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  • stairset
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Other Worlds Than These and Tunnelvision are basically anthems for unhinged conspiracy theorists who get proven right and that’s pretty sexy I think

    #i used other worlds than these for fives on my star wars character themes #now for dc character themes i'm considering tunnelvision for the question lmao #because i do try not to use the same song twice if i can help it even if the characters are from different franchises #i've only talked about sw character themes before but i'm expanding to marvel and dc as well cause i have plenty for those too #so yeah #but anyway owtt is the conspiracy theorist trying to convince everyone and tunnelvision is after they're proven right that's my take #starset #shut up tristan
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  • daisyy-louise
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    nothing will ever stop my brain from applying real-life biology, chemistry, and physics to superheroes and their powers

    #mainly marvel tv characters because mostly everyone in the movies is accounted for #and their powers are better #i said what i said #like i’m trying to decode how jessica jones could fly #given she didn’t have a cosmic radiation alarm clock in live action #or how much daisy johnson could do with her powers #could she change the states of matter and to what extent could she manipulate water (waterbender!daisy fight me) #just how far does matt murdock’s enhanced senses go #considering air dynamics and if his hearing range is still the same or not #i am a nerd confirmed
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  • outsideofrealitywriter
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Anyone else both excited and worried about the Eternals movie for some reason?


    Just me?


    #marvel studios#marvel#eternals #why on earth am i worried about this movie? #its got to have stunning cinematography and color and choreography right? #but what if the storyline is bad? #what if the character development falls short? #im scared #what if its not what i expected but in a bad way? #i feel bad #i want to love this movie #it better be good or i will cry
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  • bashart-studio
    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Daily inking!! #dailysketch #art #dailyinking #quickink #crosehatching #basharart #zurich #olten #ink #samurai #oltenbahnhof #manga #comic #art #bern #traditionalist #superhero #mangaart #artwork #crosshatch #dccomics #marvelcomics #comicart #comicbooks #fantasy

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  • namjoonscutetummy
    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I kind of actually am kinda proud about how this came out 💚🐛🎃 I give a very hefty Peter Quill 🥰🍁🎃 Happy October 25th!

    Today’s topic! Belts and Buttons! Ah..I forgot to outline the belt though..Oh well-

    #chub art#chubby art #chubby marvel art #chubby marvel characters #chubby peter quill #chubby star-lord #chubby peter quill fanart #bhm#bhm art#kinktober#chubtober #day 25 kinktober #kinktober namjoonscutetummy#chubtober 2021
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  • willow-of-stars
    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Can I offer you a messy purple Loki with a dragon for Ace Week

    #reuploading because i decided the darkness of the last one was unbearable #anyways making a known green character purple was an interesting challenge #marvel#loki#fanart#dragons#ace week#my post#my art
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  • daisyinneptune
    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    MBTIs as fictional characters: ISFJ (The Protector)

    ISFJs (Introverted, Observant, Feeling, Judging) are mostly known for their sensitive, caring, and reliable personalities and have a general population of 13.8% Even if ISFJs are mostly known for their nurturing personality, they also tend to neglect their own needs and often avoid confrontation.

    Here are some characters that have the same MBTI:

    1.) Cinderella

    2.) Steve Rogers (Captain America) - Marvel

    3.) Cady Heron - Mean Girls

    4.) Piglet - Winnie-The-Pooh

    5.) Rory Gilmore - Gilmore Girls

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  • sunflowerxbarnes
    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Oh, Death [One]

    Series Masterlist

    Summary: Pain. Betrayal. Murder. A friendship blackened by jealousy and resentment. When someone is threatening the lives of all his friends, Steve Rogers has to decide what’s more important: saving someone from his past, or saving his entire future.

    Word count: 2895

    Warnings: Brief mentions of torture, gunfire, explosions, death, spoilers for The First Avenger I guess but if you haven’t seen it...what? Also the ANGST

    A/N: Once again I will say this is VERY divergent from canon. I know this isn’t how things happened in TFA and I’m doing it on purpose. Just go along for the ride. Huge thanks to @morningstar-joy for beta reading. If you’d like to be added to any of my open taglists, click here!

    November 3, 1943

    Explosions bloomed in the air as the newly liberated men of the 107th ran from the compound. Private Morita pulled a fallen soldier from the ground and lead him to safety on the other side of a tank that Dum Dum Dugan and Private Jones had commandeered.

    “Thank you,” the soldier panted, clutching his injured side. “Where’s that Captain America guy?”

    “I’m not calling him that,” Morita grumbled, looking around from his cover at the few remaining skirmishes. Most of the HYDRA soldiers had been beaten back, but a few of the more determined ones were still trying to retake their prisoners.

    “Ah, come on Jim,” Dum Dum quipped as he popped up from inside the tank. “Where’s your sense of patriotism?”

    “I must have left it in the pants I wasn’t wearing when I was taken prisoner!” Morita screamed back as another explosion tore through what was left of the compound.

    As the soldiers outside ducked for cover, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes came hurtling from the burning building, only inches ahead of the inferno. Steve was half-dragging the injured Bucky alongside him as they went, frantically trying to escape. A final, massive explosion ripped through the building behind them, sending chunks of brick and metal screaming through the air.

    “Bucky, look out!” Steve shouted, pushing his friend out of the path of danger. Bucky tumbled to the ground and rolled out of the way only seconds before the flaming debris landed in the spot he was just standing.

    “Holy shit,” he mumbled, his eyes wide as Steve helped him back to his feet.

    “You ok?” he asked, brushing dust from Bucky’s clothes.

    “Y-Yeah,” Bucky stammered. “Yeah, I’m good. Let’s get the hell out of here.” Steve nodded and the pair of them made their way over to where the other survivors had gathered.

    “Bit splashy for my taste,” Dum Dum remarked as Steve approached them. “But I can’t argue with your results.” Steve blushed dark and rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

    “I didn’t exactly have a plan,” he confessed.

    “We could tell,” Jones said dryly.

    “Either way,” Dum Dum cut in. “You came after us when nobody else would. None of us thought we were getting out of there. We owe you our lives.” The other men gathered around nodded in agreement as Steve shuffled nervously under the weight of all their collective gaze. Annoyance bubbled in Bucky’s gut as they spoke, and he cleared his throat loud enough to break everyone from the thrall of Captain America.

    “Instead of lining ourselves up to suck Steve’s dick,” he called, immediately gaining everyone’s attention. “How about we hurry up and get going? I don’t want to be here when the rest of HYDRA shows up.” Steve furrowed his brow and glanced back at Bucky as the men around him grumbled and started to move. Bucky ignored his questioning look and followed Morita over to the tank, taking a seat beside it to rest.

    It took longer than any of them would have liked to gather everyone and leave. Dead and wounded men were spread about the grounds, and despite the urgency of their situation, all the survivors silently agreed that they wouldn’t leave any of their own behind. Finally, just as the sun was starting to break the horizon, the men began their long trek back to camp.

    An eerie quiet settled over the group as they made their slow journey. Nobody spoke, unless it was to cry out for help with one of the wounded. The only other sounds that punctuated the air were the grinding of the stolen tank, the crunch of the forest floor under their boots, and the occasional call of an animal from between the trees. Everyone was jumpy, weapons aimed and at the ready at the smallest and most innocent of sounds. Bucky spent the first part of the journey atop the tank until he felt strong enough to arm himself and walk up next to Steve. Even then, he remained silent. Every so often, someone would come up and clap Steve on the shoulder or whisper a word of thanks in his ear. And every time they did, Bucky couldn’t help the nauseating feeling of jealousy that washed over him. He knew he shouldn’t. After all, Steve had saved his life too. But that itself was this problem. This wasn’t Steve. Not his Steve, anyway. His Steve was the one Bucky needed to save all the time. He was the kid who got knocked on his ass, not the one who came to everyone’s rescue. Everything was backwards. Bucky’s head was still so scrambled from everything HYDRA had done to him that he couldn’t make heads or tails of the situation. So, he chose to remain silent, stewing in the mixture of emotions until their camp came into view.

    The roar of the crowd as the missing men of the 107th returned was so loud and in such contrast to the silence of their travels that it actually made Bucky flinch. Men ran to their friends, women jumped into the arms of lovers they thought they’d lost, and Steve stood in the middle of the madness, getting patted on the back and showered with praise. He seemed not to notice much of it though. He stood toe-to-toe with a brunette that Bucky vaguely recognized, making doe eyes and talking about calling his ride. The storm of feelings Bucky had been feeling since their rescue finally settled into one pure one he could put a name to: anger. Bucky was hurt. Other men were hurt, maybe dying. But all anyone seemed to care about was that their beloved Captain America had made it home safely. He watched through narrowed eyes until his rage burned so hot he couldn’t take it anymore.


    The sergeant’s voice cut sharply through the air, killing a large portion of the conversations almost immediately. Steve turned to look at him, worry painted over the features of his face. When Bucky’s eyes met Steve’s, he felt a twisting within him. Something about the genuine concern in his eyes and the way he instinctively moved toward Bucky dissolved the anger he’d felt just seconds ago. It was replaced by an overwhelming sense of guilt. Steve had single-handedly saved all their lives. If anyone deserved one small moment of glory now, it was him.

    “Let’s hear it for Captain America!” he cried finally. His words reignited the frenzy of the crowd who cheered and whooped for the savior of the 107th. Even Bucky flashed him a bright smile, and he managed to keep it from falling off his face until Steve turned his back.

    The second Bucky was cleared by the camp doctor, he made a beeline for the nearest bar. He was determined to wash away his jealousy and guilt with as much whiskey as he could physically handle. He hated that he let himself feel so jealous of Steve. Steve, who had only done the things he’d done to save Bucky. He defied orders and took on half of HYDRA by himself on the off chance that Bucky was still alive. It was a debt that could never be repaid, and Bucky had only added to that by resenting Steve’s moment in the sun.

    “You’re a shit friend, Barnes,” he sighed, tossing back the remainder of his drink and signaling to the bartender for another.

    “I wouldn’t go that far,” a voice beside him answered. Bucky looked up just as Steve took a seat at the bar. He nodded to the bartender for a drink of his own and settled in, giving Bucky a curious look.

    “So, what makes you such a shit friend?” Steve asked. Bucky waited until he’d been given his drink and downed it in one gulp before he answered.

    “Oh, you know. Just sending my best friend into certain death so save my sorry ass,” he lied, a forced smile painted on his face. Steve chuckled and took his drink as well, turning to face him.

    “Good thing your best friend is stupid enough to do something like that,” he joked. Bucky choked out a small laugh to match his but was blissfully spared from having to continue when a woman entered the bar. He recognized her as the woman Steve spoke to when they made it back to camp, only now she was out of uniform and all dressed up. Bucky had learned her name was Agent Peggy Carter, assigned to the Army by the SSR. It was also obvious to anyone who had come within a hundred feet of them, that she was absolutely smitten with Steve. She walked toward them, and Bucky found himself mildly enamored by her. The command she exuded when she entered a room was palpable to everyone. Not a single eye in the room left her as she made her way to where Steve sat.

    “Captain,” she said, nodding slightly.

    “Agent Carter,” Steve replied, jumping up out of his seat. Bucky followed suit and offered her a small nod. From the room behind them, the voices of their drunken companions floated through the air.

    “I see your top squad is prepping for duty,” Peggy remarked. Bucky wasn’t sure what came over him but something inside him told him to take his shot with her. Steve be damned.

    “You don’t like music?” he asked, his signature smirk coloring his face. Peggy’s eyes never left Steve’s face, however, even when she answered Bucky’s question.

    “I do, actually,” she said. “I might even, when all this is over, go dancing.” Her outright refusal to even acknowledge him spurred Bucky on even more. He knew he shouldn’t, but he tried again.

    “So, what are we waiting for?” he chuckled. Again, Peggy’s adoring gaze stayed fixed on Steve’s face.

    “The right partner.” She nodded once to Steve and turned to leave the bar, giving him a time to meet with command the following morning, without so much as a glance in Bucky’s direction. The jealousy returned once more, blooming within him like the blush that was spreading across Steve’s cheeks. Girls had never ignored him for Steve before. Never. What was happening? Everything felt completely out of place as Bucky ordered himself another drink and Steve pulled himself from his lovesick stupor and joined him.

    “So,” he said, clearing his throat and fiddling with his glass. “Are you ready to follow Captain America into the jaws of battle?” Bucky said nothing. He just tossed back another drink and hated himself for feeling disgusted by Steve’s question.

    Not long after that, the work began. Thanks to the maps Bucky had seen while HYDRA held him captive, the newly formed Howling Commandos had a list of active HYDRA bases they were to target and shut down. And one by one, those targets fell. HYDRA had no idea what was coming for them, and when the doors to their bases burst open to reveal Steve and his shield, they almost had no choice but to surrender.

    After each successful takedown, the Commandos would return to thunderous applause and glory. Well, not the Commandos. Steve. The rest of the men were quickly inspected for injuries before the bulk of the attention was given to their hero, Captain America. Bucky tried, he really tried, not to let it get to him. But day after day his resentment toward his best friend grew. Nobody outside the Howling Commandos knew what Steve was really like in battle. Almost every time they arrived at a target, Steve would go barreling in half-cocked, nearly getting someone killed and leaving Bucky and the rest to clean up after him. They knew he wasn’t doing it on purpose. At least, they thought he wasn’t. Steve was just so consumed with beating HYDRA and ending the war that he didn’t think about the consequences of not thinking. It could have been forgiven if it had happened once. But it was every. Single. Time.

    Bucky’s frustration reached a boiling point as they were nearing the end of their list. The Commandos were clearing the perimeter of the latest base when Bucky spotted someone sneaking up on Steve. It was almost too easy for Bucky to pick him off from his perch among the trees. The would-be assailant fell, and Steve rounded on him when he heard the shot. He hadn’t even realized someone was there until Bucky’s sniper rifle had silenced him.

    But then.

    Bucky was releasing the spent round from the chamber and scanning the area for any last stragglers when he saw Steve turn, look directly at him, and salute. He froze in his spot, knowing it had nothing to do with the snow that surrounded him, and stared back in disbelief. Surely Steve couldn’t be that stupid. Could he? It took only a few seconds for Bucky to understand what he had seen, and when he did, he saw red. Scrambling to his feet, Bucky ran from his compromised position in search of new cover. His blood pounded in his ears as he prepared himself to give Steve a piece of his mind once they were back at camp.

    “Have you always been this stupid or did that serum they pumped into you amp that up too?” Bucky shouted, ripping back the flaps of Steve’s tent and stomping inside. Steve followed close behind, his face contorted in confusion.

    “Wait, what?” he questioned. “What are you talking about?” They had arrived back at camp a few hours ago to the usual cheers and grandeur waiting for Steve after a mission. Bucky had waited as long as he could, stewing in his anger until he snapped.

    “You fucking saluted me, Steve!” he yelled, his ire rippling through him. “While I was in position! Do you know what the purpose of a sniper is?”

    “Bucky…,” Steve began.

    “To be fucking discreet!” Bucky interrupted. “Do you know what defeats the purpose of that discretion? Looking directly at said sniper and fucking saluting him, giving away his position!”

    “I’m sorry,” Steve murmured. “I didn’t think.”

    “I know you didn’t,” Bucky snapped back. “That’s the problem.”

    “I thought it was clear!” Steve yelled, his face growing red.

    “And what if it wasn’t?” Bucky bellowed. “What if there were more men in the woods? You could have gotten us both killed, Steve!”

    “I said I was sorry,” Steve snarled, glaring across the small space at his best friend.

    “Yeah, well you should be,” Bucky spat. “From now on, why don’t you leave the hard work to the real soldiers?” Steve recoiled a bit at Bucky’s harsh words, and he looked him up and down.

    “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Steve asked, no longer trying to hide the hurt in his voice.

    “You know damn well what it means,” Bucky said. “You’re a glorified show pony, Steve. You know nothing about what we’ve been doing over here. You barely went through basic and just showed up here, running into the most dangerous shit you’ve ever imagined without the barest skeleton of a plan. The rest of us have to save your ass every time but you have no problem swooping in and soaking up all the praise for our hard work. So, from here on out, you do what we tell you when we tell you and stop going out of your way to try and get one of us killed.” Bucky didn’t bother to wait around for whatever response Steve might come up with. He stormed out and marched back to his own tent, throwing himself into bed for a fitful night of sleep.

    The anger of the fight with Steve seared into Bucky and left itself there for days after. They didn’t speak a word to each other, even during the briefing for their next mission. Both of them believed they were in the right, so neither would be the first to apologize. Even the rest of the Howling Commandos could feel the tension between them as they stood on the snowy cliffside overlooking the train tracks. There was no chatter among them except to relay the information Jones and Morita had intercepted from the radio. A top HYDRA scientist was on that train, and they were to bring him in alive. Steve, Bucky, and Gabe ziplined down to the roof, and made their way through the train in silence.

    Bucky wasn’t sure where everything went wrong. One minute they were winning, making their way toward the engine with everything going as planned. Then Steve got jumpy and ran ahead. And Bucky got himself pinned down. Suddenly, there was a hole in the side of the train and Bucky was clinging to the shredded metal for dear life.

    “Bucky! Hang on!”

    But it was too cold. The train was moving too fast. His hands slipped. And he was falling. As he fell through the air, his eyes fixed on the speeding train until it slipped through the mountains and out of view, one thought played over and over in Bucky’s mind until he lost consciousness.

    He should have saved me.

    Permanent taglist (46/50): @morningstar-joy @buckysmischief @heyhihellowhatsup0 @whitewolfandthefox @sovereignparker @dumblani @chewymoustachio @daughterofthenight117 @stuckonjbbarnes @mariaenchanted @niall2017 @aliceaddellheidde @lexy9716 @lilliannaansalla @willowtree42095 @superblyscrumptiousdonut2 @nekoannie-chan @vintagepigeon @also-fangirlinsweden @old-enough-to-know-better73 @lil-stark @wonderlandfandomkingdom @loki-leufeyson-81 @shadesofgreyngold @marvelgurl @a-daydreamers-day @rumoured-whispers @ccmarvelxx @xoxabs88xox @harpersmariano @aikeia @supraveng @dottirose @amelia-song-pond @pineprincess @redridingpants @everythingisoverrated @barnesafterglow @blizzspeaks @untraveled-road @jennmurawski13 @nerdy-bookworm-1998 @tlcwrites @mysweetlittledesire @writing-for-marvel

    Oh, Death taglist (4/25): @that-one-gay-girl​ @sweater-daddiesdumbdork​ @solarapower​ @mercyy98​

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    26.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

                     indie wonder woman / diana prince of various influences as loved by paige (promo credit)

    #dc rp#dceu rp#marvel rp#mythology rp #⌜out of character.⌟  :  shenanigans and ramblings . #self promo #briar just keeps on servin'
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    26.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    on the subject of “good queer representation” …

    “A bit of both.”

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  • philtstone
    26.10.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #truly the clowning achievement of this past year is that all of my summaries somehow involve large amts of bonky #which is frustrating bc obviously sarah is the pov character #there is my allergy flaring up again #a true proverbial lactose intolerant reliably mainlining the metaphoric cheese pizza once again #my writing #i found a dream #sarah wilson#bucky barnes #sarah x bucky #fleurdelouve #the falcon and the winter soldier #tfatws#marvel
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    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    TIM TAMS - Maddison - Shorts and Extras

    WARNING/S: none


    Divider by @firefly-graphics




    please let me know if you would like to be added to a tag list

    Maddie let's out a frustrated sigh as she searches through the fridge. She could have sworn there were a few left.

    After thoroughly searching the entire fridge she closes it with a huff before reopening it a few seconds later and searching again, hoping that they have magically reappeared.

    When her second search leaves her empty handed she switched gears, closing the fridge and yanking open the freezer.

    She likes to keep them in there sometimes, putting them in the very back to keep them hidden from Sebastian. And that's when it clicks


    "Yeah?" he calls out from his room

    "Where's the last of my Tim Tams?"


    "You ate them didn't you"



    "I'm sorry"

    "You're lucky I love you so much or we'd have a problem right about now"

    "You don't scare me Maddison" he mutters, loud enough for her to hear. She knows what he's doing. She rolls her eyes and walks over to his room

    "You wanna repeat that?" she says, standing in his doorway as he looks up from his book

    "Um, not really, no"

    "Yeah, that's what I thought... tough guy"



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  • auntie-krakcia
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    What if Disney is going to announce Eddie and Venom as their first not only gay characters, but a whole couple? After one gay movie and another very gay movie, they would made in their not at all gay movie some small wink wink hint that Eddie and Venom are maaaybeee romantically involved with each other? Who knows? Not the, they’re just joking around. Like, yeah, in “Let there be Carnage” is a whole love confession and coming out scene and they’re not denying that, but since it’s official and people know that, there’s no need to made it more clear in their safe mcu movie, right? Right. Sony weren’t a cowards and made all the work, and Disney is gonna jump on that in behind the movie materials or something, in order to cater to the queer audience. Like, hey, look, we are not denying that these two are gay and in love, but since it was already said in a previous movie, we don’t need to repeat that, right? Right. Everyones fuckin happy.

    Idk what worse, Disney straightwashing symbrock, or just straight up play on what they didn’t do. And when people would start to whine about disney and marvels gAy AgEnDa they would be just like “hey, it’s sony, not us”. (like sony would care about people not liking “Venom” gayness, lol)

    #venom#eddie brock#sony#disney#marvel#mcu #venom let there be carnage #symbrock#venom 2 #disney first gay character #but mockingly #kick that rodent in the kidneys
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  • kingoftieland
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    The “thys” have it! 💬

    #thor#thor comics#comics#comic books #comic book trivia #trivia#fun fact#fun facts#marvel#marvel comics #marvel comic books #marvel characters#marvel superheroes #comic book art #comic book panels #comic book pages #stan lee#jack kirby#shakespeare#shakespearean#dialogue #journey into mystery #the mighty thor #norse mythology#hercules #tales of asgard #dialect#speaking#talking
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  • misshoneybeewrites
    25.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    you’re my achilles heel - chapter 4 ; mosaic broken hearts - part iii

    links: ao3 + wattpad pairing: bucky barnes x original female character, previous steve rogers x original female character genre: hurt/comfort and angst, romance, smut, light fluff rating: explicit status: in progress chapter title: for the first time, what’s past is past word count: 6,764 chapter excerpt: Level-headed Maggie. Sensible Maggie. Fun-sucker Maggie. Where the fuck had she gone? Apparently, she’d packed up and left Irresponsible Maggie in charge for the night before, and that had quickly crashed and burned.

    #bucky barnes #bucky barnes x oc #bucky barnes x ofc #bucky barnes x original character #bucky barnes x original female character #mcu fanfiction#mcu fanfic#marvel fanfiction#marvel fanfic#mcu#marvel #misshoneybeewrites mosaic broken hearts #YMAH #original female character #original character #mcu original character #tfatws #the falcon and the winter soldier #captain america
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    25.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    HEADPHONES - Maddison - Shorts and Extras

    WARNING/S: Talk of panic attack, anxiety


    Divider by @firefly-graphics




    please let me know if you would like to be added to a tag list

    * set between "Breathe" and "Back To Work"

    "Hey Mads have you seen my..." Sebastian stops and sighs when he sees her "... headphones"

    She was curled up on the couch wearing his noise canceling headphones trying to self soothe what he can only assume is yet another panic attack.

    They had discovered a few weeks ago that they helped calm her when they had opted to walk to a doctors appointments instead of drive because it was only a few blocks away from their apartment building.

    It had been a big mistake. It was one of the first times she had been out in public since the attack. All the people and noise had scared her to the point that she started to panic, holding his arm in a vice like grip.

    Thinking quickly he had taken the headphones from around his neck and put them on her to help with the noise. It had worked better than he hoped it would and she had calmed right down within minutes. Now, she steals them when ever she needs to block out noise, which was almost daily.

    He leaves her, not wanting to disturb her trying to calm herself down, and goes to his room to grab a pair of earbuds.

    As he walks back into the living area, he walks in front of her to get her attention without startling her too much.

    She looks up and sees him in his running gear. She takes his headphones off and tries to hand them to him but he stops her

    "No no, it's ok. I'll use these" he tells her holding up the earbuds


    "It's OK"

    Maddie sighs at him. She feels bad using his headphone all the time, even though she knows he doesn't mind.

    "Are you going to be gone long?"

    "An hour max. I can stay if you want"

    "No, it's OK"

    "Alright. You know the drill. You need me, call. No matter what it is"

    "I know. Have a good run"

    "I will"

    As soon as he walked out the door he pulled his phone out and ordered her a pair of headphones for Christmas.



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  • siriusmuggle
    25.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Hello! So...yeah...😁 I updated my Tony Stark/ofc, Save Tonight, over on Archive of our own! I'm so excited. Didn't think I'd get a chance to update it this weekend but here we are! If you get a chance to read it, hope you enjoy! ❤

    @patheticallysentimental @misspoisonouslove @amanda-wilkie @nxjknxj @lust-discipline @serrabloodsong @creationcitystreet-em @im-so-madd @fordloveofstark @lonnie234557829858

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  • okamiyami93
    25.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Mirlena X Loki: From Foe to Friend


    This is the continuation from "An Unexpected Sparring Partner," I didn't want to go too into detail with their training sessions because it would just end up being a bunch of lengthy unnecessary reading. To sum up for now, though, Mirlena uses bladed Tonfa as her weapons of choice.


    Over the span of several weeks, Loki and Mirlena had become well acquainted with one another, constantly training to prepare Mirlena for the field. She asked and asked, consistently pestering Stark, begging him to discuss it with Director Fury, but he never obliged. Most days, he would simply tell her "no," and pat her on the shoulder before retreating to Banner's shared laboratory. It was doubly frustrating that, along with being consistently denied the chance to help outside of the tower by Stark, even Thor and Banner had started agreeing with him.

    Thor had even made the mistake of referring to her as a "princess," which, while clearly meant as a compliment and said in hopes that she would assume she was regal and shouldn't be subjected to such tedious things as missions, deeply offended her and earned him a hard punch in the face. Sure, it earned some scolding from the rest of the team, but it made her feel better, and it got a laugh out of the burly God's younger brother.

    It was from then on that Loki became softer with Mirlena. Instead of keeping her pinned for prolonged periods of time when she failed to attack him first during their training sessions, he would only pin her for a moment, before helping her back into fighting stance. Rather than scoffing at her for any signs of incompetence in her battle skills, he began giving her friendly tips on how to increase her agility, and fake out an enemy to give an opening for attack. Within a span of a month, she was almost as quick and cunning as he was, save for the fact that she could never measure up completely solely because she was mortal, and Loki actually felt proud. He had made this excuse for a fighter into an exceptional opponent, and, given her weapon preference, gifted her a pair of hand crafted, double crescent bladed tonfa.

    "Loki," she gasped loudly upon his presentation of the gift, "Y-you...you didn't have to get these for me...!"

    He furrowed his brows, slightly withdrawing the gift before handing it to her.

    "Ah-ah," he replied, clicking his tongue at her. "I did not GET them, I CRAFTED them."

    Shock washed over Mirlena's face even more than it had been present before. Her jaw dropped ever so slightly, leaving her mouth barely agape, and her eyes widened.

    "You MADE these for me!?" She exclaimed, practically jumping with joy as she squealed at the notion of him being so impressed that he felt compelled to make her a gift. Then, she stopped, seeing that he had begun to smile and not being certain if it was genuine, or mischievous. "Wait...I thought you hated me."

    Loki continued to hold the blades out to her, sighing heavily as he rolled his eyes.

    "I did," he began, exhaling. "But you were irritating at the beginning. You're....somewhat tolerable now that you've started taking my advice to heart."

    Mirlena positively beamed at him. He was a jackass sometimes, but he was definitely a GOOD jackass. She had initially thought him to be some malicious God, but, as it turned out, he was anything but that. He was simply so accustomed to solitude that he didn't know how best to interact with yet another human, who most likely thought the worst of him, despite his change of ways. Well, MOST of his changes, at least. He was still as mischievous as he'd always been, he simply did much less betraying, and was becoming fairly helpful to the team.

    Mirlena gently took the blades from Loki's hands, her fingertips lightly grazing his own as she did so, causing him to glance down at them. It was brief, but somehow, it felt like electricity shot through them. Mirlena stepped back, gripping the handles of the bladed tonfa, and letting loose a few swipes. She was graceful with them, twirling them skillfully, sidestepping and showing off her movements before retreating to a nearby bench to set the blades down. Loki followed, hands behind his back, his stride slow and steady, before he was caught off guard and nearly knocked over by a charging Mirlena. Her body slammed against his, an "oof" leaving his mouth as he realized she wasn't knocking him over. She'd thrown her arms up, over his broad shoulders and around his neck, and it dawned on him that she was HUGGING him.

    His arms were barely outstretched in surprise, and his eyes were wide. He said nothing, but consistently, Mirlena could feel his arms moving. He wasn't sure what to do, and as a result, his arms went from almost around her, to back at his sides, and so on. Loki had only ever been hugged by his mother, father, and brother, so to have some mortal do it threw him off.

    Releasing her hold on him, Mirlena stepped back, surveying his face which was still heavy with shock. She giggled, shaking her head and brining a hand to her face.

    "You don't have to hug me back," she reassured him, at which point his body became a little less stiffened. "I'm just expressing my gratitude, that's all."

    Loki let out a soft, nervous chuckle, and made eye contact with her again, feeling much less pressured now to express the same amount of physical affection. He muttered a barely audible "thank you," before turning on his heel per the usual, and striding out of the training room, only this time, his gait was far more clumsy than usual. He moved quickly to retreat, only serving to amuse Mirlena more. She would let it slide for now, given that her training was finished, and that was only possible thanks to him.

    The next few weeks were as ordinary as they could be, aside from newly developing changes in her interactions with Loki. Stark was busy going over business deals with Pepper, Banner and Natasha were practically glued together in his lab as he went over different pieces of research he was conducting in regards to his other self, Steve seemed to never stop working out, Peter was busy with school, and Hawkeye was...well, he was just Hawkeye.

    The only real difference was that after 4 days, the two Gods had not been present in the tower. Three more days passed, and Thor was to be returning from a trip to New Asgard, one he took with Loki, and Mirlena found herself fairly excited. She'd asked Thor if he could bring back some sort of souvenir for her, which resulted in a loud laugh from the God. He patted her on the shoulder, a little more roughly than he may have realized, and told her that he would be happy to, provided he remembered. Loki had overheard her request, and rolled his eyes at his brother's response, somehow knowing that he would forget.

    When the two returned, Mirlena had been reading an article on her phone about an old research lab that she knew all too well being set for demolition a year from now, and she was so engulfed in her reading that she was easily scared by an item being plopped down on the table in front of her. Seated within the commons room, she looked up from her phone to find a beautiful silver brooch, adorned with rubies. The hand which had placed it before her was all too familiar, and Mirlena looked up to see Loki's towering figure before her. He was looking straight at her, before taking a seat in the chair diagonal to her and leaning back.

    "Thor wouldn't have recalled your request, so I thought it best to make the effort since you seemed so adamant about it." He said, voice softer than she was used to. He was observing her, waiting for a reaction. She took the brooch in her hands and examined it closely, with awe.

    "It's beautiful," she breathed, smiling as she turned it around. "Is it called something special?"

    "Sølje," he replied, crossing his arms. "It is to your liking, then?"

    Mirlena nodded profusely, her grin widening. Loki barely smiled, not wanting to show how pleased he was that she was satisfied with yet another gift he'd provided. Granted, this one WAS purchased, but it still seemed to mean something to her, and that was what counted. Loki wanted so badly to have a friend in this place, other than his brother, and Mirlena quickly seemed to be becoming that for him. They'd sit together fairly often, usually both reading in silence, but the company had gone from annoying, to pleasing. When everyone else was gone on missions, he'd elect to stay behind with Mirlena, who was still being denied the option to go with them. He engaged in conversation with her here and there about everything and nothing, and the two quickly became nigh inseparable, so this souvenir was the least he could do to show his gratitude.

    "Thank you for remembering, Loki." Mirlena practically whispered, prompting the god to lean forward, resting his elbows on the table and placing one of his hands over the other.

    "Come again?" He urged, although he'd already heard her. Mirlena knew he was just trying to bask in the glory of her gratitude now, but she decided to humor him.

    "I said thank you for remembering," Mirlena repeated, cupping the side of his face with one hand before playfully and gently pinching the flesh on his cheek. His smile turned into a scowl, and he swatted her hand away with indignance. Mirlena cackled louder than she had intended, bringing her hand back to cover her mouth and stifle her laughter. Just as Loki was about to stand and storm away, Mirlena calmed herself and took hold of his forearm. "Don't go! I couldn't help myself, you tease me every chance you get. It was kind of my turn, but I really do like the...uh...the...erm..." She began stumbling over the pronunciation of the brooch she was given.

    Loki let out a breathy laugh through his nose.

    "Sølje, you silly woman," he finished for her, knowing there was no hope in her calling it by its proper name. "The word you were looking for was sølje."

    "Yes, that!" She snapped her fingers and pointed directly at him, as if she had recalled the name all on her own. "Although..."

    Loki's brows furrowed together. "Although?"

    Mirlena gave him a sly look, moving closer to him to nudge his arm with her elbow. He stared at her, confused, before she began to once again tease him.

    "This sure seems like a gift that a gentleman caller would give to the woman he's wooing," she purred, smirking and flitting her lashes at him, feigning innocence. "Loki, do you like me? You do, don't you?" She jested, earning the biggest eye roll she'd ever seen from him.

    "Stop that," he commanded. "It's nothing of the sort, I'm simply trying to be a decent friend."

    Mirlena gasped, backing off from him a bit.

    "Did...you just call yourself my...--"

    He cut her off, his pointer finger silencing her.

    "Don't," Loki hissed. "You don't need to make a spectacle of it."

    Mirlena bounced up and down in her chair, and purposefully began to shout, which drew Thor's attention.


    Her shouting was stopped by Loki's hand, which quickly covered her mouth to silence her. Thor was watching now in amusement at the pair, smiling wide. Loki noticed this, and shook his head at his brother. He was about to say something snarky, when he felt warm wetness on his palm, and he froze. Following the feeling were feminine giggles, and Loki slowly turned his head to grimace at Mirlena. She'd licked the inside of his hand, knowing he'd pull it away from her mouth if she did so, and just as she'd suspected, it worked.

    Loki hastily withdrew his hand, eyes darting from the wet spot on his palm to Mirlena. He made a noise of disgust, his face twisting as he wiped the saliva off with a napkin handed to him by Thor in between his thunderous laughter.

    "That's abhorrent, I'm appalled you'd even THINK of doing such a thing to a God like myself!" Loki shouted at her, although he seemed to be on the verge of cackling himself. She was just as mischievous as he. Milena simply smiled and rested her chin apon the table.

    "Welcome to being my friend."


    So, I'm still in excruciating back pain, BUT I got bored and wanted to write more, so HERE WE ARE. The next part should hopefully have some of that flirtatious banter between the two. If you read this, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyedM

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