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    18.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    SPEEDPAINT: Sorry I forgot I put a filter on tiktok.

    Idk just darkiplier I guess.

    Also using ibis paint for the first time in forever.

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    18.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    right before he flexed his sick moves™ @egghomicide

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    18.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Rewatched this stream and I have so many screenshots

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    18.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Mark's face paused, at the right time.

    #paused at the right moment #markiplier
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    18.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    A few redraws. 2021, 2017, 2016.

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    18.04.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #lore chats #i get angry just looking at him. begone! #you know what... i know some of you feel this way too.... haters of [redacted ego] link up #yandere tw#markiplier
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  • randomlyjsthought
    18.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    POV you are the actor and you disrespected Celine for the last time

    I’m not responsible for anyone simping. But please enjoy me not knowing how to draw shoes or backgrounds. Have a good day/night!

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    18.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Happy Birthday to:

    "2 Men 200 Accents"

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    18.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    unhappy norbert moses ending

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  • juju-on-that-yeet
    18.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Night and Day

    Whumptober Day 29: I Think I Need A Doctor Prompt: Reluctant Bedrest

    Illinois is stuck in the clinic recovering from his concussion, but he's not the only injured ego in the clinic. Yandere is there too, and both he and Lio are anxious to leave the clinic, but for different reasons. (cont. from “Fall From Grace”)

    Warnings: References to injury, some angst

    Read on AO3 (Full Whumptober Series)



    Illinois isn’t the only one in the clinic right now, but as much as he hates being injured and stuck in bed, he understands he’s the one better off.

    After all, he only has a concussion to push through, though it is a pretty bad one. One bed over, though, is Yandere, who has a couple fractured vertebrae, a broken shoulder, a gunshot wound to the stomach, and a concussion nearly as bad as Lio’s.

    Lio had heard the story in pieces as Dr. Iplier treated Yandere and got him settled; the walls of the clinic rooms are thin, and Lio overhears almost everything without even trying. Apparently, Wilford accidentally shot Yandere while he was in the catwalks of the studio, causing him to fall and land right on his back. Lio may curse his bad luck, but maybe it was good that he fell on his head. At least he was still able to walk out of that cave.

    But he won’t be doing any walking for a while. Dr. Iplier had taken one look at him and pretty much demanded he rest and stay in the clinic for further monitoring. “Rest” includes physical rest, but also cognitive rest.

    “No reading, no screens, limited social interactions and only the lightest of activity,” Dr. Iplier had stressed, “And that’s for the next four or five days, maybe longer if I feel like you need it.”

    Lio hates it, but there’s one person who doesn’t.

    “Lio, doll, you almost died!” Yancy exclaims the first time Lio complains, “Youse got any idea how worried I was about you!? I call ya, you sound real fuckin’ weird, you tell me ya fell and hit your head, and then you stop talkin’ and won’t answer no matter what I say to youse!! I half-thought youse was dead, Lio!”

    “I feel like I’m gonna die,” Lio mutters, “Of boredom. There’s nothing to do! I can’t even listen to an audiobook or stretch my legs out of this bed.”

    “It’s so ya don’t get brain damage, doofus,” Yancy scolds him, pouting in a way that makes Lio want to kiss him, though he knows it isn’t the time. “Besides, hon, you could be worse. I just got done talkin’ to Yandere.”

    Right, Yandere.

    As much as Lio pities himself right about now, he can’t help but feel bad for Yandere. To be injured so grievously is one thing, but to be injured, even accidentally, by someone you love? He can’t imagine how it would feel, mainly because he can’t imagine Yancy or Magnum ever hurting him. Somehow Magnum is even more doting than Yancy when he visits.

    “How are ye feeling, lad?” Magnum asks fretfully, puttering over Lio with his huge brows drawn together with worry. “Ye need a pillow, or another blanket, maybe yer hungry–”

    “Mags, relax,” Lio tells him, unable to keep from chuckling, “I’m fine, all I need is to get outta here and back to adventuring again.” He sighs. “No chance of that yet, though.”

    “Afraid not,” Magnum agrees, “I’ll warn ye now that if ye try leavin’ the clinic before Doc wants ye to, I’ll be puttin’ ye back to bed meself.”

    “I don’t doubt it,” Lio admits. There’s not a single person in this building that Magnum couldn’t toss over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and carry wherever he pleases – except maybe the Googles, but even then, Lio bets Magnum could do it.

    Yandere gets visitors, too. Yancy, of course, whenever he visits Lio. Chrome too, mostly to entertain Yandere by the sound of their conversations. Dr. Iplier probably checks on Yandere more than is strictly necessary, certainly more than he checks on Lio. Dark comes by too, and while it makes Lio uneasy to be around him, he’s not nearly as intimidating when he’s asking Yandere how he feels for the third time that day.

    The only person close to Yandere who doesn’t visit him is Wilford.

    Lio knows Wilford to be devil-may-care, unperturbed by blood and injury, even when it hurts those he loves. He’s heard stories from Bim about the times Wilford has gotten Bim shot or stabbed by accident, and according to Bim, Wilford never cared much about those. Half the time he didn’t even apologize, and he was never scared away from visiting Bim while he was healing. But hurting Yandere so gravely must’ve managed to give Wilford some guilt, enough to keep him away from Yandere’s bedside.

    “Did you ask onii-san to visit?” Yandere asks Dark for the dozenth time.

    “I did, love,” Dark replies for the dozenth time, “He always tells me he will, and then when I ask him why he hasn’t, he says he will this time, and so on.” He sighs. “I know from experience that getting Wilford to do something he doesn’t want to do is…challenging, to say the least.”

    Lio can imagine.

    “But why not??” Yandere whines, “I miss him, and I know he feels bad, but…I thought you said he was okay.”

    “He certainly acts like it,” Dark says, “But there’s no way he isn’t still thinking about it. At this point, though, trying to talk to him about it will only make him worse.”

    “I guess,” Yandere mutters. No, sniffles, Lio realizes.

    “There now, love,” Dark soothes, “No need for tears. Just because Wilford isn’t visiting doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. You know as well as I do how much he loves you.”

    “I know,” Yandere says, quiet and sad, “I just…I want to talk to him, and I want him to stop blaming himself.”

    After a couple days of this, Lio wakes up in the middle of the night to soft weeping.

    He immediately feels awkward; he shouldn’t be hearing Yandere’s private grief. He debates pressing his call button to attract Dr. Iplier, so he can notice Yandere’s tears and comfort him. But that feels too weird, too underhanded. But he also can’t just lay there and listen to Yandere cry. It’s true that he and Yandere don’t get along the best – well, more like Yandere doesn’t get along with him. He still hasn’t forgiven Lio for breaking Yancy’s heart all that time ago, even though Yancy has. He’s civil enough to Lio for Yancy’s sake, but you’d never catch him alone with Lio if he can’t help it. Still, Lio can’t help but feel bad for Yandere, not to mention how tired he is of lying here doing nothing. That’s what makes him speak up.

    “Um, hey…” he says, not sure how else to begin.

    Yandere keeps crying. Either he can’t hear Lio or doesn’t know he’s being spoken to.

    “Hey, Yandere,” Lio tries again, louder this time, “You alright?”

    A dumb question, but Lio doesn’t know what else to ask. Yandere hears him that time, and his weeping stutters as he prepares to speak.

    “No, y-yarou,” Yandere mutters, “The hell are you listening f-for anyway?”

    Lio doesn’t know what “yarou” means, but he doubts it’s kind.

    “I wasn’t trying to listen,” Lio says, “But you woke me up. It’s pretty to hear what’s going on in your room, even if I try not to.”

    “How m-much have you heard?” Yandere asks warily.

    “Most of it, I think,” Lio admits.

    There’s a pause.

    “Great,” Yandere mutters, annoyed enough that his tears are petering off. “If that’s true, what the hell are you asking me if I’m okay for? You already know what’s going on.”

    “I’m trying to be nice,” Lio says, a little annoyed himself, “I didn’t want you to cry, and now you’re not crying anymore, so you’re welcome.”

    “Ugh,” Yandere says, and Lio can practically hear the way his lip curls in irritation, “Whatever.”

    Another pause.

    “Sorry about…everything with Wilford,” Lio finally says, “Sounds tough.”

    “I guess,” Yandere says, quiet. He thinks for a moment. “What happened, it…it reminded him of something. Have you seen the “Who Killed Markiplier” series yet?”

    “No,” Lio answers truthfully. He hasn’t watched much of Mark’s videos, though he’s heard that particular series mentioned by the other egos before.

    “Well, you’d understand if you had,” Yandere scoffs. “I just…” He sighs. “I just wish I could talk to him myself, get out of this stupid bed and find him.”

    “You’re telling me,” Lio groans, staring at the ceiling. “I’ve wanted to get out of here for four days already.”

    “Didn’t you get here four days ago?”


    Yandere snorts despite himself, and Lio chuckles as Yandere quiets himself.

    “You know, I think Yan-kun can tell how thin these walls are,” Yandere sighs, “Maybe not consciously, but he always seemed worried about getting overheard in here. Guess I should’ve taken the hint.”

    “Sounds like Yancy,” Lio laughs, “But why would he be worried about getting overheard? I’m the only one here to listen.”

    “Because,” Yandere replies, “He feels like you aren’t taking what happened to you seriously enough.”

    “I mean, I knew that,” Lio says.

    “Do you, though?” Yandere asks. A pause. “I was there when he called you, you know. He thought you were going to die. When you stopped answering him he thought he’d heard your last words. I had to tell Yami and Wil what was going on because he was crying too hard.”

    Lio’s heart twists over itself. He had known Yancy was scared and worried, Yancy had said so himself, but he hadn’t known how bad it’d been for him.

    “Really?” he can’t help but ask.

    “Yeah,” Yandere says, “When you got brought to the clinic, Kaizoku-kun had to drag him out so Shishi could actually look him over. And now that you’re getting better, he’s still worried about you because he’s afraid you’re gonna go out and get hurt again, and it’ll be even worse this time.”

    The worst part is that Lio can imagine it. He can imagine Magnum having to scoop up a screaming, sobbing Yancy and carry him away so Dr. Iplier could do his job. He can imagine that every time he complained about being cooped up, every time he wished he could go back to adventuring, every time he wanted to get out of bed and back into the wilderness stabbed Yancy in the heart to hear it. That all those wishes to go back to normal made Yancy fear what could happen to Lio next, made him fear that Lio had learned nothing and would go out and get himself killed. Lio hates that he couldn’t see it, hates that it took someone pointing out to him how distraught he made his boyfriend feel.

    “Fuck,” Lio mumbles, “I guess I better apologize for worrying him.”

    “Yeah, you should,” Yandere affirms, a tiny bit of smugness in his voice. Lio barely cares.

    “I’ll fix my thing in the morning,” Lio says, “I hope your thing gets fixed soon, too.”

    A pause, the longest one yet.

    “Um, thanks,” Yandere mumbles, “You too, I guess.”

    It takes Lio a while to fall back asleep as he tries to think of what to say to Yancy. It occurs to him that Wilford might be feeling similarly; wrestling with the knowledge that he hurt someone he loves so much and fearing that an apology isn’t enough.


    Yancy doesn’t visit Lio until the afternoon, but Lio still hasn’t come up with an apology that feels right. It all feels too out of nowhere or not good enough, or like he’s apologizing for getting hurt more than he is for not taking it seriously. He knows Yancy wouldn’t blame him for a freak accident, apologizing for that piece of it feels wrong. But even just apologizing doesn’t feel like enough. This wouldn’t be the first time Lio hurt Yancy, and he wonders with some bitter sadness why Yancy still puts up with the pain Lio causes him.

    So when Yancy comes in to talk to Lio, he acts like everything’s normal. He doesn’t complain about being stuck this time, but he can’t find the words to apologize – until Yancy starts to leave.

    “Alright, I’ll letcha go,” Yancy says, getting up from the chair he’s sitting in, “But maybe I’ll come back later if Doc lets me.”

    “Wait,” Lio says, internally cursing himself, “I have something I need to tell you.”

    “Youse coulda said it anytime these past ten minutes, doll,” Yancy says teasingly, “I’m gettin’ outta here before Doc yells at me for makin’ ya use your brain too much.”

    “Yancy, hold on!” Lio insists, reaching out and taking Yancy’s wrist, stopping him from walking away, “It’s important, babe, I don’t want to wait anymore.”

    “Look, Lio, I know youse hate being bored,” Yancy says, and Lio can see the tired sadness in Yancy’s eyes now that he’s looking for it. “But youse gotta sit tight until Doc says you’re okay.”

    “That’s just it, Yance, I…” Lio sighs, deciding it’s best to just be plain about it. “I’m sorry.”

    “Sorry?” Yancy asks, confused enough that he doesn’t try to pull his arm out of Lio’s hand.

    “You’ve been worried about me,” Lio says, “Even after I got rescued, you’ve been worried, and…and I’m sorry I haven’t been taking that worry seriously, or taking my recovery seriously.”

    As he talks, Yancy’s expression goes from confusion to shock to holding back emotion, especially when Lio pulls Yancy back to his bedside, hand moving from his arm to clasp his hand in his own.

    “I shouldn’t have kept blowing you off,” Lio murmurs, “And I should’ve been more focused on getting better instead of just getting out of here.”

    Yancy sits back down in the chair by Lio’s bed, looking down.

    “I said I half-thought youse was dead before,” Yancy mumbles, voice thick, “But that ain’t true. I fully thought you were dead, or about to be. I was such a mess I could barely tell Dark what was happening. I worry every time you travel, and it just…” Yancy chokes a little. “It was my worst fear come true. And hearin’ youse complain about every little thing, about having to stay here and heal, just…made me wanna scream sometimes. Made me feel like youse didn’t care, about me or about yourself.”

    “Jailbird,” Lio murmurs, reaching out his free hand to cup Yancy’s cheek. The action makes Yancy finally look up, and Lio isn’t surprised to see and feel tears on his cheeks, but it still breaks his heart. “I do love you, and I sure do care about getting better. I’m so sorry I made you feel that way.” He strokes Yancy’s cheek, catching tears. “I’m thinking I’ll stay home for a while once I heal. Maybe take you on one of the local hiking trails, one where the worst that could happen to me is a sprained ankle, but otherwise just chill out.”

    “Is that just to make me feel better?” Yancy asks, managing a grin, “It’s workin’, for the record.”

    “Kinda,” Lio admits, “But I’d also rather not go out and get myself hurt again.”

    “Good answer,” Yancy chuckles, leaning forward to kiss Lio. Lio meets him partway, tastes salt on his lips.

    “I love you,” Lio murmurs as they pull away.

    “Youse said that already,” Yancy teases, “But I love youse too.” After a quiet moment, Yancy sighs. “Now I really gotta go, before Doc realizes I’m still here.”

    “Alright, alright,” Lio laughs, letting go of Yancy’s hand. “I might get to leave tomorrow, though; he told me this morning. I’ll finally be able to talk to you longer than ten minutes at a time.”

    “We’ll see,” Yancy says, though he’s still smiling. “See youse, freebird.”

    “Bye, angel,” Lio replies as Yancy leaves the room.

    Lio expects Yandere to say something after Yancy leaves, but surprisingly, he doesn’t. Maybe he’s sleeping, or too engrossed in whatever he’s doing to eavesdrop. Either way, Lio is glad Yandere brought the problem to his attention, even if it was just to have something to be smug about.

    Lio can only hope Yandere’s problem can be solved soon.


    That night, Lio is once again woken by the sound of Yandere crying. But before he can think to talk to him again, he hears another, much deeper voice soothing him.

    “I thought you were waiting for me to visit,” playfully chides the accented voice of Wilford, “What are all these tears for?”

    “Y-You wouldn’t visit,” Yandere whimpers, “I started th-thinking that maybe, maybe it was m-me…”

    “It wasn’t you,” Wilford says, “It…it wasn’t you at all.” His voice sounds far away.

    “Yami said what h-happened reminded you of…back then,” Yandere murmurs carefully, still sniffling a little. “I guess it makes s-sense.”

    “I still feel bad,” Wilford admits, “You’d gotten hurt, by me no less, and all I did was stand there.” A pause. “I was too wrapped up in myself to worry about you.”

    Lio is shocked. To call Wilford “self-involved” is an understatement, at least as far as Lio knew. He knew Wilford was feeling guilty, but for him to have such self-awareness is unexpected. Now Lio feels bad about eavesdropping, but it’s not like he can’t not hear what’s happening. Wilford’s voice carries even without him trying.

    “It wasn’t your fault!” Yandere exclaims, “You didn’t mean to hurt me, and I’m fine now! Or I will be soon, Shishi said I only have to be here for a few more days.”

    “I know,” Wilford sighs, “But then I went and made you upset while you were trying to get better. I knew I should see you, and I wanted to, I just…wasn’t sure if I could…manage.”

    “I get it,” Yandere says softly, so quiet that Lio almost doesn’t hear it. “I have my own stuff. Not like you, but…we both have weird stuff in our brains.”

    “That’s a way to describe it,” Wilford chuckles.

    “I’m glad you came, though,” Yandere adds, “Even though it’s so late at night. Why now, anyway?”

    “Figured I’d already waited too long,” Wilford says flippantly, “And besides, I knew you wouldn’t expect it! Was it a fun surprise?”

    “Hai!” Yandere laughs, “But not so loud, Wil, if Shishi hears you and comes in he’ll get mad at you for visiting so late!”

    “Oh, let Dr. Crabbypants get mad at me,” Wilford scoffs, “It wouldn’t be the first time.”

    Ah, now he’s starting to sound like the Wilford that Lio is more familiar with.

    “I’m also tired,” Yandere giggles, “And if I try to stay up all night, Shishi’ll definitely notice in the morning. And if I’m really tired, I won’t be able to cover for you!”

    “Well, if you insist, I suppose I’ll let you get some sleep,” Wilford chuckles, “But I’ll be back to bother you again tomorrow.”

    “Promise?” Yandere asks earnestly.

    “Of course, otouto,” Wilford answers, gentle and fond.

    “Good,” Yandere says, audibly relieved. “I love you, onii-san.”

    “Love you too, kid,” Wilford replies, before the signature poof of him teleporting away sounds from Yandere’s room.

    The last sound Lio hears from Yandere’s room is a happy sigh and the rustling of Yandere settling into bed for sleep.

    Lio does the same, feeling much better at heart than he did the night before.

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    Friendly reminder that content creator’s friends, family, and editors/other people they work with are NOT your messengers. They are not people to be used just to get in touch with your faves. They are their own people. Please respect that. It’s kinda ridiculous that people really just see folks involved in their faves’ lives that way and I know they’d hate to be put in that situation themselves.

    #ash rants#ash rambles#ash vents #maybe i just wanna vent #fandom drama#youtubers#natewantstobattle#markiplier#crankgameplays#jacksepticeye #just tagging the fandoms I’ve seen it happen in
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    I needed this specifically as a gif and I couldnt find it giffed so I did it myself 

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    | Celine Aesthetic Moodboard |

    Requested: No

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    i think about these so much,

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    Incorrect Quotes, Mark and Ethan Edition (2.0) Part 2:

    Link to part one: https://missxfaithc.tumblr.com/post/648776048653287425/incorrect-quote-generator

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    Anyway, a moment of silence for long haired Mark

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    Actor Mark (who killed markiplier)

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