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  • ASCENSION Punch by NCT 127 (Inst.)
    #nct 127#taeyong#mark lee#jaehyun#music #please listen to this i am begging you its so good
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    The special edition cover for MEN’S NON-NO April issue (out on Mar 9) & the appendix unveiled! NCT 127 makes the 1st cover for a Japanese men’s magazine. 

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  • I want to get high with Mark, Jeno and Jaemin…

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  • Mark; How He Says I Love You

    • He says it seriously, making sure you have all his attention and he has yours. Looking you in the eye, as he says the 3 words. Your shy boyfriend nowhere to be found. It started because he could tell you were jealous, not the cute kind that was cured with hugs and kisses. But the kind that was rooted deep within your heart and played with all your insecurities. When he was looking at you, no matter how much you tried to deny it, it was all over your face. The simple confessions of ‘your enough for me’ were working. But his strong declaration of 'i love you’ did. His gave was unwavering, making sure that you knew his feelings for you and that there wasn’t a doubt left in your mind
    • When it’s whispered as a giggle on your lip in the early hours of the morning. He wakes up and your the first thing he see, thats when he decides this is what he wants everyday. It’s one of the best feelings in the world, he thinks. He’s filled with joy when you open your eyes, and just like him you smile. Never one to hide your emotions you lean forward, ignoring the morning breath, to capture his lips in yours. And even though you’ve heard the three words a thousand times from him, this morning you couldn’t help the giggle from leaving you as he whispered it.
    • When it’s during an argument that seems never ending, and it’s said to shed light on the dark moment. You were never on to yell or shout, but as words were hurled at you one after the other you couldn’t help yourself. Raising your voice to match his, and ignoring the way your voice cracked at certain words, you argued your side of things. Watching you, he could see you getting exhausted. Coming home from a long day of work to be bombarded with this. When you were done, face now hot with anger, he said it. His voice was low, but you could still feel every emotion in it. You could hear the 'im sorry’ in his I love you, the plea to put this fight to bed. So reluctantly you did, letting him lead you to bed while placing a kiss on cheek that was a promise to talk about it in the morning.
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  • ✩ mark x reader | dance au | enemies to lovers | car s*x | smut | fluff | 1.6k

    SUMMARY ⇾ your hate for your dance captain (and ex-best friend) melts and evolves into something more for the night.
    WARNINGS‌ ‌⇾‌ smut (near the end), car s*x, swearing, angst in backstory
    RATING ⇾ mature
    FOR ⇾ @markleesflathead 

    AUTHOR’S NOTE ⇾ yes i’m bitter that most of my fics in ask form don’t show up in tag so i might have to post them as individual fics hhh || @markleesflathead​ idk how this ended up into car s*x but i’m sorry if it isn’t what you really expected slkfmd also i’m v flattered to be one of your fave writers *_* thanks for the bday wishes!!


    “I missed this.”

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    #mark lee #mark lee fluff #mark lee smut #mark lee x reader #mark lee imagines #mark lee scenarios #mark lee fanfic #nct smut#nct fluff#nct scenarios#nct imagines#nct fanfic #nct 127 fanfic #nct 127 smut #nct 127 imagines #nct 127 fluff #nbwc2021#nctcreations
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    the second jaemin hears the knock on his door he runs to open it, he knows who it is by the knock. jeno and jaemin had established their special knock on their first ever day in boarding school, so the other would know it’s them and not some random teacher or student. 

    jeno’s heart breaks a little when he see’s his best friend standing in front of him, tear stained cheeks, breathing erratically. he looks so vulnerable, so small. it’s been a long time since jeno has seen jaemin like this. “nana” jeno sighs, opening his arms to engulf the other boy in his warmth and comfort. that’s all it takes for jaemin’s sobs to fall loudly from his lips, gripping onto his best friend tightly. “it hurts so fucking bad jeno”

     “shh you’re okay nana, i’m here now. let’s get you inside”

    jeno carefully carries jaemin over to his bed, placing him down softly on the masses of blankets. jeno sadly is very used to dealing with vulnerable jaemin, it’s something he’s had to see more often than he’d like to. no matter how many times jeno see’s jaemin likes this, his heart still breaks a little for his best friend every time. “c’mere nana” jeno says so delicately, opening his arms to his best friend. without hesitation, jaemin sits in jeno’s lap, snuggling into jeno’s neck. jaemin finds such a special type of comfort with jeno, and that’s something he’ll forever be grateful for. 


    “it’s okay nana, we’re gonna calm you down first, yeah? we can talk then” jeno replies empathetically at jaemin’s flustered attempt to talk. 

    jeno is great at calming jaemin down. he knows all the little details about jaemin. he knows he loves his hair being played with, loves being as close to jeno as he can, loves being against jeno’s chest as it rises and falls, helping regulate his own breathing. jeno knows his best friend. 

    “he’s inviting dad jen, he’s coming to the wedding” jaemin chokes out, burying his head further into jeno’s neck. 

    “oh nana” jeno sighs, “i’m so fucking sorry. i really wasn’t expecting him to invite your dad?”

    “neither was i” jaemin mumbles, wiping the stray tears that stream down his face with his sweater. “he’s always been up his ass. it hurts jen, after everything, he still has even an ounce of respect for that man”

    “i know nana, but you know what? fuck your dad. you’re not going to let him get the best of you. you’re so fucking strong na jaemin, and a man like that doesn’t deserve your time or attention. as for tae, i know you both have dealt with things differently. taeyong is clearly more of a forgive and forget type person. but nana, don’t let his decision come between you two. you love him and he loves you even more. you know he’s always been here for you and always will be” jeno comfortingly whispers, rocking jaemin’s shaking body back and forth. 

    “jen can you stay here tonight, please? i just want to lay down and cuddle” jaemin sniffles. 

    “anything for you” jeno smiles softly, lying down, bringing jaemin with him. the two lay there silently, jeno cuddling the fragile boy with tears mutely streaming down his cheeks. 

    “i love you jeno” 

    “i love you more nana”

    little does the broken boy know, there’s a girl on the other side of the wall curious as to why she can hear her neighbour with a hard exterior crying so intensely


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    social media!au jaemin!au nct!au

    pairing: jaemin x reader

    genre: boarding school!au badboy!au fluff smut angst

    warnings: drinking, smoking

    summary: when your boarding school is forced to close, you and your friends move to the next nearest boarding school, neo high. you’re full of nerves as you enter the school. will your roommate be nice? your classmates? the teachers? but what happens when the only other person with a single room, situated beside yours, is the boy you can only describe as a delinquent that knocked all your books on the floor after running into you in the hallway?

    tag list:

    @neocluefor @obligatoryidolblog @thatonekpopsweater @bubudays @ajhdr @yoongsicles @taeilsith @queen-of-himbos @uhyikesbro @your-favourite-skittles @whoe-dis @vitaminhyunjin @moonylvi @yancupidxhyunjin @ygiirl @markistheloveofmylife @nctxtrash @sweetbulletproof @simplicitysbabe @staysstrays @fabshua @key201303 @ksoolive @angelbyg @junglewoos @bby-kji9 @helo-xx @wassup-haeyadwae @wanlore @cloudykeiji @daisyxiao @skittlez-area512 @moseleyleyhey @hen-marks99 @xiaojunsmintchocci @dingzerenistall @notbeforelong @mindofthescattered @stayzenniesstuff @ily23hrj @lovelymultiwrites @yvesplz @bxbyeve @laylee79  @yangyangsberet @imsusx @neozcult @born5sos @dreamnbn

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  • taeyong: doyoung, I’m sad.

    doyoung: *Holds out arms for a hug* It’s going to be okay.

    mark: haechan, I’m sad.

    haechan, nodding: mood.

    #nct#nct u#nct dream#nct 127#wayv#superm#mark#mark lee#mark superm#mark nct #mark nct u #mark nct 127 #mark nct dream #haechan#haechan nct #haechan nct u #haechan nct 127 #haechan nct dream #taeyong#taeyong superm #taeyong nct u #taeyong nct 127 #doyoung #doyoung nct 127 #doyoung nct u #doyoung nct
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  • mark: How did none of you hear what I just said?

    chenle: I’ve been zoned out for the past two and a half hours.

    jisung: I got distracted about halfway through.

    haechan: Ignoring you was a conscious decision.

    #hi guys... #im sory for ghosting lmao #haechan #nct dream incorrect texts #nct dream incorrect quotes #nct dream #incorrect nct dream #mark#lee donghyuck#mark lee#jisung#park jisung#chenle #park jisung nct dream #jisung nct u #jisung nct dream #zhong chenle#chenle nct #chenle nct u #chenle nct dream #haechan nct dream #mark nct dream #mark nct u #haechan nct u
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    ☆ mark lee layouts ☆

    like or reblog if you use
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  • mark x reader

    “The stars look so wonderful.” You exhaled deeply, staring up at the dark sky above you that was littered little dots like a painting.

    Mark, who was laying down beside you on the blanket, stretched his arms out so that you could lay your head on one of them. “Who knew stargazing could be so calming.”

    You slid closer to Mark, your head now laying on his chest instead of his arm. His steady heartbeat brought you peace as you wrapped your arms around him.

    Mark turns his head down to look at you, “Tired?”

    Nodding your head, you sat up straddling him. He got up right after you and put his arms around your waist to hold you close.

    You pressed a kiss to his cheek and stood up off of him, holding your arm out to help him to his feet. Mark folded the blanket and placed it into hammock that was hanging between the two trees behind you.

    The two of you walked back to the house, hands linked with one another, never wanting to let go. The steps you took were as slow as a snail as the two of you didn’t want to leave each others presence for even a second.

    You arrived at the doorstep to the sliding glass door that led to your backyard and gave Mark’s hand a squeeze. “Can you please, please, come inside?”

    Your eyes shined in the moonlight showing that tears were slowly starting to form. He wanted to pull you into his arms, never let you go, but he looked down at his feet. “Baby, I want to. I really do, but…not yet.”

    A pout formed on your lips as you threw your arms around his neck. Mark’s went around waist as he sighed into your shoulder while holding you tight. “I love you.”

    You pulled away from the embrace and pressed a kiss to his soft, pink lips. “I love you, too.”

    The feeling of your lips on his was something Mark loved. He craved for it so often. He wanted to forget about everything around him and just kiss the living shit out of you. When you pulled away from him, he was left yearning for your touch, just a few seconds longer.

    You slid the door open, offering a smile to your secret boyfriend before stepping inside your house and closing the door. Mark waved to you from the other side of the glass and turned away to leave.

    If only you weren’t Taeyong’s little sister.

    You were strictly off limits, but Mark couldn’t help it when it was so obvious how strong your feelings were to one another.

    One day. One day you two would reveal it and finally get the chance to love comfortably without the constant worry of being caught.

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  • ✩ writing in progress ✩

    here you can find some works i am planning to write soon! let me know whether you want to be added to taglists! please only over asks as i tend to forget about comments!


    ✩ nct ✩

    ⇢ mark lee - hanahaki au (requested on my old account)

    ⇢ actor!jaehyun x actress!reader - etablisched relationship, break up au

    ⇢ jung jaehyun - royalty au

    ⇢ liu yangyang - best friends to lovers au

    ⇢ lee taeyong - soulmate au ; jopping au (yes, jopping because @n8dlesoupguk made me do it)


    ✩ bts ✩

    ⇢ jeon jungkook - starcrossed


    ✩ ateez ✩

    ⇢ park seonghwa - royalty au


    ✩ stray kids ✩

    ⇢ hwang hyunjin - soulmate au

    ⇢ bang chan - break up au


    ✩ others ✩

    ⇢ multi-group dystopian au (series)

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  • I’ve found him

    My spirit animal.

    The current mood.


    Watermelon Mark Lee

    Honestly my only flex is that I love watermelon as much— if not more than Mark does. It’s the superior fruit.

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  • mark lee is literally the goodest person in the world i mean i don’t know him but he seems a really nice guy like maybe men aren’t that bad

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  • Mark & Haechan wallpaper/lock screen 

    #mark#haechan#markhyuck#mark lee#lee donghyuck#NCT #sorry for the quality #im still learning #feel free to use
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