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  • stonesysuperior
    25.01.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    Hope they’re all being safe and having fun. They deserve it after the last couple of months of football! Wherever they all are, they deserve their break ✌🏼😘

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  • stonesysuperior
    25.01.2022 - 34 minutes ago

    Is there any stone hard evidence that it was mason in the video? All I’ve seen today is hate towards him, but there’s no photos of mason even away at the moment ( I know he clearly is ) but in regards to the video, where’s the proof? Could’ve been Nathan, he’s with Jayden too…

    I mean it could’ve been mason, and I hope for the sake of his health reputation for football and sanity he’s being sensible…

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  • soccerximagines
    25.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Requests are open!

    Hey, I’m back (again)!

    Been away for some time but now I’m back and eager to write about our favorite players once more :)

    I have some requests I’m working on, but feel free to send in some new ones (no smut).

    Have a nice day :)

    #fanfiction#soccer#fanfic#football#portugal#antoine griezmann #cristiano ronaldo imagines #neymar one shots #neymar jr #kylian mbappe one shots #kylian mbappe imagine #marcus rashford fanfiction #marcus rashford #jude bellingham one shot #jude bellingham imagine #jadon sancho#mason mount #football one shots #football imagines#request
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  • kpsflet
    25.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    mid morning naps - mason mount

    pairing: mason mount x gn!reader

    type: disgusting fluff

    cw: none

    With a small smile ghosting his lips, Mason watched you silently. There you were, laid strewn across the bed sheets, a golden shine dancing over your soft features. The gleaming stream of light glided across your skin, worshipping every inch. Curling around your waist it emanated a glow of affection that seeped through your skin and enveloped your heart in a tight hug. His grin only grew as he looked down to see the hoodie encasing your body, the crinkled and tattered Chelsea logo imprinted on the blue fabric unveiling the extent to which it had been worn.

    Comfort swooned Mason as he sighed softly, breathing in the familiar fragrances of you that swallowed him. He wanted to scream exclamations of adoration and love, yet his voice fell silent in fear of waking you up.

    Shuffling quietly in the bed to face you, his fingers languidly traced your stature and his breathing relaxed to a steady pattern. Your hair was tossed messily over your pillow and your face looked at utter peace, other than the small huffs that left your mouth every couple of seconds.

    One particular strand fell softly onto your cheeks, leaving Mason with no choice but to delicately dust it out of your face. The feeling of him gingerly touching your face awoke you as the warmth swamped you. A small huff escaped your lips causing his eyes to flick to your features that were currently twisting in the discomfort of waking up. Hushed ‘shh’ noises replaced the previous silence as Mason quietly tried to lull you back to a sleeping state. A pang of guilt rippled through him in waves as your muscles began to stretch, signalling you really had woken up.

    As his arms wrapped round you like a vine, short sighs of delight left you and you burrowed further into his warmth. Tender kisses were shared before his lips again came in contact with your neck. This time it your turn to shift in the bed, letting your legs swing over and around Mason, you nuzzled you face into his neck and then chose to flop onto his body. A minuscule sigh followed by a short chuckle left Mason.

    “You’re the cutest thing I’ve ever seen y’know” he whispered into your ear, kissing your head softly.

    “Well yeah of course” another chuckle left Mason, leaving you to smile so hard.

    “Unless you count Ben obviously” he retorted.

    “Obviously” Your tone dripped with sarcasm as your legs that were wrapped around his torso squeezed him slightly, “But can little Benny-boy do this?”

    Before he could react, your legs propelled you to straddle Mason and you lent down ensuring your lips were secured firmly on his, as you put your full effort and focus on taking Mason’s breath away. Your tongue had found his within seconds with soft kisses developing into more demanding ones that had his arm curling around your waist, pulling your hips to his in an effort to deepen the kiss further.

    Finally letting him go, silence filled the room apart from his little pants, causing your grin to expand.

    “No, not quite” Mason smiled down at you.

    #mason mount imagine #mason mount fluff #mason mount blurb #mason mount blurbs #mason mount#football fanfiction#football imagine#football fanfic#england imagine #mason mount smut #mason mount angst #england blurb
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  • tiagrace1082
    25.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    can someone please explain what is happening with Ben and Mason? people are saying so many different things idk what’s going on:)

    Thank you

    #ben chilwell #ben chilwell blurb #ben chilwell imagine #ben chilwell fluff #mason mount imagine #mason mount #mason mount blurb
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  • benedict1310
    25.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    tempted to go on omegle but im not wanting to see dicks

    #i mean thanks but didnt ask #might put the topic as mason mount see what the omegle ones think of the discourse of mr mount himself
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  • benedict1310
    25.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    if a 23 year old chelsea fc player from portsmouth offered to show me around the angelic city of belfast id simply run off to windsor stadium and say 'we'll take that super cup medal back'

    #i got the ick #mason mount what discourse youve caused #hand the medal over
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  • lovxiety
    25.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    𝙃𝙞𝙙𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙞𝙩 with Mason Mount

    in which Mason and Y/N are going to have a baby

    Being pregnant wasn't easy for any women and hiding it was probably the worst part.

    Mason and you found out you were pregnant about 3 months ago. You were trying to have a baby for almost a year and when you were both starting to loose faith, your period didn't came. At first, you thought it was just going to come a bit late but after two weeks you decided to ask Mason what you should do.

    You knew how much Mason wanted a kid and you couldn't see him trying to hide his disappointment to not hurt you more once again. But it was the first time you were that much late on your period and you knew something was up. If you weren't one hundred percent sure that something was up, you wouldn't have told Mason.

    When he came back with the tests, you two rushed to the bathroom excited to see the results. While waiting, Mason and you talked about baby names. He was arguing with you because you didn't want to call your son ''Mason Jr''.

    Mason saw the positive test first. He bugged on it for two seconds before coming to hug you.

    ''We are having a baby!"

    Mason and you chose to not tell anyone before 3 months except his parents. But you decided to not tell anyone outside your close family and friends until the birth of the baby. You had to hide from the public eye but as a teacher, from your students too.

    Some of them asked you if you were pregnant and you were laughing by telling them that you just ate too much during the holidays. When you told that to Mason he was dying of laugher.

    Mason always been a gentleman but now that you were pregnant, the word gentleman couldn't even fit anymore. He didn't let you carry anything and make sure you were okay every minute. When you were sick, he was holding your hair and rubbing your back.

    At first, Mason didn't want you to go to the matches because he thought there was too much noises for you and the baby. He finally let it down when he understood that arguing with a pregnant woman, especially you, was a bad idea.

    When he was away, he couldn't stop facetiming you and sending you messages to know if you were alright. So much that you menaced to block his number.

    He hated being away from you and sometimes he even thought about simulating a headache or anything that ended with ''ache'' like a little boy who didn't want to go to school.

    You didn't want to stop going to work and wanted to work all the 9 months but Mason got serious about that: he didn't want you to risk your health and the one of the baby so you negociated with him to stop working at 7 months.

    You missed your students a lot and Mason could notice that. Some of your colleagues even told you that they were asking about you and that they missed you. You couldn't help but smile at the fact that one day your little baby would be a teenager like them and would probably told you everything about his favourite teacher.

    Mason only told your pregnancy to three of his teammates and friends: Tammy, Ben and Declan. They were so excited about it and Tammy even came to give you some gifts. Tammy always been your favourite friend of Mason and your boyfriend obviously knew it. He loved how you were getting along with his friends.

    Mason couldn't help but imagine how he was gonna learn him everything about football and dressing him in Chelsea's kits that will be 3 times bigger than him.

    He was so happy to start a family with you and see how much of a good mother you were going to be.

    #mason mount blurb #masonmount #mason mount imagine #mason mount smut #mason mount #mason moung fluff #Mason Mount fanfic #england imagine#fanfic#chelsea#chelsea imagines
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  • mountswhore
    25.01.2022 - 2 hours ago
    #mason mount one shot #mason mount fanfic #mason mount imagine #mason mount#money mase#mase #mason mount x reader #mason mount smut #mason mount blurb #mason mount request
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  • allthemenofmydreams
    25.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    I honestly don’t know whats the drama around Mason Mount, and it’s none of my business. But for what I saw they’re rumors that he’s in Miami.

    And I just want to say that if I were Mason and were in USA I would go see Christian Pulisic’s game with the national team.

    #mason mount#christian pulisic#usmnt#football#chelsea #Let me alone I’m just daydreaming
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  • ch1lwell
    25.01.2022 - 2 hours ago



    summary: something happened that’s forcing ben to break up with you. but you know nothing about it and end up with a broken heart.
    warnings: breakup, crying

    (english is not my first language)

    She knew he was going to end it the second she walked into the livingroom of her and her boyfriends house.

    You could see it in his eyes, something was different.

    And when he asked her to sit down because he wanted to talk to her, she knew.

    She still didn’t know why he broke up with her, even though he tried to explain it to her for the past hour.

    She had been sitting on the couch, not daring to look at him, because she knew that if she did her heart would break even more.

    What she didn’t know is that his heart shattered into a million pieces the moment he realized he had no other option but to end it, because never in a million years did he want to break up with her voluntarily.

    But he couldn’t be with her if the price was her happiness and safety.

    He would put her well-being over his without a second doubt.

    So that‘s how they got here, sitting on the couch, crying.

    They broke each other with the purest intentions.

    They didn’t know what love meant until they met each other.

    They really did their best.

    Until they couldn’t anymore.

    ‘’Okay.’’, is all she was able to say after he took an whole hour to explain his reasons for the breakup.


    ‘’What do you want me to do Ben? Beg? I won’t beg for a relationship with someone who doesn’t love me.’’

    Her voice was cold and shivers ran down Ben’s spine.

    All he wanted to do at that moment was to tell her that he doesn’t want to break up and that he loves her more than anything or anyone else.

    But he couldn’t, he made a promise.

    He needs to remind himself that he is doing it for Y/n’s safety.

    ‘’Sometimes it’s hard to turn the page when you know someone won’t be in the next chapter. Your chapter in my book is over, it will forever be one of my favorites but I can’t keep rereading it hoping for a different ending.’’, she says, getting up.

    God he is going to miss this, the poetic stuff she randomly says, her ranting about the book she just read, the paint that stains her hands after she painted another picture for them to hang up in their house, her little butterfly earrings he got her for their third anniversary, the way she was with his dog Oscar, how she came to every one of his games in his shirt and especially how she brightens up the mood just by smiling at him.

    He is going to miss her so fucking much.

    But he loves her too much to put her at any risk.

    She gives him a small smile and goes upstairs to pack her things.

    It takes everything in her not to break down while stuffing all her clothing in her bags.

    Tears are running down her cheeks, her eyes are burning like hell.

    She has never been in so much pain before.

    The worst kind of pain is getting hurt by the person you explained your pain to.

    She knew life was supposed to be hard but it’s not supposed to destroy you.

    But she knew at that very moment, that he destroyed her for every other man that would come along in her life.

    She will never be able to feel so much love for a person like she felt for Ben.

    She takes her bags outside to her small car and tries to stuff as much as possible in the trunk, before throwing the rest on the backseat.

    This was possibly the last time she was going to enter this house.

    The thought of leaving the perfect life she had behind her wrecked her.

    Three hours ago everything was fine and now she was standing in the house she used to live in for the past four years trying to get the key off her keychain.

    Her hands were shaking uncontrollably, that’s why it took her three whole minutes to get the key off and place it on the counter.

    Ben was standing in front of her, tear stains on his cheeks.

    Their eyes met. But she looked away, pretending they had never dreamt of a future together and left the house.

    (a/n: i used some of my favorite book quotes in this)

    #ben chilwell #ben chilwell smut #chealsea#chelsea fc #ben chilwell imagine #mason mount #mason mount smut
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  • thatshisjob
    25.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    chelsea trying to win me over with targeted push notifications? 🤔

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  • thatshisjob
    25.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    on the hot topic of Mason, i know that many people tout him as a future Chelsea captain but i think that as of right now he is way too hot headed and emotional on the pitch, and let's not even talk about him or the people he spends time with off the pitch. everytime he talks to the ref during a game i tense up because i think he's about to get carded. he is still young and has time to grow and mature so i guess we'll see

    #mason mount#chelsea fc #reputation and attitude are so important #i know reece wants to be chelsea captain too and as of right now i think hes the best candidate of the existing crop of younger players #his dirty laundry isnt public and he has a very calm but imposing demeanour idk #obviously theres a few years in it but this is stuff mason should be thinking about
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  • charlieferrari16
    25.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    What kind of weird are you?

    I’m the kind of weird that when I punched into work today using a finger scanner I thought about Mase doing the same to get into the boot room on the ‘livestream’ 😂😂

    #mason mount #I’m so weird guys #Chelsea really did that to me #lol fml
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  • tuchelthomas
    25.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    just hit me that mason’s entering his lando norris era with his first masongate

    #it's so much like the 2020 dubaigate i can't even #mason mount
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  • masnmount
    25.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    get your tickets

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  • youkantebeserious
    25.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    What I just realised is everyone talks so much shit. In real life, on social media, fucking everywhere. Okay, someone is a celebrity, but do you really have to comment on everything? There’s a reason why celebrities try to keep some things under wraps because they also want to have some privacy. Someone maybe makes a mistake, but they are probably young and if something really happens they will probably learn from their mistakes in due course. And you don’t need to comment and spread rumours before the celebrity in question has confirmed, it probably stresses them out to hear so many rumours. I literally opened this app and after 5 min I could already feel my stress increase because of a few things I read hear. And please, if you really really need to say it, please don’t say it as an anon 😊🤍

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