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    #playchoices#pixelberry#choices #stories you play #open heart#noah marshall #it lives in the woods #ilitw#oph #choices stories you play #he be looking like no neck ed #dear lord#oph3
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    Fuckin Noah has never once caught a break in his entire life. I’m suing. Y’all owe me money for making me see this.

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    Noah and Lucas im so sorry they did this to you💔💔

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    NOAH MARSHALL?? oph treating all kids from ilitw or WHAT

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    Sent by anonymous

    'I think the day the it lives fandom finally considers how great dan and noah would be as a brotp is the day i will be a little happier. i simply think everyone should try giving this brotp a look and see how it goes from there. tho their lack of canon content makes it hard to get into at first, they're honestly great as a dynamic.'


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    Klayley icon dump.

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    Klaus and Hayley random icon dump

    King and Queen of New Orleans 👑

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    #the originals icon #hayley mikaelson#klaus mikaelson#hayley marshall #hayley marshall icon #hayley marshall icons #klaus mikaelson icon #klaus mikaelson icons #the originals #king and queen
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    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Compelled To Forget You - Chapter 15 - Moving Along

    Summary: Everyone’s moving on but Lila.


    Word Count: 2734k 

    Warnings: THEOG stuff, hayley. 

    Part 1

    Hayley was drawn to New Orleans, whatever Tyler was up to wasn't with her. When she slightly befriended Klaus Mikaelson, Tyler neglected to speak to her, but she was still drawn to New Orleans. Lila was walking through a shop, thinking about the baby she held in her tummy, some fleeting thoughts of a certain man in her life. Lila couldn't help but put a hand on her stomach, feeling a connection with her baby. Hayley walked into the same shop that Lila was in, Lila's head perked up at the chime from the bell above the door of the shop, she glanced before looking away and back at the piece of clothing in front of her.

    Kol at the moment was hanging with Davina, Kol had loved being a witch for a long time and knew so much about it, Davina and Kol's friendship had become easy for both, but also finding a way to break them from the inside out, Klaus was hanging with Marcel doing the same. Lila still didn't agree to hurt Davina, she wanted Kol to help her find a loop pole.

    Lila has been avoiding any of the witches, even when they tried to be kind. She was scared of the power they had over her, she was scared of what would happen if anything happened to her, scared of Klaus' wrath. Camille was currently heading over to the shop she was at, Lila was going to briefly inform of a couple of things, she knew she had to inform her of the baby, or why she was no longer working anymore. The door chimed again, and Camille rushed over to her friend.

    "Hey, sorry I'm late!" Camille said and Lila smiled over at her friend. Lila turned towards her and hugged her, throughout all of this, Camille knew nothing,

    "It's alright! Guess this is what I get when skipping out so much on you." Lila replied, and Camille rolled her eyes.

    "If you inform me what is going on, I won't be mad." Camille said, and she sighed.

    "Well the-the family I got caught up in, well they are very complicated, and well I'm kinda pregnant, and now I live with them, so they can watch over me." Lila rambled quickly.

    "You're pregnant! Was it that hookup at the bar-." Camille started and she nodded.

    "Shh!" Lila's eyes popped out of her head.

    "So where are you living? Who are they?" Camille asked.

    "They are the Mikaelson's, and an old mansion on the outscruds of town." Lila said, and Hayley's head quirked up and eyes widened. She couldn't believe that someone in the family got someone pregnant, I mean they are dead? Hayley walked over to them and cleared her throat.

    "I couldn't help but overhear your conversation. You know the Mikaelson's?" Hayley asked, and Lila's eyebrows furrowed in suspicion.

    "Yeah?" Lila replied.

    "I'm Hayley." she greeted, reaching out her hand.

    "Lila." she replied, cocking her head.

    "Yeah, I go a bit back with Klaus, actually." Hayley said and Lila felt a soft smile etch on her face. Not too far back, she thought. She had been attached to Klaus' hip for about forty years, had to be when she was away.

    "You do now?" Lila asked.

    "Hmm. I'd like to come see them?" Hayley asked, and Lila breathed out.

    "I'll talk to them about that." Lila replied, staring at her, her hand protectively over her bump.

    Hayley nodded eyeing Camille and Lila before walking out the door. Lila breathed out unsteadily and nodded to herself.

    "I should go-." Lila started and Camille's eyes widened as she said that, she put a hand on Lila's arm nodding before Lila smiled sheepishly and left the shop and headed home.

    Part 2

    Lila walked into the house, it was oddly quiet, it was always oddly quiet or loud with bickering voices. She wondered what the boys were up to, why it was so quiet. She walked down the hall and heard voices in Klaus' room, she heard a female voice and Klaus's. The voice wasn't Rebekah's or someone else she recognized. Lila's hand came to the door handle and slowly opened it peeking in to see a woman on the bed, and Klaus with a paint brush in his hand and stroking it against a canvas, she felt a pang in her chest before moving back and down the hall.

    He had moved on. She couldn't be mad, but she was. She hadn't moved on yet, how to move on after 40 years? She felt confusion and hurt soar through her as she walked down the hallway and into her room.

    She didn't want to be with him. She knew that, but to move on so easily? Was it easy for him? Just a few nights ago he said he wanted to knock on her door and make things right. She guessed silence is their peace. She went to Kol's door and knocked, she had no answer. She furrowed her brows before going to Rebekah's, seeing her door wide open, and she was nowhere in sight. She was supposed to be protected, and she didn't feel like it.

    "Lila?" Elijah said as he walked down the hall, she turned to him.

    "Oh hey." Lila smiled, sheepishly, her eyes not meeting his.

    "Are you okay?" Elijah asked, coming closer.

    "Oh m' fine." Lila replied, smiling softly. "I uh, come across a girl, Hayley, she wanted to 'catch up' with Klaus. I didn't tell her where we were, or anything much, but she knows I'm pregnant."

    "I'll speak to him." Elijah replied, and she nodded before walking away, and he grabbed her arm, his touch soft. "Are you sure you're alright?" he asked, and Lila sighed, moving to face him.

    "Klaus has a woman in his room, Kol isn't here, neither is Rebekah. But you are, but for how long?" Lila asked before moving away and back to her bedroom.

    Elijah watched her walk away, an anger in his system, his arms crossed as he watched her. They had spoken about a deep level of love for her only a couple of days ago but couldn't be by her side when she needed them. He didn't know much about Hayley, but he knew that Klaus' first hybrid was Hayley's friend. The same hybrid who tried to kill Klaus on many occasions. Elijah didn't know whether to go find Hayley or go comfort Lila. But maybe she needed this time alone, not to be coddled like his brothers had done before. She was a strong woman, she wanted to make her own decisions and be her own woman and Elijah wouldn't take that away from her. He wouldn't go to Hayley because of Lila, he'd go because she was a threat to them all.

    Elijah walked past Lila's door to see her laying down, then he made his way to Klaus' door and opened it without a second thought.

    "Oh dear brother, why would you just walk in here?" Klaus asked as Elijah looked at the scene before him.

    "Well I hope you know Lila has seen the two of you. But besides that, your hybrid friend is here and spoke to Lila, I'm going to go find out what she wants with us, and someone needs to stand guard. It seems that the three of you no longer care for her protection." Elijah said, and Klaus set down his paint brush before looking at Genevieve.

    "Leave." Klaus said, and she sat up.

    "Just use me and throw-." she started and Klaus snapped his heads towards her.

    "Leave witch." Klaus snapped, and she rolled her eyes before getting up, putting her clothes on, and leaving. "You know nothing," he said.

    "I don't? She heard the two of you last night, outside the door. It wasn't very smart of either of you, relinquishing your heart for you to both contradict yourselves." Elijah said.

    "Why do you care so much?" Klaus asked.

    "I'm going to take care of her and the child." Elijah said.

    "You act like that is all you want." Klaus said, stepping closer to his brother. "You act like you are a noble man who truly cares for her, but you want her. Just like Kol and I." Elijah gave his brother a sneer smile, looking him in the eye.

    "You two forget to put her in front of your own wants. We all have wants and needs, but when you truly care for someone, romantically or not, you will make them happy, by giving them freedom." Elijah said. "Perhaps, your selfishness gets in the way of wanting to give her, what did you say? Everything? You give her everything when you force things upon her? When you have another woman in your room naked?" he asked.

    "She has made it clear that we are done for, I'm not doing to fight for something that the one simply doesn't want." Klaus said. "I'm going to dwell my life on someone who simply does not want me. She wants freewill, she has it. I will protect her and our child, when needed." he said. Elijah started at his brother before nodding and leaving the room.

    Elijah left and made his way into the city, people walking down the streets, the city lively. His eye out for the girl, Hayley. He had never seen her but texting Klaus about a brief description of her helped, when he found her he was going to talk to her.

    Klaus looked at the painting of Genevieve in front of him. He felt the sour feelings welling up his spine when thinking about the night before. He hadn't regretted last night, being able to move on from Lila was a chore. He was wrong about many things, but he wasn't wrong about this, about Lila wanting nothing to do with him. Not romantically.

    He wanted to talk to her, officially let her go legally. He had gotten the divorce papers yesterday before going to the bar and meeting Genevieve, they were sitting on his desk. Slowly collecting dust, but he needed to talk to her, he needed to give her the papers, well he needed to sign them first. He walked over to his desk and picked up the papers and walked out the door of his room and walked to the kitchen and set them down. Lila was faced towards the oven, cooking, some delicious he bet.

    "Lila." Klaus voiced, and Lila glanced over at him and then to the papers before she turned her head back to the stove. "I'd like to let you go." Klaus said, and Lila scoffed turning around and moving to lean against the counter her arms crossed.

    "You already did." Lila said, and his hand went atop of the papers and slid them against the counter.

    "Legally." Klaus said, and looked down at the papers, stepping forward and seeing the names that under the government, names that weren't actually their own, Klaus was a thousand years old, he had to take up a fake alias once in a while, especially when trying to marry someone. Lila looked at him blankly, the look he knows very well, the look that tells him she cares but she doesn't want him to know that.

    "You want to?" Lila asked, dropping the look and looking at the papers.

    "I'll always love you, darling. But you don't want to be with me, you have every right." Klaus said.

    "You haven't even signed them yet." Lila pointed out, and Klaus nodded.

    "It's your choice, a choice I want to give you." Klaus replied, and Lila sighed.

    "Never thought this would happen." Lila murmured, and Klaus nodded.

    "Never thought I would be getting married in the first place." Klaus replied, giving a light smile.

    "You're still gonna be here right? I know that I need you in my life." Lila said, "an' not just for the baby, for both of us." she said, and Klaus moved closer to her nodding.

    "Yeah 'course." Klaus replied, his hand coming to her arm. Klaus closes his eyes, thinking about telling her how he felt, why he was actually doing this, he wasn't dishonest with her, but Elijah was right, they can't be not together but married, she needed a fresh start no chains on her back. "I want ya to know I do love you, and I desperately want to be what is right for you. I want to be the noble man that deserves you, but 'm not. And I'm not gonna force this on you, I'm not gonna say we have to force because it's what is best for you. I'm sayin' that I will sign the papers, I will give you that choice, unless you don't. But if you don't, I'm gonna fight for you, and I'm gonna hope you do the same." he said, revealing things she had always wanted to hear.

    "Ya know it's not just about me. I know I make you think that I keep saying I don't wanna be a puppet and I don't want to think that I'm selfish." Lila said, and Klaus shook his head.

    "I don't think you're selfish, I've mistreated you and you stood up for yourself." Klaus replied.

    "An' cause you mistreated me, I no longer trusted like I once did, Nik. I won't trust you like I did." Lila said, and he nodded.

    "Well, come on. I'm still yours, oh what is it called, baby daddy?" Klaus said, and Lila shook her head, smiling.

    "Yeah you are." Lila replied, trying not to laugh.

    "We're gonna protect you no matter what, Lila. But let's move along with our lives, together as parents to this baby. The one thing we've always wanted." Klaus said, stepping closer and Lila smiled.

    "Course I become pregnant when we break up." Lila said, covering her smile with her hand.

    "Course." Klaus replied. Lila's nose twitched before she leaned down and signed the papers, until her pseudonym. Klaus doing the same before leaning in to kiss her cheek, Lila's arms slipped around him and she held him tight.

    "You still have our rings right?" Lila asked. Klaus nodded.

    "Perhaps I do." Klaus replied and Lila nodded to him.

    "Keep them, one day I would like to give them to the baby." Lila said, and Klaus agreed before asking a question dwelling on his mind.

    "Do you think it's a boy or girl?" he asked, and she looked up thinking before looking back at him.

    "I feel like it's a girl." Lila said, her hand coming to her bump and he nodded, before smiling at her and setting the pen down and walking back to his room.

    Part 3

    Elijah had spotted her, she had been at the bar, her head clearly off in thought. He thought she was beautiful, but moments passed when he thought of Lila again, she was no match to Lila. He shook his head, he wasn't s'posed to think of her like that. He walked over to her and ordered a scotch.

    "Elijah." he said. "Mikaelson." Hayley looked over at him.

    "So Lila spoke to you? Who is the father?" Hayley asked.

    "Klaus." Elijah replied. "What do you want?" he asked.

    "I felt drawn here, felt like something brought me here." Hayley said. "And I heard that Klaus was here. I've never known my family, but I think maybe something is here, something I should really care about."

    "You want our help?" Elijah asked. "Klaus doesn't do things out of the kindness of his heart."

    "But Lila does, doesn't she?" Hayley asked.

    "What are you planning?" Elijah asked.

    "I'm not here to start a war, I just want some help, if Lila can trust me, she can help, she can get Klaus to help." Hayley said.

    "I don't keep things from Klaus." Elijah said. "Especially not things about Lila."

    "So you've told him about your feelings for her?" Hayley asked.

    "Everyone assumes that the reason why I care for Lila is because I have romantic feelings for her." Elijah admitted.

    "But is it true?" Hayley asked.

    "I care for her because she is a good person, she is kind." Elijah said. "If you think of harming her, I will have no hesitation to rip you apart." he said, getting up and setting his drink down, and leaving.

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    Deliah arrives at the altar.


    #ts4#ts4 story#** #murder in the moonlight #mitm ch 1 #s: deliah marshall #more to come this weekend!!
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    Press to MECO Release Unrestrained, Guitar Driven Single ‘Gold’

    Press to MECO Release Unrestrained, Guitar Driven Single ‘Gold’

    Press to MECO release unrestrained, guitar driven single ‘Gold’ New Album Transmute out August 20th 2021 via Marshall Records. Press to MECO follow on from single Smouldering Sticks with latest release Gold, a track laden with emphatic guitar riffs that show the bands technical musicianship. The single, taken from the bands third studio album Transmute, is a song that battles the immensity of…

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    #‘GOLD.’ #Guitar Driven Single #Marshall Records #Press To Meco #Release Unrestrained
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    Arthur delivers Deliah to the church.


    ☞ Transcript:

    [Deliah and Arthur approach the church door.]

    Arthur: I'm happy for you, little sister.

    Deliah: Thank you, Arthur.

    [The church door swings open to reveal George at the altar.]

    #ts4#ts4 story#** #murder in the moonlight #mitm ch 1 #s: deliah marshall #another one coming today bc this one is short!
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    Did Pope John Paul II Kiss the Koran?

    Did Pope John Paul II Kiss the Koran?

    Did Pope John Paul II Kiss the Koran? On 14 May 1999, Pope John Paul II both bowed to and kissed the Koran. Many have claimed that it was actually a copy of the Chaldean Book of the Gospels, but Archbishop Raphael I Bidawid, Chaldean Catholic Patriarch of Bagdad, later said that John Paul II both bowed to and kissed the Quran presented to him by a Muslim entourage. Dr. Taylor Marshall goes over…

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    Home lights.

    Lausanne, Switzerland 2021

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    I know I'm a little late, (I meant to do this yesterday, but I got distracted with all the comic reading and lego building 😅) I want to thank all you little heroes for all of the amazing birthday wishes I received yesterday! You all are wonderful and I'm very thankful to be amongst heroes like you!

    #marshall speaks #seriously thank you all! each and every message brought a smile to my face!
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    Floating island by Marshall Blecher around Copenhagen’s harbor


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