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  • kcdahippie
    17.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Time to watch Only Murders In The Building because I love Selena Gomez.

    #only murders in the building #omitb #is that a tag? #also martin short and steven martin are brilliant too
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  • lesbiancervidologist
    16.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    I should buy some cute sweaters and just morph into martin blackwood

    #yknow the like widely used martin design #pale fat short haired ginger with freckles and glasses? thwts. what. I look like irl. #constantly cosplaying martin blackwood<3 #buggyposting #wearing bee earrings rn and thinkin #hed wear these...
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  • gifsontherun
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    Only Murders in the Building | 1.08 "Fan Fiction"
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  • levy-tran
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #mabel mora #charles haden savage #oscar torres#sazz pataki#oliver putnam #only murders in the building #omitb#selena gomez#aaron dominguez#steve martin#jane lynch#martin short#bbelcher#tvcentric#cinemapix#tvsource#trueloveistreacherous#nessa007#usersnat#tuserliz#* #oliver's not my favourite but i really appreciate martin short's acting here ajsjajsaj
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  • timidlaziness
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago


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  • ispamhere
    15.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Oscar seems fishy to me. I don't know why but there's something about him that does not make me believe him

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  • kankou-kun
    15.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Ghoul Parade – “8.) Brotz in a Bind.”

    Picture by StreetWill, “Aucstp”

    (TW: Near-fainting, seizure-like descriptions)

    ~3,345 words



    It was all finally coming together.

    Good god above. There he was, a librarian doing bloody-Mary rituals in a musky basement one day just to be faced with not one, but two monsters… creatures, vampires-who-just-so-happened-to-be-his-friends the next. At least one of them was a friend, the other was… new, and different. Though he’s made acquaintance on less. He had to wonder how long he’d spent searching out this good of a research opportunity, an entrance, just to have it quite literally falling into his lap. It had been too long, and all of this felt too easy. But who was he to close the door of opportunity? Vampires stumbling through the threshold or not. Sitting there he could see the gears just churning in Jo’s head. He guessed, to someone who’d spent his whole life denying the existence of the supernatural, this all would come to a bit of a shock. But him? He’d made too many things move, plucked at too many strings of magic, and seen too much he couldn’t explain not to believe in something more. Though it was surprising the direction it all turned – seeing the path he was suddenly spiraling down. He had an inking of what was happening. This Martin guy – burglary attemptee with too many fangs in his mouth for comfort – seemed to know more than most. And Jo didn’t really know anything except for what was obvious. He felt different, he was different. Sure, they hadn’t spoken for a while, and sure the parting was less than bittersweet. But even with the distance between them he could tell. But it really held a special place in his unfortunately still beating, still human heart that Jo had decided to call him up when things turned supernatural. At least that implied that he was still thinking about him. Though even he couldn’t shake that heated, suffocating aura that just radiated off him. At first he’d thought it was just the situation, the atmosphere– he wasn’t used to breaking into people’s apartments (and that wasn’t even in reference to Ms. Lottie’s flat they’d cornered this new guy in). No, he wasn’t sure how much of his “rescue” Jo remembered after he’d texted him for help all in a fuzz, but he remembered having to cleave the door open with a rune he prayed the security camera hadn’t caught; he remembered pushing into the place only to find it all tumbled to hell; and he remembered finding Jo after all this time like that. He knew vampires had to exist, but he’d be lying to himself if he said he was pleased with the plate the proof was served on. But he pushed that to the edge of his mind – close enough for reference, but not nearly enough to delve into. Instead, he plastered that same wry grin on his face and leaned forward over his crossed legs and folded hands, butting into the now silent conversation. He had an idea, and it’d take some convincing on Jo’s part, and maybe on Martin’s, but if it went right it would be helpful to the lot of them. All for different reasons.

    “I’m not saying that the car’s been running this whole time,“ He chimed in through the silence. “But I am saying that sooner or later someone’s bound to get suspicious over why there’s a glowing Corolla idling outside. And if I’m to guess I’d think someone might connect it to the half-busted in door.“ He motioned to the front, still closed, but a little more warped than it had been before.

    Jo looked down at his feet and sighed, scratching the back of his neck. It was a show to watch, honestly. James never took him for the violent type – but then again, maybe the thing trying to bust down the hollow-wood wasn’t all him, either. “We should have this conversation somewhere else.” His eyes flicked over his companions, waiting for an offer before he made it for them.

    Martin, eyes as wide as ever, also looked around – but he was paying much less attention to their group and more to the room. He lingered occasionally on Jo but never for long. It was as if he were waiting for something to happen. They kept on like that; if James didn’t know any better it almost felt like they were keeping some mutually understood secret from him.

    “Good lord…” Jo muttered to himself. “Alright, Martin?” He couldn’t even finish his sentence before the younger man sprang to attention. He ended up never finishing. He couldn’t, instead this odd half-grin followed by something else… something less readable cutting off any words he’d meant to say. It was strange – James always knew his friend was the quiet type, but never bashful and never so confused.

    Yeah, that was it – he looked confused.

    They all waited in this silence just long enough for it to go sour. “Alright… Do you got a ride?” James finally interrupted, catching the others’ attention. “Because I think we all have a lot to talk about, and this ain’t the place to do it.”

    “Now I don’t know – I don’t know if we should be –“ Martin began to stutter something but couldn’t quite get the sentence out. He was too focused keeping a close, nervous eye on Jo.

    “You’re afraid of monsters like this big-lug over here, yeah? And we’re looking for monsters – we’re just not very good at it. I’d say that if we pooled our information together, we might all be able to get something out of this.” He said this with a wide motion, drawing an invisible circle in the air with both his hands as if pulling them into it, before he stopped and smiled, looking expectantly. “You help us figure out how to find our friend, and we’ll help you figure out exactly what she and Jo here are up to so you can go and… avoid it, I guess. How’s that sound?”

    Jo first looked shocked, then his face softened as he thought a little harder about the offer. He didn’t say much… he was preoccupied, that was the right word for it.

    “Do I have much of a choice?” Martin asked, shakily. The question came over the room like a fog and they both had to take a step back.

    “Of… yeah, of course you do.” Jo said, looking somewhere between confused and concerned. “Why wouldn’t you?”

    “I don’t know – I just. I’m sorry.” Martin, now, seemed genuinely apologetic. That was his whole being. Just apologizing even though he hadn’t done anything wrong (at least as far as they could tell). He was the picture of conflict. “You haven’t tried to kill me… or thrall me… or throw me out that window yet which means you’re probably not planning on it –“

    “Thrall?” Jo asked, a little dumbly.

    “Yet.” James chimed in at the same time, but everyone ignored him.

    “And I need to know where all of you are. If you’re here, or out there, or –“ He threw his arms out to the room, “If you don’t mind helping me, I wouldn’t mind helping you?” Again, his words teetered off more into a question than a statement. He curled back into the loveseat. “Also, I took the bus.”

    “Oh, that’s long gone.” James interrupted, again.

    “Yeah.” He drew that one out, looking to the window. “As long as you promise not to… to hurt me. Not to eat me or rat me out to any of your –“ He stopped, biting his lip with a few sharp teeth, catching the words before they ran away from him. “Not that I think you would, or that you even could? Just in case you might. As long as you promise me.”

    “I wouldn’t even think about.” Jo was all genuine, it was written on his face. But so was Martin in his own uneasy, distrusting way. “Then I guess we should leave?” he looked at the door, distracted.

    “Probably.” James added. It didn’t take heightened senses to hear the shuffling of curious neighbors outside.

    They left together after that; a small, somewhat unified group. At least they had a similar goal in mind and understood what was needed to get there. Though James was happy to just waltz past the questions, it took a little convincing (i.e. – apologizing) on the other two’s part if they were going to get Lottie’s neighbors to let them through. Piling back into the car James followed Martin, packing into the backseat as Jo took the driver’s side. He wasn’t entirely sure what their new friend was, considering how he’d already protested the term ‘vampire’ (and, honestly, that was about what he had in his vocabulary for the present). He wanted to get a closer look, which might’ve been hard from the passenger’s seat, and significantly harder from behind the wheel. He could hear Jo fiddling with the keys, trying to nudge the wheel but it jammed under his hands.

    “Hey, the car’s not –“ Jo tried to put it in reverse but the shift-stick wouldn’t budge. “It’s not moving.”

    “Did you try asking it nicely…?” Martin pitched in, leaning forward a little.

    “No, I guess I didn’t think to – James, fix it.”

    James put his hands in the air defensively. “Ye forces of magic are old and unpredictable! My hands are clean from whatever’s happening here.”

    Jo let out a long, patient sigh before a realization hit him. “By the way Martin, if I even can get the car started, I don’t know where you live. Where are we going, anyway?”

    He jumped a little in his seat, startled. “What?”

    “Yeah, I forgot to ask. You probably don’t want to go to his place, and I can’t imagine you’ll want to sleep over at mine.” His voice drew out a little distracted.

    Now that he was bringing it up, that resurfaced a worry from earlier that’d been rattling around in his head. James cut in. “Now that I think about it. Jo, you should probably stay over, last time I checked your apartment was the residential equivalent of an OSHA violation.” He said this lightly, half-jokingly.

    There was nothing but quiet after that one, maybe except for a short, cut-off laugh from Martin.

    “…Anyway. I’ll need an address.”

    Martin stuttered around the answer but sooner or later came to some far out place in an apartment that sounded farther up than expected – on the tenth floor of who-knows-where. The hope for an elevator barely crossed their minds, though, before the car sputtered to life as if that were exactly what it was waiting for. They all jumped feeling it move from a shutter, to a shake, to full on jumping jacks. Jo looked like he was about to scream watching the dashboard light up like one of those fancy Christmas-house shows. You know the ones. Those electric-zapping musical light extravaganzas but instead of Christmas lights, it was the engine-check; and instead of music, it was the exhaust blowing smoke like it was taking advantage of its lack of lungs. Martin grabbed for his seat-belt and threw it on, fumbling to click it into place, and James just laughed holding onto his seat cushion with both hands like he were riding an angry bull. Being in the driver’s seat, Jo was too preoccupied trying to keep his head and the wheel from getting acquainted to really pay much attention to them. It was funny – if James didn’t know any better he could’ve sworn their driver was shushing the thing between all the swearing. They got scrambled like eggs before the car, sooner-than-later, finally settled. Leaving Jo with both hands clinging to the wheel like a soaked cat and James sprawled across the backseat, halfway over Martin’s lap.

    “Howdy.” He said through a grin. “Come here often?”

    Martin just laughed a little – “…No?”

    James opened his mouth, trying to finish the joke, but a full-body jolt ran through him. It felt like he’d just been hooked up directly to the car’s battery; it was paralyzing. The sound of the clicker was all that stayed from the magic-induced tantrum and it bellowed though him like church-bells. He smacked a hand over his forehead like he was trying to knock the headache away, but it wouldn’t budge. He was about to ask if it was that loud for the other two, but he couldn’t open his mouth or work his lips around the words. Barely managing one of his eyes open, he saw the others seemed less occupied by the car, now idling peacefully, and instead extremely focused on him. He wanted to tell them he was fine, he was sure he wasn’t dying or anything quite that drastic, but he was entirely stunned.

    Jo asked if he were alright, that much he could tell, but it was hard to process the words through the chiming. With a short, staggered breath he realized exactly what was happening. A tangle caught in his chest, matted and unwieldy right in his very core that wrapped up into his throat as if it were clinging to his vocal cords and down lower around the muscles and organs. A bind. This had happened before back when he’d first really figured out how to tap into all that ‘super-human’ energy. He realized that car was, at the present moment, the first major extension of his magic that had ever been so far away from his ritual circle.

    God, of course!

    Runes were easy, the little ones at least, and bigger ones always simple enough to cast when you’re barely a parking lot away from what was a chalk-lined fount of magic. He didn’t know what anyone else called it, he just knew that’s what he’d taken to naming it. Source. Grounding. Whatever it was, it worked. But being so far from the library he didn’t have a source to pull from – and thus his charm, or enchantment, whichever word fit the best, was just pulling from whatever fount was closest. Him. The strangling left him as quickly is it appeared, though he was more than a little rattled. A little bleary. Though the bell-chime clicker had finally died down. Before either of the other two even had time to react (but in much less than he thought had passed) he shot up out of Martin’s lap and composed himself – leaning against the inside of the door.

    It was then that Jo had turned around completely, squeezing himself through the two front seats to try and get a better look. The worry was nice, kind of, and cute in an odd way.

    “I’m fine.” He said before anyone could ask, waving a hand in the air dismissively. “Ye forces of magic.” Deflection isn’t magic, and so it didn’t take anything out of him to do.

    Jo still hadn’t turned back around, his seat-belt now taut and cutting into his shoulder “Ye forces of – sure, right.” Again, with the patient sighs. They came to him as naturally as regular breathing. “I guess we’re leaving?” He wasn’t asking anyone in the car more-so the car itself, which gave a cheery little rumble before the clicker went off, telling them their first turn would be a left. Something in his chest sank a bit when Jo turned away to get the car back under his control; he just assumed it was the bind again. It had to be.

    When they made it to Martin’s building it looked about the same as Lottie’s. That was the curse of inner city living – standardization can be a nice thing when the people laying down the law have standards to begin with. That’s not often the case, but the idea is there. It was old and tall, with creaking gutters and hanging clothes. It looked like the place James lived back in college – when he was still interested in college, at least – smoke stains on the brick and all. Martin looked young, maybe he was a student himself. That or the place was just cheap and close.

    “Are you coming in?” Martin piqued up. He sounded so shakily uncertain, the uneasiness of his question was practically visible.

    “You want us to?” Jo asked, his face falling again when his question was met by another startle from the younger man.

    “You’re… you’re looking for other vampires. I have a map. That should have everything you need so you can go home.” He scratched the back of his neck and looked out the window at the evening sky, trying to keep as little eye contact as possible. “It’s a big one. It might be useful.”

    “Please!” Jo’s voice came out louder than expected but he held his whole body back in contrast, “Sorry, yes. Please, that would be great.”

    “Alright – just be quiet when we go in, okay? I don’t think the neighbors know I’m still here.”

    “What?” Now Jo looked startled. It was starting to look like they were going to be three-to-three for breaking-and-entering.

    Martin just hummed a little, dodging the question as he left the car and waited outside for the others to follow him. James recognized the look on his face. Little guy just wanted the day to be over – in all honesty so did he. There was so much he needed to write down the moment he got home (not to mention, above other things, he had work in the morning like most people nowadays. Unfortunately. Though that wasn’t very high on the priority list. Maybe that was just bad judgment.) When the other two left the car James found himself unsteady on his feet, leaned up against the top of the corolla as he tried to pull away from that odd magnetic field it was drawing him into. It didn’t seem to be affecting either of the other two, just him. Just his own magic. He took a breath – this just meant it was working – and tried again with the whole leaving business. But the moment the weight of his body hit his ankle it rolled, and he nearly met the asphalt on a first name basis. But something grabbed him before it could happen; two weights pushed under his arms and kept him in the air. So quickly and so strongly he would be lying if he claimed it hadn’t scared him. He jerked to see what had happened and found Jo standing there behind him, holding the whole his weight on his wrists and looking about as bewildered as he did. He couldn’t tell what it was about that moment, maybe it was the new tiredness, maybe it was the new strength. But he couldn’t tell if that bind in his chest was fear, magic, or something he wasn’t certain enough to name. He thought so hard about it, in fact, that he didn’t even bother getting back up. Instead, just letting himself say airborne.

    “Sorry – you just –“

    “It’s fine, Jo.” He smiled, but it wasn’t met likewise. Instead, Jo looked at him with that same concerned face he always had. And when I say always, I mean always. He remembered that face from the first time he suggested trying out spirit boards and tarot cards when they were thirteen, and he remembered it still from when they were in college and he had decided to make his own way out into the world. Jo was always so precious about the little things; it felt strange to be one of those again. “It’s just a little magic, it’ll come back. I think.”

    “You think?”

    “Not sure! Why don’t you stick around and find out with me?” He grinned and tapped his finger against his friend’s nose. That’s when Jo let him hit the ground. “Ow. And I thought we were getting somewhere again.”

    Jo’s face wrinkled, looking a little pained. James couldn’t lie and say he didn’t feel the same, but he at least wasn’t showing it. Lucky for him and his infant-worthy balance, Jo wasn’t just going to let him stay on the ground like that; instead offering a hand down to help him up (which he took without question).

    “Your hand is shaking, are you sure you’re alright?”

    “Yeah, it’s been worse.” He lied – though it was more a half-lie. It had been worse, but not recently.

    Anyway, they had one more stop before… whatever the next goal was. They were all, in their own ways, making it up as they went along. It was a frighting way to plan, but James was sure it was going to be plenty of fun.

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  • recsbylotte
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Only Murders in the Building ↳ 01x08

    #omitb spoiler#omitbedit#omitbgifs#muse inspo#tv gifs#rp gifs #spoiler: only murders in the building #only murders in the building spoiler #cat: gifs #cat: gif set #fc: martin short #fc: amy ryan #show: only murders in the building #ep: fan fiction #really recommend this show! it's got mystery and fun! #also I'm trying out new subtitle fonts to make this more accessible #i'll probably make a post about it later but feedback is already very welcome!
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  • poutybitchmary
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    When i watched the first episodes of only murders in the building my first suspect was Mabel because of the ring. Idk it would’ve made sense that she found out Tim was going to propose to someone else, so she got jealous and murdered him. That suspicious hasn’t completely gone away but I mean for now Jan is the biggest suspect fir sure.

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  • grande-caps
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Only Murders In The Building 1.08 - “Fan Fiction”

    size: 1920x1080                                                                                         1,865 screencaps

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    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    suddenly tim kono is a man of many... talents

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  • keeponmovingalong
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Jan saying she's first chair bassoonist

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  • keeponmovingalong
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    I just realized something. Has anyone ever noticed Jan not being present at the building tenant meetings...?

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  • sseureki
    13.10.2021 - 3 days ago
    #only murders in the building #only murders#martin short#oliver putnam#onlymurdersedit#omitbedit#jane lynch #Charles Haden Savage #didn't he see him yesterday lol #when would he have gotten plastic surgery
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    13.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    please like if you use.

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    13.10.2021 - 4 days ago

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