as she could manage, waiting. 
    Fintan exhaled. A ball of orange fire issued from his mouth and enveloped her sword blade. It warmed her hand, warmer and warmer until she thought it might burn, but faded abruptly away. She lowered the sword; despite the fire, the blade was cool to the touch. As she turned it over, it seemed to sparkle in the weak sunlight. 

    white (Dragonsong) 

    She didn’t care all that much, because now she could breathe. When she tried to lift her hand from Robin’s shoulder, it still seemed to be stuck. She didn’t want to know what might happen if she tried harder. So she raised her sword and braced herself for more magic. 
    It didn’t come. 
    A sound like cracking wood echoed through the air, and the world went white. 
    She came to flat on her back, her ears ringing so loudly she could hardly think. Her sword had fallen from her hand. Her whole body ached. Her head was oddly light, but she ignored it and hauled herself first to hands and knees, then to her feet. Was anyone else hurt? How far had that explosion reached? 

    I will leave this one to @zmlorenz @rosiewritesandrambles @sleepyowlwrites and whoever wants to play! your words are shot, seek, seam, sleep 

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  • akindofmagictoo
    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    manuscript search tag game

    I was tagged by @zmlorenz ❤️ 

    my words are jump, jeer, jinx, justice, joke 

    jump (Dragonsong) (oops) 

    Isi adjusted his blanket so that it lay properly over him. “Sleep well.” 
    Enya hissed and Isi jumped. Robin’s drooping eyelids flew open. “Wha—”
    “I was gonna bring Enya over because I thought it might be comforting, but then she tried to bite me, so I think the fuck not.” Sierra stood sheepishly by Robin’s horse, arms folded. 


    jinx (Hurricane) (whOOPS) 

    “How are you?” she asked. 
    “Still sore,” he said, “but I feel better now that we’re out of danger.” 
    She bit her lip. “Don’t count on it. We might still hit a rock or something.” As she said the words, there was a grating noise and the ship convulsed. Theo staggered. Aella tried to steady him, biting back a curse. 
    “Just a scratch!” yelled Emmy from the bow. “Don’t panic!” 
    “A bit late,” muttered Theo. 
    Aella stifled a giggle, even though what he’d said wasn’t that funny. It was probably the adrenaline running through her veins. In the moment of silence, her own racing heartbeat sounded very loud to her ears. 
    “Shove us off, and we’ll keep going,” shouted Tempest. 
    Aella grimaced. “I should probably stop talking.” She was going to jinx them. 
    Theo blinked several times, gripping the rail so hard his knuckles went white. “Probably. I think I’m going to try and get some sleep. It has been a very long day.” 

    justice (Dragonsong) 

    “So why did we bother?” said Robin. “If they were just gonna come back the second we left?” 
    He almost had a point. Isi swallowed. This particular fight had ultimately made little difference. She’d become a knight to change things, not to stand by while injustice ran rampant. But it seemed she hadn’t managed to change anything for that town. 
    But if she had decided back in that tavern that the whole thing was pointless… if she’d stood by and just let it happen, what would it make her? What would that say about who she was? 

    joke (Dragonsong) (Cole coming through with more dad energy) 

    Sierra brandished a few small lengths of wire. “I’m still working on them, but hopefully they will be lock picks.” 
    “I was going to ask how you learned to pick locks, but actually I’m not at all surprised,” said Isi. “What do you suggest we do after that?” 
    “Hey, all I said was I had an idea. You’re the one that comes up with plans. I just pick locks and look pretty.” 
    Isi restrained herself from sighing. SB had no such restraint; he snorted loudly. 
    “Focus,” said Cole gently. “Making jokes won’t get us far with a plan.” 

    I will tag @ashen-crest @rosiewritesandrambles and anyone else who would like to play! the words I leave you are plain, peal, post, press 

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  • akindofmagictoo
    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    writer’s would you rather tag game

    I was tagged by @wannabeauthorzofija and @writingonesdreams and also @talesofsorrowandofruin! thank you all very much! 

    would I rather write... 

    1. historical or futuristic 

    all of the above require research/worldbuilding, my preference is usually historical fantasy tbh. i am however a sucker for historical-adjacent clothing, medieval type things. (the Lord of the Rings aesthetic? top tier) 

    2. the opening or closing chapter 

    depends on the circumstances probably, but starting scenes is hard and i reckon that starting books can similarly be difficult. 

    3. light + fluffy or dark + gritty 

    again it depends on the circumstance, i love me some good fluff, but the best fluff is the sort that comes after angst. (combination is always good) 

    4. animal companion or found family 

    do i need to explain? 

    5. horror or romance 

    uhhh neither? i don’t really write horror, and i do write romantic subplots but i don’t usually find main romance plots compelling because the stakes don’t mean as much to me. 

    6. hard or soft magic system 

    Dragonsong’s magic system was meant to be on the soft side and then it crept into the hard zone i think maybe? i like rules and parameters. hence hard. 

    7. standalones or series 

    probably standalones but i am toying with the idea of a Hurricane sequel 

    8. one project at a time or always juggling 2+ 

    i have four major WIPs but only the two on this blog have finished outlines. and i’m rarely actively working on multiple. as i draft Dragonsong, Hurricane is doing little more than vibing and i’m not really editing my other outlines. when i was drafting Hurricane, my outlining on the other projects dropped off. 

    i can outline multiple projects at once (was outlining Dragonsong and The Same Coin at the same time, for a while) but if i’m drafting that is my main focus 

    9. one award winner or one bestseller 

    uhhh I dunno? 

    10. fantasy or sci-fi 

    fantasy!! nothing against science (soft sci-fi is fine) but i’m an arts student and i’m here for the adventure not the actual science 

    11. character or setting description 

    characters i think! was having fun thinking out my d&d character’s outfit today :D and i do suffer white room syndrome lol 

    12. first or final draft 

    have never written a final draft exactly. but finishing things and putting them all together... very satisfying. while i am able to enjoy Dragonsong being a bit of a hot mess, i think i will enjoy tidying it up too 

    13. literary or genre “commercial” 


    14. love triangle in everything or no romantic arcs 

    no romantic arcs! as stated above i write romance subplots but frankly it can be tricky and i generally don’t like unnecessary romance in my media. i am perfectly content with a piece of media that has no major romantic subplots. 

    The Same Coin went from enemies to lovers to enemies to friends (partly bc the og outline had BAD chemistry, but also because i was like :O i don’t have to make this romantic? i can make it entirely platonic. fight me.) 

    15. constant sandstorm or rainstorm 

    rain is nice!! very comforting. 

    I will tag @zmlorenz @ellatholmes @isherwoodj and @ashen-crest ❤️ 

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  • akindofmagictoo
    11.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    manuscript search tag game

    I was also tagged by @mel-writes-with-her-dragons! thank you!

    my words are shade, door, touch, still 

    shade (Hurricane) (ahh I love Nunez he’s so nice) 

    Aella made her way down the stairs to join the cluster of Hurricane women. Theo stood awkwardly off to one side, she noted. Tempest made no comment at Aella’s almost-lateness. She just nodded. “Let’s go.” 
    Nunez’s table was around a corner, somewhat secluded from the main part of the tavern. He looked just as Aella remembered: tall and fat, his olive skin perhaps a shade more tanned than when she’d last seen him. As they approached, he was laughing with his crew—or the part of them that were present—but as soon as he saw Tempest, his eyes lit up and he stood. “Captain Onyeisi!” He dipped his head slightly. 

    door (Dragonsong) 

    With another nod, Isi turned away to go find Robin. It meant putting her hood back up and braving the rain once more, but she had just fought a dragon. She could cope with a little rain. 
    As usual, Isi carried most of their belongings so that Robin could use his cane. Particularly after riding for a long time, extra weight would only serve to slow him down, or even tip him over. But the room wasn’t far, and soon Isi was closing the door behind them and properly removing her sodden cloak. Robin undid the clasp of his; Isi caught it before it could hit the floor and hung both beside the door. 

    touch (Dragonsong) (yes this excerpt is longer than it needs to be but I love it so shhh. as much as I enjoy playing with the inner conflict that comes with Isi being a capable badass but also not necessarily wanting to be... I do enjoy writing about her being a badass) 

    Sierra glanced back towards Isi, a question in her eyes. A question Isi understood. She gave a minute nod, watched the smile touch Sierra’s lips. 
    In one fluid movement, Sierra nocked an arrow and fired. It hit the lead knight squarely just under her breastplate. Shock registered on her face even as the light faded from her eyes. She hit the ground in a crumpled heap. 
    Isi wrenched her left elbow free and threw her fist up. Her knuckles connected with cartilage. She grabbed the knife to keep it back from her and planted her foot firmly in the other knight’s gut. The one who had been on her left was staggering, clutching his nose. Blood dripped down his chin. For the moment, he was no threat. She delivered a quick punch to the jaw of the breathless, gasping knight beside her. 
    That knight went down like a sack of potatoes. 
    Isi returned her attention to the one with the nosebleed, but before she could reach him an arrow seemed to sprout from his back. He collapsed without a sound. 

    still (Dragonsong) (likewise... I rather love this bit 😈) (trigger warning for blood and stabbing) 

    “But you still aren’t telling me everything, are you?” 
    Someone punched her again in the side, under her ribs. Isi grunted, but kept her eyes on Bethany. A sharp pain spread through her gut, starting from the spot she’d been punched. She glanced down. 
    Bethany jerked the knife back, its short blade shining red with Isi’s blood. The wound burned deeper, somehow hotter and colder all at the same time. 
    Isi gritted her teeth, because if she didn’t she might scream. “I told you… everything.” 

    I will tag @zmlorenz @ashen-crest @ambsthom and anyone else who wants to play! your words are shadow, silent, sneer, signal 

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  • akindofmagictoo
    11.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    manuscript search tag game

    thank you @pepperdee ❤️ 

    my words are sour, dry, space, sigh 

    sour (Hurricane) 

    The cell in Newhaven had been unpleasantly reminiscent of the stuck door back near East Point. It had been better when they were the ones with the keys, and better when Theo and Tempest and the others were there, but nonetheless it was a night she’d rather forget. In the darkness behind her eyelids, she was back there once more, stuck behind a door she couldn’t open, powerless. Then her mind pulled her further back, and she was nine years old again, wedged into a hiding place that suddenly offered not safety but terror. A supply cupboard had seemed an excellent place to hide from Aria, but the fun had quickly soured when the door locked behind her. 
    Her eyes flew open. She fixed her gaze on the one lantern burning in the bunk area. She wasn’t in a cell, nor a changing room, nor a supply closet. She was aboard a ship, in her hammock, right where she belonged. No need to panic, Aella. 

    dry (Dragonsong) 

    Enya. Isi nodded and heaved herself up to her feet. Her chest ached in protest, but she didn’t think she’d broken any ribs. She might just have some spectacular bruises. The mother dragon’s blood was starting to dry on her blade, so she wiped that on her surcoat beside the smears her hands had left, a bright smear on the black fabric. 

    space and bonus dry (this flashback is technically the first time we hear about Brendon and it sure doesn’t make him look good. I mean, it’s pretty accurate. (this is Robin and Isi talking, in that order)) 

    “I can’t become a knight, not now. What’s the use in being a squire? For you or Tor Brendon?” 
    “You’ll be safe and fed and dry.” And what was to say he couldn’t learn to fight from horseback? There must be ways around it. 
    “Brendon won’t—”
    “Brendon made it clear that he doesn’t want you as a squire. So what you do with your life is no longer his problem. I won’t oblige you to stay. But there’s space in my house for you to stay as long as you want to. Even if it’s just one night.” 

    sigh (Dragonsong) 

    Where was the blood coming from? She couldn’t even tell. But there was more than there should be, she knew that much. If Sierra had—Isi could barely entertain the thought, but she knew she’d never be able to forgive herself. How had she not realised before this? She should have been paying more attention to her people. If she had, she’d have seen Sierra go down. What if she was too late here, too? 
    Sierra’s eyelids fluttered and she stirred weakly. “Isi?” 
    Isi let out her breath in a heavy sigh. “You’re alive.” 
    “Takes more than that to get rid of me,” Sierra mumbled. 

    I will tag @wannabeauthorzofija @talesofsorrowandofruin and @ink-fireplace-coffee to find circle, cuff, cough, clear 

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  • bigcats-birds-and-books
    11.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    wild to think that if i can cut/condense everything by 10%, i’ll have axed 10k

    #text#personal#writing#in btw#driscoll#revising #and honestly 10% is like. an obscenely reasonable/generous starting goal #given my wordy-ass lifestyle lol #it's cutting like 30-40 words out of a column with how i print my manuscript #(frequently i try to axe 50 words/column when wordiness is my Major Nemesis) #and i've been cutting like 10 words/column just Casually as i reread lol #so really cutting 30-40 words is like cutting two sentences and some prepositional phrases/overboard purpley prose descriptions #it's just....mindblowing to me lol #trim wordiness gain like 30 pages easily #cuz 10% is just Tightening it's not necessarily major structural overhauls #(don't get me wrong i'm definitely doing those too but. i can gain THAT MUCH BUFFER by just. getting rid of useless words) #might fuck around and try a Tightening Strategy from Class!! #i dunno y'all we'll see
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  • buddha-arena
    11.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Talbot Shrewsbury Book (1444 - 1445)

    Rouen, France

    Submarine (top) and Blemmyes (bottom)

    #Talbot Shrewsbury Book #charlemagne #alexander the great #margaret of anjou #1444#1445#illuminated manuscript#book making#submarine#Blemmyes#blemmyae
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  • professorlehnsherr-almashy
    11.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    A/N I managed to create a Persephone poem without Hades sorry Sebastian/Bucky but Antonie/Sam deserves the spotlight. Also I'm trying to work on a recreation of the Orpheus myth with Karli as Orpheus who tries to get their voice heard about the injustice which is going on, in the mortal world and only Sam/Persephone is listening.

    Persephone II
    sweet fruitful goddess mine
    blessed me with thy Immortal kiss
    your love is a trail of daffodils
    your taste is pomegranate sour reviving
    I am sweet for your everlasting kiss
    Purifty me oh goddess of life and death
    Have mercy my lady
    As I forever cherish the times we spend dancing around in the fields of Rye
    Those endless Summer Nights when it's too hot to sleep
    fly to me
    On wings of a black dove
    Guide Me me sweet lover
    so I can be  worthy 
    my heart is Golden
    my soul is led poison heavy
     my mind is a garden fruitful
    my quill it's beautiful gardener
    so whisper those words of freedom
    I shall write your melodies forever

    J. E. L. Lehnsherr new deity saga continued

    #j. e. l. lehnsherr poems #j. e. l. lehnsherr new deity saga #poetry #sam wilson deserves the world #sam wilson#Antonie Mackie#Fatws au #greek myth poetry #greek myth moodboard #greek mythology retelling #sam wilson moodboard #young poets #Hadestown is inspiring asf #persephone#aspie writer #I'm still procrastinating sending away my manuscript as you can tell
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  • christadelphians
    11.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    The Dead — Where Are They? 12 The Thief on the Cross

    The Dead — Where Are They? 12 The Thief on the Cross

    The Thief on the Cross In his dying hours our Redeemer was associated with malefactors — “numbered with the transgressors.” (Isa. 53:12; Luke 23:39-43.) One of these “railed on Him, saying, If Thou be Christ, save Thyself and us.” The other was more kindly disposed. Instead of railing against Jesus, he rebuked the railer, confessing that they two were receiving the just punishment for their…

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    #2 Timothy 2:12 #Authorised Version (AV) #Ethelbert W. Bullinger #Greek manuscripts#Hebrews 5:8-9 #Heirship with Jesus #Hoti #Hoti = that #Kingdom of Christ Jesus #Redeemer Christ Jesus #Resurrection of Jesus Christ
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  • wattjames807
    11.06.2021 - 2 days ago
    #Writing Coach and Publishing Expert #Inspired life Publications #How to become an author #Stream of consciousness writing #Manuscript Review#Inspiration publication
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