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    Guess you could say I am a Sebastian Stanner

    I am sorry.

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    Billy: Mom, what does coffee taste like?

    Wanda: unfortunately, not as good as it smells.

    Billy: Oh. Like shampoo.

    #source: twitter#wandavision#wanda maximoff#scarlet witch#billy maximoff#wandavision spoilers #I guess? #mcu#marvel #incorrect marvel quotes #incorrect mcu quotes #incorrect wanda maximoff #incorrect wandavision quotes #incorrect wandavision
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    Tony: I think we're missing something.
    Peter: Cohesion?
    Harley: Teamwork?
    Peter: A general sense of what we’re doing?
    Harley: Common sense?
    Tony: Well, and Stephen.
    #Harley Keener#Tony Stark#Stephen Strange#Peter Parker#ironstrange#supremefamily#ironkids#iron lad#iron man#doctor strange#doctor dad#iron dad#spider man#mcu#marvel#incorrect quotes #incorrect marvel quotes #incorrect mcu quotes #incorrect irondad quotes #incorrect supremefamily quotes #inocrrect supremefamily quotes #incorrect doctor dad quotes #incorrect ironstrange quotes
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    #marvel's guardians of the galaxy #guardians of the galaxy #video games#gifs#gif set#E3 2021#lady hellbender
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    Cover of the Day: Avengers #92 (September, 1971) Art by Sal Buscema

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    15.06.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    It’s what he deserves. I’m so damn proud

    #tom hiddleston#loki#loki series#marvel#mcu#avengers#owen wilson #thor love and thunder #thor#chris hemsworth#mobius #mobius m mobius #kate herron#taika waititi #doctor strange in the multiverse of madness #eternals#black widow #spider man no way home #iron man#captain america
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    #Every time someone says smth like 'MCU Loki is an aspect of Norse myth Loki UwU' I want to commit a homicide #You guys are NOT making it any easier to not bully Marvel fans #That shit drives me up the damn wall please for the love of fuck keep your fandom shit away from my religion
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    15.06.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Welcome To New York- PROLOGUE- Marvel Fanfiction

    Hello! This is a story I've begun to write on Wattpad, but wanted to post it here to see if it gained any more attraction!!

    Let me know how you guys like it / If you want me to post more chapters on here! <3

    P.S. you can find it on Wattpad by clicking here

    My Masterlist:

    ┌─── ・ 。゚★: *.☪ .* :☆゚. ───┐


    1999 - 11 YEARS OLD

    └─── ・ 。゚★: *.☪ .* :☆゚. ───┘

    It was a gloomy day at Camp Hero as Victor Huitt pulled up to the guard station outside of the gate. He flashed his badge, and the guard opened the gate, granting him access. He nodded to the guard and proceeded to pull through. This portion of the base was small, only consisting of a small one-room building, and a giant radar tower behind it. Huitt pulled up in front of the building and grabbed his briefcase from the passenger seat next to him. He sighed and got out of his car.

    The guard stationed at the door greeted him with a nod and moved aside so he could enter the lone building. The building was not a building at all, but rather a large elevator, that led deep down into the actual base of Camp Hero. Huitt pressed the only button in the elevator, and waited patiently as the doors closed, and the elevator began to descend.

    It was results day at the compound, which meant Huitt had to meet with the head scientist at the base and discuss the results of the latest recruits. There had been very little successful attempts thus far, which infuriated the head team. This project was supposed to already be finished with months ago, but Dr. Alexei Morozov insisted on more time to prove his theory was accurate.

    The elevator reached the base and the doors opened. Huitt looked up to see his assistant Mikaela standing by waiting for him, clipboard in hand. She gave him a warm smile, before beginning her debriefing.

    "Good morning sir. Dr. Morozov has provided exceptional results today. Subject 341 and 658 have proven well with their abilities, allowing for him to enhance those abilities as well." Mikaela finished, handing over the progress reports. Huitt read them over, nodding approvingly before handing the files back to her.

    "Great. Will you tell me when it is time for the show?" He asked, before heading towards the direction of his office. Mikaela called out that she will, before returning back down the hallway she came up.

    She continued further into the base until she reached Dr. Morozov's lab, where he sat going over more paperwork.

    "Huitt is here. Whenever you are ready to show him their abilities, let me know. Are they still performing adequately?"

    "Yes, Mikaela. So far, they are... exceptional," He gave her an evil grin while he clapped his hands together. She shuddered a bit, before turning around and walking out the door.

    Dr. Morozov got up from his desk and made his way to the door. He took a left and walked down to the wing where they subjects stayed. At this point they only had a handful, as they placed the rest back out on the streets when they failed, and their mind was sludge. In order to keep these experiments completely under wraps, the CIA had them take the homeless off the streets, offering them food and shelter in exchange for their compliance. However, their brain was wiped completely before they were returned. This was not always effective though, and some subjects remembered bits and pieces of their stay here. Thankfully, their reputation was ruined, and the general public dismissed them as mentally ill. There was no way our government would kidnap innocent people and experiment on them.

    Subjects 341 and 658 were taken together at just 6 years old. Dr. Morozov had a theory that the younger the subject, the greater chance they had to access their psychic abilities, as they were more aware to those said abilities than adults were. They came to the compound 4 years ago, showing great promise. Starting out slow, they achieved small tasks that allowed them to tap into their psychic abilities. Now, they have proven their worth beyond measure.

    Subject 341 proved well with her ability to astral project anywhere, without having to slip into the verge of unconsciousness. With the help of a specialized body suit that helps her body to remain in a controlled relaxed state, she has been able to successfully astral project to any point in time and any location on earth. They had been working on her ability to astral project onto other planets but were just in the beginning stages of that experiment.

    Subject 658's abilities were a little different since her genetic makeup was remarkably different from an average human. With the help of this special chair, she had the ability to create anything she envisions in her mind, and make it appear before them. Dr. Morozov called this chair the Montuak chair, after the project. Its origins were unknown to most but the head team. When they received this chair, they realized it harnessed enough energy to wipe out a city, so they moved the base underground. When in use, the energy caused minor flickers across lights in the area, which could easily be covered up. The back of the chair held a purple stone, that gave the chair life. Subject 658 was the only one able to stand the power of the stone, everyone else had been obliterated. She was special, and the doctor knew that. He tried pushing her farther and farther, to see just how powerful she could become. But it usually ended with Subject 658 passing out.

    Once Dr. Morozov reached door where the girls stayed, he barged into their room. Two girls sat on the floor a book laid in front of them with a golden city painted on the pages. Subject 341 had a blindfold in her hands, preparing to practice her abilities to travel to other worlds. She lowered the blindfold as the doctor walked in.

    "Today is a very exciting day," he said, as he slowly walked into the room, his hands behind his back. Subject 658 cowered a bit, leaning into the other girl. "We have a very special guest, here to witness your abilities."

    "Who is it?" Subject 341 asked, her blonde hair falling over her shoulder as she looked up at the doctor.

    "Well, he is a very special man. Let's just say he better be impressed." A chilling smile fell across his lips, as he stood over the girls. "341, you can head to the testing room. I need to go over some things with the other one."

    Subject 341 looked at her friend, a sorry look on her face as she grabbed her friend's hand. She gave it a tight, reassuring squeeze before standing up and leaving the room.

    Dr. Morozov leaned down to be level with Subject 658. Her pale skin darkened as she pushed herself further into the shadows of the room. She knew exactly what was about to happen. Fully loaded threats would soon fill her head, as he explained what would happen if she did not impress this mystery visitor. Once he was finished, he stood up and waited for her to stand as well. She followed him down the hallway towards the testing room, nervously wringing her hands.

    She had a plan to escape this madness, and she felt that today was the day to do it.

    ✧─── ・ 。゚★: *.✦ .* :★. ───✧

    "Alright, lets begin. We have Subject 341 up first, showing off her ability to Travel out of her body to any place she wants to, all she must do is see a picture or a drawing of the place beforehand. Now, usually with what we call Astral Projection, one must slip into the hypnotic state of sleep, which is right before slipping into unconsciousness. Today, we will be having her travel here," the doctor slid a picture in front of Victor. A beautiful landscape displayed before them, mountains high in the background and a field of flowers in the foreground. "She will pick some flowers and bring it back as evidence." Victor looked at the doctor skeptically. This all sounded completely mad.

    "341!" Dr. Morozov shouted. "Open your palms. Show this man what lies in them." She did as the doctor ordered, showing her hands to be completely empty. Victor nodded, and the doctor signaled for her to begin.

    In the testing room, she sat in the center crossing her legs. Before her laid a blindfold, a candle, and the same picture Victor had in the viewing room. Placing the blindfold over her eyes, she placed her hands on her knees, and slowed her breathing down. In order to get to this hypnotic state, she needed to completely relax her body and her mind. Once she did so, she had to focus. What did the sky look like? It was blue, with big puffy clouds making it appear patchy. The mountains. What color were they? Gray, with snow still covering their peaks. What did it feel like? She imagined what it would feel like, standing in a field of flowers. She had never felt flowers before. Were they soft? She imagined they would be, and continued on. After a few minutes, she opened her eyes, gasping at the sight before her. She had travelled hundreds of times, but each time it still amazed her. The scenery before her was exactly like the picture. An ocean of flowers cascaded around her, creating a rainbow underneath the brilliant blue sky. She bent down to touch a flower, a little nervous to do so. She had only ever left the compound via traveling with her spirit. When she touched the petals, she realized she was right... they were soft and delicate. She smiled and decided to lay down amongst the flowers for a bit. Everything here felt so serene and peaceful. How could she ever leave such a beautiful place? After laying down for a bit, taking in everything she felt, she decided it was time to go back.

    She stood up closing her eyes, imagining the testing room she had been in hundreds of times. She felt a soft wind rush around her, and she opened her eyes. The candle in front of her was half the size it was when she started.

    "Finally, you're back. Okay, open your palms," Dr. Morozov said into the microphone from the viewing room.

    Opening her palm, she showed them the now wilted flowers she had picked.

    Victor stared, his mouth agape. The doctor turned to him; a prideful smile plastered on his face as if to say "I told you so." Victor recorded what he saw in the file, before patiently waiting for the next subject.

    "Up next is Subject 658. She is a special young lady. Her genetic makeup is different then ours, but we've yet to figure out what she is. She has the strength to control the chair!" Dr. Morozov exclaimed.

    "But... no one has ever managed to survive the chair, let alone control it?" Victor said. Once again, the doctor sounded mad. He tried not to dismiss the crazy Russian man, as he was right about the last subject... but this just seemed too farfetched.

    "I know. Yet she can. It is remarkable. Let's bring her in," Dr. Morozov said into the microphone to the guards who were setting up the chair.

    Subject 658 walked into the room, looking into the viewing room looking at the mysterious guest. He sat a table, a pen in his hand. He seemed tall and slender, with glasses resting on the bridge of his nose. He gave her a skeptical look as she settled into the chair. The doctors threats from earlier echoed in her head. If you fuck this up again, you WILL be thrown into The Chamber. This time until you break. His snarl sent a chill down her spine as she remembered it again. The guards strapped her arms into the chair, metal coiling up her arm to harness the energy properly.

    "Subject 658 can use the chairs energy to manifest anything she's thinking of into our physical realm. The Stone is what seems to give her the strength to withstand the energy currents, as the chair essentially reads her mind, creating what she envisions." Dr. Morozov said to Victor, as he took the protective cover off a bright red button.

    In the testing room, the guards placed the electro-cap on her head, and plugged it into the back of the chair. They signaled to the doctor that they were ready before walking out of the room.

    "Alright Subject 658, begin when you're ready... and remember the rules." He hit the button, and suddenly the chair erupted in light, as sparks of energy flew off the chair onto the concrete floor. The coils up her arm glowed blue.

    The rules. She mentally sighed before going over the rules.

    Rule #1: Breathe.

    She took several deep breaths, allowing her body to relax, despite the buzzing of electricity running through her.

    Rule #2: Vision.

    She pictured what she wanted most. What she wanted most was freedom. Freedom from the torture, the pain, freedom from the bleak concrete that always surrounded her. Freedom from Dr. Morozov, his assistants, the guards. Freedom from everyone but her best friend.

    Rule #3 Focus.

    She focused intently, imagining the energy around her forming snake-like entities as they slithered around the room. She focused on them piercing her targets through the heart. The more she focused, the more energy coursed through her. She hadn't ever used this much energy before. It burned her arms, as the coils started to glow red instead of blue. She screamed out in pain still not breaking her focus. In the next second, energy burst out of the chair, bouncing off every corner of the room. It strengthened, before breaking the glass that separated the viewing and testing room. Piecing the doctor and his visitor through the heart, the energy beams recoiled, before focusing their strength against the door. Subject 341 pushed more, crying out in agony as the coils disintegrated into her skin. With one final ear-piercing scream, the energy busted through the door, and fled through the hallways, electrifying every person in its path. The electric current rode through the hallways of the base before stopping at the wing the subjects stayed at. Suddenly, a purple glow pulsed through her veins, before engulfing her body. She fell to the floor, the energy still bouncing around, hitting everything but her. Behind her, the chair lay broken, her cap disconnected, yet she still had the power to control the electric current. Without thinking, she stood up, and ran to the room she shared with her best friend.

    She busted open the door, seeing Subject 341 laying on her bed, a book in her hands. Lowering the book, she looked in horror as Subject 658 stood with a purple glow around her, energy snapping in all different directions around her.

    "Holy shit... what happened?!" Subject 341 yelled, as she threw the book on the floor.

    "We're free," Subject 658 said with a smile.

    ✧─── ・ 。゚★: *.✦ .* :★. ───✧

    "Fury... I think you should see this," Agent Coulson said, as he pointed to one of the monitors. A red light was blinking rapidly signaling a major energy burst. Maria Hill began typing on the connected keyboard accessing the security footage from the location.

    "It...it looks like Camp Hero?" Hill questioned, turning to Coulson and Fury. "Do you want me to call it in?"

    "No...." Fury began as he looked closer on the screen. A young girl, who couldn't have been more than 12 stood, glowing purple. Another young girl stood beside her as they ran through the hallways trying to find the elevator. When they finally did, the one girl stopped glowing, as they hopped in. Fury switched to the exterior security footage, watching as the girls came out. The guard stationed at the door turned, his gun raised, but the girl who was once glowing purple knocked the gun right out of his hands with out even touching it. Stunned, the guard backed up, and grabbed his radio. The two girls ran past the guard stationed at the exit. He drew his gun, shooting in the direction of the girls, who turned and disappeared into the woods.

    "I would like to keep track of them though. We can't let them get into the wrong hands," Fury said, turning to Hill. She nodded her head, before turning to go discuss this with other agents who oversaw keeping eyes on certain individuals.


    ┌─── ・ 。゚★: *.☪ .* :☆゚. ───┐


    └─── ・ 。゚★: *.☪ .* :☆゚. ───┘

    1.) Camp Hero: The Montauk Project took place up Montauk, New York, where Camp Herp (State Park) is located. It was an army base in WW2 before being decommissioned in the 80's, where it is believed to have housed the Montauk Project in secret. However, this was only on part of the land, as Camp Hero State Park covers a large area.

    2.) The Chair: In the Montauk Project Conspiracy, it was said there was a chair that required an incredible amount of power to operate. Some speculate it was given by aliens. It was able to help those focus their psychic abilities, to make things appear in a projected form.

    4.) Kidnapping for Test Subjects: It is widely believed they would kidnap homeless people off of the streets for test subjects. A lot of witnesses came forward and confirmed this. It is widely believed that they made them homeless, so if their memory came back, everyone would just think they were crazy because they were homeless. A lot of the negative stigma towards "crazy homeless people" stemmed from this idea that to government took them in as test subjects and released them back into the world without any help.

    ┌─── ・ 。゚★: *.☪ .* :☆゚. ───┐


    └─── ・ 。゚★: *.☪ .* :☆゚. ───┘

    Hiii! two things:

    1.) The timeline does not match up when the Montauk Project actually happened- or is to believed to have happened. I wanted this story to fit into the MCU timeline, so I had to alter the dates the Montauk Project happened. In our reality, it was believed to have happened during the cold war, and had a lot more to do with time travelling, although they did test subjects on mental manipulation (creating things out of nothing) and astral projection!  It also ended when a subject created a monster described similarly to big foot that smashed the Montauk chair and killed a bunch of people, lol.

    2.) Please let me know what you think!!

    ┌─── ・ 。゚★: *.☪ .* :☆゚. ───┐

    In case you missed it/ Remember this:

    └─── ・ 。゚★: *.☪ .* :☆゚. ───┘

    -A  stone powered the chair... can you guess what it was??

    -Subject 341 *who's name we find out soon* isn't fully human...

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    Am I working on a Ghost Rider story that could possibly fit into the MCU? Yes. Will it? No. Will I try to be respectful to people who don’t like the story? Yes. Will I have it posted soon? No. Will it feature a well rounded female main character? Absolutely. Will that character be a minority? Probably not. Will there be minority characters in this story treated with respect and have more character than “the token”? Yes, if I can manage it. Will Johnny Blaze be the main character? no. Will any of the classic ghost riders? No. Will it feature a new Ghost Rider? Yes. Isn’t that a bit Mary Sue-ish? No, because this character was Ghost Rider in classic Marvel continuity. Will it feature healthy relationships between characters based on mutual love and trust? Hell yes! Will I simplify the Ghost Rider’s highly convoluted and serendipitous story elements? Yes. Will I let the characters have a happy ending? Yes, but let’s not put the cart before the horse. This is a story about the Ghost Rider, after all. Will any established MCU characters appear? No. Would I be nice to them if they did? Abso-fucking-lutely not!

    I feel like I had a point with this?

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    memories are faded or missing, but not forever... 

    for some people they feel like they have been in sydney their whole life or a few years, they feel like this place is their home and have no problems living here. sure they can’t leave, but for some reason, they never really wanted to. however, there are other people out there who have recently arrived who are upsetting the status quo of the city, people who know this isn’t their home because they have all their memories unlike some. when they were brought to sydney, something went wrong and they were able to keep their memories.

    everyday, new people are arriving who still have their memories intact, and they are causing the population of the city to slowly regain their memories. some try to still live in blissful arrogance, not wanting to disrupt the happy life they have made in the town. but the longer they push away their returning memories, the faster the memories are coming back. and now while quite a lot of people have their memories back, there are still a bit of people who only have a faded memory of their past life. and everyday new people regain their memories or arrive with a fully intact memory and those with abilities are starting to see their abilities return.

    and the peaceful city that has been in harmony for years, is no longer the peaceful place it once was. there is more conflict than ever in the city and some people are trying to help keep the peace, while others just want to raise hell. all that people are sure of is that the city will never be the place it was, and no one knows how they got here, how to leave, or who is behind this. welcome to sydney.

    summary: fadcdhq is a multifandom rp that takes place in sydney, australia in a different universe than where all the characters and fandoms came from. the city is filled with only people who are from fandoms since the world is a blank world. so people remember where they come from, while others don’t or only have some memories of the place they use to call home. though, there is something that they all share, none of them can leave the limits of the city and they can only go so far into the ocean before they can’t go any further. and no one knows why that is the case or who has done it.
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    SOKOVIA RISING is a literate, app-based Marvel/DC crossover RPG written by and created for longtime writers and passionate fans of Marvel and DC comics, movies, and media. Dozens of roles are open, so apply today—Sokovia needs you, heroes!

                                    WILL YOU JOIN THE FIGHT?

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    No maam your child is reading fanfics at 3 am and using tumblr as a coping mechanism.

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    for me because i’ve gotten into uni and want bucky to congratulate me :(

    You’d gotten the email a minute ago but you hadn’t yet been able to work up the courage to open it yet. Bucky lay a gentle hand on your knee, “Whatever the result, it’s going to be okay.”

    With a breath, you pressed on the email to open it. Dear Applicant, we are pleased to inform you- “I got in!”

    “You did?!” Bucky grinned.

    “I did it! I got into University!”

    You leapt upwards, Bucky following suit and he threw his arms around you, pulling you close and tight to him, “God, doll, I’m so proud of you,” he whispered in your ear, “You’ve done so well to get here, I can’t wait to see what you go onto do.” You couldn’t quite believe it, you’d almost prepared yourself that you were getting rejected but no, you did it! Bucky pulled back, pressing a loving kiss to your forehead, “Let me treat you to dinner, doll,” he said with a proud grin.

    #not my gif #imagine #bucky barnes imagine #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes#marvel imagine#marvel#avengers imagine#avengers
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    No es que esté muy orgulloso de éste #dibujete pero algo hay que subir. No buscaba un parecido excesivo con #hiddleston y lo mismo ha quedado con excesiva cara de sicópata pero es lo que hay con este calor. . #loki #acuarelas #mcu #disneyplus #marvel #thor https://www.instagram.com/p/CQI7SxpHihN/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    Requests are open! 😁

    I'm ready to take some new requests. Here's the list of characters I write for. Other fandoms/ characters will be taken under consideration.

    You can send them via question or private message. I'm tagging the person that requests the fic, but you can tell me not to if that's your wish.

    Every request will be given planned date of posting.

    Ragnarok (Netflix series)

    Shadow and bone (The Darkling so far)

    The Vikings (haven't watched last season)

    The vampire diaries

    The Originals


    Teen Wolf

    Harry Potter + Marauders era



    The Maze Runner

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