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    whats up fuckers 

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    Moral of the Story. Chapter Eighteen.

    Summary: Marrying too young out of high school leads to a naïve and failed marriage. Now 10 years later, word comes that the divorce was never actually completed. Bucky and Y/N have to come back together after all these years to settle what wasn’t all those years back. Passive attitudes, miscommunicated endings, and reminiscing of old loves and lives all comes back for the two.

    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Y/N

    Word Count: 4200+

    A/N: Slowly but surely we are bringing this story back... Also, quick update! I passed my last certification test for Teaching! I am officially an Elementary Education Certified Teacher:) Graduation is just around the corner and can’t wait to have my own classroom!

    Chapter Eighteen:

    "Y/N!" a voice shouted. It shocked her and she turned so quickly that she would have stumbled if Bucky didn't have a grip on her. "Oh, my baby!"

    Running toward her was none other than her mother with her arms wide open and a worried face marking her aged features.



    "Careful with her, Marlene. She's bruised up from the accident," Thomas shouted behind her, raising a hand in nerves, but she didn't listen and wrapped Y/N in her arms harshly.

    "Oh, my baby! I heard about the accident. What happened? Are you ok?" she rushed out, squeezing her and leaving little room from being able to escape.

    Y/N groaned and leaned toward Bucky who still had a hand on her back helping her keep her balance. In an attempt to get out of her mother's grasp, she began to nuzzle herself into Bucky's shoulder and fit herself under his arm for shelter, and Y/N's mother gave up on trying to smother her. Though she didn't let go of her fully as she still had her hands gripped tightly around Y/N's non-injured wrist and other arm.

    "She has a bruised rib and a sprained wrist," Bucky warned, trying to not sound rude, even though he had the same reaction to the woman as Y/N did.

    "Oh, sweet girl. I'm so happy you're ok. Oh and look at your head," she raised a hand over the butterfly bandage on her forehead, but before she could make the mistake of touching it, Bucky pulled her closer to him.

    Marlene noticed the gesture, and as if for the first time, she noticed it was Bucky doing the talking.

    "Mom, what are you doing here?" Y/N spoke up, not trying even a little to get out of Bucky's hold.

    For a split second a moment of judgement flittered across her features at the couple intertwined in each other. She cleared her throat and backed away finally.

    "What am I doing here-? Ha!" she laughed sarcastically. "You fly into town for a week and don't even bother to call and tell me? Then I end up hearing from a friend of a friend that my daughter is in the city."

    "Mom-" she groaned, feeling the fight coming on.

    "Then to top it all off, when I called your dad, he told me you 'need rest' cause you got into a wreck," she waved him off behind her.

    "Surprised you still have his number," Y/N mumbled, quiet enough that only Bucky heard the snarky comment. On hearing it, a smirk appeared but quickly was pushed away.

    "Why didn't you call me and tell me you were here?" Marlene asked with hands on her hips.

    Y/N let out a short laugh and Bucky and Thomas shared a look knowing exactly where this was going to go.

    "What's the point when I lived here all those years after the divorce and you didn't even bother to see me then? No point in wasting the gas," she shrugged, turning slightly to see her better in Bucky's arms.

    "Girls," Thomas started, Sherri coming up behind him with Chloe behind her.

    "Oh, stop it, Y/N! Don't make our reunion after all these years a bad one," Marlene chided.

    "What made you think it would be a good one with our relationship?" Y/N laughed.

    "Don't talk to me like that, young lady," Marlene warned, raising a scolding finger.

    "What? You can dish it, but can't take it yourself?" Y/N sassed with an eyeroll.

    "Girls, stop it!" Thomas shouted, moving to break them apart.

    "Y/N, let's get you to bed," Sherri stepped in gently, taking the other side of her to lead up the stairs they were standing in front of.

    Bucky began to help redirect the Y/H/C from the fight about to happen.

    "No. We clearly need to talk," Y/N fought back. "I'll try to be civil," she added apprehensively.

    "You need rest. Not an argument," Bucky whispered down to her.

    "She won't leave until I talk to her," Y/N mumbled back, realizing she was practically chest to chest with him.

    "I can make her leave," he offered.

    "I wouldn't wish that on you," Y/N laughed, patting his chest and slowly stepping away from him. "Ok, Marlene. Let's catch up, why don't we?" she motioned to the living room.

    "I'd prefer we talk without a shouting match," Marlene said, popping her hip with her arms crossed.

    "I'm capable of it if you are," Y/N countered, stopping right in front of her.

    You'd have to really be paying attention to it, but on her face, a sense of intimidation crossed Marlene's face before she quickly covered it again.

    "Great," she replied, in false courage.

    Y/N nodded and began to slowly limp into the living room. Marlene followed close behind.

    Left in the entryway, Bucky, Sherri, Chloe, and Thomas all shared a look and silently shared their thoughts.

    "Ok, so we're all on the same page that we need to have a fire extinguisher in close proximity?" Thomas asked, looking at the three.

    "Figuratively or literally?" Chloe asked.

    "Both," Bucky sighed, walking to the kitchen to watch the train wreck from a distance.


    The group stayed close by as the two talked on the couch. Bucky, Sherri, and Thomas stayed by the kitchen island drinking coffee and holding their own conversation, but only to cover their eavesdropping.

    Chloe had been camping out in her parents room that was just down a little hallway from the living room giving her access to the conversation, but staying in the shadows as she spied.

    So far, it seemed civil, but Bucky could tell on her face there were moments she was biting her tongue in an attempt to keep the peace she promised. He wasn't sure how she wasn't falling over in her seat from the drugs, but I guess that burst of adrenaline from seeing her mom kept her up.

    "How's Jerry?" Y/N asked, picking at the blanket in her lap as she watched her mom's expression.

    "He's good. Gone away on business trips a majority of the time, but we're still going strong."

    "Still making bank I'm guessing," Y/n said with one raised eyebrow.

    Marlene let out a huff of air and rolled her eyes.

    "I'll have you know, I do love him. As much as you think I'm a gold digger, we do have a strong relationship and we have many anniversaries to prove it," she defended herself, but Y/N saw past it.

    "I never said you were a gold digger," she responded even though she thought it.

    "Didn't have to, I can hear the judgment in your voice," Marlene sassed.

    Y/N bypassed the argument and let out a long breath, finally falling more into the couch.

    "What do you want mom? You haven't reached out to me in all these years except to ask for something from me and now you're here acting the part of a worried mom," she sighed. "And to top it all off, the last time we really saw each other was when I needed your help with my divorce and you refused to lend even a cent of advice."

    "Speaking of divorce, you two seem rather cozy," she nodded her head back to the kitchen without looking at the person in question.

    "That wasn't my question," Y/N retorted.

    "Well, it's mine. What's going with all that?" Marlene grinned wickedly and motioned behind her.

    Bucky and Thomas noticed the gesture and shared a look before trying to listen in again.

    "None of your business."

    "If it pertains to my daughter, I think it is my business," Marlene argued with a pointed look.

    "HA!" Y/N shouted out loud making every head turn their way. "You act like you actually played the role of my mother at some point in my life."

    "Oh, God..." Bucky mumbled.

    "Y/N Y/M/N-," Marlene started.

    "No, no. You don't get to use my full name like you're some kind of authoritarian in my life," Y/N laughed harshly. "Just tell me why you came here. There's only ever been one reason for you to reach out to me since you left, and it's because you need money or heard of some connection I have that you want a part in."

    "That's quite the accusation to make," Marlene scoffed.

    "Ok, then prove me wrong," Y/N motioned to her sitting forward a little more. "Tell me what I think you're here for is the wrong idea. I beg of you to prove me wrong for once."

    There was a stare off as neither woman wanted to let down their guard. The stubbornness in the air was close to choking those in the vicinity. Y/N had the upper hand, but Marlene wasn't one to lose a fight. She was good at twisting things to make her the victor and her opponent wrong.

    It felt like 30 minutes of horribly awkward and tense silence even if it was just a single minute of it. But apparently Marlene was desperate because she rarely relented and now was one of those times.

    "Fine," she said stiffly. "Jerry's business is going under slowly and I was wondering if you'd be willing to help lend a hand." Y/N sat in silence staring at her. A piece of her utterly surprised at the confession and not able to comprehend what she was saying. "I know you have connections that he could create his own bonds in his line of work with, but a small loan would be nice too-"

    "And you proved me right," Y/N cut her off.

    "Y/N, listen-" Marlene said, putting her hands up in defense.

    "Why should I when you never did?" she laughed bitterly. Before her mother could get another word in, she stopped her. "You know what? Forget it. I think it's time for you to go."

    She was quiet for a second, but tried one more time.

    "I know we don't have the best relationship, but-" Marlene sighed.

    "Stop," Y/N cut her off, shaking her head. "You need to go, Mom."

    Marlene stared at her.

    "So just like that. The woman who birthed and took care of you half your life, you're just going to throw to the curb when she needs help the most?" And here came the twisting of the situation.

    "Don't put words in my mouth," she said sternly, yet calmly and began to stand up. There was silence as she looked at her mom and debated her next comment. One direction led to a long argument and another led to an end. "I need rest, Mom. You need to go home and I need rest."

    She looked up and saw Bucky, her dad, and Sherri were staring into the room.

    "Sherri," she asked, taking a deep breath and wincing as the pain meds had slowly begun to wear off. "Can you help me to my room? Dad, can you walk mom to her car?"

    "Y/N-," Marlene began again as she stood up to meet her level.

    "When I'm not recovering from a four car pile up, and my mind isn't swimming from these opiates, I'll talk to you," Y/N said, turning and walking away from her. Sherri had rushed over and was offering her arm to help her walk. "Get home safe, Marlene."

    Her mom stared in shock as Sherri walked her to and up the steps. Thomas and Bucky shared a look and Thomas began to walk into the living room to escort her out of the house. She was hesitant at first, but quietly and shamefully walked in front of him back to the driveway to her car.

    Bucky stayed in the kitchen while everyone went their ways and Chloe eventually came out and walked to the island where Bucky was leaning and processing.

    "Well, no need for a fire extinguisher... This time," Chloe said.

    "I'm surprised that's the case," Bucky chuckled looking down at the highschooler. "You hear all that?"

    "For the most part," Chloe nodded, jumping on a stool. "You?"

    "Harder to hear in here," he shrugged, turning and crossing his arms. "What was the tipping point?"

    "Sounds like Jerry's business isn't doing so great. Looks like mommy dearest needs a loan," Chloe said with pursed lips, leaning forward on the counter.

    Bucky sighed and rubbed his temple. "I should go check on her."

    He was about to start walking to the stairs, but Y/N's little sister stopped him.

    "Just wait, Buck. Like you said, she needs rest. Let mom take care of it and she can give us the details.

    Bucky hesitated looking toward the front of the house and then the living room. She was right, they had just got on good terms, but that didn't mean she was ready to let him on the drama that was her mother after these 10 years. Not like he didn't know how it worked considering he was a part of the first 18 years, but one step at a time.

    He chuckled a little under his breath and looked at Chloe.

    "Since when did you get so mature?" he teased her, bumping her shoulder.

    "Eh, hanging out with your sister does that," Chloe bumped him back.

    "You both are trouble."

    "Figured we'd give our parents another round of grey hairs after they retired from taking care of you two," she nodded her head in the direction of Y/N.

    "You guys haven't even scratched the surface of the trouble we caused," Bucky prided himself a little.

    "I wouldn't necessarily brag about that, big guy," she patted his arm, and walked back to her room.


    A string of cuss words had come out of Y/N's mouth as soon as she stepped foot on the last step at the top of the stairs. With each one, Sherri just bit her tongue knowing she needed to get it out.

    Her motherly figure started prepping her bed for her as she changed into pajama shorts and a t-shirt. Each movement caused a twinge in her facial expression due to the soreness in her muscles. As Y/N changed, Sherri went into the bathroom and got her medicine for the night.

    When she came in, she was easing herself under the covers and still saying things here and there, but the cussing had gone down.

    "She had the audacity to come over here after all these years and all for that? Whatever helps her, right?" Y/N grunted, shivering as she adjusted to the warmth of her bed from the cold air. "Not the fact that her daughter was in an accident and beaten and bruised."

    Sherri sat at the edge of her bed with a Y/N's water bottle and the pills in hand. She waited for a pause in her rant before she smiled softly.

    "Get it all out?"

    "Not at all," Y/N chuckled roughly, putting her hand out for the meds.

    Sherri handed them to her, then the water. She watched her throw back the pills and swallow before taking a following sip.

    "She did ask about the wreck," Sherri shrugged.

    "Just for coverage of her true intention," Y/N came back with.

    "You're not wrong," Sherri nodded. Then a moment of silence passed. "I'm sorry, sweetheart."

    With that comment, Y/N finally eased some of the tension in her shoulders.

    "It's not your fault," Y/N sighed, falling back into her pillow.

    "We could have sent her off before you got back," Sherri shrugged feeling slightly guilty.

    "She would have found me before I left just to get her word in. Didn't matter if it was here, the grocery store, or the bathroom at Target," Y/N said, grabbing Sherri's hand. "She would have found a way to talk to me."

    "What did she want?" Sherri asked.

    "You guys didn't hear?" Y/N was surprised.

    "I mean parts, and I'm sure I could put things together, but I'd rather hear it from you," Sherri replied with a squeeze of her hand.

    "Take a wild guess," Y/N said with a tilt of her head.

    Sherri mimicked her movement and said sadly. "Money?"

    "Is there anything else she worries about?"

    "Clearly not even her injured child," Sherri sighed, upset with the woman.

    "She didn't say anything rude to you, did she? I know she's jealous of what you and dad have and she's made it known in the past..."

    "I was outside when she got here. I was only there two seconds before she saw you."

    "Good. I'd have to make her feel like shit for two things if she had... Well, probably more but out of the main reasons she fucked up tonight-"

    "Are you going to actually talk to her?" Sherri interrupted feeling another cussing story coming.

    Y/N hesitated in her answer. She had told her mom she would and a part of her regretted it. However, if she wanted to be the bigger person, she should give her a chance to explain herself.

    Would it make her any better than her mom if she ignored her if it didn't benefit her at the end? Sure it was a selfish thing to reach out to another person about, but if the roles were reversed, Marlene wouldn't do it.

    Y/N wasn't like that. Her whole outlook on life was to help for the greater cause. Help those grow and those in need. Why would she change that outlook just for a woman who wouldn't do it for her?

    "I will, but not until tomorrow. Bucky was right, I need rest right now and I was pushing it while talking to her," Y/N replied, turning on the non-injured side and getting comfortable.

    "Good idea, sweetie," Sherri nodded, pulling up some extra blankets and wrapping her in them. "Did you have a nice day with Bucky?"

    Y/N gave her a look that showed she knew that question entailed more than it sounded like.

    "We're slowly getting back to where we were all those years ago. Friends-wise anyway," she responded, nestling her head into the pillow.

    "Good," Sherri smiled. "Listen, I know your father has been kind of pushing him on you and for reasons outside of just friendship..."

    "You think?"

    Y/N's motherly figure laughed at the sass.

    "I think," she winked. "But honestly in the end, I think it's just a good thing to move pass what's happened in the past. You both have grown so much."

    "I'm starting to see that now..."

    "Now, I didn't know Bucky all the way back in your high school days, but from everything your father has told me... And everything he's helped our family with in the passing years..." she paused, but Y/N filled in her silence.

    "He's a good guy," Y/N nodded. "Hard to call someone who comes and takes care of you and your loopy self for a whole day after not seeing each other for 10 year, anything else."

    Sherri had a warm smile on her face at her daughter's response.

    "I'd have to agree." Seeing Y/N's eyes fluttering to stay open, she patted her legs that were under the covers and stood up. "Ok, I won't keep you up any longer than I need to. Get some rest, June Bug."

    "Love you, Sherri," Y/N nodded, finally closing her eyes. "Thank you."

    "Anything for you."


    Once she was back downstairs, Thomas and Bucky were waiting for her in the kitchen.

    "How is she?" Bucky was quick to ask.

    "Tired, but ok," Sherri sighed, going to the fridge and pulling out an opened bottle of wine. "Anyone else?" she offered, raising the bottle as she grabbed a glass.

    "I think I need something stronger," Thomas groaned, leaning back on the counter and rubbing his temple.

    "How are you doing?" Sherri asked him.

    "I'm fine. I'm just glad that it wasn't a long visit."

    She walked over and laid a caring hand to his shoulder, which he turned and smiled too, pulling her closer to him.

    "I'll get out of you guys hair. I'm sure you guys are ready to call it a day," Bucky tucked his hands in his jacket pocket and started inching to the door.

    "Hey, Buck?" Thomas stopped him. Bucky turned with raised eyebrows. "Thank you. Truly. Both for taking care of her and also just willing to help wherever you can."

    "It's no issue," Bucky smiled. "You guys have a good night."

    "Thank you, Bucky," Sherri said after.


    He had finally made it home and was exhausted from the day. Not in a bad way, just tired from a full shift and then everything that followed.

    "Hey. You're home late," Steve greeted as he came in. He still hadn't moved into his new apartment yet, but he was just a few weeks away.

    "Yeah, long day."

    "I know you were going to drop off by Y/N's house to wrap her hand up, but was that where you were there the whole time?" Steve asked from the couch as Bucky changed in his room.

    "I offered to watch her while Thomas ran some errands and then it turned into a whole thing..."

    "Whole thing meaning bad whole thing, or?..." Steve countered, watching the TV as he talked.

    "What exactly are my options for "or"," Bucky asked, coming in pulling a new shirt over his head.

    "That bad?" Steve cringed slightly, turning to his friend.

    "Actually had a really nice time with Y/N. Felt like the old days," Bucky responded walking to the couch and then collapsing on it. "It was pleasantly strange."

    "Ok, then you're confusing me. What's with the ominousness?" he asked.

    "Surprise visit from Marlene, turned the whole night around," Bucky said with pursed lips.

    "No!" Steve leaned forward in his chair, fully enthralled now.

    "Yup," Bucky nodded slowly, popping the "P".

    "What happened?"

    "Apparently came by just to ask her for a loan," Bucky shrugged.

    "Not to check on her from the accident? Has she talked to her at all over the years?"

    "I don't think so. Y/N never mentioned anything about mending their relationship. Hell, at one point I think I heard her mention they hadn't seen each other since the night she asked for help in the whole divorce thing..." Bucky ran a hand through his hair. "I do know that Y/N never made the intention to visit her or reach out while she was in town."

    "They haven't talked since then?" Steve asked.

    "Not a hundred percent sure, but if I were to use context clues. It's not looking like it."

    "Damn..." Steve leaned back in the seat and raised a finger to his chin. "Did it put her in a sour mood?"

    "I didn't see her after they talked. Something happened mid-conversation and she stood up and told her mom to leave. First time ever I didn't see a bomb go off between them. Y/N literally just told her to leave and went to bed."

    "Wow. Sounds like growth to me," Steve took in.

    "That or the fact that she's on all kinds of meds and still recovering from a car accident," Bucky chuckled lightly.

    "Knowing Y/N's stubborn ass, you know she would have fought through that all back in the past just to make sure she won the argument with Marlene," Steve said. "I think Y/N really has grown up some."

    "I think you're right," Bucky agreed after a minute. It was silent in the room for a second before remnants of the night came back to him. "Hey, did you know she was almost engaged?"

    "Y/N?" Steve asked, surprised.

    "No, my sister," Bucky replied sarcastically. "Of course, Y/N! Who else are we talking about?"

    Steve ignored him and went on with the conversation.

    "I never heard anything about that. Though, her and Nat never really talk about their relationships to me. It's all the updates in everything outside of that."

    "Well, she was. Was with a guy for over a year and he was going to propose." Bucky slumped more in his seat.

    "Ok..." Steve drug out. Bucky sent him a judging look. "What do you want me to say, Buck?" he laughed harshly. "She moved on with her life. People do that when they go to college and step into the real world. You went on dates and had girlfriends too."

    "Nothing serious though," Bucky pouted to himself.

    Steve rolled his eyes. "Who's fault is that?" he replied with a pointed look.

    "Hey! None of them were for me," Bucky pointed, sitting up some.

    "And that's fine. I know your relationship with Dot was confusing and an interesting one, but you were the one who walked away."

    "She wasn't the one," Bucky mumbled.

    "Again, that's fine. But just because you didn't find the one, doesn't mean Y/N wasn't allowed to," Steve shrugged. "And if what you said is true, then Y/N didn't find the one. She's currently unattached from what we know, so..."


    "So, why are you upset about it?"

    "I'm not upset."

    "You're literally pouting like a three year old who got coal for Christmas right now," Steve motioned to him.

    Bucky straightened at that.

    "No, I'm not."

    "Nice cover, punk," Steve laughed and rolled his eyes again.

    "Ok, and so what if I'm slightly upset about it," he emphasized on the 'slightly' part.

    "Nothing," Steve shrugged. "You're allowed to feel how you want, but you can't be mad at other people making decisions."

    "I'm not," Bucky said, trying to sound un-phased.





    There was a long pause in the conversation as the muted sounds of the TV played in the background. The news discussed the upcoming temperatures for the week as the Steve looked at Bucky and Bucky avoided any form of eye contact.

    "It looks like we have some beautiful weather coming to us tomorrow. Nice mid 70's compared to the low 40's the past few days, Kevin..."

    "Oh, perfect walking weather. You know that's just in time for the downtown food truck festival tomorrow, Rachel. A family friendly event and so many great small businesses and family owned restaurants making their way on Dekalb Ave."

    "You're slightly jealous then, are you?" Steve spoke up.

    "Yeah, and what about it?" Bucky stood up and stormed to his room.

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    Right My Wrongs / Part Five

    (Modern!AU) Steve Rogers x Reader OFC (Amelia Morales)

    Summary: in which Steve ends his amazing three-year relationship with his girlfriend, Amelia before she could tell him some great news. Six years later they see each other again and he feels regret when he finds out they have a daughter together.

    This Chapter: Amelia and Maddie have been staying with Steve for three weeks now and she finally tells him what happened with her and Daniel.

    Warning: Slight Angst, Anxiety Attack, Depression, Mentions of Alcohol Heartache, Cursing, Slightly Dark, Smut, Unprotected, Rough Sex, Fingering, Oral *Female*, Petnames, Smacking, Praise Kink.

    Word Count: 1.7k

    Note: OMG 1,000 followers! Thank you SO MUCH!!! Some grammar errors, if you enjoyed this, like and reblog 💗


    Amelia and Maddie have been staying with me for about three weeks now, and I love having them living here with me. 

    I’ve been making sure they feel comfortable by getting things they need, making dinner, and just enjoying them while I can. 

    "Steve, you're sweet. You didn't have to do this," Amelia says one night, looking down at the dinner I made for her and Maddie.

    "Hey, it's no problem. I wanted to make you two dinner" I said with a smile and she smiled back sweetly.

    Maddie and I have been trying to get Amelia out of the guest bedroom for a week now but nothing's been working.

    The only time she would leave the room was in the middle of the night to get drunk. 

    One of the nights, I stopped her from getting any. "Drinking yourself death isn't the answer to all of this, and what if our daughter saw you like this?" I asked, throwing the bottle away.

    "See me like what? BROKEN Fuck you, Steve!" She yells, giving me the middle finger before going back to the guest bedroom.

    Amelia was turning into a totally different person, and I hated seeing her like this. It just makes me want to take the heartache away. 

    Maddie came into the living room with her bag and sat down on the couch with a sad look on her face.

    "What's wrong, Maddie?’ I asked with concerned, placing my hand on her shoulder.

    "I hate seeing my mommy sad, it makes me sad," Maddie answers, looking down at her hands.

    "I know! me too, sweetie." I said, rubbing her back and she got a hopeful look on her face.

    "Can you cheer her up Daddy...while I'm at Morgan's sleepover?" She asks with her puppy dog eyes.

    "Uh,I'll try to think of something, okay" I said with a smile, knowing I couldn't say no to her. 

    I dropped Maddie off at Tony’s house and after I went to get a couple of things before coming back home to found Amelia by the couch. 


    Someone was calling my name but I couldn't focus on who was the person's voice. 

    It felt like I was underwater or something. I was on the floor by the couch with tears coming down my face. 

    My breaths were short and I couldn't catch them. I didn't know where I was until a pair of arms wrapped around my shaking body, 

    And I heard the soothing sound of Steve's voice in my ear then I remember Maddie and I were staying with him until I found a place. 

    "Shh, it's okay, Amelia. Just breathe!" I buried my face in his chest as I tried to get my breathing under control.

    "Why can't I find a good one?" I asked through a sob, letting my tears stain on his nice, long sleeve shirt.

    Steve was calming me down by rubbing my back and humming a sweet, old song.

    He used to hum it whenever I had nightmares or anxiety attacks, it would always work and make me feel better.

    "I'm sorry about your shirt" I whispered, slightly moving to see how ruined his shirt was.

    "It's okay, doll," Steve says with a slight chuckle. There was silence for a few minutes until...

    He asked the same question a few weeks ago which I decided not to give him an answer.

    "Amelia, are you gonna tell me what happened?" He asked with a concerned look and I shook my head.

    "Daniel proposed to me......” I began, wiping my nose with the tissue he gave me.

    “Oh, what did you say?” He asked nervously and I scoffed. “I said no, of course” 

    “He wanted me to leave with him and go back to the Hamptons, plus suggested I should leave Maddie here. I told him that wasn’t happening and so he kicked us out of the house.” I finished. 

    "I'm so sorry, Amelia. You deserve so much better than that asshole" Steve says, continually rubbing my back up and down. 

    "It's not your fault, Steve. It’s my own,” I said, looking down while more tears came down my face.

    "Don’t say that doll," Steve says, lifting my chin to look into his beautiful blue eyes.

    Steve wishes he could kiss away the hurt and pain, give and show her the love she truly deserves.

    "You are a strong, amazing woman who deserves to be appreciated, loved, and respected. Never think less of yourself, Amelia" He says sweetly.

    I smiled at his words, feeling a little better about myself. Steve was contemplating if he should say what he was feeling.

    "I want to be the one to give you that, Amelia...I'm still in love with you, and I believe fate wants to give us a second chance" He says genuinely.

    My heart fluttered, just hearing him say that, it made me want to jump his bones but...Daniel was still in my heart.

    Was it right to accept my feelings towards Steve at this very moment? "Steve I'm-I'm not sure if we-"

    "I'll make you forget him." He says, caressing my cheek and I close my eyes, feeling the soft touch of his hand.

    "Just give me a chance" He whispers. I didn’t know if he was going to keep his word but I was sure I wanted to let him try, at least.

    So I pulled him into a passionate kiss, tilting my head and running my fingers through his hair. 

    “Steve” I whined his name as he pulled from the kiss, began kissing my jawline, slowly going down my neck. 

    I was surprised that he remembered where to kiss my sweet spot. I gasped when he picked me up and took me to his bedroom. 

    Steve lays me gently on his bed before taking my button-down nightgown off of me. 

    I took his shirt off and pulled him back to my lips but he pulled for a second again. 

    I was getting frustrated with him but when I saw the look he gave me, the look of pure love I knew he was gonna rock my world tonight.

    Our nightclothes were thrown across the bedroom, and I couldn’t help but stare at how big his dick was. 

    it was much bigger than I remember.

    Steve cuts me out of my thoughts by grabbing both of my legs and dragging me towards the edge of the bed.

    He began with light, gentle touches and kisses, rubs his hand down my pussy before pulling a finger inside. 

    “Mmm, so wet for me huh doll?” He asked with his blue eyes looking much darker than before.

    "Yes, I’m all wet for you, Steve" I moaned, which made him smirk and plunge his tongue between my wet folds. 

    His lips capture my clit and he sucks it into his mouth, alternating between flicks with the tip of his tongue and light nibbles with his teeth.

    "AHHH!" I moaned, gripping onto his blonde hair. Steve muffled my pussy, sliding in one finger, then two, crooking them to massage my g-spot.

    His tongue flicked hungrily over my clit, the way his mouth just worked so hard to make cum squirt.

    "Shit, Steve I can't- can’t take that-." I cried as he focused all of his attention on licking my swollen, sensitive clit. 

    “You can take it, baby. Come on, baby” He says, going faster than before I clutched onto his head. 

    "Oh my god, Oh my…" I cut myself off, feeling myself cum harder than have in a very long time. 

    "Mmm, baby you taste so good," Steve says with a smirk while my juices were all over his face which made me giggle. 

    I was about to take his throbbing member deep in my throat but he stopped and said, "I need to be inside of you," 

    Steve trails open-mouthed kisses along my neck, pausing to suck a hickey into my brown skin.

    He pulls away from kissing me and slowly slides into my wet pussy causing both of us to moan. 

    Steve then wraps my legs around his waist and starts thrusting slowly while kissing my neck. 

    "Fuck me, Steve. Fuck me until I forget my fucking name!" I cried in his ear and he lost it.

    I cried out his name as he growled and began pounding, moving away a little bit to grip my waist. 

    My hands moved to grip on his strong, toned arms, gasping, enjoying every minute of his big dick pounding inside soaked wet pussy. 

    Steve grabs my legs and places them on his shoulder, pounding into me harder than before. 

    “You like that, princess?” He asked.

    “Fuck, yes,” I moaned with a nod, playing my breasts knowing Steve love the sight of that.

    “Get on all fours,” Steve says in the most dom-seductive tone making me wetter than I was before.

    I got on all fours with my ass on full display for him and he gave my ass a nice, juice smack. 

    He groaned, feeling me wiggle my ass up and down his shaft. A little growl came from his mouth. 

    I earned myself another smack on the ass before feeling him thrusting his dick in my pussy.

    I moaned, feeling his hand grip on my waist, and began pounding in and out of me fast and rough.

    "Oh fuck, don't stop Steve" I cried, feeling so sensitive that I could feel every piece of his skin on each thrust.

    "I bet he never made you like this huh, doll?" Steve says, smacking my ass again but harder.

    “Ahh never, I always had to fake it.” I moaned, gripping the sheets while rolling my eyes in the back of my head in pleasure.

    "Shit, sorry you have to go through that, baby but I’m here now. You're the best and deserve the best, I’m gonna give you that”

    “Say it for me, doll?” He asked, bringing me up to his chest and placing slightly around my neck.

    “I’m the best and deserve the best," I cried out in great pleasure, making him smirk. 

    "Fuck, that’s right princess" He says hits my g-spot over and over until...my vision blurring causing violent contracting of my orgasm coming.

    "Ahh, Steve. I’m so close" I moaned and he pulls me into a sloppy kiss before burying his face into my neck. 

    "I know, baby. Me too...together" After a few thrusts, he pulling out and resting his dick against my ass while his hot cum comes shooting out. 

    We both dropped down on the bed, out of breath. I felt a delightful ache lingered in my core. 

    I think I made a good decision


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    So a fun fact about me, mj and Harry is we all like playing games, but we each have a favorite genre

    For me, I like story based exploration games, this can range from a ton of types of games, this can range from free roam horror ganes (though not much of a jumpscare girl) to rpgs, one of my faves has to be undertale

    Mj is really into horro games, one of her faves is this fnaf franchise, especially the fan games. I once introduced her to one of these games, think it was five nights at tubbyland or something, and she loved it and told me “you ruined my childhood but thank you” and she’s found a ton of other games she loves telling me about, I honestly think she wants to make one now

    Harry on the other hand is more into those low risk games, like the farming or life simulators, every now and then I catch him playing either the sims or stardew vally, he has such a great farm

    Oh and my birthday was yesterday, forgot to tell y’all, but mj and Harry surprised me with this great present

    They managed to set up a minecraft server just for the 3 of us, surprised Harry’s dad let him pay for it, but I really loved it and we play it together a bunch in our free time, and I’m hoping this can get mj and Harry more close, it kinda seems Harry’s a bit jealous of her, don’t know why though

    #I remember mj once showed me one of the fnaf fan games she found and it was very creepy #but it was fun watching her play it #Harry once invited me to his farm and it was so cool #we all set up a base together and I never realized how good Harry was at building #I never noticed this but me mj and Harry are like the dream team in Minecraft #Mjs the designer #Harry’s the builder #and I’m the redstoner #dream team I tell ya #mj also once asked me and Harry if we would help her make a fnaf fan game #we said yes #though Harry asked what a fnaf fan game was and I’ve never seen mj smile so wide and mischiefly before #she sent him the scariest one she could find #he was scared #OOC tags#spider girl #spider man au #itsv#marvel au#marvel rp#harry osborn#mj watson#minecraft#fnaf#fnaf fangame #five nights at tubbyland #stardew vally#undertale
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    🌿 😏 @manhattanopus​

    send  🌿  for  our  muses  to  be  caught  under  mistletoe .

    Mistletoe. Surprising? Not really. Though he still found himself surprised when Rafe had shoved him forward and under it in the doorway. Rafe always trying to meddle in his life and there was May standing there. He knew what the mistletoe meant. He also knew that he wasn’t really sure if she wanted to do something like that. He had never been one to just jump the gun and assume because of a tradition that someone was gonna want to do it. Not that Rafe was really. But, he was more of a person who jumped head first, without a plan.

    “So, you know..” He rubbed the back of his neck for a moment looking at her. He could hear Rafe in the back of them urging him forward. “I mean, you know what it means, so do you want to? It’s fine if not. I can just go give Rafe a piece of both of our minds..”

    #i bet u thought i was gonna use the marvel muses but imma whip out that au to HURT YOU #( answered ~ danny ) #josh hartnett tw #pending verse tag
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    💔😭 NWH AU where Bulley Maguire (a.k.a Awkwardly Evil Meme Famous Disco Dancing Emo Tobey Maguire Spiderman) purposely knocks down Sandman's sand castle and Tom Holland Spiderman feels bad for him 😭💔

    #spiderman no way home #bully maguire #tom holland spiderman #sandman #no way home au #marvel cinematic universe
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    Now It’s You Keeping Me Up

    Neighbour!Bucky Barnes x Reader

    < < PART 2 | Series Masterlist

    Summary: Your attractive neighbour can’t sleep when your ex-boyfriend shows up.

    Request: @samantha-lefay wanted more neighbour!bucky, so they’re getting more

    Warnings: TRIGGER WARNING for past manipulative relationships, violence (someone gets punched, reader gets grabbed on the arm), shitty ex-boyfriend John Walker, mentions of cheating, swearing/rude language, mentions of sex

    Word Count: 1.5k

    Masterlist | Ask me anything! | Taglist

    Bucky hadn’t felt more rested in his entire life than the week after you first cuddled up in bed with him.

    He tried to convince himself that it was the endorphins released in his brain, relaxing him upon human touch - which was probably partly true, but not the entire truth.

    If he was being completely honest, his cute neighbour who was willing to listen to 40’s music (even though he was positive you hated it) solely for him, who was gentle and patient, not needing to know the reason for his nightmares to insist that he not sleep alone, who had enough fire in her to stand up to him and remind him to take care of himself everyday, but who was also tender and forgiving when she saw he hadn’t, had everything to do with his new found sleeping habits.

    You were the reason he was so well rested.

    Every night you climbed into his bed, arm pulling him as close as possible, your soft skin pressed against his, the smell of you now infused in his sheets. You hummed Jimmy Dorsey music, which you had come to know by heart, in his ear as he closed his eyes. Occasionally there was a tune he didn’t know, and he suspected it was newer music which you seemed to have a preference for, but the tune itself wasn’t what calmed him, it was that you were the one singing it.

    Besides the Sunday you first snuggled him to sleep, where he made you promise not to leave, there hadn’t been an explicit arrangement established between the two of you - you simply showed up at his door every night that week after you got home from work. He hadn’t asked you to, but you did it anyway.

    In exchange for your generosity, he made sure to have food ready for when you walked into his apartment. Bucky wasn’t much of a chef, but he knew enough (and had access to an abundance of online recipes) to put together some rather tasty, if basic, meals.

    This continued the whole week - dinner, watching movies, playing board games, which was always followed by nestling up beside each other on his bed.

    One night, Bucky had been too tired to do anything other than lay down and listen to the sound of your voice, so you read to him. Your voice was so soothing, he passed out while still on the couch, cuddling up to your side. When he woke the next morning you were asleep beside him, hands cradling his head, book fanned out on your chest.

    He couldn’t remember a time since before the war where he fell asleep with such ease, as if he hadn’t a care in the world. And he didn’t, he realised - when he was with you, looking into those stunning eyes, smiling inwardly at how your nose crinkled whenever you laughed, all his problems melted away.

    But this Saturday night, as minutes torturously turned into hours and when the clock struck midnight, Bucky feared you weren’t coming home.

    He couldn’t be mad at you - you had your own life to lead, family you would surely want to visit, friends to spend time with. So many other people in your life that weren’t him.

    Just because his existence now revolved around seeing you every night, didn’t mean your life did.

    He instinctively reached for his dog tags as his heart rate elevated and he bit down on his bottom lip to stop it trembling at the thought of getting through the night without you. It had only been one week, but it was long enough for him to become dependent on you. Reliant on your presence, your touch, to soothe him to a peaceful sleep.

    As Bucky closed his eyes, trying to calm himself down, feeling the cool metal of his tags in the palm of his flesh hand, he heard the distinct jingle of your keys in your lock - the blissful sound he impatiently waited for every night that signaled you had come home and would show up at his door as soon as you changed into comfier clothes.

    But tonight there was something different, something that made his heart sink through the floor and his stomach clench with jealousy.

    You weren’t alone.

    “John, we broke up more than two months ago, you can’t just show up here.” Your voice was loud and agitated, but something that resembled relief filled Bucky’s chest - this wasn’t a flirty conversation with someone who might be replacing his spot beside you in bed.

    When did he become so possessive of you?

    “You weren’t returning any of my calls! What other choice did I have?” A deep, yet slightly scratchy male voice responded. Not that Bucky was eavesdropping - the walls were just very thin. The tone of the man's voice, the way he snapped at you, Bucky took an immediate dislike to him.

    “You know there is a damn good reason why I wasn’t picking up your calls - the same fucking reason why I broke up with you in the first place.” He knew he shouldn’t be privy to such a private conversation between ex-partners, but if something happened, he needed to make sure you were safe. There was a quality to this man that sent a shiver down his spine, even from an apartment away.

    “It was a one time thing. Why do you have to be such a prude about it?” The more that came out of this guy's mouth, the more Bucky wanted to strangle him.

    “You cheated on me! How would you have felt if I had some other guys dick inside me?” You yelled. In response to this, as if moving of their own volition, Bucky’s feet carried him outside his apartment so he was now staring at the bronze plated ‘4b’ on your front door.

    “That’s completely different!”

    “No it’s not, now get the fuck out of my place before I call the cops.” Bucky’s hand hovered over your door handle, debating whether or not to step inside. You were more than capable of handling things by yourself, but that didn’t mean you should have to.

    “Don’t be such a bitter bitch!”

    “Get off me!” Those three words were all Bucky needed to hear to storm your apartment. No one touched you without your permission.

    The sight inside made his blood boil. The man named John was slightly shorter than him with broad shoulders, dirty blonde hair, and just about the most punchable face Bucky had ever come across. And he currently had a tight hold on your forearm that would most likely leave a bruise.

    “Get your hands off her.” Bucky almost didn’t recognise his own voice, deep and threatening.

    “This who you’re spreading your legs for now, is it?” You suppressed a whimper as John’s grip tightened on your arm.

    “That’s not any of your damn business.” You said boldly as Bucky grabbed John by the shoulder, pulling him off you and shoving him towards your front door, keeping you safely behind him.

    “Fucking whore.”

    Bucky could feel John’s nose break under his flesh fist. He couldn’t remember actively thinking through the motions of swinging a punch, just the fury surging through his veins at John’s words. His punch had enough force behind it that if he swung at John with his vibranium hand, it would have killed him. There’s still time if necessary.

    “Motherfucker.” John spat blood as his hands cautiously prodded his now skewed nose.

    “If you dare step foot in this building again, a broken nose will be the least of your concerns.” Bucky assured, and John’s eyes widened at the threat.

    “I’ll press charges! You just assaulted me!” He yelled as he cowardly backed out of your apartment, blood still dripping onto your floorboards. As soon as he was out of sight, you rushed to shut the door, snibbing the multiple locks that were installed on the back side.

    “Are you okay?” Bucky asked, hands tentatively hovering over you, eyes roaming your frame to ensure John hadn’t hurt you any further than the red marks on your left forearm indicated. Seeing the distress in your eyes made him want to take another swing at John, he’d kill him this time.

    “Bucky, your hand.” Of course you were more worried about him than yourself.

    “I don’t give a shit about me doll, are you alright?”

    “Yes, just a bit shaken. Thank you for stepping in, John never understood boundaries. And don’t worry about him, he wouldn’t dare say anything, not with what I’ve got on him.” It was an ominous statement, one which made Bucky question what deplorable, and potentially violent, history you had with him.

    Fuck John and any other man who had ever treated you poorly, made you feel less than, made you feel small. You were the best person Bucky had ever met. You deserved so much better than that manipulative, hot-tempered bastard. You deserved someone who’d stop at nothing to give you the world.

    “How ‘bout you let me hold you tonight?”

    “Just what I need, Buck.”

    And damn, he was already prepared to give you the whole darn universe.

    Part 4 coming soon

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    Keeping Me Up taglist: @samantha-lefay @dexter99 @silentkiller2374 @foreverandevermoresworld @baby-banana

    #Bucky Barnes #Bucky Barnes x reader #bucky barnes one shot #bucky barnes au #bucky barnes fanfiction #bucky barnes fanfic #bucky barnes imagine #Bucky Barnes x you #Bucky Barnes x y/n #Bucky #Bucky x reader #Bucky imagine#Bucky fanfiction#Bucky fanfic#marvel#mcu #marvel x reader #marvel fic#marvel imagine#marvel fanfiction#mcu fic#mcu imagine#writing-for-marvel
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    Arms and Hands

    *soulmate AU; each other’s scars show up on both bodies

    Pairing: Bucky x mechanic!Stark!Reader
    Warnings: fluff, Tony being overprotective, small bit of angst with the whole parent thing
    Summary: you are Stark’s younger sister who is an expert mechanic so when Bucky’s arm is malfunctioning and Tony can’t fix it and it would take to long to get it to the Wakandans, Tony goes to the best mechanic there is, you. But what happens when you meet someone unexpected…….

    “Look Manchurian Candidate, I can’t fix it, I don’t know what to tell you,” Tony complains after Bucky’s arm malfunctions for the 8th time in the last 3 hours. “Is there anyone that can?” Steve asks, concerned for his friends well being and his own need to not be hit in the face again. “There is only one person who I think could help, but we aren’t doing that.” Tony responds, making his boundaries, none of the Avengers knew you existed and he wasn’t about to change that. “Please Stark,” Bucky pleads, his arm malfunctioning again, this time knocking over Tony’s tool box, “see it’s really bad!” Tony sighs, “finneeeees, but I expect a thank you gift or something. FRIDAY, call the Avengers to the living room ASAP.” “Of course Mr. Stark, right away.” “Let’s go Captain Sparkles, you too Mr. Stares a lot.” Tony motioned them to the living room, the super soldiers were slightly confused, why couldn’t they just go right away, what did the team need to know?

    Once the team had gathered Tony started off, “As you know, Barnes has some arm problems and there is only one person who can possibly fix it, someone as smart, as I. My sister,” everyone but Nat gasps, Nat knew all along, she is a spy after all. “Yes I have a younger sister, she hates the spotlight so she lives in a small town as their mechanic but works on her own projects as well, if anyone can fix it, it’s her. So Barnes, Rogers, pack your bags, we are visiting Cape Elizabeth in Maine!” Tony dismisses everyone and the three going head to pack their bags.

    1 hour long flight later, they had landed in a grassy patch near your garage/shop/house, it was a 3 in 1. Tony and the super soldiers walked up to the shop entrance and you heard the door’s bell ring, notifying you someone was in to see you. “Welcome to Y/N’s garage, how can I- oh, hey Tones, what’s up?” You say, loosing your ‘customer service’ voice when you realize it’s your brother. “We kinda need your help, Tin Man over here has the metal arm you know,” you nod, following the conversation, “well it’s been acting up and I can’t fix it so I figured you might be able to….” “Yeah, I’ll see what I can do,” you motion for the guys to follow you to your shop were your tools are so you can take a look.

    After sitting Bucky down, checking it out and dodging the malfunctioning appendage a few times, you came to a conclusion. “Yeah, I see the problem, surprised you couldn’t find it Tones!” “Well, can you fix it,” Steve asked. “Yeah I can, it’s gonna take a few hours, but I can.” You continue, “if you guys want to head to town and look around or something you can, no reason for you two to be here,” you shrug and tell your brother and Steve. “Trying to get rid of me?” Tony jokingly asks faking being hurt, “maybe I am, maybe I know you would just get in the way,” you tease back. “Alright, alright bye, call me when you get done,” Tony surrenders and with that he and Steve head out, you toss Tony your car keys and yell, “don’t scratch the paint!” He waves you off and drives off.

    “Alright let’s get started shall we?” You rhetorically ask, taking off your flannel leaving you in just your tank top. Bucky sits there staring at your scars. “What? Oh, umm, yeah, soulmate scars I suppose, if they make you uncomfortable I can put the flannel back on, I just-“ you start rambling but Bucky cuts you off, “no no, it’s fine, it’s just they, kinda match my scars and, yeah.” “Wait, do you also have a scar on your right ankle?” You ask trying to figure out if he really is your soulmate. “Yeah I do, never knew where it came from. About an inch long?” He responded. “Yeah, I kinda cut my ankle accidentally, while fixing up a Harley motorcycle, it was one from 1942, still my prized possession,” you say reminiscing. “Cool,” Bucky says smirking, “well, I guess we are soulmates huh?” “Looks like it” you say, a smile creeping on your face. “How about you fix your my arm and then I’ll take you out on a date, doll.” You agreed and got started on the arm.

    The next few hours were filled with both of you sharing stories and facts about yourself and basically getting to know the other person, both of you also shared some funny stories about Tony. You were almost done when you shared a story with Howard in it and Bucky looked down nervous, what if you didn’t want to be with him, and have him as your soulmate after you learned what he did to your parents. You saw the change in expression, “Buck, I know what the winter soldier did, but that wasn’t you, and unlike my stupid brother, I don’t blame you in the slightest, I blame Hydra.” You game him a small, reassuring smile, and he gave you one back, “thank you doll.” With that you continued working on his arm, after a few more minutes you stepped back and exclaimed that you were done! Bucky tried it out by taking your hand and spinning you around like you were dancing, you giggled as he said “well, I think it works, thanks doll.” You called Tony and he said they’d be here in about 10 minutes.

    “Doll, what are we going to do?””what?” You questioned, what did he mean what are you going to do? “Well, I mean, I’m headed back to New York and you live here and so…” “Well that’s an easy solution!” You happily cheered, now it was Bucky’s turn to be confused, “I technically own part of the Avenger’s Tower and I have my co owner of the shop here’, he’s on vacation right now, but he can take over here and I can come live in New York!” “You would do that for me?” Bucky questioned, no one, except for maybe Steve, had ever cared about him this much. “Of course I would,” you said giving Bucky a hug. “It might take me a week or so to get down there, packing, paperwork and whatnot but I’ll be there.” Bucky was so happy, he had thought his soulmate had died, or was like 100 years old but here she was, and god she was gorgeous. It was at this moment that Tony and Steve walked in while you and Bucky were cuddling waiting for them to get back.

    “What the Fuck! Get off my sister Barnes!” Tony was screaming, his voice filled with anger. You went and slapped him to get him to shut up, “Tony calm the hell down, he’s my soulmate you idiot.” “Yeah I’m aware, you think I didn’t put two and two together, I knew since I met him.” You were now the angry one, he knew about your soulmate this whole time but kept it from you! “You knew this whole time and didn’t tell me?” You were speaking at a normal level but your voice was full of irritation. “He’s not good enough for you, he killed our parents for god’s sake!” Tony tried to reason but that just made your blood boil more. “You and I both know that it wasn’t him, it. was. Hydra.” You seethed “fine, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you,” Tony said realizing his mistake. “I’m assuming I should clear out your room in the tower?” He questioned, already figuring out your plan, “yeah, I’ll be down in a week or two, after I finish up my current project probably.” You responded, glad your brother had come to his senses.

    A week later you moved into the tower and got to know the rest of the team. When you pulled up both super soldiers heard your bike’s motor and rushed out at the familiar noise. They saw your bike and it was a similar one to Steve’s back in the war, they begged you to let them drive it, to Tony’s surprise you did, you had never let him drive it.

    You became best friends with Nat and Wanda, it was nice to have some women friends you could relate to. You and Bucky were as he said ‘going steady.’ He called you his doll and his best girl and no matter how many times he did you would blush, every, single, time. You loved him and he loved you. You were glad you had found your soulmate. Even Tony eventually came around.

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    partners in crime au, where clint is an assassin who concludes a contract according to which he has to kill one of the mafia bosses. unfortunately (or not) he meets kate, who works for the mafia. she is assigned to track and kill the ronin.

    they are trying not to kill each other while being stuck together for the whole of the christmas holidays. (escapes, shootings and little love glances are included)

    #marvel#mcu#hawkeye show#hawkeye#kate bishop#clint barton #clint and kate #alternate universe no powers #my au
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    y/i/n they’re underdressed

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    iamgia beauty🙌🙌

    fanpage8 the picture’s so blurry but shes still so hot😩😩😩

    fanpage18 she understood the assignment

    tchalamet 👁 🍬

    ↪️ y/i/n lol


    fanpage18 im serving myself for them 🧑‍🍳

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    fanpage7 suddenly im a cat

    pauline.chalamet make me one next!

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    ↪️ y/i/n be my guest😋😋

    fanpage8 them bluberries look like tiddies

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    fanpage28 timothee and his fruits


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    florencepugh choose yer fighter

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    tchalamet my girl makes the best cake, so, y/n

    ↪️ florencepugh liar i’m definitely the best

    ↪️ y/i/n u heard the man

    ↪️ florencepugh right, no more food experiments for you @tchalamet

    ↪️ y/i/n HAHSHAHA NICE

    ↪️ tchalamet 😐


    jeremyrenner it’s only natural for y/n to make that heart shaped cake

    ↪️ florencepugh uhm i actually made those

    ↪️ jeremyrenner there’s no way

    ↪️ y/i/n believe it or not but its true 🤷‍♀️

    ↪️ jeremyrenner let me have it or i refuse believe it

    ↪️ florencepugh me and y/n:🏃‍♀️💨🏃‍♀️💨

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    Peter Parker x Barnes!Reader

    Summary: *insert snap that reads: just wanted to make that toxic rat toad regret disrespecting me but now i'm having a mental breakdown 🦿🤳🌪️🌬️*

    Work Count: 2k+

    Warnings: Barnes Granddaughter!Reader, fluff, angst, toxic!ex, bad relationships, fake dating, pining, lying, naivete, stupidity, protective!Bucky, also it's an au so yeah, domestic!avengers, typos, etc.

    A/N: i love this particular fake dating trope. This is actually my second story like this. Yeah. It's Underrated for realz. It's a Day6 fic though, so if ur interested in it, it's in my masterlist.

    "And another thing. I don't know who needs to hear this," Natasha says, staring dead into my eyes, even though I wasn't even looking at her, "but three peanut butter sandwiches does not count for a meal."

    I, without looking away from my homework, mid chewing said third peanut butter sandwich, flip her off from the couch in the large common room, all the way to across the floor where the kitchen was stationed where Nat was microwaving her leftovers.

    "Put that down," a grumpy voice calls as he walks into the room with some bags in his hand. I snap to the voice and stand in protest. "HOW!" I shrug in confusion, "how do you always just walk in when I am at my tipping point?"

    My grandfather bee lines over to me, raises a brow, and crosses his arms, "you mean I catch you and your vulgarity often because you were raised with no manners."

    "Well," my other grandfather says, walking past him with some bags held as well, "it's genetic, pal."

    The six foot, metal armed man rolls his eyes and shoves his blonde comrade on his way, "you're not helping, Steve."

    I raise my hands, "it's not my fault I'm an orphan."

    Grandpop turns to me, face full of fury, hands on his hips, "hey, hey, bellow the belt."

    "Yeah," my other, other grandfather says, pointing whilst holding a plastic wrapped loaf of walnut bread, "that's genetic."

    Grandpop turns to mischievously grinning Sam, "Imma whoop your ass."

    Sam chuckles and leans back, before walking off, "that's learned."

    Natasha walks over to us, just behind grandpop and gives me a look, while eating her takeout from last night, "hmm, you know what, Bucky, you should ground her."

    " 'nough said, I was just about to say, no phone, no internet, no parties, nothing for a month," old flannel and stubble said, giving me a look.

    I break into a a scoff, "first of all, bold of you to assume I even go to parties, second, I need both my phone and the internet for homework, third, you can't ground me, I'm literally an adult."

    "Yeah, guess what, 18 year old with a lot of lip, I'm literally supposed to be in a museum, but we're here still having this conversation. So the day they finally turn me back in will be the day you're an adult, okay?"

    I groan and roll my eyes, "you know what, fine." I look away and get my things, "I'd argue more but Nat's face makes me wanna explode into every sailor's word ever."

    Natasha gives me a smirk. Sam walks over to her, walnut bread no longer in hand, and whispers, "what are you up to?"

    They merely exchange a look before Steve cuts in again, "hey, you two, knock it off."

    As my grandpa watches me begrudgingly gather my things and move to my room, he thinks and turns to Natasha, "wait, why did she flip you off anyway?"

    Natasha continues with her leftovers, "truth hurts."

    I nearly choke on the sandwich I stuffed in my mouth on my travels to my room. I dump my things on my bed and look over my shoulder with scorn, that man literally can't even connect to the wifi, how does he even think he can ban me from the internet.

    I sigh and climb onto my bed, lying on my back, pulling out my phone, sandwich still dropping down my chin as I aimlessly chew on it. My fingers haphazardly press the buttons out of mastery and I find myself scrolling through my gallery, looking through the seemingly endless couple shots I had with this man.

    I felt my eyes water, moreso because my eyes were sensitive over anything else.

    But then my chest began to tighten.

    With one hand hung up in above me, I pull my sandwich away to take proper bite. I prop myself up. See, this was all Nat's fault.

    Her and her mind games, and her sense and reason. Yeah, she was always right, but also, she's crazy.

    Peter has been my best friend before he was a spider, before my dad died, before we both coincidentally became an Avenger in our own right.

    He... he was my best friend. My confidant. The love between us was familial. He and I could never-- and besides, I had asked him for this, for this favor. I wanted to show my ratty ex that, yeah, if he could make out with the girl he told me not to worry about, then I could date my best friend he said was controlling and annoying. Clearly, it was he that was controlling and annoying in the end.

    I curl up in my bed and finish the last of my sandwich, thinking about what Natasha had been pestering me about as I tried to finish my Chem homework.

    Do you honestly think that if you feel like this about Peter that he doesn't feel the same way about you?

    Seems sane, except she can't be right. She can't. What I've been doing with Peter was pretend, fake. Overblown, flashy, exaggerated, insincere, and done out of spite. Sure, it felt different to get ice cream with him when he'd sometimes insist on kissing my cheek for an Instagram post. It made me feel like a younger version of me that nearly had asthma attacks whenever middle schooler Peter did something sweet for me.

    I don't have asthma anymore, and I sure as hell know for a fact as someone who came out of a bad relationship that building out out of lies was not good for anyone.

    It only made the welling of my tears form into real tears as I continued through my infinite supply of Peter through my roll.

    Even after finishing my sandwich, I wasn't done looking.

    That is, untill I got a text.

    From Peter 🐸: ??? Uh Srgt barnes kicked me out??????

    From Peter 🐸: he said you were grounded?????

    From Peter 🐸: ???????

    From Peter 🐸: ???? Uh why are u grounded?????? Again???????

    I stared at mu phone as the messages flashed. As the last one came in, I mentally battled on whether or not I should reply.

    I wiped my face and moaned.

    It was probably for the best grandpop kicked Peter out. I don't know if it was a good idea to see him right know.

    I don't even feel like replying to him right now.

    But then again, I know for a fact this was all a part of Natasha's evil plan though. That sneaky old lady probably knew Peter sometimes snuck into my room through the vent. I sniffle and give a quick response.

    To Peter 🐸: he's just dramatic. You can just go home peter. Tell aunt may I said hi.

    I huff and lock my phone. I sprawl on my chest and continue on my homework.

    I get back into the groove and for a brief moment, I forget that Peter was even on my mind. That is until I hear a commotion in my ceiling vent and hear soft grunts and calls from Peter, calling out, "incoming!"

    I avert my attention to the corner of my room and walk over to remove the cover of the vent, coming face to face with an out of breath but grinning Peter.

    I move off and in another few moments and one swift landing down to the floor, Peter turns over to me and give me a look, "now, what's this grounded sentence for this time?"

    I watch as Peter climbs on my bed and scans my work. I shake my head and shrug, "usual. I flipped Nat off for being up in my business."

    He hums, knitting his brow, "#5 is wrong." He grabs a pen and flips the page of my notebook. He begins to redo the number and I just watch as he lies sprawled on his stomach in my bed fixing my chem homework.

    Peter turns to me and raises a brow, "aren't you going to sit down?'

    So I do.

    The bed dips. Peter begins to tell me where I went wrong. I hear him speak, but all my focus was on how he was so casual about this whole setup. I mean, he was in my bedroom, uninvited, snuck in. This was fully a big deal. Plus, he and I were so close, like physically.

    "You got that?" he asks.

    I nod, "thanks."

    He smiles, "no problem." He then sits up and faces me, "now what else did you do."

    I shake my head, half amused, "you think so little of me."

    "No I don't. I know you go big or go home."

    I roll my eyes, "well, I did an orphan joke."

    Peter flinches and slaps his face, "NO!" he whisper-yells, "stop it with that!"

    "Why? I'm literally the orphan!"

    "Oh my-- Imagine if I told that to May! She would freak!"

    "Well, that's because your sense of humor is vanilla."

    Peter shakes his head profusely, "Duuuudee! Just think for a second okay. Bucky had a girlfriend. He served in world war 2 and had to say goodbye to her. He almost died, got turned into the winter soldier, gets woken into the 21st century, find out his lover from the 60's was pregnant and had a daughter and that daughter if his had a daughter himself but now his daughter's daughter was in the foster system since her grandma was dead, mom died in childbirth, and her dad died in a car crash."

    "Dang, okay. You're always so serious about it."

    "Well that's what Bucky feels, so lay off it, please."

    "Fine, always the bad guy," I retort, unconsciously turning my tears on.

    Peter clearly instantly feel bad and shows it, "wait, oh no, don't cry. Why are you crying?"

    I let out a pained sound and break into a groan and laugh, "I'm so pissed with chemistry."

    Peter is panicked still as I play it off and rub my eyes. I fall back on my bed and sigh, "gosh, I forgot to as grandpop to buy me cardboard for my diagram."

    I sit back up, "I also need more glue for mt glue gun."

    "Do you want me to go get you some?" Peter asks.

    "Nah, I need to go on a walk."

    "It's getting pretty late though, plus you're grounded."

    I stand and grab my phone and wallet, "it's fine. I'll ask grandpa Steve and say you're still outside. Just jump out the window this time."

    It was in fact not okay.

    I mean, I didn't struggle with my grandpas or anything, but Peter and I wound up getting burritos on our way back and he held my hand and took a couple selfie with me out of reflex. I stared at the notification as we walked through the now dark streets on our way back.

    I looked at Peter as he walked a little bit more forward with my hand in one of his hands and a burrito in the other, along with my art supplies clamped in-between his arm.

    My heart was racing when I first realized we looked so much like a couple like this. But it sank simultaneously, knowing it wasn't real.

    I can't keep doing this.

    Not when I had this urge to hug him as we took the bus and I tested how he'd react and he didn't even flinch as he rubbed my back. Not when he thoughtfully ordered my combo and offered to get some cupcakes, where we were headed now, because he knew how much I liked them.

    So yeah, I freaked out when Peter ordered my favorite cupcake, even though best friends know each other's favorite food sometimes. And I defeated knew why I was so skittish around him when he literally just opened his mouth, it was because I so desperately wanted him to be real.

    We spoke at the same time at one point while he sat in this cupcake place across from each other.

    We obviously both stopped, and Peter smiled, insisting I continued as I insisted he did.

    He does not relent, and chuckles, "I don't know why you're making a big deal of this. Just go on."

    I suck in a breath, "fine." I place my hands on the table and turn to his amused expression, "I just... I've been thinking a lot. About this..." I turn away from him and clarify, "I mean. I'm really grateful and thankful for everything you do for me."

    "As you should," Peter cheekily cuts in.

    I turn to him and his smirk and feel my heart twist. I hold back a frown, "yeah. Uh, I... I just, I wanted to say that we can stop now."

    Peter knits his brows, "stop what?"

    "This. The pretending that we do."

    Peter straightens on his seat, "pretending?"

    "Yeah. We don't have to pretend to like each other anymore. I mean, gosh, this is a whole head ache in and of itself. I don't even think of my ex at all." I point to my temple, "It's all chem now."

    Peter's jaw slacks. He nods slowly, "ah, right. Yeah. The fake dating."

    I nod.

    For a moment, we sit in silence.

    "Should... should I delete all our Instagram posts?" Peter asks.

    I have to admit, I'm a bit taken aback, "uh... I mean, if you want. You can, but you did just post it-"


    "-You can just get rid of it later."

    "Right, right. Totally."

    Another moment of silence passes.

    I remember, "what was it you were supposed to say?"

    "Ah... Nah, yeah, I was just going to say we could go to this skateboard event on Saturday. I saw a flyer for it. We should go."

    I give a smile, "yeah. We should definitely go."

    He smiles back, though unalike how he smiled before, "great."

    And once another moment passed, Peter asked, "should we get going?"

    I nod.

    Then we made our way back. Beside the fact Peter was no holding on the brown paper bag with both of his hand and the feeling between us was weird, I would say it worked out pretty well.

    "Hey!" Peter, panicked, calls, yanking me by my arm, my moving me out of the way of a passing bike.

    I am looking at him as he pulls me against him and scowls at the biker, "watch where you're going, dude! You're gonna hurt yourself and innocent pedestrians!"

    My breath hitches when he grabs my hand and leads me across the street, asking, "are you okay?"

    I nod, "just shocked."

    "That dude should get a thousand dollar ticket. You know, one time on my patrol, there was this small child that also almost got hit my a biker. It could have been so back had I not caught that girl in time."

    Peter looks over to me after his rant, half wonder why there was no quick response in his favor.

    He immediately lets go of my hand when he realizes how firmly he had it gripped in his.

    "Sorry," he mutters quickly.

    I shake my head and smile, "it's okay."

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    I have one scarlet witch quote that I'm absolutely in love with "No more mutants" it is just powerfull

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    @rockstarbucky-anon showing off his dexterity

    #bucky 🥁 #alwaysendsinafight band rp #aeiaf #marvel rockstar!au rockband rp #tour diary
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    „Stay with me“

    James 'Bucky' Barnes x female reader

    Words: 5.3k

    Summary: So far the added “benefits” haven’t ruined your friendship, but something about it feels dangerous. Bucky is one of your closest friends, and both of you can be veritable forces of nature when you get wound up. It’s what has made the sex great so far but you can easily see that same passion leading everything to blow up in your faces.

    Warnings: explicit smut, hurt & comfort, fluff, lots of feels, friends with benefits, oral, p in v, semi public sex, pet names, drunk sex, mentions of alcohol

    Notes: —

    🤍 read it on ao3 | my masterlist 🤍

    »You're my paradise

    And I'll do anything to be your love,

    or be your sacrifice«

    -Infinity by Jaymes young 🎼

    The first time it happened was genuinely an accident.

    You and Bucky are the last two left standing at the end of a long night of celebratory drinking, everyone else having bowed out far earlier in the evening. Your victory tastes like cheap vodka and the regret you know you’ll feel in the morning, but for now you’re on top of the world, staggering back to Bucky’s place because it’s closer than yours and it wouldn’t be the first time that you’ve crashed on his couch.

    This time, though, you end up in his bed instead of the couch and sometime between fits of drunken laughter you end up kissing, and sometime after that your hand ends up down Bucky’s pants and his face ends up between your thighs, and holy fuck but that ends up being one of the best damn orgasms of your life.

    You wake up the next morning with only few memories of the night before, with Bucky curled warm and comfortable and naked against your side. You worry, for a moment, about what this will do to your friendship- but then the hangover slams into you so quickly that the only thing you’re left worrying about is making it to the toilet before losing the contents of your stomach.

    Bucky helps you home and then stays to make you a cup of tea, and somehow you both skip past the awkward morning-after conversation and fall easily back into your usual banter as if nothing happened at all.

    The second time it happened, you were both a little more sober, but not by much.

    It only takes a few drinks before Bucky’s kissing you, and it’s doesn’t take long for you to drag him into the bathroom of the bar, where he fingers you, quick and dirty, until you’re coming against his hand so hard that your legs give out- which just makes it easier for you to get your mouth on Bucky to return the favor.

    The two of you return to the bar a while later, to your unknowing group of friends, and a few more drinks later has you following Bucky home- and into his bed- yet again.

    There’s the beginnings of a routine forming here and part of you wonders if you should be worried about that, but you’re too busy chasing the taste of cheap beer from Bucky’s mouth to ask him about it that night.

    So it’s not until it happens again that you say anything. There’s no alcohol involved this time, just a quiet afternoon hanging out as friends that ends with Bucky’s hand on your thigh and yours tangled in his hair as you pull him into a kiss.

    “Are we really doing this?” you ask, panting heavily against his mouth.

    He laughs, just a small chuckle, and points out, “We’ve done this before.”

    “We’re not drunk this time.”

    “So what?” Bucky asks. “It’s just a bit of fun, isn’t it? Doesn’t have to be anything more.”

    Something about that feels dangerous. Bucky is one of your closest friends, and both of you can be veritable forces of nature when you get wound up. It’s what has made the sex great so far but you can easily see that same passion leading everything to blow up in your faces.

    Still, so far the added 'benefits' haven’t ruined your friendship, so you push aside those worries for now in favor of pulling Bucky into another kiss.

    The two of you don’t make it to his bed this time. You climb into his lap as his hands slide up under your shirt, and you break the kiss only long enough to pull it off and toss it aside. Bucky’s shirt is already unbuttoned and it’s easy enough to slide it off his shoulders, as he unhooks your bra and cups your breast in one hand.

    “What do you want?” he asks between kisses, his breath hot against your mouth. His thumb teases over your nipple and you whimper, and arch up into his touch. “Want my fingers? My mouth?”

    “Anything, Bucky, just do something,” you say, trying to smother a gasp.

    Something ends up being a little bit of everything. Bucky presses kisses and lovebites down your body, finally bringing his mouth to your core, and you come with two of his fingers buried inside you and his tongue lapping at your clit, until the pleasure starts turning into almost painful overstimulation and you weakly push him away. You collapse back against the couch, breathing heavily, as Bucky wipes his mouth and grins down at you.

    “Can I fuck you?”


    You’re still a bit too sensitive but you don’t care. Bucky always feels so perfect as he pushes inside you, though you still whimper as he starts to fuck you. He goes slowly at first, clearly trying to make sure that you’re still enjoying yourself, but there’s something overwhelming about the care he’s showing. It’s different from the drunken fumblings that you’re used to, and it makes your heart ache in a way you don’t want to look too closely at.

    “Harder, Bucky, I can handle it,” you moan, because you can handle rough better than you can handle this unexpected tenderness.

    And Bucky obliges, thrusting into you so hard that you can’t help but cry out, hands clawing at his back as you rock against him. This is what you’re used to, desperate, hard and rough, Bucky’s face buried in the crook of your neck, muttering obscene praises against your skin.

    “God, fuck, feel so good, you’re so good, baby,” he groans, bringing one hand between you to rub at your clit. “Want you to come before I do. Want you to come for me, doll, c’mon now-”

    It’s Bucky calling you those cute little names he had for you, but it’s in that tone -the one you’ve never heard before the sex between you both had started- that tips you over the edge. Your orgasm taking you almost by surprise as you grind down against his hand and his cock. Bucky keeps rocking into you, but it only takes a few more thrusts before he comes inside you with a low moan.

    This is the point where in your past drunken encounters the two of you would already be halfway to passed out from the combination of endorphins and alcohol. Now, completely sober, the two of you still take a moment to lie together and catch your breath, but you’re caught off-guard when Bucky nuzzles at your neck.

    He has always been affectionate after sex, but he’s also just an affectionate drunk in general. You had always assumed that that was the reason for his tender gestures in the afterglow, so you’re surprised to learn now that he’s apparently just always like this. It makes your face flush a little bit hotter, and you open your mouth to make some quip- but it dies with a small, hitching breath as Bucky presses a gentle, absentminded kiss behind your ear.

    Your stomach swoops and your heart flutters, and you quickly roll out from underneath him. “Sorry, gotta pee,” you mumble, and flee to the relative safety of the bathroom.

    Once there you splash cold water on your face with shaking hands, and sternly tell yourself that the feeling in your chest isn’t a budding love for your best friend.

    By the time you finally return to the living room, you almost believe it- but Bucky’s easy grin looks exactly like the danger you were worried about.

    Maybe the problem is that you’ve always been a little bit in love with Bucky - but the thing is, everyone is a little bit in love with Bucky, aren’t they?

    There’s something unspeakably attractive about him, something magnetic that draws people in, something that makes it easy to forgive him for his quick-tempered moments, his rude staring, his sassy comments. Bucky isn’t perfect but there is something fundamentally loveable about him anyway, so it only makes sense that your signals have gotten a little crossed…

    You explain all of this to Steve as you wait for Bucky and Sam to show up at your bar of choice like most saturday evenings, confident in your flawless reasoning.

    That confidence fades a little when Steve sighs and says, “Look, Y/N-”

    “Don’t say it,” you interrupt. “I’m not really in love with him. I can’t be.”

    “Well, it sort of sounds like you are.”

    “I can’t be,” you insist. “It’s just- it’s just sex. It makes things a little complicated, that’s all. Maybe if I sleep with Bucky enough times I’ll get over it.”

    Steve almost chokes on his drink. “Or you could stop sleeping with him. And stop telling me about it, I don’t need to hear what my best friends get up to.”

    “Buddy, you haven’t heard anything yet. I could tell you about that thing he does with his—”

    “Oh thank god- Sam! Over here!” Steve calls out before you can finish that sentence. He waves across the bar to Sam and Bucky, who clearly have just arrived.

    “I see you two have started without us,” Sam says as he slides into one of the seats next to Steve, leaving an empty seat for Bucky on your right. You’re a little pleased about that, but you try to stamp the feeling down before any of it can show on your face.

    Although, now that you’re thinking about him… “Where’s Bucky?,” you ask and ignore the pointed look that Steve gives you.

    “Don’t you worry, he’s just getting the first round for us“, Sam laughs -more or less unknowingly to the whole situation between you and Bucky- and nods towards the bar,

    “Ohh but it seems like that’s not all he’s getting.“

    When you glance over you can see that Bucky is talking to a woman. There’s a polite smile on his face that you’ve seen too many times before and the girl has her hand on Bucky’s arm. Your stomach lurches unpleasantly at the sight of the two of them together.

    “Well he’d better come back with our drinks before he takes her home,” Sam says, rolling his eyes.

    “You can have mine, Sam. It’s, um- It’s not agreeing with me.” Because something is causing bile to rise in the back of your throat, and you refuse to think about what else it could be. You push the glass across the table towards Sam and stand up. “I think I’m just gonna head home.”

    “What? But we only just got here!” Sam protests, though that doesn’t stop him from snagging your drink and taking a large sip.

    Steve gives you a critical look, but you chose to ignore it.

    “Tell Buck I’m sorry I missed him.”, you mumble.

    Just as you turn around, Steve is suddenly standing behind you and catches your wrist to stop you from leaving. “Tell him yourself,” he says in a low, gentle voice, so only you can hear. “He’s not gonna know how you feel if you don’t talk to him.”

    “The only thing I’m feeling is sick, Steve.” You yank your wrist out of his grip and storm off, past Bucky and the blonde that he’s still chatting with. If he sees you leaving, you don’t notice at all.

    You don’t sleep well that night. Despite your efforts, your thoughts keep drifting back to Bucky- wishing you were the one he took home instead of that girl at the bar, wishing you were cuddled up with him instead of alone in your bed, and wishing that the thought of him with someone else didn’t hurt as badly as it does…

    You’re no stranger to jealousy but this is something else altogether. Maybe there was some truth to what Steve was saying. Not love, that’s ridiculous, but the beginnings of… something. Possessiveness -that’s it. You never liked sharing your toys as a kid, so it stands to reason that you wouldn’t like sharing Bucky either.

    That’s all it is. That’s all you’ll allow it to be.

    Still you don’t feel much better the following morning, though you’re quick to blame it on the lack of sleep the night before. You’re grouchy and irritable, and when there’s a knock on your door in the early afternoon you don’t particularly feel up for company.

    “What do you want?” you snap as you yank your door open, and your mouth drops open in shock when you see Bucky standing there. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t know it was you.”

    “Wow, you really are sick, aren’t you?” Bucky says with an easy grin. “You look terrible.”

    “Well, thanks. You really know how to make a girl feel special.”

    Bucky, on the other hand, looks great. He’s practically glowing, the tell-tale sign that he probably got laid the night before and he’s still walking on cloud nine because of it, and your stomach twists with jealous anger.

    “Listen, I can’t stay long, but I got worried when the others told me you had left early last night and I just wanted to make sure you were alright,” Bucky says. “Oh, and I brought you this!”

    He holds out a brown paper bag, which you take with a small amount of trepidation. “What is it?”

    “A container of soup, just in case you weren’t feeling well enough to cook,” Bucky says. “And toast, though that’s probably gone cold by now.”

    You swallow down a lump in your throat and manage to force out a quiet, “Thanks, Bucky. I appreciate this.”

    “Hey, it’s no problem doll, I’d do this for any of my friends.” Bucky leans in and gives you a quick peck on the cheek. He’s still grinning at you but you can see the genuine concern in his eyes, and it’s all suddenly too much for you to handle.

    “Thanks,” you manage to force out again, “Listen, I’m gonna go lie down, I’m not feeling well-”

    “Yeah, yeah, of course. Feel better soon, Y/N - and come see me when you do!” Bucky gives you a wink, before waving goodbye and leaving.

    You close the door to your flat and stand there, holding Bucky’s soup and blinking back tears, and wishing desperately that he was still here with you: to take care of you and kiss you and tell you that he loves-

    You throw the bag across the room, not caring that the container inside bursts open and soup starts leaking out. You sink down to the floor and bury your face in your hands, because you can’t keep lying to yourself about this anymore.

    You’ve gone and fallen in love with Bucky, and you have no idea what you’re supposed to do about that…

    But you don’t stop sleeping with Bucky.

    You should, you know that… but you can’t bring yourself to do it. Now that you have this part of him in your life you can’t let it go, even though Bucky’s physical affection makes your heart ache with yearning now. He’s always been affectionate with you, always sharing tight hugs and friendly kisses on foreheads and cheeks, you both having silly nicknames for one another… But now it’s all too much for you. Too much, yet not enough.

    You drag your feet when it comes time to leave Bucky’s place in the mornings after, and when Bucky ends up at your flat you have to bite your tongue to stop yourself from begging him to stay forever.

    It’s not all bad, though. Despite your new feelings the sex is still incredible, and your friendship with Bucky hasn’t suffered at all. The two of you still hang out constantly, meeting up between daily duties, laughing and joking just the same as you ever have. You know Bucky doesn’t feel the same way about you and that hurts, but you’re trying to get over it. You’re still thankful to have him as a friend at least, even if you know you’ll never be anything more than that.

    You stop going home with other guys at all, though plenty have shown interest. The others question you about it, once or twice, when they see you turn down someone’s advances, but you brush their curiosity aside with any one of a thousand excuses: You’re too tired, they’re too drunk, you just weren’t feeling it… Every single one of them a lie, because the truth is that they’re simply not Bucky.

    Only Steve doesn’t ask questions, but his knowing looks every time the subject gets raised are somehow even worse.

    You assume Bucky still hooks up with other girls, especially with Sam trying to get him to settle down, go on dates and all of that. Which is fine, as long as you don’t need to see it happen and as long as you don’t know the details of it. Bucky is content to keep his secrets as usual and you suspect that Steve is doing his best to keep Sam quiet when the four of you meet up.

    But conversations with them have a tendency to get out of hand, and sometime in the middle of Sam‘s latest rambling story about last weeks mission with Bucky, where they had to stay overnight at Sarah‘s place he drops in, “And then Bucky, you asshole, tried to flirt with my sister! Again!”

    Your stomach plummets and your easy grin quickly fades away.

    “I did not flirt with her!” Bucky protests hotly, and you wish you were anywhere but here, being forced to listen to this story.

    “You did!” Sam insists before he adds, “You didn’t even finish helping me pack up the gear before you were out the door with her!”

    “Can we change the subject? I’m tired of hearing you bring this up every time you guys visit Sarah,” Steve interrupts, feigning annoyance, but you know he’s interrupting for your sake rather than his. You’d be grateful for that, if you could feel anything except sick at the moment.

    “You’d think poor James hadn’t gotten any in weeks, the way he was so eager to get into her pants-”

    You stand up so quickly that your chair topples over backwards, and you bolt away from the table before anyone has a chance to say anything. Not that you’d hear them even if they did -your heart is beating loud enough to drown out everything around you, and your vision starts to blur with unshed tears as you race out the door.

    As soon as you get outside you duck around the corner of the building, walking further down the alleyway and then leaning against the wall, furiously wiping your tears away, trying to get your emotions under control. “Stupid, stupid, stupid,” you mutter, furious at yourself for your reaction.

    You have no right to be upset.

    Bucky doesn’t love you. It was never supposed to be exclusive. And he’s always been a flirt, especially with Sarah because he knew exactly how much it annoyed Sam.

    You repeat these facts over and over but you can’t wrestle down your feelings with logic anymore. You’re just hurt, and right now it’s more than you can bear.


    Any other time you’d be thrilled to hear that voice, but right now Bucky is the last person you want to talk to. “Go away. Just- just leave me alone.”

    But Bucky, being Bucky, he doesn’t leave and instead takes a step closer to you. “Are you crying? Doll, what’s wrong?”

    “I’m not crying, I’m fine,” you say, forcing a laugh and trying not to sniffle to give yourself away.

    “No, you’re not,” Bucky says, refusing to let this go and leave you alone. “Just tell me what’s bothering you. You’re my friend, and I want to help you if I can.”

    Hearing Bucky yet again call you his friend is what finally breaks you completely and you whirl on him, full of fury and pain. “That’s what’s bothering me!” you snap. “That I’m your friend. That I’m only ever going to be your friend. We fuck and then we go our separate ways, and you get to sleep with any bimbo who throws herself at you while I’m left alone because I had to go and fall in love with someone who doesn’t love me back!”

    Bucky stares at you, his mouth hanging open in shock. “You -what…?”

    “I love you, you idiot,” you say. “We started hooking up and I fell in love with you and I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry I kept sleeping with you when I knew you didn’t feel the same, and I’m sorry for not saying something sooner, and I’m sorry that this is probably going to ruin our friendship, and-”

    Bucky interrupts your tirade with a kiss. It’s gentle, chaste, the barest brush of his lips against yours, so different from your passionate makeout sessions that you’re stunned into silence. When he pulls away he keeps his hands cupping your face, so you can’t turn away as he says, “Who ever said that I don’t love you too?”

    You stare at him, stunned by this unexpected turn of events. “But you.. you never said… and why would you go home with other girls…?”

    “First of all, I didn’t think you loved me. And second of all, I did not go home with any girls for the past… i don’t know how long. I was just trying to get over you,” Bucky admits, “But obviously it didn’t work. I wasn’t interested in any of them and turned them all down as soon as they wanted to make a move."

    “Obviously? Sam just said you left with Sarah-”

    “I took her back to her house, yeah, but we didn’t have sex. I mean I kinda tried but- ah…” His face flushes and he scrunches his nose in embarrassment, before finally confessing, “I accidentally called her Y/N before anything could happen. That’s how gone I am for you. I just didn’t think you felt the same. Sarah just laughed it off, we talked for a while and she promised me to never tell Sam about what happened. In return I had to promise her, that I would ask you out one day…“

    For the first time since you stormed out of the bar you laugh, warmth blooming in your chest as you smile hopefully at Bucky. “So what you’re saying is, we’ve both been idiots here.”

    “Well idiots is a bit harsh, but… yeah, maybe we have been,” Bucky says, and that’s enough for you to surge forward and kiss him again.

    Unlike Bucky’s kiss yours isn’t gentle. It can’t be, not now, not when all the love you’ve been trying to bury down suddenly comes rushing forward. It’s hot and desperate and full of everything you’ve been hiding for weeks now, and Bucky meets you with the same urgency. He pushes you against the side of the building, pressing forward until there’s no space left between your bodies at all.

    You roll your hips against Bucky’s and he groans, breaking the kiss to drop his head to the crook of your neck, panting heavily against your skin. “Fuck, doll, stop, stop, we’re in public, we can’t-”

    “We have before,” you say, still rocking against Bucky and feeling him grow harder in his jeans. “In the bathroom of the bar-”

    “That’s not the same as fucking you against a wall outside,” Bucky protests, though his hips rock against yours and he doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to pull away. “I love you, Y/N. I want to take you home and do this right.”

    You bite back a whimper at hearing Bucky so easily tell you that he loves you, and it only serves to heighten your desire. “Bucky, I love you more than I have words for and that’s why I need you, now. Please, god, I can’t wait to get back to your place, I need you, please, please—"

    Bucky kisses you again, fierce and quick. “Alright, alright, whatever you want, doll. As long as I can still get as taste of you later tonight.”

    “You can do whatever you want to me, just please…” The rest of your begging gets cut off as Bucky slides a hand underneath your skirt and presses against your core. Even through your panties, his touch makes you cry out and Bucky kisses you again, swallowing down every sound you make.

    “Gotta keep quiet, baby, can’t let anyone hear you,” Bucky murmurs against your mouth as he slips his hand inside your panties slides his fingers along your already slick folds.

    Bucky isn’t in a teasing mood, which is perfect because you’re too desperate to last long anyway. This is what you needed: Bucky pressed against you, his fingers pushing inside, his thumb rubbing your clit… Every movement, every kiss, every baby, doll and that’s it, that’s my good girl and love you, god I love you reminding you that Bucky is here and he’s yours.

    You can feel your orgasm building and you grind against his hand as he works it against you, chasing that peak with every roll of your hips. “Yeah, doll, that’s it,” Bucky whispers, pushing another finger inside you and twisting them. “Come for me, I want you to come for me, baby.“

    And you do with a moan that Bucky can’t quite muffle soon enough, the sound of your pleasure echoing down the darkened alleyway before Bucky gets his lips on yours again. You whine against his mouth as his skillful fingers work you through your orgasm, until your knees almost buckle and Bucky has to wrap his vibranium arm around your waist to keep you upright.

    “God, Bucky, I fucking love you,” you pant, leaning heavily against him as you catch your breath.

    “I love you too,” he says with a small laugh and a fond smile. “God, do I love you. Now can we please get back to my place so I can fuck you properly?”


    Bucky pulls his hand out from underneath your skirt and, flashing you a wicked smirk, sucks his fingers into his mouth to lick them clean. You whimper at the sight and pull Bucky’s fingers away so you can kiss the taste of yourself out of his mouth instead.

    You’ve slept with Bucky dozens of time before, in a dozen different ways, but it’s never quite been like this.

    Bucky wasn’t kidding when he said that he wanted to fuck you properly. Your desperation from earlier has been sated, for the time being, and the two of you undress each other slowly, trading soft kisses broken only to pull off shirts or wrestle with a particularly stubborn button.

    Bucky pushes you down onto his bed and kisses down your neck, pausing to suck a bruise into the hollow of your throat. “What do you want, baby?” he purrs. “Want me to eat you out? Finger you again?”

    “Just fuck me, please.”

    Bucky keeps moving down your body, licking over one of your nipples, and you arch into his touch. “Bucky, please,” you whine. “Please fuck me, I love you, don’t wanna wait any more…”

    He chuckles and kisses your breast, and then the center of your chest, and a third down on your stomach. “I don’t know if you’re insatiable or if I’m just that good,” he teases, kisses your bellybutton and nipping at the crease of your thigh.

    “It’s just you,” you tell him. “You drive me crazy, Bucky.”

    The brunette moves back up to kiss you properly. “I drive you crazy? God, doll, do you even know what you do to me?” He laughs, breathless, and adds, “Good thing we got together, or who knows what sort of mess we would’ve ended up in eventually.”

    Your heart skips a beat and you grin at him and say, “Together, huh?”

    Bucky’s eyes go wide. “I- I mean, if you want, I just thought-”

    You reach down for his cock, giving it one long, slow stroke to cut off the rest of his babbling. Bucky groans and ducks his head, rocking his hips even after you hold your hand still around him.

    “I love you, and I love the sound of us being together,” you tell him. “But right now I’d really love it if you just fucked me already.”

    That startles a laugh out of Bucky before he pushes into you, slow but insistent, rocking into you more gently than you’re used to from him. It reminds you of the tenderness that he showed you the day that you first realized you were starting to have feelings for Bucky.

    You were scared of his gentleness then, scared of what it could mean for either of you, and you begged him to fuck you harder - but this time you don’t want harder, you don’t want rougher, you just want this. Bucky’s cock fills you perfectly, and you’re sensitive enough from your earlier orgasm that each deep thrust makes you cry out.

    “Love you, love you, love you,” you chant, clinging to Bucky as he moves inside you, your nails digging half-moons into his shoulders

    “I love you too,” Bucky groans. “Love you so much, god, fuck, fuck-”

    His thrusts start to get a little erratic, a little harder, and you reach down to touch yourself, knowing it won’t take much for you to come again. But Bucky beats you to it, getting his fingers on your clit before you can, and you choke on a gasp, your eyes nearly rolling back into your skull as he rubs and teases at your sensitive bundle of nerves. “Bucky- oh, god, fuck, Bucky, Buck-”

    You don’t even get a chance to warn him that you’re about to come. Your orgasm crashes over you suddenly, catching you off-guard and startling a loud cry of pleasure out of you, vision nearly whiting out as you’re overwhelmed by the intensity of it all.

    Bucky groans at the sight and sound of you coming undone beneath him. “Fuck, you’re so perfect, looking so pretty when you cum, doll, love you so fucking much,” he babbles, his movements starting to get sloppy as he chases his own orgasm.

    You capture his lips in a kiss and do your best to tighten around him. “Come for me, Bucky,” you pant against his mouth and he finally does with a loud moan, his kisses turning sloppy and his hips stuttering into you, each movement sending sparks of overstimulated pleasure skittering down your spine.

    When Bucky finally pulls out he collapses next to you. When you’ve slept with Bucky in the past you would always be afraid to move in too close, or else spend too much time overanalyzing what the tiniest of his actions meant to enjoy the afterglow. Now you don’t hesitate to snuggle up against his side, sighing in contentment as the brunette throws an arm around your waist and holds you close.

    “Should get cleaned up at some point,” you mumble.

    Bucky presses a lazy kiss to the top of your head. “Later. Or tomorrow. You don’t have any plans, do you?”

    “For tomorrow?” you ask. Bucky nods, you can feel the movement of it against your bare skin. “No, nothing.”

    “Good.” He gives you a soft smile. “Stay with me. Not just tonight but tomorrow too, I mean.”

    You smile back at him, feeling lazy and content and so in love that it makes your whole chest ache with happiness. “I’ll stay. For as long as you’ll have me.”

    “Stay forever then,” Bucky says. “I love you, and I don’t want you to ever leave again.”

    You lean in and kiss him, and he meets you halfway. It’s sleepy and gentle and perfect, and all you want to have for the rest of your life. “Yeah,” you breathe. “I think I can do that.”

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    04.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    october is it’s own magic

    [october 27th]

    [it’s still almost Halloween here! Winter goodies after I finish this series up!]

    Characters: f!plus size reader, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, James Rhodes, Pepper Potts, Clint Barton, Happy Hogan, Pietro Maximoff, Nick Fury, mentions of Maria Hill and Phil Coulson

    :: –> Warnings: Language, no Beta, basically this is me writing for myself

    :: –> Notes: this will be a series. i will be posting it (hopefully*) every other day until Halloween. But nothing set in stone or scheduled. And thanks to @firefly-graphics for the use of the divider! **THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR PATIENCE AS I FINISH THIS UP!**

    :: –> Word Count: 1766

    Soulmate AU. Bucky has a secret admirer. They keep leaving him all sorts of autumnal goodies with little notes. But who the hell is it?!

    Please do NOT repost, copy & paste, post, translate, or share my works on any other platform without my EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION.

    -+- REBLOGGING is fine and very appreciated! -+-

    [october 26th][nsfw previous chapter][minors dni]

    After a well-deserved nap, you beg him into letting you put the little pumpkin charm on his dog tags, kissing him long and slow afterward. You only part because Bucky’s stomach rumbles loudly, making him roll his eyes at the noise.

    “Let’s get some late lunch,” Bucky gives in to his stomach, lifting you from your spot on his lap reluctantly. You hum your agreement but he can tell your a little nervous about telling everyone it was you giving the gifts - even if they all already had guessed it, which when he said that you just rolled your eyes.

    “I was careful and crafty. You might have suspected but you had no proof.”

    “True. But I would’ve had it eventually, doll,” He states with confidence as he shoos you from his room ahead of himself, his smile widening as he hears you scoff.

    “Suuuuuuure. It would have been my confession, but yeah babe,” Bucky snorts at your words as you entangle your fingers with his.

    You’d endured some ribbing and more than a few questions from Tony about circumventing both Friday and his other security - to which you had stated that a magician never reveals her secrets. Tony had some choice words about you undermining his security but everyone could see the cogs circling rapidly in his head. A large order was put in for some Italian that night for dinner, Tony busting out the good wine and champagne to toast to the two of you on finding each other, Natasha and Wanda already slyly tapping vigorously on their phones throughout the day - only winking when Bucky and you inquired about what they were whispering about.

    Steve was the most emotional about the two of you, Bucky teasing him about being like some old Nona, sobbing with a handkerchief over their children and grandchildren to which Steve had lovingly replied, “Fuck off, Barnes.”

    So, when Bucky awoke this morning, wrapped around his soulmate, he almost didn’t believe it.

    James Bucky Barnes was soul-bound.

    His throat tightens as he blinks back tears, automatically tightening his arm under your breasts as he molds himself more against you. You had given him something he thought he could never have; a soulmate. A future he dreamed of long before you were born and he was broken.

    He wonders for a few seconds if you’ll stop with the gifts now that you have him, feeling you shift ever so slightly in his grip. It’s a good almost two hours before you have to get up to get ready for work, so he settles himself back down as you twist in his arms, face upturned so the bridge of your nose almost brushes his jaw.

    Bucky slips back pretty easily into sleep, your alarm jarring the both of you awake two hours later as you groan out a long ‘nooooooo.’

    You stretch up against him like a cat, Bucky kneading all up and down your back as you do.

    “Mornin’,” You whisper loudly, running your fingers through his hair and scratching at his scalp as you try to blink yourself more awake.

    “Mornin’, pretty girl,” Bucky answers with a quick peck to your lips, feeling your lips curl against his in a smile. Your fingers slide down to cup his face, smiling so blissfully at him.

    “I’m so glad it was all real.”

    Bucky pulls you impossibly closer, nudging his nose against yours once. “It’s all real. We’re real. We’re soul-bound. You’re mine, babydoll.” Each word is a promise. A seal. A vow.

    “I love you, sarge.”

    “Not half as much as I love you, pumpkin.” You laugh softly at his words.

    “Didn’t realize it was a competition, you dork.”

    “Just realize I’m winning whatever the competition is and we’ll be sound for the rest of our lives.”

    “Sweet Jesus, I’m gonna need to have a long talk to Stevie about you. Coping methods he’s developed through the years. Maybe buy him a gift basket.” Bucky scoffs, playfully rolling his eyes as you shove your lower half away from him and put your chilly feet right up against his bare abs, making Bucky try to twist away from you as he laughs boisterously, taking hold of both your wrists in one of his hands.

    Bucky uses his free hand to try to tickle you, you twisting a little away to avoid it as much as you can.

    “Do not tickle me, Barnes! Do! Not! My chunky ass will start wheezing!” Bucky uses his free hand to push your feet away and nestle between your thighs, hovering over you with his curtain of hair falling around his face.

    “Okay, Okay,” He chuckles, kissing all over your face in quick bursts. “Whatever my girl wants.”

    The alarm goes off again, making you giggle. “I gotta get up and ready for work, Bucky.”

    “But do you?” He whines, letting most of his weight drop onto you to keep you in bed, his face dropping to nuzzle against your throat.

    “Unfortunately,” You hum, turning your head to kiss his forehead. “Hey, do you want your present now or how we’ve been doing it?” Bucky releases your wrists, giving them a gentle rub before linking both your fingers together.

    “They’ll want to see,” Bucky murmurs with a soft nip to the juncture of your neck.

    “We really gotta get out of bed, sweetheart,” You reply softly, squeezing his fingers entangled with yours. “And I need to find wherever you tossed my underwear to…” You lift your head a touch to look around at the floor as Bucky stays suspiciously silent. “Knew the culprit would stay silent…” Bucky’s soft chuckles sound deeper by your ear as he finally lifts his body off yours but kisses you once more deeply.

    “I’ll buy you new ones,” He untangles his fingers from yours and scoots off as you pop up indignantly, cold foot shoved against his lower back as you gasp dramatically.

    “You tore them?!”

    “Ripped them right off, pumpkin,” Bucky smirks as he heads to the bathroom, tossing your mangled underwear towards the bed as he pushes the door closed behind him.

    “You’re lucky these aren’t one of my favorites!”

    Bucky clicks on the espresso machine as you start cracking eggs, half of everyone is already there and sporting knowing smiles as they all stand around the kitchen.

    Bacon, sausage, and toast had already been made by the time you two joined the group, you snatching a piece of bacon to snack on as you continue to crack and fry eggs.

    Bucky carefully pours the espresso and steamed milk into your awaiting cup with your caramel and rum flavorings already deposited in, moving on to his cup with rum, dark chocolate, and coconut flavorings.

    “Soooo…” Pietro saunters into the kitchen, staring at your back with a lazy grin. “What did you bring your soulmate today?”

    You glance over your shoulder and there is a dark purple box sitting on the counter with a thick black velvet ribbon and a very thin orange ribbon wrapped around it before turning back to the stovetop, clicking it off and plating the eggs onto the plates that Sam had gotten down for you.

    “That’s for him to see, Pi.” You take the fork that Bucky offers you, the both of you leaning against the countertop by the fridge as you start eating your breakfast.

    “So he was right?”

    “He was correct in his guess, yeah,” You manage around a mouthful of eggs as Rhodey and Bruce come from the lab’s direction, Peter sliding from the elevator in a rush.

    “I didn’t miss it, did I?!”

    “No,” Comes a chorus from all around him, making his hesitant smile grow to blinding.

    “Want anything to eat?” Natasha asks, gesturing to the large plate with her coffee cup as he shakes his head.

    “I grabbed a breakfast sandwich at the deli. Thanks.” Clint comes from the gym, nodding at Tony’s animated descriptions of his security updates as Vision walks on Tony’s right with a tablet, nodding at Tony’s word with his vigor.

    “Pep is in a meeting with Tokyo, so just go on ahead.” Tony takes the seat next to Wanda, making a face at her large mug of tea as he does so.

    Steve takes Bucky’s plate and dumps it into the sink’s soapy water before pushing him towards the present. Steve takes Bucky’s spot, leaning down to hear your soft words about dealing with Bucky long-term that makes Bucky grin as he takes hold of the box.

    Tugging lose the ribbons, there is the white cardstock, folded in half. He holds it up for you to see, watching as you shrug.

    “Look, I pre-planned all of this, so all of the presents will have the cards. Even though you all know now.”

    Bruce snorts, “I know what I’m getting you for Christmas. Better pun books.”

    “Whoever gets me for Secret Santa is gonna be amazed. I am an amazing gift-giver!” You gesture with both your hands towards Bucky, careful of your coffee in hand, with your eyebrows raised. Chuckles sound all around the kitchen as Bucky flips open the cardstock.

    “What do you get, handsome, when you drop a pumpkin? Squash ;) Love, me.”

    He sits the paper to the side and pushes back the white tissue paper to reveal two pairs of boxers; one black and one orange. Both with jack-o’-lantern faces on the ass. A faint blush dusting your cheeks at his overexaggerated wink and smirk.

    “I’m going to work before you hurt yourself winking that hard,” You roll your eyes playfully before letting him pull you in, kissing you soundly as you eagerly return his kiss. “I’ll see you at lunch, sweetheart.”

    “Bye, babydoll,” Bucky breathes out before everyone else in the kitchen starts in.

    “Bye, honey!” “Bye, sweetie!” “Bye, snookums!” “Bye, hot stuff!” Bucky glares at everyone and their two fucking cents as you peck his cheek, slipping from his arms and heading for the elevator.

    “Bye, my dear little shits!” You yell back as the elevator door closes.

    Sam and Pietro move closer as Bucky folds the boxers and tucks the cardstock into his back pocket, Tony, Wanda, and Natasha’s Cheshire grins widening.

    “So, we have a proposition for you, Buck,” Steve begins, a shit-eating grin on his face as he crosses his big arms over his chest. “Ya see, Nat and Clint know her plans for Halloween. Tony’s party,” He clarifies further as Bucky tosses the box into the recycling bin, turning slowly back to face his best friend.


    “Well,” Clint laughs, “That’s where we want to turn the tables.”

    [october 28th]

    tagging: @chelsea072498 @clockworkmorningglory @sakurablossom4 @galaxiesinmymind @mizzezm @ladywintersoldat​ @marvelatthisone​ @grumpyashhh​ @brieflyminiaturewhispers​ @spiders-will-harvest-my-organs​​​​

    Note: The owners/makers/distributors have all the rights and etc. Don’t sue me. I’m poor enough and stressed as is ;)

    #bucky x reader #authoressskr writes #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes soulmate au #bucky barnes x plus size reader #bucky barnes x you #bucky x you #marvel fanfiction#bucky fanfic #bucky barnes fanfic
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  • mobbucky
    04.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    The Sweet Life 🪐 Bucky Barnes

    pairing:Bucky Barnes x f! reader

    masterlist here

    You never expected your life to take complete turn around of events but when your best friend dies you're called to take care of her daughter as her legal guardian....and so is Bucky. He always thought of settling down but never like this however he owed to his best friend to treat his daughter like his own no matter what.
    New house, new routines and I guess you could say a new family except the two of you don't really know each other that well. It's a lot of new changes but you agreed to have your own separate romantic lives despite of it but when the moms in the suburb start hinting at Bucky a wave of jealously takes over you and suddenly he's more than just a roommate, someone you share a child with...
    Could a pretended family turn into a real one?

    A/N: I cannot explain how badly i used to love watching Life As We Know It (and what a fucking hot ass Josh Duhamel is to this day) I wanted to take inspo from there though change around the plot. I hope you're as excited as I am to get it started!!!✨✨✨💛💛💛

    🪐do not repost, copy or translate my works nor post them anywhere else. minors and ageless blogs do not interact with my blog or my fics. 18+ only. Likes, reblogs and comments are more than greatly appreciated as they help other people find my fics as well, also motivate me to keep writing!!!! Minors and ageless/blank blogs DNI.

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    04.12.2021 - 20 hours ago
    #i had to make it stony #how could i not #avengers#marvel#mcu #social media au #stony#gabi talks
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  • buckystevelove
    04.12.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Safe in my Arms

    Baby Girl au

    Pairing:CEO!Bucky x young!reader


    Please send ideas for this au.

    You and Bucky were watching TV, cuddling together in your king size bed. You two have come a long way together, yet the rewarding was all worth it. You had the most beautiful family in the world, you were the happiest you could be.

    Bucky had prove to you that he could come from being this frivolous and controlling businessman, to the best father and boyfriend in the world.

    You were watching “Money Heist” when you heard your little girl crying through the baby monitor.

    “Time to tame the beast.” You said before standing up and going to Helena’s nursery.

    “Come back with her, I want to spend time with my baby girls.” He said, blowing you a kiss.

    Bucky’s penthouse in the upper east side was simply phenomenal. It had the most amazing kitchen, living room and dining room. It had 4 room, the master bedroom was huge, with a king size bed, a 100” TV, two walk-in closets and a incredible bathroom with a big bathtub and shower. It was simply astonishing.

    You walk through the halls to your daughter’s bedroom. The nursery was gorgeous. Bucky had given you an unlimited budget to spend in it, and you had made the most with it. It wasn’t all over the board, you decide to use a light pink color palette, you had loved the final resolute.

    When you finally reached Helena’s room you saw your 2 month old girl crying and looking for you.

    “Hi my little treasure, my precious princess. You are hungry right.” You took her in your arms, kissed her little round cheeks, and started walking back you your room. “Yes, yes you are. I know you are baby. You love to eat right.”

    You entered your bedroom and laid next to Bucky.

    “There you are honey bee.” He kissed your baby’s forehead while you took your boob out to feed her. You took her in your arms and she immediately started to suck your nipple.

    Bucky took the two of you in his arms and kissed your temple.

    “You two are the most important things in my life. Forever and always, I love you.” He said, you quickly cleaned the few happy tears that we’re running through your cheeks, you were so proud of Bucky. Not so long ago he couldn’t express what he felt, now he was professing his undying love to you and your daughter. You were so proud of him.

    “I love you more Bucky, you have no idea how much I love you, we love you.” You kissed his lips.

    A few minutes later you two fall asleep, and Bucky took Helena in his left arm while holding you in his right one.

    “You two will always be safe in my arm. Thanks for showing me what love and happiness is, my baby girls.”

    @bbgem329 @lil-soup @blue786787

    #bucky x reader #bucky x reader fluff #bucky x you #avengers #avengers x reader #bucky barnes x female reader #bucky barnes fic #bucky x y/n #marvel #steve rogers x female reader #dad!bucky x reader #dad!bucky x mom!reader #dad!bucky barnes #dad!bucky #ceo!bucky x reader #ceo!bucky #babygirls au
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    Looking for a fellow Roleplayer of sorts, anyone up for it..? DM me if ur interested,

    #marvel rp#DC Rp #undertale au rp #Rp #avatar last Airbender rp #atla rp#lok rp#TDP Rp#WOF rp #wings of fire au #Wings Of Fire Rp #steven universe rp #Roleplay#fantasy rp #harry potter rp #Fantastic Beasts and where to find them rp #miraculous ladybug roleplay #mha roleplay#sonic rp #percy jackson rp #star wars rp #open rp#open roleplay#oc rp#lgbtq #Treasure planet rp #multifandom rp#marvel roleplay#rp#LGBTq+ rp
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