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  • crueltyofchaos
    25.07.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    The End Is Here

    summary: you leave wanda one last memory of you before she disappears to Westview. warnings: angst, mentions of suicide. pairing: wanda maximoff x reader a/n: I Know the End, Phoebe Bridgers

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    Wanda watched in shocked silence as you sobbed angrily. You were on a mission in Texas, Wanda's final ever mission. Your final mission together. She had made the mistake of telling you her plan. She was leaving.

    "Man, I hate this part of Texas," you sobbed. "Close my eyes and fantasize, three clicks and I'm home."

    "I'm not coming back," Wanda stated sternly.

    She was trying to uphold her stern and emotionless veneer. This was what she wanted. But as she watched you sob, she was questioning her wants. Vision was gone, and here you were within arms reach begging her to stay.

    "Romanticize a quiet life," Wanda explained.

    "There's no place like my room."

    Wanda is forced to remember all the secret moments shared under your covers, behind your closed door. The fleeting moments that you shared. The sweet kisses and gentle touches. Romance, a heartbeat, a pulse.

    "But you have to go," you whisper. "I know, I know, I know, like a wave that crashed and melted on the shore. Not even the burnouts are out here anymore."

    You had lost everyone. Wanda was the only one you had left, and now she was leaving. There was no trace of remorse in her expression. But Wanda's gut twisted and churned, she could feel your pain, it was so strong she could practically see it radiating off of you.

    It had been weeks. Wanda had settled in Westview with no opposition from you. You hadn't called, you couldn't. You hadn't even tried. Wanda was simply pottering around her empty house when her answering machine beeped, and your voice filled the living room.

    Wanda can hear the shaking in your voice. You're telling her a story that she knows too well. Wanda's on the verge of tears as you sob quietly down the phone.

    "Out in the park, we watch the sunset, talking on a rusty swing set, after awhile you went quiet, and I got mean. I'm always pushing you away from me, but you come back with gravity. But not anymore."

    Wanda sobs freely in the comfort of her empty home. Her legs threaten to give out from under her, so she wobbles to her couch and collapses.

    "So I gotta go," you gasp, your cries sousing. "I gotta go now, I know, I know, I know. Driving out into the sun, let the ultraviolet cover me up."

    Wanda knew what you were doing now. You were on a suicide mission. Wanda zoned out, she was shaking with worry and regret. But she finally began to listen again when she heard a change of tone in your voice. Sorrow to hope.

    "Either way, we're not alone. I'll find a new place to be from. A haunted house, with a picket fence, to float around and ghost my friends."

    You sounded excited. Maybe you were copying Wanda, starting fresh, leaving the past behind you. There was no trepidation or fear in your words, only hope and utter excitement. She could hear your smile.

    "No, I'm not afraid to disappear. The billboard said: The end is near. I turned around, there was nothing there. Yeah, I guess the end is here."

    "The end is here," Wanda repeated with a small smile.

    Your voice echoed hers: "The end is here."

    The End Is Here.

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  • spideyhexx
    25.07.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    alleyway; b.b.

    pairing; bucky barnes x female reader

    a/n: it was horny hours. there's not really a plot to this, it's mainly just porn.

    masterlist reblogs/comments/feedback is appreciated!

    summary; you and bucky have sex in an alley


    WARNINGS: dirty talk. oral (male receiving). deepthroating. making out. unprotected sex. yanno slight exhibitionism cause alley. hair pulling.

    word count; 1.6k


    Bucky leans his head against the cold brick, the cold air nipping at his skin doesn’t seem to bother him.

    Yet he still tugs his leather jacket tighter against him. He throws glances down towards the street, anticipating you to suddenly appear.

    Bucky taps his fingers inside his pocket, counting each passing second as he waits for you.

    The intense teasing between the two of you had gotten too much in the crowded bar and although your constant jabs irritated the hell out of him, he desperately wanted to feel your touch.

    Bucky’s head picks up when he hears the clacking of heels and then there you are.

    Trying to not seem like you’re walking fast down into the alleyway to meet with him. His eyes almost immediately drop to your feet, noticing how you only have one shoe on.

    “What happened to the other one?”

    Bucky points at your shoeless foot, a slight smirk gracing his pretty face. You chuckle at him, ditching the other heel.

    “I lost it while walking out of the bar. Too many people around to go back for it.”

    He lets out a laugh and licks over his lips.

    “Or did you run on over here?”

    “Real funny, Barnes,” you respond, hitting his chest playfully. A short silence fills the air. You knew how to make Bucky flustered, but actually having the chance to do something was sending you into overdrive.

    Bucky clears his throat, “well, are you gonna kiss me or was that all talk back there?”

    Your eyes widen for a moment at his bluntness and you hum at him, stepping closer. Placing your hands on his shoulders, you straighten the collar of his jacket, then look back up at him.

    Your voice drops to a whisper, “right here?”

    “Mhm.” Bucky’s hands make their way to your hips, squeezing them slightly, then leaning forward to let his lips touch yours.

    His lips are softer than you imagined and he is gentler than you imagined. Almost as though he’s still a tiny bit hesitant. So you slide your hands into his hair, tugging softly on the strands, earning a low groan for his lips.

    Your teeth bite at his bottom lip and he groans again, turning his head to deepen the kiss and letting his tongue collide with yours.

    Leaving one hand in his hair, you use the other one to slowly trail down his body, toying it over his crotch.

    Bucky grunts as soon as your lips make contact with his neck, tilting it to the side so you have more access.

    “You were right, you are a good kisser,” he says, pushing your body closer to his so you could feel his hard on against your hip. You giggle against his neck, smoothing your hand through his hair.

    “So are you.”

    Bucky sighs deeply as you kiss under his jaw and you suck lightly in the area, wanting to hear more of his sounds. You want to make him want more. And he does, he needs everything.

    “Alright, move on, doll,” he says through struggling breaths. You look back up at him and shake your head, “you’re no fun.”

    Bucky rolls his eyes and takes matters into his own hands, unzipping his pants and pushing them down to the middle of his thighs, along with his boxers.

    He quickly looks down the alley, seeing no other people around. Bucky takes his jacket off, dropping to the ground in front of him.

    “Get on your knees.”

    You do as he says, resting your knees on his jacket. Your mouth is on him in an instant. Bucky can’t even begin to fathom how many times he’s thought of your lips wrapped around his cock, but actually getting to feel it?

    It’s completely unreal.

    Knowing you weren’t in a place you could take your time, you suck on the tip, then bob your head down further on his length.

    “Fuck,” Bucky lets out a muffled moan as he tries to keep his mouth shut. But some slip from his mouth.

    The mere sight of you on your knees for him in an alleyway, taking all of his cock was almost enough to make him explode already. He reaches his hand down to cup your face as you hollow your cheeks, sliding your tongue up and down his cock.

    Your work fast, bringing your hand up to caress his balls and Bucky’s grip on your jaw tightens.

    “Oh fuck, baby. That’s really good.”

    His voice was so raspy and deep that you feel yourself pulsing to have him in you already.

    But you wanted to give him more, truly break him. You pull your mouth completely off of him and Bucky lets out a whimper-like sound, but quickly stifles it.

    “Can you fuck my mouth, Barnes?”

    Bucky shakes his head, his chest heaving slightly, “gonna be the fuckin’ death of me, doll.”

    He moves his hand to the back of your head and you push down the front of your dress, your tits on full display.

    Bucky almost forgets what he’s about to do once he sees your tits.

    “You’re staring, Sarge,” you tease and Bucky uses his other hand to grip his cock, tapping it on your lips.

    You open your mouth for him and he starts slow, thrusting his cock in and out of your mouth. You grip his thigh for stability, your other hand moving to play with yourself.

    Bucky guides your head along with his thrusts and he practically melts when your tongue runs along the vein on his cock.

    “Gonna cum soon,” he mutters, screwing his eyes shut and leaning it back against the brick.

    You love the sight of this man and you want to see him cum, so you let your tongue slip by the slit in his tip whenever you could.

    That’s what gets him to shoot his load into your mouth. Bucky pulls out half way through cumming, some of it landing on your chest. His moans are breathy as he rides out his orgasm.

    “Stand up, doll. I wanna see how soaked you are.”

    As soon as you’re on your feet, Bucky’s pushing you against the wall, sliding the hem of your dress up and ripping your stockings.

    “You’re an asshole,” you mutter, holding onto his shoulders as his hand cups your pussy.

    “Sure, but you’re fuckin’ soaked. I think that’s telling, isn’t it sweetheart? This all for me?”

    “Yes, Sarge.”

    Bucky shakes his head, smiling at you, then brushing his lips over yours.

    “Keep calling me that and I’ll give you everything you want.”

    You whimper against his lips and Bucky moves your panties to the side.

    “I won’t rip these,” he teases, his nose bumping yours. He strokes his cock up and down your cunt.

    “Bet you’re nice and warm for me.”

    Bucky’s hold over you makes you melt even more into him and you could care less if anyone happened to walk by and see this scene unfold.

    “Please, Sarge.”

    “Please what, doll?”

    Bucky teases his cock at your entrance, pushing in just slightly before pulling out.

    “God, fuck me, Sarge. Now, please.”

    He smirks, then holds your hips tightly, pulling one leg up to wrap around his waist as he pushes himself into you. Both of you let out a moan as he bottoms out.

    “Would you look at that? Definitely nice and warm for me. And fuckin’ wet,” he groans and pulls out, snapping his hips back up into yours.

    You pull at his hair in harsh tugs and he loves it. With each pull, he fucks into you faster. He lets out a breathless chuckle as you try to stay quiet.

    Quiet grunts and gasps came from the two of you, Bucky pounding into you harder whenever you let out a noise a little too loud.

    “Do you not care if someone notices us?”

    You manage to get out as he works you on his cock.

    “Don’t give a shit, honey,” he mumbles into your ear.

    “Just need to give you my cum.” You whimper at his words.

    "It would be hot for someone to see how good you're fucking me. Don't you agree, Sarge?"

    "Mhm, damn right," he groans, sucking softly at the skin below your ear.

    Bucky wanted to hear how hard it would be for you to stay quiet as you came around his cock.

    He moved his head to lean his forehead against yours. You’re biting down on your lip, desperately trying to keep your moans contained.

    “Bucky,” you whine at him, tugging him as close as possible as you clench around him.

    He’s not even mad you didn’t call him ‘sarge’, he’s too wrapped up in feeling you to care.

    “Go ahead, doll. Cum on my cock. Give it to me,” he mutters, pressing his lips to yours and then pulling back to watch your face screw into pleasure as you release.


    You moan out his name loudly and Bucky grunts, spilling into you.

    He breathes heavily against your lips, gently placing your leg down and pulling out of you, letting your panties move back into place. You attempt to fix your dress then groan.

    “I forgot you came on my chest.” Bucky laughs then reaches into his back pocket.

    “Lucky for you, I always have tissues.”

    He takes it out and wipes the cum off of you and you pull the front of your dress back up.

    He pulls his own boxers and pants back up and you reach forward before he could do anything. You zip his pants up for him, patting his abdomen.

    “That was good, Barnes,” you tell him, hooking your arms back around his neck. He nods, agreeing, then moves your hands, grasping one of them and walking out of the alley.

    “Where are we going?”

    “Back to my place, wanna fuck you again,” he says, smirking back at you before tugging you along.

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  • libraries-and-coffee
    25.07.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    anger (l.l.)

    | after new york Loki Laufeyson headcanon |

    masterlist | loki masterlist

    after you heard about New York you got mad at him, ending up in two weeks of you ignoring him

    you couldn’t look at his face after you heard about the disaster 

    that used to be your home, and thankfully you had no family or friends in Manhattan

    he had been desperate though, and insisted on knocking at your door every midnight

    after living with Loki for years in the palace, you knew his daily schedule

    you wouldn’t go to the library since Loki would be there at random hours

    breakfast was in your bedroom while you went out for lunch

    when dinner time came, you would sit where Loki wasn’t and not talk

    Frigga always continued to keep you company

    the two of you would go for spa days, shopping, out for lunch, etc

    you didn’t relax that Loki would follow you around where ever you went

    durning breakfast he would sit outside your door and eat his

    it was a long two weeks of the same routine 

    Thor was very worried because ever since you came into Loki’s life, the trickster had been full of joy

    Thor would even check in on his brother and invite Loki to all of the gatherings Thor had attended

    the thunder God even took you out for lunch almost every day

    every midnight Loki would knock on your door and he would sit beside the door frame

    the God would sing the same songs he sung to you when you were sick, sad, or on your period (whenever you were not your normal self)

    you could not fall asleep without him the first night until you heard the songs after he had knocked

    you would always, and I mean always, sit in your bed and wait for the prankster to sing you to sleep

    after two weeks, he knocked again, and you waited for him to sing but it never came

    you didn’t fall asleep, twisting and turning in bed, your eyes never closing

    the next day you were sleep deprived and stayed in your room the entire day, your door locked

    Thor was pacing the hall while Frigga continued to call you through the door

    Loki walked past them

    “it is no use”

    Thor then lashed out at Loki for doing this to you

    Loki was furious with himself after he hurt you this badly

    that night, Loki didn’t come at all

    you were destroyed that he stopped trying but you still didn’t cry, holding it all in

    the next day you did the same, stayed in your room

    but you came out for dinner

    and then Loki noticed the bags under your eyes, the empty look in your eyes shattered him

    you went back to your bed and you laid there, not expecting a song

    then you heard a knock, but you didn’t answer 

    Loki’s voice filled the hallway which brought you to tears

    when you opened your door he threw himself into you, and you saw the flowers in his hand

    his apology was a rant but by the end of it, tears were flooding your face

    you didn’t care about what he did, you just wanted your boyfriend back

    he held you in his lap and you were curled up in a ball

    the sound of your sniffles and his lullaby's would bounce off the bedroom walls

    when you woke up next day, the flowers were in a vase, breakfast was at the end of your bed on a tray, and Loki was placing books on his nightstand and on the bookshelf you shared

    “where did you sleep when the door was locked?”

    “in my old room, my love”


    he pulled you closer to him and you ate breakfast while he read you a book

    Thor apologized to Loki about exploding, but Loki shook it off saying his brother was right

    everything slowly got back to normal

    including your eventful nights (turned out Loki missed ALL of you)

    taglist: @mystic-writings​

    (this was longer than I expected and there was so much angst)

    #loki#loki laufeyson #loki laufeyson x you #loki laufeyson x reader #loki laufeyson x y/n #loki laufeyson x female reader #loki laufeyson x female!reader #loki x you #loki x reader #loki x y/n #loki x female reader #loki x female!reader #marvel#marvel fic#marvel fanfic#marvel fanfiction #loki laufeyson fic #loki laufeyson fanfic #loki laufeyson fanfiction #loki fic#loki fanfic#loki fanfiction#loki headcanon#libraries-and-coffee
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    25.07.2021 - 57 minutes ago
    #storiesoftheday#marvel#MCU#the avengers #post civil war #pre-relationship#pre-slash #buck Barnes and the winter ware two different personalities #i love these kind of fics so much #bucky saved tony from Siberia #tony lays down the law #he ain't no suga daddy unless he wants to be #i stan#tony stark#james barnes #anthony edward stark #bucky barnes#iron man #the winter solider
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  • ifnotlovepersevering
    25.07.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    Shopping Trip (Agatha Harkness x Reader)

    Request: hi can i request a fluffagatha harkness x reader with these two prompts pls? (anon)

    1 - “this is why I don’t go shopping with you”

    2 - “I left you for five minutes”

    A/N: this is my first time writing with prompts and I really liked it!!

    Tag List: @nyx-aira @fancymyselfwonderwoman @thelanawinterrs​ @crystalline-possession​ @sarahp-stan @clxwnnyy @lilibeth-tate @highgaytohell @philippaharkness @amethyst-bitch @paulawand @shinkomiii @alexajbitar @agnessharknes @academiagaymess

    “How much longer Y/N,” Agatha sighed as you picked up yet another book. You were browsing the aisles of the bookstore, looking for your next read.

    “What do you mean? We’ve only been here for,” you paused to check your watch. “Like an hour. You know I need at least two in here.”

    You knew your were pushing your girlfriend. Agatha loved books, but not the kind your local bookstore sold. She wasn’t interested in romance, adventure, or mystery, only spell books.

    “This is why I don’t go shopping with you,” the brunette said, rolling her eyes in an exaggerated fashion. “Besides, don’t you already have a pile of books waiting to be read at home?”

    You raised a brow. “Your point?”

    Agatha sighed. You obviously weren’t going to relent. “Fine,” she said. “I’m going to go grab us coffee.”

    You tried to hide your laugh as she spun on her heel and began walking to the café in the store. Agatha did have a point; you had four books sitting on your night table, waiting to be read. A few more couldn’t hurt though, right?

    After grabbing your coffees ([favourite coffee] for you and dark roast for her) Agatha returned to find you with a tall stack of books in your arms. You started laughing at the look of pure shock on her face.

    “Sweetheart, I know you’re incredible but how? I left you for five minutes.”

    You grinned and shifted the books to one arm so you could grab your coffee with the other. “I have my ways,” you said, taking a sip.

    You planted a kiss on Agatha’s cheek before walking towards checkout. “Come on, I’m done now so we can head out. Maybe we can go find a broom store so you can do some shopping too.”

    You looked over your shoulder with a grin to see her rolling her eyes. “Very funny, hon,” she said, catching up to you and wrapping an arm around your waist. “But I think you’ve put me off of shopping for the next while.”

    “Well you should’ve thought about that before dating a bookworm,” you said.

    “That’s exactly what you are,” Agatha laughed, pulling you close. “My little bookworm.”

    #agatha harkness x reader #agatha harkness x you #agatha harkness #agatha harkness x y/n #agnes wandavision #agnes x reader #wandavision#marvel fic#kathryn hahn #wlw x reader #f/f fic
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  • blackwidow-bby
    25.07.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    Right Where I Want You ch.3 - Natasha Romanoff x Evil!Reader

    Oof hey guys that follow with this series, I am so sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated and written anything. My brain is in a dump but I will be taking request soon to hopefully get some spark to continue writing!
    Warnings: obsessive/red flag personalities, slight suggestive language, any others let me know
    Taglist: @diaryoflife

    Natasha’s POV

    It took a week for Natasha to finally get to a place where she felt safe and far away from you. The whole week, she spent thinking about you. What she had done and how she had missed very important information like you having powers. How did she miss the trap you had set her up in? It was Natasha that wanted you, how could she not see that you had done the exact same thing back to her. You were sneaky.

    Your sneakiness from the abandoned den, meant that Natasha from this moment on would have to be on her toes. She’d be lying if she said the stunt you pulled back there didn’t make her want you even more. Her little baby had a dark side. Natasha felt a rush constantly thinking about how much you wanted her back, but a sour taste still remained on her tongue at being played so well by you.

    Natasha would have been more okay with you wanting her had you simply allowed her to do everything she planned. Flipping the script like that on a professional and dangerous ex-assassin will certainly earn you a nice punishment, but Natasha needed to regroup. She needed to come up with something that would get you under her command. She wanted her shy, submissive little doll back. All she had hoped for to come from her plan was the perfect partner, who would do anything Nat had to say.

    Natasha in all of her frustration, punched the tree closest to her. This meant it would take much longer to have you. She defeatedly meandered into one of the few save houses she knew she could go to. Running for a week to put as much distance between where she was left her caked in old sweat and dust. Her hair that had been tied in a ponytail, had been neglected. She needed a shower and some rest immediately.

    Natasha placed all of her belongings she ran away with (which wasn’t much), on the small dining room table near the kitchen. Her sore legs and feet dragged her along on autopilot to the only main bathroom in the small shack. The dehydration, hunger, and sleep she missed out on was finally starting to catch up to her. She slowly with half closed eyes, peeled away her suit and rubbed at her own muscles as she removed her clothing. She reached up wincing at the feeling of her arms as she tried to let her hair down to fall at her shoulders.

    She moseyed to the shower and turned on the shower head as hot as she could stand. The water did wonders to relax her aching muscles making a mental note to never go so long without another bath. She leaned forward on the wall and just allowed the water to run over her. The dirt and grime falling down her body in trails toward the drain. She let her eyes close for a second.

    “What am I going to do now”


    Y/n’s POV

    This is the second time you awoke with a pounding in your head and made a mental note to stop letting this happen to you. You could feel your muscles spasm in your arms, stomach, and legs from the electric pulses of Natasha’s widow bites. Sure it wasn’t enough to kill you but god, did they hurt. You groaned out loud and slapped the ground. Immediately you beat yourself up for your guard falling on Natasha. You’d have her if you mentally focused on controlling your powers more and less on what you would have done after. It was just so easy to get caught up in her features.

    Time to get up, you thought. It took about 5 minutes walking around the dark room until you found a door. Once you made your way outside, you looked back at the building she had taken you. The building was just small enough to not be seen amongst the the woods it sat. You’d really have yo come looking for it to know it was here.

    Your brain felt like mush from the prior events but you did make note that it was dark outside still. You weren’t passed out for long, which made you feel better about finding Natasha again. There was a tiny open widow when it came to your powers, that left a tiny pull on whoever you used them on last. You maintained a good grip on Natasha during your altercation which hopefully was enough to follow the full for a while. Unfortunately unlike some inhumans with telekinetic powers, you aren’t able to levitate for long, meaning the majority of you trip will be spent by foot.

    C’mon princess, you said to yourself, let’s put those years of camping to good use.


    After 5 days on Natasha’s trail, your frustration had grown more. You could still feel the faint vibrations of your powers emanate off of Natasha but without actually seeing her, you had no clue how far she could really be. You doubt you could sleep in another conveniently unlocked car. The pure obsession with having Natasha and the need to find her soon really clouded your judgment. You’d never be in this situation under any other circumstances. 5 days without a shower? 5 days eating cheap crappy food? 5 days in old unchanged clothes?

    What in the entire fuck had gotten into you. If you didn’t find her soon, the pull your powers have will completely dissipate soon. The rational part of your brain had shut down with your over powering need to find her. To have her in your arms, body trembling under your—ugh. You were growing angrier by the second. Both at yourself and you current predicament.

    She’ll see just how much you want her yet…


    1 1/2 days later

    You had no clue how long you’ve been walking in the woods. The last pull you got from Natasha was at the tree line of a forest you have no clue where it’s located. You followed blindly the whole way.

    Tears were falling down you face in anger. You came all this way for this woman who had enchanted your every thought process. Had the audacity to knock you out to trap you inside some crappy shed. Sent you on a wild goose chase unprepared. Your feet hurt, your body hurt, god forbid she pass more gas stations on her trek. But now the pull you felt completely diminished. You. Were. Livid. She’d pay for getting you lost. The only thing you could think was to walk straight forward making no curves or turns at any point. Hopefully you’ll find something.

    Your knees quaked under your weight. Your eyes and hands had that slight glow of gold around them. Your emotions were getting to you big time. You just wanted to find her and hold her and scold her for making you come all this way. You walked and walked until things started looking hopeless. It was so dark outside. You had been doing this for days and finally the results looked bleak. More tears fell. You were clenching your jaw to try and keep the sobs you wanted to release at bay. You had failed and ultimately it looked like it was going to result in your death.

    You kept forward until something in the distance came into view. A small orange light among the black blue darkness of the forest. It might not be what you want but maybe it will get you back home, food, a shower, something. With the last bit of strength and adrenaline left, you jogged closer to the light. It was getting bigger and brighter and closer. Fisting your hands to hold back the anger the previously was eating away at you. People won’t help you if you’re mean to them y/n.

    You had stumbled so many times. The rush of getting to this cabin that was being inhabited had sparked a new amount of determination. You would live to plot capturing Natasha another day. Natasha. That saucy minx. There she goes inhabiting your mind again. She always did. Ever since you started seeing her on the news. Something about her just made you body tingle with admiration. You truly just couldn’t stay away from her could you? No matter, once you find her again, you’ll make her cry the very same way you did during your journey. Desperately and in defeat.

    Your feet came to a halt once you reached the steps of the porch. It was another small cabin, similar to the building Natasha had brought you to but more homely and cozy. You peaked through the window that the light was coming from. It showed a quaint little kitchen completely open with a dining table and what must be a “living room”. Although a living room should have more furniture than a futon.

    Other than the light in the home, this place looked uninhabited. Maybe they left the door unlocked. Walking silently to the door you reached to try the handle. Normally you’d have a million and one things to say about just entering a strangers home but you were desperate. At this point you’d be happy with a gun in your face if it meant they’d let you bathe first.

    The handle turned….

    It’s unlocked…

    You carefully made your way inside the house. “Hello?” You called out “I seem to be lost, is someone home?” Not a single physical answer except the sound of…a shower.


    Natasha’s POV

    Natasha doesn’t know how long she had her eyes closed but judging by the pruning of her fingers, she had been there for a while. Funny how she managed to fall into a sleep while being in such a slippery place. No matter, time to get washed up now. She reached for the almost full bottle of shampoo that was left and barely used do you the exclusivity of this little safe house. Normally she’d rather have a more neutral smelling shampoo other than peach. It always seemed so childish and carefree to indulge in such strong feminine scents to her. It almost made her feel guilty to have a favorite smell when she spent a majority of her life killing people for a job and now getting down and dirty to right every wrong she’s ever made in the past. Maybe she shouldn’t have captured you.

    Her ministrations halted at that thought. She stared blankly ahead under the water as the soap rinsed down out of her hair. Her lip quivered and her eyes slowly began to water. She really messed up. Her quick obsession had caused her to capture a secret inhuman woman to coax her into being Natasha’s ultimate sweet submissive little kitten. It had all backfired. She could have had it all along had she been upfront. You liked her back. That wasn’t something Natasha half expected. You were just as obsessed with her as she was with you. Shaking her of her thoughts, she scrambled back to getting clean. That’ll have to wait till tomorrow.

    Nat had just moved on to scraping her body of all the disgust she accumulated over the week. As she was about to turn the shower off she heard a noise that made her entire body turn ghost white…


    It was you.

    I seem to be lost, is someone home?

    Oh no…


    #Natasha romanoff #natasha romanoff x reader #black widow x reader #right where I want you fic #my fic #marvel x reader #evil!reader
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    New to You

    a/n: Hello everyone! This fic is a reader insert and takes place in Caption America: Civil War. It follows you and your significant other, Wanda. In this fic, Wanda has no romantic interest in Vision, but I leave hints that Vis likes her. I did this because I may or may not make this a series. We’ll see. Anyway, this is gender neutral so if you see anything that assumes a specific gender please let me know. Enjoy!

    TW: little bit of violence, mention of death, language, self-doubt, kissing

    "Oh m'god, oh m'god, oh m'god," I say as smoke seeps out from the oven. Quickly, I grab the oven mitts, open the oven, and grab the pan of burnt brownies while my eyes water from the intoxicating fumes. I drop them on the counter before using the mitts as a fan to try and disperse the smokey air before the smoke detector picks it up.

    "What the hell is going on here," I hear a thick Sokovian accent say from down the hall. I pay little attention to her chuckles as I continue to fight the smoke. My peripheral vision makes out her outline leaning against the door frame. From just that I know she's dressed in a black long sleeve, a black jacket, a skirt that stops mid-thigh, knee-high socks, chunky black heel boots, and her layered jewelry. Wanda's usual style. I give a sheepish grin and shrug as she pushes off the wall to make her way towards me.

    "Babe, you know cooking isn't your best skill." I laugh.

    "You don't have to tell me twice," I respond continuing to fan the gray air around us. "I just thought I could do something nice. Guess not." Wanda rolls her eyes at my obvious attempt for pity. She grabs the makeshift fans from my hands, ignoring my grumbling protests, and proceeds to do her own thing. Her hands raise as red power flows throughout the room, gathering the smoke together. Once it's all encased within her power she releases it through an open window.

    "Now that wasn't so hard." She croons to me. I huff and stare at my charred brownies.

    "Say's the enhanced superhuman." Footsteps thud against the concrete and stop directly behind me. Hands slip around my waist, loosely grabbing my hips as a kiss is planted to the back of my neck.

    "Your also an enhanced superhuman," She says with chin resting atop my shoulder. I shrug.

    "Yeah, but all I can manage to do is turn invisible and conjure healing abilities." I place all my body weight on Wanda as I lean into her. She presses another kiss to my neck.

    "Yes, that may be true but that doesn't mean your useless. Y/n your a valuable member of this team, plus you train with Nat and Cap, making you pretty skilled in combat." Her attempt to cheer me up does the exact opposite when she uses the word team. Since the UN meeting in Vienna, the "team" has divided, resulting in Cap, Sam, and Bucky being made fugitives. I decide to change the subject.

    "How are you?" I ask my girlfriend. I feel the movement of her shoulders slump as she lets out a sigh.

    "Guilty, horrified, ashamed." She doesn't need to say why. My body turns until our eyes meet.

    "It wasn't your fault." Her head shoves into the crook of my neck.

    "Yes, it was. Y/n, people are dead because of me" I shake my head and run my fingers through her hair, doing my best to comfort her.

    "No, it was Cap's fault. I'm not saying it was on purpose, but he froze and didn't act quick enough. You were just cleaning up his mess." Wanda groans in my shoulder before looking back at me.

    "What would I do without you." I glance over at my brownies.

    "Well, you definitely wouldn't have to deal with burnt food all the time." At this, she giggles, a sound that makes me weak in the knees, before resting her forehead against mine.

    "But actually, what would I do." Her green eyes peer into mine and my answer is simple.

    "I could ask the same thing." Wanda smiles and leans in as close as possible without our lips touching.

    "Is it okay if I kiss you?" Warm air caresses my face, mixing our breaths. A smile spreads

    across my face and then I'm rewarded with a smile of her own.

    "Of course." Her lips press to mine. I tilt my head back, gasping at the feather-light contact. Our bodies press together, desperate to fill our minds with each other, riding the presence of our ghosts. My fingers weave into her soft locks and give a light tug, pulling a sigh from her lips. Wanda leans closer to my body, hands firmly grasping my back, causing the both of us to stumble back. We both come up for air before diving back in, rougher and heavier. My skin is searing with each touch, every graze of a fingertip against my neck or her nails following the shape of my spine are coals being thrown into a furnace. Hot and smokey. Soon her lips aren't on mine but on my neck. Her teeth skim the smooth skin below my ear, followed by kisses to soothe the sensitive area. I grip the hem of her shirt to ground my buckling knees and it isn't until my back hits the wall that I realize we never stopped moving. My hands finally loosen and slip beneath her shirt, digging into her waist. I'm not sure how far we would have gone if it weren't for the explosion. Jumping back from each other we peer out the window to see fire. Instantly, Vision appears behind us.

    "What is it?" I ask, still breathless from a moment ago.

    "Stay here please." Vision then goes right through the glass with his strange ghost abilities.

    "Cool." I mummer under my breath as we watch him shrink with distance. Wanda tilts her head with a troubled expression.

    "It's probably nothing," I say, "And if it is there's nothing Vision can't handle." Her expression stays the same. Browse furrowed, her swollen lips in a line, and blank eyes that show she isn't listening to me.

    "Babe," I start but it's interrupted when Wanda spins on her heels, hands in motion with a knife. The knife is ripped from its original position by magic and shoots at a man. It stops mere inches from their face once we both recognize him. Barton flicks the knife to the ground, not a flinch insight.

    “Guess I should have knocked” Wanda walks up to him with me right behind.

    “Oh my god, what are you doing here?” His elbow bends behind him grabbing an arrow.

    “Disappointing my kids,” he says as he shoots one arrow to the right, spinning around and then one to the left. “I’m supposed to go water skiing.” Quickly, Barton grabs both our hands leading us out. “Cap needs our help.” He gives a tug to my arm, properly sensing my hesitation. “Come on.” I glance over at Wanda, raising my eyebrows in question. Suddenly a voice behind us speaks.

    “Clint.” We all freeze. “You should not be here.” Slowly, we all turn around to see Vision, who looks as intimidating as I’ve ever seen him. My mind races to find a way to convince Vis on letting us leave and a way to do it without anything getting physical. Barton though goes a completely different route.

    “Really? I retire what, for like five minutes and it all goes to shit.” My mouth makes an O shape as I watch carefully. Though Vision would never severely hurt us I can’t help but think of what he’s capable of. To be fair, I’m dating maybe the one person that can overpower Vision.

    “Please consider the consequences of your actions.” Barton doesn’t even think about his response.

    “Okay, there considered.” Then from the two arrows, he shot electricity comes out, holding Vision in his grasp, for the time being. “Okay, we gotta go.” Barton and I start jogging away, but it only takes seconds for us to realize Wanda isn’t following. “It’s this way.” She stands there looking down at her feet and tugging at the sleeve of her jacket.

    “I’ve caused enough problems.” My heart breaks, remembering our previous conversation. We both turn back and I’m prepared to beg her to come with us. Even if she decides not to fight, just to get out of here. But, once Barton decides to speak I leave it to him to do all the talking and instead decide to grab her hand, letting her decide.

    “You gotta help me, Wanda. You wanna mope you can go to high school. You wanna make amend you get off your ass.” Then it goes to hell. His face goes blank as we both look back to see Vision our of the electricity. I pull Wanda and me out of the way as Vis goes for Clint. I grab her shoulders, making her look me in the eyes.

    “Wand, you have to make a decision. I don’t want you to feel pressured, but I’m going. You need to know that whatever you decide I’ll support you, but I can’t stay here and do nothing.” Her eyes are on me though I don’t think she sees me. The look that occupies her face has changed from doubtful to perfectly poised and I don’t think it was me who got to her. I finally turn my attention back to the other two and am not surprised to see Barton in a headlock.

    “Clint, you can’t overpower me,” says Vision, and that’s when I realize the plan.

    "I know," he pronounces, pausing to look at Wanda. "But she can." Wanda circles in front of Vision.

    “Vision that’s enough, let him go, I’m leaving” Her magic is a sphere in between her hands, fingers constantly moving to keep it alive.

    “I can’t let you,” he responds. Then, vision lets go of Barton As he loses control of his ghost abilities and is forced to his knees by red magic. Vision struggles to get up and the eye contact they hold leaves an ugly feeling in the pit of my stomach.

    “I’m sorry.” He sinks closer and closer to the floor.

    "If you do this they will never stop being afraid of you." The words come out in between breaths that betray how close he is to losing. His words cause my fists to ball up, angry at the way Vision chooses to say this to Wanda. Trying to insert fear within her bones in order to keep her locked up. The only reason my fist doesn't find a place in his face is partially due to his impenetrable skin, but mostly because of the way Wanda responds.

    "I can't control their fear, only my own." She pushes her hands down and with that motion goes Vision. Vision’s shoved down multiple floors, creating giant holes throughout the compound. Once she stops the house is silent with the eagerness to escape before Vision recovers.

    “Oh.” Barton looks down. “Come on, we got one more stop.” I grab Wanda's hand, tugging her away from what she just did, and peck her on the lips.

    "You did the right thing, no one is going to blame you." I decide to leave out the part about how skeptical I am about everything, but I know Cap would never start something he knew was wrong. So, if he needs help that's what I'll do. She nods in understanding and kisses me again to show she's with me. Our little bubble is popped when we both catch Barton staring.

    "So, you two are, umm." I let out a snicker at his helpless confusion. Wanda smiles before answering his incomplete sentence.

    "Dating. Yes." This time he laughs.

    "Good for you guys. I presume it's pretty new?" We start to jog our way out of the building and to a van pulled just outside the gates.

    "New to you," I say elongating the last word.

    "Shit," I hear as we get into the van and buckle ourselves in. "I owe Nat twenty bucks."

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    Yelena got into an accident during the missions. You are and always will be by her side.
    Yelena Belova X reader, angst, happy ending, one shot

    Yelena didn't ask for that. You most definitely didn't ask for that. You planned every single detail of your third anniversary. Custom made eclairs from her favourite bakery, candles with the scent she adored, pendant you designed yourself.

    Now you were holding a tiny golden lioness in your hand praying for your woman to wake up.

    It was your fault. Somewhere during that day you were the one who had to distract her. You've seen it hundreds of times. Yelena lazily stretching in your bed, yawning while brushing her teeth, moaning in your kisses, putting on her lucky t-shirt, touching your forehead with hers. "На удачу" (for good luck).

    She always looked back at you at the door as if to make sure you were still there. Not a mirage but a real person. Not a dream but a reality.

    She would always come back. Hours, days, weeks, months. Didn't matter. She would always come back to you. Injured, victorious, lost, scared or triumphant. She would share all that with you.

    You loved that time. That intimacy. Patching her up or lulling her to sleep while she was going on and on about her mission, usually asking a certain question in the end.

    "you think I did everything I could?"

    "I'm sure of that, love. You did everything right."

    She didn't care about anyone's opinion but yours. You didn't care about anyone but her.

    That time you were waiting for Yelena to return the same day. With a smile and fire in her eyes. With bravado that only winner could have.

    But instead you got a call. From Yelena's boss. From Val.

    "Y/N we need you at our hospital. Yelena is... Well... You'd better see yourself."

    You were running out of air, of time, of reality. Yelena was in pain, you felt it.

    When you rushed into the room you wanted to wail. Your woman was covered in blood, with tubes sticking out of her body. Body you knew so well, you adored, you felt with your lips and fingers thousands of times.

    She couldn't breath on her own. Artificial ventilation. Bruises and cuts. Who could do that to her.

    You felt someone touching your shoulder. It was Val. Unexpectedly without the mannerism you and Yelena hated so much.

    "I'm so sorry. there was a chase. She got into an accident."

    "how... How is she?" You were feeling words being stuck in your throat. You could concentrate only on the beeping of medical equipment. Was it Yelena's pulse or was it just an annoying reminder of every passing second.

    "she's a... We don't know yet." Val sighed. "If you need anything just let me know. I swear we're doing everything for her."

    You bet they did. She was their best assassin. Skillful and resourceful. Talented and experienced. A treasure.

    You came closer. Her steady breathing, closed eyes. You could say she was dreaming. Maybe dreaming of a different day.

    You leaned towards her. You wanted to say something reassuring, something inspiring. But you couldn't. You started crying.

    It all happened two weeks ago. Today was a day of your anniversary. No sign of improvement. Val kept her promise. Best doctors and nurses were taking care of Yelena.

    All this time you didn't sleep well, barely eaten anything, were suffering from dehydration. You didn't go home. You stayed with your woman.

    "Happy anniversary, love." You whispered and kissed her forehead. "На удачу. (For good luck), remember?"

    You didn't expect an answer. You expected nothing but this point. Being drived mad by guilt and despair.

    The only good thing was that Yelena was breathing on her own.

    But suddenly there was a weak sigh of change. Sound of hope. Weak groan. You were sure you were imagining things. Until there it was again.

    "Doctor! Something's going on!"

    The whole floor heard you. In a minute your room was full of personnel. In two minutes Yelena opened her eyes.

    You were choking on your own tears. Shaking and struggling to stay on your feet.

    Yelena was searching someone with her eyes, not being able to speak.

    She found you, she called for you, she needed you.

    "I'm here, love. Always with you."

    You touched her forehead with yours. На удачу (for good luck), на счастливое будущее (for happy future).

    #black widow 2021 #black widow fic #marvel self insert #yelena belova #yelena belova fanfiction #yelena belova imagine #yelena belova x reader #yelena belova x you
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    #anon I want you to know that my mental picture right now #is of you as that iconic image of oliver twist where he's like #'please sir may I have some more' #and then I lovingly ladle piping hot garbage into your bowl #hydra trash party #winterbaron#fic recs#marvel#answered
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    Loki’s Chambers


    Warning- there is adult sexual content contained it is nit my fault if you’re under age and do not wish to see these kinds of things. Please enjoy

    Content- you’re going to Loki’s chambers as requested by him, but a change of events leave you heart broken once again by the one person who you thought was your forever.

    Pairing- Loki x female reader

    This took me all day yesterday and today to come up with how I should start and end it. I felt like being eeevviiilllll and giving you a heart breaking ending. If you want a part three!! To see how Loki will win your heart back PLEASE LIKE ❤️❤️


    A tap on your shoulder and you see Thor standing behind you. You smile, “Thor! Hi! I think-“ he cuts you off, “no let me speak first.” You kinda laugh at his sudden expression. “Y/N, I can see that it’s not working.” You hold back a giggle, but for some reason your heart ached a little. “I think it’s better we remain friends.” He smiled taking both your hands into his larger ones. “Thank you for being there even though I was being so dumb and acting a fool.” You smile wrapping your arms around him. “Thor, thank you for being understanding. I’m sorry for acting the way I did too.” You both pull away waving to each other. You watch as Thor makes his way up through the crowd to his father and mother. Then you see Loki. Smiling at you. Your heart raced as you watched the brothers talk to each other.

    Later that night you were pacing your chambers. Nervous more than anything. You would have never thought you’d ACTUALLY be seeing Loki under the these circumstances. You always imaged something more romantic like sitting at the top of the hill watching a meteor shower or something cheesy like that, but at the same time thinking about him taking you then and there made your core become extremely wet. Frantic you e felt you’d wasted to much time pondering over every little detail and making it seem worse than it actually was. You wanted to be relaxed with him and feel him embrace you.

    Slowly my taking your garments off you pull a dark cloak over yourself trying to hide the fact that you were indeed showing up bare. Pulling it tightly around your waste you pull the hood up. You peek out of you doors seeing no one was around and shut them quietly. Making your way down the maze of halls mindlessly wondering till you had arrived at Loki’s doors. You gulped looking around once more. You continued to stare at the door hesitating to knock, but the door swung open and there stood Loki. He smiled moving aside to welcome you in.

    “Darling Y/N.” he says watching you enter his room. You look around noticing how the walls were still the same. You smile a little removing yourself hood letting your hair fall out. You noticed on his bed frame the beaten up wood and marks from where he would throw his sword around when he use to get into fights with Thor. You giggle to yourself and Loki comes up behind you. “What’s so funny?” He says wrapping his arms around you. Flinching you try to brush of your anxiety away.

    “Nothing just remembering.” You smile turning around. With courage you untie your cloak letting it fall. Embarrassed you look down not meeting his gaze. You can feel him look at you up and down for longer then you wanted and you cleared your throat. “So, um,” you start but Loki cuts you off kissing you. Shocked you slowly melt into him wrapping your arms around his neck your hands combed through his hair.

    He walks you backwards till the back of your legs hit the bed and you fall with him on top never disconnecting your lips. His hands softly grazing up your sides cupping your breast squeezing them gently. You can feel your body crying out not wanting Loki to take his time. You wanted him to fuck you till you couldn’t walk for the next week. He pulls away looking down at you still playing with your breast. Leaning down he nibbles on your ear lob getting a humming reaction out of you. Your legs squeezed his sides begging for more. He chuckled in response. “So eager aren’t we now?” You bite your bottom lip nodding. His right hand slimed down your waist to your thigh, picking your leg up and putting it on his shoulder. “Maybe.” you say smiling and he returns a smile back. He softly kisses your leg still squeezing your left breast. You could feel his cock on your core making you grind your hips against him. You moan softly clenching your eyes. He grins watching you squirm under neither him making him want to see more of it. His hand is removed from your breast as he kisses you one more time before leaving a trail of kisses down your body. He places one just above your clit. Loki then places his mouth onto it sliding his tongue between your folds opening them to expose your clit.

    You moan squeezing his head between your thighs and his hands reach around them grabbing and pulling apart. The more he let his tongue play with you the louder your moans grew. It’s like he new ever spot to lick to make you cry out in pleasure. “L-Loki.” You moaned combing your fingers through his hair holding his head still. He smiled watching you squirm and grind your hips. So he let you. He let his tongue sit out flat as you grinder against it. Every time you hit that certain spot your body began to quiver. Your mind clouded as you look down at him. He pulls away from your right thigh reaching up to your mouth with his middle and ring finger. “Be a good girl and suck on these.” Loki says with lustful eyes as he continued licking at your entrance and back up to your click making you flinch. You open your mouth and accept his fingers as they roam around inside your mouth. Your tongue dancing with his digits for a few seconds before he pulls them away and sticking them inside of you making you moan even louder than before. You bit your bottom lip as your hips rolled with every movement he made inside of you.

    “Loki- please.” You begged. “Please what?” He says watching you tossing your head the faster he fucked you with his fingers. “P-please do that while you eat me.” You look at him with pleading eyes as he continues without another word. Watching your body jerk. You could feel your body coming close and you were so eager to also feel Loki’s tongue on you again. To get that edge off. It’s as if he read tour mind and went back down flicking your clit with his tongue while curling his fingers inside of you. You moan louder and louder pulling at his hair trying jot to be rough and without saying you squirted onto Loki’s face. Pleased he continues to lick at you making you jerk while slowly curling a few times before pulling his hand out.

    “My turn.” He says licking at his wet fingers. He takes off his clothes only leaving on some briefs before claiming up next to you leaning on the headboard. You crawl over looking down at the tent of his briefs before pulling them off of him and watching as it bounces around. You nervously look back up at his grinning face. “Whats wrong?” He asks his smile never leaving. “N-nothing,” you say looking back down at it, “this.. is my first time so I’m nervous.” You say reaching for his cock. He grabs your hand before you grab him. “You should have just said so.” He gets on his knees in front of you. “Get on all fours.” He demands and you complain looking up at him.

    “Open your mouth.” You open your mouth raising a brow. Grabbing himself he gets closer. “Just don’t bite and relax ok?” He says and you nod. His tip traces your lips as he just puts the head in. “Suck as it is a hard candy.” You do as he says and groans rolling his head back. You start to get the idea of it taking more in and rolling your tongue around catching him off hairs and he jerks a little pushing more in. You cough pulling off and wiping your mouth. He laughs, “sorry darling but try not to choke and bob your head as you suck on me.” Loki says and you nod opening your mouth up again taking him.

    You slowly start to bob sucking onto him. Hearing his soft moans gets you more excited. You think teasing him a little and slow down pooping off and just licking at the base of his shaft meeting his eyes. He bites his bottom lip watching you. “That’s it.” He mumbles climbing off the bed. You watch with curiosity as he grabs your was tossing you in your back and dragging you to the edge of the bed. Your heart pumping faster and you swear he can hear it by the smile on his face. He kisses your forehead as he uses one finger teasing your entrance and adding another. He continued to finger you making sure you’re wet enough. Your moans fill the room while his hand slaps against you. “You’re doing great darling.” He whispers in your ear kissing you all over your face as he pulls his hand out and lining up with you. “Don’t watch just look at me.” Loki whispers kissing between your eyes. You look up at him and start to feel the tip of his dick press against you. He continued to slowly push in and you squirm beneath him gritting your teeth.

    “I-is it supposed to hurt?” You ask grabbing fist full of the blanket. “For a little bit.” You breath deeply feeling him all the way inside you. You feel tears building up from how painful each thrust was becoming. You covered your face moaning out in pain waiting for it to get better, but it wasn’t. Loki notices and stops looking at you. “Y/N, what’s wrong?” He asks taking your hands away. You don’t meet his gaze and look away. “N-nothing.” He frowns bringing your hands closer to him kissing each knuckle. He then pushed you back while keeping himself in you and pulls himself onto the bed. You wince at each little thing as his dick continued to stretch you. Loki leans down softly kissing your eyes. “Don’t cry,” he smiles kissing you more, “I promise it’ll feel better.” You open your eyes nodding letting him know it’s ok to continue.

    He grands your waist pulling out again and pushing in slowly making sure he hits every spot. You bit your bottom lip trying to hold in ever sound possible. “Don’t hold back darling.” His whispers picking up his pace a little which makes you moan out. Your tears roll past your temples. You can feel every nerve in your body jerk with pleasure. The more Loki moved the more your walls clenched around him. It was his turn to moan and it turned you on more. Your pussy sucking him back in when he pulls out. You can feel your limit reaching its max as you pull into the bed sheets. “Loki!” You moan tossing your head back moaning loudly as you cum all over him. Not long after Loki cums inside of you. You can feel his dick twitch inside of you. He pumps inside of you a few more times before pulling out and laying next to you. You exhale deeply rolling on your side. Your pussy ached in pain, but you tried ignoring it. Smiling at Loki he meets your gaze smiling back.

    “So um-“ Loki’s door opens and you roll up into the blankets. “Loki!” A women’s voice screams. “Darling!!” He says fidgeting to get of the bed. “W-what are you doing hear?” You clam up listening to them. “What’s going on?” She yells. “What-“

    “Don’t play dumb! I heard a women in here!” She starts ripping the blankets off exposing your nude body. You sit up slowly and look between the two. Your heart broken. Thinking you could have Loki to yourself. “You dirty, lying, cheating bastard!” She yells taking her shoes off throwing them at Loki. You watch as you slowly got out of the way reaching for your cloak and wrapping it around yourself. The women storms off and Loki sighs looking at the bed searching for you. “Y/N?” He turns to see you standing there and smiles.

    “Don’t smile at me.” You say tears welling up. “Y/N-“

    “Don’t,” you cut him off and for a moment it was silent. “I thought when you heard me say all of that… I thought that you had felt the same way.” You wipe your eyes continuing to look down. You see Loki’s feet approach you and you step back. “Don’t even come near me..” you say walking towards the door. “Maybe I should have never come.” You turn, but don’t meet his eyes. You look around the room that once brought you back to your happy days. “I can’t believe I have liked you for so long, just to only be used by you. Like everyone else.” You say and leave Loki in his room alone.

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    Lmao ima just ruin y’all’s day with the bad ending 😘

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game ❤️

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    The Dance of These Things

    Summary: Dawn and Bucky go to a gala.

    Warnings: Some cursing. Moderate alcohol use. A broken wrist? Mostly fluff

    Word Count: 5.4k oops

    A/N: Next part of my Snapshots series involving Bucky Barnes and OFC Dawn. I can’t for the life of me write a whole multi-chaptered story, so this will be a series of one shots in no particular order that may or may not develop into something coherent over time. You can also read on AO3 if you want. Thank you!

    “Tell me again why we’re here?” Bucky grumbled as they walked through the parking lot. Dawn shot him a look.

    “Because Sam is our friend and he asked us to come,” she said, rolling her eyes.

    “He’s your friend. Not mine,” he said, sounding much like a petulant child.

    “He spent like two years of his life looking for you under every leaf and pebble he could find. ‘Not friends’ my ass. I actually think that might even qualify as bestie material,” she teased. Bucky tossed a scowl at her.

    “As what material?” he asked. “You know what, no. I don’t care. He only went looking for me because Steve needed help. That doesn’t make us friends.”

    “Right, because that makes sense. You’re only friends when he’s not asking you to go to a gala in commemoration of saving the universe,” Dawn drawled. Bucky huffed.

    “Yeah, not exactly the place for someone like me,” he muttered. That made Dawn pause. She looked at him as they walked, and it hit her, way later than it should have. She should have known better. Bucky felt like he had no right to be there. All of the extra grumpiness made sense, suddenly, and she could see it then in the furrow of his brow, the clench of his jaw. He wasn’t mad, or pouting about having to go to some fancy party. He was nervous. Maybe a little scared.

    “Hey,” she said, grabbing his wrist and planting her feet. She stumbled just a little in her heels as Bucky’s momentum kept him going for a couple steps. She felt him stiffen up at her touch, but she ignored it. He’d gotten better about contact, after that night she cut his hair, but it still wasn’t exactly easy for him. One step at a time.

    He heaved a heavy sigh as she tugged him to a halt, and he looked over her head, exasperation in his face. “Look at me,” she said. He acquiesced after a stubborn moment.

    “What?” he snipped. She stared at him. There were a million cliché things she wanted to wax poetic about, but she found herself at a loss. If she said any of it, she knew it would just work him up even more. Calling him a hero would probably send him into hysterics.

    “I don’t know,” she said dumbly. She chewed at her lip briefly, forgetting for a moment that she was wearing lipstick. It claimed to be smudge proof. She was, apparently, going to test the claim whether she meant to or not. She sighed and fixed him with what she hoped was a meaningful look. “I get it, okay? My track record isn’t all that pretty either. It’s just one night. Just a few hours. People are here to celebrate being alive and throw obnoxious amounts of money at foundations. You know, if nothing else, we can just sit at the losers table together, and you can watch me get drunk,” she said, offering a sly little grin and a squeeze to his wrist.

    Bucky looked at Dawn for a moment, didn’t say anything, his jaw still working overtime with his stress. But a certain softness worked its way into the edges of his eyes as he took her in, and it made a certain little shiver run up her spine. She felt almost exposed under his gaze. A tiny little grin made its way onto his face, and he gently slipped his wrist out of her grip to carry on walking.

    “Well, don’t get too drunk. I’m not carrying you through the parking lot if you can’t walk straight,” he said over his shoulder.

    He was tense as they walked up to the entrance of the building, people loitering outside, one or two of them staring from the sidelines. Dawn couldn’t be sure if Bucky noticed, but he paid it no mind regardless. She managed to weasel her way in front of him, giving the name to the bouncer at the door. They found Sam not five minutes after going in, and a wide smile spread over Sam’s face when he spotted them.

    Dawn let out a low whistle as Sam flounced up to them, giving him an exaggerated once over. “Look at you, Wilson, Jesus,” she exclaimed. “You’re gonna piss a lot of married men off tonight, looking like you do.”

    “Please,” he scoffed, giving her a hug and a light kiss on the cheek in greeting before holding her at arms length to get a good look at her. “Have you seen yourself? I think I just fell in love with you a little,” he said. Then, genuinely, “Dawn, you look beautiful.”

    “If you two are just going to fawn over each other all night, I’m going home right now,” Bucky drawled. Sam smiled upon seeing Bucky.

    “Look at you, man. A haircut, no tactical gear. If it wasn’t for the staring thing, I never would have thought it was you. Didn’t even think you owned a suit,” Sam said by way of greeting.

    “I didn’t,” Bucky said flatly. Dawn tried to hide her smile. She had all but dragged Bucky, kicking and screaming, to the suit store a few days prior, when he was still adamantly refusing to to go the gala. Sam chuckled and smacked him on the shoulder.

    “You look good, Buck. I’m glad to see you came,” Sam said.

    “I can change your mind, real quick,” Bucky said. Despite the grouchiness, there was still a little lilt of jest in his voice, and Dawn was going to count that as a success. Not a minute later, someone else was calling for Sam’s attention, and they parted ways with promises to catch up later. Dawn spun on her heel to face Bucky.

    “I think it’s time for a drink,” she chirped. Bucky gestured toward the bar.

    “Agreed. Lead the way,” he said, a tight smile on his face.

    To his credit, Bucky was doing just fine, making small talk with those who approached him, whether it be by Sam’s introduction, a familiar face, or the occasional stranger.

    The pair had actually ended up getting separated after a little while, though Dawn made certain to keep him in her sights. A trio of old men had apparently decided to adopt Bucky while Dawn was just a little caught up letting some rich older lady talk her ear off about the donation she was making. Which was fine. The woman could flaunt her money all she wanted for all Dawn cared, so long as she was doing something useful with it.

    But alas, that conversation came to an end when the woman suddenly saw someone she knew across the way and promptly forgot about Dawn, gliding across the room as she hollered and waved. Dawn blinked a few times before looking briefly over toward where Bucky sat, to find him already looking at her. She rose a brow at him in question. He gave a little grin and a nod, and she smiled brightly before wandering off back toward the bar for another drink.

    She ordered one for herself, and another for Bucky with every intention of meeting back up with him and his old men soon, and leaned patiently against the bar top as she waited. There was a man standing near her- nondescript, a little sweaty- sipping on a beer. She didn’t pay him much mind as she waited, simply offering a polite grin when they briefly locked eyes.

    “Hey,” the man said, giving her a weird grin as he pointed at her. “I think I know you.” Dawn immediately had a bad feeling about it.

    “I think you don’t,” she responded, clipped, but trying to remain at least a little polite.

    “No, I see it now. I definitely know you,” he said, scooting a tad closer. “Can you guess how?” Dawn took half a step away.

    “I don’t really do guessing games,” she said, haunches quickly rising.

    “You’re an assassin. You kill people,” the man said, and she caught the look in his eye. He was either very drunk, or way too excited to talk about things she didn’t want to talk about. Seemed like a little bit of both.

    “That’s a bold accusation to put on someone who potentially kills people,” Dawn said, eyes flitting around for a possible escape.

    “It’s true. You’re the Serval, I know it. I saw you in the S.H.I.E.L.D. files when they were leaked,” the man continued, Dawn’s attitude going right over his head. She gave him an incredulous smile.

    “Oh, you’re one of those deep diving types, huh? Must’ve dug pretty far into those, the Serval wasn’t very high up in the ranks,” she said, giving the bartender a light thanks as she dropped the drinks off.

    “I can prove it. The Serval’s got the brand of the Handler, right on the back of her neck,” the man said, eyes darting to the back of Dawn’s head. At the mention of the Handler, Dawn was suddenly in full fight or flight mode. She was just trying to have a nice night.

    “You sound a little obsessed there, buddy,” she said, voice flat. “I wouldn’t test that theory if I were you. Excuse me,” she said, making to pick the drinks up and escape the situation. His hand was wrapped around her wrist, then, strikingly quick for a drunk man. It took every ounce of willpower Dawn had not to drop him right then and there.

    “Let me go,” she said, surprising herself at how calm she sounded.

    “Come on, just let me see it,” he said, other hand moving toward the back of her head. Dawn was a hairs breadth away from kicking the mans knee out when a familiar whir of metal was swiftly followed by the hand it belonged to. Bucky had the mans floating arm caught in his left fist, twisting the wrist sharply and painfully down and out of Dawn’s face. It happened so quickly, so subtly, no one around them even seemed to notice.

    “This ain’t a game you want to play, man,” Bucky growled at the man who’s face was contorted in pain. “You’re gonna leave, and hope neither of us finds you later. You know, especially with her being a potential assassin and all.”

    With that, Bucky released the mans arm, and the pair watched him crumple before stumbling off in a hurry, tail between his legs. Dawn didn’t bother questioning how he heard the exchange. They’d been through it before. He heard it all, so he said.

    “Were you a drama major in your past life? Because that was pretty dramatic,” Dawn teased, hiding what definitely felt like a stiff smile behind her glass as she took a hefty swallow. Bucky looked her over quickly, assessing her body language for unease.

    “A little theatrics can go a long way,” he said when he seemed satisfied that Dawn was mostly fine. “You think it scared him?”

    “Maybe a little. That, or the broken wrist,” she shrugged, picking up the drink she’d gotten for him. “Got you a refill,” she said. He huffed a breath of laughter and took the glass.

    “You went through all that trouble just for me? You’re a peach,” he teased.

    “What can I say, I’m a hell of a date. I know how to treat ‘em,” she shrugged.

    “I’m sure you do, Donnie,” he said. They fell into an amicable silence after that, but before either one could decide to start talking again, the crowds attention was drawn to the head of the hall, where the presenters of the gala were starting some big speech.

    It really was a nice speech, all things considered. Well spoken, hopeful. Bittersweet, but overall optimistic about the world trying to get back on track. As galas went, full of rich, slightly sheltered people who didn’t really understand that things were still going to be rough for a long time, Dawn supposed it could have been a worse crowd. They had hope that things could be good, given the right resources. It made sense that Sam was so eager for them to go.

    Sam had reappeared out of seemingly nowhere not long after the speech had ended, and the music had started back up.

    “Dawn, you mind if I steal you from your date for a little while? I’m dying to dance with someone under sixty,” he requested, earning a giggle from Dawn.

    “Is that what you’ve been doing this whole time? Wooing all the old ladies?” she asked.

    “I’ve been drowning in Chanel Number Five for like an hour. Please, I need a break,” he whined, coaxing a proper laugh out of her. She turned to Bucky, then, the silent question on her face.

    “Go ahead. I’ve got a conversation to get back to,” Bucky said, gesturing toward the table of old men he’d been talking to previously.

    So Sam offered Dawn his arm and led her out onto the dance floor. They fell into form easily, and began moving with the music.

    “So Bucky made some friends, huh?” Sam asked, raising a brow in amusement. Dawn smiled.

    “Yeah. A bunch of old men, naturally. They’re probably just swapping war stories or something, I don’t know. Whatever old men talk about,” she said.

    “Of course he’d fall in with them, cranky old bastard,” Sam said, rolling his eyes. “At least nobody’s giving him any trouble.” Dawn shrugged a shoulder.

    “He’s already broken a wrist tonight, I think he’s filled his quota for the time being,” she said.

    “He what?” Sam baulked. Dawn laughed lightly.

    “Don’t worry, it was very subtle. We’re staying out of trouble, I swear.”

    “No, no. You aren’t getting out of this so easily. Why the hell is Bucky stealth breaking people’s wrists?” Sam prodded.

    “The guy had it coming, honestly. He grabbed me. Trust me, I would’ve made a bigger scene if Bucky hadn’t stepped in,” she said.

    “You two are going to be the death of me, I swear to God. Can’t stay out of trouble for one damn night, can you?” he said, giving her a little spin.

    “Gala’s can’t stop a couple of wild animals, Wilson,” Dawn winked.

    “And yet here you are, schmoozing with the best of ‘em,” he said, shaking his head fondly.

    “I mean, I look sort of nice tonight. Might as well play the part, you know?” she said, earning a chuckle. They bantered easily for a bit before falling into quiet and letting the music guide them.

    “You know,” Sam started after a few stanzas. “I don’t think Bucky’s danced since the forties. Steve said he used to go dancing all the time,” he said, pointed. Dawn snorted.

    “What, you think he’d go for that now? No way. It was enough work just to get him to come here,” she retorted.

    “You should ask him to dance. Since, apparently, he can deny you nothing,” Sam said, still with the stupid pointed look. Dawn was willfully ignoring it.

    “I think he’d sooner rip his other arm off. You know how he is about touching,” she said.

    “I don’t know about that. I don’t think you’re seeing what I’m seeing, Donnie,” Sam said.

    “Oh? And what’s that?” she prodded.

    “Right now, I see Sir Grumpalot sitting over there looking like a kicked puppy because someone else is dancing with his girl. Seriously, the dude is straight up pouting.” Dawn shot him a glare.

    “I’m not his- he always looks like a kicked puppy, that’s just his face.” Sam smiled at her, a soft, warm thing. She felt small under it.

    “To you, maybe. That man is an immovable object when he wants to be. Unless it comes to you. Then, sad little puppy, always ready to please.” She huffed at him as the song ended, and reached up to pat his cheek.

    “Alright, Samwise, keep telling yourself that. I’m not nearly drunk enough for this conversation. Thanks for the dance. Back to the cougars with you,” she said, removing herself from his grip.

    “Dawn, baby, don’t do this to me!” he crowed. She shot him a wide smile as she backed away.

    “Sorry, sweetheart. You know my heart burns for you. But I think I’ve got a puppy I need to get back to,” she called.

    Bucky was scowling at her once she arrived back at the table he sat at with his three old men. “Was Sam calling me a puppy?” he asked, throwing a glare in Sam’s direction.

    “You heard that?” she asked, taking a seat next to him. He slid a glass across the table toward her, a refill of her drink. She smiled in thanks.

    “I heard you say it. Which means he said it,” Bucky said, clearly grumpy.

    “Don’t worry, Buck, you’re not a puppy,” she said, poking her foot into his shin under the table. “You’re a big, bad wolf, huffing and puffing as much as you do,” she said.

    “I hope you don’t ever get into comedy. It’s really not your calling,” Bucky grumbled, and Dawn let out a bright peal of laughter.

    And then, apparently, Dawn was dancing with one of Bucky’s three old men, because her feet weren’t killing her enough already. She could run around all day and night on missions, but on those, she typically had boots. A few hours gallivanting around in high heels, though? That was definitely another story.

    By the time Dawn had managed to slip away from the dance floor, Bucky was looking spacey, tired, and ready to leave. He’d been a good sport over the course of the evening, and broke a drunk guys wrist for her. He’d earned the relief of leaving the gala.

    They slipped out into the refreshing night air, after Dawn’s insistence that they at least say goodbye to Sam, and Dawn felt the relief instantly. She’d been riled up all evening, trying to be social and gracious. It was nice to breathe and let the tension go. But with her relief, the pain in her feet and ankles became her main focus. Heels were a curse to womankind, she decided. And Bucky was already a good few yards away.

    “You always walk that fast, or are you just that sick of me?” she called out, irrationally grumpy at the pain in her feet. Bucky stopped and turned, looking just a little surprised that she was so far behind. He watched her for a moment as she tried to pick up the pace, and she scowled when she saw the amusement written all over his face.

    “You look like a baby deer,” he teased.

    “Oh, I’m sorry. You try wearing heels for hours at a time, see how you do,” she said, embarrassed as she hobbled up to him.

    “Hey, you’re the one who wanted to wear them,” he said, raising his hands in defense.

    “I’ve got a knife under this dress, somewhere. Don’t make me use it,” she grumbled.

    “You brought a knife?” he asked, surprised. She scoffed.

    “Oh, like you don’t have at least ten stuffed in your slacks,” she retorted.

    “That’s fair,” he said, then looked back down at her in consideration. “Alright. Come on,” he said, stepping into her space.

    “What-“ Dawn was cut off by a yelp as she was suddenly airborne, and she found herself scrambling for a good grip around his neck. Bucky hiked her up higher and started walking, carrying her bridal style through the lot like it was nothing. Dawn took a moment to gather herself again before speaking.

    “I thought you said you weren’t going to carry me through the parking lot,” she said quietly, amused. She was also trying not to think about how warm he was, and if she was talking, that helped to distract her.

    “That was if you were drunk. Which I’m pretty sure you’re not,” he said, giving her a suspicious glance. She smiled.

    “Nah. I can hold my liquor. Maybe even drink you under the table,” she said.

    “Right. We are never testing that theory.”

    “Don’t underestimate me.”

    “I’m not. You’d die.”


    She let Bucky drive her car, not trusting her feet to cooperate with the pedals. It was a long, quiet drive back to Bucky’s apartment. They’d spent the drive sort of winding down from the evening, and Dawn was about to bid him goodnight upon parking, but Bucky beat her to it.

    “You’ve been drinking. I can’t, in good conscience, let you drive home,” he said flatly. She rose a brow at him, unable to help the grin.

    “I thought you said I wasn’t drunk,” she said. He didn’t look at her as he pocketed her keys and started walking.

    “Three drinks? Maybe four? Yeah, you’re not driving,” he tossed over his shoulder. “Don’t know where your keys went, anyway.” Dawn smiled softly at his back and followed. She liked when fragments of his boyish nature of years past shone through all the grey he surrounded himself with. It was nice.

    He let her borrow some clothes, let her use his shower, and she eventually emerged, clean and warm and comfy. She dropped herself onto the couch and let out a relieved sigh, leaning her head back and shutting her eyes with a grin.

    “Feel better?” Bucky asked from the kitchen around a mouthful of food. His stomach had growled angrily the entire drive home. Dawn had tried to get him to eat at the gala, but he just wouldn’t. He moved back into the front room and placed a plated sandwich in Dawn’s lap. She was, admittedly, also very hungry.

    “You have no idea,” she said, tucking into the offered sandwich. She watched TV while Bucky took his own shower. It was a familiar routine after sharing many a hotel room. They existed pretty easily around each other, for the most part. It was comfortable. Something safe, easy.

    “Did you have to use all the hot water?” he griped without venom upon exiting the bathroom and flopping onto the couch.

    “You should have thought of that before you met me. Long, hot showers are kind of my favorite thing,” she said, shoving at his shoulder.

    “Right, because I definitely could have predicted some ex assassin, hot water leech was going to prance her way into my apartment one day just for the amenities,” he shot back. She could practically hear him rolling his eyes at her.

    “Constant vigilance, Sarge. You can never be too ready,” she said, curling into her corner of the couch as Bucky started flipping through the channels. Dawn’s mind wandered as she stared at the television. The air between them was easy, comfortable. Quiet and content. She found herself continuously looping back to Sam’s words at the gala, couldn’t quite seem to get them out of her head. Bucky liked to dance, once upon a time. She could imagine it, the bright smile on his face as he twirled a pretty girl around the room, the innocence of it all.

    “Sam said you haven’t danced since the forties,” she blurted before she could stop herself. She could see him turn his head toward her in her peripheral vision, but he said nothing. “Well. I guess Steve said it, really. Steve told Sam, Sam told me,” she rambled, picking at the borrowed sweatpants.

    “Well. It’s a little hard to get some dancing in between brainwashing, bouncing from fight to fight. Turning to dust,” Bucky said, slowly, clearly trying to figure out her reasoning.

    “You could’ve tonight. At the gala,” she said, chancing a quick glance at him. He was giving her a look, something carefully neutral and just a little suspicious.

    “Don’t be so sure about that,” he said.

    “You could’ve,” she repeated. “I’m sure anyone would’ve danced with you.”

    “Not really my scene these days, Donnie,” he said. She chewed on her lip, ignoring the feeling of her heart hammering in her chest.

    “What about here?” she asked.

    “What about it?”

    Dawn gestured around them. “Is this more your scene?” He furrowed his brows at her. Her stomach dropped into her feet.

    “This is my living room?” he said, clearly confused. She was going to fucking throw up.

    “Dance with me, Bucky,” she said. Maybe she would just die, dissolve into the couch and cease to be.

    “What?” he asked, almost a whisper. She squared her shoulders and turned to him.

    “Dance with me,” she said. He just kind of sat there for a moment, looking bewildered and caught off guard. It took him a minute to find his words again.

    “I haven’t danced since ‘43,” he said, sounding a little breathless. She nodded slowly.

    “Yes. We’ve been over this. It’ll be fine,” she said, standing up and crossing the room toward his stereo.

    “I’m not any good,“ he argued weakly.

    “Who cares? No one’s watching and I won’t know any better,” she said, hooking up her phone and pulling up a proper playlist. She pressed the play button and put the phone down before drifting back to Bucky as the grainy, old music started playing. She quickly muted the television and outstretched her hands expectantly. She made a grabby motion when he still just stared up at her.

    “Come on. Just a few songs. It’ll be fun,” she said. He pressed his lips together and sighed heavily, not being overly helpful as he took her hands and let her pull him up. She pulled him away from the couch and they stared at each other for a moment. Bucky’s brows were furrowed, but she couldn’t tell what he was feeling. She could barely hear the music over the blood rushing in her ears.

    He still didn’t say anything. Just hesitantly tapped her arm up, looking resigned, a silent order to place her hand on his shoulder. His left hand fell lightly onto her waist, and his right gently scooped up her other hand to hold up in the air. She gave him an encouraging smile, and then they we’re moving.

    She let him lead, and it was a shy thing at first, stiff. “See? It’s not so bad,” she said. He huffed a tense breath of laughter.

    “This is stupid,” he said. She clicked her tongue.

    “No, this is nice,” she argued, giving his shoulder a gentle pinch. She moved with him as easily as he would let her, but he was still uncertain, almost awkward. She found it endearing. It took some time for Bucky to warm up to the idea.

    Dawn could almost pinpoint the moment he got comfortable. He tugged her hand, twisted her out for a little spin, and pulled her back into him. She giggled as he spun her, almost losing her footing on the return. His left hand landed on the small of her back when she bumped back into him, and they were suddenly much closer. She could feel the heat radiating off of him, the coolness of his metal hand against her spine. She looked back up at him, and she caught a glimpse of that boyish charm he once probably wore so easily.

    “I guess it’s not so bad,” he muttered as they continued swaying to the music.

    “And you think you’re not any good,” she tutted. They moved around in a little circle for a while. Then, Bucky got brave and started putting some foot work into it. Dawn’s heart was absolutely soaring, and she could tell Bucky was legitimately having a good time, if the softness in his features was anything to go by.

    “You looked beautiful, tonight,” Bucky said out of the blue, quiet, like he didn’t want to break the little bubble they found themselves in. “I should have said it before.” Dawn bit her lip against the shy smile threatening to rise. She could only manage a whispered thanks as she felt her cheeks heat up.

    “You know. Baby deer ankles and all,” he teased, earning a scandalized gasp out of Dawn. She went to smack him in the arm, but instead, he stopped the motion by gripping her hand tighter and pulling her even closer, flush against his body. Any and all fight Dawn had in her left in a rush. “I’m kidding, Doll,” he said, the words rumbling against her chest. Dawn couldn’t find any words to say, so she rested her head against his chest instead, opting to feel his warmth and let the music guide them.

    They danced around the apartment for more than the promised few songs, swaying and spinning and stepping. Dawn only stepped on his toes a few times. And Bucky seemed happy. The tension he usually held in his shoulders was nonexistent, and everything about him just seemed soft and sweet, and Dawn was almost jealous of all the girls he must have taken dancing back in his day, jealous that they got to see that side of him so freely. And she was sad for Bucky, that he’d been through so much, had no choice but to shut himself down. But at that moment in time, the pair of them floating around his apartment, things were good. Everything was okay. There was no mission. No nightmare. No Handler. No greater goal. Just Dawn and Bucky. Just music. Just a little bit of peace.

    The song was nearing its end. The crescendo came, the last big chorus, and Bucky spun Dawn around once more before catching her against his chest. He smoothly transferred his weight, held her snug as he got a steady hold of her and dipped her with all the grace in the world. She found herself giggling at the feeling, and then he pulled her back up. He pulled her back up, and she was proud of not messing it up for all of a second before her mind blanked entirely.

    They were close. Very close. Both of his hands were pressed into her spine, one warm, one cold, steadying her frame. Her hands landed on either side of his neck. Their noses brushed. They were so close. Dawn felt his breath against her lips, a quick, surprised little puff, and she almost could have sworn her heart stopped beating, that she would die right then and there. Hair had landed in her face with the momentum, and she couldn’t see much of anything, but she felt it all.

    Her breath hitched and she froze as Bucky’s nose just brushed her cheek, an almost mindless nuzzle against her skin. She could feel the heat of his lips so, so close to hers. She would barely have to move an inch to meet them. She was pretty sure she was dead.

    But, almost as soon as it had happened, it was over. Bucky took a step back, releasing Dawn completely.

    “It’s, um,” he cleared his throat, looked somewhere over her shoulder. “It’s late. I’m sure you’re tired. You should get some sleep,” he said. It took Dawn an embarrassingly long moment to collect herself.

    “Oh. Right, um. Yeah. It was a long day, wasn’t it,” she said, hoping she didn’t sound as spaced out as she felt. She moved on stiff legs to grab her phone and shut the music off. Bucky was standing awkwardly off to the side, arms crossed tight over his chest.

    “You can take the bed,” he said with a stiff gesture, voice rough. She nodded dumbly and pulled her lips between her teeth before shuffling down the short hallway. She was about to shut the door behind her, hand on the doorknob for a moment. She swung it back open a little.

    “Bucky?” she called out hesitantly.

    “Yeah?” his voice echoed, quick and a little shrill. Her words got stuck. She cleared her throat.

    “Thank you. For coming. I had a nice night. I hope you did, too,” she called out, awkward, unable to keep the uncertainty out of her voice. She didn’t get a response for a minute, and she was about to shut the door.

    “Yeah. I did. Goodnight, Donnie.”

    Neither one of them knew it, but they both spent a long time staring at the ceiling that night, too wired, too deep in thoughts of What the hell is going on to fall asleep. And when they did, their sleep was as turbulent as whatever it was that they were trying not to feel.

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    25.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    With a unknown title so far, I decided to make edits for the Frigga IIs we see in the TVA inspired series she stars in that’s set in the future of Marvel Descendants, when she’s arrested as a teen by the TVA due to a past incident that involved the goddess of death, and to avoid being pruned, she make a deal to help catch a variant of her that is causing chaos within the sacred timeline. 

    More under read more.

    Frigga Thordottir (Faceclaim: Rowan Blanchard)- the middle child of Thor and Jane, she almost forgot the incident with Hela that happened when she was seven, but when the TFA finally catch up to her for it, she’s forced to make a deal with them to avoid being pruned- the deal? Oh just to catch a variant of hers that’s causing chaos in the sacred timeline- simple, right? Wrong, for nothing is simple for the Goddess of Mischief....

    Fridden Thorason (Faceclaim: Milo Manheim)- the middle child of Thora and James, his life was going great until the moment the TFA arrested him for an incident from his childhood with the god, Hel. Not wanting to be pruned though, he is quick to escape and during his attempts to return home, he slowly causes chaos in the sacred timeline, chaos that he soon enjoys causing as he soon gets a new mission in mind: to take down the TFA once and for all. 

    Frigga Thordottir (Faceclaim: Sofia Carson)- the adult variant of Frigga II, she mostly spent most of her teen years and even early adult years escaping the TFA, using magic taught to her by Loki, but the gig is soon up when she’s caught and pruned, but refusing to die fully, she soon finds other variants of her with the same goal as her: to return home. 

    Frigga Thordottir (Faceclaim: Sofia Wylie)- one of the variants of Frigga II, it ironically wasn’t even her incident with the goddess Hela that led to her arrest. No, it was deciding to learn chaos magic and therefore, divert from her path as the goddess of mischief. But once pruned, she finds other variants of her with the same goal in mind: to return home. 

    Frigga Thordottir (Faceclaim: Cailey Fleming)- one of the variants of Frigga II, she is the youngest of the variants but don’t let that fool you- she knows magic early on, and accordig to the TFA, she learnt magic too soon. But despite the pruning, she intends to return home somehow, and intends to bomb the TFA with glitter on the way home. 

    Frigga Thordottir (Faceclaim: None, is a frog)- a rare variant of Frigga II, this Frigga comes from the universe of the heroes being animals and no one really knows why the TFA pruned her just yet, but she mostly sticks with Kid Frigga II and wants to return home somehow. 

    Frigga Thordottir (Faceclaim: Rowan Blanchard)- one of Figga II’s variants, her universe is mostly a mirror off her main timeline and when successfully pruned, she finds herself soon forming alliances with the various variants pruned, becoming their leader eventually, but she’d soon find herself on the wrong end of the stick when it comes to her own variants. 

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  • writingforbucky
    25.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The Good Dinosaur

    Summary: You and Bucky watching The Good Dinosaur, but you get emotional and just being dramatic.

    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x fem!reader

    Warnings: None.

    Words count: 522 words.

    A/N: once again, the randomness…

    "Are you really crying, doll?" Bucky asked, peering at his girlfriend's redden face. You shook your head and dug your head deeper in your folded arms.

    "I AM NOT! My eyes just stung, that's all", you denied earning a laugh from the older man. His laugh only lasted seconds before getting bashed in the head by you. "Aw! Okay, fine! I'm sorry" he paused, "For saying the truth. This is so going on twitter" he spoke, earning another hit with a pillow by the head.

    "What? I swear, Bucky if this went on twitter, I'll break up with you. I don't care" you threatened, climbing upon his body, your hands choking Bucky’s neck, pressing deeper every second. Choking sounds emitted from his mouth as he struggled to breathe. "If you keep on choking me, the possibly of going to twitter would be raised" with instant, your hands released his neck. Bucky coughed, choking, laughing even.

    You gave a withering glare that would make even the boldest animal runs to its' mother, whining, before you stood up and went towards your only one and overly expensive shared bedroom. "Wait, doll! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it" Bucky shouted, following you into the bedroom.

    You threw your body on the bed harshly added with a loud grumbling. The tears were still evident on your beautiful face. You wiped it off. You two were just watching The Good Dinosaur and it had reached where the part when Arlo and Spot spent their first night together, drawing circles showing a family circle. It touched you. You missed your family. It has been months since you last visited them.

    The door stood wide open with Bucky gazing softly at the crying soul in front of him. Deep down, Bucky felt guilty for making fun of you when you’re at your weak point. He shouldn't have done it when you didn't just like you did when he broke down some nights ago. 

    "Doll..." he got no response from you. He walked towards you and gingerly sat on the edge of the bed, a small space in front of you. "I'm sorry. I swear I didn't mean whatever I said, I'm sorry if my words offended you, doll?"

    The sobs got louder and by surprised, you threw yourself on Bucky. Arms wrapped around each other, soothe words were whispered and sobs echoed throughout the room. "There...there...I’m here, I'm here".

    "I'm sorry, Buck, it's just that…I missed my family" you said, wiping away your tears.

    "Oh, shit, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to, y/n. I'll change the movie" Bucky said, already freeing himself from your wrapping arms around him. But you pulled him back and he landed on top of you. "Doll..I want to change the movie, now’s not the time for you to be very teenager!" You both were laughing, again he tried to unwrap your arms but ended up back on top of you.

    "Stay. I just need someone to hug", Bucky could only chuckle, faces only inches apart.

    "Okay. I'll be your temporary hugging boyfriend but I want something in return", giving you his mischievous grin.

    Oh you know that look.

    #bucky barnes #buckybarnes x reader #buckybarnes x you #bucky barnes x y/n #bucky x y/n #james barnes #james buchanan barnes #james buchanan bucky barnes #bucky imagine#bucky #bucky barnes fluff #bucky barnes fic #bucky barnes one shot #bucky barnes fanfiction #bucky barnes blurb #marvel#sebastian stan #sebastian stan x reader #fluff #sebastian stan fluff
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  • monarcascension
    25.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    our gentle sin | bb

    summary: you are the wife of a soldier who has been documented as missing in action and presumed to have tragically lost his life in battle. his best friend bucky comes to offer his condolences, as well as his friendship to help you cope. but when your mutual grief leaves room for the both of you to fall in love, do you do it?

    pairings: bucky x fem!reader

    tags: dealing with grief and loss, fluff, moderate smut, no protection, graphic descriptions

    A/N: I've had to repost this so many times because tumblr kept repeating paragraphs. So hopefully this works :'))

    word count: 3.1K

    Grief can be so unrelenting - You think that's what's got to you in the first place. You tried, on multiple occasions, not to look beyond that day-beyond that moment- but when you’d wake up every morning-lift your eyes to the burning sun and turn over in your bed, hoping to feel the warmth of his body, you’d see nothing but an expanse of time in front of you without him. The thought of going on becomes impossible. You’re tired of this. You didn't ask for it. You didn’t want to do it any more, and yet you know you have to get up every morning, put one foot in front of the other because that's what your husband would want you to do.

    Ever since you received that knock on your door--looked those two men dressed in their uniforms in their faces as they told you the news, it felt like your entire world had been turned upside down. All time had stopped. It was like your soul shriveled into dust, and a piece of your heart crumbled with it.. The thought that he could be alone or that he was and no one was there with him in his final moments was enough to do you in. Luckily, your mother was with you that day to comfort you—stroking your back as you spilled tears onto her lap, letting her jeans soak up the salty mess.

    At your husband’s vigil a few months after, you ran into his best friend, James or “Bucky” as you all referred to him.  Bucky was a Veteran. Honorably discharged because of an injury- stationed alongside your husband. Thick as thieves the both of them. It wasn’t your first time meeting of course, you all went to college together. You were the one that introduced them after all since Bucky was your friend first. 

    However, once you and your husband got engaged in your Senior year, he never came around you too often, only if he was hanging out with him. You can't say that it didn't sting, but you also didn’t mind. At least they got along. So, the two of you only were around in association with your husband. Mostly when friend outings were planned or game night where everyone would come to your house and drink like you all were in your early 20 somethings again while losing at the Game of Life.

    You hadn’t seen the man since he was last deployed 2 and a half years prior and now here he was standing before you with a broken spirit, giving you his condolences with a soft-toned voice and tears brimming in his eyes. The pain on his face was highly visible. To any passersby, he would seem calm and collected- like he had it all together, but you could see that he was hurting just as much as you were. Bucky couldn't even look you in the eye as he steadily apologized for not protecting him- for not looking out for him like he had promised you years ago at your wedding. For not being a better friend - not to your husband- but to you.

    You’ve had people come to you in the past year who told you that they “understood”. You only would nod and give them a half ass smile in return because you knew they had no clue how bad it hurt. They didn’t understand a damn thing about what you were going through. They still had their husbands. You had nothing. You knew that no one had a fraction of an idea of what it felt like . No one but Bucky.

    You remembered hooking your arms around him so tightly you probably could have snapped his neck if that was your intention. He held you just as hard, squeezing your physically and emotionally weakened body against his as you sobbed uncontrollably into his shoulder. You clung so hard onto his suit jacket that you thought it may have ripped. He rocked you back and forth, comforting you the only way he knew how as there were no true words that could mend a broken heart .

    “I’m sorry Y/N…” he crowed into your neck. “I’m so sorry.”


    It’s been two years since that night. The days are still hard, but you manage them better. He helped you manage them better. After the moment you both shared at the candlelight, Bucky hasn't gone a day without being around you and checking on you. You’d have to beg him not to bring food from Harvey’s everyday because he’d pop up at your doorstep with two fully stuffed bags of your favorite lunch food. That didn’t stop him from bringing something though. He knew you wouldn't eat a thing if it weren’t for him and he wasn’t wrong.

    He’d help you around the house, though you preferred to clean on your own, he still insisted- making you feel older than what you were by saying things like, “That box might be too heavy for you to carry, grandma” and “Here, let me, before you hurt yourself”. You’ve flicked him a few times from those comments.

    The both of you started going out more, not anywhere crazy, but simply out. That was another thing you two had in common, you loved staying inside nowadays. But you still enjoyed bathing in the sun with him as you strolled through the park, letting the cool breeze blow across your skin. You even went on a few road trips from New York to the Mid-Western states to the South together in the past year, spontaneous adventures at best. It was something that you suggested and he was gung-ho. He had no problem throwing your bags into the back of your SUV and driving the whole way there while he listened to some of the most ancient music you had ever heard. Screaming Frank Sinatra of all things, at the top of his lungs while cruising down the highway. You couldn't lie, it was catchy and Bucky loved it, so you let him have his fun.

    August had just rolled around, beginning the second-half of your journey down South. Your first stop was in Virginia. You got yourselves checked in and went up into your joint suite, thankful that the cool air was already coursing through the room. Even at night time down South, the heat was unbearable.

    You placed your belongings down and plopped into the comforting beds that were only separated by a nightstand. Considering that you had been on the road for hours at a time, finally getting the chance to sleep in a full and soft bed again was like a dream come true.

    “I could stay in this thing forever.” You cooed. Bucky took that as an invitation to jump in the bed beside you, slamming down into the mattress and moving around rather obnoxiously.

    “You're not wrong.” He said in response, letting out a deep and relaxing groan. “I could go to sleep right now.”

    You turned your head to look at him, nudging his arm. “You have your own bed for that.”

    Bucky turned to face you, a cocky grin plastered on his face. “Well, I prefer this one dollface.”

    “Too late, Barnes.” you shrugged. “Gotta be quicker than that.”

    “Rock, paper, scissors for it?”

    You cackled. “How old are you again?”

    “Ohhh, I see how it is. You're afraid you’ll lose?”

    Bucky knew better than to dare you in any aspect. If anything you were relentless and wouldn't let him win so easily, so you succumbed to his challenge. Going Best 2 out of 3 with him, and surely you did win. However, he didn’t like that all too much. He challenged you again, but you refused, standing true in how you won fair and square.

    “Oh really? How’s this for fair?” He placed his hands onto your stomach and started tickling you, letting you crumble into a ball of shrieks and giggles.

    You begged for him to stop, but he was just as vicious with his cruel attacks against you. Fighting back as much as you could, you found your way from under him, hooking your legs on either side of him so he couldn't move or escape. You forced his hands up above his head, using whatever strength you had left to keep him there.

    “Sore losers never prosper, Barnes.” You said cockily. “You of all people should know that.”

    “Sore loser my ass. You cheated.”

    You were unsure what was said afterwards, but it was only a beat—a pure few seconds of staring down at him until his lips became attached to yours. Before you even realized what you were doing or even had enough time to pull away, your grip on his wrists loosened- finding their target at the nape of his neck, entangling your fingers into his hair. Alarms were going off in your mind, telling you to stop. Evacuate. Abort, but you ignored them all, even as his hands traveled up your thighs and rested on your hips. Even as you slithered your fingertips under his black t-shirt and tugged it off before caressing his torso. Even as he peppered kisses down your neck and chest, flicked his tongue around your sensitive nipples and made you whimper.

    Even when he stripped you of your clothing and flipped you over on your back, journeying down from your lips to your jawline, kissing across your neck and chest, and sliding his tongue down the length of your torso; kissing in between your inner thighs and feeling the heat from your body skyrocket. You gripped and tug on the sheets, calling for him whilst he lapped up your obscenities, tongue fucking your aching slit. Instead of pushing him away, you held him there, pulling on his brown strands and encouraging him to continue. You didn’t stop him. You didn't want to.

    You didn’t stop him from slipping inside of you- his thickness rubbing against your throbbing walls as you moaned for him, begging him to fuck you harder, pleading with the man to keep going. Even with his barbaric thrusts into you, there was still a softness - a non-verbal understanding not to hurt you, only to make you feel good. The blaring emergency alarms did not cease when you climbed on top of him, bouncing your weight onto his cock, with your hands resting on his chest letting him feel the potential of your pleasure. How wet you were when you saw the pure bliss on his face while he watched you, coaching you to ride him.

    Bucky made you cum time and time again as did he. He had the stamina of a stallion with every push of his hips into yours, every release into your chamber only made you want more. And on that night, he made sure he gave it to you.

    Even still, you don’t know how things managed to switch so quickly. How did you lose control of the situation? You were friends, even worse, he was his friend. You hated yourself for letting it happen, even more so that you let it continue. The layout for the rest of your trip was completely different now, but neither of you could stop.

    Until it did.

    A few weeks after your trip, Bucky left for training in Brooklyn. Since he was pursuing a potential job opportunity in his hometown, it gave you the perfect amount of time to re-evaluate what it was you were doing. To re-evaluate how you felt about him. You liked- you loved spending time with Bucky. He always took care of you, stayed with you in your darkest moments, and kept you happy through the lighter ones. You’ve smiled more being with him than you have in the last few years. It felt so wrong to even think, but it was true. You just felt better when he was around. Could it-? No. You stopped yourself from thinking that far ahead.

    It’s just the loneliness talking.

    Now, it was in the heart of October. You watched the damaged autumn leaves flutter to the ground at random, some of the thinner trees on the block swayed in the crisp wind, shaking themselves free of their burdens for the next few months. They have it so easy. You held a short glass of Bourbon in one hand, while the other was tucked under your arm- taking short sips from it. The chilling air from outside crept through the crack in the window, causing your skin to coat itself in bumps.

    “Gonna stare out the window all night or are you gonna join me?” You heard Bucky chime.

    You turned back to the man who raised the bottle the both of you were drinking out of. Knob Creek, a family classic. A smile found your lips as you gave him a playful flick of the eyes, hopping off of your window seat and making your way back over to him. You sauntered over towards the kitchen where he was standing and leaned over the island counter.

    You heard Bucky was back in town again from a few of the neighbors, but after the silent treatment that you gave him, you were afraid to reach out. Luckily enough, he did the honors and initiated conversation, which then led to him inviting you over to his place for a few drinks. You agreed and here you are. Just as nervous as you were when he first left.

    “Still as impatient as ever.” You shot back, holding out your glass to him as he poured you another line.

    “Please,” Bucky scoffed, pouring himself another round as well before leaning forward with the grumble of an old man. He placed the bottle in the middle of the island and turned his focus over to you. “When we would do group presentations back in college, you were the main one rushing us into finishing.”

    “As if. You and Jamie were the main ones dying to go to every party on the campus.”

    “This coming from the one who would throw a hissy fit at us if we were even five minutes late to game night?” Bucky smirked.

    You rolled your eyes, taking another swig of the glass. Letting the sweet smell of butterscotch hit your nostrils while the liquid sizzled down your throat. “Fine. You got me there.”

    “You were pretty fun in college, you know? Even if you were a stickler for punctuality.” Bucky mouthed the last line, thinking you wouldn’t hear it as he leaned back against his kitchen counter, continuously sampling his own liquor.

    “Somebody had to keep you and Jamie in line or else you’d run wild.” You responded with a smile, taking another swallow of the alcohol.

    You both let a beat of silence pass before Bucky spoke again.

    “You know, Y/N.. this is the first time I’ve heard you mention Jamie in two years...”

    Swishing the contents of what remained of your drink around in the glass, you bit down on your bottom lip and hummed in agreement. You didn't particularly want to dwell on it for too long, so you placed the bourbon up to your lips and knocked it back. “Yeah..well I have you to thank for that.”

    If Bucky didn’t point it out for you, you wouldn’t have caught it yourself. This was the only time that you had said his name without it burning in your chest like venom. It was relieving. Painful. But relieving. And it scared you all the same. In all the time you’ve been with Bucky, you hadn’t even granted yourself the opportunity to talk about him. And you felt guilty. Not just for that, but all of it. But the worst part is that you didn’t even regret it.

    “You know, lately I’ve been thinking about how much he would hate me right now.” Bucky mumbled under his breath. Your eyes latched onto the tall male who leaned onto the kitchen island, his dog tags dangling outside of his shirt. Every movement he made only added to the metallic clang.

    You furrowed your brows at his claim, wondering what would make him say such a thing, until your mind doubled back to what happened in Virginia. And you understood. The way his body crashed in sync with yours. How your lips meshed so perfectly together. The undeniable happiness you felt when he was inside of you. When he held you afterwards and caressed your battered body, played with the kinks in your hair and kissed your forehead. Just when the sun began to rise to mark the beginning of the next day, he was laid next to you. Sleeping peacefully with you pressed against his chest. And never in a moment after, did you think about anything in the world but being with him.

    “I made a promise to protect you… both of you. And I couldn't even keep that. To make it worse?” He flicked his eyes up to look at you. “I fell in love with his wife. And I didn’t care. Even when I thought leaving would make me forget about you and the feelings I had. You were the only thing I thought about when I woke up, Y/N. Not having you was killing me.”

    To know now, that what you felt wasn't one-sided, made your heart skip a beat. You didn't know what to say to console him. You couldn't find the right words. But what words would matter in this moment. You moved over to him. A smoothness in your step as you placed your hand on his shoulder and the other on top of his hand. It was obvious from the look of despair in his eyes that he had been holding on to this feeling for some time - maybe even before Virginia. This was the face of a man who was desperately in love, and you would know because you looked at him the same way.

    With words which you lacked, you leaned into him, cranking your head to the side - your lips only a millisecond from bumping into the other. Though hesitation filled you, your feelings for him were much stronger. And you kissed him. You kissed him with the intention of letting him know that you shared his guilt, his shame and his undying love for Jamie. That his feelings weren't only his burden to carry. Bucky kissed you back with the same softness and understanding, shifting himself so that he could wrap his hands around your waist and pull you in. Did it make you any less of a woman to love him? Any less of a good person? It was the unspoken golden rule of friendship, and you both broke it together, nothing that you would condone, but nothing you could help.

    And you didn't want to.

    You pulled away ever so slightly, hovering your lips just over his and whispered. “I’m in love with you too..”

    #bucky x reader #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes x you #bucky barns fanfiction #bucky barnes fluff #bucky barnes imagine #bucky fic#bucky fluff#bucky fanfic #bucky x female reader #bucky barnes smut #bucky barnes angst #james bucky barnes #marvel fanfiction #marvel fanfic series
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  • devilishdice
    25.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Peter Parker making you wear a vibrator in public

    summary: After losing a bet, Peter makes you wear a vibrator while meeting his aunt.

    genre: smut

    warnings: smut, vibrators, dom!peter, multiple orgasms, implied sex, i had to write this on my phone bc my laptop is at servicing so this is not edited

    a/n: Omg guys this is my first Marvel smut so I'm really excited about this lol. Anyways, I hope yall like this and I'm sorry if this is terrible!!!

    *gif not mine* he's so seggsy


    You and Peter had a bet on who could stay longer without touching the other.

    But Peter being a little shit cheated in the game, faking a wound and you being an idiot fell easily into his trap.

    “Peter! Oh my god! You're such a piece of shit!” you shrieked, while Peter had a shit eating grin on his face.

    "I guess you'll have to wear a vibrator now,” the brunette shrugged and you whined, knowing how far he could go.

    You finally come out of the bathroom, adjusting the little toy in your panties and pulling up your skirt, walking up to your boyfriend as he smirks at you.

    Peter's aunt, Aunt May, is a really nice woman, who instantly takes a liking into you.

    You're having dinner at the Parker's, and just when you think Peter was joking about the bet, you start feeling a low vibration inside your walls.

    the sudden vibration makes you gasp, and you look over at peter with widened eyes.

    He just grins at you, finding this whole situation amusing.

    “Is anything wrong?” May asks, and you look at her and awkwardly smile.

    you open your mouth to speak, but close it again, when peter sets the vibrations higher

    moans are threatening to leave your mouth, as May is looking at you with confused eyes.

    "don't be rude, answer her question.” peter whispers into your ear and you glare at him before giving him a fake smile and looking back at Aunt May

    "Nothing! It was just a silly cramp,” you lie and May nods, going back to her food.

    “So, Y/N, how did you and Peter meet?”

    “We actually met on the first da– Peter!”

    Peter had suddenly decided to set the vibrator on the highest setting, and your mouth turned into an O shape, while you were struggling to not make any noises of extreme pleasure.

    “Peter's ticking me!” you glared at your boyfriend, who just laughed, before looking at his aunt.

    This dinner was going to be long.

    As May made a conversation with you, Peter managed to make you cum several times, making you struggle to keep your moans in your mouth.

    You guys finally got up from the table, finishing your food.

    You and Peter walked back to his room, and the second he shut the door, he pinned you to it.

    “Do you know how hard it was for me to not fuck your brains out when i watched you cum several times?”

    You gulped, being pretty sure that your heart just skipped a beat.

    “How about I cum inside you several times?”


    Feedback is appreciated!!!

    Taglist: @shortimaginewriter @hoetolegy
    #peter parker #peter parker smut #peter parker x reader #peter parker imagine #peter parker imagines #marvel#marvel smut#marvel imagine#the avengers #the avengers smut #tom holland #tom holland smut #tom holland imagine #smut#y/n #peter parker fic #peter parker oneshot #peter parker headcanon #fanfic
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  • fuddlewuddle
    25.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Soooooo you know when you write something that probably should never see the light of day because it’s cursed in its own weird way.

    Yeah that’s what this fic is.

    I give you Bucky meeting Dirk Brulee


    And for those of you who don’t know who Dirk is.

    It’s this chaotic animal

    I can only apologise for bringing this into the world, but in my defence I was encouraged.

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  • 7-wonders
    25.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Should I…start writing Marvel fic too? Like Bucky, Zemo, and Loki take up 95% of my thoughts right now and I really kinda wanna write for them

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