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  • when you're rapping but...
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  • メーカー : Lazos(リーダーメディア)
    型番 : L-64MS10-U3
    商品ジャンル : 64GBマイクロSDXCカード
    購入時期 : 2020年3月
    購入場所 : ロヂャース
    購入価格 : ¥898+TAX
    状態 : 新品
    付属品 :SD変換アダプター
    JANコード : 4571414152426
    備考 : 動作OK

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  • Zack MacEwen walks to the Canucks dressing room before their NHL game against the New York Islanders (Mar. 10, 2020) 📷: ©Jeff Vinnick

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  • “C'est lui pour moi/ Moi pour lui/ Dans la vie/ Il me l'a dit, l'a juré/ Pour la vie”

    It’s the last song in March and I love it.

    Listen here.

    Isolation day:16

    #edith piaf #la vie en rose #30 mar#mar 2020 #isolation day 16
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  • 30 mar 2020 - Isolation day: 16

    Photo n. 90 - Have me and i love

    This photo was taken in the capital of my country, Brasília, as a great friend, Eduardo. Unfortunately, we also lost contact. I am not good at keeping friends, which is why I keep this project, trying to relieve some of the anxiety. (Old photo 2013).

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  • 29 mar 2020 - Isolation day:15

    Photo n. 89 - A photo of makeup

    I literally took it.

    #29 mar#mar 2020 #isolation day 15 #photo 89 #a photo of makeup #photographic project
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  • Tyler Toffoli looks on from the bench during a Canucks vs. Coyotes game (Mar. 4, 2020) 📷: ©Jeff Vinnick

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  • March 31, 2020

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  • 31 mar 20

    A kind colleague who gave encouragement

    Learning patience

    Basic needs met

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  • March 30, 2020

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  • louis cole says fuck banks, money, depression, the government, popularity, and society’s standards of beauty, louis cole says who cares if you go out in public wearing an abs shirt and pizza pants, own it. don’t worry so much about things you can’t control, what you can control is you and your vibe so if you want to be a frizzy-haired creature smashing stuff with a baseball bat, go for it. and he does it all while crashing out a feral funky beat so hot it’s impossible to sit down, while wearing his own pizza pants and abs shirt (sometimes no shirt), from the comfort of his basement

    louis cole is like gremlincore on speed, a harbinger of modern funk. he is chaotic positivity channeled through insane drumming, the loveliest harmonies I’ve ever heard, and two middle fingers to the rich. I literally do not comprehend how he is not more well-known and appreciated by millienials / zillenials across the board

    #louis cole#knower#chaotic neutral#funk#mar 2020 #I will caution my followers that he swears quite a bit so if that bothers you he's not for you
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  • when you see the acronym ‘mbmbam’ how do you say it in your head? my brain always says ‘emby-em-bam’

    #i know it MEANS 'my brother my brother and me' but that's too many syllables to say and therefore too many to think #mbmbam#mcelroy bros#mar 2020
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  • Harry Styles close up


    (Click for Better quality)

    Like/reblog/if you save



    #wallpaper#mar 2020#lockscreen#aesthetic#follow me#soft aesthetic#dark aesthetic#harry styles#fine line#1d #larry stylison headers #harry styles lockscreen #harry styles fandom #harry styles fine line
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  • my brain told me I’m craving fruit so I went and ate some grapes and half an apple and my brain’s only response is ‘ :/ ‘ like ??? excuse me ??? THIS WAS YOUR IDEA

    #I think what I actually wanted was a pear but we don't have any #SO SUCK IT UP !!! #mar 2020#food
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  • you are nervous and i am drunk when you call me at 1am two weeks after i swore i’d never talk to you again. i suppose it’s my fault for getting us here but my heart leaps when i hear your nervous breaths hitching over the phone, the pauses between your words. i have rendered you speechless, unable to communicate. you stutter over your words like a 5th grader on the first day of school, scared yet so full of hope. and each one melts my heart. i am glad you can’t spell the rosé on my breath when your voice finally forms coherent sentences over the phone. another pause, you’re not good at this but neither am i. i know this is hard for you, and as hard as it is for me, i can’t help but laugh internally about the sheer impossibility of it all. of a person receiving my love, receiving my feelings and having it stick with them. i miss talking to you, you say. i feel like i am floating. two weeks ago, i sent you a letter pouring out my own affections. you’ve rejected me before, and you rejected me after, but you call me now desperate and yearning. i don’t know what to believe, but i hear the quiver in your voice. the my-heart-could-break-at-any-moment quiver and i know you’re pouring your heart out, oh God, just as much as i was that day i sent my letter to you in the mail. i guess i have to accept that this is what your feelings look like. i want to touch you but you are miles away. you end the call too soon, and i wonder what to do now, where to go now. aimlessly, i try to quiet my mind and rest. when i sleep, i know i’ll dream of you.

    #mar 2020#spilled ink #writers on tumblr #shut up isa #mdc#love
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