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    Summary: Steve teaches Hyacinth what it means to trust someone you love

    Pairing: Steve Rogers x Hyacinth (Marvel OC)

    Warning(s): Yelling, coping with the loss of a loved one, maybe angst? Hyacinth’s infamous potty mouth on full blast.

    Huge thank you to @whatcouldgowrong-ohthat​ for taking time to read this over and edit it for me!


    Hyacinth never yelled at Wanda. Not once. So when the silver haired Sokovian shot up with such force it knocked her chair back, shouting in her native tongue, it took everyone around them by surprise. The kitchen engulfed in delayed silence before the scarlet witch matched the shouts with her own. Wanda had crossed a line, using her magic to look into her friend’s mind. But Hyacinth refused to discuss what ailed her, so, what choice did she have? 

    “Leave me alone, beat it!” Hyacinth waved her friend away as she stomped off.

    “Just tell me what’s wrong,” Wanda pleaded in a raised tone. “Please!”

    The woman wouldn’t yield. Not even when Steve heard the fight break out and came to put a stop to it. He stood stunned for a moment, eyes locked on the unusual sight. His shock didn’t last long. Seeing this would only escalate, Steve wedged himself between the girls to intervene. Betrayal coiled in Hyacinth’s belly at the captain’s stance, stationed in front of the scarlet witch like he was about to take a bullet for her. A look of disapproval masked his sharp features.

    “Break it up!” He barked. “What’s gotten into you two?”

    “So that’s how it is, you’re just gonna pick her side over mine?” Hyacinth took a step back, angry, but too hurt to lash out again. Turning her dark eyes to Wanda, she snapped, “Stay the fuck out of my head.”

    Wanda reeled, wounded at her friend’s words. Even with good intentions Wanda knew she shouldn’t have used her powers the way she did. Since childhood they’d sworn themselves to honesty, so when Hyacinth started to shut her out, the scarlet witch couldn’t ignore her worry. What if it had been because of her?

    A steady hand fell on her shoulder. “Mind telling me what happened?”

    “There’s something…wrong. She hasn’t been acting like herself. She wouldn’t tell me what’s wrong and I - I didn’t know what else to do. Using my magic only made it worse…” Wanda looked Steve dead in the eye, finding an equal hint of concern in his blue orbs.

    “You were looking out for her, that’s what’s important,” the captain commended. “Just be more careful, okay? We’ll give her some space, then I’ll take my turn at getting in that stubborn head of hers. Deal?”

    She managed a smile and Steve pulled Wanda in for a quick, reassuring embrace. Then she headed off towards her room, leaving the super soldier to linger as he looked in the direction Hyacinth had gone. With a sigh he reminded himself to give her space before going after her.

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    • Gwen Stacy: He has NO emotional baggage, and honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about that
    • Gwen Stacy: Our first date, I asked him "has anything terrible ever happened to you?"
    • Gwen Stacy: And he had to THINK for a minute
    • Gwen Stacy: You know that face white guys get when they're all "oh, I guess my life has been pretty good! Like the WHOLE TIME! HOT DOG!"
    • Gwen Stacy: And after a minute he was like "honestly?....nope"
    • Gwen Stacy: And I was like, dang
    • Gwen Stacy: 'Cause now I have to be the terrible thing that happened to him
    • Gwen Stacy: Oh, I'm gonna do it. I was gonna do it anyway. I'm crazy like that.
    • Gwen Stacy: I wanna be the ONE.
    • Gwen Stacy: Doesn't matter which one. There are lots of "ones" you can be
    • Gwen Stacy: You can be the "one they marry," the "one that got away," or the "one that set their car on fire."
    • Gwen Stacy: IT DOESN'T MATTER! Just remember me, alright?
    • Gwen Stacy: Positive or negative, hall of fame or hall of shame, as long as my picture's on the WALL.
    • Gwen Stacy: Like, if I'm not your happy ending, I WILL be your turning point, you feel?
    • MJ Watson [staring with one eye done and a dropped bottle of eyeliner on the floor]: ......
    • Harry Osborn [poised with a lit cigarette halfway to his mouth]: ......
    • Flash Thompson [lying on the floor with a football in his hands]: ......
    • Johnny Storm [a comm set in one hand, forgotten screwdriver in the other]: .....
    • Peter Parker [staring with a bowl of soggy coco puffs]: .....
    • Peter Parker: So when I asked you how are things going with your new boyfriend.......?
    • Gwen Stacy [dreamily]: Oh yeah great I'm so in love.
    #source: codenamed-queenie#peter parker#gwen stacy#mj watson#harry osborn#flash thompson#johnny storm#spider-man#spider-man comics#marvel#marvel comics #peter parker incorrect quotes #gwen stacy incorrect quotes #mj watson incorrect quotes #harry osborn incorrect quotes #flash thompson incorrect quotes #johhny storm incorrect quotes #spider-man incorrect quotes #marvel incorrect quotes #marvel funny#spiderfam
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  • So I got this little one yesterday 💜

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    • Maddie: Bucky, I’m cold
    • Bucky: Here, take my jacket
    • Steve: Tony, I’m cold too
    • Tony: Well damn, Steve, I can’t control the weather!
    #incorrect quotes#incorrect quote #incorrect marvel quotes #marvel#mcu#avengers#the avengers#oc#bucky barnes #bucky barnes x oc #steve rogers #steve rogers x tony stark #tony stark #tony stark x steve rogers #captain america#iron man#winter solider
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  • Age of Republic: Special #1 textless variant cover by Khoi Pham & Brian Reber

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  • Y/N: Whenever I’m sad I just think about how the Welsh word for microwave is popty ping.

    Wanda: That… that helps.

    #source: tumblr #incorrect marvel quotes #wanda maximoff x reader #wanda maximoff imagine #wanda maximoff #avengers x reader #avengers imagine#avengers #marvel x reader #marvel imagine #MCU x reader #MCU imagine#marvel#MCU
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    You rolled your eyes at the comment, giving up on correcting him anymore. Foggy chuckled to himself, laughing at his own joke like he always did. You were new to being a vigilante, your suit was still in its beginning stages. Still, you loved it. It had already come so far, this felt like the first legitimate version, something that wasn’t totally embarassing when the people you were saving got a good look. It didn’t compare Matts suit, not yet at least. All you needed was a little more time and a few more friends skilled with this kind of stuff, and your suit would be the best in the city. For now though, it wasn’t falling apart anymore, and that was good enough. Not for Foggy. Any stitched up hole, any wonky seam, the smallest detail was enough for a day of laughs from him.

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  • Wolverine & the X-Men Annual #1 (2014)

    written by Jason Aaron
    art by Nick Bradshaw, Walden Wong, Karl Kesel, Victor Olazaba, Nick Bradshaw, & Andres Mossa

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  • @writersmonth  – Day 10Prompt: Bunnies
    Fandom: MARVEL / Little writing / Focused on: Tony Stark & Bruce Banner. (With a little mention of Morgan.)

    -I’m not sure about this…
    -Or Bruce in a bunny costume or the Hulk with bunny ears, but if my Morguna wants bunnies at her party, she will have bunnies.

    Bruce looked at the costume again while Tony was totally ready, but then he got to laugh a bit slightly seeing Tony again.

    -Tell me the truth, you are enjoying all this, right?
    -Of course, it’s fun, come on Brucie Bunny, we have a nice birthday to celebrate with bunnies.
    -Okay, okay.- The truth is, it could be fun, so you better get down to it. “Bunny Boy.”

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    Sketch of a liddol Foggy Meowson, lol. I can’t draw animals.

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  • Magneto: *Holocaust survivor, ptsd, child victim, numbered, orphaned by nazis*

    MCU writer: You know what would make this better?…. Making his children Nazi’s!

    Producers: Get this man a raise!

    #anti wanda maximoff #anti mcu wanda #marvel#magneto #baron was a nazi my guy.
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  • Can’t Wait

    Pairing: Tom Holland x (F)Reader

    Summary: You’re staying at Tom’s family’s home for the weekend when the poor guy gets horny.

    Warning: Smutttt, Oral(FR), Swearing

    (Thanks to @spideyyeet for helping me write the smut!)


    Originally posted by tommybabyholland

    “I should’ve added two tablespoons of Italian seasoning instead of one!” Sam groaned after biting into his bread.

    “I think it’s delicious,” you said.

    “Thanks, Y/N” he smiled slightly at you.

    You and Tom were staying at his family’s house for the weekend to celebrate finishing the filming of his movie The Devil All The Time. The whole family, except for Paddy who was already in bed, was hanging out in the living room about an hour after dinner enjoying some of Sam’s freshly baked bread. You rest your head on Tom’s shoulder as he rubs your back. You look down briefly and see a bulge. Your eyes widen as you look back down. How can Tom just suddenly get horny in front of his own family?

    You look back up to see Tom staring right at you, and you can tell from his eyes that you should play along with whatever he’s about to do. He yawns, causing the whole room to look in his direction.

    “You good, Tom?” Nikki asked her son.

    “Yeah, just exhausted. ‘M gonna head to bed now,” he said rubbing his eyes.

    “I’m gonna join him, I’m also pretty tired,” you said casually.

    You ignored the look of disgust from Harry, who could tell you guys weren’t going to sleep.

    As soon as you and Tom were both upstairs his lips were attacking your neck on the way to his room. The minute you’d entered and locked the door his lips were back on you. He licked a stripe up your neck before attaching to your sweet spot. You moaned as he assaulted it mercilessly with his tongue, lips, and teeth. You started to buck your hips forward, grinding on his hard-on, making him groan.

    Tom pushes you back onto the bed, coming on top of you. He pulls the zipper and rips off your dress, immediately slipping his finger into your panties.

    Fuck, Princess, so wet. Haven’t even gone anything yet,” he mutters.

    You buck your hips again, and thankfully he doesn’t tease you like he usually does. Instead he just pulls your panties down and props his face in front of your pussy.

    “Tom, please,” you beg, wanting to feel his tongue on you.

    He smiles up at you before diving his face into your pussy, lapping his tongue back and forth before sucking your clit into his mouth. You grab onto his hair and start tugging, which you know drives him wild. He starts moaning into you, the vibrations making your head fall back and your eyes screw shut.

    “Tom, please, gonna cum!” you scream, making him moan louder, which pushes you over the edge.

    Your juices coat his face and tongue, which he happily licks off his face.

    “You always taste so delicious, baby,” he purrs, making you moan.

    He rips your bra off, as well as the rest of his clothes. He pumps his hard, leaking cock a few times before teasing your folds, making you whimper. He pushes into your entrance, a pleasant moan escaping both your lips.

    He thrusts in and out quickly, his name leaving your lips in moans and gasps, while good girl leaves his. He starts rubbing your clit, making stars blur your vision and you get close. As soon as his tip nudges against your spot, you’re clenching around him, a loud moan leaving your lips as you cover his cock with your juices.

    Tom cums right after you, his warm cum filling your pussy. He pulls out and admired the sight of your cunt leaking out his cream. He grabs his discarded shirt and cleans you guys up with it. Once you’re cleaned, you cuddle up under the blankets.

    “Love you,” Tom says as he kisses your head.

    “Love you too,” you mumble as you rest your head on his chest, drifting off to sleep.

    ——The Next Morning——

    Tom wakes up to see you looking at him with heart eyes. He smiles at you and taps your nose, making a little boop noise. You blush.

    “I smell breakfast, we should go downstairs,” Tom says, and you nod.

    You guys get dressed and go downstairs where you see Paddy sitting at the table.

    “Hey, Paddy,” Tom says, ruffling Paddy’s hair.

    Paddy grumbles.

    “You good?” You ask him.

    “His room is right next to yours,” says a voice from behind, making you jump.

    You turn around and see a tired-looking Harry. You both flush.

    Well this is gonna be awkward…..


    Thanks so much for reading! I hope you liked this as much as I did, feedback would also be appreciated!

    Thanks again to @spideyyeet for helping me write the smut. Love you😘

    #tom holland x reader smut #tom holland x reader #tom holland x y/n #tom holland smut #tom holland#fanfic#avengers#marvel#spiderman #in the heart of the sea #billy elliot#the impossible #the lost city of z #uncharted#cherry #the devil all the time #smut#reader insert#fluff#harry holland#harrison osterfield#sam holland#paddy holland#dom holland#nikki holland#tessa holland
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  • Watch “Chicago Looted By Black Lives Matter… AGAIN! But Why?” on YouTube

    #blm#america #black lives matter #all lives matter #usa#trump#bnha#marvel#batman#food#Youtube
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    A little shameless self-promo, Tangled Strings my Marvel Trumps Hate 2019 submission is now complete, in case you’d like some StrangeFrost in your life!

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    tiny littl lokie doodle :]

    #i should draw him again but like. a full piece #but when im in the mood to- 😔 #loki#loki laufeyson#aoa loki #agent of asgard #marvel#marvel comics #mine / don't steal
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