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    27.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    And now I’m so happy Tom has the chance to just enjoy the performances and dance with all his Broadway buddies!

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    Idk why I made this but I did...💀 And I just thought of Wanda saying this so- here ya go.

    Send wallpaper asks here! And if you want a idea of what I do, click here!

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    #susz's 275 follower event #mcu#marvel#spider man#spideychelle#mj#peter parker #i don't know what to classify this as
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    Okay, so, obviating how dissapointed I was with the Loki show...

    It's clear that Loki's story is going to continue in Multiverse of Madness and even though I know better than to except him to have a big role in the movie, I do have hopes in the treatment he'd get as a character under the direction of Sam Raimi. I love the original Spiderman trilogy and I know he's a director who deals beautifully with themes like family, friendship, forgiveness and the nuisances of becoming a hero. Not to mention he actually has experience in the genre, unlike some others.

    I honestly think that if there's any director out there capable to give Loki's chaotic and so far pretty nonsensical character arc a good closure, it's got to be Raimi.

    #loki meta#loki series#loki marvel#loki mcu#loki 2021#loki laufeyson #loki of asgard #loki of jotunheim #loki on disney+ #loki odinson#tom hiddleston#sam raimi #I also really really need s*lvie and m*bius to not be in this movie #pls just pls give my boy a time to shine just this once #he always treated his character with so much respect and sympathy even the ones who were villains
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    27.09.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    “The beginning is always today.” ― Mary Shelley

    The Superhero Civil War divided families and the city of New York, but the ratification of the Sokovia Accords in 2020 has provided heroes with a new lease of life. Now, teams are self governing, with the Panel repurposed as a supervisory organization dedicated to protecting the rights and safety of enhanced individuals. Mutants have fought for and won a home for themselves on an island raised in the Hudson River and they call it Genosha. This is the age of heroes, and as the teams come back together, they prepare for their greatest threat yet… after all, sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go of the past… it’s moving forward and beginning again.  

    Begin Again is an active and appless Marvel / DC crossover RP that accepts Original Characters! Click the source link to be taken to the main landing page of the RP!

    psd by eurydiicewrites

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    Stepping on Toes

    40’s!Steve Rogers x Reader

    Summary: Despite observing his feelings for Peggy, you couldn’t help but fall for Steve Rogers - then he asks you to teach him how to dance.

    Request: Anonymous - original request here.

    Prompts: “I can’t stay away from you.” and “Because I care about you!” - prompts in bold

    Warnings: slight angst, swearing,

    Word count: 3.2k

    A/N: ok this got way out of hand and is so much longer than I intended it to be, but I hope you enjoy what I’ve done with the prompts

    Requests are open! | Taglist

    The way he looked at her made it hard to breathe. Adoringly yearning after her, while you stared at him pathetically, wishing he looked at you that way. Your chest tightened at the smile that crossed his face as he watched her in discussion with Colonel Phillips over by the other side of the room.

    Damn him for being so irresistible. Damn you for falling for someone who had feelings for a friend of yours. There weren’t many women allowed in the military, let alone the Strategic Scientific Reserve, but while working as Howard Stark’s assistant, you had become friendly with the only other woman in the agency.

    You wanted to be happy for them, Peggy was a wonderful girl, one of the wittiest and skilled people you knew - she deserved someone as valiant and clever as Steve Rogers. The only issue was, you were madly in love with him.

    Not a schoolgirl crush on Captain America, the tall and strong man who was the face of the war, but completely enamored with Steve Rogers, the courageous and kind-hearted man who would do anything to defend his country.

    It was the small things, holding a door open for you when someone else would have let it hit you in the face; making sure you had the chance to voice your opinions in meetings, valuing your input when the other men in the room didn’t think there was anything to gain from listening to a woman speak; writing thoughtful notes in the corners of your writing pads that you treasured more than he would ever know.

    “Shit!” You exclaimed as you tripped and dropped classified files over the floor of the security conference room.

    “That’s no way for a lady to speak.” Colonel Phillips mentioned as he stepped on some of your spilt papers as he stalked out of the room.

    “Here, let me help.” A voice came from behind you as other agents rushed out of the room, snickering, not caring about your folders and dossiers fanned out on the ground.

    “No, it’s alright, I can manage.” You didn’t want to be an inconvenience to a male agent who probably didn’t believe you belonged in the reserve in the first place, before also proving yourself to be a clumsy, incompetent mess.

    “Please, I insist.” A short blonde with high cheekbones and ocean blue eyes crouched down beside you, picking up some files you hadn’t reached for yet. “Sorry about the footprints.” The man said sincerely as he handed you the last of the papers.

    “Thank you - and they aren’t your footprints, there’s no need to apologise.” Your heart raced as his hand lightly brushed yours. Biting the inside of your cheek, you compelled yourself to calm down - he was simply trying to be nice.

    “Well, I doubt you’ll get an apology out of any of them. I’d take what you can get.” His smile was warm, and you chuckled. “I’m Steve Rogers, by the way.” He introduced, extending a hand.

    “Ah, you’re the man involved in Dr Erskine’s experiment. We’ll be working closely together - I’m Y/N Y/L/N, Howard Stark’s assistant.” You said, awkwardly transferring all the folders and files into your left arm as you shook his hand with your right.

    “I look forward to it.”

    “Hey, everything alright? You zoned out there for a second.” The same voice as in your memory spoke. Steve Rogers stood in front of you and your cheeks burned hot at the realisation he had caught you staring.

    “Yeah… yeah I’m good.” You confirmed, mentally attempting to draw the heat from your face.

    “As long as you’re sure.” He looked at you suspiciously, as if he wanted to be positive there was nothing wrong, before continuing, “some of us are going to grab a drink, would you like to join?”

    “You told me you couldn’t get drunk.” You pointed out, while selfishly wishing you were the only girl Steve had invited.

    “Well I can’t, but that doesn't mean I can’t enjoy good company.” The smile he flashed would have knocked you straight off your feet if you hadn’t been seated at a desk.

    “Alright, let me change out of these and I’ll meet you in half an hour.” You commented, hoping you had a clean dress you looked half decent in hanging in your fairly limited wardrobe.

    * * *

    By the time you changed and made your way to meet Steve, the pub was packed with people, the soft hum of music drowned out by loud voices and the sound of clinking glasses. Normally you wouldn’t have enjoyed this type of atmosphere - men outnumbering women fifteen to one, all so intoxicated they wouldn’t remember their actions in the morning. You would have felt intimidated if it weren’t for the knowledge that Captain America would ward off any unwanted attention.

    “Heyyy doll.” A very inebriated Bucky called out seductively as you walked over to him and Steve, a lopsided smile plastered on his face.

    “Bucky.” Steve warned, not for the first time. Bucky became extremely flirtatious when drunk, and there had been multiple occasions where he had harmlessly flirted with you. Bucky was cute, extremely cute, and if you weren’t utterly in love with his best friend, you might even be interested. Steve likes Peggy, you should go for it.

    “Only in your wildest dreams Barnes.” You jested, flashing him a playful smile.

    You didn’t have too much to drink, fearing that in your drunken state you may reveal feelings to sober Steve that you could never take back. Opting instead to discuss topics like what life was like back home, and what you were going to do upon returning.

    You weren’t even sure how your conversation had found its way onto this topic - something about his dancing and performing on stage in front of hundreds of people, but never with a partner.

    “You’ve really never danced with someone before?” You enquired as he nervously broke your eye contact, looking down at the drink in his hands, swirling the dark liquid around the glass.

    “Well, I’ve never had someone to dance with before, but now that I do, I’m nervous I’m not going to have any idea what I’m doing.” He confessed and your heart sank through the bottom of your stomach. Now that I do.

    “It’s not that difficult - it’s who you're dancing with, that’s what really makes it special.” Your mother once said ‘dance with someone who owns your heart, pull them close so you can feel their breath on your cheek, and when you relax your body into theirs, your heart beating in unison, you know you’ve found the one’. And by all accounts, Steve Rogers most definitely owned your heart.

    “Would you teach me?” He asked, wide eyed and hopeful. “If you know how to dance, would you teach me?” He reiterated. His big, beautiful blue eyes stared at you expectantly. You couldn’t say no to him. Not when he looked like an excited puppy ready for a walk.

    “Of course I can.” The smile he beamed was reciprocated on your own features as you accepted. This was selfish - you were only teaching him because of your want to be closer to him, for him to see you in a way that you were positive he already found with someone else, yet you took the opportunity anyway.

    Steve agreed to start the lesson outside, opting for a secluded area where no patron of the pub would be able to stumble into the two of you. Standing awkwardly, at your mercy, not sure what to do with his limbs, he let you guide his arms to where they needed to be.

    “Hold me, like so.” You said, placing your right hand delicately in his left one, then directing his right hand to your back, before snaking your left around to the back of his shoulder. “There - just like that. Now all you need to do is sway to the beat of the music.” You explained, treasuring the closeness of his warm body in the cool night air.

    The soft music which was playing inside was not audible where you were now, which Steve pointed out, but you told him to use his imagination. Robotically, Steve stepped from side to side, solely focussed on where he was placing his feet.

    “You need to look at your partner. It’s supposed to be an intimate moment.” You said, taking your hand and lifting his chin so his bright eyes were looking into yours. His eyes bore into your soul, and even though you were fully clothed, you had never felt more exposed in your life than you did in this very moment. “You won’t step on my toes if you prioritise leading instead of looking at your feet - if you want to step forward, make sure you press towards me, you’re essentially forcing me to take a step back and you won’t step on my toes.” You explained through the lump forming in your throat.

    “Here, keep looking at me, relax your hips, and just… move. If you move, you compel your partner to move with you.” You continued, and he did as you said. Maintaining eye contact with you the entire time, Steve led you around the courtyard, his hand protectively resting on your back, eventually finding the courage to spin you. Your body craved being in contact with him, as he spun you away, all you could think about was how long it would be until you were back in his arms, even if that would be only mere seconds. The disquiet, which was rising in your chest, must have been evident on your face as Steve broke the silence.

    “Am I doing something wrong? God, was the spin too much? Am I not leading right? Is my hand not in the right position?” He asked, anxiously moving his hand from where it rested on your back to your waist.

    “Nothings wrong. You’re doing great.” His proximity to you made it hard to keep your voice level, from not giving away your feelings for him right then and there.

    “Alright, then what’s up with you? You’ve been acting strange all day.” Why did he have to be so damn observant?

    “I’m not acting strange, we’re just dancing.” You brushed him off, hoping that he couldn’t feel your heart thumping in your chest which was currently gently pressed against his.

    “Y/N, you’re one of only a few people around here who is willing to spend time with me outside of work, believe me, I know when something’s off.” He stated, pulling away from your body slightly to study your face.

    “Steve…” You whispered, pleading with him to stop and not push the subject.

    “You can talk to me, you know. I can help you, whatever it is.” He was always so insistent. He really believed there wasn’t a problem, big or small, that he couldn’t solve - you knew that wasn’t a quality bestowed upon him by the serum.

    “You can’t help with this.” You said, trying to play down what was at this point fairly evident torment, at least to Steve.

    “Try me.” He said, the corners of his mouth twitched in a smile, tempting you to kiss him. Pulling your mind away from that thought, you tried to focus, but his closeness and the alcohol running through your system made that almost impossible.

    “No, Steve, you really can’t.” As much as you yearned to have his hands roaming over your body, up and down the length of your back and squeezing your hand as if he were holding on for dear life, you stepped back, breaking all physical contact with him.

    “Well, maybe if you tell me what the problem is…” His face held concern, jaw tight with worry.

    “The problem is I can’t stay away from you! It’s as if my soul is a magnet and it’s pulling me towards yours. No matter how much my brain screams at me that you’ve fallen for someone else, that you could never look at me the way you look at her - I keep coming back to you because…” Even after accidentally spilling that entire confession, you couldn’t bring yourself to say the words that you had only ever permitted yourself to think, but not speak aloud. I’m in love with you, Steve Rogers.

    “Because… what?” He asked, taking a step closer to you. You bit down on your lip as you looked up at his blue eyes which were searching your face in anticipation, expecting you to continue. Even in the dark you could see his cheeks blush a light shade of pink.

    “Don’t make me say it Steve.” You begged him. You were certain your heart couldn’t handle the despair of his rejection.

    “Please…” He leaned imperceptibly closer. The desperation in his voice cracked a wall around your heart and for a second led you to believe that he actually wanted to hear you say those three little words.

    “This was a mistake…” You said, shaking your head, your brain scrambling to find the right thing to say, anything to say, other than the confession of love that was currently on the tip of your tongue. He’s in love with Peggy, he’s only doing this to learn how to dance for Peggy, you reminded yourself.

    “Y/N, wait!” He grabbed your wrist as you tried to turn away from him. Goosebumps, which had nothing to do with the cool night air, raced up your arm.

    “No, Steve, I can’t - l... I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have put you in this position. Just… forget this ever happened.” Pulling your hand away from his strong yet tender touch, you rushed to your sleeping chambers, leaving Steve standing alone in the cold, dark night, bewildered at the scene which had played out in front of him.

    * * *

    You actively attempted to evade Steve the next day, but that proved more difficult than anticipated - in attempts to recreate the super soldier serum, the SSR needed more tests run on Steve, blood work, swab tests, vitals, and that job fell into your lap.

    Your heart was racing as you met him in the med bay, after procrastinating for as long as you possibly could. Mostly you wanted to avoid him like the plague, but there was a small part of you that was tormented by not having seen him all day.

    “Y/N, we need to talk.” Steve said as soon as you walked in to the test room where he had been waiting for you. Please, anything but that.

    “Steve, please, I’m just here to do my job.” You grabbed the medical forms you would have to fill out, as well as the equipment you were needing to use for the tests.

    “This is important.” He stood his ground, hand on hip. It was the way he stared at you, and the knowledge of how insistent he was, that let you know he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

    You could feel your blood pressure rising - why did you have to go and ruin everything by telling him? You may not have said the words I love you, but you had made your feelings pretty clear, and he hadn’t told you he felt the same. The smell of sterile cleaning agents filled the room as you stared at him, desperate for this conversation to not be occurring.

    “Steve, please just let me do my job. There’s really nothing to talk about.” Your eyes pleaded with him to drop the conversation. You wanted to go back to a time where he didn’t know about your feelings, where you could pine for him without his knowledge.

    “What do you mean nothing-, Y/N, what you said last night, what you left unsaid… there’s a lot to talk about.” He took a large step closer to you, and you wanted him to reach out and embrace you. How twisted was it the the one person who could break your heart would also be the only person you wanted to find comfort in when mending it?

    “Steve, please, I asked you-”

    “What, to forget about it? I can’t just disregard what you said.” He interrupted, there was a desperation in his voice you had never heard before.

    “Why not?” You weren’t sure you wanted the answer to the question, but it slipped past your lips before you could stop it.

    “Because I care about you!” The words hung in the air as if you weren’t willing to accept them.

    “Please… don’t torture me like this.” You exhorted. Steve wasn’t a liar, far from it, but you couldn’t believe his words. You had spent so long convincing yourself that he didn’t have feelings for you that his words only chipped away at the surface.

    “Torture - what?” Bewilderment on flashing on his face.

    “You might care about me, but I see the way you look at Peggy, you don’t look at me like that.” You explained, trying to translate the reasoning in your head into words.

    “How would you know how I look at you?” He said that he cared about you - why did you have to make this difficult, why couldn't you take the confession and run?

    “Because I’m always looking at you - hoping that you’re looking back.”

    “And am I?” He asked and you paused before answering.


    “Look, Peggy’s a nice girl, and I have her to thank for a lot, before the serum she was one of a few people who actually believed in me, but I don’t care about her the same way I care about you. I’ve never cared about anyone the way I care about you. When I asked you to teach me to dance yesterday, it wasn’t Peggy I wanted to practice for… it was just an excuse to get closer to you, to dance with you. I know that probably sounds pathetic...” Steve rambled, hand reaching up to nervously rub the back of his neck.

    "You really wanted to dance with me?" It was a relatively innocent question, loaded with dire implications.

    "Yes, only you." Steve confirmed, inching closer to you to cup your face. Your lips curled into a smile, as your hands found the backs of his strong triceps, he leaned down and gently pressed his lips onto yours. The kiss was tender, pure affection, everything you had ever hoped it would be, if not quite the location of choice.

    Your heart was thumping in your chest as he pulled away, his hands never loosing their connection to you. The endearment in his eyes essentially announced that he wanted more, desired to kiss you again, but was hesitant because of your whereabouts.

    "You're going to have to wait a minute before you take my heart rate and blood pressure, after that kiss, they're a little elevated." He chuckled, which made you smile. The sound was music to your ears, something you could listen to on repeat for the rest of your life, and if Steve were up for it, you would sign up for a lifetime of it this very moment.

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    Still happy for him no matter what! Always a winner in our hearts! Congrats to all the winners and nominees. ✨

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    Wanda Maximoff (MCU) - Credit if using

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    Commission birthday gift for Nico, who contacted me on Instagram 🎉🎂 She's always so supportive of my art!

    A pretty Everett and of course a hedgehog 🦔♥️

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    Are we gonna completely ignore how Sam was treating Erin like his daughter throughout the whole show? And how she was treating Bucky like her dads girlfriend that she totally didn’t approve of?

    #marvel#gay #marvel cinematic universe #mcu#erin kellyman#samuel wilson#sam wilson#bucky barnes #james buchanan barnes #sambucky
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    The Vision and Wanda Maximoff (MCU) - Credit if using

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    Love Drunk - Wanda Maximoff x Female Reader | NSFW 18+

    ᴍᴀɪɴ ᴍᴀꜱᴛᴇʀʟɪꜱᴛ | ᴡᴀɴᴅᴀ ᴍᴀxɪᴍᴏꜰꜰ ᴍᴀꜱᴛᴇʀʟɪꜱᴛ

    Request: Nope!☺️

    Summary: Italics - Flashbacks. Sometimes, what happens in Vegas, doesn't always have to stay in Vegas.

    Warnings: Daddy kink, Thigh riding, Choking kink, Top!Reader x PowerBottom!Wanda, Derogatory names, Gentle face slapping, Oral (female receiving), Vaginal Fingering.

    Word Count: 7.5K>

    “Sharon, I really don’t know if this is a good idea, maybe I should just stay at home and we can celebrate once you come back,” you bargained nervously. Sharon frowned at your words and pouted taking a seat on your couch. “Come on Y/N, it’ll be fun, Vegas is always fun, it’s a fact,” she argued confidently.

    This is how it always was. Your best friend Sharon was so confident and sure of herself that she was always able to explain and bargain to get what she wanted without fail. She was the kind of person who would catch everybody’s attention in a room full of various people without even trying, there was something about her confidence that you were always so envious of. You, however, was a very shy and timid person. You didn’t tend to go out and socialise much and you always did your best to try and stay as a background character, having people’s attention on you was something that always made you uncomfortable.

    “Y/N,” Sharon whined, breaking you out of your thoughts, she huffed grumpily once you looked at her, “It’s my birthday, I want my best friend at my birthday, pretty please with a cherry on top, will you just come with us to Vegas.” You sighed at your blonde friend, by ‘us’ she meant the Avengers, by the Avengers it meant a specific handful.

    “Shaz, I honestly don’t think it’s a good idea. I mean, think of your Avenger friends compared to me. I’m literally just gonna be so boring, they’re all cool highly trained heroines and agents and I’m just,” you sighed frowning as you hesitated on how to finish the sentence, “me. I’m nothing special and I don’t want to ruin your birthday.” Sharon frowned at your words, she always hated how easy you found it to put yourself down when she thought you were fabulous.

    “Y/N, just because you’re not an agent, or an Avenger, doesn’t mean you’re not one of my closest and most amazing friends,” she complimented, “being a teacher is fucking badass, I wouldn’t be able to deal with bratty kids all day.”

    You laughed at her bluntness as you laid next to her on your couch, your head rested in her lap as you looked up at the ceiling. Sharon smiled down at you before a knowing smirk spread across her face, “Besides, I know something that might just get you to change your mind and agree to come and have fun.”

    You scoffed slightly knowing you can be pretty stubborn whenever you want to be. You raised your eyebrow at the overly confident blonde, “Go on then, what could possibly make me change my mind?” You challenged, your eyes narrowing playfully.

    Sharon just smirked more, “Wanda Maximoff,” she stated. Your breath hitched at the mention of her name, you had only met the brunette on a few occasions, for very short amounts of times before she had to be elsewhere, or you had become too embarrassed and flustered to carry on the conversation.

    “Wanda Maximoff is coming with us to Vegas, she asked about you y’know, she asked if you specifically were going to be joining us,” Sharon admitted truthfully. You looked into her eyes to see if there were any hints of deception or falseness in her words, but there wasn’t. You tucked your bottom lip between your teeth as you thought about the younger brunette and how she stood out the very first time you had ever met her, she was outstanding.


    It was New Year’s Eve and Sharon had invited you as a plus one to one of Tony Stark’s famous parties. To say you were nervous was an understatement. You had heard a lot about her SHIELD and Avenger’s friends, even though you probably weren’t meant to, but Maria trusted you. The fact that the two of you had been best friend’s since you were children made it easier for her to know, and trust, that anything you heard would never be taken further than the walls they were spoken in, you had never betrayed Sharon's trust and you weren’t going to start then.

    You had lost Sharon in the crowd of people, and you could feel your heartbeat quicken, you manoeuvred yourself through the crowd to get to the balcony and took a deep breath of fresh air as your body calmed down.

    You looked from the balcony and smiled to yourself as you took in the beautiful sight of New York at night. The different lights bouncing off each other, the muffled noise of partygoers in Times Square as they waited for the New Year’s ball to drop. You were pulled out of your thoughts by the door behind you opening to reveal a gorgeous woman.

    You gulped slightly as your gaze lingered on her, probably for a bit too long, her brunette hair had natural waves in it that made it sit comfortably where her collarbones were. Her toned slender legs on show because of the tight, forest green mini dress she was wearing that hugged her hourglass figure perfectly.

    Even in the dark you could see the glimmer and sparkle of her emerald eyes, the lights from the city below you reflect off them. You swallowed thickly as your gaze travelled to her chest where you could see the valley of her full breasts. You redirected your eyes when you heard the woman clear her throat to break the silence.

    “I’m sorry, I didn’t realise anybody else would be out here,” she confessed smiling lightly at you. You blinked slowly as you focused your gaze on her face, her plump pink lips pressed against each other as she waited for your reply, her prominent jawline being complimented by her chiselled cheekbones.

    “Are you okay?” The mystery woman questioned, breaking you out of your thoughts, “Oh, yes. I um, hi? I’m uh, I’m a friend of Sharon’s, I came out here because I lost her, and I um, I started to get overwhelmed. I’ll go back inside if you’d like to stay out here alone, it’s not a problem,” you rambled nervously as her eyes bored into you.

    She chuckled slightly, finding it adorable how you rambled so much because you were nervous. She shook her head ‘no’ smiling softly at you, “That’s not necessary, I think it’ll be nice to have some company if you don’t mind, friend of Sharon’s,” she teased, making you realise you hadn’t even told her your name. You smiled back at the woman who made her way over to you and stuck out her hand, “I’m Wanda, Wanda Maximoff. I guess you could say I’m also a friend of Sharon’s,” she parodied to your explanation of yourself earlier.

    You felt your cheeks become warm as you shook her delicate, ring covered hand. “H-hi Wanda, I’m Y/N, it’s nice to put a face to a name,” you admitted shyly. ‘Especially one as beautiful as yours,’ you thought to yourself.

    “What was that love?” Wanda questioned, making you freeze.

    Did you say that out loud? Surely not. What you didn’t know is that your thoughts were extremely loud for the confident woman who stood before you. You remembered that Sharon had spoken about her often, how she is one of the younger members of the team but is still such an important asset to a lot of the missions they face.

    “Ah, you’re the lovely Y/N I hear so much about. You’re a teacher, right?” You look at Wanda stunned at the fact that she very much knows who you are now that she has been able to put a name to you.

    You nodded slowly and smiled, “Yep, that’s little old me. It’s nowhere near exciting as what I have heard about you,” you confided. Her eyebrow raised and your eyes widened at the confession, you cleared your throat, “Not that I know what the Avengers and SHIELD do, because I’m totally not allowed to know that stuff,” you panicked.

    Wanda’s eyes shamelessly roamed your body, very much taking in your body language. She noticed how you were stood in a defensive stance, your arms crossed across your chest in an uncomfortable fashion, like you were ready to have to defend why you were here. She could feel that you were out of your depth, but you tried hiding it by wearing a glamourous red dress, which highlighted all your best assets in a hope of giving yourself a confidence boost.

    “Well Y/N, I think you being a teacher is exciting in its own kind of way,” she expressed comfortably, “It’s like you’re somebody’s own superhero, your classes superhero. Besides, our jobs are similar in the fact that every day is uncertain, and you’ve always got to be ready.”

    You looked at Wanda in awe, your heart clutched onto the words that fell from her pretty mouth, how she made you feel like you deserved the world, that you were always going to be better than you believed you would be. “Thank you, Wanda. That is honestly one of the nicest things anybody has ever said to me, not including Sharon of course” you revealed embarrassed.

    She moved closer towards you, to the point that you could feel the heat radiating off her body, the heat clashing harshly with the cool breeze that circled you both.

    You swallowed thickly, feeling strangely comfortable at the proximity you were in with a stranger. Her eyes flickered from yours, to your lips and back again. She leant closer to you, the smell of her perfume lingering in the air alongside the vodka you could taste on her breath, “Well sweetheart, I think you just haven’t found the right people to stay accompanied with just yet,” she whispered suggestively.

    She smirked knowing she left you speechless and planted a soft kiss on your cheek, more towards your jawline, “It was lovely to meet you Y/N, maybe I’ll see you around,” she voiced with plenty of confidence.

    You watched her hips sway as she walked back inside the tower, leaving you on the balcony with your thoughts spiralling. She was your new drug and she had you addicted.


    Sharon snapped her fingers in front of your face startling you, “Earth to Y/N! I said, has that changed your mind? Knowing that the absolute love of your life is going to be there,” she teased playfully. You huffed as you removed yourself from the comfort of Sharon’s lap and tied your hair in a messy bun, “I never said she was the love of my life, in fact, I’ve never really said anything about her,” you muttered quietly.

    Sharon scoffed and rolled her eyes, “I’m not blind Y/N. I can tell that you fancy the pants off her, it’s obvious whenever you see her. It’s quite cute, you’re honestly love drunk for that woman. So come on, just come to Vegas, you never know what might happen,” she hinted as she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

    You laughed throwing a pillow at your friends face, “Fine, I’ll come,” Sharon squealed at the acceptance and went to hug you but you put your hand out to stop her, “I’ll come if you get your mind out of the fucking gutter,” you joked smiling to which she just nodded quickly in agreement so you didn’t have the chance to change your mind.

    You both settled back down as you watched movies for the remainder of the night. As occupied as you were, you couldn’t stop your mind from flickering back to memories of Wanda, you knew Sharon was right, but you were never going to admit how love drunk you were over somebody who was practically a stranger.


    5:30AM. The time was ungodly, it was the morning of the trip to Vegas, and you could already feel the anxiety that bubbled in the pit of your stomach, it made you feel sick. You were going to be stuck in a metal death trap for nearly 6 hours. Luckily, Stark had let Sharon use one of his private jets so that it was more comfortable for everybody who was going. That, and the fact that it would just be awkward if the world’s mightiest heroes got recognised on a plane.

    You sighed as you checked over your suitcase one last time and made sure you had everything. Clothes, both comfy and for going out? Check. Electricals’ chargers? Check. Toiletries? Check. 4 different choices of books for you to read? Check.

    You zipped up your case once more before going down to wait for Sharon in the lobby of your apartment building, she had told you that she would pick you up, so you didn’t have to drive there yourself in such early hours of the morning. You knew that this was because she was used to being up at the crack of dawn every day, but you most definitely were not.

    You yawned loudly and shivered at the cool air in the lobby, it wasn’t cold, but it wasn’t warm either, you pulled your sleeves over your hands and put your hood up onto your head and relaxed at the warmth it gave.

    You had decided to wear a comfortable pair of grey sweatpants, with a white hoodie to keep you warm, your hair was in a messy bun, and you were pleased that you could wear your fluffy socks with the trainers you’d chosen. You heard a car horn and your head snapped up from your phone as you looked around, not actually seeing Sharon’s black BMW. You frowned to yourself as you looked back down at your phone, again being disturbed by a car horn.

    You huffed in frustration as you lifted your head once more, pushing your glasses up the bridge of your nose. You gasped slightly as the car window of a red Buick rolled down to reveal Wanda in the driver’s seat, your hands immediately became clammy, and your body tensed, “Hey sweetheart, Sharon sent me to pick you up, didn’t you get the message?” She questioned gently. Goddammit, Sharon, I know what game you’re playing.

    You shook your head as you walked towards the car, “I-I’m sorry, I honestly had no idea or I wouldn’t have had you waiting, I’m so sorry Wanda,” you apologised quickly as she left the car and helped you with your bag. She smiled gently at you before taking your bag, her hand grazed yours, it was like little tingles spread across it and you involuntarily flinched your hand away from hers, if she had noticed, she chose not to say anything.

    You blushed deeply when Wanda insisted on opening the passenger door for you before you climbed into her car, the aroma of her perfume hit you strongly, it was a nice mix of something floral mixed with vanilla, “So Y/N, I’m glad you decided to come, Sharon mentioned you were unsure about it at first, is it okay for me to ask why?” She pressed lightly.

    You cleared your throat slightly and sat up straighter, you hadn’t realised that Sharon had spoken to her friends about your hesitation, now things will be awkward, “She only spoke to me about it because I was the one who specifically asked if you were coming,” she reassured gently.

    Your eyes darted to your left as Wanda basically answered the question you had in your head, you gulped a little and picked at your nails, “I was nervous, I still am, you guys are pretty intimidating to someone like me,” you confessed timidly.

    Wanda glanced at you for a small second, frowning at the fact you seemed so uncomfortable. She knew that the fact she answered the question in your head had intimidated you, “Y/N, how much do you know about me?”

    You looked up from your hands you’d rested in your lap and towards Wanda, you’d just realised her hair was no longer brunette, but a gorgeous gingery-red kind of colour, she really suited it. “Your hair is nice,” you complimented smiling to which she raised her eyebrow, “That’s very sweet of you, but you’re question dodging, honey.”

    You shuddered slightly at the pet name, that familiar coil making itself known in the pit of your stomach as you inhaled sharply. “I uh, I don’t know very much about you,” you admitted, still confused at the intentions of the question, “But I’d like to, if you’d let me.” She tapped her thumbs against the steering wheel as your drive through the streets of New York continued.

    Wanda smiled once you insisted that you’d like to get to know her, she knew that she made you nervous, the truth was she wanted to know you too. “Well, my powers consist of many different things. Things such as energy manipulation, telekinesis, reality-warping, conjuration,” she listed confidently. You smiled listening to her, but the last thing she mentioned caught your attention, “Neuro what what?” you questioned confused.

    Wanda laughed making your stomach churn, her laugh was beautiful, even though the laugh was directed to your confusion, you just smiled bashfully at the redhead. “Neuroelectric interfacing is the fancy way of saying, mind-reading or mind-control.”

    You blinked slowly at the explanation, oh my god. That’s how she knew what was running through your mind at the party, now in the car, she’s been reading your thoughts, idiot. You’re an actual idiot.

    Wanda could sense your nerves and she leant over and took a hold of your hand, again making you involuntarily flinch your hand away. Wanda immediately retreated her own and pursed her lips slightly, “I’m sorry Y/N. What I can say though is I haven’t ever purposefully gone through your thoughts, it’s just sometimes your thoughts happen to be really loud, and I can’t always block them out,” she stated truthfully.

    You frowned and picked at your nails, “It tends to happen when you’re nervous or you’re panicking. I’m sorry Y/N, I didn’t mean to upset you,” she muttered sadly.

    You shrugged slightly and then gave her a sad smile. “I shouldn’t have reacted like that; it just threw me off balance a little. I mainly think it’s because I don’t like the idea of me being in my own thoughts, never mind if somebody else is,” you explained a little more confidently.

    Wanda nodded and rested her hand on the gearstick as she pulled up at a red light, you watched her at the red lights with a small smile on your face. Not that Wanda wasn’t extremely attractive anyway but, watching Wanda drive was, definitely, one of the sexiest things you’ve ever had the chance to witness, even when the both of you are just in comfy clothes, “Wands?”

    Wanda smiled at the new nickname that you bestowed upon her, “Yeah honey?” She kept her eyes on the road but gently brushed her hand against your thigh whenever she used to gearstick.

    You felt your cheeks go warm at another use of a pet name and the tender touches, so you cleared your throat, “W-what um, what have you heard from my thoughts, is it a lot?” You questioned nervously. The last thing you wanted to do was embarrass yourself in front of her, especially considering there have been plenty of times you have practically drooled over her.

    Wanda immediately shook her head, “No, it’s not a lot. There was a thought from the first time we met, at Stark’s party.”

    You turned to look at her, pleasantly surprised by the fact that she must remember the first time you met as vividly as you do. It was hard for you to contain your excitement, but you did, as Wanda continued, “The only thing I heard from you was when you liked the fact you could put a face to a name, especially a face as beautiful as mine,” she quoted with a shit-eating grin on her face.

    You groaned embarrassed and tried your best to hide your face in your hands but failed miserably, due to the fact Wanda had used her powers to keep your hands planted firmly in your lap as if you were handcuffed.

    You swallowed thickly as the wetness in your underwear had begun to pool at the thought of Wanda being able to tie you up without actual restraints and have her way with you.

    “Don’t shy away little dove, it was a really sweet thought of you to have,” she teased gently, “Besides, I can’t exactly deny the fact that I had my eyes fixated on you in the little red dress that didn’t leave much to the imagination.” Wanda chuckled slightly as she watched you sink into your seat as she turned into the compound.

    You immediately sat back up as you looked out the window and took in the scenery around you. You had never been to the compound before, only the Avenger’s tower, it was gorgeous. The acres of forestry around the compound keeping it secluded was a beautiful change to the modernness of the big buildings of the main city.

    Wanda watched as you looked at the compound in awe and smiled to herself knowing that she reacted the same the very first time she had come to what was her new home. Wanda left the car and grabbed your bag before opening your door and putting her hand out for you, you hesitated slightly but then smiled placing your hand in hers as you both walked towards the jet.

    This was nice, this was really nice.


    Nope. Never mind, this was horrible.

    You had only been on the jet for an hour, and you felt sick to your stomach, you hadn’t moved from your seat the whole time that you were on the jet. One of the reasons being you were too scared to, the other reason being your seat was next to Wanda’s, so you didn’t want to move because her just being sat next to you was comforting.

    You were jealous at the people around you were able to just get on with everything, not be panicked by flying. Whilst you, on the other hand, were worried the jet was going to implode at any second.

    Your eyes darted around the jet as you focused on the people within; there was Natasha, Maria, Wanda, Sharon, Carol, and yourself. You looked out of the window fighting the urge of wanting to cry, you hated flying, you had ever since you were a child, but the other women were used to it, two of the 5 of them could fly for crying out loud.

    Wanda’s eyes bored into you as she watched you stay curled up by the window towards the back of the jet. Sharon nudged Wanda gently making her jump at the sudden movement, “You’re staring Maximoff, it’s very obvious,” she stated teasingly, as Wanda just kept her eyes on you.

    Wanda rolled her eyes at the statement, she couldn’t care less if she was caught staring at you, everything about you was admirable. “I was observing actually; I wish she could see what we see Sharon. I just want her to realise how amazing she is,” she complained as she finally turned her attention to Sharon who had a smirk plastered across her face.

    “So why don’t you show her? She’s crazy about you y’know. If it wasn’t for you, I honestly don’t think she would have come on this trip, it was the mention of your name that swayed her decision,” she commented quickly.

    Wanda turned her head to the blonde and scoffed slightly as she folded her arms across her chest, “Yeah, right,” Wanda muttered unconvinced.

    Sharon huffed at the younger redhead, “Wanda, I’m being serious. The way she perked up when I mentioned your name and told her that you were coming? It was really sweet actually,” Sharon reminisced happily.

    Wanda looked at you once more, sitting up straighter as soon as she saw a tear roll down your cheek. She frowned gently as you curled further into yourself, since you’d now opened your flood gates, Wanda’s heart wrenched at the sight, “Sharon? Is there something you might have forgotten?” Wanda questioned quickly. Sharon shook her head confused and frowned when Wanda discretely pointed to you.

    Sharon gasped loudly and covered her mouth, “Oh my god, Y/N hates flying. I didn’t even think, she’s hated flying ever since we were kids, I can’t believe I forgot,” she whispered upset.

    Wanda shook her head and stopped Sharon standing up and sent her a gentle smile, “It’s okay, I’ve got it.”

    As much as Sharon did feel bad that she forgot your fear, she smirked to herself as the redhead walked over to you to give you some company. You were, both, love drunk for each other, but neither of you would admit it.

    You felt movement beside you, so you turned your head, quickly wiping your eyes, and saw Wanda, “Oh, Wands, hi,” you smiled gently, blatantly ignoring that you were just crying.

    Wanda just raised an eyebrow as she grabbed the closest blanket and wrapped it around you both without saying a word. Your body relaxed from the sudden warmth of the blanket and the fact Wanda was sat so unbelievably close to you, you could pretty much merge into her side.

    Wanda lifted her hand to your face and wiped away a few stray tears, “Not a fan of flying then?” she queried sincerely. You chewed your lip slightly, suddenly feeling embarrassed at what you deemed is an irrational fear, but you still nodded.

    Wanda smiled at the fact you’re comfortable with her to admit it scares you, even if she can still feel some nervousness radiating from you.

    You jumped slightly when you felt her strong arms wrap around you as she pulled you onto her lap, “Try and get some sleep, I’ll protect you,” she whispered softly, moving loose strands of hair from out of your face.

    You nodded slightly as you nuzzled yourself further into Wanda’s warmth, your head lying in the crook of her neck as your hand fisted her shirt. She smiled down at you getting comfortable herself whilst she tickled the bottom of your back sending you straight to sleep, her following the action not much later.

    Sharon turned her attention to the two of you and smiled taking a few pictures of you wrapped up in each other’s arms. She was glad her plan was working; it was becoming tiring that she knew you two adored each other but neither of you would make the first move.

    So, Sharon did what she does best and got the ball rolling on behalf of you both.


    You had been in Las Vegas for a few days now, you and Wanda had been inseparable. You found out that everyone was roomed in duos, so everybody always had a ‘buddy’ if the group of you went out anywhere. You weren’t surprised at the fact that Sharon had roomed you and Wanda together.

    When you found out you looked straight at Sharon who had the biggest, cheekiest grin on her face. You wished you could be mad at her to put you in the position you were in, but you couldn’t help but love her more for the fact she was obviously helping you with your crush.

    You groaned loudly hearing Wanda’s alarm and shoved your face further into your pillows. This must be the fourth time you’ve heard it this morning, Wanda was such an early bird that it hurt your soul. You just wanted to have a lie-in and be lazy but no, the redhead had things planned for the both of you all day, every day, that’s if you weren’t already doing things as a group.

    You hit your hand against the bedside a few times doing your best to find the source of the noise so that you could turn the darn thing off. “Come on lazy, get your ass out of bed before I drag it out,” you heard Wanda threaten.

    You scoffed slightly as you wrapped yourself tighter in the covers and whined, “Wands pleaseee just let me stay in bed a little bit longer, just a bit,” you pleaded as you moved a pillow so you could look at her.

    Your breath got caught in your throat when you saw Wanda stood in nothing but a short towel, her body glistening from the water of her shower as her wet hair sprawled across her shoulders, “Fuck,” you muttered under your breath.

    Yes, you and Wanda had been sharing a room for a few days now, but you usually had at least a warning or enough time to look away and ensure you didn’t stare at the woman when she came out from the shower or was getting changed.

    Wanda smirked as she walked closer to the bed before kneeling next to you, the towel nearly becoming undone. You gulped hard as she gently dragged her finger across your jaw, before she gripped your chin tightly, between her finger and thumb, forcing you to look at her and moved her face closer to yours, “I really do think you should get up honey, there’s a lot we can be doing today, and I’d like it if you accompanied me.”

    You could taste the mint from her toothpaste on her breath, the aroma of her shampoo becoming heavy, you nodded submissively as she moved away and walked over to the wardrobe you were sharing.

    You propped yourself up on your elbows as you watched her pull out one of your oversized button-up shirts and a pair of her jeans, alongside some underwear.

    You diverted your eyes as she got changed, glancing out the corner of your eye every so often. Your stomach tightened as you saw her toned legs being complimented at how plump her ass is. You felt like such a sleaze for glancing, but you couldn’t help yourself, “I can feel you staring at my ass Y/N.”

    You blushed profusely at her words before turning your back to her and facing the wall in front of you. There had been a few things that had happened between you and Wanda over the last few days that were questionable.

    The fact that you both were inseparable was expected, but what wasn’t expected was the constant flirting, the longing glances, and the constant touching. The two of you were always holding hands or cuddled up into each other, it hadn’t gone unnoticed by the other girls, neither had the small and intimate dates the two of you had snuck off to do.

    From the very first day the two of you have shared a bed, both relaxed at the comfort and closeness of each other. The way your bodies moulded together as if they were made for each other, Wanda’s arms wrapped tightly around you as you rested your head in the crook of her neck, your legs tangled together. You hadn’t slept as well as you have these last couple of nights in a long time and it was all because of Wanda. If anybody didn’t know you, you were sure that they’d have thought you were a couple.

    You jumped slightly when the bed dipped behind you and Wanda’s hands found themselves on your shoulders, applying a little bit of pressure. You bit your lip hard to stifle a moan that threatened to fall from your mouth at the contact, Wanda’s head getting ever closer to yours, her lips beside your ear, “You think I haven’t heard your thoughts about me, they’re growing louder each day sugar, but I still don’t see you doing anything about it,” she taunted. Y

    ou took a deep breath as you glanced at her hands on your shoulders, newfound confidence coming over you. A surprised yelp left Wanda’s mouth as you quickly turned, grabbed her wrists, and then pinned her down onto the bed and hovered above her, both of your chests heaving.

    Your shirt that she wore barely buttoned up halfway so you could see her chest, “Well Maximoff, I’ve not seen you make any moves either. Even with all the knowledge that you seem to have,” you stated cockily.

    Your eyes roamed her body as she laid underneath you until they connected with hers, her eyes now darkened with lust. She tried to buck her hips to gain some kind of friction and pressure, but you just growled slightly and pinned them back down, “Behave yourself.”

    Wanda bit her lip hard as she stared up at you, your nervous demeanour replaced by a much more confident and dominating one. “Well Y/N, you have me right where you want me, so what are you gonna do about it?” She challenged.

    You took a shaky breath when her hands travelled up your body and towards your neck before she pulled you closer, “Kiss me,” she purred, her fingernails digging into the back of your neck, “I want you to kiss me,” she demanded once more.

    You bit your lip hard as you kept Wanda pinned underneath you, “Are you sure this is what you want? There’s no going back,” you stated gently.

    Wanda blinked slowly, shocked at the fact you’re giving her a chance to back out. The truth is, she’d waited long enough, she wanted you and wanted you now. “This is what I want, you are what I want. Now just kiss me, please,” she begged as she looked up into your eyes.

    You couldn’t help but smirk when you saw how her body was begging you to touch her, her eyes pleading you to take her, she wanted to give you her everything.

    You leant down and finally connected your lips to Wanda’s, her hands moving to your head as she tangled her fingers in your hair pulling you as close to her as humanly possible. You couldn’t help but moan into her mouth, the softness of her lips, the desperation of the kiss and the taste of her strawberry chapstick danced on the edge of your tongue.

    Wanda whimpered as you forced your thigh between her legs, opening the shirt that barely covered her, you took the opportunity to slide your tongue into her mouth as she tugged the roots of your hair. Your tongues battled for dominance, and you pressed your thigh harder against her dripping core and immediately got the upper hand. Wanda whined as you pulled away and looked up at you with her glimmering emerald eyes whilst you smiled down at her.

    You grabbed the shirt from her and discarded it properly onto the floor, your eyes roamed her now bare body. She chewed her lip nervously as you stayed silent and let your hands caress her sides before you moved them to her breasts kneading them, “You’re so beautiful Wanda,” you muttered quietly as you moved your mouth to her neck. You kissed and sucked on her delicate skin before leaving a deep bruise on her sweet spot you found when an animalistic moan left her mouth.

    “Y/N, please,” she begged desperately as you massaged her hardened buds in between your thumbs and index fingers. Wanda watched as you fixated your attention on her breasts as you began kissing and sucking on the smooth skin, her nipples still being teased by the gentleness of your fingers.

    “Y/N,” she tried again, but this time she bucked her hips up to get the friction she craved from your thigh. She gasped at the sudden sensation before repeating her action, desperate breathy moans falling from her kiss-swollen lips.

    The sudden slickness on your thigh grabbed your attention as Wanda was still grinding against it, her breaths were quicker and more ragged as she chased her own high.

    You moaned at the sight of her using your thigh to get herself off, the way her eyes rolled back in pure ecstasy as she got the friction she begged for. Wanda let out an agitated gasp as you pulled your thigh away, “Y/N?! What the fuck?!”

    You chuckled as you pulled her off the bed, sitting yourself on the edge before you pulled her back down onto your thigh, receiving a loud moan in acceptance of the action.

    You moved her hair out of the way so you could get access to her neck, “Well go on princess, use daddy’s thigh to cum, my pretty girl,” you praised.

    Wanda whimpered when you called her a good girl, your smirk ever growing. You used one hand to grip Wanda’s hip and guide her across your thigh as she rocked her hips in a steady rhythm, small pants leaving her mouth. “Fuck, you’re such a good girl baby, you like the feeling of daddy’s thigh against your cunt?” You teased maliciously as you moved your free hand to her throat applying pressure, a gasp getting stuck in the back of her throat.

    “Yes! It feels so good daddy, you know how to make me feel so good,” she whimpered as she sped up her actions. Wanda covered her mouth to stifle a moan as she threw her head back in pleasure.

    You growled as you ripped her hand away from her mouth, before lightly slapping her cheek, “I don’t think so sweetheart, I want to hear you. I want to hear those filthy moans come from that pretty little whore mouth of yours,” you demanded.

    Wanda nodded and obeyed your command, the room soon being full of desperate whimpers and loud moans as she got closer to her high, "You make me feel so good daddy, so fucking good," she praised whilst the added stimulation from your thumb suddenly being pressed onto her clit sent her into a shuddering mess.

    “Oh fuck!” She cried loudly as her thighs tightened around your own, her hips bucked forward as she came undone on your thigh. You moaned at the sight of her crumbling in front of you, that her whole body trembled as she rode out her high.

    You stroked your fingers through Wanda’s hair as she rested her head on your shoulder, still whimpering from the intenseness of her high, “Well done honey, you did so good.” You felt her nod against your shoulder, a surprised shout leaving her mouth as you flipped the two of you over, so she was underneath you yet again.

    “I’m gonna clean up your mess sweetheart, make you feel good,” you promised as you kissed your way down her body, pausing at her chest to wrap your mouth around one of her sensitive buds. Wanda moaned loudly as she arched her back to bring you closer, you hummed in appreciation around her nipple as your tongue flicked over it. Wanda’s moans grew louder to the point that anyone walking by would hear the sinful sounds that reacted to your actions. You let your hand travel down her body, your nails lightly scratched her skin as you went, and you stopped when you reached where she needed you most.

    Wanda’s hips bucked up as you slid your digits through her folds, moaning at the wetness that coated your fingers, “You’re so wet baby, all for me,” you muttered adoringly. Wanda nodded as she grabbed the back of your head pulling you down and smashed your lips together as she ground against your fingers that teased your entrance, “It’s all for you, fuck me, please. I need your fingers inside me daddy,” she mewled against your lips. You nodded enthusiastically as you plunged 2 digits into her tight core, her walls immediately clenching around your fingers.

    “Oh, fuck yes! That feels so fucking good,” she praised as she scratched her nails down your back, leaving prominent red marks, you winced at the pain but were immediately overcome by pleasure when Wanda’s lips attached to your neck. You thrusted into her at a rough but steady rhythm as various Sokovian slurs tumbled from her mouth. You watched as Wanda started to writhe under your grip, her thrusts into your hand becoming sloppy, you knew she was close.

    You pulled away from the hold she had on you, grabbing her thighs to drag her to the edge of the bed as you knelt down and settled your head between her thighs and you pressed your tongue flat against her clit. Wanda’s moans reverberated around the room as you lapped eagerly at her bundle of nerves whilst her fingers twisted themselves in your hair. Your moans were muffled as you gripped her thighs bringing her closer to your mouth, “Y/N I-I’m gonna cum, oh god,” she gasped.

    You immediately stopped your actions and looked up at Wanda as you questioned her last statement, “Who? I don’t think that’s me baby.”

    Wanda immediately corrected herself so you would continue working magic with your tongue, “Daddy, fuck. I swear, I’m sorry, please can I cum? I’ll be a good girl,” she pleaded desperately as she bucked her hips back up towards your face.

    You stalled slightly, just so you could tease her, and then hummed in agreement as you went back in between her legs. The moans coming from her mouth were sinful and it drove you closer to your own high.

    “Cum for daddy baby, I’m close too, you’re such a good girl,” you grunted lowly. Wanda nodded as she held your hand tightly, a few more laps at her clit and your praise was all it took to push Wanda over the edge.

    The sounds of her own moans pushing you to reach your own high, you knew her moans were your new favourite sound, and you’d never get enough of them. You pulled yourself away from the younger woman’s body as she panted heavily on the bed as she tried to let herself calm down.

    Wanda whined pathetically when you left her to go into the bathroom but smiled at you when you came back out with a damp cloth, then held her gently as you cleaned her up. Wanda relaxed into your body as you finished cleaning her up, before you rocked her slightly and began whispering sweet nothings in her ear.

    “Are you okay sweetheart?” you questioned quietly as the redhead didn’t make any attempt to move from your arms. You felt her nod against your chest before a yawn vibrated against your chest.

    You sat up slightly as you placed one of your arms under the crook of her legs and then your other arm secured itself around her waist as you carried her to the fresh bed across the room and laid her down gently.

    “You’re stronger than you seem,” Wanda muttered hazily as she did her best to fight off her need for sleep. You chuckled gently at her words as you stripped yourself bare and laid next to her, Wanda immediately moving to rest her head in the crook of your neck and draped her arm across your bare chest. You could feel the gentle tickle of her eyelashes on your neck as she blinked, “Y/N?” she questioned nervously.

    You looked down at her as you tickled the bottom of her back, “Yes, princess?” You replied softly. Wanda frowned as she traced patterns on your bare chest, her nails ever so lightly scratching your skin on your collarbone where she had left her possessive marks. The silence from the redhead didn’t go unnoticed as you lifted her head to connect both your gazes, “What’s wrong?”

    Wanda chewed her lip, “This isn’t just a one-time thing, is it? It’s not like a, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas thing is it?” she interrogated, her insecurities laced within the tone of her voice. You immediately shook your head as you took her face into the comfort of your hands and pressed your foreheads together.

    “I promise you, that wasn’t a one-time thing. If you’ll have me, I’d very much like to stick around and be your person, you make me happy, and I adore you. I’m very much falling for you Wanda Maximoff and I want you there to catch me,” you insisted strongly.

    Wanda smiled at your words and pressed her lips to yours in a gentle kiss as she relaxed further into your loving embrace, “I want you to catch me too,” she admitted longingly.

    Sometimes, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas and this time you were both grateful for it.


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    I need more people to talk about them!!!

    #fantastic four#art#reed richards#sue storm#ben grimm#johnny storm #the human torch #the invisible woman #is that her name??? #stretcho#lol #mr. fantastic #the thing #I don’t want the MCU to get their grubby paws on my favorite family but I ALSO need them to get more attention #marvel #why do they do them so dirty #team 2005 fantastic four #4ever!!! #comics art #I might color this
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  • graktung
    27.09.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    steve: you and mj are cute. i’ll put you in a boat

    Peter P: you’ll put us in a what?!

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  • graktung
    27.09.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    peter p: i don’t always make the best decisions under pressure

    tony: what the hell is that?

    peter p: an alpaca. i got the last one

    #marvel#marvel theories#mcu #tony stark incorrect quotes #tony stank#tony stark#peter parker#peter p#spider man#spidey#incorrect marvel #marvel incorrect quotes #mcu moments#mcu textpost #marvel text post #mcu incorrect #incorrect marvel quotes #source: modern family
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  • graktung
    27.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    *at the grocery store*

    pietro: i need something frozen

    wanda: right. what?

    pietro: i don’t know. i just wrote down the word “frozen”

    #marvel#marvel theories#film parallels#marvel television#mcu #wanda x pietro #wandavision#wanda maximoff#pietro maximoff#peter maximoff#avengers aou #wanda and pietro #quicksilver #the scarlet witch #marvel incorrect quotes #incorrect marvel quotes #incorrect mcu quotes #mcu incorrect quotes #mcu memes #source: modern family
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  • themurdochmemesteries
    27.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Honestly the biggest difference between Cap stans and Tony stans is that most Tony stans realize he isn’t an angel, he has faults and did shitty things, but at least he’s trying to remedy it.

    Cap stans seem to think Steve is just the epitome of perfection and can do no wrong.

    #marvel#mcu#tony stark #anti steve rogers #anti captain america
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  • racheldoesartstuff
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Shang Chi digital illustration :)

    #shang chi #shang chi and legend of 10 rings #mcu #Shang chi art #marvel#marvel art#procreate app#procreate#digital art#simu liu #shang chi marvel
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