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  • If you have to wear one, make it fashionable😍! #Headwraps and face #masks by me. Many colors are available to match your outfits. More colors will be added soon. Head over to my biz page for product updates. @SimplyMinovet ~ minovet.com/shop

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  • Corona Chronicle 6: Herd Humans

    By Arjuwan Lakkdawala

    Ink in the Internet

    Six months into the pandemic suddenly I realized the most curious thing. Where are the animals or even an animal from which this zoonotic virus has supposedly jumped to humans?

    A bat? Bats? A pangolin? Pangolins? We had epidemics and pandemics in the not so distant past. Sadly animals by the thousands were culled. Birds, chickens, cows, camels, pigs, etc. They were culled because they were found to have the viruses which caused the epidemics and pandemics.

    But in case of Covid-19, the most disastrous and contagious virus of the decade, which emerged from a wet animal market in Wuhan, China, only humans have been found carrying the virus. Not a single animal.

    And if that isn’t strange to say the least. The virus can infect animals from a human host, but doesn’t jump from animals to humans.

    Only human to human. There are theories that bats and pangolins could transmit Covid-19 to humans, and that that’s how it emerged from the wet market.

    Yet there has been no Covid-19 outbreaks in bats or pangolins in China’s wet markets, despite the virus’ severe contagion.

    Moreover as stated in a report on www.news-medical.com “Virus is uniquely adapted to infect humans” what this basically means is that other viruses mutated overtime to be able to infect humans.

    Covid-19 could do it from day one. And had been dramatically mutating to overcome various immune systems of different populations around the world.

    In a science fiction movie this would be like a virus biologically engineered to infect humans and evolve so no vaccine or antibody can be made. Because by the time doctors figure out the circulating strains of it, new strains are born.

    A truly tenacious and feisty virus.

    Speaking of bizarre things. The strangest comments regarding this virus came from none other than the President of the United States of America, President

    Donald J. Trump for no obvious reason said that he was taking the drug Hydroxychloroquin as a prevention measure for the virus.

    The drug has made controversy and confussion like no other during this pandemic. That’s because it was first reported to be among the runner up drugs expected to be good treatments for the virus, then suddenly it was reported that it increased the chances of dying in a lot of patients, and should only be taken with monitoring and prescription from doctors.

    The monitoring for if instead of helping it make the patients’ condition worse, then doctors can intervene.

    Assuming from these reports common sense deduces Hydroxychloroquin should not be made available as an over-the-counter treatment for the virus.

    Earlier he had said something which seemed like he was telling people drinking disinfectants could kill the virus in the body.

    Of course I hope I don’t have to remind readers that this would in fact not kill the virus but only the persons drinking the disinfectant.

    Please ignore these comments. It is shocking that they come from a president.

    However, the whole disinfectant thing made me research the recent study published in the journal Function (reported on www.healthline.com), which states that commercially available mouthwash could damage the virus and make it harmless while it is still in the throat.

    Mouthwash are a type of disinfectant made for human oral hygiene. Never swallow mouthwash by the way.

    This is not the time to get nostalgic but I have to narrate my experience with a virus in 2017.

    A man had coughed next to me in an elevator and two weeks after that I had dry cough, which in another two weeks had from my throat infected my lungs.

    I had high fever and coughed violently. I thought I was going to die. Had never been so ill. I was rushed and put on a ventilator and gradually made a full recovery.

    It wasn’t Covid-19 but the similarities in the symptoms are awfully suspicious.

    Like maybe it was some rogue strain of the coronaviruses.

    I was among other medication prescribed mouthwash. And I realized that the virus was in my throat for about two weeks causing the dry cough. Before it infected my lungs and all but killed me, had it not been for the ventilator and the other medication.

    So in my opinion mouthwash may or may not really prevent Covid-19 but it could be a worth it prevention measure. Oral hygiene is good whether you have the virus or not.

    The third strangest thing I’ve heard during this pandemic is “herd immunity”

    Britain very controversially was late on the lockdown, it was said by officials that they were following herd immunity. It was a bad decision and thousands died.

    Did the world learn its lesson?

    Apparently no, Covid-19 world-wide statistics are rising into the millions, and recoveries are slow.

    Yet the whole world is on the verge of coming out of lockdown. As I said in a previous chronicle. It’s the failing economies which is forcing countries to stop the lockdown.

    This is a very dangerous phase for the common man indeed.

    Facemasks (preferably N-95), gloves, hand sanitizers, mouthwash, social distancing. Staying home as much as possible. Storing vital rations and medication in case of a sudden lockdown. This has to become the new normal for a long time to ensure the survival of the herd of humans that we have been reduced to.

    As of 26-May-2020 when I finished writing this article below are the world-wide Covid-19 statistics according to the WorldoMeter site:

    Cases: 5,622,939

    Recoveries: 2,393,539

    Deaths: 348,715

    Copyright ©Arjuwan Lakkdawala 2020

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  • mask donations.

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  • Life is but a mask worn on the face of death. And is death, then, but another mask? ‘How many can say,’ asks the Aztec poet, 'that there is, or is not, a truth beyond?’


    Joseph Campbell  11904-1987


    Graphic - Qetza

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  • image

    Nothing is more important than quality time with the family.

    My mama & I running some errands was so fun.

    After being in the heat coming home to my nice & cool space was heavenly.

    Found this huge controller pinata too! May have been caught by the walmart lady lol but it was a good laugh.

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  • Heroes wear face masks.
    Not only the healthcare workers but also any individual who is conscious of what is going on around the world. Masks are part of our norm now.

    Remember; always smile even if you’re wearing a face mask. The smile is reflected in your eyes

    Be a hero all day errdaaayyy!

    #Beaheroalldayerrdaaayyy #stayhome #stayindoors #staypositive #washyourhands #wearamask #mask #sanitize #workfromhome #socialdistancing #socialdistancing #covid19 #staysafe #facemask #masks #staymotivated #keepgoing (at Ngong Hills Wind Power Station)

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  • Night does softly whisper
    Of things which go unseen
    Close your eyes expand your mind
    This is not a dream

    The mask we wear throughout our life
    Hides us from the others
    Only we know what’s inside
    Our hidden troubled wonders

    See in my heart all evil lurks
    As well as all that’s good
    The path I choose is mine alone
    In my mind understood

    Those of you who stand outside
    And trust that which you see
    Who never stop to even ponder
    What’s inside of me

    May one day find your life is gone
    That yes this world is cruel
    I’ll be standing over you
    Your blood a shallow pool

    Or maybe when you need it most
    My hand I’ll freely give
    The man you thought to never trust
    Is gone so you could live

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  • I just saw an interview where a US citizen, together with his flock of armed people, called wearing of masks DEHUMANIZING.

    I mean, how? How in the world is trying to protect the people around you from potentially getting infected of whatever the hell you are possibly carrying DEHUMANIZING?

    Make it make sense

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    Green and slugs!

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  • New song “Kiss Me thru the Mask” about wanting to spread love bt not get the virus. Voice of an angel or nah? 😍😍😍😍😍😍🔭🔭⚗️⚗️⚗️⚗️vote June 23rd ❤️❤️❤️💸💸💸💸😱😱😱😱😱😱(r💓😭☮️☮️😌😌😌😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️🙃🙃🙃🙃😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😷😷😷😷 #hahapaper #paperboyprince #nycstreets #masks #brooklynny #subwaycreatures #paperboy2020 (at Brooklyn, New York)

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  • Redbubble masks

    If you’re an artist, slap your art on some masks. If you want some cute masks or you just want a Venom or darth vader face, go check it out! they’re about $10 and there’s a SALE going on right now.

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