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    The fact that Jolie actually took a ballet class for this role is ✨everything✨

    #that's what you call dedication #Angelina Jolie #baby luv 🐰 💖 #thena#MCU cast#Marvel's Eternals#Eternals
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    feels so right - part five

    pairing: dadsbestfriend!sebastian stan x reader, chris evans x daughter!reader

    summary: you and sebastian always knew that there would challenges if you ever made your relationship public. you just never knew how harsh those consequences would be.

    word count: 1.9k

    warnings: intrusive paparazzi and swearing

    For three weeks, you stayed away from Sebastian. You didn’t even respond to his text messages or missed phone calls. It was hell. You both hadn’t even been together for that long, so three weeks felt like a lifetime.

    Your dad came over and kept you company most days. Every single day without fail, Sebastian would send you a text. It would include an apology and him reassuring you that he cared about you.

    A few times, he came to your apartment. The first two times, your dad turned him away. After that, your dad started to suggest that you talk to him. You refused. Your entire life was in shambles. Your agency was in the process of terminating your contract.

    You hadn’t made it a single day without crying. It felt like everything was going wrong.

    You heard a knock at the door. Sebastian had a special knock that he did to let you know it was him, this knocking wasn’t that. You waited a few seconds, and then got up to answer it.

    You opened the door and saw a bouquet of flowers sitting on your doorstep. You sighed to yourself. It wasn’t the first time Sebastian had sent you flowers.

    You picked up the flowers and turned around to go back inside. “Please, wait.” You heard someone say. You spun around and saw Sebastian emerge. “I knew you wouldn’t answer the door if you saw me standing here.” He told you, honestly.

    You shook your head and reached for the door handle. “Please just hear me out.” He begged you. You set the flowers down on the table inside near the front door. You nodded, telling him to continue. He look so relieved when you agreed.

    “I am so sorry. I was insensitive when I should have just supported you. Your world was being spun upside down. I should have held you and told you I would do whatever you needed me to do. I shouldn’t have stood there like an idiot and told you to look on the bright side. I was such a jackass.” He told you, honestly.

    You took a deep breath before focusing your gaze on the ground. “Apologies won’t fix this.” You told him. His heart broke as you turned around to close the door in his face.

    “You’re not going to get fired.” He blurted out. You stopped dead in your tracks as you tried to process what he said. “What are you talking about?” You asked, opening the door all the way. He took a hesitant step towards you.

    “I went down to your agency. They said they were going to fire you because you wouldn’t make any money since you had gotten dropped from every movie. So, I went to talk to the director of Til’ Summer Ends. I told them if they took away your role, I would leave the movie. Then, I got your agency to agree to not to break your contract. Then, I went down to every casting director that tried to recast you. I told them all that you are a breathtaking actress, and they would be making a giant mistake by letting you slip away. They all agreed not to recast your roles.” He told you.

    You felt butterflies in your stomach. It honestly felt like a dream. “Really?” You asked, tears threatening to spill down your cheeks. He just nodded his head with a giant smile.

    You ran into his arms, wrapping your arms around his neck. He grabbed your legs and lifted you up, so your legs were wrapped around his waist. He walked inside of your apartment, closing the door behind you both.

    “I can’t believe that you did that. You are incredible.” You said, leaning in to kiss him. It was a gentle kiss. You both had missed each other so much; it felt unreal to have each other in your arms again. He kissed you back, tenderly and lovingly. “You deserve the best.” He told you, warming your heart.

    He set you down on your feet, and you pulled him over to lay with you on the couch. “It’s been so hard not seeing you.” He said, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you onto his chest. You looked down at him, memorizing all of his features again.

    “Let’s go out to dinner tonight.” He suggested, brushing your hair behind your ear. Your eyes went wide. “What?” You asked, confused.

    He just smiled at you. “I mean, the world knows about us now. I don’t see any reason why I can’t take my girlfriend out to dinner. I think you deserve a nice night out” He told you. His infectious smile made you feel like a giddy schoolgirl. “Okay,” you said, giggling.

    You both were ecstatic. It was going to be the first time you’d gone out in public together and gotten to act like a couple.

    “How about you go grab an outfit and we can go get changed at my place?” He suggested. You nodded, jumping up from the couch and heading towards your closet. He waited patiently for you to grab everything you needed. You both got into the car and headed towards his house.

    “Oh shit,” he mumbled when he saw all the reporters on the sidewalk outside his house. You froze in your seat and nervously started tapping your foot. “It’s okay, baby.” He said, giving your hand a reassuring squeeze. He pulled into the driveway.

    He quickly got out of the car and rushed around to your side. He helped you out of the car, and then hid your body with his as you both walked towards the front door. You could hear the flashing off all the cameras as you both rushed inside.

    You groaned once you both made it inside. “It’ll cool down. It’s just like this now because it’s new. Something else will happen in Hollywood, and they’ll move on.” He assured you. You nodded your head, knowing he was right.

    You both got ready for dinner and tried to forget about the swarm of reporters outside. When you walked out of the bathroom, Sebastian saw your full outfit for the first time. He whistled at you as he walked over to kiss you.

    “You look so gorgeous,” he mumbled against your lips. You giggled pulling away from him. “If you want to go to dinner, we should probably go before we get distracted.” You told him. It pained him to stop kissing you, but he knew you were right.

    It had been a long three weeks without each other, it wouldn’t be very hard for you both to get a little too caught up in each other.

    He glanced out the window and saw that there were less reporters outside, but there were still a lot. “Don’t worry about them, just focus on me.” He said, interlacing his fingers with yours.

    As soon as he opened the door, the flashes started going off again and they all yelled questions at you both. “Don’t even think about them.” Sebastian whispered in your ear. You both made it to the car.

    You turned to look at Sebastian before he started driving. “God, I really hope you’re right about this all getting better eventually.” You told him. He pressed a kiss to the back on your hand. “It will get better. I promise.” You told you, softly.

    As he backed out of the driveway, you kept your hand up covering your face from the flashing cameras. “Do you ever wish we could go back in time? Back to when nobody knew about us?” You asked, looking over at Sebastian.

    He shrugged. “I don’t know. It was really fun sneaking around, but I’m glad that I can take you out to dinner now. We don’t have to hide at your apartment anymore.” He said, interlacing his fingers with yours.

    Dinner went amazing. Sebastian managed to get you both a private room, so you didn’t have to worry about everyone staring at you both. You both were getting ready to leave when the server rushed back in the room.

    “There’s a lot of photographers outside. They’re all talking about you both. We have a back door that you both can leave out of if you want to.” He suggested. Sebastian groaned, putting his head in his hands. “Okay, just give us a minute.” Sebastian told the server.

    “C’mere, sweetheart. Hold my hand until we get to the car. I won’t let anything happen to you, I promise.” He said, interlacing his fingers with yours. He gave your hand a reassuring squeeze as you both followed the server to the back door.

    Sebastian thanked the server as you headed out the back door. Neither of you saw any paparazzi, so you started to walk towards the car.

    “They’re back here.” You both heard someone yell. One of the photographers had been taking a smoke break and spotted you. “Ignore them.” Sebastian whispered in your ear.

    Within seconds, you were surrounded by photographers. They were all screaming questions at you both.

    “How does Chris feel about you dating his daughter, Sebastian?”

    “How long have you two been together?”

    “What about the upcoming movie you’re both starring in?”

    Sebastian held his tongue, he was only focused on getting you to the car. “Get out of our way.” Sebastian said, leading you through the swarm of paparazzi.

    You both were almost to the car when a reporter took it too far. “Y/N, do you always fuck older men or is Sebastian just paying you a lot of money?” He yelled. Sebastian froze in his place.

    “What the fuck did you just say to her?” He snapped, turning around to face the reporter. The reporter was still just as confident now as Sebastian stared at him. “Don’t say another word to her, do you hear me?” Sebastian threatened.

    “C’mon, Seb let’s go.” You said, pulling him towards the car. You were getting more and more uncomfortable by the second. “Tell me, man. How is she in bed?” The reporter asked.

    “Go fuck yourself, man.” Sebastian said, tightening his grip on your hand and walking towards the cars. He opened the passenger door and helped you inside before rushing over to the driver’s side.

    All of the photographers ran out of the way as he left the parking lot. He drove for about a mile and then pulled over into a gas station parking lot.

    “Are you okay?” He asked, turning to face you. You just shook your head no, holding back tears. “Is it going to be like that everywhere we go? Cause I can’t handle that again.” You told him, your voice coming out weak.

    He cupped your face and pressed a soft kiss to your lips. “I don’t know, baby. If that ever happens again, I will protect you, okay?” He told you. You nodded your head, trying to take some deep breaths.

    “Let’s go home, okay? We can go to your place since we know there’s just more photographers at my house.” He told you, kissing your cheek. You agreed with his plan. “If you want, we don’t have to go anywhere for the next few days. We can just stay home and let this blow over some more. As nice as it was to bring you out to dinner. It wasn’t worth it if they made you feel uncomfortable.” He told you, softly. He took your hand in his, kissing your palm. “Thank you for defending me back there.” You told him, genuinely.

    “Of course, sweetheart. I’m always here to protect you.” He said, sweetly.

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    Let me know if you want to be added to my taglist of all my imagines or for a specific character/fandom!!

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    Eternals in 60 Seconds Video!

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    Who’s ur fav mcu/mcu cast x teen reader fic writers??? I need to read some. Also reply if u write them! I’ll follow u!

    #avengers x teen! #mcu cast x teen!reader #loki x teen!reader #tom hiddleston x teen!reader #jake gyllenhaal x teen!reader #bucky barnes x teen!reader #chris evans x teen! reader #ryan reynolds x teen! reader #sebastian stan x teen!reader #steve rogers x teen!reader #marvel cast x teen!reader #marvel cast#marvel mcu #mcu x reader #mcu fanfiction
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    Lost in Assistance - Ch. 50

    Elizabeth Olsen x Fem!Reader

    Summary: Y/n is a professional celebrity's personal assistant in Hollywood got hired with two years contract to be the assistant of the famous and talented Elizabeth Olsen / Lizzie by her manager. Both Y/n and Lizzie hate each other since day one, and they have mutual friend. One is as stubborn as the other, will Y/n stay when Lizzie gives attitudes and tries her best to make her quit before the contract ends?
    Warning: fluff, angst, smut (in future chapters), swearing words ( +18 only) On this chapter: Light BDSM, Blindfold, Light temperature play hot and cold, Strap-on, Thigh riding. Let me know if there is more.
    I do not own any pictures, name, brand, song titles or anything that I used in this story.
    All chapters
    A/n: Hello peeps! Thank you for patiently waiting for this chapter. I was in the mood of writing detailed SMUT so here I am, blessing you with this all out SMUT. lol. This whole chapter is 18+ NSFW. I really really recommend to listen to the songs I used in this chapter because it's really bring up the feel and experience in this chapter while reading it.  "Slowly" by Max Sedgley , "Gooey Rework" by Glass Animals, Chester Watson, and "Belong to You" by Sabrina Claudio feat. 6LACK. Some lyric might not fit but the mood of this songs fit so well. So, hands on the phone people! and happy reading! :D (Well, okay at least on one on the phone, everybody!)

    She hums in enjoyment that she gets from your kiss. She smiles against your lips. You smirk at her and slowly sit on her lap with your knees and thighs next to each of her thighs. She slowly brushes her tongue along your lower lips and just like that the kiss got heated. Slowly but surely the kiss gets more sensual. Both of your hands gently cup her cheeks, her jawlines and a little bit of the sides of her neck. Your fingers sneakily raking through her strains of hair.

    Meanwhile both of her hands land on your thighs, she slowly runs them on your thighs. The tip of her tongue flicks your lower lips again and again. You hum softly. Your hum quickly makes her bend all her fingers, letting her fingernails scratch along the skin of your thigh. You let out your tongue and she quickly brushes yours with hers. She giggles as her tongue teases you playfully. She playfully does the biting face expression to you, snapping her teeth as if she tries to bite you but you slowly move away from the bite teasingly.

    She giggles naughtily at you, her eyes’ color look darker and her pupil slowly dilates from the desire that silently takes control over her. You lean your head to you and she quickly bites your lower lips hard, nibbles it and her hands run up to your hips then to your ribs under your shirt. It tickles you but in a sexual way, heat starts to pool in your center. You grunt. As soon as her hands get to the side of your breast she quickly cups your breast, squeezes it firmly then she pinches both of your nipples a little firmly makes you moan in a sudden and it makes it easier for her to pull your lips with her teeth. Her hands get out from your t-shirt and she grabs the hem of it then she takes off your shirt. You raise both of your arms to help her and she tosses your t-shirt then she pushes you off of her and she stands in front of you. You eagerly fix your sitting position, facing her. Wondering excitedly what she is going to do to you. She leans to you, kisses one more time. You try to pull her closer to you but she resists subtly.

    She pulls her body straight up, standing in front of you. “Play Gooey Rework by Glass Animals”. She commands your smart speaker. From the song, you know what she wants or what mood she is in now and you were right. She starts to dance slowly in front of you, teasing you with her body movement. You lean your back to the couch, watching every move of hers. She moves her hips left and right slowly, her left hand grabs the hem of her t-shirt, she moves it up and shows her stomach a little to you. She slowly shows more and more skin to you with her slowly opening her thigh a little and her right hand slowly rubbing her clothed center as she keeps dancing slowly. Her eyes are locked to yours with her biting her own lower lips. A little bit by a little bit you could see her under breast.

    She slowly takes off her shirt, now she is half naked only in lacy black underwear. She sometimes turns her body a little and dances so you can see from the side her body that moves exotically, teasing you. She faces you again. You can feel that you start to get wet in your center and your core starts to have the need of touches. You move your left hand to your clothed core, and start to rub it. “Ah. ah. Ah. Hands off babe. It’s mine today.” She interrupts you as soon as she sees you start to touch yourself. Shortly after that she takes off her underwear, then she tosses to your face. You grab it from your face and you smirk.

    She walks slowly towards you. She leans to you, kisses you deeply agonizingly slowly and grabs her underwear from your hand then gently shoves it into your mouth. “We are gonna need this in your mouth when I go down on you babe.” She whispers to you and with her left hand gives you a light squeeze on your throat. Those actions alone made you moan. Her lips slightly open, let out a shaky sigh as soon as she hears you moan from her action.

    She kneels down in front of you, kissing your throat. Bite the skin of it then suck it after that to soothe it. Her hands play with your breast. Her fingers roll both of your nipples. You lay your head back to the couch enjoying every second of it. She sucks both of your hard nubs in turns with her left hand reaching your center. She put a pressure on your damp clothed core. You moan with her underwear in your mouth. Both of your hands grab her hair, you slowly push her lower and lower. She looks up to you and smirks. “A little impatient tonight aren’t you babe.” You nod eagerly, that’s all the response you can give to her. She smirks again then kisses your stomach. Licking your skin. You flinch a little bit and raise your hips to try to get some friction to your core but you get nothing and it drives you insane with desire. She kisses all over your hips and lower abdomen. Then she spread your thighs in a sudden move. She can hear your breath hitches. She quickly licks your fold through your underwear. You moan softly. She flicks her tongue on the underwear’s surface. She can see the material already looks soaked not from her lick but from your own arousal.

    She slowly pulls your underwear down, you lift your hips to make it quicker for her to take it off. She sighs with a turned on amazement when she sees your glistening wet fold. She then licks and collects all your arousal from bottom to the top on your clit with her tongue. She raises her head up and her finger does a “come here” movement to you, and you obliged. You lean to her, she pulls out her underwear from your mouth and she kisses you, sharing your arousal with you in a passionate kiss. You moan louder in your kiss but as soon as you try to pull her up to you, she pushes you with a little force for you to lean back to the couch and shoves her underwear back into your mouth. She smirks at you.

    You are surprised with her actions and you look down on her. She licks you again, and flick your clit with the tip of your tongue. You lift your hips so she can eat you more followed by a moan. “Liz, that feels so good.” You try to talk with her underwear in your mouth. She understands what you said. You threw your head back with your eyes closed. She thrust her tongue slowly at first with one of her thumb rubbing your clit. You moan louder this time and you buck your hips following her tongue’s each thrust. She moans and the vibration in your fold sends you more and more arousal. Her tongue is quickly replaced by her finger and she sucks your clit. You mumble the four letters swearing words. “Fuck!” You pull her hair and push her head to your center at the same time as you lift your hips again. You look down and your gaze quickly her eyes looking up to you while she is eating you like you are her last meal as she adds another finger in you, thrusting them in at a faster pace.

    Her other hand plays with your breast. You buck your hips to her mouth more. She raises her head, looking at you and says “Come for me babe. Come on.” Her mouth went back to where it was. You want to pull her underwear out of your mouth but she quickly stops you with the same tone she had earlier as if she has all the control over you in her hand “Ah. Ah. Ah.” Again, you obey what she commands you and it definitely sends a rush of lust all over you and puts you over the edge. You are so close to reaching your orgasm. She hears your moans get louder and louder, your muscles around your folds and your thighs get a little tighter. She can feel the walls inside you start to suck in her fingers deeper and deeper as you finally reach your orgasm and you ride your high against her finger and mouth. Her underwear that’s in your mouth becomes useless in blocking your loud moan. She gets up and leans to you, you see your glistening mess around her mouth, face and chin.

    She smiles at you shortly before she catches some part of her underwear that pops out on the left side of your lips with her teeth and she pulls it out bit by bit from your mouth. As soon as she pulls it out of your mouth, she tosses it then kisses you, sharing with you whatever left from your arousal in her mouth. The kiss is short-lived, passionate and deep. She all of a sudden stands on the couch, with your face between her thighs and her center is right in front of you. You don’t want to waste any second, your hand gently spreads her folds and licks her soaking core, drinking every drop of it. She feels breathless. She moans and caresses your hair, with her left hand prompting her body on the wall to give her a steady balance when you lift up her left thigh so you can cover more of her core with your mouth, devouring it. Every inch of you craves her.

    Your tongue swirls around her clit, it makes her moan and she starts to move her hips, getting more pressure from your tongue as she rides your face while standing on the couch. “Y/n, yes. Right there. It feels so good babe.” She throws her to the back, rolls her eyes. She gets wetter in your mouth. She looks down to you watching you eat her. You see her perfect body move erotically, her abdomen, her breast and her looking at you biting her lips harder holding a moan that tries to break out loud. You rub her clit with your thumb and just like that she becomes a moaning mess.

    You notice her moaning is getting louder and her hips move faster, you know she is close to her orgasm but you put her leg down and pull her hips away from your mouth. She looks at you, her eyes looking hungry. “Sit on my lap darling.” This time her hunger to reach her orgasm makes her follow what you told her. She sits on your lap with her legs straddling your right thigh, it gets between her legs and gives pressure on her clit. Her right thigh is between your legs as well. You pull her as close as she can be so she can get more friction. You spread your left leg and she puts pressure on your clit as well. Desire radiated between the two of you. A Mix of lust and love blinded both of you, you don’t even care about the background song that plays on repeat. All both of you want is each other’s touch, body, attention and love.

    You can feel her folds and her clit touches the skin of your thigh. She sighs then bites her lips as soon as she feels it, the sensation she never feels before. Her hungry green eyes look deep into you. Her face is so close to you, and you smile at her. “Hi love.” You said it softly mixed with your soft moans. “Hi babe.” That’s all she can let out of her lips besides her moan. “You like how it feels? Go ahead, move your hips, darling.” You guide her what to do and you moan from the friction you feel. She nods eagerly and moans at the same time while she starts to buck her hips. “That’s it sweetheart. Just like that.” You whisper as you keep your eye contact with her. The more she moves the more she moans. You buck your hips as well. She hugs you tight, so tight that you can feel her breast against yours. Her hard nipples play with yours. Both of you moan in each other's ears.

    She pulls a handful of your hair, both of your hands hold her hips keeping her in place, guide her to move her hips harder. You can feel how soaking wet her core is rubbing against thigh. The sensation drives both of you straight up to heaven. She kisses you, bites your lips. It was insanely indescribable. You squeeze her hips so hard that your nails start digging her skin. The little stinging feelings caused by your nails make her bite your lips harder and move her hips faster so do you. She breaks the kiss, heat curling down her spine. “Baby, I’m so close. I’m gonna -- I’m gonna come.” She is struggling to form sentences. You groan when you hear she is so close to the edge. “Yes darling! Come with me. Come with me, right now.”

    Both of your body’s start to spasm at the same time. She leans her back, you bite her shoulder. “Damn it, y/n! Fuck me!” She screams as she finally reaches her peak of orgasm. Both you start to slow down, slowly reaching down from your high. She is panting. Her chest raises high and low rapidly. “You are incredible.” She says the words in between her breathing. Both of you giggle at the same time while showering each other with small kisses. “I love you. I still want you. I want you even more, y/n. I will never get enough of you. I want you to make me come in so many ways.” She whispers as she looks at you, touching every inch of your face.

    “I love you too, sweetheart. You know I will give anything you want.” You smile. “Hmm then give me more now sweetie. Please.” Her tease ends with a plea. “Are you sure?” You ask. “Yes. Please.” She begs in whispers then licks your ear and she bites tease your earlobe. “Hmmm. Okay, since you asked so nicely.” You tease her. You tap her thigh gently signaling her to get off of you. Both of you stand up and you pull her to walk upstairs to your room. She smiles at you, following you.

    The first thing you do when you get into your room, you light up a candle. Then you carry her bridal way and lay her gently onto your bed. She giggles, looking at you full of love.

    You smile back at her. “Wait here..” You get off the bed and go to your closet. You come out with a few soft silk scarves. You climb on the bed and on her. “Darling, do you trust me?” You ask. She furrowed her eyebrows, confused with your question. “Of course.” She answers anyway. “Okay, let’s make Maximoff our safe word. If you want me to stop or you are not comfortable with it, say Maximoff.” She nods. “Okay. I trust you.” She is nervous yet she is intrigued with what are you going to do to her. Her first same sex sexual experience with you push her boundaries of curiosity wider.

    You grab each wrist and tie it to each corner of your bed with the scarf and you go down and do the same to her ankles. “Hmmm. What are you going to do to me, babe?” She asks in a teasing tone. You come back to her and you smile at her. “Pleasing you.” You whisper shortly before you blind fold her with the last soft scarf.

    She tries to move her hands and feet. You gave enough room for her hands and feet to move but tied her tight enough. With her limited movement and sight, it makes her mind start to wonder and run to every possibility that will happen. It wakes up all of her other senses. Her hearing has become more sensitive with the sound. The room was silent but she hears you walk around, she hears sounds like a tin bucket soft clanks. Her smelling sense of lavender smells. Her skin starts to feel the air in the room. The waiting, curiosity, the anticipations and everything that her senses feels starts to drive her insane. It makes her body beg for your touch or anything that you are going to do. “Babe?” She calls.

    All of sudden she hears you whisper softly in her left ear. You stand next to bed. “I’m here, love.” She flinches in surprise. “Shit. You scared me babe.” She whispers. “Don’t be scared sweetheart. I’m here.” You whisper again and it sends shivers all over her body and gives her goosebumps. She subtly licks her lips in her little smile. You start a sexy song playlist. It starts with “Slowly” by Max Sedgley. The slow sexy beat feels like a treat to her hearings. She feels the tip of your finger touch her face and slowly runs from her forehead to her blindfold, continuing to her striking cheekbones that you admire so much. Then you lead your finger to her lips. She initiates to stick her tongue out and tries to lick your finger. You gently push your finger into her mouth, you let her suck your finger for a short time. After you pull out your finger, you continue running it to her chest bone, teasing her around breasts near her nipples. She lets out a shaky breath, trying to move her upper body so her breast can meet your finger but it didn’t work out. “Y/n.” Your name flies out in her low shaky breath. You see her lower lips got caught between her teeth. You know how turned on she is right now.

    With you standing next to the bed, you walk a bit as you still run your finger towards her stomach. Her body moves in the sexiest way you could ever think. You finally reach her center and her body reactions start to go crazy. Her body begs for your finger to touch where she needs you most but you stop. “Fuck, y/n. I need you. P-please.” Her breath starts to get a little faster. “I know, my love.” Then she feels your weight press the bed down. You crawl and you kneel between her legs that are spread out. You gave a few soft open mouth kisses on her inner thighs. Her legs flinch a bit with the first kiss you land.

    Meanwhile, Lizzie’s mind is a mess right now. All feelings are mixed. She is excited, crave you more. She is impatient yet she wants to wait at the same time. You are driving her crazy right now. You gently kiss her clit. She moans. Her hips move up asking for more. Your hand pushes her hips down. You lick her folds from bottom up, and your tongue slides up slowly all over her body. She feels breathless as her skin is so sensitive with every single touch. You give a quick sucking to each nipple. “More please, babe.” She pleaded. You kiss her lips. She reciprocates the kiss immediately but it was just a short kiss then you whisper. “Don’t worry, love. You’ll get more. Are you ready?” You ask. Another song plays in the background “Bom Bidi Bom” by Nick Jonas, Nicki Minaj.

    She nods eagerly as she swallows dry. You grab the candle you lit earlier. It’s a massage candle, a special candle that doesn’t need high heat to melt. You slowly pour a drop of the melted warm wax on her chest. Lizzie quickly flinches and her breath hitches from the tolerable heat that slightly sting her skin. “Are you okay? Is it too hot? Remember the safe word, babe.” You ask with full care. She shakes her head. “No. It’s okay. Don’t stop, please.”

    You pour more and this time you pour it along her body from her chest to her to her upper abdomen, you hear her sigh. Her body moves reacting to it. She never knew that this could turn her on. Now you pour more in a swirly trail to her lower abdomen. She moans. “God, y/n.” She whispers. Your thumb rubs her clit as you let the wax cool down and harden on her skin. She wants to pull her thighs close when she feels you touch her folds, but she can’t.

    You slide a finger to her wet core as your other hand takes the cold wax off her skin. She feels a different sensation on the skin where the wax was. You rub her skin gently to soothe the skin. “More please babe.” She begs before you get the chance to ask her if she wants you to stop. You pour more hot wax on her body, this time close to both of her breasts as you add another finger in her and your thumb rubs her clit. With all the sensation happening to her at the same time, she moans louder. “Fuck! That feels so good.” Her hips following the rhythm of your fingers thrusting her. Her mind can’t comprehend the pleasure she is getting right now.

    Once again, you gently pull off the hardened wax off her skin and she can feel the air soothe the spots. You pull your fingers out, and she feels empty inside. She wonders what are you doing now and it turns her on even more. You reach the small ice bucket and grab a piece of ice cube. Then you touch it to her skin, once again she flinches and you catch her breath. You slide the ice cube on the trail of where the hot wax was on her skin. She lets out another shaky breath. “Wow.” The word slips out under her breath. “Do you like it, baby?” You ask. “Oh yeah.” She answers instantly.

    You run the ice cube so slowly. She moans. You tease the ice cube around her breast and nipple. You sometimes rub it to spots she never thought you would reach. To her ribs, her inner thighs and near her center. She is a moaning mess. You let the melted ice drop some cold water on to her clit. Her hips flinch and she moans. She feels the drop of water flowing along her folds. Again when she tries to close her thigh to get some friction, she can’t and it makes her want you even more.

    After you run the ice cube all over her body, you put one bite size of ice. “Open your mouth a little bit and stick your tongue out, love.” You ask her. She did what you told her and you spit the little ice cube into her mouth. She smiles after she takes it. Then you kiss her. The kiss is so passionate, a little rough and cold from the ice. She tries to hold your face while kissing but she forgets she is all tied and it makes her kiss you more and rougher so you won’t pull away from the kiss. You pressed her thigh on her center and she moved her hips instantly for more friction to reach her orgasm after all the teasing you gave her. “Y/n, please fuck me. You're driving me crazy.” She moans louder in the kiss.

    “I will, my love. I will.” You told her then you suck on her neck and press your thigh harder to her center. She starts to buck her hips more and more searching for her high. Then you let go the pressure on her center. You hear her whimpers from your action. You grab the strap on that you got from Mitchel as a Christmas prank gift last year.

    You undo her blind fold and as soon as her eyes adjust to the light, her gaze quickly searches for you, heat coursed in her veins when she sees you with the strap on. You smirk at her. “God, babe. You are so sexy with it. Please fuck me right now.” She is watching you untie both of her ankles. Then you tease the head of the plastic cock on to her clit, you rub it up and along her folds as well. She gets wetter in just a second. “Hmmm so greedy and impatient you are.” You wink at her. She moans. “Do I have to beg more?” She teases you back. “I always give anything you want anyway, it would be nice if I hear you beg sometimes, Liz.” You push the tip of the head into her but not deep enough to give her a release of pleasure, only to make her crave for more. “Fuck, babe. Please. Please fuck me. I need you.” The desire, the craving and the lust start to frustrate her.

    With the song “Belong to You” by Sabrina Claudio, feat 6LACK starts to play, you lean to her and your body gets on top of her. You untie both of her hands. As soon as her hands get their freedom back, her left hand pulls you by the back of your neck and kisses you in such an intense kiss, her right hand reaches the toy and she guides it to her folds. You push it in slowly inch by inch giving her a chance to stretch out until you bottom out. She pulls from the kiss only to let out a loud long moan. She arches her back from the feeling of the toy filling her full.

    “So gorgeous and perfect. How can I be this lucky?” You told her as you admired her, looking into each other's eyes. She kisses you again then she nods, signaling you that she is ready. You start to pull out slowly and push it in again slowly. She moans every time you move your hips back and forth. You keep at a slow pace at first thrusting her. “I love you.” She told you in between moans when you fuck her with the strap on with out letting go her gaze at yours. You moan feeling the pressure inside you every time you move your hips. “I love you too.”

    She moves her hips at the same time when you do. Both of you start to move faster together and moan louder. “Y/n, that feels so good.” She whispers in your ears when you bury your face in the crook of her neck, marking her neck. “F-faster” She tries hard to say it without being interrupted by her own moaning. You fuck her faster. You grunt in her ear. She hugs you tighter, her hands squeeze your hips wanting more. “Harder! Deeper! Give me more!”

    You pull it as far out as you can then you give her a sudden deeper and harder thrust just like what she wants. She moans short but loud. “Fuck!”

    The feeling you get from the small end inside you makes you want to make her come so you can chase your own from the thrusting. You start to fuck her faster and faster.

    “Yes. Don’t stop baby. Don’t you dare.” She commands you. Her nails dig deep in your back. You groan louder and she moans louder. “I’m so fucking close y/n. Come with me baby. Come with me!” Your name slips out in her scream, you grunt. You bite her shoulder but you try hard not to bite her too hard at the same time. Her body spasms multiple times, so did yours. Both of you finally reach the peak of orgasm together.

    You pull out and take off the strap-on and put it aside. You lay down next to her, pulling her into your hug. She kisses you before laying her head on your chest. Your hand rubs her hair and you kiss the crown of her head. Both of you are still trying to catch some breath. “Are you okay, my love?” You make sure. “Never been better. That was amazing. You are amazing” She looks up at you and smiles. You giggle.

    “Honey, I’m the lucky one, not you.” She taps your nose with her finger. You smile at her with adoration, rubbing her back with your nails gently. After a few minutes relaxing together and cuddling, you get out of the bed. “What are you doing?” She asks confusedly.

    You give her a bottle of water. “Taking care of you.” You wink as you walk into the bathroom. You come back with a few wet warm towels. You gently wipe it and clean her body. You wipe her center, around it and her thigh too.

    “You don’t have to always do this every time we are done, y/n.” She is watching you as she lets you clean her, then you rub some aloe vera cooling gel to her skin after the hot wax. “I love you, and I will always take care of you because you are mine.” You smile and peck a kiss on her lips.

    You walk back into the bathroom, she hears the water run. She is curious about what you are doing now. She walks to the bathroom. Her heart melts when she sees you are preparing a foamy bath for her. She leans on the door frame, watching you and genuinely feeling lucky to have you. Aromatherapy candles are lit for her. You check the water temperature and put the towel nearby before you turn around to let her know it’s ready but you see that she is there standing. “It’s ready.” She walks to you. “Oh honey, you are so sweet. Thank you.” She kisses you.

    She steps into the bathtub and you walk to the door but you stop when you hear her question. “Where are you going?” She asked. You turn around to answer her. “Uh--the bedroom. I’ll wait there and let you relax in your bath.” You answer.

    “Oh no, babe. You are going in with me. Come here.” She stretched out her hand for yours. You smile and grab her hand.

    Ch. 51

    A/n: Well, I hope you enjoyed this Smutty chapter. :D Let me know what you think please. Come on, don't be shy. Give me your feedback in the comment so I can improve. As usual reblogs, comments, likes and feedback are always appreciated. Follow me for more. Don't worry next chapter(s) will be still in fluff mode. See you in next chapter!
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    Brie Larson and Elizabeth Olsen my Queens

    Voy a ir subiendo fondos que hice, su mayoría son del cast de Marvel.
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    Elodie Yung in Gods of Egypt (2016)

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    Hi I love her

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    reblog or “ ♡ ” if u save

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    Zawe Ashton: ‘There was a squash game.’

    Charlie Cox: 'Let’s not talk about that… Look, it’s not about who wins or loses, it’s about who’s fitter. And Tom is fitter than I am.’

    Tom Hiddleston: 'It was very instructive, playing squash. Some of those scenes, the competition is in the subtext, the brutality to each other is underneath it while they’re being civil on the surface. After we played squash, those scenes played themselves.’

    Charlie Cox: 'I still have a buttock injury from that last game. I was desperately trying to reach a ball because I was so determined to keep up!’

    The Cast of Betrayal discuss squash with Jenelle Riley for Variety, 2019

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    fading spark

    pairing: chris evans x wife!reader

    request: “can i request an angsty fic/blurb with chris please where him and the reader are slowly beginning lose the spark in their relationship and become more distant as time goes on? maybe their friends and family around them realise it but not them?” - anonymous

    word count: 2.2k

    warnings: unprotected sex, smut, praise kink, oral ( f receiving), masturbation for like a split second, dirty talk, angst, swearing, minors DNI

    You headed towards the front door when you heard the door bell ring again. You weaved in and out of the people and eventually made it to the door. You opened it and welcomed in more guests.

    Your husband, Chris, had recently won an Academy Award for a movie he starred in. So, you decided to throw a party to celebrate his success. You hadn’t even seen Chris all night, you were too busy being a hostess.

    You leaned against the back of the door, sighing as you finally had five seconds to yourself. One of your closest friends, Katherine, walked over to you with two glasses of wine.

    “You look like you could use this.” She said, handing you a glass. You nodded while accepting the drink. “I think everyone is here, let’s go talk. You need a break anyway.” She told you, heading towards your back porch. You followed her outside, and you both took a seat on the chairs you had set out.

    “So, how have you been? I feel like I’ve been so busy that I haven’t seen you in ages.” You said, turning to face her. She took a sip of her wine. “I’ve been really good. How have you and Chris been?” She asked, with a cautious expression.

    You furrowed your eyebrows when you heard her question. “Chris and I are fine. Wait why? Why wouldn’t be fine?” You asked her. She clearly knew something, but you didn’t know what it was.

    “I was just asking.” She lied. You just stared back at her. “Bullshit. You’re my best friend, I know when you’re lying. Just tell me what you meant. Did Chris do something that I don’t know about?” You asked her.

    She placed her hand on top of yours before she answered you. “No, nothing like that. I’m just worried about the two of you. I’m not trying to stress you out. I’m just concerted. I remember when you both started dating. It impossible for you to keep your hands off each other. You guys have been together for six years, and you never really got out of the honeymoon phase. But recently, you both just seem distant.” She told you.

    You didn’t know what to say. You were simply speechless. You sat there in silence as you processed what she told you. “Do you think he doesn’t love me anymore?” You asked, your voice breaking.

    Her eyes went wide. “No, no, no, honey. That’s not what I meant at all. It’s just weird seeing you both not all lovey dovey. I thought maybe something had happened. I wanted to be here for if you both got in a fight or something. If nothing happened, then you’re fine. All couples go through rough spots. Everything will be fine.” She told you, pulling you into a hug.

    For the rest of the night, it was all you could think about. You were notorious for overthinking, but this was next level. You had thinking about every aspect of your relationship with Chris. You couldn’t even remember the last time he kissed you. Above all, you didn’t know how you hadn’t noticed until Katherine brought it up.

    Your eyes landed on Chris, on the other side of the room. He was telling one of his friends a story with a giant smile on his face. “You alright, honey?” Someone asked you. You turned around and saw Chris’ mom, Lisa.

    You were holding back tears at this point. You pursed your lips, trying desperately not to cry. Her expression softened instantly, and she pulled you into a hug.

    “Can I ask you a question?” You asked her. She nodded her head, holding your hands in hers. Lisa was family to you, and you went to her for advice often.

    “Do you think Chris still loves me?” You asked her, not able to look her in the eyes. She felt every emotion you were feeling from the heartbroken expression on your face. “Did something happen?” She asked you, softly.

    You shook your head. “We’ve just been really distant. I’m just worried about it. I really don’t want him to fall out of love with me. Maybe I haven’t been good at showing it recently, but he is my everything.” You said, wiping away the rouge tear that rolled down your cheek.

    “If I know one thing, it’s that my son loves you more than anything in the world. Maybe you’ve both been busy, but he still loves you. But I’m assuming you came to me because you were wondering what to do?” She asked you. You nodded your head, truly looking to her for support. “Talk to him. Maybe not right now, but talk to him tonight. Tell him how you’ve been feeling. You both can work this out. You both are so strong and you love each so much.” She told you, pulling you in for a final hug.

    You thanked her for the advice before going to talk to one of your friends. You felt more optimistic about your relationship, and you were looking forward to a chance to talk to Chris alone.

    After everyone left, you and Chris focused on cleaning up all the food and trash from the party. Neither one of you said a word, but it was first time you both had done something together in weeks. It was refreshing. Afterwards, you both walked to your bedroom to get ready for bed.

    You stood in front of the bathroom mirror, taking off your jewelry. You weren’t really focusing on what you were doing. Your mind was somewhere else. You were trying to make sure you knew what you wanted to say to Chris.

    You were so zoned out that you didn’t see him appear in the doorway of the bathroom. “Hi,” he said, softly. He knew you were zoned out, and he didn’t want to scare you.

    You turned to face him and saw him standing there in a t-shirt and sweatpants. “My mom told me that you talked to her.” He said with a sadness in his tone.

    You just nodded your head, giving him a weak smile. “What did I do?” He asked you, his volume barely above a whisper. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. “What are you talking about?” You asked.

    “My mom said you thought I didn’t love you anymore. That is my worst nightmare. What did I do to make you feel like that?” He asked, his voice breaking. You could see all of the emotion in his eyes. “It wasn’t something you did. We both have just been distant recently, don’t you think? When was the last time that we spent time together or the last time we kissed? I can’t even remember…” you responded.

    “How do we fix this?” He asked, as he looked down at the floor. You had been wondering the same thing. You reached out to hold his hands. “I don’t know,” your voice cracked as you said it.

    He wrapped his arms around your body, holding you against him. You balled up his t-shirt in your hands, while you both stood there in silence. “I don’t know what to do, but I know I want to work to fix this. I don’t want to give up. I love you.” You told him. He pressed a kiss against your temple.

    “I love you too. I could never give up on us. How about once a week we have dinner? Just the two of us, no distractions.” He suggested. It was certainly a start. “I would like that.” You said, looking up into his eyes.

    He brushed some of your hair out of your face. “Sweetheart, let me make love to you. Let me prove how much I love you. It’s been too long since I’ve gotten to show you how beautiful you are.” He said, placing kisses up and down your neck.

    You leaned your head to the side, giving him more access. His name fell effortlessly from your lips as his hands grabbed your ass through your jeans.

    “Make love to me, Chris.” You begged him. His sweatpants started to feel tight just from you begging for him. It had been a while since you both had had sex. Neither one of you had realized how much you needed each other.

    He grabbed at the back of your thighs, lifting you up off the ground. He attached his lips to yours as he walked into your bedroom. It felt like your first time again. It was electric.

    He laid you down on the bed, crawling on top of you. He kissed you, kissed you hard. You could already feel yourself throbbing, and Chris had barely done anything yet. His fingers swiftly moved to the hem of your shirt, pulling it up and over your head.

    A groan fell from his lips as he laid eyes on your breasts. “I’ve missed being this close with you, sweetheart.” He told you, before unclipping your bra. He laid a trail of kisses down the valley between your breasts.

    Your eyes fluttered closed as he moved to take off your jeans. He pulled the denim down your legs, eventually tossing them to the side. You opened your eyes for a moment and saw Chris’ face between your legs. It was enough for you to whimper. He was so close to where you needed him.

    “I’m going, baby. I promise.” He said, hooking his fingers into your panties and pulling them off of you. You could feel his warm breath against your folds. “Need you so bad,” you mumbled, squirming as you waited for him to touch you.

    Then, he placed a kiss right on your clit. He moved on to licking harsh stripes through your folds. Whimpers and moans fell from your lips as he buried his face between your legs.

    “So good,” you said, breathlessly. You reached down and wrapped your fingers in his hair. Your hips bucked against his face. The sounds coming from his mouth only turned you on more.

    He hummed against your clit, causing you to call out his name. “Chris, ohh— more,” you begged him. He changed between sucking on your clit and drawing figure eights with his tongue.

    You started to arch your back against the bed. You knew you were close. Your toes began to curl as you waited for your orgasm. “I’m gonna— fuck,” you called out, as you came on his face. He lapped up all your arousal before coming up to kiss you. “That feel good, honey?” He asked you, moving your hair out of your face.

    You just nodded as you caught your breath. Your eyes were still closed as you tried to recover from your orgasm. Chris stood up and quickly got rid of his clothes. You heard a groan from him that made you open your eyes.

    You saw him kneeling on the bed, jerking himself off. “Oh fuck,” he mumbled, his eyes fluttering closed. You felt a pit forming in your stomach. “I’m thinking about you, sweetheart. Thinking about how good you feel wrapped around me.” He told you. A whimper escaped your legs as you rubbed your legs together.

    You got up on your knees, facing him. You pulled his hand away from his cock. His eyes shot open. You pushed him, so he was sitting with his back against the headboard.

    “Say it again.” You told him. He smirked, knowing the effect that his words had on you. “I was thinking about your pretty pussy, sweetheart. I was thinking about how good it feels when I’m deep inside you.” He told you, earning a moan from you.

    You rested your hands on his shoulders. He leaned in and buried his face in your neck, softly sucking on the skin. As he did that, you lined yourself up and slid down onto his cock.

    He threw his head back, multiple profanities falling from his lips. “So tight, honey. It’s been too long since I stretched you out.” He said, grabbing your hips. You pulled away and then sank back down onto him. He used his tight grip on your hips to effortlessly lift you up and down.

    Each time it felt like he reached deeper inside of you. “You get yourself off on my cock, sweetheart. I need to play with these gorgeous tits.” He said, grabbing both of your breasts that were bouncing as you thrusted onto him.

    Both of you were moaning freely. It had been so long since you both had had sex, that you both were almost ready to cum already. You could feel the tightening in your stomach.

    “I love you, you know that right?” Chris said, grabbing your hips and helping you as your thrusts started to falter. “I love you too, so much.” Your voice came out airy and breathless.

    With that, you both fell over the edge, your bodies collapsing against each other. “I love you.” He repeated, pressing kisses to your sweaty forehead.

    “I’m sorry that I let us get so distant. I’ve missed you, and not just the sex even though that was amazing.” You told him, laughing softly. He chuckled and kissed you softly. “You’re right. That was amazing.” He said, before getting up to grab a washcloth.

    He cleaned you both up and then got into bed beside you. “Have I ever told you how lucky I am to be your husband?” He asked, wrapping his arm around your waist.

    “I’d say just as lucky as I am to be your wife.” You told him, as you snuggled into his side.

    taglist: @laurakirsten0502 @miraclesoflove @nathaliabakes @millipop18 @azghedaheda @shyinadarkplace @vanteguccir @missroro @bookfrog242 @buckys-doll17 @ice-dtae @leyannrae @sia2raw @nyx2021 @just-a-littlebit-of-everything @shyconversationalbookworm @shadowhuntyi @lovelokiqueen @ruzannetheseahorse @superdeath @wandaswifeyforlifey @spookyqueen @heyamina @bookwormchick91 @princess-evans-addict @n3ssm0nique @sunwardsss @studentville-struggles @impossibleapricotlampbat @infjkiki @k-k0129 @lickmymelaninn @hailey-a-s @andreasworlsboring101 @fanofalltheficsx @lukes-orange-beanie @golden-hoax @madisondelstan @spookyparadisesheep @beyondthesefourwalls @basicfangirlx @ashwarren32 @who-the-hell-is-sebastianstan @blueeyeddemon1016 @bbl32 @dorothea-hwldr @stressydepressyandlemonzesty @cherryyxbabyy @patzammit @harrysthiccthighss @saltyflowermakertaco @peakascum

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    Florence Pugh training for the role of Yelena Belova MARVEL STUDIOS ASSEMBLED: THE MAKING OF BLACK WIDOW

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    Elodie Yung in Gods of Egypt (2016)

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  • metaphor-cheese
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Y’know…this video is really depressing. Over half of it is spent on isabella’s infatuation phineas and EXTREMELY little is learnt about her as a character beyond that which…really speaks volumes about how isabella was treated by the show. Like, im pretty sure we learnt more about baljeet in gimme a grade alone than in ANY of isabellas songs and she had way more solos than him and is a more relevant character in general. Its just depressing, man that even as a kid i could tell isabella was only added to be the token girl and the writers didnt really care about her much

    #Youtube #gonna be honest this is largely why i hate mission marvel #you cant write isabella in the most sexist way possible for the whole series and then make a show about being feminist #like they literally said ‘isabella feels unfairly cast out for being a girl its so sexist this says a lot about our society’ #and then a minute later had her say she doesnt know what shes doing because she was so distracted by phineas she didnt listen to him #not even gonna start unpacking the whole ‘making a female character able to kick a mans ass is not the same as developing her’ thing #dont get me wrong i like tough isabella but its not a substitute for actual interests or ANY focus on the other parts of her personality #like the fact she’s lowkey a weirdo or hides her true self a lot #COUGH COUGH THE PHINEAS AND FERB EFFECT COUGH COUGH #YOU CANT JUST SAY SHE KICKED ASS IN LIKE THE LAST 10 MINUTES AND MAKE UP FOR LEAVING HER OUT OF THE WHOLE SPECIAL
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