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    this aaron hotchner playlist im curating feels like sitting near a campfire on a cold, clear night

    #what no thats totally not what the entire plot of this next fic is about what do you mean #aaron hotchner x reader #spotify #wanna find my marvel and cm playlists? #infinitemusician1321 on spotify #abby babble
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    Oh, we're almost at 300 followers, which is absolutely undeliveble.

    Would you be interested in a celebration? Maybe a blurbs requests or list of promts for the oneshots?

    For any character and any theme.


    #natasha romanoff image #black widow 2021 #black widow fic #yelena belova imagine #marvel self insert #yelena belova fanfiction #natasha romanoff fanfic #yelena belova x reader #natasha romanoff x reader
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    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
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    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Thank you so much! Writing for this version of Nat is such a joy. She deserves to be happy.

    Yes, there is definitely going to be a continuation. Pt. 1 of Another universe, another chance





    *stories about survivor Natasha

    #feel free to request anything #survivor or nor #natasha romanoff image #black widow 2021 #black widow fic #marvel self insert #natasha romanoff fanfic #natasha romanoff x reader #natasha romanoff #natasha x you #natasha romanoff x you #what if #survivor!natasha romanoff
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  • jessromanoff
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Cold | nat x avengers fluff fic

    “Natasha gets cold due to her time in Vormir.”

    When Natasha returned from Vormir and was brought back to the land of the living, at first her body’s drop in temperature was not noticeable. However, as time went by, her coldness was more and more noticeable — to her, not to her team, as she was an expert spy and when she wanted to hide something, one wouldn’t uncover it unless she wanted you to.

    Well, that goes for everyone except the literal robot, who was immune to secrecy tactics.

    The story is set on a regular evening at the Avengers tower. The team was sitting in the living room, all engaged in their own conversations or the news on the television. Natasha, in particular, was reminiscing with Clint about their days in the field as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. The redhead was subtly rubbing at her arms in the smallest of attempts to generate heat. It was big enough to get the warmth going and small enough that she could dismiss it as a subconscious, self-soothing gesture.

    “Conducting bodily scans. Initiating now.”

    The conversations paused at the interruption from the robotic A.I, F.R.I.D.A.Y.

    “What’s that?” Clint asked, sending Tony a suspicious glance.

    “FRIDAY is programmed to conduct random scans at random times — it’s just to make sure that she’s still working,” he explained, and everyone accepted this explanation. They patiently waited for F.R.I.D.A.Y. to finish her scans, so as to avoid another interruption.

    “Scans complete. Everyone is operating as usual. Although, it appears that Mr. Rogers has an itch on his leg and Ms. Romanoff is cold.”

    Everyone glanced at Steve, who nodded, and sheepishly itched his knee. Then, they turned to Natasha, who shook her head ‘no’. “Not cold,” she lied easily.

    Tony’s eyebrows furrowed. “FRIDAY, can you scan again?” He asked.

    F.R.I.D.A.Y. did as told and, a couple seconds later, reported that Natasha had been exhibiting signs of being cold since her return from Vormir.

    “Nat?” Clint questioned with raised eyebrows.

    Natasha bit her lip. Betrayed by the robot, great. “FRIDAY is accurate,” is all she said.

    “Do you have a cold?” Clint immediately asked and, went to put the back of his hand against his friend’s forehead, but thought better of it and dropped his arm to his side.

    “Ms. Romanoff has not been exhibiting signs of the common cold,” F.R.I.D.A.Y cut in just as Natasha parted her lips to answer.

    Natasha frowned and looked at Tony. “Can you shut her off?” She asked, with a slight hiss.

    Tony gave a small sigh. “FRIDAY, activate sleep mode,” he commanded.

    There was a series of beeps until F.R.I.D.A.Y’a voice ceased. Natasha let out a small breath of relief and leaned back against the couch cushions.

    “Nat, why didn’t you tell us?” Steve asked, leaning forward with his “serious captain” look on display.

    Natasha could lie, but she decided not to. They worked so hard to bring her back, so they deserved to know. “I didn’t want to unnecessarily worry you. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal,” she answered, shrugging.

    “It is to us,” Bruce countered softly.

    At Natasha’s confused look, Sam added on, a smile on his face, “We’re your family, Romanoff. We care about you. When you’re cold, especially if it’s a result from literally dying, we worry.”

    Natasha thought for a moment and then gave in with a smile. She nodded, believing it. It had taken her awhile to fully recognize the love her team had for her after all she had endured, and this was just one of the rings of the ladder to it.

    “I’ll get you a blanket,” Bucky announced, standing up as he did so.

    “Come here,” Clint said, wrapping an arm around his partner in time.

    “Oh my god,” Natasha said through her laugh, still smiling. Before, she would reject this, because she was a superspy, not a cuddle buddy . . . Maybe it was because of her return from death. Or it was because of her family. Probably both! But she knew that cuddling, letting her family take care of her . . . That didn’t make her any less of a badass. They knew it, too.

    Bucky returned and wrapped Natasha tight in the blanket, leaving nothing for Clint. Under any other circumstance he wouldn’t been annoyed at the brunette, but he approved of it, this time.

    “Tell us if you get colder, alright?” Steve said.

    At Natasha’s nod, the family resumed their conversations. The room soon filled with laughter and pure, blissful glee.

    In the time to come, every Avenger made sure that Natasha wasn’t cold. A blanket, a cuddle, a sweater, the heat turned on, everything.

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  • strawwritesfic
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Thor Odinson x Female!Midgardian!Reader: (Closet) Pervert

    Summary: It’s easy to forget that Thor still hasn’t figured out every aspect of Midgardian living yet.

    Rating/Warnings/Tags: T (implications of a home break-in; derogatory references to 50 Shades of Gray (but not BDSM by extension); crack-adjacent humor; bras; not canon compliant; referenced Thor & Sif friendship)

    Challenge: “100 Drabbles of Randomness” by Miseria1 on Lunaescence Archives.

    (Closet) Pervert

    "Thor?” you called as you entered your house, late after work and not expecting another one of your fiancé’s unannounced visits. Only ringing silence answered, so you tried again: “Thor? Are you here?”

    If he was hiding, he clearly hadn’t thought his plan through. Nothing said “THOR WAS HERE” better than the nice set of “crop circles” he made on your lawn whenever he jumped to Earth. Not even one of Tony’s ostentatious cars could do the job better. Thor was being awfully quiet, though. He made no noise at all while you hung your coat up by the door and wandered into the kitchen.

    “Thor? Are you here? Hiding isn’t funny.” Had he gone into town? No, surely not. Thor was, if nothing else, very chivalrous. He’d have picked you up from work at the very least. “Seriously, Thor. I just spent all day trying to work out a plea deal for a murderer. I don’t want to play hide-and-seek.”

    But Thor, if he was in the house at all, didn’t answer. You grumbled as you opened up your pantry. Well, if he did decide to turn up, he’d be hungry, and you’d be damned if you stayed up much longer to cook him dinner.


    You nearly jumped out of your skin and the can of corn in your hands hit the ground with an resounding clang. For several seconds, you listened to your heart beat and your breath catch as you leaned against one of the cabinets and waited for the sound to come again.

    Such a loud sound did not repeat itself, but from upstairs you continued to hear muffled thumping, crashing, and banging. You reached under the kitchen sink and grabbed the baseball bat you kept underneath it. Your super-powered fiancé might have been MIA, and there might have been someone in your house, but no way were you going down without a fight.

    “Hello?” you said from the bottom of the stairs.

    No response. Instead, the sounds paused for a split second, then started anew.

    “Fine. Be that way. I’m coming up there. But I warn you: I’m armed!”

    Doing the work you did, making enemies instead of friends was a given. You’d heard plenty of stories about your predecessors having dealings on the outside with angry clients and defendants alike. The guy who came before you died under suspicious circumstances. Slowly, you walked up the stairs with your fingers wrapped all the more tightly around your bat.

    The sounds were coming from your room. As you reached the landing, you could see that your door was ajar and the lights were on. Whoever was waiting for you, they weren’t really going for subtle. Before you could convince yourself to back away and call the police, you threw the door the rest of the way open so hard that it banged against the wall as you leapt inside the room.

    “Drop whatever is in your hands!” you shouted.

    The cacophony stopped at once. You opened your mouth to issue another command, but the intruder backed out of your closet and looked at you before you could.

    “[Name]!” he cried.


    Too late to ask questions. He had already wrapped his arms around you in a great bear hug.

    “[Name]! I am so pleased to see you. It has been too long. I was worried perhaps you would never come home.”

    “I was at work, Thor. What–Why are you in my closet?”

    He released you and walked back toward the closet, motioning for you to follow. Your crossed your arms and did so him.

    “I found something…strange,” he said.

    “What were you even doing in here to begin with? Thor, if you were sniffing anything, I swear to God I am going to kill Loki for lending you that copy of 50 Shades of Gray.”

    “I would never do anything so uncouth as what the Midgardians in that story did without your asking me to do so. I simply opened the closet door to let the cat out.”

    Your cat did have a penchant of getting stuck inside the closet. All the same:

    “Okay, but what was all that bumping when I got home? What’d you find in here? A frog?”


     You knew Thor was bright. You knew it with every fiber of your being. Just because he didn’t understand a lot of Earth things didn’t mean he was dumb. Jeez was it difficult to remind yourself of that sometimes.

    “Thor, that’s my bra.”

    He lifted the skin-colored material closer to his face and scratched his chin. “So it is yours and not something I should be concerned about?”

    “Yes.” You snatched it away. “And paws off the merchandise!”

    “I am sorry. I only meant to protect you.”

    “Yeah. You did a great job protecting me from lingerie. You’ve seriously never seen one of these before?”

    He shook his head.

    “Wait…You mean that Sif doesn’t wear a bra?”

    “Sif wears armor that befits her dignity and strength. She has no need of these…items.”

    You sighed and waggled the bra on one finger. “It supports my breasts, Thor. I’m thinking that whatever it is Sif gets up to on a daily basis, she probably needs one more than me.”

    Thor brightened immediately. “Should I get one for her, then? As a present?”

    “No!” you said hastily. “God, no. Please don’t. And if you do, please don’t say it was my idea.”

    “All right, all right. No bras. But are breasts really that difficult to hold up?”

    “They’re heavier than they–” You broke off in a choking blush. “No. I’m not having this conversation with you. It’s nearly ten o’ clock, and I’m hungry. Let’s just go down to the kitchen and make dinner.”

    “A wonderful idea.”

     You led Thor out of the bedroom and back down the stairs. For a moment, you thought everything was going to be okay--until he paused in the doorway and murmured:

    "You know, I think those books Loki lent me did mention something about bras.”

    Future brother-in-law or not, you were going to kill him.

    #fan fic#straw writes#reader insert #second person pov #thor#thor odinson#avengers#marvel#mcu#one shot#challenge fic #thor x reader #thor x you #thor x y/n #thor odinson x reader #thor odinson x you #thor odinson x y/n #marvel x reader #marvel x you #marvel x y/n #mcu x you #mcu x y/n #mcu x reader #avengesr x reader #avengers x you #avengers x y/n
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  • batcavescolony
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Fanfic writers I love you but please google the age of the children your writing

    A 4 year old can get on a couch easily

    Children arnt that small. 4year olds are roughly hip height (3f 5in (102.3 cm))

    4-5 is when kids start kindergarten

    4-5 is when their in booster seats

    They can have a conversation

    They know shaped, colors, numbers ect

    They usually have a reason for crying or acting out. 'She took my pencil' 'they won't share' 'i want ____' are pretty common ones

    If their in 2021 they know how to use an tablet, I pad, ect they might ask you to find what they want but from their they got it.

    Their little shits who like to tattle on siblings

    They are always hungry and want snacks

    They love it when you throw them around (like lift them and throw them at a pile of cushions)

    They will mimic things they hear and loudly sing songs..... It's very annoying

    When they're tired they want to be with you

    They can pick up after them selves.... Will they, no. But they can.

    #fan fiction#fanfic #fan fiction writers #ao3#wattpad #ffn.net #writing tips #im reading a fic and their like 'hes [4yo] struggling to get up on the couch' and im like no 4yo's can do that #children#kids #they also can talk.... like really they never shut up. anything they think will be said #they also love helping you with stuff and drawing on everything #and of theirs an older sibling oof CHAOS #fanfic pet peeves #mcu#comics#dc comics#marvel #They can also be bribed very easily #they also what EVERYTHING and are very opinionated #this doesn't got with ALL 4-5 year olds but in my experience their little hellions (affectionately) #please at least google miles stones of the age your writeing or at least what they look like #they can usually go to the bathroom. they can carry a plate with minimal spills.they can drink out of a cup wouldn't recommend but they can #they might need help getting dressed or putting a jacket on sometimes. they usually know what feet shoes go on #they can write their name
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  • strawwritesfic
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Bruce Banner x Reader: Creep

    Summary: Once upon a time, someone got themselves in over their head. Once upon a time, someone with no reason to do so held out his hand instead of holding their under the water.

    Rating/Warnings/Tags: All (stalking; post-Avengers (2012))

    Challenge: “100 Drabbles of Randomness” by Miseria1 on Lunaescence Archives.


    Tracking gigs were always hit-or-miss when it came to pleasurable experiences. Typically, you either got stuck outside in the summer, following some guy through the Sahara desert, or you got to stick around inside, playing around with one agency or another’s toys until they saw fit to let you go. This particular job involved long stretches of both. No Sahara so far, thankfully, but the assignment did require a lot of following one man around the island of Manhattan and hoping to God he wouldn’t see you.

    Today was even worse than being baked alive or frozen by overzealous air conditioning could be. The weather had taken a turn toward the foggy and wet. Rain lashed against windows; clouds dipped into the streets; thunder rumbled across the sky--and you lost your mark roughly two blocks after finding him.

    This realization did not cheer you up. Another uncomfortable phone meeting with your “benefactor” hung ominously on the horizon. But there was no point in your standing outside and continuing to get soaked. Trying to shrug off your growing feelings of anxiety, you ducked inside the nearest coffee shop you could find.

    Inside sat a snug little Starbucks already filled to bursting with people. The baristas seemed to have given up on wrangling everyone into buying drinks and instead were chatting with each other behind the counter. A few small children ran around the back near the coffee mugs while the teenagers huddled up near windows with their laptops.

    You shook the water out of your hair and walked to the counter. Despite the crowd inside, the line was nonexistent. You ordered a hot chocolate before leaving to stand near the door, the better to keep a look out. Almost as soon as you had, however, a man with dark, curly hair bowled you over.

    “Oh!” said the man as he bent to grab your arm and heave you to your feet. “I’m sorry.”

    Too engaged with the chocolate stain blooming across your shirt, you didn’t look up as you answered, “it’s fine, it’s fine.”

    “No–I, oh. Do you want another drink? I can buy you one. What did you have?”

    “No, really, I’m–”

    The sound of his voice alerted you to the fact that something was not quite right. Without bothering to finish your reply, you lifted your head, eyes already narrowed. Sure enough, it was the man you were supposed to be following.

    “I’m fine,” you finished faintly. “Just fine.”

    He looked relieved. “That’s good. Are you all right?”

    Now you were in trouble. Hopefully Dr. Bruce Banner wasn’t the kind of man that took that much notice of his surroundings. You ducked your head and made a beeline for the door.

    “Fine! I really am fine!”

    “Wait.” He grabbed your arm, causing you to freeze. Slowly, you turned to look at him. Now his eyes were narrowed and focused on your features. “Do I know you from somewhere?”

    “Me?” Your voice raised several octaves; you couldn’t help it. Never before had someone managed to catch you spying on them. All the pressure of this job had you getting sloppy. “I don’t think that’s possible. I only just moved here and–”

    “I have. You’re the girl at the dentist office. And from the supermarket and the gas station and…Tony’s new intern?”

    Your heart thudded violently in your wrist. Maybe you should have tugged free and sprinted away, but you couldn’t. Suddenly, you were moving anyway as Bruce pushed you out the door as casually as he could and marched you into a secluded corner out of doors.

    “Why are you following me?” He asked the question so quietly that you could barely hear him over the rain popping against the pavement. Now his fingers were like iron around you arm. “Who sent you?”

    “I’m not–”

    “Answer me.” His voice remained quiet but his fingers contracted even more tightly.

    You winced; you weren’t stupid. You knew what would happen if you pushed this man too far. Your benefactor made sure you knew that much at least before you got started.

    “I don’t know,” you said.


    “I don’t know!”

    “You don’t know?” He had to bring his face close to yours to make himself audible. “You’ve been following me for two months, and you don’t even know who sent you?”


    “Explain. Now.”

    You stared at him, tears and rain gathering in your wide eyes. He continued to keep you in place but he had yet to lose his temper. In fact, it was hard to read his emotions at all.

    All of a sudden, your legs shook and quivered. Bruce let you go just in time. Your knees hit the puddle below the pair of you with a splat just as your hands moved up to cover your mouth. “They–They have my family.”

    If you thought Bruce was going to leave you there, he didn’t. Instead, the man knelt next to you in the rain. “Your family?”

    “My little sister,” you whispered. “I’ve all she’s got.”

    Then you burst into tears. It was all too much: Having to be in Africa for nearly a year just so you could afford to feed the two of you; coming home one day to find the place ransacked and your sister gone; being called from an untraceable number and told to follow a man in America or never see her again; finding out that man was really quite nice and you were probably doing wrong keeping tabs on him. What else could you do but cry?

    Bruce was silent for a good, long while. Then he placed a gentle hand on your shoulder.

    “Hey. Hey. It’s going to be okay,” he said.

    “No, it’s not. She’s–She’ll think I’ve abandoned her! And what if they do kill her? I won’t–”

    “Hey. Shhh. It’s okay.” He patted your back and waited until the sobbing subsided. At last, it did, and Bruce helped you to your feet. “Let’s go back inside. I’ll get you another hot chocolate. We’ll figure out what to do.”

    You paused in the middle of rubbing the wet from your face. “Eh? You’re going to help me? But–But I was following you for someone else.”

    “It’s okay. I’m used to being followed. Something tells me you are, too."

    He gave you a smile that you returned hesitantly before he tugged on your wrist–much more lightly this time–in the direction of the Starbucks. You couldn’t say exactly what it was about returning to the growing line with him, but your mind felt like it had the same tiny ray of sun now shooting through the window: A ray of hope.

    #fan fic#straw writes#reader insert #second person pov #challenge fic#bruce banner#hulk#avengers#marvel#mcu #bruce banner x you #bruce banner x y/n #bruce banner x reader #hulk x reader #hulk x you #hulk x y/n #avengers x reader #avengers x you #avengers x y/n #mcu x you #mcu x y/n #mcu x reader #marvel x you #marvel x y/n #marvel x reader #one shot
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  • alisonsfics
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    fading spark

    pairing: chris evans x wife!reader

    request: “can i request an angsty fic/blurb with chris please where him and the reader are slowly beginning lose the spark in their relationship and become more distant as time goes on? maybe their friends and family around them realise it but not them?” - anonymous

    word count: 2.2k

    warnings: unprotected sex, smut, praise kink, oral ( f receiving), masturbation for like a split second, dirty talk, angst, swearing, minors DNI

    You headed towards the front door when you heard the door bell ring again. You weaved in and out of the people and eventually made it to the door. You opened it and welcomed in more guests.

    Your husband, Chris, had recently won an Academy Award for a movie he starred in. So, you decided to throw a party to celebrate his success. You hadn’t even seen Chris all night, you were too busy being a hostess.

    You leaned against the back of the door, sighing as you finally had five seconds to yourself. One of your closest friends, Katherine, walked over to you with two glasses of wine.

    “You look like you could use this.” She said, handing you a glass. You nodded while accepting the drink. “I think everyone is here, let’s go talk. You need a break anyway.” She told you, heading towards your back porch. You followed her outside, and you both took a seat on the chairs you had set out.

    “So, how have you been? I feel like I’ve been so busy that I haven’t seen you in ages.” You said, turning to face her. She took a sip of her wine. “I’ve been really good. How have you and Chris been?” She asked, with a cautious expression.

    You furrowed your eyebrows when you heard her question. “Chris and I are fine. Wait why? Why wouldn’t be fine?” You asked her. She clearly knew something, but you didn’t know what it was.

    “I was just asking.” She lied. You just stared back at her. “Bullshit. You’re my best friend, I know when you’re lying. Just tell me what you meant. Did Chris do something that I don’t know about?” You asked her.

    She placed her hand on top of yours before she answered you. “No, nothing like that. I’m just worried about the two of you. I’m not trying to stress you out. I’m just concerted. I remember when you both started dating. It impossible for you to keep your hands off each other. You guys have been together for six years, and you never really got out of the honeymoon phase. But recently, you both just seem distant.” She told you.

    You didn’t know what to say. You were simply speechless. You sat there in silence as you processed what she told you. “Do you think he doesn’t love me anymore?” You asked, your voice breaking.

    Her eyes went wide. “No, no, no, honey. That’s not what I meant at all. It’s just weird seeing you both not all lovey dovey. I thought maybe something had happened. I wanted to be here for if you both got in a fight or something. If nothing happened, then you’re fine. All couples go through rough spots. Everything will be fine.” She told you, pulling you into a hug.

    For the rest of the night, it was all you could think about. You were notorious for overthinking, but this was next level. You had thinking about every aspect of your relationship with Chris. You couldn’t even remember the last time he kissed you. Above all, you didn’t know how you hadn’t noticed until Katherine brought it up.

    Your eyes landed on Chris, on the other side of the room. He was telling one of his friends a story with a giant smile on his face. “You alright, honey?” Someone asked you. You turned around and saw Chris’ mom, Lisa.

    You were holding back tears at this point. You pursed your lips, trying desperately not to cry. Her expression softened instantly, and she pulled you into a hug.

    “Can I ask you a question?” You asked her. She nodded her head, holding your hands in hers. Lisa was family to you, and you went to her for advice often.

    “Do you think Chris still loves me?” You asked her, not able to look her in the eyes. She felt every emotion you were feeling from the heartbroken expression on your face. “Did something happen?” She asked you, softly.

    You shook your head. “We’ve just been really distant. I’m just worried about it. I really don’t want him to fall out of love with me. Maybe I haven’t been good at showing it recently, but he is my everything.” You said, wiping away the rouge tear that rolled down your cheek.

    “If I know one thing, it’s that my son loves you more than anything in the world. Maybe you’ve both been busy, but he still loves you. But I’m assuming you came to me because you were wondering what to do?” She asked you. You nodded your head, truly looking to her for support. “Talk to him. Maybe not right now, but talk to him tonight. Tell him how you’ve been feeling. You both can work this out. You both are so strong and you love each so much.” She told you, pulling you in for a final hug.

    You thanked her for the advice before going to talk to one of your friends. You felt more optimistic about your relationship, and you were looking forward to a chance to talk to Chris alone.

    After everyone left, you and Chris focused on cleaning up all the food and trash from the party. Neither one of you said a word, but it was first time you both had done something together in weeks. It was refreshing. Afterwards, you both walked to your bedroom to get ready for bed.

    You stood in front of the bathroom mirror, taking off your jewelry. You weren’t really focusing on what you were doing. Your mind was somewhere else. You were trying to make sure you knew what you wanted to say to Chris.

    You were so zoned out that you didn’t see him appear in the doorway of the bathroom. “Hi,” he said, softly. He knew you were zoned out, and he didn’t want to scare you.

    You turned to face him and saw him standing there in a t-shirt and sweatpants. “My mom told me that you talked to her.” He said with a sadness in his tone.

    You just nodded your head, giving him a weak smile. “What did I do?” He asked you, his volume barely above a whisper. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. “What are you talking about?” You asked.

    “My mom said you thought I didn’t love you anymore. That is my worst nightmare. What did I do to make you feel like that?” He asked, his voice breaking. You could see all of the emotion in his eyes. “It wasn’t something you did. We both have just been distant recently, don’t you think? When was the last time that we spent time together or the last time we kissed? I can’t even remember…” you responded.

    “How do we fix this?” He asked, as he looked down at the floor. You had been wondering the same thing. You reached out to hold his hands. “I don’t know,” your voice cracked as you said it.

    He wrapped his arms around your body, holding you against him. You balled up his t-shirt in your hands, while you both stood there in silence. “I don’t know what to do, but I know I want to work to fix this. I don’t want to give up. I love you.” You told him. He pressed a kiss against your temple.

    “I love you too. I could never give up on us. How about once a week we have dinner? Just the two of us, no distractions.” He suggested. It was certainly a start. “I would like that.” You said, looking up into his eyes.

    He brushed some of your hair out of your face. “Sweetheart, let me make love to you. Let me prove how much I love you. It’s been too long since I’ve gotten to show you how beautiful you are.” He said, placing kisses up and down your neck.

    You leaned your head to the side, giving him more access. His name fell effortlessly from your lips as his hands grabbed your ass through your jeans.

    “Make love to me, Chris.” You begged him. His sweatpants started to feel tight just from you begging for him. It had been a while since you both had had sex. Neither one of you had realized how much you needed each other.

    He grabbed at the back of your thighs, lifting you up off the ground. He attached his lips to yours as he walked into your bedroom. It felt like your first time again. It was electric.

    He laid you down on the bed, crawling on top of you. He kissed you, kissed you hard. You could already feel yourself throbbing, and Chris had barely done anything yet. His fingers swiftly moved to the hem of your shirt, pulling it up and over your head.

    A groan fell from his lips as he laid eyes on your breasts. “I’ve missed being this close with you, sweetheart.” He told you, before unclipping your bra. He laid a trail of kisses down the valley between your breasts.

    Your eyes fluttered closed as he moved to take off your jeans. He pulled the denim down your legs, eventually tossing them to the side. You opened your eyes for a moment and saw Chris’ face between your legs. It was enough for you to whimper. He was so close to where you needed him.

    “I’m going, baby. I promise.” He said, hooking his fingers into your panties and pulling them off of you. You could feel his warm breath against your folds. “Need you so bad,” you mumbled, squirming as you waited for him to touch you.

    Then, he placed a kiss right on your clit. He moved on to licking harsh stripes through your folds. Whimpers and moans fell from your lips as he buried his face between your legs.

    “So good,” you said, breathlessly. You reached down and wrapped your fingers in his hair. Your hips bucked against his face. The sounds coming from his mouth only turned you on more.

    He hummed against your clit, causing you to call out his name. “Chris, ohh— more,” you begged him. He changed between sucking on your clit and drawing figure eights with his tongue.

    You started to arch your back against the bed. You knew you were close. Your toes began to curl as you waited for your orgasm. “I’m gonna— fuck,” you called out, as you came on his face. He lapped up all your arousal before coming up to kiss you. “That feel good, honey?” He asked you, moving your hair out of your face.

    You just nodded as you caught your breath. Your eyes were still closed as you tried to recover from your orgasm. Chris stood up and quickly got rid of his clothes. You heard a groan from him that made you open your eyes.

    You saw him kneeling on the bed, jerking himself off. “Oh fuck,” he mumbled, his eyes fluttering closed. You felt a pit forming in your stomach. “I’m thinking about you, sweetheart. Thinking about how good you feel wrapped around me.” He told you. A whimper escaped your legs as you rubbed your legs together.

    You got up on your knees, facing him. You pulled his hand away from his cock. His eyes shot open. You pushed him, so he was sitting with his back against the headboard.

    “Say it again.” You told him. He smirked, knowing the effect that his words had on you. “I was thinking about your pretty pussy, sweetheart. I was thinking about how good it feels when I’m deep inside you.” He told you, earning a moan from you.

    You rested your hands on his shoulders. He leaned in and buried his face in your neck, softly sucking on the skin. As he did that, you lined yourself up and slid down onto his cock.

    He threw his head back, multiple profanities falling from his lips. “So tight, honey. It’s been too long since I stretched you out.” He said, grabbing your hips. You pulled away and then sank back down onto him. He used his tight grip on your hips to effortlessly lift you up and down.

    Each time it felt like he reached deeper inside of you. “You get yourself off on my cock, sweetheart. I need to play with these gorgeous tits.” He said, grabbing both of your breasts that were bouncing as you thrusted onto him.

    Both of you were moaning freely. It had been so long since you both had had sex, that you both were almost ready to cum already. You could feel the tightening in your stomach.

    “I love you, you know that right?” Chris said, grabbing your hips and helping you as your thrusts started to falter. “I love you too, so much.” Your voice came out airy and breathless.

    With that, you both fell over the edge, your bodies collapsing against each other. “I love you.” He repeated, pressing kisses to your sweaty forehead.

    “I’m sorry that I let us get so distant. I’ve missed you, and not just the sex even though that was amazing.” You told him, laughing softly. He chuckled and kissed you softly. “You’re right. That was amazing.” He said, before getting up to grab a washcloth.

    He cleaned you both up and then got into bed beside you. “Have I ever told you how lucky I am to be your husband?” He asked, wrapping his arm around your waist.

    “I’d say just as lucky as I am to be your wife.” You told him, as you snuggled into his side.

    taglist: @laurakirsten0502 @miraclesoflove @nathaliabakes @millipop18 @azghedaheda @shyinadarkplace @vanteguccir @missroro @bookfrog242 @buckys-doll17 @ice-dtae @leyannrae @sia2raw @nyx2021 @just-a-littlebit-of-everything @shyconversationalbookworm @shadowhuntyi @lovelokiqueen @ruzannetheseahorse @superdeath @wandaswifeyforlifey @spookyqueen @heyamina @bookwormchick91 @princess-evans-addict @n3ssm0nique @sunwardsss @studentville-struggles @impossibleapricotlampbat @infjkiki @k-k0129 @lickmymelaninn @hailey-a-s @andreasworlsboring101 @fanofalltheficsx @lukes-orange-beanie @golden-hoax @madisondelstan @spookyparadisesheep @beyondthesefourwalls @basicfangirlx @ashwarren32 @who-the-hell-is-sebastianstan @blueeyeddemon1016 @bbl32 @dorothea-hwldr @stressydepressyandlemonzesty @cherryyxbabyy @patzammit @harrysthiccthighss @saltyflowermakertaco @peakascum

    Let me know if you want to be added to my taglist for all my imagines or for a specific character/fandom!!

    Requests OPEN

    #chris evans #chris evans fic #chris evans fanfiction #chris evans imagine #chris evans x reader #chris evans angst #chris evans smut #marvel cast #marvel cast smut #marvel cast x reader #marvel cast imagine #marvel cast fanfiction #marvel cast fic #marvel cast angst #requested fic#requests open#taglist open#minors dni
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  • lanadelreyscokewhor3
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago


    Pairing: 70s!BestFriend!Bucky x Female!Reader

    Word Count: 2760

    Summary: its the rockin 70s and you and the gang have a night out, feelings may or may not get exposed;)

    Warnings: drugs and booze ( its the 70s hellooo), kissing, fluff, pet names, swearing

    Note** this was inspired by the song “BBM Baby” by Lana Del Rey ( unreleased) check it out on youtube!! i wrote this A WHILEE BACK so i am so sorry if its bad! i had more written, smutty goodness, but because I sorta didnt fully finish it i didnt include it in. part 2 anyone? where claire gets inspo again and finishes the dirty smut? LOL ENJOY! -claire

    ** i love the name dawn so i used that instead of y/n.. you can always change it if you so please!


    “ Dawn I swear to god puff my blunt one more time you will not live to see Bucky puking all over your mom’s new couch tomorrow morning.'' Steve exclaimed, rolling his eyes and leaning his head back against the cool brick outside the bowling alley. “ Excuse me??” Bucky looked over from beside you to eye him suspiciously. “ There will be no puking involved Stevie. this is not my first rodeo.” Steve matched his stare over the top of your head. “ Cmon now Stevieeeee” you drawled on as Steve rolled his eyes, smirking down at you. “It's not Buck's first rodeo... It’s his third!” you snorted, taking another hit of the freshly rolled joint Steve had prepared for himself. You just happened to have stolen it and had zero intention of giving it back. “ Peaches did you just fucking snort?!” Bucky cackled, throwing his head back. “ So what if I did, hmm? You're gonna arrest me?” “ Ok that’s it, you’re cut off you  fuckin lightweight,” said Steve leaning over to take the blunt from your small fingers. “ HEY!!” you shrieked, stumbling up. Woah. the whole world was spinning a million miles an hour. You giggled. “ You'll have to come get me first!” you yelled, attempting to sprint across the parking lot, unable to do so because of your fucked up condition. “ Oh my god that girl will be the death of me” Steve rolled his eyes. “ You totally kicked her ass at bowling, man. Peaches is just upset she can’t throw a ball to save her life.” Bucky exclaimed, staring you down as you looked back at the boys. “Mmm,” Steve said, his high starting to kick in from the blunt Buck passed him. “ Go get her for me eh Buck? She’s too much of a handful for me right now.” Steve laughed. Bucky laughed and stood up, using the brick wall for support. You stopped between two motorcycles in the middle of the parking lot, giving a head start. “ I’m not going to need the headstart Peaches. You know I'll catch you and bring you back to where you belong in two seconds.” You instantly felt your cheeks redden at the pet name. Oh my gosh, why were you blushing? He'd called you that since you were just two kids on the school playground in the first grade. It was Bucky for crying out loud! Was it the weed? You couldn’t help but see him differently... And you had been for years. You just refused to admit it. And as you stopped, looking back at him you swear your breathing stopped. He was truly beautiful. The piercing ocean blue eyes, the sharp, angled jawline, the perfect face. His tall 6’4 build and his body. Holy shit his body. You had just happened to have seen it quite a few times being his best friend. He looked like a living angel. And all you could just do was giggle, as he came running at you. Attempting to run in the other direction, the world spun again, causing you to fall over. You felt strong arms pick you up and swing you upside down over his shoulder. “ Cmon silly. I told you so.'' Bucky grinned as he carried you, snatching the blunt from your fingers. “ Bucky, please! You know I'm ok and I just wanted to piss off you and Stevie-” you rambled and snorted laughing as a sharp smack to your ass stopped you in your tracks. “ BUCKY!” you wail as he cackles. “ Hush peaches. You're too cute for your own good.” as he walked back to Steve, you poked your head up and saw the motorcycles gleam under the fluorescent purple lights. “ Buck, let's get a motorcycle.” you exclaim as he sets you down next to Steve. He snorts. “ What?! We could ride it all over the place! We could go to New York, California, Paris.. Maybe even the ocean!” you look up at him and smile. He grins down at you, a glint in his eye. “ I’ll think about it, bunny.”  “ Whatdda think of that Stevie pie?” you lean your head against his shoulder, peering up at him, your hand sneaking across to pat his cheek. “ I think you’re extremely high and could properly write a pretty fuckin good Pink Floyd song right now” Bucky bursts out laughing and you swear you feel your heart drop to your ass. God that is truly music to your ears. And his smile. Oh god, his smile. You could write poems better than Shakespeare on how beautiful it was. “Your laugh sounds like the bass riff in the Lemon Song by Led Zeppelin Bucko!” you giggle. Bucky crouches down to your level, meeting you on the ground with Steve, tilting your head with his hand and smirking. “ You silly silly girl.” he brushes a thumb across your cheekbone and down, ghosting over your lip. It takes everything in you not to suck it, as your lips part slightly. “ You guys almost finished?” Thor poked his head out, eyeing you suspiciously. He snorted, realizing you were  fucked. “ Oh, this should be funny…” Steve barked out a laugh as he stood, brushing the dust from his jeans. “ NICE ASS STEVIE!!” you yell, attempting to swat at it, but he's too tall standing and you end up missing. Thor boomed out with laughter. “ C'mon you” Bucky pulls you up by your arms gently, throwing an arm around your shoulder to steady you as the two of you walk into the bowling alley once again. “ We’ve got a game to win.”



    She was stunning. Captivating. Addicting honestly. She was like a drug, like the weed he inhaled an hour prior. He was mesmerized by her. The way the neon lights glimmered against her pale skin, the way her wavy blonde hair fell down her back like a waterfall. Her eyes always had depth behind them, always. And whenever she'd smile or laugh they light up like carnival lights. Dawn was truly beautiful. And he knew for a fact he was not the only one who thought so. He noticed how other guys would stare when she walked by, how they'd steal glances at her petite frame. He definitely noticed, even when she never did. And each time he'd hold her a little tighter, walk with her a little closer. But he couldn't think of her that way, could he? Bucky knew deep down he loved her more than a friend. Much, much more than a friend. But he couldn't truly ruin what they had, could he? All those years- just changed because he had an attachment to her? He truly couldn't shake it off though, as much as he knew he probably should. So instead of talking to the bartender that was throwing him flirty glances all night, or the brunette at lane 10 who winked at him, he pulled Dawn a little closer to his body. The girl he truly wanted to be with. Bucky watched as she went up to the line, all their friends cheering her on. She did a little twirl and rolled the ball with difficulty, and watched as it slowly knocked over three pins. Dawn was ecstatic, jumping up and down as everyone laughed and poured more drinks. She ran up to him and wrapped her arms around him the best she could, her tiny figure barely up to his mid stomach. Bucky inhaled her scent of vanilla and cinnamon. It was intoxicating. He could never get enough of her. He went to twirl a piece of her blonde locks sound his finger, feeling how soft and silky it was- “ Earth to James?” Dawn called up to him. “Huh?!” he blinked, snapping out of whatever trance he was in. “ I said... Did you see me? Wasnt I fuckin awesome?!” She glanced up at him, her eyes red and glazed, cheeks red as she swayed slightly to the music coming out of the speakers. “ Yes Peach, you were crazy awesome. Nixon ain’t got shit on you baby.” He chuckled. She giggled as he twirled her around and around like he always had since they were younger. “ Your turn Bucko!” Steve and Peter called to him, Peter handing him a ball. “ Watch and learn Dawn.” As he turned away from her and looked at the group of all of them, he caught Steve's eye as he winked at him. Steve knew. He always knew. And as he walked up to roll the ball, he knew he was fucked. Dawn would never ever leave his mind... And he didn't want her to.



    Dawn’s eyes opened slowly, as she sat up, sleep still clinging to her bones. “ Wha-” “ Ahhh there she is!” You hear a deep yet sweet voice say from beside you. Bucky was in the driver’s seat of his convertible, one hand on the wheel and one on your thigh, tracing circles. You look over and smile at him, the streetlights illuminating his face. The clock reads 1:12 am, and The Beatles “ Here, There and Everywhere” plays quietly out of the speakers. “ Buck where are we going? What happened?” He chuckled, removing his hand from your thigh to run it through his long black hair. “ You had some fun peach. Drank a little, smoked a little, and kicked some major ass at bowling.” “ Damn fuckin right I did!” you laugh, throwing your feet up on the dash. “ I thought we could grab a bite to eat at the drive-in and get you home Peach. You need some sleep silly.” “ YAYYY!” You yell excited you’d be getting your coke and curly fries. You always got that, and Bucky knew it. He just smirked and the two of you sang the Beatles off-key at the top of your lungs, cackling when Bucky would hit the high note as he drove down the freeway and pulled into the exit and into the drive-in.

    “ That. Was. Fucking. Amazing.” you exclaim as Bucky neared your house. “ Munchies hit that hard honey buns?” You blushed a deep shade of red at the nickname, praying he didn’t notice. “ Maybe.. Beer and vodka doesn’t satisfy my hunger.” “ And thank god for that,” Bucky said, snorting as he pulled into your driveway and stopped the car. You open your door and feel a strong set of arms pick you up bride style and swing you around. “ BUCKY!” you shout, caught off guard. “ You wanna wake the whole fuckin neighborhood up Peaches?!” Bucky rolled his eyes as he shut the car door with his foot. “ I am not letting you walk up those three stairs alone. It’s like Mount Everist up there. Besides I like having you in my arms.” He explained as he carried you up the driveway and up the steps. You nuzzled into him more, inhaling his scent. Pine and mint. It was intoxicating. Bucky set you down at your door and you wobbled slightly. “ Come in?” You ask, turning back to look at the angel behind you. The porch light glowed hazily on his face, and his eyes lit up. “ It would be my pleasure peach.” You step into the front hall and head towards the stairs, waving your finger at Bucky to come up with you. “ Bucky will you be my bbm baby?” “ Now what made you think of that?” Bucky laughed, following you close behind to your room. You turn to look at him, standing on your tiptoes to flick his nose. “ You’d be a perfect one.” He sighs and placed a hand over his heart in a dramatic gesture as you giggle. “ Oh, I know peach. It would be my absolute pleasure.” You rolled your eyes, slinging off your jacket as Bucky picked out a record from your collection to play. Your reflection shines back at you through your vanity mirror, as you grab your brush and stroke it through your long hair. Led Zeppelin plays softly as Bucky comes up behind you, hugging your waist and drawing you closer to him. “ God I love you Peach. You smell amazing,” he says, his head down towards your neck as you bare it to him, tilting your head slightly and moving your hair over your shoulder. He nuzzles it as bites it gently as you giggle. “ What do I smell like Bucko?” “ Vanilla, cinnamon, sugar, and weed. I just wanna eat you all up..” Bucky drawls on as he meets your eyes in the mirror. Your cheeks are flushed red and you feel your core tingle as he meets your gaze and nips and tugs at your earlobe. He smirks, seeing the effect he’s spilling onto you. “ Cmon peach” He twirls you around and sets you on the bed. “ Play with my hair?”

    Your fingers had ran through his hair until the record stopped playing. You had no idea what time it was, or what was happening, all you knew was that Bucky's head was in your lap, his tall and big figure covering the entire bed, asleep for all you knew. You two were talking, until he suddenly became very quiet, purring like a cat when you scratched his scalp. Bucky was rarely in this state, so vulnerable and open, except with you. He truly only trusted you, and well.. Steve. But even Steve didn’t get this side of him. He was usually too on edge, determined to protect you. Seeing him like this was, different- in a good way. The soft lighting from your fairy lights and the vanilla candle you had lit beforehand shown on his face, making him glow. He looked so at peace and well, youthful. At ease. But suddenly, as you gazed down at him, tracing your thumb across his jaw, jet blue eyes pierced yours. You smiled softly but were suddenly thrown over him, ending up on his lap. “ What was that for?” You shriek, laughing. “ I don’t know.. I just like seeing you on top of me Peach. You’re so pretty like that, on top of me ya know? You truly look like a goddess. But I think I’d prefer you under me.” Bucky said, his hand slipping under your top to brush along your hips, tracing patterns along them. Your breath hitched, and you felt the heat of his touch consume you. Wetness pooled down in your thong. “ What's wrong honeybun? At a loss for words?” He purred with a cocky grin on his face, as your cheeks turned scarlet. One of his hands snaked up to reach your cheek, his thumb brushing your lip. As he sat up, you straddled across his lap, your hands meeting his cheeks, just brushing your fingers across them. You felt a pull between the two of you, and suddenly you were inches away from his lips. “ Do- do you think about us like I think about us?” You whispered gently and he smirked. “ Depends on how you think of us peach. You wanna show me, give me a little example hmm?” He edged you on, and you leaned even closer. “ Give in honey.” Bucky drawled. “ Show me. Be a big girl and show me what you mean baby.” His voice dropping an octave and his eyes full-blown with lust. And as your lips met his, you swear you were addicted. You couldn’t get enough of him. He was everything you had ever wanted. His lips were so soft, so delicate, yet as his hands reached up to pull you closer to him, one around your waist and the other cupping your cheek you swore you felt that possessiveness he’d always shown towards you. And you loved it. God, you loved it. Your tongues danced in sync and he tasted like coffee and caramel. You let out a moan and he captured it between your lips. When the kiss broke, he tilted his head and smirked “ Yes Peaches. I have for a while now. And if you want this, and you trust me, there’s nothing more I’d ever want to do in my life than to worship that beautiful body like it deserves. You’re a goddess Dawn.” You felt your cheeks redden even more as your gaze dropped. His fingers scooped under your chin and pulled your head up gently to meet his. “ Hey hey no hiding now my bunny. Stay with me yeah? Whatever you want honey, do not ever feel embarrassed around me ok?” You nodded your head as a smile appeared on his face. “ I want this Bucky. I’m yours. Forever.” And with that, he kissed your lips with a growl.  

    #bucky barnes #bucky barnes x reader #bucky fic#bucky imagine #bucky x y/n #bucky fanfic #bucky barns x you #bucky x female reader #bucky barns x reader #bucky barns imagine #the winter solider #the winter solider smut #the winter solider imagine #the winter solider fanfiction #the winter solider x reader #bucky barnes fluff #winter solider x y/n #winter solider x you #marvel mcu#marvel#marvel fanfic#mcu fanfiction#mcu fancast #sebastian x reader #sebastian stan #sebastian stan smut #sebastian stan fanfiction #sebastian stan x fluff #sebastian stan x reader #sebastian stan fanfic
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  • strawwritesfic
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    Phil Coulson x Civilian!Reader: Overdose

    Summary: Maybe you’re the fish out of water here.

    Rating/Warnings/Tags: T (bar setting; reference to drinking alcohol in excess; reference to marijuana; OC & Reader Friendship; not Agents of SHIELD compliant)

    Challenge: “100 Drabbles of Randomness” by Miseria1 on Lunaescence Archives.


    "So you're sure that's him? That's the guy you're in love with?"

    The noise level in the bar made it difficult to hear your friend, but you caught her disbelieving tone nonetheless. Despite the constant threat of getting your feet smashed by a dancer, you threw a glare over your shoulder. All she did in response was shrug.

    "Yes,” you said, “that's him."

    "Sorry. Doesn't really look like your type."

    You had to admit, even from this far away, Phil didn't exactly look comfortable in such a rowdy, casual setting. He looked weirdly out of place now that he had changed out of his work clothes, too. As you wrapped your fingers around Madeline’s wrist to pull her more quickly through the crowd, you wondered if asking him to come meet your friends here had been a mistake.

    "Just try to make a good impression," you said under your breath as the two of you yanked free.

    She snorted. "Yeah, 'cause anything I can do is gonna impress that square."

    "Phil isn't a square. He's really nice."

     "Yeah, yeah."

    The man in question smiled as you approached while dragging your friend behind you. His smile almost made you stop in your tracks; nearly half a year of dating, and he still made your heart quiver and your legs turn to jelly. But you couldn't show Madeline that. To cover your tracks, you swung her forward slightly and gestured at Phil.

    "Good evening," Phil said without taking his eyes off of you.

    "Hey! I’m so glad you could make it!" you said. "Were you able to find the place all right?"

    "Actually, I've been here once before. Had to follow a couple of guys around town last time I was in New Mexico."

    Madeline cleared her throat, and you started at the noise. "Oh! Sorry. Madeline, this is Phil. Phil, this is my friend Madeline."

    "Nice to meet you," Phil said as he shook her hand. "[Name] has told me a lot of stories about you."

    "Only the exciting ones, I hope. And I hope you two," she turned back toward the dance floor, "have a nice time, doing whatever it is people like you do while the rest of us have a good time getting drunk."


     "Later, [Name], Phillip."


    But she had already melted into the throng and found a couple of dance partners. You sighed and looked back at Phil. He had his hands in his pockets and was surveying you with a bemused expression on his face.

    "I'm sorry," you said, "about her. She's really not so bad. She just distrusts most government officials, given her choices in life."

    Phil nodded. "Yes, I've seen the records."

    Your shock got a chuckle out of him. "No. Believe it or not, I don't have access to all the records in the country. Besides, I doubt a little possession of marijuana mishap would be considered under our jurisdiction."


    You looked down at your feet and started to pluck at a loose thread on your shirt. The awkward silence drew on and on, and you felt sweat start to bead on the back of your neck. Phil was going to think you were a total loser. Only total losers spent Thursday nights at bars with their college roommates.

    "Would you like to dance?" he asked.

    You opened your mouth to answer, then cocked your head to one side as you regarded him. "I'm sorry?"

    "Would you like to dance?" He held out a hand and your gaze fell upon it. "We are at a bar. Seems appropriate."

     "Are--Are you sure?"

     "[Name], I am not a complete stick in the mud."

    "No, I know that. I just...you don't think I'm a total loser?"

    He grabbed your hand without waiting for you take his. Before he spoke again, you were already surrounded by moving bodies once more.

    "Now, why would I think that?"

    #straw writes#fan fic#reader insert #second person pov #avengers#marvel#mcu#phil coulson#agent coulson#ficlet#challenge fic #phil coulson x reader #phil coulson x you #phil coulson x y/n #agent coulson x you #agent coulson x y/n #agent coulson x reader #avengers x reader #avengers x you #avengers x y/n #mcu x reader #mcu x you #mcu x y/n #marvel x reader #marvel x you #marvel x y/n
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  • thesassywallflower
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    Smoke and Ink: Chapter 8

    Aaand after 5 months here's Chapter 8. Yeesh, sorry once again for the wait, guys. My two lovely betas are absolutely swamped with life and work so this one is edited only by yours truly. Standard warnings for missed words, rampant comma abuse, playing a bit fast and loose with POV, and run-on sentences apply. 

    She was glorious, lush curves and creamy skin barely contained by a grey towel. Her breasts strained against the confines of the terrycloth and for a split second he imagined what it would be like to tug that towel free from her grip so he could see every delicious inch of her. Loki’s mouth watered to taste that skin, and his hands begged him to let them caress her. In all his wretched life, he’d never seen a more beautiful woman...

    But all that beauty only served to highlight the evidence of the pain he’d inflicted on her at such a young age. Here in the harsh midday light was the irrefutable proof of the sins he’d committed in the name of revenge...one of the first and very worst of those sins. For every scar on her left leg revealed the cold truth of what he’d done to get here.

    Scars that he’d known about, but had never seen before now. The closest he’d gotten to seeing them was sitting in a hospital room next to her prone, unconscious form while praying to whatever deity that would listen to save her. Now as he helplessly stared at them, his shriveled conscience screamed at him to fall at her feet and beg for forgiveness...

    The rest of the chapter can be found on AO3 here.

    The start of the story can be found on AO3 here.

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  • tvseries-writings
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    We deserve a happy ending

    TW: panic attack

    WandaNat x reader

    Prompt: reader isn’t in a good mood but she has two beautiful and cuddly girlfriends

    Just a minute of your time (thank you so much): https://ko-fi.com/tvseries_writings

    You stayed in bed all day, you didn't even get up to go to the bathroom. You have been crying for more than an hour now and you don't even know why. You stand there, curled up in bed, while the sobs shake your body. You hate feeling this way.

    The only noise that catches your attention is that of the bedroom door opening, given the lack of light in the room it is probably night.

    Someone sits up on the bed and starts drawing soothing circles on your back. The scent of lavender makes you immediately recognize who she is.

    "Hey, what's wrong?"

    Wanda's sweet voice lifts some of that oppressive weight you've felt on your chest all day.

    Your girlfriend lies down next to you and hugs you from behind, she leaves kisses along her neck while continuing to hold you in your arms.

    "I'm here love, if you want to talk I'll listen to you otherwise we can stay like this" Wanda turns you towards her and wipes your tears. She is worried and is particularly tempted to call Natasha, interrupting her reunion.

    'Do you want me to call Nat? We can all be together on the- "

    You shake your head, hiding it in the hollow of her neck and letting out a trembling breath as your tears soak the sweatshirt of the Sokoviana.

    She doesn't seem to care though and she just squeezes you in her arms, trying to take away some of the pain you're feeling.

    It seems like hours have passed when, finally, your sobs stop and the tears stop.

    Wanda continues to hold you tight and every now and then she kisses you on the neck or temple.

    "You feel better?" Wanda whispers and you mutter something that should sound like a yes.

    Wanda caresses your face gently, wiping the last residue of tears and giving you a smile.

    "Would you like to tell me what happened?"

    Wanda continues to gently caress your hips and you come a little closer to her, enjoying her touch.

    "I ... um, I don't know- it's- it's all become too much and-"

    Wanda rests her forehead against yours and takes your face in her hands.

    «Hey, it's okay… it's normal to feel sad for no reason; everything is okay "

    A shaky sigh comes from your lips and you close your eyes as Wanda covers you both with the blanket.

    As soon as you settle in, the bedroom door opens and a blonde head, whom you know very well, enters your room.

    "Excuse me, the meeting was longer than expected and-are you okay?"

    Natasha stops taking off her jacket as she sees you both in bed.

    "You look fine?"

    Nat's gaze rests on Wanda and the two stare at each other for a few minutes, most likely Wanda is informing Natasha of your current status and why you are both in bed.

    The former Russian spy remains silent while she finishes undressing, remaining only with the silk shirt, before slipping under the covers and hugging you in her arms.

    Your gaze is fixed on the ceiling, you are between the two of them yet you can't understand what's wrong.

    Natasha moves a lock of hair behind your ear and gives you a small smile.

    "Why didn't you call us if it was so bad?"

    You look away and start staring at the ceiling again. Wanda intertwines your legs as Natasha takes your hand.

    "We have so much to do today, you have had a lot to do and between the missions, the meetings, Steve who does not leave a second free with the training and exams that I will have to give shortly and-"

    Your breathing gets faster and your girls notice it immediately.

    Nat puts your hand on her chest as she breathes loudly.

    Wanda sits up instantly and bends over you, taking your face in her hands.

    Your chest rises and falls faster and faster, and, likewise, your girls become more and more worried.

    "You have to breathe love, it's okay" Natasha inhales and exhales loudly, trying to make you copy her breath. Your hand claws her shirt while you struggle to breathe while with the other you squeeze your throat, as if it could help you in some way.

    "Detka, you have to breathe ..., concentrate, breathe"

    Wanda forces your gaze to fix on her and that green just calms you. Just enough to get Wanda into your mind and end your panic attack.

    Your chest hurts, as does your throat. If you used to have a headache… it's nothing compared to what you have now.

    Natasha rubs your chest gently and Wanda lies down by your side again, hugging you to the side.

    "You feel better?"

    Natasha whispers to you after about ten minutes. You nod and rest your head on her shoulder as you enjoy the movement of her fingers through your hair.

    "You haven't had one that bad in a long time"

    Wanda murmurs, playing with your fingers as those particularly heavy words echo around the room.

    You sigh and give her a little squeeze on her hands as you interlace your fingers with hers, stopping her movement.

    "I've been a bit stressed lately, all of us have been."

    Natasha shakes her head and pulls herself on top of her, resting her head on the palm of her open hand, with her elbow pointing to the soft mattress.

    “You went too far this time, it was too much stress moya lyubov. It's not good for you "

    "Neither to you, nor to the child"

    Wanda nods in agreement as her hand moves on your belly, gently stroking it and Natasha does the same. They both look so in love and happy that if you weren't nearly married already, you'd ask both of you to marry you again.

    «We love you so much y / n… we love you so much and nothing is more than your health, nothing. It doesn't matter what we should or shouldn't do "

    Wanda kisses your temple, continuing to hold her hand over your baby bump.

    Natasha reaches down and leaves a kiss right above your navel, you and Wanda smile as the Russian begins to caress your baby bump with an idiotic smile on her face.

    "He will be the most spoiled child in the world"


    Natasha and Wanda exchange a knowing look and you can't help but smile.

    Even if the stress is wearing you down and you hate the high hormones of pregnancy, you would do it another 100 times to see the carefree and happy faces of your future wives.

    You have suffered so much, they have suffered so much and man, you deserve a happy ending.

    Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it and I kindly ask you to re-blog or donate (if you can), it is very important to me so I would be grateful. Have a great day <3

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    Just a little tidbit of something I'll release later today or tomorrow.

    'It must be so easy for you.'
    No but he's fine. Just a little spaced out that's all.
    It didn’t happen that a lot. Spaced out when the thoughts in his head made him want to curl up in a ball and sob until the pain washed with the tears. Dr Raynor would say that was unhealthy. That he was hiding from his problems. That maybe he should cry. 
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  • milk-of-poppies
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    'you remind me of someone..'

    character: shang-chi x fem!reader, Wenwu

    form: fic!

    warnings: use of yn, swearing, mentions of death.

    a/n: this is kinda meh ig but i hope u like it

    ゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚

    The air was freezing at this altitude. Every gust of wind slipped beneath your clothes and stung your skin. You tugged the jacket tighter, stepping carefully over the cold ground toward the silhouette of the man you loved. The servants of the sprawling grounds belonging to Shang-Chi’s father had offered you pajamas made of fine silk, warm and white and stitched with swirling patterns. You were definitely dirtying it as you moved toward Shang-Chi.

    “Dude, it’s cold as fuck.” You exclaimed the minute you reached him, plopping down onto the cold stone beside him, “How are you not freezing?”

    The man shrugged, turning to offer you a half-smile,

    “I’m tough.”

    You scoffed and shook your head, leaning onto his shoulder, “What’s going on with you?”

    You felt him deflate beneath you, “How are you not mad?”

    You sighed back to him, turning to brush your nose along his neck, “Oh, I am, but you’re not okay and that takes precedence.”

    Shang-Chi turned and kissed the crown of your head, “I’m ok--”

    “Bullshit.” You moved off of him and back toward the grass-covered hills of the garden, “what’s wrong?”

    You watched him as his fingers played with the stone beneath you. The wind played with his hair beautifully, his coat pulled tight around him as the two of you sat together.

    “My dad thinks my mom is alive.”

    You sucked in a breath between your teeth. Shang-Chi’s mom had always been a sore spot for him, an instance in his life that he rarely talked about. Not that he talked about his life at all before this.

    “And she’s not. I know she’s not, I watched her die but--”

    “Oh, baby…” You wrapped an arm around his shoulder, pulling him into you and kissing his head, “It’s never easy, losing someone.”

    His breath was warm against your neck, “Yeah. I said goodbye a long time ago, but my dad…”

    You nodded and kissed his head again, whining when he pulled away. His palms were hot against your cold cheeks, cupping your face.

    “I love you.”

    You smiled, blood rushing to your face and heating up against the cold wind, your heart expanding into your ribs and making your chest hurt.

    “I love you too.”

    Your hand comes up to cup Shang-Chi’s face, thumb stroking the skin beneath his eye. The boy silently nodded in answer to your question.

    Wenwu swallowed. He shouldn’t be here, watching on as you two shared parts of your soul. He watched as Shang-Chi curled into you, burying his face into the safety of where your shoulder met your neck.

    Wenwu swallowed again. He remembered that gesture so clearly in his own mind, the way Ying-Li’s smell invaded his senses and how her pulse thudded softly above his ear. He remembered the way her hands would swirl soft patterns into his back as he clung to her comfort.

    You were doing the same thing.

    The man turned away, slipping back into the thick, cold shadows of his room, and left the two of you to your comfort.

    ゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚

    Wenwu stared at you with a blank face and closed-off eyes. He was obviously judging you, judging the part of your hair and the way you held yourself, your callous-free hands, and your surprise at all of this. In all honesty, the man didn’t know what to make of you. You stood there, quiet and a step behind his son with your fingers wrapped around his wrist. He watched on curiously as you tugged Shang-Chi, his own son, away from him and into your own body. He watched with more surprise as Shang-Chi welcomed your touch, letting you pull him in and away from Wenwu.

    The quiet trust between the two of you spoke volumes in the coldness of his abode. Your eyes burned into him from above Shang-Chi’s shoulder, cold and judgemental as you glared. The image you two made cut into his chest and made it burn. He nodded once and left, knowing when he wasn’t wanted.

    When Shang-Chi nodded to let you know he was okay, you moved quietly from the room to follow his father.

    The man was standing at the edge of his compound with his hands behind his back, cool air jostling his hair.


    "you remind me of someone." Wenwu stopped your sentence, head-turning to watch you from the corner of his eye.

    "She was a lot like you. Kind, sweet, and caring." He sighed, head-turning back to the outlook, "You're good for him, as strange as that is."

    You swallowed and blinked, confused.

    "thank you?"

    Wenwu sighed, "Go back to him. Tell him nothing. Keep him safe."

    You nodded once and then turned and left. You shivered, heart a mess of happy, glad, and weirded-out.

    Shang-Chi opened his arms the minute he saw you, pulling you into him and tucking his face back into your neck.

    "I love you."

    You hummed, "I love you too."

    ゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚

    tagging!: @florenceyelena @yelenabelovas @wintersoldr @rodrikstark @cosmicsierra @belle-bailie @darthkruge @darthkenobii @a-dorin @laserbrains @thesunsetsonthehorizon @wxntersoldiers @achillieus @starsvck @buckysmischief @shang-chi

    #shang-chi#my writing#marvel#marvel fic #marvel x reader #shang-chi x reader #shang-chi fic #shang chi x you #shang-chi fluff#wenwu#marvel fluff #shang-chi x reader fluff #marvel blurb
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    It’s the Mask

    pairing: college!Peter Parker x Reader: 18+

    Word Count: 4k

    summary: After a classic Stark party, Natasha tells Peter, not only, that you have a mask kink but that you have a crush on Spider-Man.

    a/n: thank you to whoever sent in this ask! everyone seems to enjoy my smut more than my fluff lol, so i hope you enjoy my take on your request!

    [ask is posted below]

    You pressed the small silver button on the compound’s espresso machine, tapping your nails on the table's surface as you waited, “Need a cup of coffee after last night?” You heard Natasha question from behind you. She had been sitting in the floor’s lounge, a white mug in hand, “I personally have a pounding headache,” She smiled around the porcelain.

    “Remind me, no matter how far gone I am, that I can’t beat you at shots,” You almost groaned, however a smile sat on your blushed lips. You had recently applied sheer lipstick after a conversation you, Natahsa and Peter had last night, before Peter had left and you had gotten drunk. Peter had admitted that he had a weird thing for lipstick, he liked the idea of being able to see the mark it left behind. You were not sure how the three of you had gotten on the subject of weird kinks but the conversation continued as soon as Peter left, needing to go finish his homework for the labs he had the following Monday.

    “Remind me of your mask kink again,” Natasha threw her claim back at you, making you choke on your freshly brewed coffee, “You should be glad Peter left before you got drunk enough for that to slip,”

    “W-Why Peter?” You stuttered, wondering if it was only because Natasha might have figured out your crush on him, “I only like him a little bit, okay, that’s it,”

    “You don’t like me?” You heard Peter’s voice question from the lounge’s door. You watched as Natasha almost sighed out of relief. To you, Peter was still just Tony’s intern. You had worked under Tony for a few months now, and the team was not sure when the best time was to insure that you could be trusted with an identity that was hidden from the public.

    “P-P-Peter,” You stuttered, turning to face him slowly, “I- You-” You searched your head for a coverup to your claim, “Because you bailed last night,”

    “I told you I have like three labs on Monday,” He reminded you as he took in your outfit for the day. Peter liked seeing you in your business clothes. Normally you wore dress pants, however, today you wore a black pencil skirt. His eyes met yours once more before falling to your lips, focusing on the orange tinted lipstick, “Did I miss something?” He questioned, wondering why you were a little more dressed up than usual, he was not complaining, you looked beautiful and Peter planned on sneaking twice as many glances at you today than normal, “You’re wearing a skirt, and lipstick,”

    Natasha laughed from her spot on the large couch, “Sorry,” She spoke as you shot her a stern glance, “Morning, Peter,” She added, “Want a coffee?” She watched as Peter studied you, your eyes still fixed on Natasha, “Y/N, sit down,”

    You made your way over to the couch, taking a seat, listening to the faux leather squeak. You heard Natasha and Peter speak quietly amongst themselves before your eyes found Peter taking a seat down next to you. You stiffened, sipping on your coffee as the two of you sat silently next to each other, “So how was the party after I left?” Peter questioned, sensing the awkward silence as well.

    “Couldn’t tell you,” You spoke quickly. You were not lying, as soon as you started taking shots with Natasha you were done for, “Nat made me do shots,”

    “Made you?” Natasha laughed from her spot by the coffee maker, “You begged me, and then kept asking me where Peter was,”

    Peter’s eyes studied you as you stared into your almost empty mug, “Sorry I missed the party, I guess,” He almost smiled, surprised that you missed his presence.

    “I must have been out of it sooner than I thought,” You played off Natasha’s words, “I must have not even heard you tell me about your labs. Thor probably put Asgardian liquor in there when he mixed my drink or something,” You rambled, “Because, I couldn’t see me bothering Nat about something if I remembered,”

    “Right,” Natasha smiled, “But you really started a cursed topic at that party Pete,” She laughed, “You can’t just bring up kinks and then leave me with her,” You choked on your coffee for a second time.

    “Nat- I didn’t say I had a kink,” Peter groaned, covering his face with his clammy hand. Peter knew Natasha was just trying to embarrass him in front of you, “I just said I have a weird thing for lipstick,” He tried to defend himself, “Wanda kissed my cheek and you wiped it off and I just said I didn’t mind it being there,” His words made your shoulders round, you thought of Peter and Wanda, hoping that there was nothing going on between them.

    “That’s a kink Peter,” Natasha spoke, approaching the two of you, coffee in hand. She handed Peter a cup, “But Y/N’s is way worse,”

    “Nat,” You warned but you knew her better. You knew Peter was about to think you were a freak, or at least extremely weird.

    “She has a mask kink,” Natasha spoke with raised eyebrows, “Isn’t that interesting,” She watched as the gears slowly turned in Peter’s head, making her roll her eyes.

    “Like, like the masks from Star Wars?” Peter questioned, hearing Natasha groan. You turned your head towards him, slight confusion on your face.

    You wondered why Peter was even questioning you, somehow trying to understand the information he was presented with, “I, I don’t know? I guess? I guess like in Star Wars?”

    “Or like superheros,” Natasha spoke into her coffee, “Peter, like, hero masks,”

    “Nat,” You groaned. Yes, you liked Peter. He was a perfectly normal guy, or more so a perfect, normal guy. But there was also something about Spider-Man. It was like falling for a celebrity that you knew you never had a chance with. It was a feeling that was out of reach but never truly left you.

    “Like Iron Man,” Peter questioned, his nose wrinkling a bit at the thought. He watched as Natasha rubbed her temples.

    “Spider-Man,” Natasha spoke, “She’s into Spider-Man. Y/N asked me why Spider-Man never showed up to the Avenger’s parties and I told said something like ‘how would he even drink with a mask on’ and she told me she has a mask kink,”

    “Not at all how that conversation went but okay, thanks Nat,” You groaned, you did not dare meet Peter’s gaze. His eyes felt as if they were burning holes into your skin, “It’s just, I don’t know,” You attempted to explain yourself, but honestly, you did not know how, “Makes more sense than the lipstick,” You try and play it off.

    “You like Spider-Man?” Peter questioned, eyes studying you. Your thoughts paused as you looked at him. It looked as if there was a glimmer in his eyes. You felt you heart drop to your stomach as Peter’s reaction was the opposite of someone who had feelings for you.

    “What?” You ask nervously, “I mean. He’s a superhero with a secret identity. It’s just mysterious, you know?” You tried to defend yourself, “He’s seems nice. Nothing at all like Tony,” You brought up Tony in response to Peter’s recent claim, “His suit’s nice,”

    “You think so?” Peter questioned. He felt a swell of pride warm his chest. Peter had recently began to work on his new suit and was glad that his work was noticed.

    “Makes him look good,” You spoke, tipping the rest of your coffee back like a shot, making Natasha laugh.

    “Should we start day drinking?” Natasha questioned with a smile on her lips, “We’d get the real answers out of you that way,”

    “I’ll pass,” You spoke as you smoothed out your black skirt before rising to your feet, “I need to go back to work. But I need more coffee,”

    “Life must be hard being Tony’s assistant,” Natasha spoke, “How do you even get through the day,”

    You shot her a playful glance, “I know that’s sarcasm, but you try and deal with Tony all day, everyday, all week,” You leaned back on the table as the machine hummed behind you, “Maybe day drinking isn’t a bad idea,” You laughed slightly.

    “You just need to get laid,” Natasha spoke, watching you stiffen, “Quit being so picky and just let yourself relax,”

    “You’re funny,” You spat back, feeling Peter’s eyes on you as you were unable to return his gaze, “Get Spider-Man to fuck me and I will, okay,” You played along. Little did you know, that was completely possible.


    “You’re really going through with this,” Natasha laughed. Peter stood in front of her nervously, “I mean, it is up to you. It’s your identity on the line,” She spoke, “You’re that desperate to sleep with her?” Natasha had sent you to your room that Tony had given you to use for when you found yourself working overtime, “I’m sure you could work your way to that without telling her,”

    “She likes Spider-Man, not me,” Peter spoke, watching Natasha roll her eyes, “and like you said, she needs to relax and Spider-Man’s the only one who can help,”

    “Right,” Natasha laughed, “Well, she’s in her room. Try to not be too loud, Tony didn’t sound proof the rooms. Big mistake really,” She spoke before leaving Peter in the hallway alone with his thoughts.


    “Nat, I’ve been in here for like twenty minutes, what’s-“ Your words fell short as Peter entered your room, “Oh,” You spoke, eyes falling the the backpack he had thrown over his shoulder, “What’s up,”

    “I’m here.. to help,” Peter spoke, his lips pressed into a thin, nervous smile, “Or,” He removed his bag from his shoulder, opening it. A deep breath passed through his lips as his fingers wrapped around his suit’s thin material, “Spider-Man is,” He spoke almost silently as he removed the red and blue fabric.

    The fabric caught your eyes as you felt your heart stop. It had to have stopped, right? Because you suddenly just found out that, not only was Peter Spider-Man, but also your two crushes were the same person, “P-Peter, y-y-you’re?” You stutter, feeling your heart begin to beat again, it pounded against your chest as you felt your face begin to heat up.

    “You said it had to be Spider-Man, so I thought I’d help,” Peter spoke hesitantly, “Nat said you really need to relax and if I can help- I want to help,”

    “Peter-“ You stutter.

    “Y/N, I want to do this,” Peter spoke, “Unless you’re disappointed it’s me. I get it, I just- I really like you and I was just surprised that you had a crush on Spider-Man. But I felt like it was wrong to not tell you it was me,” Peter rambled as your eyes were fixed on the ground, attempting to collect yourself, “I just couldn’t go through with this without telling you and then just acting like it wasn’t me in the suit. You know?” He questioned, “I don’t know I just-“

    “I-I’m glad it’s you,” You spoke, “Yeah, I like Spider-Man, but I liked you too- like you,” As the words left your lips, Peter felt a jolt of confidence run through him. Stepping towards you, Peter’s hand found the back of your neck, pulling you into a heated kiss. You felt as if your head was spinning, taken aback by everything that has happened since Peter had entered the room.

    “Do you still want me to put the suit on,” Peter questioned, his words breathless. His hands began to untuck your dress shirt from your skirt.

    “Yes please,” You pleaded, surprised at just how desperate you sounded.

    “So polite,” Peter laughed, “Anything for you,” He spoke against your lips, “Now?” He almost teased, feeling your hands attempt to remove his shirt.

    “Peter,” You whined, “Yes, now,” Feeling him step out of your hold, you met his smiling eyes. You let out a small whimper as you watched him turn towards the door, “Change here,” You say.

    “Okay,” He laughed, “Why don’t you lay in bed until I’m done,” Peter held the suit out in front of him, “It still takes me awhile to get into it,” He watched you nod, making your way to the full sized bed. Laying on your side, you watched as Peter began to strip.

    You took in every inch of Peter’s skin that had once been hidden, surprised at just how toned his body truly was. You reminded yourself that he was Spider-Man, which still did not fully process in your mind. You were pulled from your thoughts as you saw Peter pause as he stood in the middle of the room in his boxers. Feeling your cheeks heat up, you realized he was hesitant to remove his boxers. You turned on your back, as Peter’s hands wrapped around his boxer’s elastic.

    “Okay,” You heard Peter speak after a few minutes of staring at the ceiling. You turned your head slowly, taking in Peter’s suit. You felt your heart flutter as he stood there, his toned figure accentuated by his suit. He shifted on the soles of his feet as you stared at him, wondering what thoughts were filling your head, “Come here,” He spoke nervously as you eagerly left the bed.

    You stood before Peter, or Spider-Man, eyes scanning his body. You felt as if none of this was real. Two days ago, Natasha told Peter about your mask kink and now you found out Peter was the hero you dreamt about fucking when you were not picturing Peter.

    “What do you want me to do?” Peter questioned gently, the eyes of his suit narrowing. You felt your heart skip a beat at how responsive his suit was, making you physically drop to your knees, “Oh- I mean- okay,” Peter stuttered, “Karen,” He spoke to his suit’s AI.

    “Karen? Your AI’s name is Karen?” You questioned with a smile threatening to curl your lips.

    “Yeah,” Peter spoke, “I mean, the system’s been updated but I guess I’m nostalgic,” He shrugged, rambling, Peter seemed to forget that he had you on your knees for him, “She was my training wheels protocol,”

    “Mhm,” You hummed as Peter rambled about his suit. Your hands found his hips, following his toned v-line.

    “Mr. Stark used to record everything my suit saw,” He laughed slightly, but his words fell short as your hand fell through the suit’s crotch opening.

    “Does it still record what you see?” You questioned, looking up at him almost innocently. Your hand wrapped around the width of his dick, making you pause for a moment. You watched Peter shake his head, answering no, “Do you want it to?”

    “W-What?” Peter stuttered at your question as you removed his dick from behind the tight fabric.

    You took in the size of him, wondering if he was always that big, or if the spider bite was to thank, “For later,” You spoke, the length of him sitting flush in your palm. Rounding your shoulders your lips neared his dick, watching it jump in your hold. Wrapping your fingers around his width, you angled his skin against your lips. You met his eyes as you left a mark of lipstick on his shaft. You heard Peter let out a small moan, his head rolling back, but only for a moment. He watched as you continued to leave tinted kisses, watching as the pigment got lighter and lighter, eventually fading.

    “M-More,” Peter almost begged, wishing that your lipstick would never fade. He watched as you smiled slightly, your lips soft against him. Peter watched as you retrieved a tube of lipstick from your pocket. The eyes of his suit narrowed as he watched the satin pigment glide on your lips. Dropping the black bullet to the floor, you returned your lips to his shaft, kissing every inch. Some kisses were harder than others, leaving more pigment behind on his skin, “You- Y/N, if you don’t s-stop-“ Peter’s breath hitched with each word.

    “You gonna cum?” You asked as your lips kissed him harder and harder. Your pigmented trail now traveled to uncharted territory, leaving gentle kisses on his tip. You watched as Peter’s body stiffened, one last hitched breath passed through his lips as he came. You hummed in satisfaction as Peter’s body shook, hand pumping him through his orgasm.

    “Shit,” Peter stuttered behind the mask, wanting nothing more than to be completely lost in you. Wrapping his arms around you, he picked you up off your knees, carrying you to your bed. Tossing you back, he watched as you bounced against the bed’s firm mattress, “I wanna do so much to you,”

    “Please,” You reciprocated, “Peter,” His name fell from your lips as you longed for his that hid behind the mask. His rough touch hiked up the fabric of your black skirt, pooling the still fabric around your waist.

    Peter stared at the pair of sheer, black stockings that covered your skin, adding another obstacle that separated him from you. Placing his hands on the thin fabric, he ripped them easily. Your words of objection to the torn fabric filled the room as he left the bed, retrieving a condom from his bag, “Y/N,” He spoke your name, making your rambling fall short, “Can I fuck you?” He questioned, watching you nod in consent. You felt your cheeks begin to heat up from embarrassment, “Use your words. Tell me you want me,”

    You were hesitant. Not only was Peter fulfilling your embarrassing kink that Natasha let slip, but it was Peter. You felt self conscious as Peter stood before you, being everything you ever dreamed of, “Peter,” You spoke quietly as you watched him wait for your verbal consent.

    “Do you want me to stop?” Peter questioned, “If you’re disappointed it’s me-”

    “You know I’m not,” You interrupted him, “I had a stupid crush on you since the first week working here,” Your confession took you by surprise, “Please fuck me,” You almost whispered.

    Peter ripped through the condom’s foil packaging, “Gonna make you feel good,” Peter spoke as he rolled the condom down his shaft. He was embarrassed at how much he was falling apart over you, “Shit, Y/N. I wish I stayed at that party, I would have known sooner,”

    “I probably would have tried to fuck you right in Tony’s stupid lounge,” You admit, “I’m terrible at expressing my feelings- well, I’m good at it when I’m drunk,” You smiled as Peter crawled onto the mattress.

    “I’d rather be fucking sober Y/N,” Peter spoke, “But maybe I can fuck drunk Y/N some time,” Peter laughed as you smiled up at him.

    “Let me tell you now, she doesn’t shut up,” You teased as Peter pushed aside your underwear, “and she’s incredibly horny-” You claim cut off as Peter began to enter you, “Fuck,” You moaned.

    Peter entered you, inch by inch, getting lost in you completely. He wondered if you could identify the love drunk expression on his face from where it sat behind his mask, “Shit, Y/N,” He moaned softly, “You okay?” Peter questioned above you, watching your brow furrow.

    “You’re- you’re so big,” You moaned, a whine laced your voice, “and- and it’s been awhile,” You trailed off.

    “Want me to go slow,” Peter asked, watching you nod, “Don’t wanna hurt you,” He breathed out as he slowly thrusted in and out of you, your insides melting him, “fuck,” His voice shook. Peter studied you below him as you whined, getting used to his size. He was fighting the urge to have his way with you as he began to lose himself. Your body hugged him with every thrust, begging him to go faster.

    “F-Faster,” You moaned the exact word that Peter longed to hear. You watched as Peter wasted no time, his hips moving faster and faster with each swear that passed through his lips. You longed for his lips, “Wanna kiss you,” You stuttered as your body jolted by the force of his thrusts. Reaching towards him, you pulled the bottom of his mask up and over his nose, freeing his blushed lips. Your eyes fell closed as his lips met yours, roughly and hungrily. Peter’s arm slipped around the small of your back, arching it as he buried his face in your neck. Peter’s body hugged you as he began to leave a trail of hickeys on your skin, “P-Pete- someone will see,”

    “Good,” Peter spoke quickly, interrupting you, “I wanna remember this, every time I look at you,” His thrusts began to become too much for you to handle as Peter’s super strength slipped his mind. You covered your mouth, attempting to muffle your screams. Peter’s arm left our back, grabbing your wrist, “I want to hear you,” Peter told you, pulling your hand away from your lips, “Want everyone to hear you,”

    With your free hand you pulled Peter’s mask off, wanting to look into his eyes, “Peter,” His name came out in a wave of screams as you attempted to quiet yourself, but failing miserably. Peter’s strength was making you see stars as you felt a familiar knot begin to come undone, “Peter, I’m- I’m-“ You met his soft brown gaze, however his eyes were dark, pupils blown.

    “You gonna cum?” Peter questioned, watching you nod, “Mm, good,” He hummed, his words breathless, “I’m close too, baby,” With those words, he felt you come undone around him, “Fuck, Y/N,” He moaned. Peter’s sweaty, brown curls sat against his forehead as his head fell back, “I’m gonna cum, baby,” He moaned with a few final rough thrusts before filling the condom that was buried inside you.

    You moved slightly underneath him, watching his eyes catch yours in a serious gaze, “I’m just giving you room,” You spoke quietly, your throat slightly sore from your previous screams, “lay down,” You prompted, watching Peter fall on his back next to you. Peter brought his hand down onto the spider that sat on his chest, the fabric of his suit loosening.

    “Shit,” Peter almost whispered, his chest rising and falling, “How.. how was that?” Peter questioned as the room fell silent. Your laugh filled his ears, making him equally happy and worried, “Was that what you wanted?”

    “Yeah,” You smiled, “Thanks for that. You really didn’t have to, Nat was just being Nat,” You almost groaned.

    “Yeah, classic Nat,” Peter teased, “Well… if you ever want to do it again- I mean if you want to- I didn’t know, since you took off my mask so I just-”

    Rolling over, you caught Peter’s rambling lips, “I wanted to look at you,” You admit, “I like Spider-Man, the suit makes you look so good but I like you,” You confessed, “But ‘baby’?” You questioned the petname that Peter moaned more than once.

    “You don’t like baby? I- I can pick another,” Peter stuttered, “Or nothing at all-”

    “I only like when you say it,” You smile, “But you can try another one next time,” You groaned as you sat up, “I think I’m going to have to spend the night here,” You laughed, already knowing that you would be extremely sore in the morning, “Also Tony’s probably having an aneurysm that I’ve been out of the office for this long,” You heard Peter whine next to you, making a smile curl your lips. Swinging your feet over the side of the bed, you braced yourself for your sore body but instead, you felt Peter’s arms wrap around your waist. Peter pulled you back onto the mattress, peppering you in kisses.

    “Sorry about your tights,” Peter spoke as he pulled your skirt back down your legs from where it still sat, bunched around your waist, “I couldn’t help myself- oh and for the hickeys,”

    You turned your head towards him, shooting a nervous glance, “I forgot about that- Peter,” You groaned, hearing him laugh.

    “I’m sorry sweetheart,” Peter toyed, trying a new petname.


    Your heels echoed off the compound’s tall ceilings as your eyes scanned your surroundings, hoping to avoid contact with anyone as you made your way to the elevator. You were successful, frantically pressing the elevator’s up button. The doors opened in front of you, making you pick up your gaze from where it sat on the buttons, “You got to be fuck- Hi guys,” You groaned, a fake smile sitting on your lips as you met Natasha and Tony’s eyes.

    “We were just coming to look for you,” Tony spoke, “I told Nat, she has no right to granting you breaks, especially breaks on the dorm floor- which does not have sound proof walls, FYI,” Tony did not look you in the eyes as he spoke, scrolling through your iPad that housed his schedule.

    “I warned her,” Natasha spoke with a small smirk, “I was doing her a favor, now maybe she won’t act like she has a stick up her ass,”

    “Language,” Tony joked, shoving the iPad into your hands as he exited the elevator, passing you, “Now if you can excuse me I have to have a talk with the kid, and tell him to not cover my assistant in hickeys while she’s on the clock,”

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    International Incident - read on ao3

    Explicit. 112k words. Completed. Summary:

    Peggy Carter rose through the diplomatic ranks in the midst of the Incident and in her short career already stablished herself as a skilled and well-connected negotiator. Stationed in the Washington DC embassy, she's right on the front lines of the fallout of Project Insight. Governments get purged, new and unexpected doors open, and Peggy Carter is nothing if not resourceful.
    As she gets plunged into a world of spies, mad scientists and superheroes, familiar faces start to pop up. Particularly one pesky Captain America, who seems to have no idea what international law entails and considers country borders mere suggestions.

    It's been 84 years but this is finally completed!! It's been a massive journey and it's bittersweet to be at the end, but I'm happy to finally have it all out there 😁

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