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    Folks watching the show, is it worth to get Disney+ to watch the new Falcon and Winter Soldier show?

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    Locked and Reloaded [Ch. 5]

    Marvel AU

    TW: Language, Graphic Depictions of Violence, Blood, Gun Violence, Implied Abusive Household

    Genre: Action, Light Comedy, Angst

    Pairing: NCT Dream x Reader

    YN Pronouns: Female (She/Her)

    (5/?) [First] | [Previous] | [Next]

    [Main Masterlist] | [Locked and Reloaded Masterlist]

    Word Count: 6.5K

    Notes: It’s about time these members entered the story. I’m dropping this now instead of a Saturday upload because I’m getting my second dose of vaccine in about nine hours, and from how both of my parents reacted something tells me that I’m going to be incapacitated for the next two days, so I decided to finish this bad boy up now! Currently next on my list to work on is Infatuation, so I’ll see you in that update!

    Disclaimer: Please remember that this is an AU and a work of fiction, obviously the idols mentioned/written about in this story would never partake in or condone these actions. I would never wish any of these actions to occur to the Idol(s) mentioned in the writings of these stories, nor do I wish any harm on them.

    “That’s stupid,” you told your older brother. Baekhyun just laughed. You had just finished ranting to him how a majority of the premise of chemistry was ridiculous, being founded on one key theory that could be amended at any moment, something now set in stone or put to law. It was a theoretical science that clashed with the lawfulness of physics and the puzzle of biology. “Chemistry is literally the weakest link.”

    “I don’t quite think so, songbird,” the nickname was sweet in his voice, it was one you had had for as long as you could remember. He leans against your desk and he points at the picture. “It’s just atomic theory.”

    “Yeah, and it’s stupid. Imagine, all of this work, all seven hundred of these pages and countless other books could get proved incorrect if someone disproves it.”

    “You read this entire textbook and that’s all you have to say about it?” Baekhyun raised his eyebrow and crossed his arms. “Wah, you’re so amazing and you don’t even know it,” he hugged your head to his stomach and you pushed him away.

    “Ew, you’re so gross,” you wiped the sweat from your face. “At least shower before coming into my room! You’re disgusting when you use the gym.”

    “And miss my darling sister? No way, that and I came to congratulate you!” He points at the certificate on your desk just under your coffee mug. “Not every day you win the science fair… again.”

    “Yeah, yeah, thanks,” you put a textbook over it. He was right, but it was hardly an achievement for you at this point, it was an expectation.

    “What did you do this year?” None of them even showed up, the only person there to help you with your project was Jeno, but he was always there whether you liked it or not.

    “You don’t know?”

    “I was at the conference, remember?”

    “Oh, right,” you sighed. “It was just an observation on bees.”

    “Whoa! Bees are great! They’re so helpful for pollination, for honey, and so much more!” Baekhyun smiles. “Hey, your birthday’s coming up, right? Fourteen? Oh god, oh no, my songbird? A teen? I don’t think I can handle this.”

    “You’re overreacting! It’s not like I’m going to be any different. Plus, I’m already a teen.”

    “Oh, (Y/N), you have no idea. Thirteen is the one year free trial before you start having to pay to be a teen. Once you turn fourteen, ugh, I don’t even know how to say this,” Baekhyun fake cries and wipes away the invisible tears. “It’ll be like you’re a whole different person.”

    “Stop that! Why are you acting so weird?” You laughed and turned to him. Baekhyun crossed his arms over his chest and your smile dropped. You knew that look on his face better than anyone. “You’re leaving again, aren’t you?”

    “Yeah, I leave tonight,” he says.

    “How long?”

    “Maybe a week this time, dad wants to show me the properties over in Zone 8.”

    “Seriously? What for?” The factories that far out from the city were nearly ghost factories, they just handled building the smaller removable parts of the weapons your father developed. You couldn’t think of a possible reason why Baekhyun would have to go out that far.

    “I have no clue, maybe he just wants me to see the Byun system at a smaller scale,” Baekhyun sighs. “Will you be okay here?”

    “Will I be okay here? Don’t make me laugh,” you slammed your textbook shut and stared at him. “She hates me.”

    “Don’t say that.”

    “She does! You’ve seen the way she talks to me when you’re not around, Baek, I genuinely think that woman wants to get rid of me.”

    “She’s your mother.”

    “No, she’s your mother.” You didn’t mean for it to come out as accusing as it did. But you could genuinely say that you never felt anything from her aside from the obvious disdain she must have held for you. But what could you do? You’d hate you too. If one day your husband showed up at your doorstep with a kid you didn’t recognize telling you to treat her as if she was your own, you’d despise that child’s existence. All you were was proof of infidelity, and your stepmother made that very clear. You were her daughter on paper alone, but in reality, you were nothing more than a freeloader. “I’m just the bastard kid from dad’s mistress.”

    “Do not,” Baekhyun held a finger up and stared at you with an intensity you’ve never seen on his face before. Seriousness wasn’t something that Baekhyun often used, especially around you. “Do not ever reduce yourself to that. Do you understand? You are so much more than that and you can’t let anyone who says that to you bring you down, you cannot let that weigh on you. Who even told you that?”

    “She did. Who else?”

    “God…” Baekhyun looked away and huffed. He held his hand to his forehead and sighed. “Keep in touch with me, okay? Just one more year and I can take it to court.”

    “Forget it, Baek,” you waved your hand. “It would never work. We have no proof.”

    “Well,” Baekhyun pressed his lips together and placed a tape in front of you.

    “A tape? Seriously?”

    “Don’t hate on old tech, they’re still around for a reason. I have a walkman in my room, second drawer on my desk. Listen to it later, okay?”

    “Yeah, okay,” you placed the tape in your own drawer, out of sight and out of mind.

    “Just wait for me, alright?”


    “(Y/N), I’m serious.”

    “I know.”

    “I’ll be back, okay?”

    “Okay, just go, dad’s probably waiting for you,” you opened your textbook again and stared at the passages on it. You had a really bad feeling about tonight, but you couldn’t quite place your finger on it.

    “Love you, songbird.”

    “I know.”


    “Sungchan! Four o’clock!” You shouted towards the agent. Sungchan, moving a second too late was met with the spine of a book to his face, promptly knocking him out. “Aw, geez,” you shoved your bag under a table, hoping that it would be somewhat okay after the fight, and threw a metal tray, the circular object blocking one of the flying weapons from hitting Shotaro on his way to Sungchan.

    “Thank you!” He shouts. He leans next to his best friend and tries to wake him up while the fight continued.

    “I’ll try to keep you guys covered, but you might need to fill in for me eventually, Reaper’s not doing too good over there,” you stumbled over to the two and handed Shotaro one of the pillows from the couch. “Is he okay?”

    “Yeah, just knocked out, but I have to watch him just in case… you know.”

    “I do, just make sure he’s fine.”

    With Jeno’s sudden appearance the Sanctum became a new battleground. Ancient artifacts were being used left and right for battle, whether they were used correctly or not, and with incoherent shouts filling the previously calm room. Strange was doing his best to prevent anything potentially world-threatening from happening, the Sorcerer Supreme understanding the laws of the universe, as well as any of you did, while the Maverick worked to bring down Vulture. The surprise attack rendered them at an unfortunate disadvantage. Strange was more concerned with keeping the battle within the Sanctum than he was helping any of you out, which was entirely understandable.

    “I got it!” Peter shoved back the bookcase that was about to fall on you.

    “Thanks, Peter.”

    “Just so you know I am so sorry I did not mean for any of this to happen I didn’t know.”

    “Oh goodness, no hard feelings, Peter, it happens to the best of us,” you said to him. “There’s no way you could’ve known.”

    “Thanks, (Y/N), that means a— Watch out!” He pushed you out of the way just as a shield lodged itself between you, you turned towards the source and saw Vulture, and you had to stop yourself from getting any more frustrated than you already are.

    “Fucking hell,” you clapped your hands together and jogged in place. “Stretching before fights is good for you, Peter, don’t forget that,” you said to him. Then you saw Cap waving his hand. You pulled the shield from its spot and threw it back to him.

    “Nice arm!”

    “Don’t lose your shit!” You moved your head to the side just as a bullet whizzed past you. “And watch where you’re aiming!” You dodged another bullet as it ricocheted off of one of the metal artifacts of the Sanctum.

    “I am,” Jaemin’s voice was steady despite the chaos. “Reaper!” Jaemin tossed one o the artifacts towards the other, particularly a sharp one, and Jeno drove it into the wall next to Vulture, just barely grazing the Follower. Vulture grabbed onto the back of Jeno’s neck, the razor claws on his hands emerging and sinking into the half-demon before Vulture slammed Jeno’s head through the wall.

    “Urgh, I felt that,” you rubbed the back of your neck as the phantom pain shot through it. You quickly stepped back just as an eldritch whip snapped in front of you.

    “Mr. Wong?!” Peter gasps.

    “That one isn’t in our database,” Jaemin grabbed onto the whip as it went towards you again, ‘Wong’ staring at him with a slight confusion, to which Jaemin just tugged it away from the other’s hands, watching the concentrated energy dissipate.

    “Well then add him later, dammit,” you charged towards Vulture but soon felt something wrap around your ankle. You looked at the portal next to your foot and the hand around it. “Ew! Oh my god!” You yanked it out of ‘Wong’s’ grasp and shot towards him, the bullets disappearing before they could get anywhere close. No wonder it was so fucking convenient, you hoped whoever the real Wong was and where he was currently wasn’t too horrible.

    “We should name this guy,” Jaemin dodged the eldritch disk that nearly sliced his throat. “I’m thinking Frisbee.”

    “Oh come on, let’s stay true to tradition and wait for Hyuck,” you pulled a sword from the suit of armor next to you and blocked the whip again. You turned the hilt in your hand and smiled. “Ooh, I like this. You know my ex used to be an expert fencer.”

    “I almost forgot about that one,” Jaemin hums. “What’s with sleeping beauty over there?”

    “Got hit in a face with a book.”

    “Oh that’s good, one less bomb we have to worry about.”

    “That’s rude,” you scolded him.

    “Can someone help me over here?!” Jeno’s pissed off voice came from the office. He pushed himself up from the rubble and cracked his neck before his knuckles. “I’m going to kill this guy, fuck the Agreement.”

    “Does the Agreement even apply this far out?” You asked. Jaemin pulled out his phone briefly. The Agreement was offered by the D98 Avengers, basically promising not to do any dimension altering things, but it was just a promise, nothing was set in stone and thus was lacking in any legality. It was a gentleman’s promise, so to say.

    “Technically it doesn’t, D62 is far out of D98 bounds. And since none of the Avengers are here…” Jaemin let Jeno fill in the blanks himself.

    “Good,” Jeno tapped his wrists together, a blood-red magic circle appearing between them.

    “Wait, do you guys hear that?” You looked around while skillfully parrying evil Wong’s attacks.

    “Hear what?” Shotaro was nursing the passed out Sungchan while blocking any projectiles that made their way towards him.

    “It kind of sounds like screaming,” Jaemin furrowed his eyebrows.

    “No, it sounds like… no, of all the members to send,” you groaned. Then the sound of doors crashing open accompanied the chaos that was the Sanctum while a familiar face ran in head first, literally, screaming his head off, and rams into Dr. Strange.

    “I got this one, V! Don’t worry!” Chenle shouts.

    “You idiot he’s on our side!” Jeno grabs a polearm from a nearby suit of armor and whacks it over Vulture’s head, the polearm breaking in half right after and really just pissing off the Follower more.

    “Oh is he? Sorry!” Chenle detached himself from the sorcerer.

    “Looks like we’ll be having a change in plans,” Strange murmured and disappeared from the room.

    “Did the wizard just dip?!” You yelled.

    “I think so!” Chenle yelled back, despite being right next to you.

    “Why are you even here?!”

    “We were talking to Fury when Jeno just fell into a sudden pool of blood! I followed your tracker here because I figured you’re in trouble. Be grateful!”

    “I never said I wasn’t?!” You heard a pang next to you and turned to your side, a circular shield blocking your vision for only a brief moment before connecting with Other Wong’s abdomen.

    “Thanks,” you nodded towards Steve.

    “No problem,” he says. “But where’d that bullet come from?” Cap looks around the room. Jaemin rushes next to you and grabs something, pointing it upwards. Within a few moments, someone materializes next to him. A classic cloaking spell, of course, right when you needed it most.

    “Monsieur,” her voice was hoarse.

    “Lynx,” you saw him grimace while the woman drove a knife into Jaemin’s side and twisted it harshly. A loud groan left the man’s throat while you darted next to him and tackled the woman to the ground.

    “I like your D62 version better!” You pressed your gun to her head and she threw you off before you could pull the trigger.

    “Nat!?” Steve blocked another gunshot from her with his shield.

    “Not Nat,” Bucky answers.

    “Where have you been?”

    “This thing’s still glowing,” Bucky held up the crystal.

    “Give that to me!” Chenle appears next to them and grabs it. “You meaty idiots don’t know what to do with this.”

    “Was that an insult?”

    “Apperio!” Chenle ignored the Captain and chanted the charm, a magic circle appeared around the crystal. Following the ripple of two blue circles that expanded throughout the room, two more people appeared.

    “There’s more of them?!” You shot Vulture in the leg. Before you were two other notorious members of the Elite. Arachnid, who you fought before, and Dead Shot, someone you were hoping not to run into in this dimension. “Someone get Parker out of here as soon as he touches Arachnid it’s over!” You shout.

    “Oh please, I wouldn’t even try that. What good is this mission if any of us blow up the dimension while we’re at it,” Arachnid catches the flying dagger and flings it back towards Jaemin, who easily dodged it.

    “We have orders to keep you alive, Vendetta, comply and the others will live,” Dead Shot spoke in his trademarked mechanical voice.

    “Fuck that,” you pointed your gun at Arachnid and click. Click, click. “Well, this is awkward,” you chucked the magnum at Arachnid, the handle of the gun hitting the area between the mutant’s eyes and stunning him briefly, while Dead Shot released a flurry of bullets. You ran along the wall to dodge them, looking for something to shield yourself with now that Cap and Bucky were busy with Lynx, Jeno had Vulture busy, and Jaemin moved over to Arachnid so that Peter could handle Evil-Wong instead.

    “Surrender or be forced to, Vendetta.”

    “Well, shit,” you held a book in front of you while Dead Shot went through consecutive rounds.

    “How could you not know a Follower was here?!” Jeno was pushed back next to you while deflecting Vulture’s attacks.

    “How the hell was I supposed to know?! I didn’t even know that those three were here until a couple of minutes ago!”

    “Are you kidding me?!”

    “No, I’m not kidding you because if I was we wouldn’t be in this mess!”

    “It has been thirty minutes! I let you and Jaemin go for thirty minutes and this happens!”

    “In our defense,” Jaemin gets pushed back to the other side of you and clears his throat. “Peter brought us here.”

    “I said I’m sorry!” Peter brushes off the embers on his suit. “Aw man, how am I going to explain this to Mr. Stark?”

    “Explain? Have you been reporting us to him?!” You asked.

    “Uh… no,” Peter’s phone goes off and he answers it. “Hi, Mr. Stark, there’s kind of a situation going on right now—”

    “Tell them not to come here! If any of the other Followers show up it could tear the fabric of reality apart!” Chenle shouts. A magic circle appears under Peter’s phone and it short circuits. Chenle adjusts the watch around his wrist, a much larger magic circle appearing from it.

    “Vocavi te ab umbris,” at the utterance of the words the shadows in the room gathered together to a much larger amalgamate. “Go, Vendetta, I’ll keep them handled.”

    “Fuck,” you spotted your backpack, which was pushed up against the wall on the other side of the room.

    “What now?” Jeno asks.


    “What about it?”

    “There’s something really important in there,” Jaemin sounded disappointed. “We could hole-in-one it, V.”

    “We could,” you said. “But that risks shaking it up too much.

    “Hot potato then?” Jeno offers.

    “Who would start it?”

    “The closest person is Shotaro, if he throws it far enough I could probably catch it,” Jeno says. “Pass it over to Jaemin.”

    “Then I’ll pass it to you. But by then you need to be in that hallway,” Jaemin says.

    “Got it, I can do that.”

    “And if anything goes wrong?”

    “Wing it.”

    “We’re going to die in this dimension, aren’t we?” Jeno frowns.

    “On the count of three, break,” Jaemin says, ignoring his best friend’s words. You hand Jeno the old sword, which he took without question. “One.”

    “What do I need this for?”

    “Well, I certainly don’t need it.”


    “Wait, are we even on the same page?”

    “I don’t know, are we?”

    “Three!” Jaemin shoved you forward and you took off, dodging literally everything on your way to get out and probably get some more help.

    “Shotaro! Pass me that backpack!” Jeno shouts over the gunshots. Shotaro perked up and grabbed the black bag, chucking it towards Jeno, who caught it easily. “Monsieur— Fuck, too far, Apollo! Pass this over to him!” Jeno tossed the backpack towards Chenle, the heavy bag slamming into the magician mid-spell.

    “What the hell?!”

    “Pass it here!” Jaemin knocked over Lynx and used her head the propel himself up and grab the backpack after Chenle threw it. He ran over towards you and threw it. Right as your hand grabbed the strap, it was yanked away from you.

    “Fuck!” You looked back at who had it now, seeing your backpack in the hands of the last person who should have it. You were about the run over to him, but the bullet that landed too close for comfort reminded you that you had to leave now. “Arachnid has it!” You’d just have to put your trust into the three that were already here.

    “Got it,” Jeno bashed his knee into Vulture’s head, finally incapacitating the Follower and switched targets. You turned around and ran into the hallway. You just had to call one of the other members to run over here with some extra materials. You hit the side of your phone, which only frizzed at the motion. Chenle must have jammed the signals to prevent more reinforcements from coming, great. You couldn’t run around forever, Dead Shot always hit his targets in the end, you continued down the hallway, not bothering to look back, but when you found yourself cornered against a hallway, you forced to figure out a solution. With the smell of smoke and the sounds of bullets hitting the ground— Wait a second. You looked down the hallway, bullets hitting metal and ricocheting towards you but never hitting any intended destination, there wasn’t even a bullet hole in sight, instead there were just empty shells on the ground. But in your analysis you failed to notice the stray bullet that was right in front of you. Then you saw someone’s closed fist in front of you.

    “Did I get all of them?” He panted. He opened his hand and twelve bullets fell out of it.

    “Oh my god, Mark, you’re just in time, I don’t remember you being this fast either,” you caught your breath and hugged the speedster, separating quickly. Mark pat down the smoke on his boots.

    “I don’t think I’ve ever run that fast…” He stretches his back and kicks the bullet shells aside.

    “How’d you even get here?”

    “The sorcerer guy called Baekhyun and asked us to come right away. I had a feeling it wasn’t anything good so I came first, told them I’d scout the area. It’s a good thing I came, otherwise you’d look like Sponge-Bob…” He laughs awkwardly. “You’re at your quota, aren’t you?” He looks down at your feet. You followed his gaze and saw the rusted knife sticking out from it, then you noticed the bloody trail you left behind. You sighed and pulled the old thing out.

    “Remind me to get a Tetanus shot.”

    “You are at your quota,” he gasped.

    “Can’t afford to possibly die right now,” you shook your head. “I thought since the dimension was far enough it’d get me some leeway, but I guess not,” you grimaced.

    “Shit, it really is a good thing that I came just in time,” Mark looks over his shoulder. “Dead Shot should be on his way, you didn’t make it hard to find you.”

    “Don’t smart-mouth me right now, Mark.”

    “Right, yeah, sorry about that,” the speedster ruffled his blue hair and unzipped his jacket, pulling out a book from it. It was heavy, no doubt, leather-bound with metal embellishments around it. The book had lived through as many eons as it did dimensions. You had asked Mark to try to get it for you if he could, but nothing more than that. Better to leave him in blissful ignorance. “Look, I don’t have a lot of time to say this,” he says while he hands it to you.

    “Just spit it out.”

    “I was looking into that thing you asked me about and here, this is all I got,” he says. “Whatever you need it for it’d better be important, I almost got turned into a frog for it. The guy I got it from warned me not to read it though.”


    “I dunno, something about corrupting the person who reads it.”

    “Oh shit, I should have Jeno read it then.”

    “True, you can’t corrupt a demon.”

    “But then again he is only half.”

    “Look, (Y/N), I only got you the book because you were so insistent on it. Just reassure me and tell me that you won’t do anything stupid with it.”

    “I won’t, I won’t, I may be stupid but I’m not that stupid, Mark. When are the others coming?”

    “I just gave them the signal to enter, they’ll be taking care of the Follower problem here in a bit. But you’re going to have to explain why you’re here to them, and I’m afraid that it might involve you revealing your identities this time.”

    “Why do you say that?”

    “Why else would you be in D62 being housed and paid by this dimension’s Avengers?”

    “Fair enough—” you were cut off by the bullet grazing your ear and landing in the wall behind you. Another one rang out and Mark grimaced, holding his hand to his shoulder

    “Argh! Come on!” He grunts. He puts a hand on your back and one behind your neck.


    “Whiplash,” you blinked and suddenly found yourself back in the Avenger’s Compound.

    “Mark, don’t you dare!”

    “Sorry! Jeno’s orders! I’d rather a pissed off you than Jeno!”

    “Mark, I swear if you zoom out of here—” but the speedster was already gone by the time you turned around. “Dammit!” You kicked the wall and winced immediately, you completely forgot that it was the same foot that had a knife driven through it earlier.

    He was right, you’d reached your quota. There was a certain amount of times you were allowed to “die” until it would be too much, and you knew you’d be at this quota when your body would stop healing itself, it was getting ready for its original host to return. You just didn't think you’d reach it soon, and who knows until the number resets? It was always a varying number, and until it did you had to lay low. It was such a hassle that you always tried to avoid it, but coming to this dimension seemed to have expedited the whole thing. You heard a bag of chips drop behind you.

    “(Y/N)? When did you get here?” Jisung stared at you while he picked up the bag.


    “Mark’s here? Where?” Jisung looks around.

    “There was a complication at Dr. Strange’s place,” you limped towards him, he rushed over to you and reached for your hand to help you, but you tugged it away. “I’m fine.”

    “Oh, okay,” Jisung gave you a little more space, but still walked next to you, sporting that easy-to-read concern. “Do they need help?”

    “No. The Avengers are coming.”

    “Oh… oh no,” Jisung caught onto why you were being short now. “Oh no, oh no, we won’t have a choice then.”

    “No, we won’t,” you heaved the large book under your arm. Jisung looked at it but chose not to question you. “I’ll be in my room, I have a lot of thinking to do before we explain ourselves to the lapdogs so, if you need me, I’ll be in there,” Jisung says.

    “Oi, (Y/N)!” Haechan held his hand up and Jisung furiously shook his head. Hyuck pressed on regardless. “Think you need this,” he waved the small box in his hand and you did a doubletake.

    “Where did you get that?!” You rushed forward and snatched it out of his hands. “Be a bit more gentle with it!”

    “Whoa! What’s got you pissed? Jeno drowned and dropped this. Changmin said to give it to you so I figured it’s important, damn.”

    “The Avengers are coming.”

    “Like… these Avengers?” He points around the room. “Or our Avengers.”

    “The second one,” Jisung nods. “Right, (Y/N)?” You didn’t answer, you were already halfway to your room. You tossed the book on your bed and you opened the small box, pulling the vial of iridescent liquid from it. You twisted it open and downed its limited contents in one gulp. You felt all of your muscles relax at once and you sat on the bed. The wound on your foot closed quickly.

    “Postponed, at least for now,” you stretched your arms. “But not permanently,” you placed the vial back in the box and you grabbed the book. As you held the two sides in your hands, ready to open it, you recalled Mark’s warning. Then you remembered the words of the Demon King himself.

    “If you know what’s good for you, and what’s good for the world you reside in. Do not seek more than you already know about yourself.”

    The times you spoke to Jeno’s father were limited, and your best friend liked it that way, preferred it actually, but the times you did talk they were always pleasant. Save for that warning. He knew something you didn’t, the both of them. You acquired this book without any of their knowledge. For years you just went with it, there’s a quota for death, there’s a reason why you can’t die, there’s a reason why you should avoid stepping near the Seraph, but now in this new universe, you had to know. There was something calling out to you in this dimension, it was very faint, and you didn’t truly notice it until you walked into the Sanctum.

    You put the book away, sliding it under the bed.

    Trust is mutual, if two very powerful beings are telling you to stay in your lane you probably should. You knew the bare minimum of your condition, so to say, you knew what you had to. Die too many times too close together and something else will come and reclaim its host, and all you knew about that entity was that it was some eldritch creature that took a millennia to finally contain, and for some reason, it had some affinity for you. That is where your knowledge stopped and your curiosity began. What could be so powerful that even the all-powerful Demon King wanted to keep it contained, and what did it have to do with you? Your answers were under your bed. But you risked too much by simply opening the book on its own. You hit your head lightly on the wall behind you. The liquid in the vial would extend your quota by at most three, you had to use them carefully. If you were going to attract a horrific monster, it would probably be best to not do it in a world that you didn’t belong to.

    There was a knock at your door.

    “What do you want, Renjun?”

    The door opened slowly, and someone else stood at it.

    “Is now a bad time?” Stark asks. You shook your head.

    “It’s your building, come in,” you sighed. He walked in at your invitation, sitting at the table to the side.

    “So this is what S.H.I.E.L.D. meant by living accommodations,” he laughs.

    “What did you need, Mr. Stark?”

    “Tony’s fine, thanks,” he says. “Sorry, it was eating away at me, I had to ask.”

    “You wanna know about what you’re like in my dimension, right?”

    “I’d appreciate it, but, something tells me I should come back later.”

    “Oh, no, no, it’s fine.”

    “Where are your friends?”

    “Probably getting their asses kicked, but I’m here instead,” you shrugged. “Honestly, you’re not that different. Maybe a little less depressed, but that’s about it. For what it counts, to our knowledge, you aren’t a Follower. You work closely with the Seraph, if they found out then you would’ve been executed on spot, at the very least.”

    “Oh yeah? Crazy leader or rational one?”

    “Bit of both,” you leaned forward on your bed, kicking the book further under your bed. “Want to know anything else?”

    “I was wondering if you could walk me through your Traveler of yours, is it anything like Time Travel?”

    “Let’s call it two sides of the same coin.”

    “How so? What do you use? Cosmic strings? Möbius strip?”

    “Have you heard of the infinite cylinder theory?”

    “Also known as Tipler?


    “Then yes, I’m aware.”

    “How about Schrödinger’s Equation?”

    “We’re talking hamiltonian operators?”

    “Bingo. If you can manipulate those two concepts, you can get time travel, but it’s not perfect. So manipulate them differently, add a few more concepts because you have to take relativity into account, and bam. Dimensional Travel.”

    “That easy?”

    “Yeah, well, no, but in theory sure.”

    “And you never went to high school?”

    “What’s that got to do with it? If you need a degree to prove you’re right then you’re probably not the sharpest tool in the shed,” you shrug. Tony opened his mouth to retaliate, but couldn’t think of a good comeback to that. “Something tells me you want to ask me something more specific though, Peter let slip that he’s been sending you updates, so I’m sure you’re here for a different reason.”


    “Why what?”

    “Why help us?”

    “Don’t really know how to answer that one, Tony,” you placed your ankle on your opposite knee and rolled out your ankle. “Usually we just take whichever job pays the most, but Changmin asked us personally to take this one, so how could we say no? The guy rarely ever asks us favors, and it was the least we could do.”

    “That simple?”

    “What? Did you want me to say that we wanted to meet you guys? I mean, it’s certainly a plus. Most of your team happen to be carbon copies of the same one who wants to kill us, so there’s that, we’re observing the ways you act, maybe it’ll help us in the future, maybe not. It’s like a two-way deal, you get your Traveler, and we get data.”

    “Data,” Tony scoffs. “I can see why you’d come to that conclusion.”

    “What can I say? It’s helpful. But, I can definitely say that we might be relieved of our duties soon, we’re technically here illegally, I’ll have you know,” you said to him. “We’re supposed to get official approval from the Secretary of Travel before jumping dimensions, but we’re not exactly law followers so we never did. But now that an official government team is on their way, hoo boy, my greatest rival is yet to come. Paperwork,” you made light of what would otherwise be a very very bad situation.

    “I heard, so we get to meet the other Avengers.”

    “Yup. And, let me tell you right now, they’re not the nicest people.”


    “Yeah, just you wait until I tell you about them.”


    The shadow amalgamate shattered into what it once was, scurrying back to their original positions, once Chenle had the wind knocked out of him by Lynx. He landed harshly on Jaemin, who then lost his balance and sent the two tumbling down to the first floor of the Sanctum.

    “Sorry,” Chenle rolled off the top of Jaemin.

    “It’s fine, call it even for the incident with the banshee.”

    “Agreed, ugh, my head’s doing cartwheels…”

    “Cartwheels? I feel like mine is being churned,” Jaemin holds his head. Chenle and Jaemin lay next to each other for a moment, trying to stop their spinning heads when someone stood over them.

    “Are we bothering you, gentlemen?”

    “Ugh, these fuckers are here,” Jaemin covered his eyes with his arms. “Tell me when they’re gone, Apollo.”

    “That’s kind of mean,” Mark frowns. Jaemin moves his hand.

    “Mark’s not a bad person, actually, Tony. I feel bad because I encouraged him to join the Avengers when they asked, but the other guys saw it as a complete betrayal. But he’s loyal, he doesn’t hate us and we don’t hate him, or at least I don’t.”

    “Oh look! The traitor!” He lazily points at him. “Do you know how much shit we’ve been through since you left?”

    “All the dishes we’ve had to wash?”

    “V won’t even let us take your room because she thinks you’re coming back! You dumb traitor, what happened to our friendship bracelets, Mark?! Huh?!”

    “You guys, don’t call me that, come on! Look I’m still wearing it!” Mark whines.

    “Go away! You left us for your cooler friends who can legally blow things up, go! Go have fun with them!” Chenle points an accusing finger towards the speedster.

    “Just leave them there,” Mark whispers.

    “We’re looking for Strange,” a deeper voice says.

    “Oh my god, is that Wong Yukhei?” Jaemin asks, his blurred vision not helping him at all. “You know, Vendetta has a cardboard cutout of you, I think she talks to it sometimes,” he laughs, his words slightly slurred as a result of the head damage received when he fell on the hard floors in the first place.

    “Flattered,” Yukhei responds.

    “Wong Yukhei, decorated soldier from the order of war and the first in the super-soldier experiments. Actually not a bad guy, but feels the need to flex his bravado every now and then because of the team he’s on, and honestly, I kind of relate to that.”

    “The hatless wizard is somewhere upstairs,” Chenle points up and lets his arm drop to his side. “We’d help, but you guys look like one big ugly walrus right now.” Jaemin starts cracking up and the two high five.

    “Do we have to work with them?” Another voice snapped.

    “Li Yongqin, Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul, Lee Youngheum, he has too many names to remember so people usually just call him Ten. He was a perfect student in the military academies, which I’m guessing where his nickname comes from. But he’s pretty impatient, rather ill-tempered from my experience."

    “We don’t have a choice,” a more suave on this time.

    “Ooh, Lee Taemin. He's an interesting one, Tony. We’re actually pretty close, or used to be at least. He’s very good at what he does, he has years of experience under his belt, but it’s pretty scary. He’s probably done his research by now, be careful, he knows you better than you know yourself. Don’t argue.”

    “Gentlemen, let’s end this, we have clearance from the Seraph to exterminate the Followers,” a more powerful one.

    “Oh, oh, Lee Taeyong! He’s great. I’ve seen him work a couple of times, I think he’s shot me in the head before. Don’t ask. I have a great deal of respect for him, but he’s kind of anti-social, not easy to get along with him, but I think it’s all miscommunication in the end. I think if we really got to know each other we’d hit it off, but otherwise, I think I’m just a person with a bounty on her head in his eyes.”

    “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Jaemin pushed himself up, his eyes finally focusing. “Exterminate? Yeah, you guys do that, but let the Maverick leave first, we don’t want to get caught up in your deathmatch again,” Jaemin hits the side of his head a few times.

    “Where’s the Vendetta?”

    “Not here! She left because Reaper was being a little bitch!” Jaemin laughs again and Chenle joins him.

    “We’re wasting our time here with these idiots,” another person says. Chenle squints his eyes to make out the figure.

    “Now there’s Kim Jongin, he’s one of the people who started the Avengers project and got them all together. He’s an indispensable member, in my opinion. But when you’re in a team with that many star-studded members who are constantly in the public eye, it’s easy to get lost in the lights. But he knows how to keep things according to itinerary.”

    “Who are you again?” He asks. “I thought the Avengers only had six members,” he stifles back a laugh.

    “Dude that’s low!” Jaemin cackles. Mark swallows down a laugh when Taemin looks over at him, both of them trying to be respectful to their teammate.

    “I know that’s why I said it!” Chenle hits his teammate’s arm and Jaemin winces, but the two continue in their little circus.

    “Forget them, let’s just go,” Jongin. The team ascends the steps.

    “Enter, the Avengers,” Baekhyun smiles.

    “And finally there’s their leader. Byun Baekhyun— yes, he’s my older brother, no we don’t talk, and I don’t think he even knows I’m alive. He’s similar to you in some aspects, he pays for all of their shit. But he’s manipulative. He knows how to get into your head. Be careful with him.”

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    If you want to be added to either tag list just send me a reply to this post, and ask, or a DM and I’ll add you as soon as possible!

    #nct#nct dream#nct u#marvel #nct x reader #nct dream x reader #nct u x reader #nct fics #nct dream fics #nct u fics #my writings#L&R
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  • spideyjlaw
    11.04.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    can marvel please release an infinity war cut where no one dies so i can watch the movie without crying

    #i literally haven’t watched the movie in months bc i always cry same w endgame #i’m going to watch catfa👍 #can disney and sony just work things out i want to watch spiderman smh #marvel
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  • xxqueenofdragonsxx
    11.04.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Wanda: I'm going out on a date.

    Y/N: Oh, cool. When?

    Wanda: I don't know, when are you free?

    Y/N, blushing: you smooth motherfucker

    #Wanda x reader #reader x wanda #wanda maximoff x reader #reader x Wanda maximoff #Wanda maximoff #the scarlet witch #marvel#avengers #marvel incorrect quotes #Incorrect quotes marvel #Incorrect marvel quotes #avengers incorrect quotes #incorrect avengers quotes #incorrect quotes avengers
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  • buck-this-nasty
    11.04.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    I’ve been thinking of making a master list of all the fics I’ve reblogged since it’d be easier on me and anyone who somehow finds this blog

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  • one-funky-bisexual
    11.04.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    I truly love how out of the original three avengers, Chris hemsworth is the only one still working in the mcu and it’s all because of taika waititi

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  • besomebody
    11.04.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    By  togatsuko

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  • bitter-lamb
    11.04.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    So I spent 3 months in Latvia and I visited Riga a few times while I was there so I was super excited to see it mentioned in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier and also having some scenes there, of course I don't know Riga very well, I would certainly recognize some areas but not a lot. Does anyone know if they actually filmed there, or recognize any landmarks? I have some friends who live there and I'll need them to take pictures lol.

    #marvel#latvija#latvia #the falcon and the winter soldier #the falcon and the winter solider spoilers #bucky barnes#sam wilson#john walker#baron zemo
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  • sithvampiremaster27
    11.04.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Bunny Girl She-Hulk

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  • starredforlife
    11.04.2021 - 21 minutes ago


    #LMAOODFS FHMGKDFADSJF #NO ITS TRUE THOUGH #ITS MAKING ME LAUGH THE MORE I THINK ABOUT IT #HE REALLY IS ALL THREE OF THEM #tweets#spn#sebastian stan#marvel#dl#star's stuff #sorry for reposting tweets im not even into the falcon & tws or spn but this hurt me #which means it HAS to be true like i felt that second degree embarassment sdhfgks #i dont have anything against mr sebastian or if people like him im just. the accuracy #also bc ive noticed the complete lack of attention anthony mackie has gotten in comparison #isnt he supposed to be the mc???? #or at least co-mc
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  • adorestark
    11.04.2021 - 22 minutes ago



    20 day song imagine masterlist | main masterlist

    paring: college!peter peter x plus-size!reader (American College)

    genre: fluff, kinda angst but not rlly

    pronouns: she/her

    warning: insecurity’s, not so intense things but can still be triggering to people with ed’s. be aware and safe.

    synopsis: how peter helps y/n hype herself up for a party (headcanons)

    idk what it is, but peter seems like the type of guy that loves you more than himself.

    so when you where feeling a bit down about yourself, he made you feel better.

    there was a huge college (university) party going on and you begged peter to go.

    but when it was the day of the party, you started to feel a little bad about your body. thanks to

    yes you loved your body. a lot.

    but we all have days that we suddenly just feel insecure.

    peter, being the best boyfriend ever, notices the little things you did out of insecurity.

    pick and choosing what you eat of your plate.

    looking at yourself in the mirror more than usual.

    or even trying NOT to look in the mirror.

    you even would try to cover your insecurity spots.

    peter noticed it all

    so he tried to compliment you to death

    “you look so good.”

    “how’d i get lucky with you.”

    of course it didn’t work.

    so as you were getting ready for the party, he decided to be straight forward with you.

    he sat you down in your small dorm room and gave you a whole pep talk.

    here’s how it went

    “peter what are you doing?” you asked him puzzled

    he didn’t want to yell at you but it was his last resort

    “listen to me! ok? i love you.”


    “shhhh.” he shushed you, “you are the most talented, beautiful, hot, gorgeous, funny, amazing girl in the world. i need you to know that you don’t have to be insecure with me.”

    you could’ve cried there

    all your life, you just wanted to be called beautiful. not hot, not sexy... beautiful.

    of course he’s called you beautiful before but it felt different in this situation

    that was the best thing he could’ve said

    he kept hyping you up and before you knew it, you are crying.

    happy tears of course

    you go to that party feeling the best

    no insecurity in thought



    being called beautiful hits so much harder than being called hot.

    - kimberly

    #peter parker imagine #peter parker #peter parker headcanon #marvel#marvel imagine
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  • dolcid
    11.04.2021 - 23 minutes ago
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  • averysadgay99
    11.04.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    I know it's probably not going to happen, but I can't stop thinking about what if Lemar is still alive?! Like, I know he wasn't a supersoldier and that was a really fucking hard hit, but just: what if he's alive?! Did anyone even checked his pulse? bc I only remember John Walker trying to wake him up... Can you imagine if he's alive and walker just killed someone in front of the entire world with the shield for literally less than nothing? Up until that point he can say "oh he killed my best friend (lie), I didn't know what I was doing (lie), I was mourning and let the anger get the best of me, my actions do not reflect who I am (lie)" and we all know it's fucking bullshit, he's guilty, but if Lemar isn't dead... I don't know, it's probably just me wishing he had more screen time and realised what a not-funny-joke john walker is... BUT STILL CAN YOU IMAGINE???!

    #tfatws#sam wilson#bucky barnes#marvel #the falcon and the winter soldier #i refuse to call him captain america #I can already see the hashtags in the next episode #NotMyCaptainAmerica #or something along those lines #I agree #steve rogers is having a breakdown in the after life #I know Steve... I know #I was so horrified
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  • partiesandblurrypolaroids
    11.04.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    Sooo we’ve got Bucky and his history.

    When are we getting Sam and Riley flashbacks? 🤔

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  • graphicpolicy
    11.04.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    Preview: Fantastic Four #30

    Fantastic Four #30 preview. An ancient force has reemerged in the Multiverse. Who-or what-is THE RECKONING?! #Comics #ComicBooks #FF #FantasticFour #KingInBlack

    Fantastic Four #30 Dan Slott (A) Ze Carlos (CA) Mark BrooksRated T+In Shops: Apr 14, 2021SRP: $3.99 “The Two-In-One Terrors!”• Marvel’s First Family are divided and at each other’s throats!• As the Earth-ending threat of the KING IN BLACK rages on, half of the Fantastic Four are Knullified and out to destroy their remaining friends and family!• If that weren’t enough…an ancient force has…

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  • pennyapound
    11.04.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    I’m convinced Karli is going to kill John’s wife in retaliation, causing John to go absolutely ballistic. We already know she’s willing to use innocent family members against people she doesn’t like, and why else would his wife pop up for one scene never to be seen again?

    #marvel#mcu #the falcon and the winter soldier #tfawts#john walker#karli morgenthau
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  • starkdanverss
    11.04.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Just a sneak peak of my new Loki fic👀

    A smile spreads across the man’s face, and he places a hand on the old and worn book, “Sounds like a plan to me. Shall we say next week, this time?”

    You smile back and nod, “See you then.”

    He turns and you watch as he opens the door, when a thought occurs to you, “Wait!”

    He stops dead in his tracks and turns back to you.

    “What’s your name?”

    A soft look adorns the man’s handsome features, and he looks a little sad. But he still answers.


    #marvel#mcu#loki#loki laufeyson#loki friggason#loki odinson #loki x reader #loki x female reader #loki x you
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  • stegozzaurus
    11.04.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    oops now i kinda wanna get in john walkers pants oops oops 🚶‍♀️

    #john walker#marvel #one kiss please #oops
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  • wasteland-teen
    11.04.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    watching wandavision used to make me so happy but watching tfatws just makes me depressed

    #missing the wandavision era #the humor on that show is so light compared to tfatws #plus tfatws deals with much more serious topics #i also miss my speedy boi🥺 #and the monica/jimmy/darcy trio #but im LIVING for the sam content #marvel#mcu
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