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  • thicc-mint-cookie
    18.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Martin is 100% gay because if I were captured by Annabelle Cane I would have gone fucking nuts

    #magpod #the magnus archives #i may be ace however #spider lady#annabelle cane#martin blackwood
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  • magnus-institute-help-desk
    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Tma animatic set to the song Die Young by Ke$ha

    #tma #the magnus archives #magnuspod #the magnus pod #jonathan sims#martin blackwood #..a concept #yes officer i meant what i said
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  • inkedmyths
    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Just some assorted tma doodles while I plot out my next pieces of more put together art

    #tma #the magnus archives #jonathan sims#martin blackwood#annabelle cane#sketches#ink arts #nothing super coherent here tbh #i was like 'do i really want to post some of this. some of this is p self indulgent...' #and then i was like 'yknow what yes. i will. i deserve it' #anyway i rlly need to get working on my stuff for the alternativearchives week coming up LMAO
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  • ashes-in-a-jar
    18.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Where's that post from a while back that said that the way Martin actually fed the Lonely and became its avatar was not by being alone himself but by cutting Jon off and making him isolated and with no emotional support throughout season 4

    That post broke me

    #I think thats actually what happened and it makes me so sad 😢 #martin blackwood#tma #the magnus archives #Jonmartin#jonathan sims
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  • thebenevolentsnakepit
    18.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Martin Blackwood - Shell

    Media: The Magnus Archives

    Character focus: Martin Blackwood

    Warnings: mentioning of isolation and loneliness (its his entity after all.) You think a warning is missing? Feel free to let me know ❤

    Summary: Walls keep you safe, a roof keeps you sheltered and how you decorate them keeps you grounded. Martin tries to keep his fortress from swallowing him, yet whenever he paints the pain around him bearable the loneliness grows more ravenous. Martin and his gloom are both starving for a soul.

    I wish I would stop buying plants for my home. What started with one leathery croton escalated to more.

    Green, gold, orange, red, and purple like a dense rainforest inside every soulless room. To silence the void of white flaked walls and dull coloured laminate floors.

    A proud majesty palm to fill up every corner loud with their feathery loveliness, so they mask the boundaries my apartment draws. Every wall filled with graceful hanging Boston ferns to create an illusion of vast space.

    I am not alone in my house, they are loud.

    I am not alone in my house, there are many.

    The windowsills are crowded with mint. I make tea with its bracing leaves and sit by the window, looking at the world from my watchtower. I see swarms of people walking all around. In groups, in pairs or on their own.

    My stomach drops at the sight.

    I see smiles and glares and faces. I see friends and colleagues responding to each others expressions.

    Outside I see company. Inside I see greenery.

    They feel. I feel. But I feel all the way up here. Nothing responds to my empty expression. The hollowness inside me wipes my face blanm.

    The scolding teacup that burns the cups of my hands dare me to move a muscle, my features remain still at the fiery mockery.

    The devils ivy are easy to maintain.

    They spread fast and they cover the plain closets, the shelves and the cupboards. They swallow their environment whole and only ask for so little. They must pride themselves for not needing much… However, the chenille plants scattered in between them do need lots of water, when I brush my fingers against their softness I find it much deserved. Their vermilion softness the colour of a romance alive and thriving. Love needs time and energy to grow. Nothing worth loving here though.

    Before my first croton I never opened the curtains. Before my mint and Chinese evergreen I never saw my windowsill at all. I did not horde plants and flowers, but lights and lamps and candles. But now I never close them again. The flora need their sunlight, and I found out I do too.

    The sunshine soaks into the greenery, and the room turns golden and green. Someone across the street glides their gaze over the flat I live in and their eyes fall on my cloaked shade, covered in leaves and branches, I slouch into the shade that is my shelter. Martin Blackwood has always been a ghost.

    I wish I would stop buying plants for my home. What started as decor turned into a fortress. The canopy of viridescence nestling inside my soul. This insidious act of comfort will too come to pass. I will create a new space to hide in. These branches and vines will be put inside a bin and thrown out like the multitude of lights I once owned.

    What will take their place?

    Will it finally be a person I can get lost in? Or shall I remain stuck inside this unbreakable silence? Should I adopt a linnet to hide in a cage and lock the door just like me?

    No, never. I don’t think I could ever trap anything like I have trapped myself.

    The fear wrapped around me like a blanket soaked in gasoline will demand a change of scenery.

    What shell shall I make next?

    My dude Jon really needs to hold this mans hand asap.

    Reblogs are appreciated loves ❤

    Much love,

    - Snake Pit

    #martin blackwood#tma#tma podcast#tma fanfic#tma fandom#tma fanwork#tma fic#tma fears #rusty quill tma #rusty quill #martin blackwood fic #my writing #the magnus archives #the magnus pod #the magnus institute #the magnus archives fanfic
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  • spiral-eyes
    17.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    someone at walmart looks like martin im Not Ok

    #tma#martin blackwood#tma martin #im too gay and too much of a jon kinnie for this #theyre so tall oh my god
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  • shittyleafboy
    17.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    them ❤

    I made a mistake writing out the opening thing because im having trouble focusing today, but I highlighted it bc mistakes aren't always a bad thing.

    #the magnus archive fanart #the magnus archives #tma#jonmartin#jonathan sims#martin blackwood#my art
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  • fruitviking
    17.09.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #hello from the hallowoods #hfth #the magnus archives #tma #post mag 200 #crossover fic#Jonathan sims#martin blackwood
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  • crocronut
    17.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    I do think Martin Blackwood and Guillermo De La Cruz would hate each other though

    #too similar #see themselves too much in each other #and therefore only see the things that they hate most about themselves in the other #who would win a fight though #martin knife blackwood or guillermo descendant of famed vampire hunter van helsing de la cruz #hmmmm #martin i love you but my money's on guillermo
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  • archivist-jpg
    17.09.2021 - 18 hours ago



    Bust- $5.00 USD

    Half Body- $10.00 USD

    Full Body- $15.00 USD


    Bust- $10.00 USD

    Half Body- $15.00 USD

    Full Body- $30.00 USD

    Flat Color:

    Bust- $20.00 USD

    Half Body- $25.00 USD

    Full Body- $35.00 USD


    Bust- $35.00 USD

    Half Body- $40.00 USD

    Full Body- $50.00 USD

    Additional Characters:

    $10.00 USD plus character price (Ex: $10.00 USD plus price for lineart bust= $20.00 USD total)


    Simple- + $5.00 USD

    Complex- + $10.00 USD

    Contact Info:

    Dm @archivist-jpg on Tumblr, archivist_jpg on Instagram, or email me @ archivistjpgcommissions@gmail.com

    PLEASE INCLUDE: What you want (Ex: flat color half body + the character(s) you want), color palettes, references, poses, and any other details you want included.

    *No NSFW, Heavy gore, or OC's

    **Non-sexual nudity is okay but please message me first to check. I will draw mild gore (bruises, slight blood, etc) but again please message me to check first.**

    #commissions#digital art#my art#jon sims #the magnus archives #tma#jonathan sims#martin blackwood #the magnus archives fanart #the mechanisms#the mechs #the mechanisms fanart #the mechs fanart #jonny dville
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  • spacestationdaedalus
    17.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    when my demons won’t let me be

    or: not in his right state of mind, Jon accidentally compels Martin. It’s not okay, but it’s okay.

    or or: i spend so much time reading sick fic and i finally wrote one of my own angst and plenty of hurt/comfort, warnings for canon-typical compulsion and descriptions of panic and disassociation

    Martin wakes to a shifting of weight and a cut off breath. It's a hazy half-awareness, coming to him under a snowdrift, on a radio station drowning in dull static.

    In a well-practiced motion, Martin extends an arm over the covers to rest on Jon's chest. He doesn't let the full weight fall, not yet. Enough for Jon to know he's there, a touch light enough that Jon can readily push away or lean into. It depends on the particular brand of nightmare, the terror that's chosen to follow him to sleep. Sometimes he sets Martin's arm aside with a gentle squeeze, sitting up against the headboard and taking comfort in the cool bedroom air and the sound of Martin's breathing. At least, in Jon's own words. Other times, he holds Martin's arm to his chest, taking comfort in the weight and warmth of it.

    Neither of those things happen, though.

    Jon rolls sharply, seemingly ignoring Martin's arm in favor of the other side of the bed. He curls around himself with a low whine, harshly cut off in the back of his throat.

    "J'n?" Martin props himself up on one arm. Voice rough with sleep, but no less concerned.

    Jon shifts, a back and forth movement that looks like it could be the shaking of his head. His shoulders are taut and trembling. He makes another sound that could be the beginning of a shout, and it brings Martin to full awareness. He moves his hands to Jon's shoulder before he has time to think, desperate to help, to comfort, to something.

    "Jon, it's alright-"

    “Don’t touch me!” Jon bursts out, dripping and full of static and oh oh oh. It cascades over Martin’s mind, oily and slick. His hands pull away like they've been burned, but numb and far off. As though belonging to a stranger.

    He shifts away from Jon and off of the bed, limbs moving robotically to pull back the covers, to move him away until his back meets the bedroom wall. Martin's hands are raised halfway, frozen in a caricature of comfort. A puppet on strings. He wants to move, shout, anything. But the gaze of eyes he can’t see bears down on him, an insurmountable weight holding him in place. Like a butterfly pinned inside a glass display case.

    Jon is sitting up, now. Eyes (eyes, eyes, he's all eyes) blown wide, bright and glassy even in the low light of the room. His breathing is ragged and uneven in obvious panic. Even with his hands clenched tight in the front of his nightshirt, Martin can see they’re trembling. Martin’s heart aches and he wants to help but he can’t move and Jon’s eyes are still on him and he can’t breathe and it hurts. And he's afraid. He can hear his pulse pounding in his ears, the eyes are still watching him and it feels so much like burning paper and righteous anger and Elias's face and everything Martin had been trying to forget.

    Jon brings up a hand to cover his mouth. Horror and panic clear in his eyes, which Martin knows are reflected in his own. Then Jon backs away, clearly unsteady on shaking legs. Martin's vision starts to blur (when was the last time he blinked?) but he hears Jon's steps fade into the hall. And Martin can do nothing.

    The back of Martin's mind still using logic was hoping the feeling would fade once Jon wasn't looking at him. Unfortunately, Martin is used to being proven wrong. Face blank, body rigid, mind screaming.

    Autonomy comes back to him slowly, a tingling in his fingertips that trickles down his arms and leaves an awful shakiness in its wake. Nerves making up for lost time, maybe. Trying to catch up with the adrenaline coursing through his veins. A grip Martin wasn't aware of begins to loosen from around his ribcage, and his first real breath in ages is a shuddering gasp. The force of it combined with the jelly replacing his knees sends him sliding to the floor, using the wall for support.

    Martin breathes. In. Out. The first breath is molten in his lungs. His eyes water against it, and the second one is even worse. The third leaves as a sob that echoes back at him. In one last betrayal of his body against him, the tears spill over to drip down his cheeks. Martin rests his forehead against his knees and wills himself not to fall apart.

    The Lonely was easy, in that regard. For months, Martin didn't have to worry about this kind of thing - the fear and anger and gaping misery that had been following them for so long. But evidently suppressing your trauma with more trauma wasn't a healthy coping mechanism. Go figure.

    Leaving the Lonely was hard. Martin had spent most of the first 48 hours oscillating wildly between numb detachment and emotion so overwhelming he thought he would drown in it. Jon helped. He was patient, gentle, all the things Martin thought were too good to be true.

    Martin forces himself up as soon as he's able. Maybe sooner, given the way the room sways when he stands. But it passes after a moment, and Martin goes to find Jon.

    The house is dark. The occasional creak from the pipes and floors could be off-putting, but compared to everything else, it's benign. He uses fingers brushed against the wall to guide him down the short hallway.

    "Jon?" He calls. The floor creaks in response.

    Martin reaches the threshold between the hall and the kitchen. The haze of the moon behind thin clouds bleeds through the window above the sink, providing just enough light to see. Martin catches a shadow out of the corner of his eye, but it isn't actually a shadow, and Martin lets himself feel a hint of temporary relief.

    Jon is tucked in the corner between two cabinets. Head buried against his bent knees, hands gripping into his hair in a position that mirrors Martin's from mere moments ago. Martin's heart leaps into his throat.

    "Oh, Jon." Martin kneels in front of him, slow as to not startle him. If Jon notices, he makes no sign of it.

    "Jon?" Martin reaches, but stops halfway. He doesn't want a repeat of before. His palm itches, but he keeps it airborne. Until he knows it's okay.

    Jon makes a sound in the back of his throat, one that Martin hasn't heard before. His next inhale is strained and wet and - oh. 

    Martin had never seen Jon cry before. Angry, upset, shaken, sure. But not this. It twists something awful and thorny in his chest. Martin wants to hug him, but he keeps the few inches between them.

    "Don't-" Jon starts suddenly, and for an awful moment the hairs on the back of Martin's neck stand up on end. But Jon cuts himself off with a keening noise, and curls further into himself. His shoulders are trembling, either from holding back sobs or the biting chill of the poorly-insulated kitchen floor, Martin can't be sure. Probably both.

    "I-I'm sorry-" Jon stutters, sounding like each word is a fight to get out. "I-I-I don't - I don't know…"

    "Just breathe, Jon. It's alright."

    Jon shakes his head against his legs. "N-no, you need to-" A sob cuts him off.

    "Need to what, love?" The term of endearment slips out naturally on Martin's tongue. If Jon notices, he doesn't say so.

    "Leave." The last word crackles slightly in the air, like static electricity threatening a shock. Martin freezes. The compulsion threatens to overtake him, but it's weaker than before. It rings in his skull, and Martin fights it back until it fades to background noise.

    Jon whispers, barely audible. "I can't - I can't control it."


    "Alright, alright…" Martin bites his lip for a moment. Nods to himself.

    "Okay, let's just - I'll ask you yes or no questions for now. You can, ah - just nod for yes and shake your head for no. Is that alright?"

    Jon's face is still hidden, but that's alright. After a moment, he nods enough for Martin to discern the movement.

    "G-good, okay-" Martin pauses, not immediately sure what question to go with first.

    "Did you have a nightmare, earlier? Is that what scared you?" Martin silently chides himself for asking two questions, but hopefully it won't matter.

    Jon nods.

    "Has this happened before? The, uh-" Martin makes a hand motion, but Jon can't see it. "Th-the 'not being able to control the compulsion,' thing?"

    There's a pause, then Jon shakes his head. Martin frowns.

    "Alright, that's alright. Do you think you can look at me?"

    Another pause, longer. Martin doesn't press as the seconds pass. Then Jon slowly raises his head.

    Jon's eyes are wide, rimmed with red and dark circles more pronounced than they had been in the last few days. Tears are steadily dripping down his cheeks, flushed dark against his complexion. His lips are pressed tightly together, and Martin can see the barely contained panic mingled with exhaustion in every line of his face.

    "Hey." Martin greets, feeling like a small victory. Jon quickly casts his gaze down and to the side, not meeting Martin's eyes. He also moves his hands to wrap around his torso, shivering harshly against the cabinets. Martin frowns again. He racks his brain for the seemingly mundane moments from the previous day. Jon talking less as the day had gone on, his less-than-already-finnicky appetite, going to bed early because he said he was a bit tired. Nothing individually out of the ordinary, not after the hell they'd dragged themselves through just to get here. But-

    "Jon, is it alright if I touch you?"

    Jon nods almost immediately, but still avoids Martin's eyes. Encouraged, Martin moves carefully to press the back of his hand against Jon's cheek. It's warm - hot, even - to the touch. Martin checks his forehead for good measure, feeling the heat before their skin actually makes contact. Martin's winces in sympathy, moving his hand back to Jon's cheek. He uses both hands, for good measure, to cup Jon's face, and wipe the stray tears still dripping from his lashes.

    "Oh, love. You're burning up." Martin says, gently. "That must have something to do with it."

    Jon's brow furrows. He brings his own hand up to his face, seemingly to try and feel his own temperature. Martin can't help the quiet laugh.

    "First let's get off the floor. 's not exactly comfortable, yeah?" Martin offers. 

    Jon doesn't react, eyes locked in a middle distance between the two of them. But then all at once his expression breaks, and he buries his face in his hands.

    Jon doesn't react, eyes locked in a middle distance between the two of them. But then all at once his expression breaks, and he buries his face in his hands.

    Martin's heart leaps into his throat. "Oh, hey, hey-"

    Jon's words are muffled by his hands, and broken up by harsh, jagged sobs.

    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I-I didn't-"

    Martin moves forward slightly so he can wrap his arms around Jon. He can feel the shivers wracking Jon's frame, and the heat radiating off of him in waves. Martin tucks Jon's head under his chin, and holds him.

    "Hey, it's okay." And it's not a lie. Martin was scared - terrified, to put it lightly. He knows he can't just brush that fear away. But he's not scared of Jon, never has been, never will be. And Martin know Jon, knows him and loves him and knows that he loves him back. Martin thinks that this might be more complicated than that, but right now, with Jon coming apart on the kitchen floor, it feels that simple.

    "I know you didn't mean to, Jon. It's alright."

    Jon shakes his head weakly in protest. Martin can't make out his exact words, jumbled as they are. But he feels the intent behind them, with the way they reverberate in his chest.

    "We can talk about it later, when you're feeling better. But I'm not mad, I promise." Martin runs a hand through Jon's hair. It might have been a braid when Jon first went to bed, but it's mostly undone now. "Right now, I'm just worried about you. That's a nasty fever you're running."

    They stay like that for a few minutes more. Jon's form is still a trembling leaf in Martin's arms, shallow and uneven breaths punctured by the occasional apology and stifled cry. Jon's forehead is pressed into his neck, burning like a furnace against Martin's skin.

    Martin almost asks Jon if he can walk, but instead-

    "Jon, is it alright if I pick you up?"

    Jon tenses, and Martin immediately regrets asking. But then Jon nods affirmative, relaxing slightly into Martin's hold. Oh thank god.

    Jon fits easily into the bends of Martin's arms, one at his back and one under his knees. Jon's hands clench the front of Martin's shirt, tightening and loosening in an uneven rhythm as Martin stands. It's easy for Martin to carry him the short distance to the bedroom, mindful of the narrow door frames.

    The quilt and sheets are pulled back from before, which is helpful now. Martin eases Jon onto the bed. He brushes Jon's hair away from his face in what Martin hopes is a comforting gesture. But Jon still has that faraway, panicky look in his eyes, and Martin has an idea.

    "Don't move, alright? I'll be right back, I promise." Martin presses a kiss to Jon's forehead, hoping he heard and understood enough of that to not mind when he leaves the room.

    Martin comes back with a damp cloth and a glass of water. And a bottle of pain reliever - one that Martin had originally picked up from the store as an afterthought, but is grateful for now. He sets the glass and bottle on the nightstand and sits gingerly on the edge of the bed. Next to Jon, who hasn't so much as shifted in Martin's admittedly brief absence. Martin lays a hand on Jon's shoulder, but after a moment, moves to Jon's cheek. An olive branch to Jon's clouded awareness.

    "Alright, love. I'm gonna lay this on the back of your neck, okay? Can you lean forward a touch for me?" 

    Jon doesn't move or otherwise react for a moment, and Martin is almost sure he didn't hear it. But then he pitches forward slightly, and Martin shifts so he can support Jon's weight against his shoulder. He brushes Jon's loose curls to the side, letting his fingers linger there for good measure.

    "It's gonna feel really cold, but it'll help. Easy," Martin murmurs, placing the folded cloth on the back of Jon's neck. Jon flinches at the touch, hissing between a groan and a whimper. 

    "I know, I know." Martin soothes easily, adding other words of comfort here and there, lost to his memory as soon as they cross his lips. He holds Jon close, taking the chance to comb his fingers again through Jon's bed-moussed hair. He knows Jon likes having his hair played with, so Martin ever so gently works his way through some of the tangles, careful never to pull too hard or too fast. Jon's breaths slow and deepen - still marred by the occasional hitch, but a vast improvement from before. He gradually sinks more of his weight onto Martin's shoulder, until Martin is sure he's the only reason Jon is still upright. But Martin doesn't mind.

    "Better?" Martin asks, when Jon's trembling passes and his breaths sound less like someone on the verge of drowning. Jon clears his throat.

    "I- yes." He rasps, hardly a whisper. The word pulls a cough out of him, but he keeps going. "Th- thank you."

    "Of course." Martin says. He all but beams at the sound of Jon's voice, wretched as it sounds. He considers making tea, but something about the bonelessness of Jon's posture tells him Jon won't be awake long enough to see a cup finished. But he does grab the glass of water from the nightstand, and shifts so Jon can take it in both hands.

    "Drink some of that for me." Martin presses, and Jon doesn't argue. Martin reaches for the pain reliever next, shaking two pills out and handing them to Jon. He seems surprised at first, but quietly offers a thank you as he takes them from Martin's hand.

    "How are you feeling?" Martin asks. It feels like a stupid question, but one of those stupid questions that you just have to ask in lieu of anything else.

    "I'm-" Martin knows Jon is about to say I'm alright and something in his face must stop Jon from finishing, because he cuts himself off with a sigh. He presses the heel of his palm into his eye, suppressing a wince. "To - to be honest, uh, quite terrible."

    The frankness of it could almost be funny, but Martin's heart aches instead. "I'm sorry. The medicine should help, at least."

    Even without his glasses, Martin can make out the two in the hour place of the digital clock on the nightstand, and yeah, it's time for bed.

    "And some proper sleep."

    Jon nods, eyelids heavy. Martin takes the half-empty glass from his hand, and encourages Jon to lie back with a gentle push. Martin joins him on the other side of the bed, pulling the covers back over the two of them. He leans, partially sitting up against the headboard, inviting Jon into the place at his side if he wants it.

    Jon fills the space immediately, burrowing his face into Martin's shoulder. Arms curled in front of him, pressed into Martin's side. He sighs softly. Martin watches the last of the tension bleed out of Jon's face, eyes closed. Jon's fever leaves Martin's side overly warm in minutes, but Martin can't bring himself to mind.

    He's sure Jon is already asleep, but-


    "What is it, Jon? Do you need something?"

    Jon makes a negative sound into Martin's shoulder, shaking his head. It's quiet for a moment, save for their breathing.

    "I love you."

    Martin freezes, and the response comes as naturally as an inhale after an exhale.

    "I love you too."

    #the magnus archives #tma#martin blackwood#jonathan sims#jonmartin#tma fics#my writing #i have not proofread this but i'm also proud of it pls forgive me
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  • gh0stlymoth
    17.09.2021 - 19 hours ago

    [ID: a sketch traditional mini comic. On the top of the page is a drawing of jon a slim british indian person, drawn in semi realistic style with long wavy hair, scars across his face and stubble. They are looking to the right, with a indiffrent expression on their face. The drawing of him is on a sketchbook page. On the bottom we see martin, a fat polish man with short curly hair, freckels, a non descript shirt and circular glasses. He is sitting in the breakroom, doddeling the above picture. Tiny cartoons heart are around him and he looks content.  Suddenly, a door behind him slams open and someone says: "HEY MARTO" Martin flinches with a scared: "ah" and drops the notebook and the pencil he was holding. End ID]

    You remember that one fluff episode? it’s that but, Martin is an artist.

    #the magnus archives #tma#jonathan sims#martin blackwood#jonmartin#jmart #the ghost scribbles #i was doodling jon because and then i thought of martin but a drawer- posts. #that's also why jon is so huge #just a silly lil thing
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  • sharkonasock
    17.09.2021 - 19 hours ago

    art teacher: ok guys you need a theme and you can do whatever you want based on it

    me: how can I make this Magnus archives themed

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  • captaincravatthecapricious
    17.09.2021 - 19 hours ago


    Just did a redraw from a @celosiaa and @taylortut fic that was my first full tablet art, and goddamn I have improved SO MUCH


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  • grimapparitions
    17.09.2021 - 20 hours ago

    I like the think that distortion!Michael is slightly protective of Martin cause of how Jon kept sending him on dangerous missions and not caring early on. So he would 'save' him or lead him in another direction. Like he didn't let him meet Angela or Jane actually did try to break into his apartment but Michael changed the door last minute so she just kept knocking. Stuff like that 🤣🤣🤣

    #martin blackwood#michael shelley#distortion michael #the magnus archives #the magnus pod #tma #it makes zero sense but i like this hc 🤣 #michael hates archivists but is protective of assisstants
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  • jonathanthesim
    17.09.2021 - 21 hours ago


    (click for better quality)

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  • hisclockworkservants
    17.09.2021 - 21 hours ago
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  • a-minor-keay
    17.09.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Martin Blackwood as things my boyfriend has said

    "*gasp* I'm ur boi?"


    Martin, over text: I want hugs

    Jon, on a research trip in America: I would give you hugs but there is an ocean in the way


    "Me? I couldn't hurt a fly! I mean, if you gave me a sword..."


    Jon: It was cold outside so I took a thermos of tea on my morning walk but I ran out halfway through

    Martin: the HORROR

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  • lady-potato-ninja
    17.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Here’s my attempt to draw Martin in the iconic Lofi Girl pose! I thought it’d be very cute since it fits his character and I got to hide some Easter eggs again in his room 👀👀 there’s seven total and one of them his very though so good luck if you wanna try to see them all !

    Since this is music related here’s my Jonmartin playlist on Spotify:9

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