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    03.12.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    ᴡʜʏ ᴅᴏɴ’ᴛ ʏᴏᴜ ᴄʀʏ | 𝐦𝐜𝐮 -𝑙𝑢𝑐𝑦 ℎ𝑒𝑎𝑟𝑡𝑓𝑖𝑙𝑖𝑎

    ❝ Leo, if you disappear, then Aries, myself, and everyone here will be filled with sadness! You won’t be repenting your sin that way! ❞

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  • superspookyjanelle
    03.12.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    ᴡʜʏ ᴅᴏɴ’ᴛ ʏᴏᴜ ᴄʀʏ | 𝐦𝐜𝐮 - 𝑛𝑎𝑠ℎ𝑖 𝑑𝑟𝑎𝑔𝑛𝑒𝑒𝑙

    ❝ Don’t judge me unless you have looked through my eyes, experienced what I went through, and cried as many tears as me. Until then back-off, cause you have no idea what I have done to get here. ❞

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  • bxcketbarnes
    03.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Ask Her Out

    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

    Words: 2000+

    First fic under the new name! Boy, was it a process to change all of my links... my shoulders now hurt lmfao. Anyway, I got the inspiration for this fic after seeing the gif set of Bucky’s expression after Yori told him to ask out the waitress, and this is what we got! I hope you all enjoy it and please let me know what you think <3

    "You should ask her out," Yori mentions before shoving the piece of sushi into his mouth.

    Bucky's gaze moves to the older man and gives him an incredulous look. "No, I shouldn't. She doesn't need someone like me ruining her life," he tells the older man.

    "Shouldn't you let her decide that?" He asks before glancing over his shoulder. Your eyes meet Yori's and you give him a small smile. "I think she'd be good for you."

    The super-soldier hums in response and glances back towards you, an itch of a smile coming to his lips. A loud laugh erupts from you as the girl you're with tells you some story.

    "I don't know. I'll think about it, Yori," Bucky mutters while tapping his fork against the plate in front of him.

    The older gentleman pats Bucky on the shoulder before standing up from his seat. "I'll be right back. Gotta use the restroom," Yori mentions, causing Bucky to nod his head in response.

    You tuck a strand behind your ear as you intently listen to your friend's story about her date. Your eyes dance towards your right to see the older man walking up to your table.

    "Sorry to bother you ladies," he chuckles while leaning his hands on the table before looking towards you. "My friend over there thinks you're really pretty, but is too much of a chicken to come say it himself."

    "He does, hm?" You chuckle and bite your lip. Your eyes glance towards the younger man wearing a leather jacket for a few seconds.

    The woman sitting across from you giggles and nudges your hand. "You should go for it. From what I see he's cute," she winks, causing your cheeks to grow warm.

    "Okay," you whisper and slide towards the edge of the booth. "I'll, uh, go talk to him."

    A nervous laugh comes from your lips as you fiddle with your fingers. You swallow thickly and make your way towards the handsome man, feeling your palms become sweaty.

    You take a quick glance back towards your table to see your friend encouraging you. Courage begins to run through your veins and you turn back around to see his blue eyes looking at you.

    "Uh, h-hi," you stutter and his eyes widen slightly.

    He looks over your shoulder at the people behind you before releasing a sigh. "Hi," he mumbles as you sit down on the stool beside him. "Did he tell you to come over here?"

    You chew on your lip while your fingers play with the hem of your shirt. "He might have mentioned that you think I'm pretty," you confess to him, causing his cheeks to redden.

    "O-Oh, he did? I-I'm sorry about him," he sighs.

    "It's okay," you smile and shake your head. "I don't mind. You're… quite handsome yourself."

    A laugh leaves the brunette's lips as he brings his glove-covered hand to the back of his neck. "I'm Bucky," he introduces himself with a small smile.

    "Y/N," you grin and hold out your hand. He shakes your hand for a few seconds before letting go. "So, do you wanna go on that date with me?"

    Bucky looks down at you with wide eyes, not expecting the bold question. "Y-Yeah, sure. If you actually want to go out with me," he mutters insecurely.

    "I would love to, Bucky."


    Bucky fiddles with the roses in his hands, feeling the nervousness take over his body. He lets out a huff of air before knocking on your apartment door. An array of noises come from inside the place, causing Bucky's frows to furrow in confusion.

    Your door opens up and your eyes widen upon seeing Bucky at your front door. "Oh my god. That's tonight isn't it?" You ask before wincing, knowing that wasn't a good thing to ask. "I'm so sorry I've had a rough day, but come in. Let me get changed!"

    You grab a hold of his hand before dragging him into your apartment. The smell of food being cooked hits his nose as you dash down the hallway.

    "If you want we can just go another time," he calls out to you while setting the flowers down on the coffee table.

    "N-No, no!" You yell and scurry back towards the living room. "I want to go, seriously. It's just been a really rough day at work and I ended up forgetting. I'm not usually like this, I swear."

    Bucky chuckles and gently rests his hand on your forearm. "It's okay, I understand. Uhm, do you just want to stay in maybe? It seems like you're already cooking," he offers with a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

    "Are you sure? I want you to have a good time," you mumble before grabbing a hold of his gloved hand.

    "I will if I'm with you," he whispers, causing your heart to flutter.

    You tuck a strand of hair behind your ear before grinning. "Okay then, yeah. Plus, this way you can see my cooking skills," you wink at him.

    Before Bucky can say anything else you're running back towards your bedroom. His heart flutters in his chest at your energy as he actually feels good about something… for once.

    It didn't take long for you to change out of your pajamas. You walk back into your living area dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and a nice blouse. "Again, I'm sorry," you laugh awkwardly as you walk into your kitchen.

    Bucky grabs the bouquet from your coffee table before following you. "I, uh, got you these," the brunette mumbles while holding out the roses.

    You glance over your shoulder and release a sharp gasp. "You got me flowers?" You whisper before taking the bouquet from him. You take a quick step towards him and kiss his cheek.

    The brunette blushes at your action while you smell the roses. "I-I'm glad you like it," Bucky stutters and runs his hand over his hair.

    "Aw, you’re blushing like a rose," you giggle before biting your lip. You turn away from him and find a vase to put the flowers in as Bucky does his best to calm himself.

    He walks further into your kitchen, seeing the grin on your lips as you fluff up the roses he got you. Your gaze moves towards him before heading towards the stove, stirring the Alfredo sauce you're making.

    "I hope you like alfredo," you tell him as Bucky walks closer to you, glancing down at the creamy sauce.

    "I've never had it before, actually," he mutters embarrassingly.

    Your eyes widen at his confession and you look up at him. "You're serious? Never?" You ask him, causing Bucky to nod his head. "Oh my god, okay, we're definitely changing that now."

    Bucky laughs and watches you frantically run around your kitchen, gathering the rest of your ingredients. A smile settles on his lips before propping himself up on the counter. "Can I sit here?" He asks quietly.

    "Yeah, of course," you smile and pat his leg while walking past him towards the fridge. You grab a beer from it before handing it to him. "Beer?"

    He nods and thanks you quietly, taking the glass bottle from your hands. You smile at him before attending to the pasta sauce you're making. Bucky ends up watching you again with a small smile on his lips.

    You hum to yourself while shaking your hips, dancing to whatever song is stuck in your head. You toss the half-cooked pasta into the sauce and quickly place the pan into the sink.

    "How long have you lived here?" Bucky asks you suddenly, causing you to glance over your shoulder.

    "Uhm, I would say I've been here for about five years," you tell him and tuck some hair behind your ear. "What about you?"

    Bucky wets his lips before quickly taking a swig of his beer. "I grew up here and ended up leaving for a few years… but I felt the need to come back. It's the only place I really felt comfortable in," he vaguely explains while pushing himself off of the counter.

    "I assume the war wasn't what you thought it would be?" You ask him after turning the stove off.

    The super-soldier's eyes widen at your question before his breath hitches in his throat. "W-What?" Bucky stutters.

    You place the food equally on two plates and turn to face him. "Bucky, it's not hard to figure out who you are," you tell him while setting the plates on the table. "I should've said something, but I didn't want to make you uncomfortable… like how you're looking now."

    "I'm just… I'm just shocked," he mutters and scratches his neck.

    A sigh leaves your lips and you take a step towards him before wrapping your arms around his neck. Bucky tenses under your touch as you inhale the cologne he's wearing.

    You go to pull away when Bucky finally places his hands on your waist. "Wait, don’t pull away… not yet," he whispers and starts to relax a bit.

    Your heart flutters in your chest as the two of you stand in your kitchen. Bucky pulls off his gloves before tossing them onto the table. He steps away from you after a couple of minutes, feeling his heart pounding against his chest as your eyes glance towards his hands.

    "I really like this color on you," you mumble while grabbing his vibranium hand. "You look good with it."

    Bucky can't help but smile at your statement, noticing your cheeks redden. "You think so?" He mumbles, causing you to nod your head in response. "As long as you like it."

    "C'mon, let's eat," you tell him before sitting down in one of the chairs. Bucky sits across from you before you push the plate over to him.

    You keep your eyes on him as the brunette picks up a good amount of pasta before shoving it past his lips. You bite your lip as you can't wait to find out if he likes it.

    His blue eyes meet yours and hum in delight. "Oh my god. This is really good," Bucky comments, and the grin on your lips widens.

    "You think so?" You ask excitingly and Bucky nods his head in response. "Oh, I'm so glad you like it. I knew you would."


    You feel your stomach flipping as the two of you wash dishes together. Bucky's arm brushes against yours every so often as you steal small glances.

    "Thanks for tonight," Bucky mumbles before glancing down at you. "I haven't felt normal since the forties."

    "You're welcome, Buck," you tell him as your eyes meet his. A small chuckle leaves his lips, causing you to furrow your brows. "What?"

    "You've got a little somethin'," he mentions while his thumb rubs the corner of his lips. Your cheeks flush as you bring your hand to your face. "Here, let me just-"

    Your breath hitches in your throat as Bucky brings his hand to your face. His eyes are trained on your lips as his thumb wipes the residue of alfredo sauce off your face.

    "Thank you," you breathe out as his thumb glides along your bottom lip. Your eyes flutter shut and butterflies swarm through your stomach. "As much as I would like you to kiss me, please don't."

    Bucky furrows his brows and watches your eyes slowly open. "Why not?" He asks in a whisper, tilting his head slightly.

    "You're old-fashioned, Bucky. You… you got me flowers for the first date. We can at least wait until the third date to share a kiss," you explain to him with a small smile.

    The super-soldier's heart flutters in his chest at your respect of taking it slow and moves his hand to cup your cheek. "So, there's gonna be another date?" He questions with a smirk, causing you to roll your eyes playfully.

    "If you want one," you mumble and bite your lip.

    "I do. You're… cute and interesting," Bucky smiles as you lean into his touch.

    A sigh leaves your lips as you pull away from him. "God, you're gonna have to leave," you joke with him as you walk towards your living room.

    "Wait, why?!" Bucky asks while following closely behind you.

    "Because if you keep being sweet to me, I'm gonna wanna kiss you," you giggle and plop onto the couch.

    Bucky's lips part before he ends up grinning. "Oh, well, if you feel the urge to kiss me before our third date, please let me know," he mentions while heading towards your front door.

    You push yourself back up and walk towards him as he opens up the door. "And what would you plan on doing if I were to tell you?" You ask him with a smirk, crossing your arms over your chest.

    "Well, I would kiss you," Bucky confidently says while taking a step towards you.

    Your heart pounds against your chest as Bucky's scent hits your nose. God, he smells so good. You bite your bottom lip and glance up at the brunette, seeing the dimples indenting his cheeks as he smiles at you.

    Bucky leans forward, his face growing closer to yours. Your breath hitches in your throat when you feel his breath fanning your face. Your eyes flutter shut again, your fingers reaching out to grab ahold of the jacket he's wearing.

    "Seems like you want it, Y/N," he whispers and your heart lurches at the feel of his lips brushing yours. You attempt to kiss him when Bucky swiftly kisses your cheek before pulling away.

    Your breathing picks up as you glance up at him. "B-Bucky," you stutter as the super-soldier grins cheekily.

    "You said the third date, doll. We can wait a little longer, right?" He asks you with a teasing smile, causing you to scoff.

    "You little tease," you laugh while shaking your head. You go to punch his chest when Bucky grabs a hold of your hand. "You're lucky you're cute."

    He chuckles and brings your hand up to his lips, placing a soft kiss on the back of it. "Until the next time?" Bucky mutters, his blue eyes looking at you through his lashes.

    "Until next time, Buck."


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    i am working on a remus x reader and its quite long and i cant finish it yet bc im so drowned in school and work. hope u understand! stay tuned

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    03.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Turning Point

    Omegas are so scarce that a lottery has been created for Alphas who want one of their own. Steve enters the lottery and wins a chance to catch one for himself.  

    I do not give permission to copy, translate, or re-post this work.  I am a possessive trash panda and this garbage is mine. As always; likes, comments, reblogs, and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated.

    Warnings; canon level violence, nothing explicit (yet), very slight dubcon

    WC; 1019

    Chapter 1

                   Coppery adrenalin flooded my mouth, my fists clenching and unclenching at my sides as I willed myself to take deep, calming breaths. Blinding panic bubbled just beneath the surface, not helped at all by my near nakedness.  It was late summer and as the sun set, a chilly breeze danced across my skin, causing me to shiver. Or was it the nerves? I forced myself to focus, I had not fought this long and hard just to lose it all now because I couldn’t get it together. There had been close calls, closer even than this, in the past four years.

    The wind carried the scent of the alphas waiting across the field to my nose. The omegas around me shifted nervously as it drifted through us. They were dressed as I was, in bottoms that just covered the curves of my ass and a top reminiscent of a sports bra. There were too many alphas for me to discern any single scent, but something on the wind nudged at my hindbrain, barely registering in the haze of panic.

       Steve caught sight of her in the crowd of cowering Omegas gathered in the small clearing. The forest towered around them on all sides. Unlike the others she didn’t look afraid, she looked determined. He smirked slightly as he watched her bounce on the balls of her feet. A small flicker of surprise ran through him at his instinctive choice. He tended toward taller, willowy women. This omega was petite, almost pixie-like except for her slight, soft curves.  Dark hair hung past her shoulders in ringlets, somewhat tangled from the wind. Most of the omegas were glancing between the pack of alphas and the dense forest ahead. She, however, kept her eyes doggedly forward. Yes, this was his omega.


                   At the crack of a flare gun, the paddock gates swung open, and the other omegas and I took off into the forest.  My feet carried me across the damp earth as I worked my way to the edge of the pack. Then, when I felt the trees were thick enough for cover, I veered suddenly to the right.  My heart thundered in my chest. I prayed for a creek or river, something to hide my scent as I worked to put as much distance between me and everyone else as I could. A second shot rang out signaling that the Alphas had given chase. I heard the panicked shouts of the other omegas far behind me.

                   Idiots, I thought derisively. Just give yourselves away.

                   I tried not to think too far ahead. At the moment I could only focus on getting as much distance between me and the coming alphas as I could.  Thoughts of possibly finding a road and hitching a ride out of this nightmare flitted through the back of my mind.  Locating suppressants, starting over…but this train of thought just allowed the panic and frustration to bubble up through my chest again so I brought my focus back to my surroundings.  Feeling like I had enough of a head start, I stopped just long enough to check the wind direction. I cursed as I realized I was running into it, carrying my scent behind me. Abandoning my plan to find running water, I turned sharply to the right again, hoping that I could eventually double back and confuse my scent with the other omegas heading in the opposite direction.

                   The brush became denser, scratching at my bare skin.  A stitch grew painfully in my side, and I slowed to a jog.  My throat was dry. I could feel my lips cracking with the need for water. I started searching for a low hanging branch thick enough to hold my weight. Spotting one, I headed toward it and just as my fingers wrapped around the rough bark, a pair of arms wrapped around my waist, jerking me to the ground.


                   He had to admit, his little omega was clever. She was also fast, much faster than he had expected. Quickly outpacing the competing alphas, Steve easily tracked her when she first changed direction, but when she turned again, he almost lost her. Luckily, his super-soldier hearing picked up a faint cracking of a branch just in time and he was back on her tail.  As he came upon her, he slowed, wanting to observe her from a distance for just a little longer.  He watched as her head swung from side to side, searching for something above her. When she paused to climb up into the tree he was so focused on her that he missed the other alpha coming in off her left and dragging her down.

    The other alpha couldn’t believe his luck. He had turned back when he realized he would not be able to keep up with rest of the Alphas and he had stumbled upon her by accident. He was over her in an instant, struggling to subdue her and gain access to her mating gland. Snarling in frustration, Steve dashed forward, seizing the other alpha around the collar, and throwing him back. He landed against a tree with a sickening thud.

                   The omega shrieked again, scrambling to pick herself up off the forest floor. As Steve reached for her ankle, she twisted, flinging a fistful of pine needles and earth into his face. Huffing in frustration he batted at the debris. She darted forward, just out of his reach. Damn she was fast. She was not, however, a super soldier.  He easily caught up to her, wrapping an arm around her waist and swinging her up to catch her legs in his other arm, holding her against him bridal style. She fought like a wild cat, all teeth and claws, scrabbling to get any inch of his exposed skin that she could reach.  Growing impatient with her antics, he dropped her legs and turned her so she was facing out and hauled her up so her back was to his chest, arms pinned to her sides.

                   “Enough!” he commanded, bringing his teeth to her pulse point.  She froze at the contact, a small whimper falling from her lips.

    #steve rogers x reader #steve rogers x you #steve rogers x ofc #alpha steve rogers #avengers fanfiction#mild dubcon#marvel fanfic#marvel a/b/o#a/b/o au#a/b/o fic
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    American Falcon (Sam x Steve)

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3Ig7Srx

    by Adorable_Loki

    So I decided to do Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers after I watched the Captain America Series, because I thought they were amazing when they worked together in Civil War, I also have watched Falcon and the Winter Soldier thought that was also a very good Series

    Words: 2013, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Captain America (Movies), Loki (TV 2021), The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV)

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson (Marvel), James "Bucky" Barnes, Helmut Zemo, Loki (Marvel), Stephen Strange, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Thor (Marvel)

    Relationships: Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson, James "Bucky" Barnes/Helmut Zemo, Loki/Tony Stark/Stephen Strange, Bruce Banner/Thor

    Additional Tags: Awkward first dates, asexuals, Asexual Sam Wilson, Asexual Steve Rogers

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3Ig7Srx

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    03.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I will finally admit it on here, I was writing a story on Archiveofourown about Lemar x John (also yes I ship John x Olivia too, I even sometimes ship them as a poly ship because I am also in a poly relationship :3) but I haven’t wrote on it in ages due to being sidetracked by so many things 💀

    I was wondering if I should scrap it and redo it (since it probably has a lot of grammar mistakes and was probably all over the place) or keep going with it.

    This is the story btw:


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  • becausefanboyingisfun
    03.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    nsfsmol, dr*g mention

    Looking for a fic where Peter Parker walked from Queens to Brooklyn to see Bucky. And then smoked some medical marijuana with Bucky, because he's super traumatized. I really wish I remembered more.

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  • caffeinated-nerds-library
    03.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Prove It

    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Transgender!Male Reader

    Rating: PG-13

    Warnings: Angst, second-hand embarrassment, yikes

    Summary: Once upon a time, you joined SHIELD to prove to the world that you were who you said you were. And that you were capable -- and worthy -- of survival. Then when you're sent to join the Avengers, Bucky Barnes is intrigued by your past and apathy.

    Most people would have been happy to teammate with the world's greatest heroes.



    You're new to the Avengers. You hadn't asked to be sent here -- you just did as you were told. You ran the course, finished the mission, rinse, and repeat. Over and over again, so that you could help people and have a life -- your life. A life of your own choosing.

    Then one morning, you were beckoned into Nick Fury's office and told to pack your crap. You were moving to the Avengers compound in Upstate New York. You were one of them now -- an Avenger; a hero. Upstate New York was beautiful in a melancholy way. It was full of small, rundown towns with rundown people who were fighting against the constant gentrification. There were gems in between like Ithaca or Sleepy Hallow, which was right out of a horror novel. Literally. But, otherwise, it was dully decorated with oak and maple trees, polluted rivers, dairy farms, the occasional apple orchard, and waning relics of Indigenous heritage interspersed.


    You tried not to stare during the tour of the compound, which you did. You stared at the walls, the floating staircases, the endless, panoramic windows, the landscaped trails, forests, and training courses. You stared at the million dollar appliances in the kitchen. It all seemed like an unnecessary expression of wealth. You hated it when you knew stared because you knew people would notice and stare right back at you. But you couldn't help it -- you stared when you got nervous.

    Most of the time you weren't nervous. A large part of you had evolved past giving a fuck about whatever anyone said. But it was always that first moment -- the introduction -- the first impression that bothered you the most because what people decided about you in those first moments usually cemented their opinions of you for a very long time.

    And it wasn't their opinions of your personality you were worried about.

    "And this is your room." Tony Stark gestured to a room on his left with a pale, grey woodgrain door which opened automatically when you neared it. "Don't worry -- it locks," Tony chuckled, fishing a cardkey out of his pocket and pressing it into the palm of your hand. "Here you go."

    "Thanks," you said, taking it from him. You put the key in your pocket and made a mental note to replace the system with the best deadbolt money could buy with your pay raise.

    You stepped inside the room with Tony and Bruce following close behind you. The room was simply decorated in black, white, and grey with your own possessions laid out on unfamiliar shelves and furniture. You wondered how long it would take for you to get used to this.

    "You're medication is in the cabinet in the restroom," Bruce said, pointing to a room off the far wall. "And you're welcome to come see me whenever you run out, Y/N." He smiled amicably at you, and the message could not have been more clear:

    We come in peace.

    Good to know.

    "And, Y/N, please we hope you understand that you can trust us completely," Tony chimed in. "We're not going to tell anyone -- this is your medical history we're talking about, and frankly its none of their -- our -- business. Not even Steve knows."

    "Ah --" Bruce interrupted quickly. "Well, he knows you have a condition."

    You stared at them with raised eyebrows. Then you were filled with the sinking suspicion that they had probably not met too many transgender people during their superhero careers. "A condition?" You scoffed and shook your head as you cross the room to the king-sized bed.

    "That's -- that's not what I meant," Bruce began to amend, picking up on your offense. "What I meant is --"

    Tony scowled, sighing while Bruce continued to flail uselessly. It astonished him sometimes that Doctor Bruce Banner had worse social skills than seventeen-year-old Peter Parker. "What he means is that Steve knows you have a complex medical history and that you are medication, and that's it. That's all we've told him."

    You turned back to face him and Bruce. "I don't care if he knows," you told them both. "Him or any of them."

    The two men exchanged a glance.

    "Alright," Tony said, nodding as he turned back to you. "In that case, you should be the one to tell him or anyone else. If you choose to, that is."

    Bruce began to open his mouth to add something, but then fell silent when he saw the look Tony shot him. After a moment, Bruce cleared his throat with a cough and said, "We'll leave you to settle in and, uh, you should come eat with the rest of us later tonight. At dinner." He added the last part uncertainly.

    You smiled and tried to make it friendly. All was forgiven. Shit just happened sometimes. "Yeah, alright." You nodded.

    Tony clapped his hands together, grinning. "Great. We'll see you tonight, Y/N -- oh, and you know, welcome."

    "Yes, welcome!" Bruce echoed, visibly relieved.

    Tony looked at him and sighed, shaking his head. He put his hand on Bruce's shoulder and began to guide to him from the room, and this time you couldn't help but smile for real.


    "Oh, my god," Bruce groaned once they were far enough away that he was sure you out of earshot. "Oh, my god, that was --"

    "A condition?!" Tony shot at him. "Really --"

    "I'm sorry," Bruce said, raising his hands to signal peace. "But, I mean, isn't it -- gender dysphoria, I mean?"

    "We don't know that he has that," Tony whisper-shouted, clapping a hand to his forehead. He began to massage his temple. "They don't -- not all transgender people have gender dysphoria."

    Bruce gaped at him. "How do you know so much about this?"

    Tony looked at him as if questioning his sanity. "Because I researched, Bruce, after I found out we were getting a transgender teammate." He started off down the hall again.

    "Research, right," Bruce said, following after him. "I mean, so did I -- I researched. I just --"

    "Brain fart?" Tony finished, filling in the blanks for him.

    "Yeah, exactly," Bruce sighed, taking his glasses off and rubbing them off on the hem of his shirt. A nervous habit. "Brain fart."

    "Yeah, well, shit happens." Tony clapped him on the shoulder sympathetically. "But Y/N didn't seem upset when we left, so we're probably in the clear. Just don't overthink it, okay -- it's a delicate situationm. And sorry for --"

    Bruce waved him off. "You're fine -- I'm still horrified. That was really, uh--"

    "Yikes," Tony finished with raised eyebrows. "See you at dinner."

    #marvel comics#marvel movies#marvel mcu #marvel cinematic universe #mcu#marvel#marvel avengers#iron man#tony stark#bruce banner#steve rogers#captain america #james buchanan barnes #james bucky barnes #bucky barnes #the winter soldier #captain america the winter soldier #captain americal civil war #bucky fanfic #bucky x reader #bucky x male reader #marvel fanfiction#avengers fanfiction#my writing #bucky x y/n #bucky x you
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    Vote Loki

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3xOI8gZ

    by Deadgirl_walking

    "America, if I were president, I'd have the guts to lie right to your face. And you'd love it" -Vote Loki 2016

    My take on Loki's run for president of the United States

    Words: 1308, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

    Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Loki (TV 2021)

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: F/M, M/M

    Characters: Loki (Marvel), Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Peter Parker, Wade Wilson

    Relationships: Loki/Tony Stark

    Additional Tags: President Loki, Politics, Elections, Explicit Sexual Content

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3xOI8gZ

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  • lanadelreyscokewhor3
    03.12.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #bucky barnes#bucky imagine#bucky fic#bucky fanfic #bucky barnes x reader #mcu #mcu x reader #mcu x you #marvel fanfic#marvel #mcu x y/n #marvel mcu #james barnes x y/n #james barnes x reader #james buchanan barnes #james barnes #james bucky barnes #the winter solider imagine #the winter solider fanfiction #the winter solider smut #the winter solider x reader #the winter solider #the winter soldier #dark bucky x you #dark winter soldier
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  • alexiethymia
    03.12.2021 - 5 hours ago


    I like takes where Druig hasn’t seen Makkari in as long as the others haven’t, and when he asks if she missed him, that was also a subtle way of saying he missed her, I mean wow 7000 years, that has to be something, and they try to brush it under the rug and act normal, mostly because I like the angst potential of them having to eventually talk about it, why did you go? or why didn’t you come with me? or Makkari never visiting despite her being able to go anywhere, and staying in one place since he left precisely so he’d be easier to find.

    BUT I also like takes where his ‘did you miss me’ was playful and the most they hadn’t seen each other was like a month, but he still had to be so extra about it. They hadn’t seen Makkari for centuries, but that doesn’t mean that Makkari hasn’t seen them. I like the idea that Makkari has been running laps across the globe keeping track of where everyone was which is why she wasn’t worried and just waited for everyone to be done with what they were doing. But she’d never intrude except with Ajak and Druig. Like she more or less regularly visits him, maybe once a year or once a month at his commune, and I like the idea that with his telepathic link, he’d actually been keeping tabs on where everyone else was as well. He had regular contact with Gilgamesh, and noticed when the others arrived at the compound immediately. So he’d track them telepathically, while Makkari would go to them physically using his directions. In other words, they stayed best friends and close all these years.

    I like takes where Makkari and Druig have always known but never really bothered to tell anyone. They weren’t really trying to keep it from everyone, they just acted like normal as they always did with each other whether it be 7000 years ago or now, and some of the others were later to notice. Established relationship or secret marriage basically.

    BUT I also like takes where Druig eventually realizes that his words of ‘beautiful’ weren’t just teasing and were the real deal that he had to say it twice the next time to be sure, when he realized he missed Makkari more than most or that he’d felt hurt the most when she never bothered to visit him and that meant something. Or despite how cheesy Druig actually is, Makkari remained oblivious all this time and his whole ‘my’ and ‘beautiful’ thing of his was just their something to keep things light. Or even when they were being teased, again she just takes it as the others joking, or even when she was so broken when she thought he’d died and the utter relief when he made it out was just something normal, nothing special, because of course she’d feel that way, he’s her best friend.

    Mostly I like oblivious Makkari to Druig’s obvious feelings, the sap because I want this trope:

    Makkari *signs*: ‘Are you flirting with me??’

    Druig: I have been, for the past 7000 years, but thanks for noticing.

    #drukkari#makkari#druig#the eternals#mcu#marvel#ships #so MUCH fanfic potential #all of the tropes fit so well for them #sunshine grumpy #sarcastic ahole with the nicer and yet still mischievous one #established relationship#mutual pining#oblivious pining #them being so obvious but not really noticing till the others point it out #makkari actual goddess with druig and all of his issues #phastos was definitely oh honey you can do better #ANGST#fanfic #ramblings about marvel
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  • myfictionaldreams
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    I need more // Mafia!Steve  Rogers x reader

    Summary:  You'd been off all day and it hadn't gone unnoticed by Steve. He'd do anything to make you feel better so when you started begging him to help you have some release, he didn't hold back.

    Warnings: dom/sub, begging, daddy kink, sir kink, subspace, choking, cock warming, multiple orgasms, rough oral sex, rough sex, masturbation, size kink, pain kink, spanking, squirting, praise kink, slight exhibitionism, bucky needs a pay raise (yes this is a warning tag ok)

    Word: 4.9k

    my masterlist 📚 AO3 Link

    Shaking your head quickly, you tried to snap out of whatever daze you seemed to be in. All-day you’d been stuck in this limbo, eyes zoning in and out, you couldn’t listen to those around you but the only issue was, you didn’t know why. Usually, you would feel a little empty, similar to your current predicament when you were starting to float into subspace but usually, that was triggered by an intense fuck session and you needed some aftercare to come back but your last few days had been nothing but beautiful lovemaking. Maybe you could have spent more time with Steve but he was only a few meters away, frowning as he typed furiously on his laptop but he had been checking in regularly with you, stopping to have food with you, or listening to any information you had managed to find. And yet still, your body was low on energy to do anything that would use any brainpower. 

    Steves second in command and your trusty bodyguard, Bucky, had noticed that you seemed off today, sat at the main table in the room watching you on the small coach you claimed as your own, feet tucked underneath you, laptop in your lap but fingers hovering over the keys, eyes staring off into space. Squinting his eyes at you, he stood from his chair as Steve answered the phone, something you usually took note of but seemed to ignore. Halfway across the room, Bucky asked “Hey sweet mama, what’s up?” Still, no response that you heard him, he finally reached you, squatting down next to you, boots squeaking as he dropped. Frowning he turned back to Steve who was still on the phone but full attention now on his best friend and girlfriend. Returning his gaze to you, Bucky reached forward, gently taking one of your hovering hands into his own, shocked to feel how cold your hands were. He pulled it towards his chest, holding it there hoping that it would snap you out of whatever trance you were in, but it didn’t. Sighing deeply, Bucky pulled the laptop off your laptop, closing the lid and placing it off to the side, and finally, your eyes snapped to Bucky.

    “What?” Blinking a few times your eyes snapped down to his hand, confused as to when it had moved from your laptop. Closing your eyes and shaking your head again to try and snap out of it, you sat up fully, feet moving to in between where Bucky was squatting. Taking a deep breath you smiled up to Bucky, taking a quick glance at Steve, and saw he was still on his phone, staring at you with a worried expression. “Everything ok Buckaroo?”

    Smiling at the nickname, Bucky responded, “you’re a bit spacey mama, what’s going on?”.

    “I’m here, I’m with you both, I'm not anywhere else I promise”, your heartbeat started to beat harder in your chest.

    Bucky’s smile dropped slightly, concern graced his eyes as he looked down at both of your hands. Following his gaze you didn’t even realize that you were playing with his fingers, finding comfort in how his hand dwarfed your own, usually one of the signs you were in subspace, resorting back to your need to be protected, comforted, and held. You had planned to respond to Bucky but once again lost your train of thought, staring at your joined hands, concentrating solely on the warmth he gave you. Reaching his spare hand up, Bucky moved a piece of your hair behind your ear with his gloved metal hand, leaving his palm against your cheek which you snuggled into unconsciously. Readjusting on the balls of his feet, Bucky didn’t let go with his hands, offering you the comfort you needed but his movement broke you from your trance again. Taking a nervous breath in, you whispered “I am here with you but, I don’t know what's wrong with me today, I feel off.” Bucky reassured you, moving his palm from your cheek, down your arm and taking ahold of your other hand, you leaned forward so your forehead rested on his shoulder, arms moving around his shoulders, Bucky also moved his arms around you, pulling you into his lap, both legs pulled over one of his, the knee-length dress you were wearing floating around you.

    Steve had been listening to the exchange closely, cursing whatever asshole was on the other end of the phone, half tempting to hang up but knowing Bucky had the situation under control, he watched as Bucky pulled you into his arms and this was all you needed to cut the guy off and said you would call him back, throwing the phone onto the desk, he stood from his chair, walking over to you.

    Bucky had moved you both back onto the couch, swaying slightly as you kept your eyes closed, not listening, thinking or, seeing anything that was happening, just relishing in the warmth and comfort being given to you. Not knowing how much time had passed, you felt a warmer pressure touch the middle of your back, stroking slowly and a whisper that sounded as if it was miles away. “Come back to me baby girl, can you do that for me?” Eyes opening slowly, you turned your head towards the sound, finding your boyfriend sitting next to you, smiling down at you, one of his hands on your back, the source of heat that had found you. Seeing him so close you moved from Bucky’s lap and into the arms of Steve, whose body dwarfed you even more than your bodyguards, running at an unnaturally high temperature that made you sigh and relax, head resting against his chest. “There you are, where’ve you been?”

    Looking up at him, he started to stroke your hair, leaning down to kiss your forehead, his blonde beard scratching you lightly. “I promise I'm here sir, I just don’t feel right today, I don’t know why. I’m tired but I can’t sleep, I feel heavy and light at the same time, it’s like I’ve got an itch I can’t scratch but I can’t concentrate to figure out what it is.” Your eyes closed as you talked, finding even speaking too tiring, your chest rising and falling harshly like you’d run up the stairs.

    “Shall we go home? I can have Bucky sit through the rest of my emails and replace me in that meeting?” Steve suggested, lips brushing against your forehead as you spoke, knowing that it would be calming you down to feel the vibrations of his voice.

    Shaking your head once more, you gripped onto his white shirt, frowning at his offer, knowing he had a meeting coming up that he had been trying to arrange for months that he couldn’t miss. “No sir, we can stay, can I just stay with you? I’ll be a good girl. I promise I won’t ruin your meetings.”

    “You’re always my good girl no matter what, ok? You can stay with me for as long as you like, you know you can.” Smiling and relaxing against his chest, you felt Steve shift and start walking back towards his desk chair carrying you in his arms like you weighed nothing. As he sat, you adjusted on his lap, head still on his chest, your arms wrapped around his torso, feeling his muscles ripple under your fingertips, your legs going either side of him hips, stretching your thighs so you could reach, thankful to be wearing a loose-fitting dress today so it could keep you decent. A soft sigh left your lips as you settled onto his lap, relaxing into the feeling of your lace-covered center connecting with his lap.

    You drifted in and out of sleep for the next half an hour, shifting around in his lap, feeling completely at ease but also not feeling right in some way. Steve was patient with you as you moved around in his lap, continuing in his emails until, you nearly fell off of his lap, his hand moving quickly to grab you, his large hand engulfing your rear, pulling you flush against him, his crotch rubbing hard again your centre that had increasingly been becoming wetter just from being in his arms. With the contact of his lap against you and his hand grasping you, you moaned in a sultry way, rolling your hips against him before stopping, trying to settle down and be a good girl. Your mind started to buzz, the thought of his flaccid cock beneath you, separated by only a few layers of material, you felt that need spread through you, feeling empty, needing more.

    Settling down, worried about annoying Steve, you rested your head back onto his chest, the leather of his gun holster that was strapped to his muscular chest rubbing against your delicate cheek, Steve's hand remained on your backside as the other clicked on the laptop. Now your mind was going into overdrive, your eyes were closed and your whole body was aware and deadly still. All you could think about was how empty you felt, your walls clenching repeatedly over nothing, causing your panties to become soaked through but your anxieties were stopping you from helping this feeling. Steve would always be up for fucking you raw, particularly in front of others but this meeting was with that outside of the US, he needed to be in his full professional manner, you couldn’t ruin this for him. Your thoughts were working in overdrive which made the body exaggerate its efforts to keep you calm by doing the opposite, you were starting to have a panic attack. Your breathing quickened to short gasps for breaths, almost to the point of hyperventilating, your heart was pounding against your ribs, causing you to feel nauseous and light-headed and a tremor rippled through your body so you were now shivering against Steve and as you tried to stop your body's reaction, it just caused everything to be worse.

    Steve stopped his clicking and looked down at you, he’d never seen you react like this as small tears started to escape your closed eyes and a slight hiccup left your mouth. Glancing at Bucky who had moved his chair to the side of the desk, Steve leaned back in his chair, using his large hands to move you away from him, watching as your head dropped and you let out a small sob.

    “Baby girl, talk to me, what’s going on? I can’t help you if you don’t use your words.” His large thumbs brushed against your cheeks, wiping the tears that were falling freely now, he waited patiently as you concentrated on your breathing, trying to slow it down until finally, you felt comfortable enough to not lean on his support, resting on his knees, hands now in your lap that you stared at, not wanting to look up at Steve's worried expression. You opened your mouth to tell him it was nothing but he quickly cut you off, “don’t say it’s nothing. Whatever it is, whatever is wrong, I'll do anything you want, you know I will baby, even if you want me to kill old Bucky over there, I'd do it if you ask me to.” Your eyes drifted to Bucky quickly, a small smile on your face knowing Steve was joking, you saw Bucky rolling his eyes, throwing his arms into the air. Risking the glance, your eyes traveled up Steve's torso landing on his face, your thighs quivering as the sincere worry that was written all over his face.

    “I just feel so empty, like there's something missing. And I ache, so deeply my head keeps going fuzzy.” You moved your hands to your crotch, shifting to show where the ache was.

    Steve moved his upper body closer to you, his hand moving up to cradle your face, thumb grazing over your bottom lip. “If you wanted to cum, you know I could do that in a heartbeat, anything to hear those sweet little moans leaving your lips.”

    Shivering at his words, you responded “Could I try something first? Can I just sit with you… inside me, I just don’t want to feel empty.” You blushed at your words, not usually the one to be talking about these sorts of things, Steve usually taking the lead with regards to this.

    “Of course you can, do whatever you want to me.” Steve leaned back in his chair, hands lightly resting on your hips, watching you with dark eyes. Not looking at his face, you reached forward with your small delicate fingers that were still shaking and started to unzip him, reaching in, finding the hole in his boxers, and lightly grasping the now hardening thick member of your boyfriend, pulling it free. Shifting up you moved your hands to your own underwear, starting to shift it to the side but Steve reached forward and easily tore through the lace material, pulling it from your hips and holding it in his hands, moaning about how wet they were, making your cheeks burn brighter. Moving forward so you were flush against his chest, looking down, you used one hand to line him up with your entrance and sank slowly onto him, finding it a bit difficult as he wasn’t fully hard but your hole still needed to stretch around him, the slight burn and pressure as you lowered causing you to gasp harshly, never having felt more relieved before.

    Finally sitting fully on him, your eyes closed as the feeling of him finally filling that empty space took over your senses. “Is that what you wanted, baby?” Steve asked huskily, his fingers clenching around your hips as he kept you in place, trying not to thrust against you.

    “M’feels so good sir, can we just stay like this please?”

    “Of course we can, I’ll do anything you want me to. Relax into me, that's it.” You leaned forward so your head was once again led across his chest and pulled your knees closer to the back of his chair so you were now cradled around him, his arms wrapping around the back of you. A smile graced your lips as Steve went back to work, all your senses now zoning in on the sensitive part of your body, stuffed to the brim with your boyfriend. You could feel his member growing in size, reaching its full potential, throbbing as your walls were stretched to their maximum, the burn causing you unimaginable amounts of satisfaction.

    The minutes drifted by and Steve stayed rock hard inside of you the entire time, his libido being one you’d never heard of before, he could go for hours without cuming, keeping his cock hard and pounding in and out of you at intense paces. You clenched harshly around him at the thought, making him shift in his seat, the movement causing your hips to roll lightly against him, your juices now was starting to seep out of your and into his lap. Your thoughts now kept wandering to all those hundreds of times that he had made you cum, using his mouth, fingers, objects he had found in his desk, even just his words being able to bring you to climax once and without notice, your hand lowered on his chest and reached under your dress.

    You sighed heavily as your fingers found your sensitive bundle of nerves, finding it smothered in your juices that you used as lube as you moved your fingers back and forth slowly. Eyes staying closed, you kept your hips still, just teasing your clit slowly, feeling the tension slowly easing through your body. Your movements changed to circling your favourite spot, applying a slight bit more pressure causing you to gasp loudly, your free hand gripping tightly onto his shirt. In all the years that you’d been with Steve, you’d never once touched yourself without being instructed to by him, you’d never felt so desperate before, needing more, needing him, needing everything. Moaning louder, you weren’t holding back your noises now, not caring how pathetic you looked as your fingers moved back and forth quickly, pressing hard, enjoying the sharp pain that came with your movements as the overwhelming feeling burst over you, pleasure rolled through you from head to toe, your walls clenching strongly around his shaft that throbbed inside of you.

    Steve held you against him as you came down from your orgasm, wanting nothing more than to shove you over his desk and fuck you hard but trying to let you go at your own pace. Relaxing into his body, your hand dropped to the seat below as your walls stopped clenching and you calmed down. You’d hoped that release would help the hazy feeling that you seemed to be trapped in and it did whilst you were at the peak of your orgasm but now you were back to square one, feeling your anxieties picking up again as something was missing. Frowning, you moved from one side of his chest to the other, grunting as you moved, “need more”.

    “Take what you need,” Steve's voice was raspy as he spoke, kissing the top of your head as you ground down harder onto him, a throaty groan leaving you both. The desperation took over your body once more as you whimpered as you raised your hips slightly before lowering them quickly again, Steve’s cock bumping into your cervix as his entire length slammed back into you. Repeating the motion, you started a quick pace, rolling your hips as you lifted up and down his shaft, your chest rubbing harshly against his as you used this to push off, giving you momentum as you were now slumped on him, fucking yourself on his length, thankful that he wasn’t meeting your thrusts, needing full control of the moment as you slowly spiraled. The recognizable curling sensation was building once more, driving you crazy and making you feel whole once more, your hand flew up landing on the side of Steve's face, he quickly turned and sucked your fingers that had previously been on your clit, moaning around your digits. The sensation of his warm wet tongue sucking on your fingers spurred you on, your hips slapping harshly onto his, your walls clinging hopelessly onto him as the pleasure crashed down onto you. Toes curling, thighs clenching around the strong hairy ones underneath, your orgasm took your breath away.

    Steve once again held you as your body stopped spasming, forgetting about responding to his emails or answering his phones, he only kept an eye on the time for his meeting. Breathing in your sweet scents, he asked “talk to me, how are you feeling? Use your words, my love.”

    You’d hope this time that you’d feel more relaxed, especially now you were more sensitive as you continued to spasm around Steve's cock but as your toes uncurled, you could feel the pit at the bottom of your stomach, as you started to feel empty once again. You couldn’t hold back the tears in your eyes as you started to become frustrated. Feeling your ragged intakes of breaths as a sob left your lips, Steve started to worry once more, trying to coax you into speaking to him and you managed to say “I’m sorry sir, I don’t know what's wrong with me, I need more, I can’t get enough, I need you to fill me up. Please don’t hold back Daddy!”

    Something shifted in Steve as he heard you utter the last word, knowing how much it drove his ego over the edge, his cock straining at the sound of you begging for his cock, he moved quickly off the seat, holding you with one arm and motioning for Bucky to come forward. He passed you to your bodyguard, your back hitting his solid chest, your shoulder resting on his as his hands gripped the back of your thighs and pulled them up so your knees hit your shoulders, holding you to him as Steve pulled out of you, making you moan. Briefly opening your eyes to see what he was doing, you saw him quickly removing his clothes from the bottom half of his body, rolling his sleeves but keeping his shirt on, your eyes lingered on his red, veiny cock, not understanding how that was able to fit inside of you. You were so distracted you nearly screamed when Steves's mouth latched onto your clit, sucking harshly, pulling all of the nerve endings into his mouth before lightly biting with his sharp teeth, making you buck your hips into his face, hands flapping around trying to grasp onto anything and one landed on Steve's hair, tugging him closer to your cunt, and the other hand on the back of Bucky's neck behind you. 

    Steve released your clit for a second before moving his hot mouth down, sucking on all the juices, the noises of him slurping echoing in your ears, and without any warning, his fingers were inside of you, pumping in and out, curling to hit that sweet spot that made you moan his name with pure ecstasy. His movements weren’t slow as every tug of his fingers caused a rush of pleasure to run through you and the orgasm built quickly and he latched onto your clit once more as you melted into your peak, back arching as Bucky's hold on your thighs tightened so you didn’t drop, the pain from his pressure also helping you along.

    Opening your eyes you looked down to Steve who was licking his fingers clean, his facial hair glistening in the office light. “You always taste so good.” Moaning at his words he quickly stood to his full height and Bucky dropped you lower on his body, lining you up with Steve who now held onto your hips and pulled you both towards him until he was slotted fully inside of you, making you moan at the relief of being filled again, enjoying not having to come down from your orgasm before you were being stimulated again.

    His hands held you in a strong grip as he thrust powerfully into you, rocking you back into the solid wall of muscles behind you. His cock brushing against your cervix once more, he pulled all the way out before slamming back into you, making your eyes roll to the back of your head and he continued these slow, strong thrusts for a few moments, enjoying the whimpers escaping your mouth as he did so. Letting go of your hips, one hand moved to your clit and started rubbing on it harshly, making you squirm at how sensitive it was already, nearly being too much for you from all your previous orgasms. He didn’t stop his teasing however as he started to push quicker into you, his other hand moved to your neck, grasping it with a little pressure. “Look at me”, your eyes snapped open at his command, “don’t you dare take your eyes off me, do you understand, I want you watching me as you cum on my cock again like a good girl.” You couldn’t nod quick enough as he plowed into you, his hand alternating between rubbing on your sensitive spot and hitting it with light slaps, the pain causing your walls to clench in pleasure.

    Your breath caught in your throat as your orgasm built and Steve noticed the change in you as your moaned louder, hips bucking against you both as your free hand gripped onto his forearm of the hand gripping your neck. He applied more pressure to this area, cutting off your airways slightly, causing your head to become dizzy as the overwhelming feeling of his cock in your sensitive pussy, every nerve in your body felt like it was on fire, your insides close to exploding as he released the pressure on your neck. Taking a deep breath in that’s all it took for you to cum, hard, all over his cock, squirting slightly as he pounded into your throughout your orgasm, and you didn’t take your eyes off of him, his eyes boring into yours and not giving you a second to relax until a tear slipped down your cheeks.

    Pulling out of you, Steve leaned forward and wiped the tears as you mumbled incoherently. “Where are you baby? Are you here with us?”

    Your voice was gruff from the screaming as you responded “I’m here with you daddy.” Steve nodded at your answer and took you from Bucky, not quite finished with you yet, knowing he could get one more orgasm from you, he moved you to the main table in the room, placing your back onto the table, your legs flopped down, not having control over them anymore. You still kept your eyes on him as he stroked his hands from your cheek, down your slightly red neck, over your clothes breasts, squeezing slightly, before pushing your dress up and over hips, exposing your centre to him once more. Lightly, he trailed his fingers tips from your hips, down both of your thighs that clenched at the ticklish feeling, down your calves, to your feet which he picked up and placed them both on his pecs as this was the highest your legs could reach. He wrapped his arms around both of your thighs, bringing them together and pulling you to the edge of the table, his cock brushing between your folds, teasing your over-sensitive pussy, making you whimper more, tears still falling from your eyes at how good you felt.

    Inching in, Steve eased himself in, the new angle allowing him to go even deeper, his balls brushing against your backside as he settled fully inside of you, grunting as he went, enjoying the warm, pulsing, wet cavity. He didn’t waste any time going slow this time, his hips snapping into you, holding you still on the table with your thighs, pushing brutally into you, hitting up and into that sweet spot as he went, the table groaning under the force of you both. Your hands were all over the table, trying to grab onto something but Steve reached forward with one hand and held your wrists together by your thighs, using this to tug on with his thrusts. Both maintained eye contact, both having never been so turned on before, making animalistic noises as you both reached your final climax. “You going to cum one more time for me baby? You’re such a good girl, are you going to take my cum in your swollen little cunt?”

    You shouted yes as loud as you could as Steve moved the hand that wasn’t holding your hands and thighs together and started giving your harsh slaps to your rear that was hanging off the edge of the table. The sting sent pleasure through to your clit, making your eyes automatically roll to the back of your head as your muscles relaxed, seeming to hit your limit as Steve relentlessly pounded you, spanking you repeatedly, your head lolling to one side as the stimulation nearly caused you to blackout. “Please daddy” you whispered, Steve dropped his hips slightly and aimed upwards, hitting directly over your spot a few times before you screamed in pleasure, your eyes clenched shut, back arching off of the table, and walls clenching harder than they ever had before, causing Steve to swear and release his seed deep into you.

    Stopping his movements, he pulled out and released your arms and legs, easing them down slowly. The only movement he could see you doing was the fast rise and fall of your chest as you tried to catch your breath. Bucky arrived next to you with a warm cloth that Steve used to clean your extra sensitive, swollen, red area down and even this sensation didn’t sture you. Pulling his boxers on, Steve moved his hand to your cheek and moved your head in his direction. “Come back to me sweetheart, you were such a good girl for me, come on baby girl.” Your eyelids fluttered open, looking dazed, much like you had earlier in the day but now the pupils were fully blown, not fully looking at anything around you. “Can you hear my voice?” Steve cooed to you as your hand reached for the one touching your face and you pulled it tighter to you, rubbing your cheek against it and playing with his fingers. It took a few more minutes of coaxing from Steve before your eyes finally moved from the spot on the wall to his face that was hovering over yours as you still led on the tabletop.

    “Was I a good girl daddy?” you murmured, feeling in a state of bliss, finally feeling comfortable. Steve leaned down and kissed you softly.

    “You were the best girl, you always are.” You smiled tiredly at him as he moved his arms under you, picking you up so you were chest to chest again, and moved back to his office seat. Once sitting comfortably, Bucky placed a blanket around your shoulders as you started to fall into a peaceful sleep. “I’ve just got that meeting now and then we’ll get you home, how does that sound?” He waited for your answer as he moved closer to the desk but when you didn’t answer he looked down, seeing you were already asleep, smiling at your restful expression.

    #steve rogers smut #steve rogers fanfic #steve rogers imagine #avengers smut#marvel smut #captain america smut #mafia steve rogers #steve rogers#bucky#mine
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  • smilexcaptainx
    03.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Nights Like These

    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

    Request: Hello! Could you do an imagine with Bucky Barnes where Bucky and Y/N are asked to watch over Sam's nephews AJ and Cass? The two absolutely despise each other, but they both love the kids. Late at night, Y/N decides to take the boys out without telling Bucky. She dodges all his calls and ignores all his texts. The three end up getting in trouble later on. You can decide how it ends. Thank you!

    Warning(s): None

    A/N: Thanks for requesting! I hope you enjoy!

    Word Count: 1.9K


    "Boys! What in the world are you two doing?!" Sam shouted, entering the house to his two nephews fooling around with each other. "You two need to be careful with that shield."

    "We know," The two boys answered in unison, both sounding equally as guilty. "Where's Y/N?"

    "Y/N?" Bucky echoed, sitting up on the couch. Sam shrugged nonchalantly. Bucky's face immediately fell into an irked expression. "Sam, don't tell me you—"

    The words of Bucky were cut off by your loud entrance into the home, holding two full bags of groceries in brown paper bags. You were going to ask Sam where to put the food, but instead you met the unamused brown eyes of the man you hated, Bucky Barnes.

    "You've got to be kidding me," You and Bucky complained simultaneously. Sam chuckled. You both snapped your irritated glares at Sam. "Sam, I'm going to kill you."

    "You both are even speaking the same sentences," Sam teased, laughing at the fact you and Bucky spoke the same exact same thing at the same exact time. "Anyways, I obviously had to tell you both separately because I know if you both knew, you wouldn't have agreed to do it."

    "Sam, you truly suck," You called out, placing the groceries down on the little table across the couch. You sensed the malicious scowl that Bucky was offering you. "As much as I love AJ and Cassie, I don't want to watch them with this idiot."

    "Please Y/N!" AJ screamed, running up to you. He fell onto his knees, causing his brother to do the exact thing. "Please please please."

    You blew out a long breath of air, soon to smile down at the two little boys begging you to stay. You had to admit, the love you had for the kids made you want to look past the fact that Bucky was even in the same room as you. You sighed in defeat.



    The two boys launched themselves at you, wrapping their arms around you tightly. Sam chuckled, but Bucky just scoffed in annoyance. The two boys pulled themselves off of you and raced to their bedroom, exclaiming that they wanted to show you something.

    "Well, now that I see you guys have it under control, I'm going to go meet Sarah for dinner," Sam said, saluting his farewell to you and Bucky. "Thanks for being great friends!"

    Sam made his escape before you and Bucky had the opportunity to attack him. Bucky stood up from the couch and approached you with his arms folded across his chest.

    "Here's the plan Y/N," Bucky considered, placing himself right in front of you. He made sure to stand in a position that made him look intimidating. "I'll take care of AJ and Cassie, while you go and start dinner with the ingredients that you bought from the store."

    "Who put you in charge?" You asked, titling your head. "This isn't a mission Buck. Therefore, I do what I want and I don't have to follow any orders you give me."

    "You know Y/N, if you cook as good as you listen, have fun burning down the kitchen," Bucky acknowledged, glancing down at your ankle that was currently wrapped in a bandage. "If you want to be in charge, go ahead and be in charge."

    "Sure, I'll be in charge, which is going to start with you making the dinner," You instructed, poking him in the chest. Bucky smirked. You quirked an eyebrow, you weren't expecting that reaction. "The ingredients are in the bag. Good luck partner."

    Bucky was always up for a challenge, especially if it meant rubbing something in your face as the ending result. AJ and Cassie soon came racing back into the room, shouting your name. You looked over at them, noticing they were waving some sort of object in the air.

    "Come outside with us and watch what it does!"

    The two boys didn't even give you a choice and ran up to you, one gripping your left wrist while the other one gripped your right wrist. You looked back at Bucky who was picking up the groceries and bringing them into the kitchen. A small chuckle left your lips at the thought of Bucky cooking, you knew he couldn't do it.


    After about three hours outside with the boys, the sun began to set. The entire time, they were showing you their new invention. There was about one full hour of them explaining what it was and what it did. It normally wouldn't have taken an hour, but they kept laughing at one another whenever it was their turn to talk.

    You had to admit, it went on for a while, but the love you had for AJ and Cassie went to the amount of sitting and listening to them talk about something their passionate about for an entire day. You loved Sam's nephew's so much. They were precious.

    "Now that we're done with our presentation, what's for dinner?"

    "I don't know," You replied with a shrug. "Let's go instead and see what Buck made for us."

    The two little kids bolted into the house with growling stomachs. You followed behind them, excited to see the absolute mess to walk in on. As you entered the house, a delicious aroma was immediately inhaled by you. You gasped lightly as you closed the door behind you. The food was Macaroni and Cheese. AJ and Cassie's favorite.

    "Bucky this looks delicious!" You hear AJ shout from the kitchen. You entered the kitchen, only to see that everything looked perfectly clean. In a sense, even cleaner than before. "Mac and cheese is our favorite!"

    "Well prepare to eat up some mouthwatering food," Bucky hyped up, bringing the last dish of food into the dining area. "I'm excited for you guys to try it!"

    You followed everyone into the dining room. You gaped at the beautiful setup that was on the table. You couldn't believe it. Bucky actually did pretty good. Bucky pulled out the chairs for AJ and Cassie to sit, but when you showed up, Bucky just grinned at you. He sat down across from where your dish was. You still couldn't process the fact that everything looked good.

    "I make no promises that I didn't spit in your food Y/N," Bucky jested, making AJ and Cassie laugh. You rolled your eyes, walking up to your seat and sitting down. "But you'll definitely taste flavor, I can promise you that."

    You picked up your fork and took a bite out of the Macaroni and Cheese. You moaned in pleasure as the flavorsome nourishment exploded with taste in your mouth. You had never tasted such a creamy, scrumptious dish before.

    "Do my eyes deceive me?" Bucky asked, perceiving your reaction. "You like something that I made Y/N?"

    "Shut up," You responded with a mouthful of more Macaroni and Cheese. You swallowed and narrowed your eyes at Bucky. "It's okay."

    Bucky winked at you, which unexpectedly made your heart skip a beat. You shook your head, removing those thoughts of your head. You only liked what Bucky cooked. Not Bucky.

    "Well, anyways, all that cooking got me exhausted," Bucky yawned, overdramatically stretching out his arms. "Anybody want my plate—"

    AJ and Cassie eagerly sprung at Bucky, fighting with each other on who got his plate. Bucky just laughed, patting the two boy's on their backs. It was odd. The way that Bucky was smiling at AJ and Cassie made you think that maybe Bucky wasn't that bad. At least not at the moment.

    Bucky excused himself from the table and went into the living room to take a nap on the couch. You knew that Bucky fell asleep as soon as his head hits a soft cushion. Surprisingly, AJ and Cassie was able to share the plate of Macaroni and Cheese.

    "You guys want to go on an adventure?" You questioned randomly. The two boys swung their eyes up to meet with yours. "I've got a place in mind."

    "Let's do it!"

    "Alright, but we're going to have to be extra quiet when leaving," You explained, gently scooting out from under the table. "We don't want Bucky to know that we're leaving."

    "Are we going to throw a prank on Bucky?"

    "Yes, yes we are."


    Bucky fluttered his eyes open, stretching out his entire body as he woke up. He swung his legs off the couch and stood up, taking one last long stretch before heading into the dining room area. He expected to see AJ, Cassie and you, but when he arrived, the room was empty. He raised an eyebrow.

    "Y/N?" Bucky called out. "AJ? Cassie? Hello?" Bucky uttered in confusion. He turned around and walked back into the living room. "Where did everyone go?"

    Bucky sighed to himself and walked up to his phone. He picked it up and dialed in your number. He held it up to his ear, but he was sent to voicemail. He grumbled and dialed again. Nothing. He started to text you, still receiving no response. Now he was getting worried.

    Not only were you missing, but so were the kids. Bucky soon had a random thought of where you might be. He knew it was a long shot, but it wouldn't hurt him to go and check.


    "Nigel, you need to leave."

    "Oh, like you left me?" Nigel interrogating, his breath reeking with alcohol. You kept AJ and Cassie behind you. "I knew that you'd get what you deserved."

    Nigel instantly gripped onto your neck, setting of AJ and Cassie. They thrusted at Nigel and started kicking him, making him let go of you. Your head spun as you tried gasping for air. You weren't expecting that.

    "Get off me you little brats!"

    Nigel shoved both the boys onto the ground, making them both yelp in pain as they hit the ground.

    "You really shouldn't have done that," A familiar voice sounded off from behind Nigel. He turned around, seeing an unfamiliar face, but when you saw him, a small smile appeared on your face. It was Bucky. "You're gonna regret ever touching those two boys."

    "And who are you?"

    "Doesn't matter."

    Bucky pounced at Nigel, tackling him straight to the ground. You quickly ran up to AJ and Cassie and helped them up. You instructed them to leave the place before things got worse. They both nodded and ran out of the building. You turned around saw the two men fighting on the ground.

    You didn't hesitate and jumped in onto the fight, going against Nigel. After finding out that Nigel was practically beaten, he surrendered and ran out of the fight in fear. Bucky climbed up to his feet and brushed himself off. He looked down and saw that you were still on the ground, but avoiding his gaze.

    "You gonna get up Y/N?" Bucky asked. He put out his hand. "Here, I'll even help you up."

    "Don't bother," You mumbled, shaking your head. "None of that would have happened if I never left with AJ and Cassie," You admitted, swinging your eyes up to meet with Bucky's. "How did you even find us?"

    "I have my ways."

    "Well...Thanks for saving us Bucky," You thanked, finally taking his hand. Bucky hauled you up off your feet. "I guess that—"

    Your words were cut off as Bucky went in for a kiss at the end of him pulling you up from off the ground. The moment your lips met his, it was as if you wanted to remain in the kiss instead of rip apart from it. It was as sparks flew as Bucky ended the kiss. You smirked.

    "And you said you hated me, huh?"

    "What? You kissed me back," Bucky pointed out. You chuckled. He wasn't wrong. "But overall, we can't let Sam know about what happened."

    "Which one? The whole sneaking out with AJ and Cassie or the kiss?"

    Bucky laughed. "Both."


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    I kinda have a hankering to write some fucked-up dubcon Frostmaster but I’m not sure I know anybody who still reads that :(

    #dark frostmaster#fanfic#loki #marvel cinematic universe
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    Meet Midtown's Avengers

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3dhdYJP

    by RavenpuffWrites

    Everything you could ever wish to know about the Young Avengers of Sunflower Verse

    Words: 1795, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 2 of The Adventures of Midtown's Avengers

    Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man - All Media Types, The Avengers (Marvel Movies)

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson, Kate Bishop, Felicia Hardy, Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, Cassie Lang, Lila Barton, Kid Loki - Character, Ned Leeds, Harley Keener

    Additional Tags: Peter Parker is Tony Stark's Biological Child, Peter Parker isn't Spider-Man, MJ Watson is Spider Woman, Young Avengers but make it Sunflower Verse, Character Introductions, No Plot/Plotless

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3dhdYJP

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    The Nexus Event (Loki x reader)

    a/n: okay i loved writing this chapter<3 pls reblog and happy reading! x

    word count: 2.5k ish


    Chapter 12 - The Void

     You slowly regain consciousness, wondering as you do so how you’re still thinking. You were pruned, does that not mean you’re dead? Maybe this is life after death, and if it is, then Loki might be here.

    The thought makes you scared to move. You’re lying on your back and the air is cool; there’s a breeze blowing across your cheeks. Your fingers inch across the ground, finding grass beneath you, and you can hear trees rustling.

    You’re scared, but you’re more curious. Slowly, tentatively, you let your eyelids crack open. There’s a woman stood over you, looking down at you with furrowed eyebrows. You don’t move; for some reason this woman doesn’t alarm you. She tilts her head, and smiles.


    She has short, dark hair with a fringe, behind which sits a faded yellow headband. She’s wearing gear which doesn’t look dissimilar to the gear Sylvie had been wearing, except hers is so faded that you can’t make out what colour it once have must been.

    ‘Hi,’ you reply, and she holds out a hand for you to take. She pulls you to your feet, and you find yourself surprised at her strength. She looks as though she’s in her mid-to-late forties, indicated by the lines on her forehead and around her eyes.

    ‘You alright?’ she asks, watching as you brush yourself off and touch the small of your back where you’d felt yourself get pruned. It feels normal; there’s not even a tear in your gear.

    ‘I – yeah,’ you say, looking around in a mix of disbelief and fear. You’re standing on flat, open terrain which stretches for miles around you, random objects strewn haphazardly around the place.

    It’s misty, and all of the colours seem to be strangely muted, as though there’s a filter on your vision. The sky is an angry looking grey colour, and you can’t see another living creature apart from the woman stood in front of you. You look back to her.

    ‘Where are we?’

    ‘This? This is The Void. The place where the TVA dumps all its rubbish, everything it prunes,’ the woman tells you, already beginning to move off towards… nowhere. ‘Come on.’

    You follow her quickly, not wanting to be left behind in this strange environment.

    ‘You know about the TVA?’ you ask, almost tripping as you try to keep up with her strides.

    ‘Course, it’s where I came from. Where everything here came from,’ she tells you, gesturing out across the never-ending misty plain.

    ‘I need to get back there,’ you say, and she chuckles.

    ‘You can’t get back there,’ she laughs, and then looks upwards sharply as a loud rumbling, growling noise echoes across the sky.

    ‘What was that?’ you ask fearfully, following her gaze and seeing nothing.

    ‘Alioth. That’s your reason for not being able to escape from this place,’ the woman says solemnly, quickening her pace.

    ‘Where are we going?’

    ‘Somewhere safe.’

    ‘Are you alone here?’

    For some reason, this makes her laugh again.

    ‘No, not unless I want to be.’

    ‘What does that mean?’

    ‘Hey, I get that you have questions, but can we save them for when we’re safe in the bunker?’ she asks you, almost running now.

    ‘Sure,’ you reply, out of breath from how fast you’re now having to move.

    It’s only another ten minutes before you arrive at ‘the bunker’. The woman stops at a large, circular metal doorway built directly into the ground and kicks the handle so it starts to spin, until it stops abruptly with a loud clunk. Then she crouches down and wrenches it open, revealing a ladder descending into darkness.

    ‘Go on,’ she tells you urgently when you hesitate, so you step onto the ladder and move down into the blackness. When your feet hit the ground, there’s a little light emitting from a slightly ajar doorway, and you pull it open tentatively to reveal a large room which isn’t far from reminiscent of a circus ring. But it also looks like a bowling alley. And a Santa’s grotto. And…

    ‘We’ll be safe in here,’ the woman says, sounding a lot more relaxed now that you’re not out in the open. She crosses the space and flops down into an armchair next to a paddling pool, grabbing a drink from a mini fridge which sits next to the chair.

    ‘Come here, sit down,’ she calls over to you, and you obey. You’ve never been in a stranger, more random space. The woman sees you staring and smiles.

    ‘It’s a bit chaotic, but that’s sort of how we do things around here.’

    You look back at her and nod, taking the drink that she offers you. ‘Thank you.’

    ‘So, you had questions?’ she asks, knocking back half of the drink in her hand in one go.

    ‘Yes,’ you say, and then realise that you can’t think of a single question you want to ask her.

    ‘It’s okay, I remember what I was like when I first found myself here. Take your time,’ she smiles. There’s a sadness behind her eyes which makes you a bit uneasy. She thinks you’ll be stuck here forever, like her.

    ‘Has anyone ever escaped from here?’

    ‘No, not that I know of. And believe me, there have been some pretty elaborate attempts,’ she tells you, gazing off into the middle distance as she seems to recall them. Panic rises in your chest all of a sudden, and you fight to push it down.

    ‘I have to find a way out,’ you tell her, and your voice must have sounded different because she looks back at you suddenly. Her eyes widen, and then soften, her mouth slightly open as she looks at you. You frown, but then realise that it’s probably your eyes. People tend to react strangely when they turn purple.

    ‘You never told me your name,’ the woman says gently.

    ‘Y/N,’ you tell her, and then realisation hits you in the chest as she smiles widely. She closes her eyes, and when she opens them again they’re the exact same shade that yours are.

    ‘Oh,’ you breathe.

    ‘Where’s your Loki?’ the Y/N variant asks you, and you can’t bring yourself to say that he’s dead. He might not be, yet, although it’s looking more and more likely that he’ll stay dead by the minute. Your lack of a response seems to speak for itself, and her face falls.

    ‘Oh, you poor love,’ she says, reaching across to hold your arm tightly. ‘I can’t imagine…’

    ‘That’s why I need to get out of here. I think I can bring him back,’ you tell her desperately, and she falters, frowning.

    ‘Bring… him back?’ she asks. And so you tell her everything, from the afternoon Thor had showed on Asgard during Loki’s play. By the end of your recount of your last few days she’s practically radiating sympathy.

    ‘I’ve never heard of a more stressful chain of events. How are you still on your feet?’ she asks you in awe.

    ‘I’m not,’ you say, gesturing at the chair you’re sat in.

    ‘You are! Maybe you can be Resilient Y/N,’ she muses, looking at you in interest.


    ‘Well, there are a few of us here. Y/N’s, I mean. And Loki’s, so we all have to have our own titles. You can imagine how confusing it would get, otherwise,’ she tells you.

    ‘There are Loki’s here too? And more of us?’

    ‘Of course. This place is riddled with us, the TVA can’t get rid of us fast enough,’ she smirks, seemingly pleased with this fact.

    ‘What’s your… title?’ you ask her.

    ‘I’m Classic Y/N,’ she scowls, pulling a face. ‘Me and my Loki variant are the oldest here, so we got lumped with the senior title.’

    You head is spinning with all of this information, but at the same time you can’t get enough of it. It’s oddly exhilarating to know that there are so many different variants of you and Loki, here.

    ‘Are you hungry? You look famished,’ Classic Y/N tells you, standing up suddenly, and you suddenly realise that you can’t remember the last time you had anything to eat.

    ‘I’ll make you something up, don’t worry,’ she says, before you’ve even opened your mouth.

    ‘Tell me about you and your Loki,’ you say, and so she does. This variant of you had grown up on Asgard, with variants of your parents, and had been friends with her Loki variant from childhood.

    When he disappeared and was later pronounced dead, and then alive but a mass murderer, she tells you how she used to enchant the guards and sneak down into the dungeons to speak with him every day, unable to believe that he was capable of what everyone was accusing him of.

    Then he escaped and disappeared with Thor after their mother’s death, and was pronounced dead again, until he revealed to her that he was disguised as Odin. Here your timelines seem to align slightly, living a double life for a year on Asgard, until Thor showed up to expose Loki for who he really was.

    She stayed on Asgard until Ragnarok, managed to escape first on the large refugee ship and then on a smaller one when Thanos attacked. They set up camp on Midgard, started to create ‘New Asgard’, and then the Snap happened, taking her as one of its victims.

    Classic Y/N falters slightly as she tells you this part of the story. One minute turned to dust and the next waking up five years later having lost a chunk of your life.

    ‘Of course, being Asgardian helped slightly, because what’s five years out of five thousand, really? But it was still disconcerting. So much had changed.’

    ‘Just a few days after everyone returned, Loki arrived, in disguise of course. I was thrilled to see him, but then the TVA showed up. I wasn’t about to lose him again without a fight, so they took me too. We were both pruned almost immediately, and wound up here, found each other again, and that’s that.’

    She deposits a bowl of something not bad smelling on your lap with a fork, and you barely stop to look at it before starting to devour it.

    ‘Whoa, easy. Don’t make yourself ill,’ she tells you, sitting back down, and you slow down marginally. Once you’re finished you wipe your mouth on the back of your hand and place the bowl down with a clatter.

    ‘Thank you,’ you say, feeling the indigestion coming on already and rubbing your chest, reaching for your drink.

    ‘It’s the least I could do,’ she smiles.

    ‘So, you got here and just gave up?’ you ask, disbelief evident in your voice.

    ‘No. We tried everyway possible to get out of here, and we couldn’t. Which is why I’m telling you with utter confidence that it can’t be done,’ Classic Y/N tells you gently, but firmly.

    Before you have a chance to reply there’s a commotion from the ladder which you’d entered by, and you’re halfway to your feet when a man wearing a ridiculous yellow and green getup with comedic horns strides into the room, talking to Classic Y/N.

    ‘Ah, you’re back, we…’

    The man stops as he sees you, but you’re looking past him at the figures which have followed him through the doorway. There’s a huge bald man with a large mallet wearing fur, a kid with black hair, green, gold and black gear with Loki’s horns, but smaller, and…

    ‘Loki?’ you ask, and four heads turn towards you. Your Loki, but not your Loki, TVA Loki, sees you and his eyes widen.

    ‘Y/N!’ you rush towards each other, but stop before you make contact, unsure of what it is you should be doing.

    ‘Are you okay? What happened?’ you ask him, and he nods.

    ‘I got pruned, but not before we found out that the Time Keepers are robots. They’re not real,’ he tells you, and you stare at him.


    You suddenly become aware of four sets of thoughts, on top of your own, entering your mind, and quickly put a wall up around your mind, grabbing your forehead and wincing.

    ‘Oh, yeah, sorry, I should have mentioned. Always have that wall up when you’re here,’ Classic Y/N calls over to you.

    ‘Who’s that?’ Loki asks you, looking over your shoulder.

    ‘A variant of me,’ you reply, and he stares.

    ‘I’m sorry, but did I just hear you say that the Time Keepers are robots?’ the kid Loki asks him, and TVA Loki nods, looking down at him.


    The kid looks wide-eyed over at who you can only assume to be Classic Loki, in the stupid costume, who shrugs.

    ‘What difference does it make? We can’t get out of here to do anything about it,’ he says, sitting down next to Classic Y/N and picking up her hand. She smiles at him and you have to look away. That’s when you see the crocodile in the paddling pool. It’s wearing Loki horns.

    You open your mouth and point, and Loki puts a hand on your shoulder to lower it again.

    ‘Don’t question it.’

    You look back at him and can see your own confusion and fear reflected back at you in his eyes, and suddenly you’re so glad that he’s with you.

    ‘Sylvie?’ you remember suddenly. Loki shrugs, at a loss, letting his hand drop from your shoulder.

    ‘I didn’t see what happened. Renslayer pruned me and that would have left just her and Sylvie,’ he tells you.

    Your conversation is interrupted by more voices entering the room, and when you see who they belong to you’re rendered speechless. First comes a tall woman with wavy black hair wearing fur and wielding another mallet, then a kid with long plaits which reach almost to her waist. Last is a guy who looks as though he’s in his late twenties with a huge scar across one side of his face.

    More of you. Because they’re Y/N variants, you’re sure of it. Even the guy.

    ‘Whoa, who’re the new guys?’ Kid Y/N stops abruptly and points at you and Loki.

    ‘More variants. Resilient Y/N and Loki,’ Classic Y/N pipes up from the corner.

    ‘We – we aren’t from the same timeline,’ Loki counters, and for some reason it hurts that he’d felt the need to correct her.

    ‘What shall we call you, then?’ she asks him. Loki looks thoughtful for a minute.

    ‘How about Resourceful Loki? No, wait… Mischievous Loki? No…’

    ‘We had a Mischievous Loki,’ your variant with wavy black hair tells him, moving to sit down.

    ‘…had?’ Loki asks.

    ‘Alioth got him. And we’ll be saying the same about Mischievous Loki the Second if you try and get out of here like he did, so don’t bother,’ Kid Y/N says matter of factly. Kid Loki scowls at her.

    ‘Shut up. You weren’t even here when that happened.’

    ‘Neither were you, dimwit,’ she retorts, and Kid Loki flips her the bird. None of the adults in the room bat an eyelid, settling into chairs and cracking open drinks.

    ‘We need to get out of here,’ you mutter, turning to Loki.

    ‘Please, you two. Come and sit down,’ Classic Loki says, and Loki looks over at one of the sofas, and then back at you.

    ‘I could use a rest,’ he says.

    ‘And then we escape?’ you ask.

    ‘Yes,’ he replies.

    You don’t look anyone in the face as you move and sit down with him on one of the vacant sofas, not wishing to see anymore sympathy in anyone’s eyes. You are getting out of this place, just like you got out of the TVA and Lamentis.

    You have to.


    pls reblog if you enjoyed<3

    tag list: @tearsforhan @just-another-hopeful-darling @that-one-girl-that-simps @lovelifeyolo18  @xthefuckerysquaredx @jeongadelarinia @itsbitchylittlewitchy @polkadotmesa @caelum-the-part-time-nihilist @crying-for-twenty-five-years

    #loki#loki fanfic#marvel#loki laufeyson#loki series#loki fanfiction #loki x reader #loki x reader fanfic #tne #the nexus event #tne chapter 12 #the void#sylvie#mobius
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    Art of Dog!Bucky for my fanfic ‘James Barky Barnes’ created by me!<3


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    Kneel- Chapter 5



    "You want me to do what?" you repeat nervously and slowly unballed your fists and raise them in front of you. You had heard what he said perfectly fine but the fear of doing it wrong stuck out in the front of your mind like a thorny vine wrapped around your skull.

    "I want to see how accurate your power is and from my understanding you can change the matter of objects. So, change the dummies into liquid"

    ⊹ .˳⁺⁎˚ ˚⁎⁺˳. ⊹ ⊹ .˳⁺⁎˚ ꒰ఎ ☆ ໒꒱ ˚⁎⁺˳. ⊹  ⊹ .˳⁺⁎˚  ⊹ ⊹ .˳⁺⁎⊹

    Continue reading here!

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    I finally wrote something after 20000 years. I present hurt/comfort Spideypool for the soul .

    #marvel#spideypool #spiderman x deadpool #peter parker#wade wilson#deadpool#spider man #the amazing spiderman #fanfiction#fanfic#hurt/comfort#oneshot #peter parker x wade wilson
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