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  • jrnynlove
    07.05.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Yesterday was brunch for all the teachers. Today, we got a nice mask, but one of kids suggested a better use for mine. :) The shirt was totally awesome! To wrap it up, lunch was provided today. :) #gay #latinx #queer #latino #twospirit #gendernonconforming #genderqueer #nonbinary #transfemme #teacherappreciationweek #brunch #lunch #mask #tshirt #owl #love #worth #me #myself #i https://www.instagram.com/p/COlhujzh_FR/?igshid=1hel2xtjyeodz

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  • galaactic
    07.05.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    having severe sensory overload for two hours and just standing in the middle of my room sobbing bc i cant touch anything

    vs 20 minutes later my sister (who witnessed this) telling me she doesnt wanna go in the store (after we already got there!) and making me go get our groceries in a store ive never been to before while still feeling so very bad

    #in that split second.... i understood anti maskers #my mask made me start crying in the store bc it was on my face LOL #txt
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  • fandomismyspirit
    07.05.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    📷 jensenackles

    #jensen ackles#radio company#volume two #im so proud #i missed his face #wearing a mask is sexy #look at his beard
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  • gothgamergaara
    07.05.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    His stupid little beard at the bottom of his mask. I hate being gay

    #why do I find this musty man so attractive #no idea why he has to put a disclaimer abt wearing a mask #even if ur vaccinated you need to wear a mask #anyway thank u jackles for being hot
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  • pynapplepyro
    07.05.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Yal thought the worst of the Pandemic was over but I am in an urgent care that does COVID19 testing.

    There is a group of 4 people here visiting with an old man who can't breathe.

    None of them have the mask on their nose.

    God help is fight this stupidity.

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  • calicobel
    07.05.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Thanks! I hate it!

    #feh #fire emblem heroes #why is this a thing?? #Like I get it’s it’s a risen mask #But still#Wtf
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  • o5oflies
    07.05.2021 - 17 minutes ago
    #multiple choice reality #hiding behind a mask #a game of question and response
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  • sunforgrace
    07.05.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    sobbing and crying and rending why does he look like one of those duck dynasty boys

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  • grey2510
    07.05.2021 - 24 minutes ago


    #the fact that jensen had to defend why he's wearing a mask #just makes me so fucking angry #wear a fucking mask people #in the time of covid
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  • hotmenwearingmasks
    07.05.2021 - 26 minutes ago
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  • cardsharksplayingames
    07.05.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Might fuck around and watch long pond tonight

    #andrea rambles #also might fuck around and do a face mask bc self care✌️
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  • dekirukoto
    07.05.2021 - 34 minutes ago

       Since DRV3 is coming to mobile soon, that sounds like a good excuse to finally play it...

    #— is there someone behind the mask?  ( out of character. ) #i'm not usually around a console or PC so my phone or switch is how i generally game #but yeah. i want to play DRV3 bad #i'm in the camp of people who think the ending is fantastic by the way. kodaka is unholy based for what he pulled off there
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  • myoldpseudonym
    07.05.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    masks & veiling

    One thing I really appreciate about wearing masks is that they helped me grok veiling.

    Obviously I always intellectually believed that people should wear what they want for whatever reason they want, and I believed choosing to veil was a perfectly normal preference and the option should always be available. However, it always seemed like a preference I didn’t get, like not caring about how food tastes. (I believe you but WHAT my brain just doesn’t resonate that way what does it feel like to be you????????)

    But I fucking get it now. I get the unbelievable relief and safety and freedom that comes from not having to show every part of your face or your hair or the parts of your body that other people expect to be visible. I get the feeling that part of you is private, and it’s your choice that it’s private, and you get to keep it private.

    #veiling#face masks #I'm not talking about this as a religious practice or a devotional practice #I don't grok that #I'm talking about *the feeling of privacy and control that a veil gives you* #it's spectacular #and a lady tried to make me take my mask off outside today and I realized it was also load-bearing #because I had a breakdown at the idea that she could see my face #so#yike
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  • ifeelsotiredbuticantsleep
    07.05.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    So. I just read the four books in The Bone Season series (as well as the novellas), and now I'm freaking crying over the end of The Mask Falling and HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE

    #the bone season #Samantha Shannon author #The Mask falling #paige x arcturus #Paige mahoney#arcturus mesarthim
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  • whitherwanderer
    07.05.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    - E I G H T Y -

    🗡 - 🏹 // 💥 - 🩸 // 👹 - 💎

    #ffxiv#ffxiv screenshots #[ 35mm film ] #they all have their own flair to their 80 gear #dug's mask#sif's hat #sawyer's crystarium gauntlets and greaves #amesha's hair flower and jingly sandals (you can't see them tho) #ardeth's mask and excessive jewelry #nono's... everything except the top #staff gimme centered text
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  • awwsocuteanimals
    07.05.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    The correct use of a mask.

    #aww #The correct use of a mask.
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  • ntbllgts
    07.05.2021 - 51 minutes ago
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