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    18.09.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    When she's mad at you.

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  • harringtn
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #like rip to my bf and all but even just thinking of the immediate effects of all men dying #there are millions of women being raped / beaten / killed at this very second and that thought plays on my mind constantly #they’d all be immediately saved #no more rape no more fgm no more forced marriage or pregnancy #but anyway i can’t think about it too much or i just get debilitatingly depressed #edit - also can i just add that rn my bf is the only person even supporting me #my irl friends are not interested in real feminism at all and everyone else thinks I’m a feminazi evil terf #it’s pretty isolating and getting a ton of rude (and some downright nasty) asks about the only supportive person in my life rn isnt helping #asks
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  • shepherds-of-haven
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • uomo-accattivante
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Il materiale di origine: Jojo Whilden for HBO / Scenes from a Marriage (2021)

    #oscar isaac#jessica chastain #scenes from a marriage
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  • rivertalesien
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    This is important. White queers, listen up.

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  • niibeth
    17.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Unprompted arranged marriage au

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  • freedomainblog
    17.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Dating an Illegal Immigrant - Update! Wednesday Night Live 16 Sep 2021

    Something happened...


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  • good-lord-no
    17.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    My partner: I’ve got a serious question

    Me, internally: oh no, have I done something wrong?

    Me: yes, of course, go ahead

    My partner: will you go to prom w-


    #rambles #my brain did first process it as a marriage proposal first #too young for that too early for that
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  • smugraccoon137
    17.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    My villain origin story = 2 shitty dads

    #text post#text #my villain origin story #True though #Watching 2 women endure marriages #And 2 men benefit and glide through life because of it #Thatll revolutionize an 11 year old
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  • 999000
    17.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #im saving toes for marriage
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  • frommyfavoritebooks
    17.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    you want me, i want him

    I don’t know if I want you or I’m only pretending that I do because the one that I really want doesn’t really want me 

    - All The Words I Should Have Said, Raina Naim

    #all the words i should have said #raina naim #you want me i want him #poem#poetry #you want me #i want him #love#lover#relationship#marriage#partnership#friend#partner#boyfriend#girlfriend#husband#wife#undecided
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  • writing-good-vibes
    17.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    brad dourif characters x reader headcanons: marriage

    marriage isn't for everyone but if you did tie the knot, there is no way it wouldn't be a wild ride with all of them, one way or another. warning for smut (mild).

    charles lee ray

    no one could ever accuse this man of being a romantic

    (except he really, really is)

    legally he doesn't care if you get married or not

    but you suggest it first (not a proposal) and you both mutually agree to it

    then he sort of proposes (with a ring and flowers) after you've already agreed

    if you want a legal marriage it would have to be before any of his murders are he is known to the police

    (he's already known for petty crime but getting married would really blow his cover if he's already a wanted murderer)

    you go to the nearest courthouse and have a bare minimum ceremony

    he wears the nicest suit he already owns

    and you go out and get a white dress that you could wear again to a bar

    you sign the papers

    then you consummate your love in the ladies toilets

    whether you go on honeymoon depends on how much money you have at the time

    either you go to a tacky wedding motel or you stay in and don't leave the apartment for a week

    either way you're having a lot of sex

    like seriously

    jack dante

    it's hard work to get him to actually go through with the wedding

    he is actually the one to propose to you

    after sex of course

    "babe, we should like, get hitched"

    he means it, he does, but maybe in a more metaphorical way??

    it takes some nagging but you finally get him to go down to the courthouse with you

    there is definitely a legal/financial aspect of your marriage

    like he may be the wild card employee but he gets paid ludicrously well for everything he contributes to the company (and to try and keep a little bit under control)

    if something happened to him (and he has no doubt one day bob might just have him bumped off) he may as well give everything to you, there's no one else for it to go to

    neither of you dress up for the ceremony

    but you do buy some tacky bridal lingerie to wear underneath

    another bare minimum ceremony

    it's not your first rodeo doing it in a public restroom

    it's almost romantic, a repeat of your first time

    the white lacy panties are surprisingly very appreciated

    you have to convince him to move back to his old apartment together now that you're married instead of hiding away at CHAANK

    he honestly probably forgets you're even married until you bring it up

    billy bibbit

    he proposes to you

    one day while you're at home on a sunday afternoon

    lay together on the couch while you read

    "h-hey, i h-h-have sssomething to a-ask you"

    his stutters gets a tiny bit worse and you worry something is up

    "l-l-listen, I-I rrreally love y-you a-a-a-and I-" he has to pause and collect himself

    but you already know what he's going to ask and you can't keep from smiling

    "w-will you m-m-mmmarry me?"

    you throw your book aside and throw your arms around him

    "yes! yes, of course I will billy!"

    billy is a good christian boy so you have a good christian church wedding (unless you have other religious/secular preferences)

    it's a very small wedding

    only your favourite family members and closest friends come

    same with billy

    he feels incredibly guilty for not inviting his mother, but he hasn't seen her since he finally discharged himself from the hospital

    you reassured him and remind him that this is the start of your lives together

    he looks so dapper in his suit

    you help him pick it out

    he insists he doesn't want to see your dress until the big day

    he cries when he sees you walk up the aisle

    loves calling you his wife, and you calling him husband makes him feel wanted

    puts your wedding photo in every room and carries it around in his wallet

    sheriff brackett

    he didn't expect he'd ever find someone he'd want to marry

    (what with his last marriage ending the way it did)

    when he realises he's truly in love with you, and you with him, he plans his proposal

    it's nothing extravagant but it's absolutely perfect

    you have a romantic dinner together and he does a whole speech about how much he loves you

    and you see where it's going but you let him go on for a minute until you're like "do you want to ask me something?"

    he flusters about it but is very cute and finally pops the question

    "i - sweetie, i'd be honoured to make you my wife, will you marry me?"

    you have a church wedding (unless you have other religious/secular preferences)

    close family and friends only

    cries when you walk down the aisle

    annie gets very invested in helping with the planning and is probably more bothered about it than either of you are

    you have a (very) classy dress

    loves that he can call you his wife now !! the sheriff's wife !!

    reception at your house, classic buffet

    lowkey you both cannot wait untl everyone just leaves

    *wink wink*

    you do have a first dance in private though after everyone leaves

    you're both soft and giggling and the song is a cheesy love song but it's perfect

    your wedding night is the height of romance

    your bridal lingerie really does it for him

    what better start for your marriage than him making you cum so many times that you lose count?

    doc cochran

    you and doc didn't think you'd get married at all

    neither of you felt the need to make anything official

    you both consider yourself as his common law wife anyway

    but something happens (either you get pregnant or some unrest with the camp politics makes the future seem uncertain) you decide you may as well tie the knot officially

    there's no real proposal, he just sort of asks

    you go to the Grand where E.B (being mayor) unfortunately has to officiate

    you don't intend to invite anyone, saying it is no one elses business

    but people catch wind (i.e. al, trixie and jane, merrick, maybe sol and seth) and basically invite themselves

    you wear your best dress

    and doc doesn't half scrub up well

    Al invites you both back for a drink at the gem which you accept

    ("only one though, al" "sure, sure, you gotta get back home - the marriage bed is waiting - I understand")

    the marriage bed is waiting though and you get kind of emotional when you go home together for the first time as husband and wife

    funnily enough no one shows up at doc's that night for treatment and you have the whole night to yourselves

    grima wormtongue

    it takes you both a long time before you admit your feelings for each other and commit to having a relationship rather than a friends with benefits situation

    marriages move fairly quickly in middle earth

    no sooner are you engaged are you at the alter

    wedding is moderately fancy because grima is doing pretty well being the king's adviser

    few people actually show up who don't have to be there though because neither of you exactly have a lot of friends

    grima almost clams up when it comes the ceremony because he doesnt want to say all this personal stuff about how much he loves you in front of other people

    but you both get through it and finally, finally you are properly married

    he's very emotional when you consummate your marriage but he tries to hide it

    (but you know him too well)

    tommy ludlow

    he proposes one morning after sex

    it's only just getting light and you both have to get up for work soon

    you're still sweaty and his face is pressed into your neck

    and in hushed tones you whisper back and forth

    "will you marry me?"

    it takes you a second to process what he said, "you wanna get married?"

    "if you'll have me"

    you kiss him and whisper "yes"

    it's a church wedding for you and tommy (unless you have other religious/secular preferences)

    he has a pretty big extended family and he has to invite them all

    your dress and his suit are second hand

    (because you're saving for better things)

    laura takes a lot of photos for you

    including the classic confetti toss one as you leave the church

    takes you ages to comb all the confetti out of tommy's hair afterwards

    cheesy first dance at the wedding reception

    you can tell tommy is nervous so you joke around and make sure he doesn't take it too seriously

    when you get home? goddamn you ride him like there's no tomorrow

    (still in your wedding dress)

    leo nova

    it's go big or go home with him

    80s fashion at its best

    your dress is worth more than the rent on your old apartment

    he doesn't see it before the wedding

    you're surprised at how many traditions he sticks too despite him having the emotional range of a teaspoon

    not many people get an invite to the ceremony but it's a wild after party

    like a bunch of coked out 80s gangsters ?? amazing

    the honeymoon is next level

    you go to some tropical holiday resort (caribbean, thailand or spain) and it is all sun, sex and sangria for two whole weeks

    tucker cleveland

    didn't think he'd want to get married again

    but in reality he just didn't like his first wife all that much

    takes you out to dinner and proposes

    when you say yes he is honestly relieved

    but because he doesn't want to get emotional he calls over the waiter to get your free dessert

    courthouse wedding

    you do insist he wears a suit though and you buy a white dress

    does the whole "just married" thing on the back of his truck

    actually takes you on a honeymoon (sort of)

    you go out of state and stay in a motel for a week

    (vigorous sex ensues)

    now you're married good and proper you can be his good little wifey

    #brad dourif x reader #brad dourif #charles lee ray x reader #jack dante x reader #billy bibbit x reader #sheriff brackett x reader #doc cochran x reader #grima wormtongue x reader #tommy ludlow x reader #leo nova#tucker cleveland#marriage #damn this was a long time in the making #its been in my drafts for ages and i just kept adding #i might make a part 2 if i think i've missed anything vital #tw smut #tbh i dont think jack would ever get married #but i wanted him on the list with everyone else lol #charles lee ray #jack dante#sheriff brackett#grima wormtongue#doc cochran
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  • generalnesta
    17.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Does anyone know of any good arranged marriage books with smut???? I have been searching on Goodreads but I’m not sure of what I found is good enough, so please do recommend me arranged marriage books with smut if you know of any good ones👀

    #I don’t even know what to tag #bookblr #books & libraries #bookworm#arranged marriage#book search
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  • lt2soon
    17.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    not that anybody cares (except maybe stef who sent me a threatening text) hahah but i am feeling good and officially blaming my bad mood yesterday on baseball withdrawal !!! but tonight my boys play again 🤩🤩 and harry has a show 🥰 life is good !!!!

    #hahah gotta find something to blame it on so i can move past it !!!! #who needs anything else when there’s baseball & harry & new music to discover & concerts to get excited about !!!!! #nobody has to care about how excited i am about things !!!! #because i’m still gonna be excited !!! so it doesn’t matter !!!!! #ok done rambling hahaha #anyways i love bo bichette and if he’s reading this i am proposing marriage
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  • ishepretty
    17.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #anon you're so smart so brave can i have your hand in marriage anon
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  • marching-into-matrimony
    17.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Marriage Auction!

    Eight lovely brides for sale! Some are here voluntarily to pay for debts, or they’ve been very unlucky in love; others are here because they did something they shouldn’t have. When the Auctioneer declares them “sold,” off they go to be the wife of whatever gentleman buys them. Veils were placed over faces, pride and fear were swallowed, and to the block they marched.

    Marissa was sold off to a wealthy investor’s son. She now has a staff of servants to cater to her every whim and lives in a mansion with an indoor pool, an arcade, and a formal dining room, but she has to cater her husband’s every whim in bed. She doesn’t mind that at all, though.

    Michelle was sold to a courageous photojournalist from UPI. He always runs into the most dangerous areas of the world just for the sake of the story. Every time he comes home, they have mind-blowing sex, sometimes for days on end.

    Joanie was sold to a college baseball player who is all of 20. He’s very attentive to his studies, and she helps out quite a bit. He’s looking for a master’s in linguistics, and often teases her by talking dirty in whatever language he just learned about.

    (The other ladies were sold to very uninteresting or bland husbands and they live relatively bland lives.)

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