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    27.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ⚡ COMING UP NEXT cynoimpact! ⚡

    We're so delighted to have Eiv join us on the project, thank you and we look forward to working with you!

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    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    looking to make some new mutuals :) if you post any content for the following reblog this post and i’ll check out your account <3

    it chapter 1 & 2


    marvel cinematic universe

    stranger things

    horror movies / shows in general

    moodboards / aesthetics in general

    #it chapter 1 #it chapter one #it chapter 2 #it chapter two #it fandom#riverdale #marvel cinematic universe #stranger things#horror movies#horror#aesthetic
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    26.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    me during Shang-Chi:

    #shang chi and the ten rings #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #shang chi #wong dr strange #mcu #marvel cinematic universe #mcufam#mcu fandom#marvel fandom#marvel films#marvel mcu
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    26.09.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #marvel cinematic universe #mcu #fandom life confessions
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  • loveanimehatereality
    26.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Fairy Tail #384 - Not counting the actual ones in the water. o.o Looking at Minerva. ~ LoveAnimeHateReality

    #anime#manga#otaku#fairy tail #the grand magic games #tournament arc#Aquarius#manga meme#meme#natsu dragneel#lucy heartifilla#gray fullbuster#Erza Scarlet #Happy the cat #wendy marvell #fairy tail meme #fairy tail fans #fairy tail manga #fairy tail fandom
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  • immersed-in-mischief
    26.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Prince Charming- (Loki x Reader) Part 8 FINAL

    It all comes down to this! The story of Loki and his Ladybug gets wrapped up here but I’m already planning some fluffy one shots to balance out all the angst of this week! After that, I already have another series in the works with the man himself, Tom Hiddleston! I could always use some more ideas though, so if there is anything you would like to see, please feel free to send me an Ask or a message. 

    Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7

    Summary: With the identity of his princess finally revealed, where will you and Loki go from here? 

    Mischief Makers: @ruiningthe1975 @valiantvoidpoetry @nms224 @youlightmeupfinn @salempoe @lokiprompts @oasiswithmyg​ @saltandapepper​ @chwlogy​ @clockblobber @locht3ssmonster​ @mad4marvelloki​

    Later that night, you returned to your room to get ready for bed. As you turned on the light, Loki was sitting on the couch across the room.

    “Damn it Loki! Creep much?! You scared me half to death!”

    When he didn’t respond, you looked over at him again. The discarded ball gown lay in the floor at his feet, and he held the mask you had worn in his hands. You stood in silence and waited for him to say something.

    “It was you… “

    He looked up at you with tears in his eyes.

    “Was it all just some cruel joke?”

    Loki watched as you crossed your arms over your chest and closed your eyes. Your voice cracked as you spoke.

    “… I could ask you the same thing, Loki.”

    He stood and tightly gripped the mask in his fist.

    “I thought you were my best friend! Why didn’t you tell me?!”

    Your angry tears surprised him as you approached him and stabbed his chest with your finger.

    ”EXACTLY! I was your best friend! I stood by your side for years, Loki! Years! One stupid mask and you didn’t know me? I guess in a way you never knew me. I shouldn’t have to tell you anything. You should have seen that it was me the second you saw me at the top of the stairs or at least when I spoke. The entire night I waited for it to click for you. I called you by your name. I hinted. I even called you Mischief. I was the fool who actually fell in love with you while trying to fall out of love with you in the first place. If you think I’m actually capable of doing all of this to be cruel, you never did know me at all…”

    Loki stood and tried to process what you had just said.

    “Wait… you fell in love while falling out of love? What does that even mean?”

    You sat down on your bed and hugged your pillow to your chest and wiped away your tears with the back of your hands.

    “I had been in love with you for a really long time, Lohk. Everyone could see it but you. I was just your sidekick. Eventually, I started to realize that you were never going to love me back and it hurt. When Nat talked about the chat room, I created a username to watch what was being said. That’s when I came across Chaos. He had just been someone to talk to when I couldn’t sleep until one day you told me you met someone. I pulled away to give myself some space to get over you and Chaos was there. The longer I talked to him, the more feelings developed until Nat and Wanda talked me into inviting him to the party in the kitchen on movie night. When you didn’t care at all that I was talking to someone, I decided to let you go and be okay with where things were going with Chaos.”

    His eyes met yours and they were softer now.

    “So, I was your Boy Toy all along? I did care about you seeing someone, Bug. Honestly, I was even jealous of him. You became so distant and I missed you but you seemed happy. I didn’t want to ruin that for you.”

    This entire thing was difficult for him to wrap his mind around. Loki tried to see it all play out from your perspective.

    “Let me get this straight. You’ve had feelings for me this entire time? I’ve never just been your best friend? How could I have missed this? I was losing you to someone else and I didn’t even realize I had you to begin with, Bug. Why didn’t you say something at the ball when you saw it was me?”

    “I already knew. You told me without realizing you did.”

    He searched his memories until it came to him.

    “The costume… I told you I was Prince Charming that afternoon. I sent the photograph to you?”

    “Exactly. You talked about meeting her as Prince Charming. Your helmet was in the background of the picture I took. I knew the second you sent the picture to me. That’s why I was late that night. I almost didn’t go through with it… Part of me wondered if it would be easier to stand you up and you wouldn’t never know it was me. Apparently I worried about me showing up as her for nothing...”

    He was finally beginning to understand the pain and hurt you felt.

    “Instead, you came, and I didn’t recognize you…”

    You nodded and buried your face into the pillow as the two of you sat in silence.

    “I can’t imagine how much that must have hurt you. I’ve been so stupid this entire time. I’m so sorry, Bug… No wonder you felt invisible. I truly never saw you even when you were right in front of me the entire time. Is that why you’ve been so upset? Because I didn’t realize it was you?”

    Loki watched as you lifted your head to look at him with fresh tears in your eyes. You stared into him as you repeated his words back to him.

    “A meaningless interaction…”

    Loki’s face flashed with confusion until he placed it. His words slammed into him. Like a complete fool, he had dismissed your evening together directly to you without a care in the world. His comment must have broken your heart all over again. You had been treated so horribly and didn’t deserve any of the pain he had caused you. No wonder you were done with him. He leaned against his knees and held his head in his hands.

    “You told me my feelings would be returned ten fold, Loki... I trusted you.”

    He remembered the moment he told you those words. It was just before you invited him to the ball. The night he realized how quickly he was falling love with you. You had been scared and he reassured you that he would be there to catch you. 

    “Because you had been hurt before by someone that hadn’t felt the same... You were talking about me? I was the one who hurt you. I guaranteed you then hurt you again.”

    “I waited years for you to kiss me, Loki. That night was magical for me. Everything I had wanted for long so was finally coming true. I was stupid enough to believe that you had fallen in love with me. That it would be okay this time. I was your princess. Dove. Darling. My Love. My fairy tale moment. All of it meant nothing to you. Some fling you had online. You said it yourself. Even when you didn’t know it was me, it was still meaningless to you. So… I came full circle and let you go all over again. I had to stop loving you once and for all. Except this time, I no longer had a best friend… if I ever did in the first place. I’m not sure if I meant anything to you at all.“

    He looked up at you and his tears matched yours now. You watched as Loki crossed the room to sit on your bed in front of you and took both of your hands into his.

    “No, Bug. It meant everything to me. After she…you… told me that you accepted me as I was then you disappeared on me, it broke my heart. I was just hurt and wanted to protect myself from everyone, including my best friend. I’m so sorry it took me falling in love with you through words to finally see what I had in front of me all along. I’m nothing without you. I’m so sorry I never saw you, Ladybug.”

    Loki reached up and held your face in the palms of his hands.

    “I’m so sorry I was so foolish. I should have seen you. I should have never hurt you. You never deserved to be treated that way. You’re my whole world, Bug. I’ve taken you for granted for so long, but I’ll do better. Just please give me the chance to prove it to you. I love you so much. I think I’ve loved you all along and never even realized it myself. There is no excuse for my actions. I don’t know how I didn’t see you that night, but I see you now. I see all of you and all the ways you’ve been showing me love all along. Please give me another chance to prove to you how much you mean to me, even if I don’t deserve it. Can you ever forgive me, Darling?”

    You finally saw the recognition in his eyes that you longed for. You stared into the green you’d been lost in so many times before and only saw you. Nobody else. His heart was yours.

    “I guess so, Mischief, since you asked so nicely. But you better make it worth it for me. There were plenty of other men in that chat room that would do damn near anything to date an Avenger. Apparently, I’m a catch...”

    Loki narrowed his eyes at you before letting out a loud growl. He grabbed the pillow from your arms and threw it behind him before pulling you into his lap. Your yelp of surprise was quickly silenced when his lips captured yours. His hands held you close to him before they gently traveled around your waist and stroked up your back until his fingers laced themselves in your hair. Your legs locked around his waist while you held his face to yours. The fireworks you felt that night were even more intense when he returned the love you had held for him. You let yourself drown in the taste and feel of him. When he broke the kiss to trail gentle ones across your jaw and down your throat, it tickled and made you laugh.

    “How could I have possibly not recognized that laugh until today, My Love? It’s always been you. It’s only ever been you…”

    You smiled and pulled his lips back to yours. With each short kiss, you could feel his lips curl into a smile against yours. Pulling back slightly, you held your face just far enough away to make him chase your lips as you whispered against them.

    “I love you, Loki.”

    He stared into your eyes and gently tucked a strand of hair out of your face.

    “I love you too, Ladybug. So very much…”

    He tried to give you another kiss, but you pulled further back away from him to tease him. With a frustrated sigh, he pulled you tightly against him and flipped you off his lap to pin you under him against the bed. Now that he finally had you, he was never letting you go again.

    #loki smut#loki fluff#loki laufeyson#loki fanfic#loki fandom#loki angst #tom hiddleston smut #tom hiddleston fluff #tom hiddleston angst #tom hiddleston fanfic #tom hiddleston fanfiction #marvel#prince charming #friends to lovers
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    26.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I'm looking for new ppl to follow so if u like anything that's tagged on here interact w this post and I'll follow u :)

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  • lipstickwriter
    26.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Every fandom, but especially the mcu fans, needs to understand something really important

    Favorite DOES NOT equal best.

    Repeat after me

    Favorite does not equal best

    You are allowed to have a favorite movie or character that you don't think is the best.

    Your favorite anything is inherently subjective.

    My favourite mcu movie is not the same as what I think is the best mcu movie.

    My favorite movie is based purely on vibe. For favorite, I don't care for objective thing like how good the actors are, how complex the plot is, the picture and cinematography

    My favorite movie is the one that makes my heart beat faster, that brings tears to my eyes, that has the most compelling story FOR ME, which is entirely based on my experience, on what I need to see, on what I relate to.

    I love team up scenes. Scenes where all the heroes finally gets together to fight. That makes The Avengers one of my favorite movies (also cause it's the first I watched, I'm emotionally attached to it). That doesn't mean I think it's the best mcu movie.

    Because favorite does not equal best.

    Same goes for characters. My favorite characters are the ones I relate to, the ones I understand, the ones I cry for, the ones I turn to when I'm struggling. That is all deeply subjective and personal. You won't have the same fav characters as I do, and that's okay, because we don't have the experience.

    There are character that I think are so good and interesting. They're good characters, among the best. But not my fav. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate them.

    Your favorite does not have to be the best.

    And you don't have to argue and defend your favourite anything. Because it's subjective, it's your taste, your vibe check, your experience

    And that's okay

    And you also don't have to attack anyone who doesnt have the same fav movie or character as you cause it's fucking annoying

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  • daughter-of-sea-and-wisdom
    26.09.2021 - 17 hours ago

    What if in some pure fucking irony Jane broke up with Thor because she found out she had cancer and she pushed him away so he wouldn't have to see her sick and dying.

    And now she is Thor.

    #marvel#mcu #marvel cenimatic universe #marvel thor#thor 4 #thor 4 love and thunder #jane foster#thor odinson #the mighty thor #lady thor#fosterson #i can hear the fandom coming
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  • bellarti
    26.09.2021 - 17 hours ago

    How to trigger two fanbases

    Shigaraki’s quirk X Urararka’s quirk? 🤔

    #mr stark i dont feel so good #mha#mha fanart#mha fandom#izuocha #izuku x ochako #mcu#peter parker#spiderman#iron man#tony stark #my hero academia #marvel #boku no hero manga #boku no hero academia #deku#urakara ochako #deku x ochako #ochako#bnha ochako#izuku fanart#bnha#bnha art#bellarti
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  • aportal-inthedeep
    26.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Dude I don't know how tumblr works any more, how do I filter out all the smut?? 🤨👀👁👁👀😳

    Like you use to just put on safe lock or whatever n boom family friendly content but now the smut n like aren't tagged n I'm trying to find the wholesome headcanons n fun friendship sh*t n instead I find kink upon kink, like why are there so many n why do they continuously get creeper n creeper!! Parent kink thing seriously why is there so much, y'all got issues with your parents seriously?? I''ll deal with that in a none sexual way thanks. Also there's a part of me that feels wrong for not digging all the smut like it's too much.

    I've been on Tumblr years n I still don't know how to block tags or whatever!! It's getting worse since the purge...😨

    Also why are there so many stalker fics nowadays??? Also dubious consent is concerning... Lack of consent in fiction isn't ok, reading fiction helps shape people's ideas of love and romance n s.e.x and when you have p.o.r.n n fanfiction so full of violence, no safety measures, no consent or respect well that's really not gonna be healthy or helpful !!! Sometimes kink shaming is good before a fantasy doesn't do it for them anymore...!😨🤢😡 Also please why do wattpad people love all the stalking sh*t n now it's prevalent on here too ??

    Where's all the cute platonic love???? Where the friendship n found family, also instead of fics f****** the baddies/villains why not a believable redemption arc all about mental health n healing?? 😩😟 I just keep coming across so much dark n creepy n smutty fics it's getting to me... yes I know I need to tag block or whatever but it's bl**dy concerning for the future, the youth don't listen, they read all that stuff!! I was the youth I know...

    Curiosity didn't kill the cat, it scarred the cat (plus cats have multiple lives). The cat is me. 💀🐱

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  • ragnarachael
    26.09.2021 - 19 hours ago
    #rachael’s void speaks back #like i mean if you’re cool with non marvel fic i can so drop the link #but BRO literally this fic i #rachael hasn’t been reading for marvel recently or any tom hiddleston stuff #if you read my tags and notice the non marvel things you can probably guess the fandom #i’m very easy to crack #nsft post#nsft text #GOD IM LIKE DEADASS SCARED TO POST THIS SJDJDJ
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  • giftedyoungster3000
    26.09.2021 - 20 hours ago

    I have no idea if I’m a good writer or not. Like while I’m writing it’s absolutely trash but when I come back a few weeks or so later it’s kinda good. But I’m to scared to post anything and I procrastinate to much to finish my fics. Aughhhh

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  • maxinities
    26.09.2021 - 21 hours ago

    i love seeing spiderman but i love it a little less when its mcu spiderman

    #.text #spidey #mcu spiderman........... sigh #worst rendition of spidey ever but i do appreciate the lengths the fandom has gone through to make it good #like ive read a lot of fics. in like. fuck. 2018? i went through the entire ao3 tag. Ive Read A Lot Of Ficd #and how some people Fix the marvel universe is good. but i judt cant get over how BAD mcu spiderman is #they took all the good parts of spiderman and then threw it away #anyways here is where i say spiderman ps4 is peak modern spiderman and in this essay i will
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  • a-slytherinish-gryffindor
    26.09.2021 - 22 hours ago

    It Was An Accident!

    Chapter 1

    Hadrien James Potter suddenly appeared in the arrival portkey sector in the American Ministry of Magic. He quickly exited the terminal and began his hunt for a place to live.

    Several hours later, he had found a small, cozy partially furnished apartment in the city of Queens, New York. He unpacked and began decorating and changing his new apartment to fit his tastes.

    Across the hall, Peter Parker had just arrived home from his high school, Midtown School of Science and Technology.

    “Hey Pete, good news!” greeted his Aunt May while cooking dinner.

    “Hey Aunt May! Dinner smells great! What's the news?”

    “Thanks! Well… the landlord, Mr. Keats you remember him (Peter nods), was in the building earlier and you know how rare that is. (Another nod) So, when I asked him what he was doing here he told me that we have a new neighbor! Apparently, he moved from overseas and he’s only 16 years old!”

    “Oh that's nice.” responded Peter.

    “Anyway” continued May, “I wanted to invite him over for dinner and offer to show him the local places!”

    “That's a great idea, Aunt May!”

    “Good. Now, go and introduce yourself to him, as far as I know, he’s still home.”

    “Wait now!?”

    “Yes now! Now go. And tell him dinner will be ready in half an hour!” said May as she shooed Peter out the door.


    Peter took a breath to compose himself because he was nervous about meeting the new neighbor. What if he was a jerk like Flash? thought Peter. Let's just get on with it…. Peter knocked and stepped back. Maybe he’s not home... thought Peter. After another moment he heard a voice inside answer him, “Coming!”

    The door opened, but that was not what rendered Peter speechless. The teen who opened the door did. He was tall, tanned, and slightly muscular. He had dark unruly hair, a curious scar, and the most gorgeous electric green eyes. And when he spoke, Peter could easily tell he was a foreigner, possibly from Europe. I’ll have to ask... he mused.


    Peter quickly shook himself out of his thoughts and answered, “O-oh, um hi! I’m Peter, Peter Parker. My Aunt and I live across the hall, Number 12. We’re your neighbors!” he said, then immediately flushed. His neighbor's eyes were filled with mirth at his stuttered introduction.

    “Well Peter, it’s very nice to meet you. I’m Hadrien James Potter-Black, but most people call me Harry or Adrien.”

    “Hey, um I don’t mean to be rude but where are you from Harry?”

    “Oh, noticed my accent did you?” teased Harry, “I’m from Surrey, England, not too far from London.”

    “That's nice! Anyway, my Aunt May wanted me to invite you over for dinner today. Unless you’re busy of course...”

    “I'll come. I actually haven’t eaten since last night. Let me grab a few things and I’ll be right out Peter.”

    “Yeah okay…”

    As Harry grabbed his things, Peter zoned out to go over the information he knew about his new neighbor and came to the conclusion that he already had a small crush on the teen. He pulled out his phone and texted his friend and mentor (as well as a father figure) Tony Stark.



    5:57 pm

    Mr. Stark, I won’t be patrolling today, we have a new neighbor and he’s coming over for dinner.

    《Mr. Stark

    5:58 pm

    Don’t worry about it kid, let me know how it goes.


    5:58 pm

    ok, bye!

    《Mr. Stark

    5:58 pm

    See ya kid


    As Peter put away his phone, Harry was locking the door.

    “Number 12?” asked Harry.

    “Yep, May’s expecting us.”

    “Lead on.”

    “Yep. Yep, okay, let's go.” said Peter awkwardly while Harry stifled a laugh.

    Peter led Harry to his apartment and as soon as they entered, May descended on Harry, hugging him and talking a mile a minute while Peter slipped away to shower.

    “You must be the new neighbor! It’s so nice to meet you! I’m Peter's Aunt May, you can just call me May! Dinner’s almost ready! What’s your name sweetie?”

    “It’s very nice to meet you as well, Mrs. Parker,” said Harry. “I’m Hadrien Potter-Black, but most call me Harry.”

    “Well Harry, welcome to our humble abode, and please call me May.”

    “Your home is very lovely Mrs. Par- er... May.”

    “I take it you’ve met Peter, right?”

    “Yes May, he was very charming.”

    “Good! Now sit down so we can eat dinner. Peter!” called May, since Peter went to shower while May and Harry were talking, “Dinner’s ready!”


    Peter exited his room and when he entered the kitchen Harry could still see droplets of water on his hair and rolling down his neck. Harry quickly averted his eyes and sat down before Peter could notice him looking.

    Dinner was a calm affair. May had cooked more than enough food, and Harry had felt comfortable enough to ask for seconds. At one point during dinner, Peter had begun to ask questions about Harry and found out that he had never watched Star Wars.

    “What do you mean you’ve never seen Star Wars?!?!”

    “Exactly that. I haven’t.”

    “Please tell me you have at least seen Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit!”

    “...The what?”

    “That's it, you’re coming over and watching them all with me and my friends.”


    “Hold on let me text them…



    6:53 pm

    Hey guys, Ive got a new neighbor, hes 16 and has never seen Star Wars. Can u guys come over 2 take his Star Wars virginity w/ me?

    《Guy in the Chair

    6:53 pm


    《Guy in the Chair

    6:54 pm



    6:54 pm

    Whatever nerds


    6:55 pm

    ...is that a yes mj?


    6:55 pm


    《Guy in the Chair

    6:56 pm

    will b there asap


    6:56 pm




    gr8, we’ll get it set up. c u in soon




    “My friends Ned and MJ are on their way! They’ll be here in about 15 minutes to help me take your Star Wars virginity!”

    “My WHAT!?” exclaimed Harry, who was blushing furiously. They both heard May laughing in the kitchen.

    “Your virginity. Shit! Wait no- I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean that like that! I meant that since you haven’t watched any of the movies you’re practically a virgin! Oh my god, I’m making this so much worse…” At this point, May was howling with laughter and Harry’s head was in his hands, to try and hide how red his face was. Peter was texting Ned and MJ “help!!!” and they texted back that they were at the door and began to knock. When they heard the knock, Harry lifted his still red face curiously while May finished cleaning the kitchen and left the apartment after giving the still red Harry and Peter a brief hug and a “See you boys later!” and leaving for work, as well as opening the door for Ned and MJ.

    “Peter! We have arrived to help you take your neighbors Star Wars virginity!” announced Ned

    “That sounds wrong, loser.” deadpanned MJ.

    “Hey guys, May just left so we have the apartment to ourselves.” said Peter.

    “Where’s your new neighbor?” asked Ned

    “He’s coming in a second.” said Peter as Harry entered the living room.

    “Oh, Peter are these your friends?”

    “Yep, this is Ned, my Guy in the Chair (“nice” commented Harry) and this is MJ, the scary and sarcastic president of the Academic Decathlon team (“scary?” asked Harry. “You’ll see.” answered Ned) and ninety percent of my impulse control. Guys, this is Hadrien Potter-Black but he says that everyone calls him Harry. (“sup loser.” said MJ “Nice to meet you!” said Ned)

    “So, Star Wars?” asked Ned.

    “Star Wars” agreed Peter.

    "I'll get the snacks," said Hadrien

    As Harry went to get the snacks, Ned leaned towards Peter and quietly asked, “What’s with your faces?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Dude…” drawled Ned, “I mean that both your and Harry’s faces are red...  and we both know that you’re gay.”

    MJ started laughing while Peter squawked and turned a magnificent red. (At the moment, he regretted having come out to both Ned and MJ a few months ago since they hadn't left him alone about potential love interests since.)

    “Is everything alright in here?” asked Harry as he reentered with snacks.

    “Yep! Come on Harry! Let’s take your virginity!” said Ned while looking directly at Peter. MJ just looked amused while Harry began turning red again.

    After a minute, all teens settled down and began to watch the movie while eating snacks. After another movie, Peter and Harry both fell asleep and Ned and MJ began getting ready to leave.

    “Should we just leave them there?”

    “How should I know, loser?” answered MJ

    “I have an idea though… obviously Peter likes him and it’s possible that Harry likes Peter back so, maybe we should move them together so they can sleep together.” said Ned

    “If they get mad you’ll be taking the blame.”

    “Okay! Come on and help me- and don’t forget to take a picture!”

    “Whatever loser”


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  • theenbyagenda
    26.09.2021 - 23 hours ago

    mysterio: *plans entire scheme to use tony’s drones for bad stuff*

    a hormonal teenager: i’m about to end this man’s whole career

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  • themultiverseheroines
    26.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Open Fandom RP (to all fandoms)

    “Tony and the others told me to take Halloween off. To not go out to do any hero work, unless the police can’t handle it and unless she’s needed. So, I decided to use this chance to pick up some horror movies and watch them. Care to join me, unless your scared?”

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  • actual-writing-for-once
    25.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Okay so I do writing requests!

    What I won’t write:

    -no incest or pedo shit

    What I will write:


    -head canons

    -character x character(certain ships)

    - character x reader(he/him or they/them pronouns only)

    -platonic as well as romantic fics

    -probably more that I’m forgetting but just ask if you’re not sure

    Fandoms/characters I write for:

    -apex legends


    -stardew valley


    -Star Wars

    -helluva boss/Hazbin hotel

    -most slashers(esp the Sinclairs)

    -again just ask if ur not sure

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