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    Best friends????

    (Not my TikTok)

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    Summary: You get Venom for the evening, but not in the way you wanted.

    Day 19!

    A/n: In no way, shape or form is this a spoiler for Venom 2, this was a stupid idea I had-- But I felt the need to clarify that it's not a spoiler just in case people yknow..Began to accidentally spoil the movie for those who haven't seen it.

    All you wanted was to enjoy dinner, but Eddie and Venom had gotten into another disagreement. Over what you kept asking yourself? You didn't bother to keep track. You opted to mind your business and just eat your food before something terrible unfolded.

    There goes Eddie, flying into the metal shelves, tipping them over and sending everything on them flying. Oh, there he goes again, right into the fridge, knocking it over. Everything that was in there- That you just spent your last paycheck on it now ruined. How lovely.

    There goes the coffee tablet that you also just replaced. For the third time this month.

    "That is a two thousand dollar tv!" You heard Eddie yell.

    Oh? Oh, so now he's concerned about the well being of the items....But only his things. Delightful.

    There goes the toaster oven. That's okay, you hated that thing anyways. Oh man, the cupboard. The sound of all the glasses shattering on the floor made you glance up for only a second. Your mother bought you those when you moved out all those years ago.

    You were about to take another bite when Eddie was thrown into the table, leaving only you in your chair with your fork in hand. Eddie didn't even seem to acknowledge that you were there as he got dragged away and slammed into the couch.

    You dropped your fork onto the floor and stood up and nonchalantly walked over to the couch. That's where your demeanor changed. You knew damn well Venom would never do anything to make you mad or hurt you, so you pinned Eddie down to the couch and grabbed onto some of Venoms tendrils, pulling slightly.

    "That is enough!" You shouted.

    They both looked at you in surprise.

    "Why are you on me?" Eddie asked as if that was the real problem.

    "Why am I- Look at what you two have done to the apartment!" You waved your free hand around, "You two have wrecked this place for the last time and have officially gotten on my last nerve."

    Eddie looked around at the mess they made. Well, Venom made.

    "You two are going to clean this place up and you're going to make up or so help me," You let go over Venom and glared at them both, "I will separate the two of you and make you sit in opposite corners of this apartment until you decide to be nice to each other."

    You were still fuming as you looked down at Eddie, who seemed more apologetic than his other half. You really wanted to be upset with them and their antics but you knew what you were getting into when you started dating them both. This was just part of the whole deal. Doesn't mean you like it.

    You sighed and hung your head in defeat, "Man, I just mopped the floors yesterday. And I restocked the fridge- Eddie, you guys are driving me nuts."

    Eddie frowned a little, "I'm sorry- We're sorry. Look, we'll make it up to you. We'll clean this whole place up and fix everything we broke."

    "You two promise?"

    "I swear." Eddie said, "I promise that by this time next week, every last stain will be gone."

    "How about you, V?"

    The symbiote just seemed to stare at you, like he was thinking. He was definitely formulating some sort of plan.


    "Oh, I promise. But on my terms."

    "Your terms?" You and Eddie both asked.

    Venom's grin seemed to widen. You didn't like the shiny glint in his eye. You tilted your head a little, "What do you want then?"

    "I want you." He replied with a hint of mischief in his tone.

    You crossed your arms and huffed, "Now is hardly the time for that. You're in just as much trouble as the meathead I'm sitting on."

    "Hey." Eddie whined, "I take personal offense to that."

    "You're not getting out of this so easily, Venom." You kept using his full name, so he understood that you meant business.

    "Oh." He replied, "I understand."

    And just as you thought that the crazy had died down, it just started up again. Venom lunged at you, knocking you over the arm of the couch and onto the floor. It wasn't done out of malice, the exact opposite, really. You opened your eyes, expecting to see Venom, but all you saw was Eddie, who was slung over the arm of the couch.

    You looked around, "What was that for?"

    You couldn't see him floating around anywhere. Your entire body felt heavy, but in a way that you couldn't explain. You didn't feel alone anymore.

    Eddie groaned as he rubbed his head. He sat back on the couch, rubbing his eyes, "It feels like a weight has been lifted."

    Eddie froze, eyes widening as he patted his hands over his body, letting out a loud chuckle, "He's not- Where'd he go? V?" Eddie began looking under the couch and even sifted through the remains of the table, "Hey, that's not funny. Get back here."

    "Eddie," You said with a shaky voice, "I think I know where he is."

    Eddie's head whipped over to your form, which was still sprawled out on the floor, "Oh no."

    You sat up, looking over your shoulder to see Venom just floating there. He looked as smug as ever, "Oh, yeah."

    "What are you doing?" You asked, your voice cracking, "Seriously, why did you do that?"

    "You said you'd separate us, so I simply sped up the process."

    "I meant time out!" You shouted, "I would never physically separate you two! How the hell would I even do that?"

    "You'd start by asking nicely."

    "Venom this isn't funny." You scrambled to your feet, "You go back to Eddie right now."

    "No. He's being mean to me."

    "I got this." Eddie said with determination as he walked over to you, "I can fix this."

    You weren't sure how the hell he was going to "fix this" but whatever worked I guess. You jumped a little when he cupped your face and pulled you into a kiss. Again, you weren't sure how this was going to fix things, but weirder has happened. It lasted a lot longer than you were expecting.

    Eddie pulled away, feeling no changes to himself at all, "Weird. That worked last time."

    "What." You stared at him, "What do you mean that worked last time. How the hell do you even figure something like that out."

    "It was his idea."

    "What." You repeated. You wanted to know what the fuck he meant by that. Like how on earth did this man figure out that making out with an alien would- No, no, let's not think of that right now.

    "Maybe if I do it again-"

    You hands waved him off, but it clearly wasn't your doing.

    "There will be no more kissing. You are going to sleep in the bed-" Venom used several tendrils to pick Eddie up and toss him into the bedroom, "-Alone."

    Venom slammed the door with such force that the whole thing just split in half, collapsing onto the floor.

    "And we will be sleeping on the couch." Venom maneuvered your body to the couch where he threw you down, forcing you to cross your arms once more.

    You heard Eddie groan a little as he was picking himself up off the floor. You wanted to go help him but Venom wouldn't let you.

    The dust had settled and the apartment was quiet, minus the few creaks of the broken lights and the hum of the wrecked fridge.

    "You know," You said, "Normally when you're mad at someone, especially the boyfriend, you make him sleep on the couch. Not the other way around."

    Venom wrapped around your arm, "But he should see how empty the bed is. Maybe then he will realize how big of a jerk he's being."

    "Doesn't really work like that. I think he's going to enjoy all the space. Maybe we should go hog the mattress so he'll have no choice but to come out here."

    "I don't want to look at him. I don't want to talk to him," Venom was practically vibrating with anger.

    You planted a gentle kiss on the top of his tiny head, "Calm down, danger noodle. If you don't want to talk to him, then talk to me."

    "He's always just- Mean to me. What am I supposed to do." Venom seemed to pout, which you didn't know he was capable of, "He never lets me eat bad guys anymore, says chickens and big macs are better- I don't even like big macs. But he never listens."

    "What do you like then?" You asked, trying to get his mind off of things.

    Venom looked at you with genuine love, "You really want to know?"

    "Yes. I wouldn't have asked if I didn't, my dear.." You replied, "I just figured maybe I can be the messenger. See, you tell me what you want said, and I can tell Eddie. Boom, you don't even have to talk to him."

    Venom seemed to like that idea. He had the ball in his court, as he's heard humans say.

    "It'd be nice to have a bad guy just...Every once in a while, you know. I'm tired of chickens, and fast food. And I'd like to be appreciated for all the work I do keeping this city safe. All Eddie ever does is boss me around."

    "He can be kinda bossy."

    "He didn't even appreciate the breakfast I made for us this morning."

    "I liked it." You replied, "Not once did I think eggs and ketchup go together, but they do. Surprisingly well, actually."

    "You really liked it?"

    "Of course! I liked it even more because you made it." You said, smiling at him, "C'mon, let's be honest. You're the real chef out of us three."

    "I wish Eddie could be nicer sometimes. Like you. Instead he's just a-"



    "I can hear you." Eddie said from the bedroom.

    "Then hear this!" Venom said, forcing your hand into the air, waggling around the middle finger.

    "I can't hear anything, but if you're doing a middle finger, then have one back you dick!"

    "You two really are made for each other." You said loudly, "Why don't you guys just apologize already."

    "No!" They both said.

    "And why won't you apologize, Eddie?" You asked.

    You heard Eddie shuffle through the door as he poked his head into view, "You kidding me? All he does is bitch and moan about eating people and doing this and doing that! What about me and my feelings? He never bothers to think about those, does he?"

    "I pay attention, you just never want to talk."

    "I can't talk to you," Eddie said defensively, "It's like talking to a dog with the world's worst attention span. It's in one ear and out the other!"

    "You forget that I remember everything. So rephrased that." Venom made your body sit up, pointing an accusatory finger at him.

    Eddie lightly smacked your hand out of his face, "Don't use them as your freaky little meat puppet. Be a- A m- An alien about this."

    "Oh, how clever." Venom would roll his eyes if he could, "Why don't you just be a man and apologize."

    "You first, slime ball."

    "No, you."



    "No, i said you!"


    They looked at you. You looked at them both and took a deep breath, "Do you really want to waste all of our time just fighting?"

    "Yes." Venom said, "I do."

    "I don't." Eddie admitted, "But I'm not apologizing. I'm always the one that has to apologize. He's never said sorry for anything, and to be honest, I don't think he is sorry."

    "You're right. I'm not."

    "Eddie," You said, almost pleading with him, "Please just do something. I'm tired of all of this. You guys have torn this place to shreds- I- I'm just exhausted."

    "You're exhausted?" Venom asked sarcastically, "Try being in the same body as that loser."

    You slumped forward, mentally waving your white flag, "I give up."

    "Give up?" Venom asked, every last ounce of attitude gone.

    "Well, yeah. You two clearly aren't going to get over anything anytime soon, so I just gotta deal with it, right?"

    Venom looked at Eddie, who returned the stare. No words were said, and it didn't seem like any were needed. They both knew what should have been said, but they were both too arrogant and prideful to say it.

    "I'm going to bed." Eddie said, walking over and laying down on the floor, dusting off one of the spare couch pillows and laying his head on it.

    You laid down and looked down at him, "Why are you down there?"

    "You really thing I'm going to sleep on that big ass mattress by myself?" Eddie looked up at you, "I wouldn't be doing much sleeping in there anyways."

    Venom disappeared into your body, and you were sure he clocked out for the night. You told him the usual goodnight and love you, but he didn't answer. You could feel that he shared the sentiment, though.

    "I'm sorry. Again." Eddie said quietly as he watched you turn off the only working lamp, "I really am. And, I guess I can apologize to Venom too."

    You got comfortable on the couch again, making sure to dust off the last bits of glass and wood, "I'm sure he appreciates that."

    "I guess we were both just frustrated with having to live by certain rules. I'm constantly paranoid about the law finding us, and I guess I really never took how he felt into consideration." Eddie seemed sincere, "I just figured if I made sure we did what we had to, then we could just go back to living our lives how they were."

    You silently nodded at his words, slinging an arm down to the floor and taking his hand. Eddie held your hand, rubbing his thumb on the back of it, "But I also get tired of having to be the bigger person about it all the time. It's hard always having to be the one to clean up the messes- Metaphorically and literally.."

    Venom, despite being quiet, took Eddie's words to heart. He realized that, even though his own feelings were valid, he was only willing to see one side of the conflict how he wanted. To Venom, Eddie was just trying to keep him in this boring cage. Venom felt like he wasn't allowed to do anything about it, because at the end of every day, he knew Eddie was right.

    They did have to be careful about what the did. Venom doesn't like that, but he's been tolerating it.

    "Maybe we can have a civil conversation in the morning." You yawned, "And surely we can fix this whole mess."

    "I'd like that."

    "Who knows, maybe he'll get you one of those cheesy cards from the dollar store."

    Eddie smiled at the thought, "I'd like that too. Hell, that might be easier than talking, to be honest. I'd accept that as an apology."

    "Maybe I can convince him that it's a good idea."

    "Maybe." Eddie yawned, "Hate to sound like a crybaby, but I kinda miss him already."

    "He's literally right here. Inside- No- With me."

    "Yeah, but it's not the same.." Eddie sighed, drowsiness taking over, "I guess I'll try talking to him in the morning. That's about all I can do."

    You smiled softly at Eddie, wishing him the same good night and telling him that you loved him. He, of course, returned the favor, kissing your hand. You both closed your eyes for the night. Eddie thought he'd finally get a good night's sleep without an alien living in the back of his mind, but he was mistaken.

    The sun beams leaked through every last claw mark in the curtains, shining down into your face. You scrunched up your nose a little as you covered your eyes. You rolled over on the couch, groaning at the ache in your back. Which was weird because, based on what Eddie's told you, he fixes that.

    You immediately sat up, feeling your own body. It felt empty. Did Venom up and leave when you were both sleeping. You felt terrible.

    That's when your eyes focused on the apartment. It was spotless. Everything was fixed and put back into its place. The fridge was fixed, and even the bedroom door was brand new. The floors were swept and polished. Three plates of breakfast were made and sitting at the table.

    Everything was exactly how it was before.

    Believing that Eddie did this, you turned to look for him, finding him snoring on the floor. That's when you noticed the same card on the table. It had little heart stickers and glitter glue on it.

    "Eddie," you whispered, leaning down to shake him, "Eddie."

    Eddie's eyes flustered open as he looked up at you, "Good morning, my love."

    You pointed to the table. Eddie didn't seem to pick on everything as he sat up. He rubbed his eyes as he grabbed the piece of paper that you were looking at.

    "Is that what I think it is?" You asked, leaning over his shoulder to look.

    "It's an apology card." Eddie said.

    You were astounded at this revelation, but quickly remembered that Venom wasn't with you anymore. You nudged Eddie, "We have to find him."

    "You don't have him?"

    "No. Do you?"

    Eddie almost had to think about it. Venom decided to answer for him by showing himself.

    You grabbed the symbiotes floating head and began showering him with kisses, "I was so worried that you left!"

    Venom seemed a lot cheerier than normal.

    "Why don't you kiss me like that." Eddie whined.

    "Well, if you insist."

    Venom began copying your gesture of affection, peppering Eddie's faces with kisses. And just to make sure the point got across, he made sure to leave a big, long lick up Eddie's cheek. You tried to not laugh, but a few stray chuckles left.

    Eddie wiped his face with the sleeve of his shirt, "Hey, look, I'm-"

    "-Sorry. I know. I'm sorry too. I just wanted to be mad." Venom really did seem so sincere with his words, "But from now on, I'll do better to just listen- But only if you promise that we can do what I want every once in awhile."

    "We can do anything you'd like."

    "Even eat a bad guy every once in awhile?"

    Eddie looked passed Venom, to the table, "Why don't we discuss this over breakfast? I'd hate for your hard work to go to waste. Nice job, by the way."

    Venom looked like he was actually going to cry, "You mean it? You really mean it?"


    Venom excitedly dragged the two of you over to the table. Sure, him and Eddie still had talking to do, but everything seemed to be going smoothly as is.

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    For some reason the idea of Loki wearing Indian clothing is applying to me.

    I know it might be just the cover and Loki might be dressed in his normal clothing but a b!tch can hope okay :')

    I'm really hoping loki won't turn out to be her doppelganger.Like please just make the chapter be ms. marvel babysitting loki whilst working or just Loki trying to help in the most weird suspicious way he can, just like the Valentine chapter.Or maybe he won't appear at all which indeed is gonna crush me :')

    I'm also hyped for the first chapter too but not as much.I mean I can already sense it's gonna be a satire on Bollywood.


    Why is such a hilarious question XD.BECAUSE IT'S A BOLLYWOOD SET.

    Now I'm not from South Asia[ I'm from West asia] but I grow up watching Bollywood shows and movies as a kid with my cousin and pretty sure this will bring a lot of nostalgia for me which is why I'm too excited to read it.

    But on the other hand I will be mostly reading it for loki.

    #Tho It's kinda of a waste #that loki will not appear in chapter one #because I think he will fit right in with the Indian drama XD. #Or maybe he will?? #avengers imagine#marvel imagine#ikol#loki 616#loki (marvel)#loki friggason#loki odinson#Marvel 616#Marvel comics#marvel #ms. Marvel #Ms.Marvel
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    #carol danvers #carol danvers x reader #carol danvers imagines #captain marvel #captain marvel x reader #captain marvel imagines
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    Loki: You know how people try out the cliché filters after getting introduced to different photo editing apps? Like their faces on billboards all over the city?

    Loki: That's exactly what's been happening to Thor since Mobius told him about it.

    Loki: Here I present Exhibits A and B-

    #loki#thor odinson #mobius m mobius #peter parker #incorrect marvel quotes #incorrect mcu avengers quotes #marvel memes #mcu avengers memes #loki tv series #loki imagine#lokius#thorki#frostmaster#frostiron#froststrange#tom hiddleston#chris hemsworth #doctor strange in the multiverse of madness #otp prompts#writing promt
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    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

    Word Count: 666

    Summary: you're just reminiscing over old letters and Bucky catches you (I dunno I'm bad at summaries)

    Warnings: nothing? just soft content

    ・☆: *.☽ .* :☆


    I’d much rather be laying in bed with you wrapped up in my arms than sitting here sharing a tiny double bed with Rogers, this is the last time I trust him to book a room on his own.

    I miss you so much already and it’s only been a few days, how am I going to last without you for two more weeks…

    Your eyes follow along the lines of words, all in his best handwriting, it may have been your hundredth time reading over the old letter but somehow it still felt like the first time. This one, in particular, was from the first mission Bucky had gone on after you’d started dating. Your feelings for each other have only grown and your pile of letters along with it.

    …I’d do anything to kiss you right now, among other things of course…

    A soft giggle escapes you, remembering the warm welcome Bucky came home to after that mission and how you both definitely didn’t leave the bed for the rest of that night.

    You’re too distracted with the pages in front of you that you miss the slight creak of the bedroom door.

    “Whatcha got there kotenok(kitten)?”

    Startled, you drop the letter on the bed in front of you and turn toward the voice, after the initial shock your face softens as you see your super-soldier standing in the doorway.

    “Hi baby,” you tilt your head off to the side and take in the sight in front of you. He’s just in a plain t-shirt and shorts, looking like he’s just got back from a run but he looks like he’s barely broken a sweat, and the way that t-shirt is clinging to every muscle is doing something for you.


    “Hmm?” Your eyes move up to his and he chuckles a little before coming closer to where you’re sat.

    “I said I asked you a question,” his hand reaches out, when he’s close enough, to hold your chin up.

    “Oh, I was just reading, felt like reminiscing.” You rise to your knees on the bed in front of where Bucky’s stood, your arms instinctively wrapping around his neck and his around your waist. “How long we’re you standing there watching like some creep?”

    He lets out a deep intoxicating laugh that you feel you could listen to forever. His head tilts back and his eyes close and you find yourself smiling looking at him.

    “You really think that highly of me sweetheart?” Your only response was a shrug and he laughs again which in turn makes you smile more. “Does it make me less of a creep if I say I was only there for a minute?”

    “Hmm maybe,” your eyes both lock on each other again, enjoying this moment of pure love and affection. Your fingers absentmindedly draw lines on the back of his neck and you smile a little wider up at him for a second which he returns with his own split-second wide smile.

    Moments like this make you feel the most comfortable, the most at ease but most importantly, the most loved. Every moment would be just like this if you had it your way.

    “I love you,” his lips press a kiss to the corner of your mouth. The action has you chasing after him but he’s quick to move away, just out of reach and he firmly holds you in place. You know he’s waiting to hear you say it back, he always waits to hear you say it back.

    “I love you, James,” he releases his firm grip around your waist so you can pull yourself up to kiss him properly now, and he’s smiling like a lovesick idiot when you peck his lips over and over before muttering, “even if you’re a creep sometimes.”

    That heavenly laugh returns, his head falling back again and you can’t help but just grin up at him. You were helpless. Completely and utterly unconditionally in love with him.

    #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes fanfic #bucky barnes drabble #bucky barnes #bucky barnes fluff #bucky barnes imagine #bucky barnes blurb #bucky barnes one shot #bucky barnes x you #bucky barnes fanfiction #bucky barnes reader insert #bucky barnes x y/n #bucky x you #bucky x y/n #bucky x reader #marvel fanfic#marvel fanfiction#bucky fanfic#bucky fanfiction
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    Feeling you

    a bucky x avenger reader fic - chapter 1

    summary: after the events of tfatws, the reader meets Bucky Barnes, who has just moved next door, but she’s a little afraid of him, for a very specific reason.

    word count: 1.5k

    A/N: this is my debut fic, I’ve been pouring a lot of myself into it. I really hope you guys like it!

    gif not mine!

    It was 9am when you woke up with a hammering migraine and much too loud noises coming from the room next door which, as far as you knew, was supposed to be empty. The Avengers headquarters were slowing starting to fill up with all kinds of powered people and you were expecting to see someone new move in sometime soon, but you were really hoping whoever it was, that they wouldn’t disturb your already troubled slumber.

    You had been assigned the furthest room from people the building could afford, as a sign of thanks for having helped fight Thanos after he snapped half your family out of existence, and the same powers that gave you horrible insomnia had been a key factor in the fight.

    That was supposed to be your day off and you had planned to sleep in, but you figured with a new person next door, it would only be a matter of minutes until you felt every emotion traveling their brain and setting it in motion, so you forced your body out of bed and into the hallway that led to the kitchen.

    “Professor Pain!” you had hardly stepped foot outside your room when you heard Sam’s voice using his favourite nickname he’d given you, “loving the fuzzy pyjamas.”

    You turned to give him a reluctant smile and saw he was talking to someone, who was just barely peeking out of the room right next to yours.

    “Have you met Robocop? He just moved in”

    The man sighed and held out a sheepish hand before you.

    “Bucky Barnes”, he said, and you could tell he was trying hard to form what was supposed to be a smile.

    Right off the bat, you knew something was wrong. You could tell he was tired by the way he looked around and played with the hem of his sleeve, but that was it.

    “This one right here”, Sam nodded in your direction, “is one you should never anger. They can feel and manipulate people’s feelings. Meaning they can make you feel a lot of pain”

    Yeah, I guess, you told yourself. Except maybe not.

    Because the blue-eyed, scruffy, tired looking man before you, you knew for a fact you couldn’t feel.

    You felt panic rise from the bottom of your stomach the second Sam mentioned your power. It was as if your brain had forgotten all about it, erased it completely from existence until someone spoke of it, then it became extremely, excessively real. You knew without even trying that Sam was happy to see you, hungry, had a little scratch that just about kind of hurt on his left bicep and sore arms, probably from lifting boxes. You had always known what everyone felt, especially about you, and you never had to wonder if you’d said the right thing or accidentally touched a difficult subject, so this was definitely a first. The silence of Bucky’s feelings was far too loud for you to fathom.

    “I, uh, made some chocolate chip cookies last night. Want some? They’re in the kitchen”, you told to no one in particular, although you knew Sam’s stomach would appreciate the sentiment.

    “Nice, we were just about to go-“

    “Hey, maybe I’ll join you later, ok? I want to fix the room a little bit first”

    You realized for the first time as he spoke that you had no idea if Bucky was lying or not. You hated how that felt, you wanted to scream to Sam that something was wrong, but the knowledge that the news could get you in trouble with your job position froze you in place. You kept your mouth shut and made a mental note to keep a stash of cookies for yourself. You needed it.


    You loved the way the wind blew gently past your ears and ruffled your hair when a subway train neared the platform. It was one of your favourite feelings in the world. You stepped onto the train as soon as its doors opened, and took a seat next to a woman with white hair and tired eyes. You could sense her worry. In fact, you could feel that the man sitting across from you was anxious, the one next to him had a sprained wrist, his friend was high out of his mind, you could tell that the brunette girl on your left was faking a smile and that her friend was worried about her.

    You always could.

    Sometimes the voices of people’s feelings became deafening, especially when you were next to someone who felt a lot, like a very empathetic person or someone who had gone through something traumatic. These episodes were hard on you in the beginning, to the point where you often skipped class as a teenager or shut yourself in your room for multiple days at a time. But then you learned how to make these powers work for you.

    It fascinated you how people could still surprise you after decades of knowing every single emotion they felt. Whenever you thought you could get used to your power, someone shook you, something happened and you came to the realization that you could never really know humankind enough.

    Bucky Barnes was on your mind as you went about your day, and he scared you.

    Until now you had always thought that the only way you could not feel someone was if they were dead, but he had proved you wrong. There was a knot in your throat and you couldn’t untie it, not even with your all the coffee in the world.

    “Hey”, you heard a voice call you from behind you.

    “Chocolate chip cookies”, said Bucky, pointing at you with his index finger, a helmet in his left hand. He turned the pointing hand into a thumbs up and gave you what you assumed to be a timid smile.

    That man before you, the one that had scared the living daylight out of you since the moment you first shook his hand, was now standing before you looking like an absolute teddy bear. Was that supposed to be the terrible Winter Soldier?

    You had never been more confused in your life. It made you laugh.

    You stepped forward to properly greet him and before you knew it you were on the floor, Bucky Barnes towering over you, his eyebrows knitted together in what appeared to be a worried look.

    “Oh dear, are you ok?”

    “I’m fine, don’t worry, I-“

    A jolt of pain ran up your leg from your ankle. You looked down to find your jeans torn and filthy at the right knee.

    “Can you stand?”

    Bucky helped you up, holding you by the arm. You tried to take a step away from him, but found yourself stumbling forward into the very man that scared you oh so very much, which was now holding your full weight with both his arms. You could smell the leather of his jacket and the scent of his soap. You tried to guess his emotions, but all you could feel was his stubble scratching your forehead as you leaned into him.

    “Well this is fucking weird”

    He laughed. It made you feel good to know that at least through humour you still had a little bit of power over what he felt.

    “Come on, let’s get you home”

    “You’ll walk me to the subway?” You asked.

    “What? No, no way. You’re riding with me.”

    The helmet. It finally hit you. He rode a motorcycle. Shit.

    “Uh, that’s very kind of you”, you tried to stand straight and free yourself of his hands, but just ended up wobbling uncontrollably like a toddler, “but I think I’ll take the subway back”

    “Miss, I don’t know how to tell you this, but you’re not going anywhere with that ankle”

    “Sir, I don’t know how to tell YOU this, but I’m deathly afraid of motorcycles. I’m not stepping foot on that death machine”

    “Huh?”, Bucky raised his eyebrows, just before erupting into loud laughter, “Come on, it’s not that bad”

    “Again, you’re a proper gentleman, but—”

    He didn’t allow you to finish the sentence. He picked you up effortlessly, which made you feel even more like a helpless child, and carried you bridal-style to his bike. You almost started screaming and making a scene, you almost kicked and cried, God, you even almost used your powers on him, but part of you was frozen by the ease with which he held you in his arms. You gave up completely as you saw the black motorcycle near the two of you at a terrifying pace.

    For just a moment, there, in Bucky’s arms, feeling nothing but your own emotions, you thought you could get used to this. You could live with not knowing how he felt about you, it might even be nice.

    And you knew that night, Bucky Barnes sleeping in the room next to yours, you would sleep like a baby.

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    On The Run

    Steve Rogers x Ex-SHIELD Agent!Reader

    Summary: Your ex-boyfriend Steve Rogers needs somewhere to stay after breaking his friends out of the Raft prison in the Atlantic.

    Warnings: angst, swearing, exes arguing with each other, unresolved feelings

    Word count: 3.1k

    Masterlist | Requests are open! | Taglist

    “Do you really think this is a good idea?” Natasha asked as the group of ex-Avengers and criminals wanted by international law enforcement strolled up to an unassuming house.

    “Do you have a better one?” Steve queried, quirking a brow as they walked up the steps to the front porch, a heavy sigh resounding throughout the group knowing they had finally made it to their desired location.

    “No… But as much as I’ve missed her, do you really think she’ll be willing to help us?” These were questions Nat should have asked well before this moment, as her and Steve were planning their break-in to the Raft prison, not now when they had already completed their journey and were standing outside your house.

    “She’ll help you - at least, that’s what I’m banking on.” Steve responded as he knocked on the front door, signalling their arrival.

    Inside the house, you were starting to make dinner when you heard the unfamiliar sound of a knock at the door. In the two years since SHIELD fell, you had preferred the simple life. There had been offers from other organisations to join their ranks, but after the revelation that HYDRA had infiltrated and were controlling SHIELD, you didn’t have trust in the system anymore.

    Nervousness coursed through your body as you froze, wooden spoon in hand. Who knew where you lived? And why show up at this hour? Turning down the stove, you grabbed the biggest blade available from your knife block and slowly made your way to the door, careful to avoid all the creaky floorboards.

    You hadn't been contacted by SHIELD since you resigned, and there was always a small part of you that thought, with all the information that Nat leaked, they would come to find you one day.

    “Steve?” You yelled in surprise as you checked through the peephole, yanking the door open to reveal the clique of criminals on your porch.

    “Hey, uh... hi, we just - it's been a long day...” Steve stuttered, but the way he looked at you made your heart shatter. It had been nearly two years since he disappeared on you, you had pictured this day in your mind countless times, him walking up the steps of the porch to finally greet you again - in none of them did he look so discontent to see you.

    “What are you doing here?” You asked, shaking your head slightly. To say you were surprised to see him again was an understatement. If this was a dream, you wanted to wake up now. Even with dirt smudged over his nose, he was the most beautiful person you ever laid eyes on. How you had missed his gorgeous sky blue irises that you longed to stare into when the weight of the world was on your shoulders, giving you the strength to battle all your demons; freckles running over his cheeks which you loved to tease him about for the sole purpose of hearing his chortling laugh which made you feel at home; supple pink lips you wanted to kiss every morning as the sun came up, hear his deep, gravelly voice whisper words of devotion against your skin.

    “Can we come in?” Nat asked, pulling you out of your trance. Her face brought back happy memories too, bar-hopping on weekends, scary movie marathons - you thought she had been your friend, but just like Steve, she had disappeared from your life.

    “It's been two years since I’ve spoken to either of you.” You spat with disdain. You hated him. Or more precisely, you hated how much you loved him, even now, after all this time, after abandoning you, the pang deep within your chest let you know just how much you had missed him.

    “Y/N, please… You have every right to hate me, but we just need a place to stay for a couple days, then we’ll be out of your hair and you’ll never have to see me again.” He explained, and your heart sank past your stomach - did he not know you at all? Over the past two years all you had wished for was to see him again, the thought that he would leave as quickly as he arrived was enough to make your stomach clench. That wasn’t enough time. You had wanted to spend the rest of you life with this man, and now he could only promise a few days.

    A moment passed where the two of you stared at each other, minds churning in contemplation. How had he gone from being your soulmate to looking at you like he couldn’t remember all the mornings he woke up with you in his arms?

    “Of course you can stay.” You conceded, opening the front door fully to let all your guests enter. They all mumbled their thanks as they passed, but your eyes still remained on Steve, not wanting to look away from your past love. His hair was longer than he used to like it, but he still looked like your Steve. It was difficult to think that a whole two years had passed. Having him stand this close brought you right back to when he used to welcome you at this very door with an intense kiss after returning from a mission.

    “Thank you. I know this is a lot to ask, especially given…” He trailed off, unable to put into words exactly what had transpired between the two of you.

    “Stay as long as you need.” You intervened, stopping him from explaining any further. And you meant it, as angry as you were at him for leaving, having him back home was comforting - your dream had been to spend every day with him in this house, this gave you the illusion that had become a reality.

    He smiled down at you sincerely as he entered the house last, closing the door behind him. He followed you into the kitchen, where you slotted the knife back into its position and checked on the pot simmering on the stove.

    “I don’t have much food, but I’m making minestrone, there’s probably enough for a small bowl each.” You said, lifting the lid of the pot, stirring the soup, letting the aroma fill the room.

    “Anything you can provide would be wonderful, thank you. I don’t think the food in prison was very tasty.” He let out a small chuckle and for a second you forgot you were meant to be mad at him.

    While the remainder of the team rested in your living room, you and Steve prepped dinner in the kitchen, reminding you of the domestic life you had once shared. He informed you about the events of the day, and the conflict that led to half the Avengers ending up in a prison in the first place. The conversation was rather pleasant, far from what you had imagined.

    Time seemed to slow down, he was talking about the accords and Tony’s difference of opinion, but you couldn’t concentrate on his words, all your brain could register was that Steve Rogers was back in your house, where he belonged, spilling out his heart, talking about his day and you were his confidant. Just like old times.

    The living room was absent of voices as everyone ate the minestrone, the only sounds were from spoons scraping against the edge of bowls. After eating, most just wanted to go to bed, put the long day behind them.

    Wanda and Nat took your bed. It was a double, definitely large enough for the two petite women to share. A guest bed down the hall was where Clint and Scott would sleep after Sam claimed he wasn’t sharing a bed with anyone, which left him to take the couch.

    “I think I’ve got a sleeping bag around here somewhere you can have.” You offered now that you and Steve were the only ones without sleeping arrangements.

    “You take it, you’ve given up your bed for us.” Steve said, giving you a tender smile. “It’s the bare minimum I can do, considering.” He added when he saw your mouth open in protest.

    “I’m sorry I don’t have any more beds, or a blow up mattress.” You said once you had retrieved the dusty sleeping bag from the very top of the hall closet that you hadn’t visited in who knows how long.

    “That’s alright, I actually sometimes prefer to sleep on the floor, reminds me-”

    “Of the war… I remember.” You finished for him. “Beds are too soft.” You continued with a sad smile, revealing one of the useless facts you recalled about your ex-boyfriend. A look of guilt passed over his face, as if he had forgotten how intimately you knew him.

    Now that you two were alone, you wanted to scream at him. Tell him that what the two of you had was irreplaceable, that you fucking loved him so much and he shattered your heart when he left. That you had wanted to fight for him and he was a coward for disappearing, not telling you where he was going and not picking up your calls.

    How it was two years later and you still hadn’t gotten over him, still wanted to be with him even after all the pain and tears he had caused. That you worried one day you would turn on the news only to find that Captain America was dead, that your Stevie had died and you never got to speak to him again - never got to yell at him for leaving, but also never got to tell him that you loved him, adored him.

    You had been holding it together in front of the others, especially Nat - you didn’t want to give the impression that having him around affected you, that you had moved on, but the truth was, even after all this time, you hadn’t. Now that everyone else was sleeping, your strength diminished and tears escaped your eyes as your hands reflexively covered your mouth, dropping the sleeping bag.

    Concern passed over Steve’s features as he stepped forward to provide you some sort of comfort, but you put a hand out to stop him from touching you and with a whimper, ran towards your bathroom, locking the door behind you.

    Leaning over the ceramic sink, which now bore all your weight, you tried to take deep breaths. Why had you agreed to let him stay? Yes, you loved him, but he left you. The only reason he came back was because he needed a place to crash for a couple days - if it weren't for that, you would never have seen him again. He didn't care about you, he was just taking advantage of your generosity.

    “Y/N, are you okay? Can you let me in?” Steve asked through the door after unsuccessfully attempting to open it. A nauseous feeling bubbled in your stomach and you dashed over to the toilet, fearing you would throw up. “Y/N/N?” He asked again when you didn’t respond. He had left you for two years, he could leave you in the bathroom for a few minutes. He didn’t have the right to comfort you after the grief he put you through.

    You heard rustling at the door, the light peeking through the slit on the underside obstructed as Steve sat down. Barely finding the strength to kneel over the toilet, you followed suit and sat on the tiled bathroom floor after the wave of nausea passed.

    “Please just let me know that you’re alright.” Steve said after a minute of silence. You felt the urge to scoot along the floor to be closer to the door, to him, but you resisted.

    “I’m fine.” You retorted, wanting him to stop asking, but not to delve into the complex range of emotions churning through your body.

    “You always did that, you know? Say you’re fine, when you’re far from fine.” You were well aware this was something you had the habit of doing, but you didn’t want to admit to yourself that he still knew you just as well as you knew him.

    “And why do you think I’m not fine at the moment? Could it possibly have something to do with my ex-boyfriend showing up out of nowhere and asking me to house his criminal friends for a couple days?” You asked rhetorically, probably loud enough to wake Sam who was sleeping in the next room. Your words hung in the air as you waited for him to fill the ever growing silence.

    “I never wanted to hurt you, you know?” He finally said, and you scoffed.

    “Funny, that's always what people say right before they hurt you.” And he had hurt you tremendously.

    “It’s the truth.” He stated as easily as if it were fact.

    “I don’t believe you.” You responded without skipping a beat.

    “If you could just let me explain-” He started, but you were on a roll and you weren’t going to let him finish.

    “Two years ago you completely disappeared. The last time I saw you, you were almost dead in that hospital bed after you went down with the Helicarriers. When I went to see you the next day they told me you had been discharged. You hadn’t told me! I called, and I kept calling, leaving voicemail after voicemail, but you didn’t respond, you never responded! I thought, maybe you needed time, the organisation you fought and sacrificed your life to stop was back, maybe you needed space. But then a month went by, three months, six months, a year and I realised that this wasn’t about HYDRA, you were running away from me.” It felt strange to have this argument with a door, rather than looking him in the eye, but you weren’t sure you’d have had the courage to say it all if you had to look at his gorgeous face.

    “You’ve got it all wrong.” Was all he had to say.

    “Fine then, why don’t you detail all the excuses as to why you left? Why you vanished from my life and broke my fucking heart without so much as a goodbye?” You yelled, not paying any mind to the guests sleeping only thin walls away. Finally finding your bravery, you stood up and unlocked the door, only to find a teary eyed Steve on the other side.

    “I was protecting you! Romanoff leaked all SHIELD’s files, every last one of them, including files that detailed our romantic relationship. We disclosed that to Fury, remember? As much as we won that day, took down some of the largest names in HYDRA’s organisation, they still existed. Cut off one head, two more shall take its place. If they wanted to get to me, take the thing that was most important to me and destroy it, they just got the roadmap to it, to you. I couldn’t put your life at risk like that. As dumb as it may sound now, I thought if I distanced myself from you, they wouldn’t go after you, and that would give me enough time to eradicate them for good. But it’s been two years and as hard as I’ve tried, all I’ve achieved is making you hate me! They’re probably still out there, plotting their revenge, and here I am, having destroyed the best thing in my life for nothing.” His words pierced your heart. You hadn’t thought about the possibility of HYDRA coming after you in attempts to get to Steve, but that didn’t excuse his actions. Being together, despite the danger from HYDRA, was still the better alternative to the suffering you went through without him.

    “Goddammit Steve, if you were that worried you could have taken me with you! I was an agent, I could have helped you - I’m not defenceless. But instead you deserted me and are now trying to make it seem like you were doing me a favour.” You said, throwing your hands up in exasperation.

    “I needed to make sure you were safe!” He protested, trying to justify his spineless actions.

    “And how exactly did you do that? You left me, they could have stormed this house and taken me and you wouldn’t have had any fucking clue because you weren’t here!” You were sure you had awoken everyone in the house by now and they were able to hear your argument loud and clear, but that wasn’t going to stop you, not now.

    “You weren’t in danger because we weren’t together anymore. Your life was only in danger if you spent it with me!”

    “But don’t you get it Steve? The only life I ever wanted was one with you! Nothing else mattered except you.” There was a pause in yelling. You stared desperately into his ocean blue eyes and you could see the vulnerability in them, you were sure if you started shouting again they would shatter like glass. As twisted as you thought his logic was, he really had tried to protect you.

    “All I ever wanted was a life with you, Y/N. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.” He confessed, never breaking eye contact with you.

    “Then why did you leave? We could have had that. Hell, we did have that.” You explained, trying to keep your voice as calm and level as you could given the circumstances.

    “I told you, I needed to protect you.” Steve looked tired, defeated. This was a taxing end to what was already an exhausting day. Even with as much physical strength as he had, the conversation was clearly taking an emotional toll.

    “I just can’t believe you would completely abandon somebody that you genuinely wanted to spend the rest of your life with. I just can’t believe it.” You denied, shaking your head.

    “Well, maybe you’ll believe this.” He said, digging into the inner pocket of his jacket and pulling out something small which was fully encompassed by his large hand. He placed it on the ceramic sink and without taking a second to look at you, walked out of the bathroom, leaving you standing there, your stomach dropping through the floor.

    Staring at you was a small velvet covered box. You didn’t need to open it to know what was inside. Had he kept this for two years? Had he planned on giving it to you before he and his friends left?

    So many questions whirled through your mind that you felt faint. Why did he still have it? You hadn’t spoken in two years. Why bring it at all, unless he planned on giving it to you? 

    But the most pressing question: what the hell were you going to do now?

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    Kinktober Day 19: Overstimulation

    Impact Play || Overstimulation || Glove kink

    Frank Castle x fem!reader

    Word count: 1.7k

    Warnings: smut, oral (f receiving), aftercare

    Notes: Ok I used this gif mainly for the titties I couldn’t resist lol! And I had to use a fem reader on this one cause the thought of a “good girl” in Frankie voice makes we weak! Kinktober list provided by @the-purity-pen​. Feel free to follow my update blog and turn on post notifs too @flightlessangelwings-updates​


    It was late into the night, yet you were still awake. Sleep didn’t come easy to you these days since you were always alone in your bed. But as you yawned, you decided you’d at least try to get some sleep. Just as you stood, you heard a knock at your door.

    You glanced at the clock and wondered who would be around this late. Carefully, you tiptoed to the door as quietly as possible as you remembered what Frank told you about keeping your guard up. Your breath caught in your throat, however, when you glanced through the peephole and saw who it was.

    “Hey baby,” the familiar deep voice greeted you as soon as you opened the door.

    A rush of emotions ran through you, “Frank fucking Castle,” you puffed yourself up as you couldn’t help the way you snapped at him, “You disappear for two fucking months! And all you can say is ‘hey baby?!’”

    Frank was silent as he lingered in the doorway, and your eyes never left his. You saw the look of melancholy in his eyes, and you knew without words that he was truly sorry. As you both gazed into each other’s eyes, your anger melted away and you dropped your shoulders. At the same time, both you and Frank lunged for each other and crashed your lips together in a deep and passionate kiss.

    His hands immediately cupped your face and you parted your lips with him without a second thought. Frank shuffled you backwards so that he made his way into your home, and you let him guide you. Without breaking the kiss, he reached behind him and locked the door before his hands were back on you. You moaned into his mouth as you surrendered to his big hands and strong embrace.

    A flurry of emotions ran through both of you as you finally broke away for air. You and Frank both took a few deep breaths before you were back on each other like a pair of horny teenagers who just had the house to themselves for the first time. As Frank kissed you and ushered you back towards your bedroom, he tugged at your clothes, desperate to feel as much of you as he could.

    You allowed it, and you broke away just for a moment to let him lift your shirt off before you kissed him again. While he shed your clothes, you also yanked and pulled at his, and by the time you reached your bedroom, you both left a trail of clothes along the way. 

    Frank pushed you onto your bed so that you laid spread out on your back. A gasp escaped your lips as you hit the mattress and looked up at his naked figure, “Frank…” you whispered.

    “I got you, baby,” his deep voice went right to your core as he hovered over you and kissed you once more as if he couldn’t get enough of you.

    You let out a sinful moan as he kissed his way down your body, and he made sure to stop at every spot that he knew drove you wild on the way. Frank lingered at your neck for a moment before his lips wrapped around your breast and flicked your nipple with his tongue. Your hands wrapped around his body and tugged at his hair as you cried out and arched your back to his touch.

    Fuck, you missed him so much.

    Desperation hung in the air as Frank quickly kissed his way down your torso until he reached your pussy. With ease, he slung your legs over his shoulders so that your dripping cunt was on full display for him, and he chuckled deeply when you yelped at the sudden movement. He glanced up at you with a wordless question in his eyes before he moved again, however.

    “Please, Frank,” you moaned when you met his eyes and saw the need there.

    Frank kissed the inside of your thigh and mumbled against your skin, “I missed you so much, baby.”

    Before you could say anything back, Frank dove into your pussy and licked and sucked at you with wonton need. You cried out loudly and clutched at the sheets as he expertly worked you with his tongue and it didn’t take longer than a few minutes for you to feel your orgasm build within you. After a few more flicks of his tongue against your clit, you came with a loud scream and you tugged at the sheets so hard they almost ripped.

    “That’s my girl,” Frank cooed in his raspy voice before he buried his head between your legs again and immediately ate you out once more.

    “Fuuuuck,” you moaned as you felt your body tremble under his touch. Your hands moved from the sheets to his scalp and you tugged at his hair as you quickly felt your second climax fast approach. 

    He groaned into you as he felt you shake around him, but Frank just held you tighter as licked you harder until you came again. He didn’t let up for air until you collapsed onto the mattress in a panting and moaning mess. “I’m gonna make you cum once for every week I had to be away from you, baby.”

    “Frank… I can’t…” you whimpered as he placed soft kisses on your lower belly.

    His eyes met yours once more and the pleading look on his face made your heart skip a beat, “I think you can do it, baby,” Frank encouraged you as he traced patterns on your skin, “If you can’t take anymore, tap my shoulder three times and I’ll stop. Ok?”

    You swallowed hard and nodded, “Ok,” you breathed, “I trust you.”

    Frank kissed your pussy lips softly, “You’re safe with me, baby,” he groaned before he dove into you again. 

    Again, you cried out loudly as you felt his tongue swirl all along your folds. It was bliss and madness and ecstasy all wrapped up together in one package. You held onto his shoulder with one hand and the sheets with the other as you tried to anchor yourself while he licked and sucked at your clit. You felt as if you’d float away if you let go, although you knew Frank would never let anything happen to you and you were safe in his hands.

    It didn’t take long for you to cum for a third time, and you felt yourself gush into Frank’s mouth. He greedily lapped it all up and moaned deeply as he savored your taste on his tongue. You shook and whimpered as wave after wave of ecstasy crashed over you as another climax hit you right after you came down from your previous one.

    Frank stayed between your legs for hours and traced your pussy with his tongue until he could barely move it from how tired he was. He gave you orgasm after orgasm, and every moan and cry you let out was music to his ears. You were a whimpering mess on the bed when Frank finally let go of your cunt with his mouth, and he shifted himself so that he hovered over you between your still open legs. His hand gently cupped your pussy as he wrapped his other around his cock, which he had ignored in favor of pleasuring you.

    “Baby?” he asked in a low tone, “You got one more for me, baby?”

    Tears formed in the corners of your eyes, and you barely were able to worm words, but you looked up at him and nodded.

    “I need to hear your words, baby,” Frank spoke softly as he caressed your body with one hand and lazily pumped himself with the other.

    “Yes,” your voice was barely audible, but it was enough for Frank.

    He drove two fingers into your pussy and pumped them in and out of you in time with how he stroked himself. You arched your back and clutched at the sheets as your sore pussy took his fingers. Your cries and screams filled the room as the tears finally fell from your eyes. You felt like you were on the edge of a cliff, and it was only Frank’s hand that kept you back. It was emotional and too much and so good all at once.

    Just as you came again with a whimpered cry, Frank’s own climax hit him. With a low growl of your name, he spilled himself onto your body as he felt you gush around him again. The way you looked so spent yet so beautiful drove Frank wild and he pumped hismelf until he was completely spent. He carefully pulled his fingers out of you, and before he could ask if you were alright, he heard how hard you cried and whimpered.

    “Hang on baby, I’ve got you,” he told you as he ran to the kitchen for a washcloth and a glass of water. Frank was back before you even realized he left your side, and he quickly cleaned up both his and your mess before he gently lifted you to sit up, “Drink of water, baby.”

    You nodded as you leaned into his embrace and felt a cool water hit your lips. You managed to swallow a few mouthfuls before you pushed the glass away.

    “What do you need?”

    “Just hold me, Frank,” you whimpered as you collapsed into his chest.

    Immediately, Frank wrapped his arms around you and shifted your bodies so you both laid out on the bed. He stroked your back lovingly as he whispered praises in your ear about how good you were for him and how beautiful you are. After a few minutes, you finally calmed down and stopped crying.

    “You ok, baby?” Frank asked as he placed a tender kiss to the top of your head.

    “Yeah,” you whispered hoarsely, “I’m ok.”

    The two of you laid together in comfortable silence before Frank broke it, “I really am sorry I was gone so long,” he said, “I didn’t mean to be.”

    You sighed contently, “I know, I just missed you is all,” you looked up at his face and smiled, “But this was worth the wait,” you added with a laugh, “But I can’t do this after every time you’re gone.”

    Frank joined in your laughter, “Noted,” he cupped your chin and kissed your lips tenderly, “Let’s get some sleep now, baby. I ain’t going anywhere for a while.”

    “Good,” you breathed as you snuggled against him and fell asleep in no time, safe and sound in Frank’s arms.


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    *Natasha walks in covered in blood with Yelena draped over her shoulder.*

    Natasha, sensing your worry: Don’t worry it’s not mine.

    Y/N: That’s not what bothers me.

    Natasha, gesturing to Yelena: It’s not hers either?

    Y/N: You’re hopeless.

    #avengers x reader #avengers imagine#avengers#the avengers #incorrect marvel quotes #marvel cinematic universe #marvel#mcu#incorrect quotes #natasha x reader #natasha x you #natasha romanoff x reader #natasha#natsha romanoff#natasha romanov #yelena x reader #yelena mcu #yelena black widow #yelena boleva
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    Wrong Conclusion

    Requested by: Anonymous

    Pairing: Peter Parker x fem!reader

    Genre: Fluff

    Characters: Peter, Y/N

    Description: Y/N is having really bad stomach cramps. When Peter discovers this, he jumps to the wrong conclusion.

    You groaned as you turned over in bed, curling into yourself and clutching your stomach. “Godammit!” Tears began to form in your eyes as the pain was beginning to much for you to handle. 

    You heard faint footsteps coming up the stairs and immediately uncurled yourself, grimacing as you did. As much as you loved Peter, you didn’t want him to know about your stomach cramps. Whenever something’s wrong, he always jumps to the wrong conclusions and you knew that would happen if he found out. 

    The door opened and revealed a smiling Peter carrying a tray full of different foods for breakfast. You smiled widely at him but inside you really didn’t want to eat anything. You squeezed your eyes closed and took a sharp breath as you sat up with a pillow behind you. 

    Peters’ facial expression changed when he noticed and sat on the bed beside you, cradling your cheek in his hand. “Are you ok, baby? Why did you do that just then?” 

    You tried your best to keep your poker face even though your stomach felt like it was on fire. “Why did I do what? I didn’t do anything.” Giving you his best “I know you’re lying face”, Peter leaned back and folded his arms across his chest. “C’mon, Y/N. I always know when something’s wrong. Spill.” 

    You shook your head. “Honestly, nothing’s wrong. I’m just a little sore, is all.” Peter nodded but he still looked as if he didn’t believe you. Leaning over, he grabbed the tray and placed it onto your lap, placing a sweet kiss to your forehead. 

    You smiled gratefully at him and looked down at your food, waiting for him to leave. After a few seconds, he slipped out to go to the bathroom and that’s when you began to cry. 

    You had never experienced stomach cramps like this before, they were becoming unbearable. When you heard the toilet flush, you quickly wiped your eyes dry and picked up your knife and fork but stopped when you noticed Peter standing in the doorway staring at you.

    “Why are you staring at me?” He raised his eyebrows at you before walking over to the bed and sitting beside you again. “You’ve been crying, I can tell. Now please, tell me what’s wrong.”

    A small twinge rumbled your stomach which made you grimace a little. “I’ve got really bad stomach cramps, they’re the worst that I’ve ever felt. I can barely move, it’s unbearable.”

    His eyes widened as you carried on explaining what the matter was. All of a sudden, he rushed around the room desperately trying to find something. “Peter, what the hell are you doing?!” 

    “I need to get you to a hospital, baby. You might have appendicitis or something worse.” He continued to look frantically for his phone until he noticed you laughing. “Why the hell are you laughing?! This is serious!” You wiped tears from your eyes, trying to calm yourself down.

    “Yeah it would be if it was appendicitis babe, but it’s not.” Peter tilted his head in confusion. “What do you mean? How do you know it’s not?” You leaned forward a little in bed. “Because it’s my time of the month.” He still looked confused, like a lost puppy. Rolling your eyes, you placed a hand on his shoulder.

    “I’m on my period, Peter. I don’t need to go to hospital.” In that moment, Peters’ face turned bright red and he hid his face in his hands. “Oh my god. I can’t believe I overreacted. Again. Why do I always do that?” You pulled him into your chest, running your fingers through his hair.

    “Because you care so much. Because you don’t want anything to happen to me. Because you love me.” He turned his head to look up at you, placing a hand on the back of your head and bringing you down to meet his lips. “Of course I love you, I always will.”

    #peter parker #peter parker x reader #peter parker imagine #peter parker fanfiction #peter parker fluff #marvel#marvel imagine#marvel fanfiction#marvel fluff #marvel cinematic universe #mcu imagine#mcu fanfiction#mcu fluff
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  • upat4amwiththemoon
    19.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    The world goes on

    Summary: Though it hurts when it happens without you.

    Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x female!reader, past Wanda Maximoff x Vision, past Natasha Romanoff x reader

    Warnings: angst

    Word count: 695

    a/n: okay so this fic is again inspired by a song from one of my favorite singers when I was a kid :D Feedback is always appreciated :)

    The silence at the apartment is deafening. It’s that kind of silence you desperately want to break, but find no right words to say. It suffocates every other voice that can be heard, like the silent talking and laugh track from one of Wanda’s favorite sitcoms. The television’s light illuminates their faces lightly, being the inly light source in the otherwise empty living room. Y/N’s throat hurts and her head is throbbing. She has tried to say something for the last twenty minutes, but it feels like every time she tries to open her mouth the tension in the room pushes the words down her throat, making her try to swallow the invisible lump away. She knows Wanda knows. It’d be a miracle if she somehow avoided her thoughts that were clearly louder than her words.

    “Which one of us is going to say it out loud?” Y/N whispers so quietly she would fear Wanda didn’t hear her is she didn’t know her so well. It doesn’t take a mind reader to see the shift of tension between the two.

    “It seems like you aren’t able to.” Wanda’s voice is calm. Not the kind of calm that comforts, but the kind that makes your eyes burn and body shiver at the same time.

    Y/N swallows her sobs. Crying solves nothing at a moment like this. “I suppose I’d rather leave it unaddressed, but I can’t, not anymore.” The two keep their eyes on the television, though they aren’t paying any attention to it anymore. Y/N’s sight is blurry, no matter how many times she blinks she can’t bring her eyes back from the unfocused state. It’s almost like her body is screaming at her to stay blind, but her mind is fighting to say the words that need to be said. “We can’t give more, we’ve done all we can and it wasn’t enough.” Wanda is the first one to move. She turns to look at Y/N, who feels like she can’t move a muscle. She opens her mouth, but Y/N shakes her head to stop her. “Don’t say it. I know you’re scared and I know you don’t want to lose anyone from your life, but this doesn’t work.” Finally she turns to look at her.

    “I just don’t want to feel my whole world crumbling away again.” Wanda whispers, gently taking Y/N’s hand to her own. Tears are evident on both of their cheeks, but they pay no mind to them.

    “The world doesn’t care about us, it’ll keep on spinning no matter what. It’s about time we keep moving with it.”

    “I love you.”

    “No you don’t.”

    Wanda sobs quietly while shaking her head. “I want to.” Her grip in Y/N‘s hand tightens, desperately trying to preserve any kind of feelings between them, even though she knows it won’t work. She needs the feeling of being in control of her emotions, because she doesn’t know what’ll happen this time if she loses control.

    “I know you do and so do I.” Y/N takes a deep breath, silencing her sobs. As gently as possible she pries away her hand from Wanda’s hold, which makes Wanda sob louder. “I’m sorry this didn’t work out. I really wanted it to, but we can’t achieve the kind of love we already had. I’ll never be him and you’ll never be her.”

    The way Wanda turns to look at Y/N with tears streaming down her cheeks makes Y/N cry as well. She still cares for Wanda, so so much, but the love between them was too painful for the both of them. “I miss him.”

    “And I miss her.” Y/N squeezes Wanda’s shoulder before standing up. “Please call me if you need anything. I’ll always be here for you.”

    Wanda dries her eyes once the tears slow down. “You’ll call me too, right, if you need something?”

    “I’ll let you know if I’m about to enslave a whole town.”

    “Not funny.” Still, Wanda giggles quietly. “You deserve to heal too, you know.”

    Y/N smiles and nods. With that, she leaves their once shared apartment.

    #wanda maximoff x reader #wanda maximoff imagine #wanda maximoff x you #the scarlet witch #scarlet witch x you #scarlet witch x reader #mcu imagine#mcu#marvel#marvel imagine#angst
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  • undiscovered-horizon
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    A Twine fanfic?

    between studying physiology and using all of my brain cells to come up with good continuations of "A fiendish scheme" and "The Dancer and her Doctor" I thought of creating a new Twine project: basically, an imagine/scenario/fanfic in the format of a browser text rpg.

    It could be a whole new piece or a reimagined version of a fanfic I have already written.

    Unsure what it means? -> In the pinned post on my blog, you have the link to my itch.io page where you can find "The Lost Temple", a project that was an attempt at making a somewhat interactive Doctor Who fanfiction.

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  • emeraldiis
    19.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Supernova // i

    A/N: get in loser we’re going loki simping. ask if u wanna be on the tag list!

    AO3 Link

    Pairing: Loki x Reader

    Word Count: 3.6k

    Summary:  On a vacation to Earth, you catch Loki’s eye and end up being his booty call whenever he’s on Midgard. Things take a turn for the worse when your fuckbuddy ends up nearly killing you with his attack on New York. Left permanently changed from the incident, time will only tell if you can forgive Loki and turn your flings into something more. If only you could resist his seduction for longer than a week....

    Tags: fwb to lovers, slow burn, canon typical violence, smut, more tags to come as i figure out wtf im doing

    The beer was warm. You’d been dumped by your long-term boyfriend less than a month ago, found out he’d been sleeping with your best friend since kindergarten, and the goddamn lukewarm beer was the thing to send you over the edge. With a shaky sigh, you pushed the bottle away from you until it reached the other side of the booth’s table. Sure, you didn’t have to take up an entire booth, given it was just you drinking tonight. But sitting at the bar seemed too open, too exposed. You didn’t want anyone to see your nervous breakdown. And for fuck’s sake, it wasn’t even a good idea to come out in the first place. You’d dressed up with long-gone confidence and marched out the door, ready to face your life as a newly single woman. But the second you’d sat down, staring at an empty bench across from you, your mood had soured. 

    It wasn’t that you missed your ex. No, you just missed having someone to spend time with. The asshole had left and taken your best friend with him, leaving you nearly entirely isolated from the human race. There were a few numbers in your phone—acquaintances and coworkers—but no one that you knew well enough to invite out. All you had for company was a stale beer that you’d barely taken two sips of, and a crushing sense of loneliness that had your throat tightening. 

    Your watery eyes searched the bar for a familiar face, someone to run to, but came up empty handed. All the faces blurred together until they were just featureless extras in your miserable movie. You wished you had the courage to approach one of the many single men loitering around the venue, but social skills had never been your forte. You’d just embarrass yourself. Fresh out of a three year relationship, you were a little rusty when it came to the dating scene. And honestly, you didn’t even want to date anyone new. A one-night-stand was what you were after; affection without risking your fragile heart.

    A loud bang on the table in front of you got your attention, and you jumped slightly before giving the waiter a sheepish smile. “Sorry, I didn’t order this,” you said, gesturing at the fruity-looking drink he had just set in front of you. 

    The server nodded. “I know, he did.” He jerked a thumb back to point at someone sitting at the far end of the bar. You squinted. There were too many people to figure out who he was pointing at, but as you opened your mouth to ask for clarification, he had already rushed off to attend to another table. You eyed the drink hesitantly. You would’ve really preferred to know who sent it before accepting it, but the mixed drinks here were expensive. It would be stupid to turn down a free drink. Especially considering your only other option was to force down the beer you’d paid too much for. Shrugging to yourself, your fingers closed around the cold glass and brought it to your lips. The tangy flavor washed over your tongue, and you hummed in appreciation. It was delicious, and you could feel the satisfying burn of liquor as it slid down your throat. Whoever sent it had good taste, you thought to yourself. 

    As you sipped, a part of you wondered if your mystery man was going to reveal himself anytime soon, or if he was going to keep you guessing. Surely accepting the drink was enough to let him know you were interested. A million images raced through your mind as you sat waiting. Would he be handsome? You supposed that didn’t really matter as long as he was a gentleman; you’d had more than your fair share of assholes in the past few weeks. And besides, you didn’t really consider yourself to be model standards. Attractive men weren’t exactly falling at your feet.

    At least, that had been your experience in the past. Tonight, however, it seemed that life was finally throwing you a bone. A bone in the form of the most hauntingly beautiful man you’d ever seen in your life. The way he moved was so graceful and effortless that you hardly noticed him sliding into the booth across from you until he was fully seated. You blinked hard, trying and failing to keep your mouth from dropping open in awe.

    The man was well dressed in a ghost white button down and dark dress pants. His long black hair was pulled back in a braid, a few stray pieces framing his angular face. Pale skin gave way to striking blue eyes, and he had leaned back against the booth to stare down at you from under long lashes. His arms were thrown back along the upper top of the seat, and he lounged back. He looked downright regal. And then he opened his mouth. You were so focused on his deep hum of a voice that you forgot to actually listen to what he was saying. He sounded British, but there was something else there that you couldn’t quite put your finger on.

    When you realized that he was waiting for a response, you managed to close your gaping mouth and snap yourself out of whatever spell he had cast on you. “Sorry, what?” Very eloquent.

    He laughed, and you were glad you were sitting, because the sound turned your legs to jelly. It was dark, yet sweet at the same time. Like dark chocolate, melting smooth across your tongue. “I asked if you were enjoying the drink.” His eyebrows raised as he smiled at you, revealing a dazzling set of teeth that you wanted to feel on your neck. Shit, he had only sat down barely a minute ago, and you were already drooling over him like a teenage girl.

    “It’s really good,” you replied, taking another sip to both calm your nerves and to show him that you meant it. The glass shook in your trembling hands.

    “I’m glad, I wasn’t quite sure if it would be up to such a gorgeous woman’s standards.” He sighed wistfully and shook his head in regret. “The drinks are far better where I’m from.”

    You clenched your fingers around the glass to hide how jittery you were. “And where would that be?” You could at least get to know him before inviting back home with you. If the world wasn’t playing some cruel joke on you, that’s where you hoped the night was headed.

    The man winked at you. “That’s a tale for a bit later, I think. May I have your name?”

    For a brief moment, you considered lying. You’d read somewhere that names held power, and that beings such as the fae could use them to bewitch unsuspecting humans. Because there was no way this guy was human. He was way too gorgeous, way too charming. But you also wanted to hear your name spoken in that alluring voice of his. Guess there’s worse ways to die, you thought giddily, and told him your name.

    He repeated it, and it sounded so beautiful coming from his lips. You wanted to ask him to say it again. “A beautiful name for a beautiful girl,” he said, making you blush. “I have a few names, but you may call me Loki.”

    “Like the Norse god?” You asked dumbly. 

    Loki laughed again and your heart ached. “Yes, I’d hope so.” 

    Not quite sure how to continue the conversation, you busied your mouth with your drink again. The liquor had had time to take effect, and you began to feel just the slightest bit more confident. You smiled as you recalled all the times your best friend had made fun of you for how brazen you got when you drank. But then your smile faltered as you corrected yourself. Ex best friend. 

    Loki frowned as he watched your expression fall. “Everything alright, darling?”

    You snorted. “I think you just solved every single one of my issues by calling me that.” Oops, you hadn’t meant to say that out loud. “It’s nothing, really. Just life.” And that was true, wasn’t it? People got cheated on all the time. Best friends stab each other in the back all the time. Betrayal was a fact of life, and you were foolish to think that you would never feel its wrath. 

    “Why don’t I buy you another drink, and you can tell me about it?” Loki leaned forward, pushing your abandoned beer bottle out of the way and staring at you intently. Those blue eyes burrowed down into yours, winding their way up into your brain and coaxing out its secrets. At least, that’s what it felt like. You were about to spill your guts to a stranger and you couldn’t even find it in you to fight it. 

    “I got cheated on,” you said. As the words left your tongue, you realized that you hadn’t actually said it aloud since it happened. As if saying it would make it real, you danced around the topic when people asked what had caused the split. We wanted different things. It just didn’t work out. Differences in lifestyles. All of those were just nicer ways of saying that he fucked my best friend and tore my heart into millions of tiny pieces. 

    Loki’s eyes softened. “That must have been hard.” His words were kind, but something in the tone told you he didn’t care as much as he was trying to get you to believe. It didn’t matter. He was a stranger to you, and you were a stranger to him. Strangers don’t care about each other’s sob stories; he most likely just wanted to get in your pants, and you were okay with that.

    Not wanting to hear any more false empathy, you shrugged it off. “It’s cool. He thought my best friend was hotter, and I thought he should go to hell. I guess we all have our differences.”

    With a soft chuckle, Loki cleared his throat and waved a hand at a passing server. It was a different person from the man who had delivered your drink earlier. The waitress smiled at Loki, clearly as dazzled as you were. “What can I do for you, sir?’

    “Another of those mango flavored drinks for the lady,” he purred. “And I’ll have the same.”

    The server barely even glanced at you. She batted her eyes at Loki. “Of course, I’ll have those right out.”

    You wanted to scoff at how enamored she seemed by whatever gorgeous being sat across from you, but that would be hypocritical. He had you in the same web, caught and too starstruck to struggle. Instead, you reached for your glass again. The ice clinked against the edges and you frowned down at it, realizing that you had finished it. That would explain the way your face was heating up--as was the area between your thighs. At least, you hoped you could blame that on the alcohol.

    “I doubt that harlot is half as pretty as you,” Loki said, a mock sneer on his face. You frowned and glanced at the waitress before realizing he was talking about your ex friend. It would be so easy to take him at face value, to hang off of every word and convince yourself that he really did think you were the prettiest girl in the city. But you knew better. Still, it would be nice to pretend.

    You grinned at the waitress as she returned with two more drinks, and eagerly took another sip of yours. “I can’t believe you think I’m pretty when you get to see yourself everyday.” Okay, so maybe you could flirt. This was easier than it looked. 

    Loki hummed, tasting his own drink. “Not too bad,” he said. “And be careful with that flattery, darling. I might take that as an invitation.” His pupils dilated and he leaned forward to give you a predatory smirk. “Unless, that’s what you’re aiming for?”

    Fuck it. “I’m sure you’ll find out if you stick around.” You were absolutely certain that the alcohol was the reason you were so bold. But this little game was so fun, it was a shame that you had missed out on it when you were stuck with that scumbag. 

    Loki seemed to echo your sentiments. “It’s a pity that your child of a boyfriend didn’t appreciate what he had; you’re far too intriguing to belong to a man that blind.” 

    That made you pause. It was so tempting to let your reservations go and promise yourself to this stranger. But however handsome he might be, you would rather die than open up your heart again. This man had random women nearly drooling whenever he spoke--including yourself--and you weren’t exactly keen on dating a playboy. “I’d rather not belong to any man, ever again,” you said carefully, testing the waters to see if you were on the same page.

    To your relief, Loki nodded. “It’d be a crime to put shackles on that fire.” He folded his hands in front of him on the table, smirking again when your eyes followed his movement. “Would you like to know where I am from, now?”

    Ah, you’d almost forgotten. “I’d love to,” you said, fully expecting to hear a long-winded story that essentially boiled down to him being from London. He seemed a bit narcissistic, but the confidence was attractive, you’d give him that. If he wanted to make his hometown into a grand tale of dragons and princesses, you would allow it.

    “Have you ever heard of Asgard?”

    You cracked up, nearly choking on your drink as you laughed. “Didn’t I already make the Norse god joke?” You asked between giggles when you finally got your breathing under control.

    Loki was not laughing. He raised one eyebrow at you, waiting for your laughter to subside. “I am not joking.”

    There it was, his singular flaw: he was crazy. You waited for him to continue as you pondered whether or not you’d risk letting crazy stick its dick in you. Wasn’t it only an issue when it was the other way around?

    “I am Loki, god of mischief and lies, prince of Asgard. My brother is Thor, god of thunder, and I’m sure you’ve heard of my father.”

    “Odin,” you said quietly. This was beginning to be a bit much for you. Not quite ready to give up on a good lay just yet, you decided to play along. “Can you prove it?”

    As if he was expecting this, Loki’s face broke out into a wide grin. “I was hoping you’d say that.” With a quick glance around to see if anyone was looking, he held out an open palm to you. “What’s your favorite color?”

    You hesitated, caught off guard. “Um, green.”

    Loki’s smile grew wider. “Mine, too.” 

    Your eyes nearly bugged out of your head as Loki flexed his fingers. A miniature firework show had appeared in the center of his hand, shooting green sparks up a few inches into the air. They even made little whistling and crackling noises as the sparks burst into flecks of emerald. They twinkled like stars before fading and falling back down, disappearing into Loki’s open palm. Energy crackled in the air around you like lightning. It made your muscles stiffen and the hairs on your neck stand up, and you watched in rapture as the lights dwindled until they fizzled out.

    You sat in silence, trying to comprehend what had just happened. “I’m trying to think of a way you could’ve hidden mini fireworks up your sleeve,” you mumbled, brow furrowed. 

    With a huff of laughter, Loki rolled up his sleeves to reveal nothing but an expanse of pale white skin, smooth and untarnished. He looked good with his shirt like that, and you swallowed hard. “I’m not a magician, darling. I’m a god.” As if to further prove his point, he leaned forward and hovered a finger just above your forehead. “May I?”

    You wanted to shrink back, but his gravitational pull was far too strong. Bewitched, you thought dreamily. “Yeah.” Your own voice sounded far away, like it was underwater. Reality as you knew it was shifting, changing into something exhilarating and terrifying and arousing all at the same time. He had just shattered everything you knew about science and fiction. Magic was real and it was sitting right in front of you.

    When Loki’s finger made contact with your skin, the bar dissolved around you. The walls melted from wood stain into baby blue, and the booth you were sitting on somehow transformed into a soft bed without so much as jostling you. Bewildered, you whipped your head around, looking for Loki. He was gone, and you were left sitting in your...childhood bedroom? You glanced down, eyes going wide when you saw your own small hands. You were seven again, swinging your legs back and forth on the edge of your bed.

    It seemed as if your body had a mind of its own, because before you knew it, you were flopping down next to a cat sleeping soundly on the pillow. Orange fur ruffled softly in the breeze of the AC, and you wanted to sob. It was your old cat, Pickles. He’d passed just before your 14th birthday and you missed him so, so much. Just as you reached out to stroke his head, the room began to spin. As suddenly as your surroundings had changed, they switched back. Back to the crowded bar with Loki staring intently at you from across the table.

    You gasped and threw yourself back against the booth, panting in confusion and shock. “What the fuck was that?”

    “A memory,” Loki said softly. “Or the frameworks of one, at least. I’m still working on that.” He smiled at you. “You have a cat named Pickles?”

    “Had,” you corrected, still dazed. “Um, I guess mark me down as convinced.” Either you were crazy, or Loki was telling the truth. You weren’t sure which one would scare you less. Or, he had somehow slipped LSD into your drink without you knowing. You figured that was unlikely, as you felt completely clear-headed. Even with the alcohol running through your veins, you knew the difference between being tipsy and being high out of your mind. 

    “If you’ll have me, I’m sure I can find other ways to dazzle you tonight,” Loki said. He ran his tongue along his bottom lip and you clenched your thighs. Fuck, what you wouldn’t give to have that tongue slide across something else.

    “And if I say no?”

    Loki narrowed his eyes and his smile grew sinister. “Well, love. You’re a smart girl, I’m sure you’ve heard the age old saying about names having power.” Your blood ran cold. Yeah, you had fucked up. “If we’re going by ancient rules, I own you now.”

    You shrunk back against the booth, scared out of your mind, but also intrigued. No one in the bar seemed to pay any attention to your cowering form or Loki’s predatory expression. To them, he probably just looked like a horny guy trying his luck with an intoxicated girl. You almost wished it was that simple.

    After a few seconds, Loki broke. He covered his mouth with a slender hand and let peals of muffled laughter ring out from around his fingers. “Oh, I’m sorry,” he said breathlessly. “I couldn’t resist, it was too easy.” Taking a moment to catch his breath against his fit of laughter at your expense, Loki held both palms up in reassurance. “I was joking. If you were to turn down my advances, I’d respect that. Can’t say I wouldn’t be surprised, though.”

    You buried your face in your hands to let your heart slow down. “That was cruel,” you said, but couldn’t help the smile tugging at the corners of your mouth. He had gotten you pretty good, and was definitely selling the ‘God of Mischief’ act pretty well. “And the answer is yes, but I’m sure you knew that already.” You removed your hands and looked back up at him from under your eyelashes. He nodded and leaned back against the booth again. 

    Everything about him seemed big. Not literally, given his lean frame, but you couldn’t think of another word for it. He took up space with his presence, occupying the air around you like perfume. An intoxicating, deep scent that beckoned you closer into the maw of the beast. “Just say the word,” he said. Even his voice was dripping with confidence and royalty. He spoke like a prince, like he knew that he was above you. 

    “My place?” You asked shakily. Your half finished drink sat in front of you, but you decided against downing the rest. You wanted to remember this night clearly, if it was going how you thought it was.

    “Yes, I doubt my father would appreciate it if I brought you to mind,” he said with a snicker. Loki rose from his seat gracefully in one fluid motion. He produced a crisp hundred dollar bill from seemingly nowhere, and carefully placed it on the table. 

    “Does it count if it’s just magic money?” You asked carefully. “It’s not gonna disappear once you leave, right?”

    Loki rolled his eyes at you. “Stealing is distasteful, not mischievous. I would not give somebody vanishing money.” Reassured, you nodded and slowly got to your feet. Your heart pounded in your chest as you realized that this was really happening, you were about to take a god back to your lame studio apartment. And bang him. What the fuck was your life?

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  • lesbian-deadpool
    19.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Melina, to Alexei: You’re lucky you’re so cute, otherwise I would’ve sold you to a freak show by now.

    Alexei: What’s a freak show?

    Natasha: It’s like our family but people pay to see it.


    Yelena: Cute?

    #source: the amazing world of gumball #incorrect marvel quotes #melina vostokoff imagine #melina vostokoff #alexei shostakov imagine #alexei shostakov #alexei shostokow x melina vostokoff #natasha romanoff imagine #natasha romanoff #yelena belova imagine #yelena belova#widowfam#avengers imagine#avengers#marvel imagine#marvel#MCU imagine#MCU
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  • blissfullybarnes
    19.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    violent delights

    Summary: When the time comes for Billy to pay for his crimes, he never expected you to be the one defending his unforgivable actions. He learns that violent delights don’t always have violent ends.

    Pairing: billy russo x fem!reader

    Requested: no

    Warning: mature content throughout, brief mentions of grief, death, guns, alcohol, non-consensual touching, men being creeps, angst, minor season 2 spoilers and language

    Word Count: 9,977


    A/N: I literally haven’t written or posted in months oh my god! I never see anyone write about s2 Billy so I took the dive. This is literally over 9k words of “I can fix him, I just know it”. Anyway, let me know what you think! Gif credits to original owner ( I found it online, if it’s yours, let me know so I can give you proper credit)

    The only sound that rivals the rapid, erratic beat of your heart is the low rumble of thunder in the distance. It’s louder than it was the last time it bellowed, meaning the storm is getting closer, but you can barely hear it over the sound of your own heart threatening to jump right out of your chest.

    It’s completely silent as you digest his words. Making sense of them is about as comfortable as swallowing broken glass. No one says anything as a flash of lightening illuminates the sky, casting shadows on the wall of your dimly lit kitchen.

    There’s no denying the shock that’s paralyzed you. Your head is spinning, your chest is tight, and it’s so hard to breathe, but on the outside, you remain stoic- void of any and all emotion. You’re not sure what to feel anymore.

    In just a few short minutes, your world has been turned completely upside down and the only one of them that visibly shows any sort of sympathy towards you for wrecking havoc on your otherwise peaceful life is the woman who notices your hands shaking and takes a step forward to place her hand on top of yours.

    Dinah had her doubts when Frank suggested getting you involved as a last ditch effort to bring Billy in. She should’ve trusted her gut, but instead she let Frank and Curtis lead her astray. Her judgement was always clouded when it came to Billy, and this time was no different. Selfishly, she once again made him a priority and failed to consider how you’d be affected by the outcome of what they were getting you involved in.

    You were caught in the crossfires with absolutely no escape and with his words, Frank just pulled the trigger. Regardless of what came next, you were collateral damage.

    The feeling of Dinah’s fingers wrapping around your hand barely registers. Although she offered the gesture to help ground you, you’re too far gone for it to be effective. Maybe if you were in a better headspace you would’ve been coherent enough to pull your hand away or even find relief in her touch, but you’re somewhere else completely.

    About a hundred different questions are competing for answers in your mind. You want to know everything, even if it’ll absolutely break you. You need to know the truth. Above all else there’s only one question you need answered immediately and with all of the strength you could muster up, you find the courage to ask it.

    “You plan on killing him, don’t you?” There’s not an ounce of confidence behind the accusation disguised as a question, only fear. Like the raindrops that trickle down the window above your kitchen sink, tears pool in your eyes and threaten to spill. A part of you already knows the answer, but you need to hear him say it, you need to be sure.

    Frank remains silent. His arms are folded across his chest and his jaw is clenched so tightly that you can see the vein in his neck pulsating, even in the poorly lit room. A small sigh leaves his lips as he turns to look out the window, and it’s enough or an answer for you to draw your own conclusions.

    You have a choice. Either you agree to help them, the three strangers with a vendetta against the man that you once cared about, or, they take matters into their own hands without any regard to your feelings. The decision rests on your shoulders and the weight of it is too much to carry.

    Forget being stuck between a rock and a hard place, you’re holding a double edged sword and being forced into a battle you weren’t prepared for.

    It should’ve been an easy decision, but it was anything but. Every logical part of you was telling you to walk away. Billy severed ties with you a long time ago. He was the one that made it quite clear what you meant to him, but despite that, despite all of the pain he’s caused you, your heart jumped at the prospect of seeing him again.

    If you were the only one that could talk him off of the ledge he was on, then you’d do it. Regardless of your own feelings. You always had a tendency to put his own well-being above your own. No matter how many years have passed, no matter how many things have changed, some things remained the same. The feelings you had for Billy that you’d learned to repress, were one of those things.

    With your mind made up, you slowly pull your hand from Dinah’s grip and let it rest gently in your lap. The action not only catches her attention, but the attention of both men in the room as well. You don’t realize that you’ve been holding your breath, but as soon as you part your lips to reply, a pained exhale escapes. It makes your lungs burn and your chest tighten. Taking a few more deep breaths, you look down at your hands in your lap before you force yourself to meet Frank’s stare.

    “I’ll do this, but only if you promise to bring him in, alive.” You knew you were in no position to bargain with him. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you knew that it was a foolish thing to do, but you didn’t care. If they wanted Billy then they’d take him alive. You refused to willingly lead him to his death.

    Frank goes ridged upon hearing your contingency. It never crossed his mind that you’d ask him for something in return. He had a half a mind to call the whole thing off. They didn’t really need your help. You were just another angle, another pawn in a game being played between two grown men. He should’ve known that you weren’t as disposable as he initially thought you’d be.

    What you’ve asked of him isn’t fair. You’re asking him to willingly give up a chance of vengeance and justice for his family. It’s not a fair trade. To him, Billy’s life isn’t worth that of the ones he’s lost. It doesn’t even compare. Why should he get the chance to answer for his crimes when he’s already guilty? As far as Frank is concerned, Billy’s already a dead man. But there’s something about the way you’re looking at him, with a silent plea in your eye, and Frank knows that you’re not above begging for his life.

    He’s taken countless lives with his bare hands without any remorse, he’s heard countless men beg for forgiveness, yet none of it had been as loud as the silence as you beg for Billy’s life. He doesn’t understand it. He can feel his resolve crashing down the longer he stares at you.

    Having only heard your name a handful of times, Frank doesn’t know what happened between you and Billy. He doesn’t know of the years you spent together or the years you’ve spent apart. All he knows is that whenever Billy spoke of you, it was always fondly- with an adoration he reserved only for you, but it was always followed by a sadness he could never make sense of. He knows now it must’ve been regret.

    If Frank took Billy’s life, he wouldn’t only be taking it from Billy, but he’d be taking it from you too. He knew that your eyes, as they are now- full of tears and hope, would haunt his nightmares alongside his wife and children. The realization hits him hard. If he takes Billy from you, than he’s no better than him at all. Only a monster can take the life of someone someone loves and Frank can’t do that. Not when you’re sitting before him with that look in your eye.

    He’s never been one for praying, but he tells his family a silent prayer, an apology, that he hopes they can hear and understand wherever they are and reluctantly gives you a silent nod of agreement.

    A few nights later you’re sitting in the back of a large SUV with at least half a dozen other women. You’re all dressed similarly, in tight tops and even shorter skirts or shorts, but they wear a genuine smile that you can’t bring yourself to muster. Laughter rings out around you, but you barely hear it. You’re too busy repeating every single detail of the plan in your head over and over again.

    Frank, Dinah and Curtis had thought of everything. They told you what to wear, what would happen in the car, how long the drive would take to reach your destination and about a hundred other little details in between. So far, all of the information they’d fed you a few hours before had been accurate. Which was why when the car finally rolled to a stop your blood ran cold.

    You knew what was coming next, but not even knowing could’ve prepared you for the wave of panic that washed over you the second your heel made contact with the crushed gravel surrounding the warehouse. A man to your left offers you his hand to help you catch your balance and you accept it without any hesitation. You’re not used to walking in such tall heels and you could use the extra assistance.

    When you finally get your bearings, you offer him the best smile you can muster under the circumstances. It’s tight lipped and reserved, but he reads it as you playing coy. You don’t know it, but he makes it his mission to get you all alone by the end of the night so he can have his way with you. He’s always liked them a little bit shy and innocent and you seem to fit that mold.

    His hungry eyes trail up your body and you subconsciously adjust your skirt, pulling it a little further down your thigh in an attempt to preserve your modesty. Just like Frank told you,  your escort is holding a large rifle, but that’s not what makes you tense. The way his eyes darken as he wraps his arm around your waist and leads you inside the building, is. Somehow, the predatory looks and the feeling of his hand on your body are deadlier weapons, successfully instilling a panic in you not even a rifle with the capability of ending your life could.

    Stealing a quick glimpse over your shoulder, you look for any proof of life on the surrounding rooftops. Your stomach churns when you don’t see any. You know Frank is up there, Curtis too, and you hope that they keep their promise to protect you if any part of the plan goes south, just like they promised they would. It wasn’t easy trusting two strangers with your life, but you didn’t have any other choice. You force your eyes forward, your breath catching in your throat when you feel your escort’s hand roaming from your lower back to your backside as he leads you inside. Out of the corner of your eye, you can see him smiling.

    Forced to fight back tears and remember what’s on the line, you allow him to lead you into the warehouse where everyone else has gathered for a good time. Billy’s life is on the line. That’s the only reason you’re putting up with the wandering hands of a stranger, but it begs the question; if you’re willing to put up with uncomfortable touches that make your skin feel like it’s on fire and demeaning looks that make your stomach twist with unease, how far would you be willing to go to protect Billy? You’ve already been pushed far beyond your limits of comfort, but when would far become too far? Was there a line you wouldn’t be willing to cross to keep Billy safe?

    What’s even more alarming than the questions that plague your mind in your dissociative state is that you don’t have the answers. The more you think about it, you’re not sure that there’s a limit to how far you’re willing to go to ensure Billy’s safety, which scares you.

    The wandering hand finally leaves your body in favor of grabbing a drink for himself and you seize the opportunity to get as far away from your escort as possible while he’s distracted. It’s easy to blend in with the large crowd and make yourself small. There’s only one person you have any desire, or interest, in speaking to tonight and as you search for him in the crowd, your heart starts to race.

    You can’t find him anywhere. You scan the room once, twice, three times, but still can’t seem to find him in the sea of unfamiliar faces. There’s a small part of you that wonders if he’s even here. Frank assured you he would be, but what if he was wrong? You had no reason not to trust him, up until this point, but you couldn’t help but wonder if maybe his intel had been wrong.

    Before you have the chance to dwell on the thought any longer, you finally spot him. Everything around you, the laughter, the joy, time itself, seems to still as you watch him make his was down the staircase and into the room.

    He keeps his eyes trained on the ground, avoiding eye contact at all costs. A few people pat him on the back as he walks by and he offers them a smile in passing, but it’s void of any emotion. It doesn’t reach his eyes at all. It’s just for show. You could tell, even from the other side of the room.

    You’re frozen in place as you watch him mingle. He’s not the Billy you remember. His hair is much shorter, the shortest you’ve ever seen it, and his face is littered with jagged scars. You wonder how they came into his possession and if they have anything to do with the obvious change in his demeanor.

    You watch him make small talk with a woman who sought him out. She wears a confident grin as she flirts with him, intent on making the night worth her while as she devotes her attention solely to him, but Billy’s distracted. His eyes are shifting anywhere and everywhere to avoid hers as she continues her quest to win him over.

    While looking for a way out of the conversation, his eyes briefly meet yours and you expect him to look away just as quickly, but he holds his stare. The woman next to him follows his line of sight, her eyes narrowing as she spares a glance your way. The look is full of disgust and as Billy excuses himself from her company and starts walking towards you, it evolves into a look of pure hatred.

    He’s getting closer and it feels like a dream. You’re noticing things about him that you hadn’t noticed with the distance between you, but the closer he gets, you notice the sadness behind his eyes. He looks like he hasn’t slept in days. There are so many aspects about him, physically, that have changed, but at least one thing remains the same- the pull that’s always been there, the pull that always brings the two of you back to one another, is still there.

    “You look familiar.” He smiles and it’s the same smile that you remember- all perfect, bright teeth and full of charm. You can’t bring yourself to look away from the one thing that hasn’t seemed to change. Billy notices you staring at him with a familiarity that he can’t seem to reciprocate.

    “I know you from somewhere, sweetheart?” It hangs in the air and the term of endearment goes straight to your chest. All at once, it’s like you’re fourteen years old again and hearing him call you the same name for the very first time.

    His smile falters. You still haven’t given him an answer and you can tell by the way that he’s looking at you that he’s trying to remember where he knows you from.

    The air goes stagnant when you realize he really doesn’t remember you. Every single memory you have of and with him, good, bad, ugly, he doesn’t remember a single one. You knew that he suffered a bit of memory loss, but was it really possible that he had no idea who you were? That wasn’t something that anyone had factored into their plan, especially when the whole operation revolved around Billy remembering you. How did this play out if he has no idea who you are?

    “We went to high school together.” You admit the small truth and watch the corner of his mouth curl into a small smile. It’s void of any realization like you’d hoped for.

    “That so?” He chuckles, still struggling to figure out where you once fit into his life. He keeps drawing a blank. “Shame I don’t remember-“ He admits and it’s not meant to cause you any pain, but the damage is lethal.

    You’re holding back tears that are threatening to spill from your lash line, unable to come to terms with the fact that the Billy you knew is gone forever.

    “Try a little harder, Billy.” You encourage him softly, in a broken whisper he somehow manages to hear over all of the commotion. Your lower lip trembles and his brows pinch together until it finally hits him.

    Everything comes flooding back to him. There’s good memories he’s forgotten, bad memories he wishes stayed lost, and a handful of unwelcome memories of fights, makeups and everything in between. Any semblance of a smile is gone from his face as he takes a step away from you, like being that close to you is too much to handle, and in a way, it is.

    He goes stiff. The color all but drains from his face and his jaw goes slack, but he never takes his eyes off of you.

    “Everybody out-“ The demand is soft, without much authority behind it, but its a demand, nevertheless.  It falls upon deaf ears as everyone continues to party, as if he’d said nothing at all.

    “C’mon boss, we don’t mind watchin’ the two of you suck face.” The man seated next to him wears a devilish grin as he swipes his tongue across his bottom lip, his eyes never leaving yours as he takes a sip from the beer bottle in his hand and sucks his teeth. “I think we’d quite enjoy it, actually.” He adds, resting his hand on his upper thigh.

    Billy grits his teeth. He’s never cared much for these guys, but they got the job done when he needed them to. It didn’t mean that he respected any of them or that they were close, by any means. No, they were nothing to him, but you, you were something to him- at least, you used to be.

    He didn’t take lightly to what was being implied by the man who inched his hand further up his thigh without tearing his eyes from you. There’s a wickedness, a hunger in his eyes, that Billy knows all too well. He’s looking at you like he’s a predator and you’re his prey. Billy takes a step in front of you, protecting you from the uncomfortable gaze and his jaw clenches.

    “Get out!” Billy seethes, reaching for the collar of his shirt and hoisting him up from his seat at the table with a strength you didn’t know he possessed. He shoves him harshly, watching as he struggles to regain his balance and stumbles into another set of tables and chair on the far side of the room where a few of the other girls gasp at the intrusion. “All of you!”

    It goes silent after that. Billy doesn’t have to ask for a second time because within seconds the room is empty. A few murmur as they walk past and a few spare looks your way, but none of them stick around. They don’t want to stick around for whatever is about to happen next.

    When you’re the only two left in the room he turns his back to you. He doesn’t want you to see the anger, shame, and embarrassment on his face. His shoulders rise with every deep breath he takes to calm himself, but it does little to alleviate the sudden wave of emotions that have washed over him upon seeing you again. It feels like he’s drowning somewhere between a daydream and a nightmare. You can’t tell if he’s angry or anxious. The only thing you know for sure is that you’ve caught him off guard and he doesn’t appreciate it.

    With his back still turned to you, he asks, “What are you doing here?”

    Gone is the charming man you knew so well and in his place is the cold, hard exterior of a stranger. Only a few feet separate the two of you. It’s the closest you’ve been in years, but with his cold demeanor you’ve never felt farther away from him. Not even the thousands of miles that separated you when he was in stationed in Afghanistan rivals the distance you feel now.

    You take a hesitant step forward, both eager to maintain and desperate to close the space between the two of you. He visibly flinches at the sound of your footsteps coming closer towards him. It’s enough for him to take two steps forward, creating a further divide. It’s clear he needs the space, no matter how much you crave the convergence.

    His question still lingers in the air. It’s not so simple to answer. Unfortunately, there’s more than one answer. There’s the safe answer and the real answer, neither of which you’re quite ready to divulge. Admitting the real answer isn’t something you’re ready to confront yet, but it’s the truth. If you said it out loud, that would make it real. Settling for the safe answer, you take a deep breath.

    “Frank Castle asked me to talk you into turning yourself in.” When you finally find your voice, it’s small. It shakes and it cracks and it’s full of regret, almost as if you know that you’ve made a mistake by mentioning Frank’s name to Billy.

    Of all the replies Billy was expecting, he wasn’t prepared for the one you gave. It makes his blood run cold. His hands shake at his sides and he quickly clenches them into fists.

    “You working with Frankie now?” He chuckles softly, almost menacingly, as if the very thought of the two of you working together brought him some strange sense of humor, instead of the panic and dread it instilled deep inside his veins. You can hear the hurt in his voice no matter how hard he tries to hide it. “You know, of all the people that’ve betrayed me, Y/N, I never expected you to be one of ‘em.”

    You were under no illusion that your reunion was going to be what you’d often hoped it could be. You knew it was going to be difficult, but no amount of awareness could’ve prepared you for the sting of his venom laced words.

    They hurt.

    It dawns on you then that Billy thinks you’d really turn your back on him and sell him out to a complete stranger, despite everything the two of you had been through. The trust that you spent years fighting for, the trust that was never abundant but still somewhat present between you and Billy had since vanished.

    The implication that you’ve betrayed him, hurts more than his actual words do.

    In Billy’s mind, you’re the enemy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything, you’re the only one that’s on his side. You’re the only one who ever has been.

    Your feet carry you until you’re standing right behind him.

    “Billy, look at me-” You urge him softly, placing a hand on his shoulder so that he can turn to look at you.

    You need him to know that you’d never betray him. You need him to know that the last thing you’d ever want to do is hurt him. You need him to know that you’re here because you’re trying to help him, not because you’ve given up on him and the only way you can think to do that is let him see the truth behind your eyes. You need him to look at you, just once, but he refuses to meet your stare. He quickly shakes free of your grip, freeing himself from your hold as he walks to the other side of the room.

    “I’m not- I didn’t-“ The words you’re searching for don’t come easily. Defending yourself and your decisions aren’t your priority right now. Right now, the only thing you’re truly worried about is making sure that Billy understands that you’d never betray him.

    You know better than anybody else that once he feels like someone’s turned their back on him, there’s no coming back from that. It’s not something he takes lightly.

    “This isn’t betraying you. It’s saving your life.”

    “Saving my life, huh?” Another wicked laugh escapes his lips, mocking you.

    He still hasn’t turned to face you. Part of him can’t bear to look at you, not when one look at you could have his resolve tumbling down. The other part of him doesn’t want you to look at him and see the monster he’s become. He’s embarrassed and ashamed and fears that you’ll see the marks on his skin for what they really are- an ugly reminder of his greed for wealth and power.

    “And what makes you think I need saving?” He challenges and the silence he’s met with speaks volumes. Shaking his head, he lets out a frustrated exhale through his nose. “You shouldn’t have come here, Y/N.” He tells you firmly. “You shouldn’t have gotten involved.”

    You hear it then- the root of his pain, the center of his delusions. He thinks that you sought out an opportunity to hurt him. He thinks that you’re the one that came looking for him with the intention of bringing him down. He thinks that you wanted to be there to witness his demise first hand.

    He thinks that you wanted this.

    “A few nights ago I was sitting in my kitchen, getting ready to make some tea before bed and the next thing I knew, three strangers were standing in front of me, begging me to hear them out.” You explain. If he were facing you, you would’ve seen the way his jaw clenched upon hearing how you were roped into this.

    “I-I was so scared, Billy. I thought they were going to kill me because-“ You debate telling him the truth. You decide to refrain from sharing how you briefly feared for your life just because you were once associated with him. “They told me the truth. They told me what you’ve done and they asked me to talk to you and ask you to turn yourself in. That’s all.”

    With everything out on the table, you wait for him to take it all in. Even though you can’t see him, you can hear his shuddered breaths. It seems like he can’t catch his breath and you wish there was something you could do to calm him down, but you know better. All you can do is wait.

    The silence that follows your confession is almost unbearable. All Billy sees is red. Although his anger isn’t directed towards you anymore, it doesn’t subside. It festers and lingers in his chest the longer he thinks about Frank, Dinah, and even Curtis, coercing you into their plans.

    “They had no right getting you involved with this shit.” He finally grits out, his jaw still clenched as he breaks the silence. Frank knew better than anyone else how much you meant to Billy and the fact that he got you involved with this is unforgivable. He crossed a line.

    “I’m here now and I’m not leaving until-“ You don’t get to finish. Billy cuts you off before you have the chance, finally turning to face you with a fire behind his eyes that you’ve never seen before.

    “Until what? Until I turn myself in?” He shouts as he towers over you, effectively closing the distance he made sure to put between the two of you. If you wanted to see him, then you’re going to see the real him- the monster he’s become. You flinch as he raises his voice, but you stand your ground. You’re not going to let him scare you off. Not this time.

    “Then I guess you and I are going down together.” The words leave your lips before you have a chance to think about the consequences that might follow. “It’ll be just like old times, you know, before you decided we were better off apart.”

    You’re playing with fire now, without a care in the world if you get burned. The fear you felt only a few minutes before is replaced by an anger you’ve kept bottled up for too many years. You’ve unleashed something you didn’t even know you’d been holding back and it’s clear, by the shock on his face, that you’ve struck a nerve.

    He opens his mouth to say something, but quickly closes it when the words escape him. It’s hard to read him. He’s never been the type of guy to wear his heart on his sleeve, but somehow, you always managed to know what he was feeling just by looking at him. Not now though. Now you’re truly at a loss for what’s going through his mind. Despite that, you’re not afraid of him. You never will be.

    “I’m not doing this now.” He lets out lowly, taking a few steps back as a defeated sigh leaves his lips. “Go home, Y/N, and don’t come back here.”

    It’s an order. He says it in such a way that he’s sure he’s pushed you away for good, opting for an authoritative tone as he gave the command like you were one of his former employees or current goons, but he knows better than anyone that you’ve never been one for following orders. He should’ve seen it coming, and yet- he was completely blindsided.

    “No.” You tell him firmly and he stops in his tracks. He clicks his tongue against his teeth in disbelief, shaking his head as he turns to face you. He’s surprised to find that you’ve once again closed the distance he purposely created. You weren’t going to let him get away that easily.

    “It’s not up for discussion.” He argues and you’re so close now that he can see the flame burning behind your eyes. It’s a look he realizes he’s familiar with and it’s enough to make his heart race.

    You’re not going down without a fight.

    “I’m not leaving you.” He realizes then you’re making him a promise. You’re so close that he could reach out and rest his palm against your cheek, but he won’t. He has to fight his desire because he knows that once he does that, it’s all over. Once he gives into his desires, then he won’t ever be able to let you go again. You’ll become a part of this life and the mess he’s made and he doesn’t want that for you. He won’t allow himself to steer your life into the ground for a second time.

    “Why?” The pain of being so close, yet so far away, finally gets the best of him. You almost miss the way his eyes gloss over as he shouts, “I left you. I left you behind and there isn’t a day that goes by where I wish I would’ve stayed.” It’s a calculated attack and even though you know what he’s doing, it doesn’t make the assault any less painful. He’s rehashing old wounds because he’s hoping he could break you down to the point where you hate him. He’s willing to do anything to get you there. Which is why he musters up his best scowl and adds, “Easiest choice of my fuckin’ life.”

    Deep down, you want to believe that he’s pushing you away, but your resolve is crumbling with the harshness of his words. As much as you didn’t want to believe he meant them, maybe he did. The tears you’ve been trying your hardest to hold back, finally spill free as you recall the worst day of your life- the day that Billy left you behind.

    In the beginning, you were just two kids who grew up in the same neighborhood. You came from a loving home, while Billy was all on his own. When you were younger, you liked to believe that fate led the two of you to each other and aided in your paths crossing at school, but in reality, it was just city lines that happened to put you in the same school district.

    Complete opposites that attracted, you and Billy Russo has been inseparable in your youth. The leap from playground friends to something more was one that took a couple of tries, but you were relentless to show Billy that you truly cared for him and back then, a part of him wanted to show you the very same thing.

    Your parents were sure he was just a phase, but he was so much more than something you could grow out of. Much to their dismay, you stuck by Billy’s side through thick and thin. The first time he was arrested, you snuck out to bail him out. When he turned eighteen and needed a place to stay until graduation, you offered him your bed. His life wasn’t anything special, but with you in it, it was extraordinary.

    Billy never loved someone as much as he loved you. To this day, he knows he never will.

    The second time he found himself behind bars his bail was too high for you to bail him out all on your own. Foolishly, you asked your father for help. Asking for help meant that he was going to take things into his own hands, which meant that you weren’t allowed to go down to the station with him when he picked Billy up.

    He made you stay home and took the opportunity of your absence to talk some sense into Billy. He knew it was pointless to try to get through to you. You were so in love with Billy that it had made you delusional. You were convinced that he was your whole entire future and you nearly put a nail in your father’s coffin when he heard you express an interest in marrying him someday. He had to put an end to your relationship and if he couldn’t get you to do it, he’d take matters into his own hands.

    Billy knew that your parents never cared for him. He knew what they thought of him, regardless of how much you tried to convince him otherwise. That night your father told him that if he ever cared about you at all, he’d let you go. Three weeks later he joined the marines and never looked back.

    “Well, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about that day. There hasn’t been a day since you left that I haven’t missed you or thought about you.” You tell him honestly. It’s too painful to fight fire with fire. You opt to show him a much more vulnerable side of you as you admit the truth, letting him know that he might have hurt you, but that doesn’t mean that you’d ever hurt him.

    “Why?” You’re just telling him what you thinks he wants to hear, he’s sure of it. It’s sick and it’s cruel and it’s twisted. What’s even worse is that he knows that you’d never do it. He knows that you’re the only person who could forgive him after he repeatedly hurts them. Only you could continue to see the good in him when he’s given you every reason to believe that there’s none left.

    You’re too good for him. You always have been. He’s never deserved your kindness, your love, or any of the light that you’ve brought to his life. He was deadweight to you, always holding you back and dragging you down. He learned to let you go a long time ago, but that didn’t make it any easier. Especially, when you’ve shown him that no matter how hard he pushes you away, you’re never going to let him go.

    That commitment is too much for him to handle.

    He could destroy his life, throw everything he worked for down the drain and not think twice about it. No one has ever shown Billy the kind of support you’ve shown him. No one has ever cared about his shitty life the way you have and he knows that your affection comes at a cost he’s not sure he could ever truly afford. Not when the price is his heart. Not when it means giving you the power to absolutely break him if one day you woke up and realized something Billy realized long ago- your life is better off without him in it.

    It’s not up to Billy, though.

    You’re not sure how to get through to him. You can feel him slipping away. He’s allowing the deepest, darkest parts of his mind win, favoring the familiarity of the darkness that poisons his judgement because it’s easier than acknowledging the light. It’s up to you to break the spell he’s under and with four simple words you snap him out of his daze.

    “Because I love you!” A wretched sob shakes you to the core as everything you’ve been holding back makes it’s way to the surface.

    Billy visibly flinches upon hearing your confession.

    “You loved the feeling of rebellion. You loved the risk of being with me.” He tries to convince himself that he’s right. “You never loved me.”

    “Yes, I-“ You’re quick to deny him, but not quick enough.

    “No, you don’t!” He roars, refusing to let himself believe even for a second that you could so selflessly care for him. “You’re in love with who I used to be.” He refuses to meet your stare as he turns his back to you and makes his way towards the wall that’s covered in weapons and armor.

    This has gone too far.

    If you refused to believe that he was anything other than bad for you, he was going to show you just how sinister he could be. Angrily, he reaches for one of the bullet proof vests from the wall and secures it to his body for show.

    “Well, I got news for you, sweetheart, he ain’t never comin’ back.” The same nickname makes you shudder as you watch him holster a gun from the wall and make his way towards the door.

    Somewhere in the back of his mind, he’s aware that Frank’s probably nearby. He knows that he wouldn’t have let you get as close to Billy as you did without keeping an eye on you and the thought of confronting him again sends another rush of adrenaline through his veins. If he was on the property, he wouldn’t be going down without a fight.

    All he needs to do is get away from you. He’s like a ticking time bomb of danger, waiting to go off and when he finally does, he doesn’t want you to be caught up in the chaos. He has half a mind to just surrender to Frank and let him put a bullet right between his eyes. It seems like the lesser of two evils when his other option is disappointing you, again.

    Before he rounds the corner, you call out to him.

    “When you left me behind, I came looking for you.” He stops dead in his tracks as you let out a shaky breath. “I left home and I didn’t look back.”

    You always figured that your father had something to do with Billy’s sudden disappearance from your life and you never forgave him for it. It was the last straw that caused you to part ways with your unsupportive, controlling parents.

    “It took a few years, but I found out about Anvil. I came to see you once-“ With each step you take closer to him, it’s harder to breath. The words keep getting stuck in your throat and your hands start to shake again as he turns to face you. On the surface level, it’s just nerves, but deep down, it’s something much bigger. “It was probably three years ago, maybe two, but I finally gathered enough courage to come and see you again. You weren’t there. Your assistant, Kelly, told me that, but I still came looking for you, Billy.”

    Slowly but surely, his resolve starts to splinter. Cracks are forming in the walls he’s hid behind to keep you out, to keep you safe, and he takes a step closer towards you without even realizing it.

    “Despite everything that’s happened, I still care about you.” Your voice is soft, but it’s anything but calm. It shakes with a vulnerability and a truth that you’ve never shown anyone before and some part of you is actually afraid that this is it. You fear that the one thing that you’ve been holding back because you were too afraid of having it used against you won’t be enough to convince him how you feel. You’re afraid nothing ever will be.

    If this is it, if he’s really too far gone for saving and you can’t get to him, then you need to let him know one last time just how much he means to you.

    “I will never stop caring about you.” There's a promise embedded in the whisper that goes straight to his heart. His eyes meet yours and he notices that the fire the once burned brightly behind your eyes, all of the anger and determination that made you impossibly stubborn, has faded to an ember. There’s no spark. There’s nothing behind your eyes except a sadness that he knows he’s the cause of.

    He’s broken your heart before, but he took the easy way out and left you behind because he knew that he wouldn’t be able to witness your demise knowing that he was the one that caused it. You trusted him with your heart and he will never, ever, forgive himself for breaking it. He was a coward before, but now, he has nowhere to run as he breaks your heart for the second time.

    Billy wishes you weren’t so stubborn. He wishes that you could see that he’s doing this for your own good, but you’ve always been blinded by your love for him.

    “What are you doing?” He finally asks as you reach for one of the vests on the wall and fasten it to your chest. With shaky fingers you adjust the kevlar vest until it fits snuggly, your heart racing.

    “If you’re going to gamble with your life, then you’re going to gamble with mine too.”

    Billy hates himself. He hates himself for lying to you. He hates himself for always dragging you down. He hates himself for breaking your heart. He hates himself for pushing you away. But most of all, he hates himself because he can selfishly feel himself giving into his own desires once again.

    Loving you is selfish when he’s the only one that benefits from it. His life becomes brighter at the cost of yours becoming darker. It’s not a fair trade and yet, he can feel himself willing to make it.

    “That’s not fair-“ He huffs, another argument ready to roll off the tip of his tongue before you interrupt him with an outburst that nearly knocks the air straight out of his chest.

    “Well, risking or taking your life isn’t fair to me, either!”

    In his attempts to protect you from the pain of a life with him, he failed to consider how much sorrow his absence had left you with. He knew that he broke your heart, the guilt weighs heavy on his shoulders every single day as a reminder, but not once did he ever think that you hadn’t recovered from the initial blow of losing him. It crossed his mind at least a hundred times and he figured that, eventually, you’d move on and forget all about him and the pain he’s caused you. But what if by removing himself from your life, he left you with void inside of your heart that only he could fill?

    What if you needed him just as much as he needed you?

    The question never dared to cross his mind until now. He never allowed himself to indulge in a fantasy fueled by something as dangerous as hope. You’re standing before him, visibly shaken, fighting for him and maybe part of the reason he’s so intent on pushing you away is because a small part of him can’t fathom that you could ever want him the same way that he wants you. He needs you like he needs air to breath. He depends on you like he’s never depended on anyone before and after so much time apart, he finally realizes that maybe, just maybe, you need him the same way that he needs you.

    “I wrote to you.” He says it so softly that you almost miss it. “I, uh, used to have this stupid little notebook that I carried everywhere and I’d write to you.” His eyes never meet yours. They remain fixed on the ground and his voice wavers with a vulnerability not even you’re familiar with. One look at you and he’d lose whatever control he had on his emotions. “It was the only thing that kept me sane.” He downplays the magnitude of the confession with a nervous chuckle as he takes another step forward.

    “I’d tell you about my day, I wouldn’t spare any detail about the shit I saw, or I’d tell you about my friends and the trouble they’d get into.” He’s fighting to keep his own tears at bay, afraid that if he lets even one of them slip down his cheek that he won’t be able to stop the years of pent up emotion from pouring out of him all at once. “I’d tell you how much I missed home, how much I missed you, but most of all, I’d tell you how sorry I was for leaving you the way that I did.”

    The confession leaves you speechless. A part of you always knew, or at least suspected you knew, why he had left things the way that he had, but hearing just how hard it was for him makes your heart ache. While you were mourning the loss of him and his absence in your life, he was mourning the loss of you, from his.

    He wears his sadness like a mask, something that can easily be stripped away, but he can’t rid himself of the guilt or regret that have permanently riddled his features. It’s tearing him apart and he’s not shy about letting you know what his life was really like without you in it.

    He’s not seeking forgiveness, but you’re willing to give it.

    Hesitantly, you close the distance between you and reach up to cup his face in both of your hands. He flinches as soon as you touch him, but he doesn’t pull away, almost like he’s stunned by the sudden action as you whisper in the silence that surrounds you, “I forgive you, Billy.”

    “That’s not good enough.” He finally breaks, the power he had over his emotions diminishing as tears start to stream down his cheeks. His hands are shaking as he places them over your own and slowly, much to his dismay, removes them from his face.

    He regrets it immediately, longing for the comfort of your gentle touch, but he’s not worthy of such a delicacy. Not when all he’s done is hurt you, time after time.

    “Don’t you get it? You’re the only person that’s ever believed in me and look where that’s got you!” He doesn’t feel worthy of your forgiveness, not after everything he’s done. He’s a monster, enough people have told him so and called him such that he’s starting to believe it. As much as he’d like to find closure in your forgiveness, he won’t allow himself to. Just because you can see past his flaws, doesn’t mean that he can.

    Besides, you can only forgive him for the crimes he’s committed against you, not all of the crimes he’s committed as a whole. He’s sure that if you knew of even half of the horrible things he’s done just to make a name for himself and build a reputation, you’d see that he’s not worthy of such forgiveness and revoke your kindness and the love you have for him all together.

    It’s eating him away. Gnawing at him, chipping away at his sanity and you can see him losing the internal fight to the darkness of self doubt neither Billy  nor you are a stranger to.

    Slowly, so you don’t startle him, you reach for his hand and interlock your fingers with his. His muscle memory kicks in before he can object, finding a comfort in the simple gesture that he hasn’t felt in years.

    “It led me right back to your side, right where I’ll always be.” You assure him calmly, gently rubbing the back of his hand with your thumb.

    It’s silent for a minute, and for a brief moment, you actually believe that you’ve got through to him. He hasn’t pulled free from your hold, yet, and he hasn’t tried to push you away anymore. It’s almost like he finally accepts that you’re not leaving him. It’s progress, but with Billy, it’s always one step forward and three steps back.

    “All of the shit they told you I did, I did it.” He expects you to release his hand from your hold. He expects your eyes to fill with tears and for you to call him a monster. He expects the worst, he’s trained himself to. Which is why when the gentle struck of your thumb never falters and your grip on his hand doesn’t weaken, he’s surprised.

    “I know.” You nod and his lip begins to quiver when he realizes that despite knowing all of the awful, unforgivable things that he’s done, you still chose to try to save him- to stand by his side and remind him that he’s loved and cared for no matter how badly he’s messed up.

    “Then you know that however this ends, it’s not going to be pretty.” He tells you, loosening his hold on your hand. “If I’m lucky, I’ll spend the rest of my life behind bars for crimes I don’t even remember committing.” His voice shakes with something you can’t quite place. Maybe it’s fear, maybe it’s regret, maybe it’s a little bit of both.

    “You know, you talk about how we’re in this together and how you’re not giving up on me, but how does this end for you?” It’s a genuine question, one that you hadn’t even considered until he proposed it. “Me, I’m done for, but you’ve got your whole life ahead of you, Y/N. Don’t let me drag you down for a second time.”

    There’s a desperation behind the words as he pleads with you, one last time, to leave him behind, but you won’t. You won’t ever leave him behind again.

    “I would rather crash and burn with you, than live a life without you in it.”

    “Why?” As soon as the question leaves his lips he wishes he could take it back. He fears he’s not ready for the answer.

    “You know why-” You tell him gently. “The same reason you’ve been trying to pushing me away.”

    You’re the only person that’s ever been able to read him. Even after all these years, he’s still left in awe at the fact that you seem to know him better than he knows himself sometime, or at least, better than he gives you credit for. As much as he tries to conceal his emotions and feelings, you always saw through whatever façade he put up.

    “After everything?” He whimpers as he allows himself to finally reach out and cup your cheek as he searches your eyes for any signs of doubt. “Still?”

    “Always.” You nuzzle into his palm.

    It’s the reassurance he needs to finally close the distance between you as he wraps an arm around your waist and pulls you into his chest. You can hear just how fast his head is beating, as you wrap your arms around him, a small gasp leaving your lips as you finally find the solace you’ve been searching for in his embrace.

    He’s holding you so tightly that it’s hard to breathe, but you don’t care. You wrap your fists into the back of his shirt and cling to him like your life depends on it. Neither one of you are fighting it anymore. Billy’s grown to accept that the two of you are inevitable. You’ll always find your way back to him and he’ll always find his way back to you.

    The embrace, no matter how comforting, isn’t enough. Billy longs for you. You’re close, but not close enough. He wants all of you, all at once. Desperate to make up for lost time, he presses his lips to yours, capturing them in a kiss fueled by pent up emotion and longing.

    It’s an apology, years of regret, forgiveness, longing, comfort, and an unexplainable joy when his lips finally find yours. It’s like coming home after being away for too many years.

    When he finally pulls away, he rests his forehead against yours. He makes no effort to hide the tears that are are streaming down his cheeks now. He’s tired of hiding what he’s really feeling from the one person that matters to him more than anything else in the whole wide world.

    “I’m sorry.” He confesses, placing another chaste kiss to your forehead. Simply saying it isn’t enough. He’s determined to prove to you just how sorry he is. No matter how many hoops he has to jump through, no matter how many blows his ego takes, he’s ready to finally turn his life around. Because now, he has something worth preserving, something worth protecting. He has a reason to be a better man and get his life back on track. He has you.

    “I know.” You can hear the sincerity in his voice, something that’s rarely ever there. The pad of your thumb catches the tears that fall from his lashes and you tenderly wipe them from his cheeks. Your touch is feather light, but he grits his teeth when you brush over one of his scars, sending hot, searing pain through his cheek- a result of the nerve damage and scar tissue that came in tandem with the marks. It’s not your fault. The gesture was supposed to be affectionate.

    He puts on a brave face for you, trying his hardest not to shy away from your touch- the one thing he’s deprived himself of for so long, but he becomes painfully aware that whatever comes next, whether it be a friendship or a relationship with you, will have a learning curve. Neither one of you are who you used to be and the thought simultaneously excites and terrifies him.

    You can tell he’s deep in thought when you meet his eyes. Physically, he’s right there with you, but mentally, he’s somewhere else. You know that he’s been through a lot of emotional turmoil, seeing you again, confessing his feelings, making peace with the fact that he has to pay for the crimes he’s committed. It’s overwhelming. In an attempt to give him some space, reluctantly, you slowly pull away from his embrace.

    “Wait-“ His hand wraps around your arm, prompting you to halt your actions as you turn back to face him. “Can we stay like this, just a little while longer?” He asks, pulling you back into his chest. You have no choice but to oblige as you settle into the comfort of his arms.

    He’s not ready to let you go yet. He’s only just got you back and he knows that as soon as the two of you step outside that it’s all over. You’ll be separated once again. He’s not sure when he’ll ever get to see you again, let alone hold you in his arms. He wants to savor the moment for as long as he can before it turns into a memory.


    The silence that follows is the most comfortable it’s ever been. It’s the calm before the storm, but it’s calm, nevertheless. For the first time in a long time, Billy is completely at ease.

    “I love you.” His lips ghost over your temple as he whispers the words against your skin. You can count the number of times he’s said those words on a single hand. He knows he didn’t say it enough when he had the chance to. He regrets not saying them more. He fears that he’ll never get the chance to say them again. It’s a big step for him.

    “I love you, too.” He already knows how much you love him. You’ve shown him time and time again, but hearing the words of reassurance send an unfamiliar warmth straight through his chest. It’s soothing- a comfort he’s not sure he’ll ever be willing to part with.

    As much as neither one of you would like to admit, you’re both painfully aware that you’re on borrowed time. If you don’t get out of the warehouse soon, willingly, then you know that someone else will come in, by force.

    “You ready to do this?” The truth was, he’d never be ready. He knew that as soon as he walked out of that warehouse that everything would change. On the other side of the wall that separated his own personal heaven with you, hell was waiting for him. He’d never be ready to face it, but the thought became a little easier to bear when he realized he would no longer be facing his demons alone.

    With your hand in his, he begins to walk towards the exit of the warehouse, as ready as he’ll ever be to turn his life around.

    Billy served a couple of years behind bars before the charges were officially dismissed. There wasn’t enough evidence against him to prove he was guilty and he couldn’t remember almost any of the crimes he was being charged with, which made it kind of difficult for his attorneys to defend him without his side of the story.

    He served his time. It wasn’t as much as he knew he deserved, but it was hard time, nevertheless. Although being released on parole a few years later didn’t satisfy Frank’s craving for vengeance and justice, he made a promise to you and he was a man of his word.

    Billy was stripped of everything- his empire, his wealth, his status. But none of it mattered because he finally had you, and you finally had him. It was the easiest thing in the world to make peace with.

    He’d come to learn that accepting your love was better than fighting it.

    Although his life had been a series of mistakes, bad choices and violent delights, he wasn’t forced to meet his violent end. Not when your love had been the light that saved him from the darkest parts of himself.

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    Poor lad gets a role where he’s a motherfucking avenger who can fly and control emotions and you creeps still reduce it down to ‘omg he gives orgasms’

    #literally couldn’t be me #he can control every emotion #imagine pissing him off? #the control he’d have over you? #I bet he can be a manipulative little fucker #I can’t wait me #it’s the only film of his ill watch #I just think you’re all insane #like disgustingly insane #grow the fuck up #harry styles#star fox#marvel mcu
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    My latest prints. 🤎🖤💜

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    A Power Struggle (2)

    A/N: Second part! Likely the last part. Not sure about another part or anything like that. Undecided!

    First part: A Power Struggle 1

    Pairing: Shang-Chi x Stark!Reader; Platonic!Bucky x Stark!Reader; Platonic!Sam x Stark!Reader

    Warnings: swearing, flirting/innuendos, threats, violence/fighting, dubious drug use.

    Summary: Now that you’re in the club, who is the Power Broker?

    Skelly pushed the door open and stood in front of it, gesturing for you to walk inside.  Looking into the room, all you could see was a sofa, a table, and what looked like a conference phone sitting on top of it. You looked up to Skelly and nodded to the phone.

    “The phone is a boss?”

    “They’ll call you,” he answered, once again gesturing for you both to enter.

    You entered first with Shangqi close behind you. The room had no windows, and no other doors except for the one you had just walked through. Skelly left the room and shut the door behind him. Once it was locked you glanced over to Shangqi who seemed to be losing a little bit of that outward confidence as a gut feeling started to creep through him and tell him something was wrong.

    You looked around the room before settling on the edge of the sofa. Scooting even closer to the phone, you grabbed the phone and scoffed, “This shit is ancient. I’m almost offended.”

    “Do you even know how to work tech that isn’t in your Stark realm of expertise?” He teased as he sat next to you and leaned back, arm draped across the back of the sofa as he surveyed the room again. “You feel anything?”

    “First of all? Fuck you.” You remarked, not hearing him mumble ‘that’s the plan’ under his breath as you stopped to feel for any extra vibrations. “No…no, I don’t.” You frowned, “I can barely feel Skelly beyond the door. That’s weird.”

    “Why is that weird?”

    “It’d be stronger,” you murmured. “Unless he’s that far down the hall, but….anyway,” you shook your head and tapped on your ear. “I’m not hearing anything now.”

    “Me neither,” Shangqi said after a moment.

    “EMP,” you sighed and nodded to yourself. “This Broker’s the real deal.”

    Shangqi hummed in response and kept his eyes locked on the door. There was something in his gut telling him that this wasn’t going to go how they planned. He wondered if there was something in the room that was blocking your powers, and he wondered why they were made out and brought to the back so quickly. Even with you being a Stark, him wearing the rings, this all seemed to move suspiciously fast.

    The phone rang and he looked to you, watching as you leaned forward to lift the phone off the receiver again and press a few buttons. His eyes narrowed watching a bead of sweat form by your hairline.

    “Are you good?” He questioned.

    “Hot in here,” you muttered and cleared your throat. “So, are we speaking to the Power Broker, or does Skelly just like theatrics?”

    An undistinguishable voice chuckled before carrying on the conversation, “Typical Stark to make light of a situation they’re in no control of.”

    You shrugged your shoulders, more sweat dripping down the sides of your face as you felt your shoulders sag and it was somehow harder to hold yourself up.

    “I’m in plenty control. Or do you not know who I am?”

    “Oh, I know who you are,” they continued. “Is it getting hot in there, Stark? Are you doing okay?”

    Shangqi looked to you and sat at the edge of the sofa, grabbing your shoulders as you started to slump over and fight to keep your eyes open, “What the hell is going on?”

    “Stark’s just experiencing a tiny little micro dose of a toxin. Non-lethal, but it is a bitch to work through. I just can’t have her bringing the place down on a whim because she doesn’t like what she hears. So, I suppose I’m dealing with the leader of the Ten Rings now, aren’t I?”

    Shangqi nodded, “You are. And you’ll regret what you just did to her. I don’t take kindly to anyone disrespecting my family.”

    There was a laugh before a throat was cleared, “Oh, you were serious.”

    You looked down at your hands, then at the phone and it clicked. As Shangqi reached for the phone to bring it to his ear and really give this person a piece of his mind, you quickly grabbed his bicep and told him it was the phone. He nodded in understanding and set his arm down, his attention mostly on helping you to sit back against the sofa and save your strength.

    “You’re right, you know,” the Power Broker continued as he checked on you, eyes locking on the door as he saw shadows shifting through the crack beneath it. “I am dealing with the new leader of the Ten Rings. I know for a fact it isn’t you, Shangqi.”

    “You’re mistaken,” he said. “I have the rings.”

    “But you don’t hold that power, not the power your father had. You don’t have the spine for it,” they continued. “I know the true leader. I know who does. And as for your little girlfriend, there?” They laughed, “(Y/N) Stark, no matter what pain she’s been through, would never so boldly defy everything she stood for as she claims. And I know she’s still close with our new Captain America and Winter Soldier. I hope that doesn’t worry you, Shangqi. You don’t think your new love is going to run away with a newer, familiar model, do you?”

    Shangqi’s jaw tightened as he slowly stood up, unbuttoning the top two buttons of his shirt and shaking his arms out, “You’re getting off topic.”

    “And you’re out of time.”

    The phone line went dead. As the door was thrown open, he realized they were rushing in with too many different guns and rifles pointed at the both of you for him to feel comfortable even making one move and putting you in danger. His hands slowly went up as instructed, and you slowly sat up, head on wobbly shoulders as you outstretched your hand, but nothing happened.

    “Oh, powers not working there, Stark?” Skelly laughed. “This is our special room. There’s vibranium shavings in the paint.”

    “Fuck off,” you slurred as you continued sitting there. “Gonna kill us? Do it.”

    “Not yet,” Skelly replied as he approached you, a pair of slim, shining handcuffs hanging from his hand. “Someone wants to see you two alive first.”

    Your ability to feel any vibrations at the moment ceased, and you knew they had saved some of that vibranium they had to make handcuffs specially designed for you. You wondered how they knew just how to get you, but you felt far too weak to really start digging or thinking about who could be behind this.

    Shangqi was less than thrilled with how this was turning out, and he feared what they had in place if they had already accounted for you and were ready to stop you. He feared what else they had in store. As they approached him with guns raised and ordering him to take his rings, he thought back to his father. His father was unstoppable for how long? Granted, there weren’t guns for most of those years, but even now, even in the present, he was still a force to be reckoned with, a name that sparked paralyzing fear.

    And here was Shangqi, a soft valet with a soft spot for karaoke, boba, his sister, his best friend, and you.

    His father wouldn’t stand for this. His father wouldn’t be taken in, and while his father could truly be an awful man, his father never gave up when it came to his family.

    Shangqi shouted in anger and he impressed even himself. He grabbed one rifle and aimed it at the ceiling as the man started firing. He sidestepped the other rifle pointed at him, and grabbed that too. He used both rifles as bats to both men before throwing them at the hands of the others, shouting for you to get down. 

    That wasn’t difficult, given your weakened state. You dropped to the floor easily, and so he whipped his arms out from his sides, the rings floating in the air and acting as a whip to slam every single man in that room back against the walls. He ran to you, stepping on many men without a care before he picked you up and slipped your arms over his head and around his shoulders. 

    “Stay on my back,” he said as prompted you to jump up and lock your legs around him. “We’re getting out of here.”

    “Smooth moves, boo!” You replied as you held on as tightly as you could. “Is it hot in here or is it you?”

    “You know you were drugged, right?”

    You hummed, “You’re pretty hot, though.”

    He chuckled and returned the sentiment that you were just as hot, if not hotter, than he was. He ran down that narrow hallway and skidded to a stop when he saw the same bodyguard from before. He threw a punch to his stomach, then face, and a devastating knee to his face before shooting the rings in another direction at yet another guard before retrieving them and running.

    Shangqi grabbed a banner and jumped off of one of the balconies, swinging and sliding down until you were back in the main hall. Once he landed he quickly squatted down to avoid a blow to the face. When he stood back up he was kicked from the side, and he could hear you shout in pain taking a punch to your ribs from the back.

    He grabbed you with one hand and swung you over to his left side. Holding you there, he’d pirouette around your attackers and dodge as much as he could until he had an opening to attack. Once they were rid of, he ran out of that building as fast as he could. There was no time to wait for the valet, as it seemed like potential attackers were everywhere, and he kept running with you. 

    “Water,” You muttered as you saw a fountain. “Take me to the fountain.”

    “What? Right now? We gotta—“

    “Do it!” You elbowed him, careful not to touch his bare skin with your hands

    Shangqi ran over to the fountain and sat you down on the edge. You leaned over and stuck your hands in. He noticed you were washing your hands and he was quickly piecing together that you were getting rid of the toxin you were dosed with. He glanced around and saw cars were being loaded up with what he assumed were about to be more attackers for the both of you.

    You breathed slowly as you stood up, hands still cuffed in front of you as you took a deep breath and shut your eyes.

    “Don’t try to take them off. You said it’s vibranium, right?”

    You nodded, “Everything has a breaking point, and I don’t think it’s pure vibranium.”


    You smirked slightly to yourself, “I’ve got a feeling.”

    You used your powers with as much strength as you could. Though it was wearing on you, you knew you needed to be rid of this in order to be remotely useful in your escape. You had just enough strength to crack what you knew was only vibranium fused with something else on those handcuffs. The crack was enough for Shangqi to use his own strength to break the handcuffs off of you.

    Now free of them, he told you that you both needed to run as fast as you could. 

    “Can you?”

    You nodded before feeling a dizzying feeling and quickly shaking your head.

    “It’s okay, it’s okay,” He nodded and glanced around, then looked to you and made you climb on his back again. 

    Once you were secured, he used the rings and launched himself into the air. You shrieked that this was not how you intended this night to go as he kept jumping around to gain some distance. When he felt you both had enough distance, he stole a motorcycle. He put the one helmet on your head, causing you to coo and say he was a sweet, adorable thief before he took off speeding back to the hotel.

    On the way there you squinted and saw a familiar bike in the distance. Glancing up, you saw wings, and you immediately smacked Shangqi’s thigh as he drove and pointed ahead of you.

    “Bucky!” you shouted. “See him?”

    “I see him,” Shangqi nodded and sped towards him. Spotting the two of you, Bucky made a sharp, quick turn on the bike after Shangqi drove passed him, and he sped up to catch up to the two of you.

    “Your feed went dead and Red Wing caught them sending in more guards. We came here to get you. You guys good?”

    “She got dosed with something,” Shangqi explained. “Where are we going?”

    “Circle back, then regroup at the hotel. We’ll leave,” Bucky shouted. He reached into a pocket on the chest of his jacket and pulled out another earpiece. He handed it to Shangqi, who slipped it in easily after tossing the other one aside. Bucky looked to you and nodded, “Hang tight over there, Stark.”

    “I am!” You shouted with a nod, “He’s hot!”

    Bucky made a face, “The hell was she hit with, ecstasy?”

    Shangqi shrugged, “No idea. Not sure I want to know.”


    You all made sure your trails were clean before you went back to your hotel. Sam landed on the roof and went straight to the room where he met the three of you. They were mostly cleaned up for a quick getaway just in case. They just needed to grab a few things, and Shangqi was quickly replacing some articles of clothing so he was less recognizable.

    You were sitting on the bed and holding your head, groaning that using your powers to get free was a horrible mistake. Sam took notice of you, shook his head, and went to the first aid kit.

    “What happened, she slowed down, fever, muscle weakness?” He asked Shangqi.

    Bucky answered before he did, “And horniness, apparently.”

    “…Great,” Sam nodded and pulled out a needle. “I’m hitting her with adrenaline. We gotta go.”

    “Is that going to hurt her?” Shangqi asked quickly as he grabbed a sweater for you to throw over your dress and a pair of sneakers to shove on your feet.

    “Just enough to get her back so we can go,” Sam said after plunging the needle into your chest. “You good to go?”

    After a few seconds of silence you gasped and sat upright. The feeling of adrenaline coursing through your body gave you new energy to get up and get the hell out of there. You quickly threw on the clothes your boyfriend grabbed for you, grabbed your bag, and ran out of the building with them.

    The four of you left the building and made it to the lobby only to see some guards from the event. Sam grabbed your arm and started walking ahead with you, laughing and acting like he was telling jokes. Bucky slammed the baseball cap down more on his head and took out his phone, pretending to show Shangqi something as they walked a couple feet behind you.

    You had mostly slipped by them, but when Shangqi lifted his hand to point at something on Bucky’s phone, the jingling of the rings hidden under his bomber jacket set all the men’s eyes on him. Expecting the worst to come, you quickly spun around. Your hands shot forward just as Bucky grabbed Shangqi’s arm and quickly dove to the side. Power pulsed from your hands as you knocked all of them back, sending them flying to the very back of the lobby while their guns started to disintegrate from all of the vibrations.

    Once Shangqi and Bucky were up on their feet, they ran to join you and Sam in your waiting car. Sam hit the gas the second the door slammed behind Shangqi and was racing back to the airport to get on the jet and get out of there.

    Bucky sighed and took out his earpiece, “Everyone good?”

    Shangqi nodded, “Good. Babe?”

    You nodded, “Fine.”

    “I’m good too, since no one asked,” Sam said.

    “I said everyone, you baby,” Bucky shook his head. “That went south fast.”

    “They expected her,” Shangqi said as he watched you sit in the front seat, face scrunched up as you thought about how everything went wrong so fast. “Not a lot of vibranium, but they had enough to dampen her powers — or stop vibrations? Not really sure how —-“

    “The vibranium absorbs the vibrations. No vibrations, I’ve got nothing,” you explained quickly. “Someone knew that. They also knew I was still talking  to you two. I don’t remember that being super public, and I’ve hidden that I’m rebuilding. They even knew Shangqi wasn’t really leading the Ten Rings.  So who could know that?”

    Sam shook his head, “I don’t know. We never said shit to anyone.”

    “Yeah, well, they know somehow,” Bucky sighed. “Sorry, Stark. We shouldn’t have put you in that mess.”

    “See, well, told you I’m not great at undercover,” You responded. “It’s okay. Sorry we couldn’t find out anything on the Power Broker for you.”

    “No, no, it’s good. This is more than we knew before,” Sam added. “Now we know they know you pretty well. They know a little something about your boy, too.   That narrows it down a lot.”

    “Yeah, Stark, so how many enemies ya got?” Bucky joked.

    You groaned, “Don’t even start.”


    On the jet, Bucky and Sam had just finished kicking each other for more leg room, and you wondered if they were at a point in their lives where this was the norm, or if they were just going to shut up and kiss the tension away because it was getting ridiculous.

    You sat next to Shangqi, who had headphones on and his eyes closed, but given the soft humming coming from him and the way his head barely noticeably bobbed, you knew he was awake.  You reached over and slipped your hand into his to give it a squeeze. He opened one eye to look at you, then put his headphones around his neck.

    “Hey,” he said quietly. “Feeling better?”

    You nodded, “Yeah, I think it’s out my system. The adrenaline helped. Um…thank you.”

    He looked confused, “For what?”

    “Today,” you explained. “I kind of failed you back there.”

    “You didn’t fail me,” He shook his head. “We didn’t know that whoever this Power Broker is knew we weren’t who we were pretending to be, or how predictable you are in grabbing anything remotely technological.”

    “Not that predictable,” you mumbled and caught him raising an eyebrow. “Okay. Shut up.” While he chuckled you went on, “Still. You…you really came out, took charge, saved the day, saved our lives. So thanks, Shangqi. You’re going to be a pretty good Avenger.”

    He grinned and leaned over to kiss you. Your eyes fluttered close as his lips pressed against yours and you could still taste the faintest hint of rum on his lips from earlier in the day. When he pulled away he kissed your lips once more with a quick peck before returning to his original position in his chair.

    “And, about that Ten Rings business,” you began. “You said your sister was shutting it down, right? Did you call her?”

    “No answer,” Shangqi said quickly. “Said she might visit San Francisco soon the last time I spoke to her, but…”

    You hummed, “Feel like we need to make a detour somewhere?”

    “You think she lied to me?” He retorted.

    “Whoa, no.” You said quickly, not surprised at how defensive he got over his little sister. “I’m offering to go check on her.”

    “Oh, sorry,” he nodded. “Maybe we should check on her club first, see if she, if she’s there. Maybe she cleared out the compound already and is letting the stories just…get out there and keep people from starting a power war.”

    “Right, you’re probably right,” You nodded, part of you knowing that he was just delaying going to that compound in the event that he was wrong and that his sister had very much settled that power struggle by taking it all for herself. “We’ll go to Macau first.”

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