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  • imnotrevealingmyname
    24.07.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    In The Heart Of A Star

    Chapter 4: Star-crossed

    Loki X Fem!Reader

    Chapter summary: A heartbreak, a kiss, and a goodbye.

    Warnings: Angsttttt, FEELS, heartbreak

    A/N: Okay I can explain- please don't kill me-

    I'd originally planned a happy ending, but that just didn't make sense here. (And also I like to make people cry but that's beside the point.) THE POINT IS that the story isn't over yet, so stay tuned for the sequel!! Woohoo! (Right? Right?? *Muffled noises*)


    Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

    One of the first things you learnt as a realm-treader was that you must try to avoid visiting the same star more than once. Everyone has a special signature energy, which flares in the presence of a star. Think of it as a spark. When brought near a suitable stimulus, it will burst into flames.

    And yet here you were in your ship, treading a deliberate path back towards the star you had left behind less than a week ago.


    Tags: @myraiswack @ohdearhiddles @whatafuckingdumbass @poetic-fiasco @your-favourite-skittles @xlehukax @kellatron55 @shiningloki @latent-thoughts @loki-yoursaviourishere @kiara-36 @toozmanykids @allegra-writes @me-ep @shinisenko @lucywrites02 @hufflautia @buckyandlokirunmylife @gaitwae @piccolaromana @caffiend-queen @a-midwinter-night-dream-86 @high-functioning-lokipath @moumouton4 @sigridlaufeyson @alsieswitchbook @theaudacitytowrite @idunnomayn @emilythezeldafan @paradoxiii @lokiperfection @charistory @lowkeytesss @twhiddlestonsstuff @plastic-heart @lokislittlesigyn

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  • anonymousfiction211
    24.07.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    Handcuffed together 11: Expectations

    A/N: A few days later than origanlly planned, but here is the next chapter ;)

    Word count: 2.065

    Two weeks.

    You were in the house with Thor for two weeks and still haven’t heard anything of the team. In those two weeks you had played every board game that was in the house with Thor. Watched a bunch of series and movies. Even got drunk one evening. If you thought that combat training with Thor was hard, combat training with Thor while having a major hang over was much worse.

    Slowly losing your mind, you were getting on Thor’s nerves on purpose. Hoping he would let you out of the house, but he couldn’t be convinced. You tried to sneak out a few times, but he had caught you. Apparently growing up with a trickster brother, you learn a thing or two. With plenty of time to think about the whole situation you decided that you were mad at Loki, very mad. You knew he had arranged this, thinking it was the right thing. But he didn’t talk to you about it, he didn’t give you any choice or voice in this, that made you angry. You didn’t want a relationship where he would just make his own plans, without consulting you. Or that he would think it is okay to do whatever he wants.

    Thor tried to defend Loki’s action, but even he had to admit that he understood your point of view. After that the two of you decided not to talk about it, trying to make the best of the whole situation. Halfway through the third week Thor got a call from Tony. The security system should keep out Thanos’ minions, tough not Thanos himself. There was half a plan, so the two of you could return back to the tower. Finally, you walked with Thor outside. Inhaling the fresh and warm air, you saw the jet with Natasha approaching. Looking around you asked Thor ‘So, where are we exactly?’

    ‘Some country called Italy’ he answered.

    Your jaw dropped ‘I’ve been in Italy this WHOLE TIME. And weren’t able to see a thing?’ you yelled.

    ‘So, excited to see that boyfriend of yours. He doesn’t want to admit it, but he missed you terribly’ Natasha beamed.

    On the flight back to Stark Tower

    The flight home was long. Thor didn’t come with you and Natasha. He had some things to sort out on Asgard, regarding the Tesseract. Leaving you alone with Natasha. You sat down in the co-pilot seat, and watched Natasha fly for a while.

    ‘I- I don’t know’ you answered.

    ‘How come?’ she asked.

    ‘Seriously? Avoiding me, knocking me out and shipping me to Italy, without even talking to me comes to mind’ you angrily reacted.

    ‘Not the most tactical approach, but effective. I mean, it’s Loki. What did you expect? A heart to heart?’ she said.

    ‘Wow, thanks for your understanding’ you sarcastically reacted.

    ‘Come on, it took him literally attacking you to finally tell us everything that he went through and is still going through. And still he is extremely vague about it’ she answered. ‘The only reason he agreed to stay was if we got you out of there. Thor and I had to stop him thrice from leaving that night. I was exhausted’

    ‘He tried to leave?’ you didn’t think he actually was serious when he said that maybe he tried.

    ‘Almost succeeded, I might add’ she said.

    The rest of the flight the two of you rode in silence.

    ‘Don’t tell me he left’ you said to Steve.

    At Stark Tower

    Entering Stark tower, you were greeted by the whole team, expect Loki. He was nowhere to be seen.

    ‘No, he didn’t. He just rarely leaves his room since it happened’ Steve said.

    ‘(Y/N), I think maybe we should talk’ Tony said to your surprise. He has been keeping a distance from you since you and Loki started to get involved with each other.

    ‘Not now’ Steve sighed to Tony.

    You raised an eyebrow but nobody gave you an explanation. Not wanting to waist anymore time you left it at that, and went straight to Loki’s room. You knocked on the door.

    ‘Door is open’ you heard him say.

    Entering his room, he emerged from his bathroom. He was shirtless and his hair was still wet. Resisting the urge to run into his arms, you closed the door and stood still in the room. When you looked at him many emotions surged through you. You had missed him, but you still felt betrayed and angry.

    ‘How could you?’ you asked, holding back your tears and anger.

    Loki looked sad, maybe a bit guilty. ‘I had to’ he answered.

    In your anger you made an energy ball and flung it at Loki. He dodged the ball by ducking down, making it disappear in the bathroom. You heard a loud crash and saw several bottle flying and breaking through. Now it was Loki’s turn to look angry and betrayed.

    ‘Darling, calm down. Let’s talk’ he said.

    He took a step in your direction. The fact that he told you to calm down had the opposite effect. Shooting another ball, he redirected it towards the wall where his closet was. Clothes were falling out and the closet was damaged. Loki kept walking towards you, redirecting the balls you threw at him. His desk was split in half, the cushions on his bed were hit making feather fly across the room and the table was slightly burning. Loki got closer and closer, making you step backwards with your back against the door. He grabbed your wrists with one hand and pinned them above your head. Grabbing your chin harshly you hissed in pain.

    ‘You want to fight? Let’s fight’ he said angrily.

    He released your chin and pulled you from the door. He pushed you towards the middle of the room. You attacked him by hand, but he blocked you easily. Punching you in your ribs, making you groan and bend over. Even tough it hurt slightly, you knew he was holding back. You tried to punch him in the face, but he dodged you making you spin around. Grabbing your hips from behind he holds you close to his back.

    ‘Pathetic’ he whispered in your ear.

    Spinning around again you started to walk towards him, while trying to hit him. You tried to throw your punched as fast as you could, but he was faster. He blocked every attack you threw at him, but didn’t attack back. When he was almost with his back against the wall he sweeped your leg, making you fall on your back.

    ‘Improvement. Yes. Enough? No’ he said. You saw the mischievous look on his face, he was certainly enjoying your rage.

    You made an unexpected move and kicked his legs out from under him. He fell down with a groan, wiping the smug smile from his face. You pinned yourself above him, your knees pinning the arms against his body. Grabbing his chin like he did earlier you growled ‘You can’t just decide and act like you do, without including me!’

    Loki didn’t look fazed, he looked calm. A bit too calm for your liking.

    ‘I can when it is about your safety’ you heard him say from behind you. Two hands grabbed you by your waist and pulled you up. The Loki under you faded away and you started to struggle against the arms around you. He threw you on the bed, making feathers once again fill the room.

    ‘It’s been a while, but I’ll get you purring again kitten’ he suggestively said. Crashing his lips down on your before you could protest. He broke the kiss and started to trail his kisses down your neck, marking you like he did the first time. You cried out but he ignored you. You were still struggling against his grip and the weight of his body on yours.

    ‘Stop. You can’t just send me away and expect me to go back to you whenever you like’ you said angrily.

    Loki stopped what he was doing and looked into your eyes with an intense gaze. ‘And you can’t expect me to be with you if my presence endangered the woman I love’ he growled. With a hand wave the both of you were naked. Your wrists were tied together above your head to the headboard of the bed. There was a large ball in your mouth, preventing you from speaking. The ball was connected with chains to clams on your nipples, forcing you to look down at Loki. When you tried to move your head you pulled on your nipples, making you moan and Loki smirk. He positioned himself between your legs and worked your clit with his tongue. Slowly circling it with the tip and licking it with the flat of his tongue. He maintained eye contact with you the whole time. Even tough you wanted to, you couldn’t look away.

    Right before you orgasm hit you, he stopped. Groaning around the ball he just laughed. A paint brush appeared in his hand. With one hand he opened your folds, exposing your throbbing clit to him. With the other he started to stroke it with the brush. The feeling kept you on edge, but it was nowhere firm enough to topple you over. Your nipples started to hurt, so you had no other option than to watch Loki play with your body. In an attempt to come you bucked your hips to create more friction, but Loki made the brush disappear.

    ‘What is it, kitten?’ he taunted.

    He made the ball in your mouth disappear, but kept the clams on. ‘Now?’ he said.

    Totally out of breath you gasped for air a few times. ‘Please, fuck me’ you begged him.

    ‘Good girl’ he praised.

    He entered you with his cock in on smooth motion. He started to thrust into you in a fast pace, hitting the exact right spot. You wrapped your legs around his waist. He started to leave open mouth kisses on your neck and mouth. One hand slowly trailed downwards and played with your sensitive clit. You came hard, clenching your walls around his cock. Loki groaned loudly and you felt his cock twitch and spill his seed in you. He thrusted sloppily a few times and collapsed on top of you.

    He was heavy, but it made you feel secure. The restraints disappear and you wrapped your hands around his back. Loki popped up on his elbows but stayed on top of you.

    ‘I missed you terribly’ he whispered against your lips while kissing you.

    ‘I missed you too’ you said back.

    ‘I didn’t want to send you away, but I had no other choice. Darling, if I ever think I’m a danger to you.. I’m going to send you away. And I know you will hate me for it. But I’d rather have that than kill you’ he started to trail his tongue up and down your neck, biting you slightly to make you squirm. You felt his cock starting to erect again.

    ‘And if you can’t handle that, I suggest you leave now’ he whispered in your ear. You felt two fingers enter you and his thumb started to toy with your clit again. You tried to get away from the overstimulation, but Loki’s weight prevented you to. After a long-time having sex and cuddling with each other, even Loki was finally tired. You were completely exhausted. Still, he pulled you out of bed and sent you to your own room. After the mandatory shower there was a beautiful green dress on the bed. You put it on and found a note under the dress.

    - See you at the roof – L

    When you got out of the elevator you saw Loki. He was standing in a suit near beautiful set table with candles and roses. There was a bottle of wine in the cooler. It was dark and the lights of the buildings were beautiful to see. Loki smiled brightly when he saw you. Walking towards him he pulled a chair for you. When you set down you felt his lips against your ear. ‘I am not going to apologise, but will make it up to you for spending two weeks with my idiot brother’ he said while kissing your ear lobe. When he set down it was Steve who served you your first course. He winked at you ‘Just friends, hmm?’ he said.

    Permanent tag list: @delightfulheartdream @the-best-phineas @pescadoavocado @theaudacitytowrite

    Series tag list: @l0nelyasian @mrsdarcyinlovewithbuckybarnes @ragweed98 @thehornytitties @oh-my-gerd @morganmofresh @saiyanstars @rahne85 @charistory @not-your-bitch @kamrynnnnn

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    Fanfic Requests

    Taking Marvel fanfic requests!

    (especially SamBucky/WinterFalcon ones!)

    I mostly do fluff, angst and Hurt/comfort!

    ( I don't do smut...)

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    24.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Give You What You Like: Pt. 2

    Pt. 1

    The second day of Jól. (Name) was helping with the preparation of food making with some of the caterers for the Jól feast with the accommodation of mostly Midgardian traditional festive foods. (Name) was working on deserts and the ‘yule log’ or as most knows it as ‘Christmas log cake’. (Name) was humming classics songs from Asgard that would always be sung around Yuletide, she was dancing around the kitchen as the caterers had music playing as they worked. The women in the kitchen would gossip about the night as some of the men that were helping were also serving as taste testers, (Name) was in such bliss with the warmth that was surrounding the kitchen.

    “You seem in good spirits” came a velvety voice next to (Name) as she walked into large pantry “Well…One day left till Yuletide” she said trying to hide her startle with a forced smile “You and Thor were cozy” came the slight tension in the velvety voice “And you and the Midgardian woman” (Name) shot out but laughed trying to cover up her spoked jealousy. Loki arched a brow at her before his brows furrowed but dismissed slightly and answer her with slight hostility “Oh please, (Name) it’s no different to how we were back on Asgard” he created a finger on her cheek with such tenderness that froze the Asgardian women frozen with a puzzled expression. “Loki…” she sighed grabbing his wrist holding his stroking to a halt “That was many solstice back…” “Which if need be reminded, you called off” he said taking his hand away from her and leaned against the pantry doorway as she slipped by him “in which you never explained why” “Loki… please not today. I’m in a good mood right now” she sighed as she mentioned him to move so she could close the door “Which yet again you haven’t told me why you are in good spirits right now” he said with narrowed eyes.

    (Name) stared at Loki for a moment and bit her lips wondering if telling him would be a good idea. Putting the thing she got from the pantry she placed them on the counter where Loki was now leaning, the caterers were still doing their job paying no mind to the two Avengers “Because…” she paused refusing to look at him “I finally got something off my chest and confided in Thor for advice” “…” Loki glared hard as he tried to formulate his next words and regulate his emotions in this information “Thor? You wanted advice from that Oaf?” “Loki…Thor isn’t that stupid-” she defended “Why not confide in me!” he raised his voice “I have given you countless advice back on Asgard. Why Thor!” (Name) felt her nostril flare in anger as he raised his voice at her, the slight tears glazed over her eyes as she turned to him pointing an accusing finger at him “Don’t you dare, don’t you dare have the nerve to raise your voice at me, sir” she strained out with anger “You were getting face eaten by some parasite and Thor noticed my absence. He offered comfort so I took it” “(Name)-” Loki warned her “You listen here Loki” she cut him off “I have confided in you in the past, yes. But this is different, I need a two-way comfort. You sir have never opened up to me not once”

    Loki saw the stares and gave a small snarl as he grabbed her upper arm and taking her outside of the compound as she struggled out of his grasp cursing at him in Asgardian. Once outside he shoved her forward and raised his voice “Why should it matter if I was open to sharing feelings!” he bellowed “I was there for you (Name)! I had done nothing but be there for you when you needed me!” “And I wanted to be there for you!” (Name) yelled back shoving him as the tears built up in her eyes “But you rejected me! Whenever I would try you pushed me away!” more shoves “I told you time and time again I was there for you!” “(Name) stop...” Loki said with a stiffened tone trying to stop her pushing and shoving as she yelled at him “Trust goes both way!” she yelled as the tears fell down. Loki grabbed hold of her wrists and frowned, he wasn’t sure why she was so emotional; but he could tell the was more behind her words “(Name)… we said no strings attached. That was the deal” (Name) shook him off her as she angrily wiped her tears away as she shoved him away forcing her way past him, but he caught hold of her shoulder stopping her “(Name) you made those conditions. Not me”



    Loki made the wise decision to leave (Name) alone for now. But his stomach ached with nervous as he recalled on how she shoved him as she yelled at him; so much pain on her face told him there was more to her words that what she let out. Loki found himself wondering to find Thor who was speaking with Dr. Bruce Banner who had dropped by to see Natasha. Loki numbly pardoned himself and asked for Thor. Bruce was confused to Loki’s state of being as was Thor who immediately took Loki to walk down the hall of the compound.

    “Brother is everything alright?” Thor asked worrisome “What was (Name) talking to you about?” Loki asked. Thor hesitated at first but put a hand on Loki’s shoulder and looked ahead with a serious expression his face the only made Loki nerves heighten “Do you have feelings for lady (Name) Loki?” “…Do you?” Loki asked with strain fearing Thor’s response “Loki…I mean do you have deep feelings for her?” Thor asked turning to Loki “Because I can tell you this brother, if you don’t act now, you will regret it”


    Night had come along as the party was back to life as people came back to party to keep soldering on with the drinking with all you can eat feast. (Name) was enjoying the food taking her plate to stay by the fire outside as music played. Tony made last minutes stage outside for more ‘folk’ like music, (Name) was a little offended to insinuate that Asgardian music was folk like but she dismissed it as she looked at the stage as she placed her food on her log, she was sitting on she walked to the stage running a finger on the microphone. The people there on some instrument asked her is she wanted to sing. At first, she declined and listened to their playing, and she held a peaceful music as started to sing softly in Asgardian. Thor had showed up and edged her to go up and sing something Midgardian. After some arguing about not knowing Midgardian festive music Thor asked the band if they are happy playing music that wasn’t festive, to which they agreed to.

    (Name) gave a bright smile to Thor and stood on the stage as music started to play and (Name) began to sing. Her singing started to bring people out from inside to the open to listen to live music, the Asgardian women became lost in the music as her words melted with the music as the song ended as people cheered. Loki stood by Thor sneaking a glance at his brother seeing the look of admiration on his face; snapping his gaze away Loki watch (Name) as she turned to the band let them know what song she wanted to sing now.


    The sound of a guitar started to play as (Name) started the beat with her feet and clapping and her voice began to flow as people to watch and listen as the fire roared. Please wrap your drunken arms around me, and I'll let you call me yours tonight. Memories of Loki and their time in Asgard Flashed behind her eyes as she sang

    Cause slightly broken is just what I need, and if you give me what I want, Then I’ll give you what you like.

    Please tell me I’m your one and only, or lie and say at least tonight. I’ve got a brand-new cure for lonely, and if you give me what I want, then I’ll give you what you like.

    Opening her eyes, she looked to see Loki looking puzzle as she watched her intently. She looked away from Loki as he slowly started to read into her words.

    When you turn off the lights, I get starts in my eyes. Is this love? Maybe Someday. So don’t turn on the lights, I’ll give you what you like.

    (Name) sung as she stepped back to take a breath before going back to singing. Loki frowned unsure if his interpretation was correct.

    Emotions aren’t that hard to borrow, when love’s a word you’ve never learned. And in a room of empty bottles, if you don’t give me what I want, then you’ll get what you deserve.

    She makes her way back to the chorus as she sung as people enjoyed her song.

    When you turn off the lights, I get starts in my eyes. Is this love? Maybe Someday.

    I’ve got this scene in my head, I’m not sure how it ends, Is it love? Maybe one day. So don’t turn on the lights, I’ll give you what you like.

    Loki felt his chest tighten as he started to pick up on the fact that the hole reason, they stopped their little rendezvous for Yuletide it was because she was falling for him and wanted to distance herself from him because she was frightened of pursuing him and him rejecting her.

    I’ll give you one last chance to hold me, if you give me one last cigarette. By now it’s only in the morning, now that I gave you what you want, all I want is to forget.

    She spare Loki a glace as she started to wrap up her song finishing with the chorus.

    When you turn off the lights, I get starts in my eyes. Is this love? Maybe Someday.

    I’ve got this scene in my head, I’m not sure how it ends, Is it love? Maybe one day. So don’t turn on the lights, I’ll give you what you like.

    -------------------------------- -------------------------------- final: Coming soon!!!!

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    24.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ~ Fanfiction Links ~

    - My other fanfiction sites:

    AO3 + Fanfiction.net

    - Fandoms: Marvel, Six Of Crows, Voltron and anime shows.

    - Fanfics on Tumblr:

    Loki One Shots

    - Six Of Crows:

    To Kill The Boy

    A Deal Of Scars

    #six of crows #loki#kaz brekker#mcu#marvel#loki fanfic#avengers#sylvie#loki fandom #loki one shot #shadow and bone
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    ~ Loki Fanfic List ~

    (Redoing my loki masterlist because the links keep changing to my old username no matter how many times I change them and not working, so hopefully this will solve the problem 🤦🏻‍♂️)

    Prince Of Mischief & Scars

    To Be Glorious and Free

    The Battle Of Fancy Words

    The Lies We Tell Ourselves

    Loki Poems

    To Build A Home

    The First Steps (Sylvie)

    Our Hopeless Trust

    WIP: Beneath Our Skin

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    24.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Best Friend’s Brother - Chris Evans x Reader (Part 17)

    Summary: You and Scott have been best friends ever since you were 10, meeting at summer camp. Being best friends with Scott means you know his family very well. Especially his older brother. After a failed attempt at dating Chris when you were 18, when you move to LA for a job will you and Chris grow close again? What would the world think? and most importantly what would Scott think?

    Word Count: 2k

    Warnings: Angst, small amount of fluff

    The drive back to Chris’ house was silent. Neither of you knowing what to say or do following the events of the evening. You glanced over at Chris to see him grasping the steering wheel so tight his knuckles were white. You could still see the red mark where Scott had punched him, his lip was split too.

    As you walked in dodger came bounding over unaware of the sour mood. The two of you did your best to respond to his excitement but it was hard.

    “I’ll go see Scott tomorrow morning try and talk to him, I seem like the main villain at the moment and maybe he’ll be calm enough to talk then” Chris sighs running his hand down his face wincing when he touched the spot where he’d been punched.

    “Let’s get an icepack on that try and avoid you getting a bruise” you say taking his hand and leading him into the kitchen.

    You sit him down before moving to grab everything you needed to clean him up. You looked over at him to see him slumped in his seat, looking down at the floor looking completely defeated. You probably looked the exact same.

    Standing between his legs you started cleaning up the split lip trying to be as gentle as possible. He only hissed in pain a couple times. You then pressed the ice pack up to his face, he flinches initially at the cold sensation but lets you hold it there.

    “Did you really tell Scott that you wouldn’t date me ever again?” Chris asks quietly to the point it was barely above a whisper.

    You sigh slightly, you’d been worried that Chris was hang onto that and let it eat its way into his brain.

    “Yes, but a long time ago when I honestly didn’t think I would. I never thought any less of you though I just— I just didn’t think it would ever happen” you explain with a sigh.

    “I’m sure you’ve felt the same way in the past” you add when he doesn’t look at you.

    “Maybe, but I never actually said it” he admits finally looking up at you. You could see the sorrow in his eyes making your heart break.

    “And I’m so sorry for that, but you’ve proved me wrong because if I really did think that I wouldn’t be here would I” you tell him gently cupping his cheek and rubbing it with your thumb.

    Chris nods his head and wraps his arms around your waist pulling your closer, resting his head on your chest with a deep sigh.

    “Well that went 100 times worse than I thought it would” he sighs, and you couldn’t help but chuckle slightly.

    “Yeah, I thought I thought the worse way he’d find out would be walking in on us, not TMZ making up some bullshit” you agree as he looks up at you.

    “Yeah how you feeling about all that?” Chris asks running his hand up and down your arm.

    “I honestly don’t know, it’s a bit shit having all those lies said about me but then they’re all lies, and the truth will come out eventually right ” you sigh shrugging your shoulders.

    “Yeah it should, and in the meantime I’ll be right beside you, people will forget about it in about a week and we can just carry on as usual” Chris says reassuringly.

    “How’s your face feeling?” You ask him wanting to change the subject.

    “Kinda numb now, but god can Scott pack a punch” Chris says rubbing his jaw a small smile on his face.

    “I don’t think he even knew he could punch that hard” you point out making him chuckle.

    “And look I’m sorry I should have known there would be paps still, it was reckless and I’m sorry” Chris sighs shaking his head.

    “Hey, I’m equally to blame here, takes two to tango remember” you tell him reassuringly.

    “Look we’ve had a long day so let’s head to bed and take on whatever tomorrow brings with fresh heads” you suggest putting the ice pack to the side.

    “Yeah I’m exhausted, thank you for being so strong through all this” Chris agrees taking you hand in his squeezing slightly.

    “Well when I have a rock like you beside me” you tell him with a small smile.

    The next morning Chris left to go talk to Scott leaving you alone at home with dodger. You sat in bed avoiding looking at your phone, it had been blowing up with notifications all day. You just watched TV trying to take your mind off of it all.

    Dodger helped. He curled up on your lap for cuddles and it gave you the perfect distraction. It was true when they said dogs can sense when something was wrong because whenever your mind started down that hole dodger would nudge you with his snout or give your face a lick.

    You weren’t sure how long Chris was gone but when he returned with a defeated sigh you could tell it hadn’t gone well.

    “How’d it go?” You ask him as he sits down on the bed.

    “It didn’t” he sighs sitting back and giving dodger a couple pats.

    “What do you mean?” You ask him confused.

    “He wasn’t there, him and Steve got an early flight back to LA this morning” Chris explains.

    You sigh since this meant things were worse than you thought.

    “Yeah but I spoke to everyone else and explained it all and they said that while they were blindsided and kinda wished it wasn’t a secret for so long they understand why considering our history” Chris tells you his hand absentmindedly running up and down your leg.

    “So they aren’t mad?” You ask him.

    “No not at all, Carly hasn’t told the kids yet thought that we might want to do that” Chris tells you.

    You smile at the idea of telling the kids, at least that would be the way you’d wanted it to be.

    “That sounds nice, what should we do about Scott?” You ask him.

    Chris shrugs his shoulders with a sigh “Part of me wants to head straight back to LA and get this sorted, but ma said giving him some space and time to think over it all will make him come around easier. Plus it’s gonna be a media storm in LA so maybe staying here a couple more days will help calm it all down. Easier to lay low here than in LA” Chris says looking over at you.

    “Yeah it makes sense to stay here, god I hope this works out” you sigh moving to rest your head against his shoulder.

    “It will, I promise he loves you too much to let you go. Plus him being my brother means he’ll have to put up with it at least because I don’t plan on letting you go” Chris tells you kissing the top of your head.

    Later that day you and Chris along with dodger went over to Lisa’s house to see the kids. You felt nervous on the drive over. You knew Chris had said they were all okay and not angry, but you still felt nervous to face them.

    Thankfully every doubt was thrown out when all you received was warmth from them. They all wanted to know if you were okay and you were so grateful.

    “I much prefer you to all his other ex’s” Carly even whispered in your ear when she gave you a hug. You couldn’t help but chuckle at that.

    The kids then interrupted glad to see their uncle, dragging him off to play.

    “You better go join them, they love you already so I wouldn’t worry about them” Carly says nodding in the direction Chris was taken.

    You give her a small thank you before heading off to join Chris and the kids. When you find them you see them all showing Chris what they had been doing so far.

    When his niece sees you she runs over to grab your hand so she can show you the picture she made. You sit down next to her as she shows you all her artwork. One of the things you loved about kids was how they had no sense of personal space to the point that they would just sit on you.

    As you did some colouring in with his niece you looked up to watch Chris with his nephews playing with action figures. Chris of course had been given the Captain America toy and was doing all the voices.

    It was so sweet watching him with kids, you could so easily picture him with his own kids. He was born to be a father. You only had to look at his work of Gifted and Defending Jacob to see that.

    Chris looks up to see you watching him and he smiles over at you warmly.

    “Hey kids, me and (Y/N) have some news to tell you” Chris says getting the kids attention.

    They all look at the two of you sitting patiently despite obviously being excited as to what you were gonna say.

    “Me and (Y/N) are dating, we’re a couple” Chris tells them, and they all start smiling excitedly.

    “Like boyfriend and girlfriend?” His eldest nephew asks.

    “Like boyfriend and girlfriend” you confirm smiling over at them.

    His niece who was sat closest to you then launched herself into your arms hugging you tightly.

    “I can’t wait to have you as an auntie” she giggles.

    “Me neither, but that’s up to Chris to decide” you point out hoping you didn’t seem to flustered.

    “Uncle Chris?” They all question excitedly.

    “I’d love that, as and when we’re ready, no need to rush is there” Chris smiles.

    “No not at all, we’re in a great place despite everything” you smile widely feeling on cloud 9 knowing Chris felt the same way about your future.

    The kids ask you a million and one questions before eventually getting distracted by the toys again. You sat beside Chris and just watched the kids play. He had his arm around you, and you relaxed into his embrace.

    At one point his niece ran over to the two of you to show you a picture.

    “It’s you and Uncle Chris and dodger” she explains pointing it all out to the two of you.

    “That’s amazing you’re so good at drawing” you tell her making her beam proudly.

    “You better keep it safe with all your other ones” Chris tells her pointing over to her large pile of drawings.

    “Nooo its for you” she says pushing it into your hands.

    “Are you sure?” You ask surprised.

    She nods her head vehemently with a wide smile.

    “Yep it’s a gift for auntie (Y/N)” she smiles, and you break out into a wide smile at the name she used.

    You move to give her a hug thanking her for the gift before she runs off again to continue playing. You look over at Chris who was gazing over at you lovingly. Wrapping his arm around your shoulder to pull you back into his embrace kissing the top of your head.

    Later on in the evening, it was just the adults all relaxing in the living room. Initially you out of habit didn’t sit close to Chris. When he wrapped his arm around your shoulder to pull you into his embrace you flinched initially before relaxing into his embrace.

    “Hey you okay?” He asks quietly.

    “Yeah just not used to being so open, but I’m fine” you tell him before resting your head on his chest breathing in his cologne the scent instantly calming you.

    He kissed you gently on the top of your head before running his hand up and down your arm soothingly.

    “I have to say it’s incredibly sweet seeing the two of you like that” Shanna says smiling over at you.

    “Yeah its completely natural as if it’s always been this way, it’s adorable” Carly adds making you hide your face slightly in Chris’ chest to hide how flustered you were.

    “Scott will see it eventually, he loves you both so much and when he sees how happy you are then he’ll be so happy for you, it’s just the shock of it all” Shanna tells the both of you, everyone nodding in agreement.

    “Thanks guys that really means a lot” Chris smiles looking down at you lovingly.


    Series Masterlist / Masterlist

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  • magpietoriches
    24.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    LockDown Part V: Someone who screams, “I want to kill Loki.”

    Summary: The Avengers compound is under Lockdown and you’re stuck with Loki. The story takes place during 2018 in an alternate timeline where Loki made it to Earth after the events of “Thor: Ragnarok” and Sam Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, Clint Barton, and Scott Lang are still on the Raft.

    Inspired by “A Job Million PRs Would Die” for by saiansha, a dream I had, and my love of bottle episodes.

    Enemies to lovers with eventual smut.


    Read Part I here | Part II here | Part III here | Part IV here

    Warning: The following part includes minor references to self harm. 


    Loki’s room

     3:00:00 until the bomb goes off. 

          I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and stifled a yawn. “It says here Henry Clayford was an Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialist for the Us Army. That could be something, huh Loki? Loki?” I looked over at the god sitting next to me. He had his arms crossed over his chest. His head was thrown back, resting against the sofa. I heard him softly snoring. “Aww, he’s sleeping,” I said, in a mocking tone. 

         Loki began to stir, his head had fallen onto my shoulder. I could feel his lips brush against my neck as he subconsciously nuzzled closer. He must be out if he’s willing to sit this close to me. I rolled my eyes as his long hair spilled over me. Annoyed, I went to brush the invading strands off of me but I found my fingers lingering in their softness. I could smell the unmistakable aroma of pine and spearmint. And I carefully pressed my nose against the top of Loki’s head. For whatever reason, he relaxed further into my touch.

          Loki and I had been going through the employee files for an hour, or at least I had been. Although I did take a few breaks to see if Eric had reached out. No such luck. 

         Loki thought he would just recognise a couple of faces and call it a day. We quickly realised, which ever two men came to Loki’s room, must have worn disguises because not one of them looked familiar to Loki. Without an eyewitness identification to go off of, all we had to rely on were the files Tony sent us and my basic understanding of profiling, curtesy of the first 5 seasons of “Criminal Minds.”

          Anyone of the 5 men could be SFN members. They all had motive for wanting Loki dead. Heck, I had motive for wanting him dead. As adorable as he was when he slept I was going to kill him if he didn’t help me and “WAKE UP!” I yelled, pushing Loki off of me. 

         “Wha,” he sounded disoriented, “I’m awake.” With his eyes still closed he asked, “Has the bomb gone off yet?”

         “Yes,” I said sarcastically. “It’s gone off and now we’re in hell, together, because God is punishing me.” 

          “Alright. Good to know.” Loki began to settle back into the sofa.

         “Do not go back to sleep! You’re supposed to be helping me,” I admonished. I lifted the overheated computer from my lap to cool down. Wanda’s Dell didn’t have enough power to handle the Avengers system. It would probably give out before the bomb exploded. 

            “Our plan was for you to narrow down who wants to kill me. Then I’d review your findings.” 

          “That was your plan. I need your help now.” I ran my fingers through my hair. “It could honestly be any of them. Henry is EOD, so he has bomb experience,” I said while pulling up a photo of Henry Clayford; a 32-year-old man with brown hair and a strong jawline. “Now take Dr Arthur Dean, for example,” I opened another photo, this time of a man with chestnut coloured hair and a crooked nose, “He’s worked for the CDC, which means he has a good understanding of Anthrax.” 

          “Daniel Turner,” Loki read the ID of the next man I pulled up. Daniel was in his early 40s with a heart shaped face. 

            “Before he worked for us, he spent 4 years working in Sokovia.” I showed Loki a new photo of a man with tanned skin and intense hazel eyes. “Stanley West here was a Detroit cop before he transferred to New York City after your attack.”

        “What about the young one? You mentioned he had a criminal record?”

           “TJ Sherwood,” I brought up the photo of the 28-year-old and angled the laptop to give Loki a better look. TJ was thin and looked 10 years younger than his actual age. “He was arrested for robbing a hardware store when he was 16.”

            “Hmm, that doesn’t seem relevant.”

             “He was accused of trying to steal bomb supplies,” I clarified. I turned the laptop back to face me. “So there,” I tried to hold back another yawn, “It could be anyone.”

           Loki’s eyes scanned me up and down. I knew I probably looked worse for wear. The dress I had on was starting to feel as “ridiculous” as Loki had previously stated. My hair, which was originally swept into an intricate up-do, had come undone. 

          “You seem tired,” Loki stated the obvious. “I can make us some coffee.” 

            I held my arm out across Loki as if I were a mother protecting their child from a fatal car collision. “No, I’m going to make coffee.” I stood up, stretched my arms over my head, and wiggled my feet, trying to reawaken my body. I mistakenly thought the fear of imminent death would provide me with energy. “I could use the break. Here,” I handed Loki Wanda’s computer, “I’ve got their job interviews queued up. Watch and see if anything stands out for you.”  

          “I’m still not entirely sure what I’m looking for,” Loki said, rapidly blinking as his eyes adjusted to the harsh light of the laptop. 

           I opened Loki’s kitchen cabinets, looking for some coffee mugs. “You’re looking for someone.” I paused to examine one of the mugs I found far in the back. It had a photo of a horse on it. I looked at the bottom and saw the name “Wanda” scribbled in a red ink. I was about to look for a different mug when I noticed the words on it had been chipped away to say, ‘World’s greatest ho.’ ‘Yup’, I thought, ‘This one is going to be Loki’s.’ I turned around and smiled over at the god on the other side of the room. “You’re looking for someone that screams, “I want to kill Loki.”

          “Fairly certain I’m looking at someone who wants to kill me right now,” Loki mumbled under his breath but still loud enough for me to hear. 

          “Ha,” I let out a fake laugh, “Get to work.” I inserted a pod into Loki’s coffee machine. 

          “Would you be willing to kill someone if they were going to harm an innocent person?” I recognised Happy Hogan’s voice coming for the laptop speakers. 

           “I swore an oath to save lives. I take no pleasure in taking one. But if it was the difference between saving innocent lives, then yes I would.” The voice on the other end had a faint Australian accent. I instantly knew he was watching Arthur Dean’s interview. I listened while I poured my coffee. Arthur was discussing his time with the CDC, and his work with bioweapons. 

        “Two sugars,” I confirmed with Loki as I tended to his drink. 

      Loki paused the video and looked up. “I prefer my coffee black.”

          “You prefer two sugars.” I made Loki black coffee once and he hated it. He hated it so much he smashed the cup onto the floor, demanding I make him another. I made him 3 more cups, before concluding that he doesn’t actually like black coffee. 

           “Nonsense, I’ve always liked your black coffee.”

           “You like it because I always put in two sugars,” I confessed, as I added two scopes of sweetener to Loki’s coffee.

      Loki let out a shocked gasp, “That's why it never taste the same when I make it.”

           I grabbed the yellow legal pad I had been using to write down Senate questions, and a pen, just in case we wanted to take notes. And with coffee in my hand, I returned to the couch. Loki read the message written across with a raised eyebrow before taking a sip. And then we began the other videos….

           “What is your opinion on the Sokovian accords?” Happy read off a piece of paper before making a checkmark.

         “Regulation is good,” TJ said. His hair was a bit longer than his ID photo. He leaned forward, almost knocking Happy’s papers from the interview table. “The way I see it, there needs to be more regulation. We have to be careful what we do, and who we align ourselves with.” TJ then went on an impassioned speech about regulating corporations. I found myself agreeing with a lot of his points.

          “-he thought he was more cunning than any beast of the field, but I was smarter.” Stanley West had just finished telling Happy about his time working as an undercover cop, to take down some guy named King Pin. He had a formal way of talking, everything about him was army regulated. His shirt pressed, his hair was neat.

           “What's one thing you.” I watched as Happy paused to read in his head, “Hate about the Avengers?” 

          “I lived in Sokovia for 4 years. I was there when Tony Stark’s creation came to destroy us. I witnessed the destruction left behind by Ultron. I helped clear the rubble off of the bodies. What happened in Sokovia was a great injustice. That’s why I want to work with you guys, to make sure it doesn’t happen again.” Loki picked up the pen and wrote down Daniels name with a question mark. The rest of Daniel’s interview was of him and Happy bonding over their love of Downtown Abbey.

          “We should also write down Arthur’s name,” I suggested, at the same time, my phone began vibrating. I had turned on notifications to alert me anytime Eric made a post on Facebook or Twitter. I was worried about him. The alert said it was from Facebook. 

            Loki leaned in closer to me and looked down at the phone in my hand. “Are you seriously still expecting a message from Eric? Forget him.”

           I tuned out Loki’s voice and held my phone in one hand. I used my free hand to dig my nails into my skin. I absentmindedly began to push deeper. I pretended not to see Loki’s look of concern. What did he know? Sure, Eric was an asshole for not texting me or calling me. And it hurt. But before this stupid lockdown, when I and him were texting back and forth, during the days leading up to what would have been our first date, he was so kind and attentive. I never had anyone so invested in me before. When I would go to Loki’s room in the evenings, it was Eric I messaged after Loki would say something insulting. He may have been a jerk in high school, but for a brief moment, Eric, of all people, made me feel wanted. I needed to feel wanted again, at least before I died. 

            Loki simply rolled his eyes and shook his head in response to my unwillingness to give up on Eric. I heard him begin Henry Clayford’s interview. I was only half-listening to the part of the video Loki had skipped to, where Henry talked about his time working with explosives. 

           I still hadn’t opened the Facebook alert. I thought I should scroll through Eric’s Twitter feed first, and finish my coffee. I eventually did open the notification. It was a photo of Eric, posted a few minutes ago. He wearing a red flannel shirt. It paired very well with the red dress the curvy blonde hanging off of his neck was wearing. I glared at the photo in a seething rage as lukewarm coffee spilt from the cup I was holding. 

           “Hey, careful.” Loki chastised as he moved Wanda’s laptop to safety. A few drops of coffee had fallen onto his pant leg. He stood up to brush it off. There was even more damage done to his couch. I didn’t stick around to hear Loki yell, or for him to see me cry. I went to hide in the only other room available, his closet. 

           I wanted to kill Eric. I hated myself for being so stupid. Most of all I hated my sister because all I wanted to do was call her but I knew she wouldn’t answer. I also wanted to throw things and break stuff but I couldn’t reach any of the boxes Wanda left and I didn’t have the heart to break her albums. Loki didn’t have many clothes for me to rip apart, either. All he had was the suit he was supposed to be wearing tonight. The suit jacket and pants were grey. The shirt I picked out was sea-foam green. I thought it would match his eyes, and be a nice change from the dark colours he often wore. I couldn’t bring myself to select any other colour for him but green. The colour was too unmistakably him. I slipped out of my coffee-soaked dress and put on Loki's shirt. I assumed Loki must have worn the shirt at some point. It had the familiar smell of pine and spearmint. 


    Author’s Commentary: Thanks again for all the feedback. If you want to be tagged, please leave a comment or shoot me a message. 

    This chapter was a bit of a challenge. I picture everything playing out like a movie. I’ll write the dialogue between characters first, and then add everything in later.

    I pictured the video interviews, if it were a movie, having a lot of jump cuts. 

    Tag List under the cut

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    Avengers Mom.

    ☘︎︎ Avengers // Firstname Lastname

    ☘︎︎ fluff, Drabble, she/her pronouns and ‘mom’ title

    ☘︎︎ The avengers think of F/n as they’re mom because how she treats them and how she is to them but she doesn’t mind it at all.

    Y/n L/n, the ‘mom’ of the avengers.

    She was called that because she did motherly things. She would check in on them, make sure nobody was late for absolutely anything (even if they didn’t appreciate being woken up hours early.). Sometimes she would cook meals for them, and she would hug them and give advice like a mother would. So with her acting like a mother, it was normal for a slip up to happen once or twice. “Mom, pass me the remote” or “Good morning, mom” was often heard leaving the avengers’ mouth.

    It didn’t matter wether she was older or younger than each avenger she was still there for them unlike they’re mother was or couldn’t do anything.


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  • fangirllife98
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    I’ve woken up before my friend so I’m getting a few words of “He Promised” part 7 in and something really cute is happening and I’m trying not to sob in case I wake my friend up 😭

    Also I’m gonna be nice and post part 4 (which might have to be two sections again) tomorrow after I say goodbye to my friend! I feel bad for giving y’all mixed feelings! 😭😭😭

    #the joys of being a fanfic writer #bucky barnes#avengers#marvel#mcu#sebastian stan #new writers corner
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    So I guess some week in August (I think it was like the 9th - 15th) is supposed to be the "Loki Series Appreciation Week" so uhhh does anyone wanna join me on Ao3 and just post nothing but fix-it fanfic that dunks on the show during that time?

    #loki#loki's army#tom hiddleston#loki tv#loki 2021 #loki tv show #loki tv series #loki show#loki series#loki fanfic #loki fan fic #loki fan fiction #loki fanfiction #the loki show #the loki series #loki the show #loki the series #marvel#mcu
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    Chapter 13 of According to Plan, a Loki/Reader fanfic by Aesir_Alchemist - The Bargain Pt. 2

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    i used to write marvel fanfics on ao3 i think i might start it up again on here would anyone be interested??

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    Me: *comes up with a story*

    Me: *knows exactly how I want to start and finish it*

    Me: *is excited to start writing it*

    Me when I open my laptop:

    #fanfic #fan fic ideas #fan fic smut #fan fiction #into the thick of it #the backyardigans#writer#author #fan fic writer #marvel#marvel au#marvel fanfiction#chris evans#marvel fanfic#Andy Barber#Captain America#Knives Out #knives out fanfiction #ransom drysdale #hugh ransom drysdale #Hugh Ransom Drysdale Fanfic #so on #and so forth #writing#in general
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