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    Oh yeah... i forgot i have this

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    made a discord server if anyone wants to join and make some genshin friends <3

    hey come check out Discord with me https://discord.gg/Tv63fVyG

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    I tried drawing Diluc in my style and i’m pretty happy with the results

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    Let’s Slip Away: Diluc x Fem Reader: Childhood Best Friend Au

    Summary: You and Diluc slip away from the annual Dawn Winery Ball and confess. Reader then deals with some anxiety about the relationship and Diluc soothes them.  


    Lots of fluff, Creepus is a wonderful person, Diluc is so smooth, dancing under the moonlight, long fit.  

    Diluc x Reader

    Lets Slip Away

    The annual Dawn Winery Masquerade Ball, the biggest ball this side of Mondstat, or it used to be. Thankfully, Diluc had successfully scaled the ball down in size a little more with each passing year. Still, it didn't make much of a difference with the ballroom still being packed tight. No matter how the guest list shrunk, people found a way to take up the same amount of space as before. There's nothing I loved more than a dance, but it was the people I couldn't stand. Everyone liked to pretend they were an evil aristocrat once their identity was concealed. A fancy dress, a decorative mask, and a new hairstyle, and everyone felt invincible. It was the same thing every year; they'd order the staff around, drink till they lost control, and leave the manor a mess. It was deplorable.

    After watching a woman toss a glass on one of the maids, I lost my cool. I may or may not have tossed my grape juice on the women in retribution. The maid couldn't do it, so I had to use my position as "Master" Diluc's best friend to get away with it. What I didn't expect was for the lady's husband to toss not just the wine but the whole glass at my face. While the glass didn't bust when the base hit my head, it did leave a notable bruise, and the wine soaked through my hair, mask, and dress.

    Elzer stepped in immediately to settle the issue, and instead of sticking around to get a lecture, I slipped into the garden. Hiding between several grapevines. I listened to the music pour from the house above and pouted. If I had played my cards right tonight, I would have been dancing in an empty corner with Turner or maybe even Diluc if he was free. He always saved the last dance for me. When the party started to clear a little, we'd stay in my favorite corner and have a quick dance while he whispered about he'll find a way to have the event canceled next year. But no, I was being eaten by mosquitos fighting off a headache.

    Holding my mask between my hands, the once white fabric had stained dark red. Even my cream dress was littered with splotches that wrecked of dandelion wine. Sucking in my lower lip, I held back a sudden wave of sadness. It settled into my bones and swept through my limbs in a jitter. Why was I so sad? I avenged the maid and did the right thing… but my chest ached.   Curling around myself, I tucked my head between my lap. There was a time and place for crying, and a party wasn't one. Yet, there I was, sobbing into the fancy gown Diluc had hand made for me. Of course, he wouldn't be mad at me for what happened, but the guilt was eating me alive. I had ruined the evening for myself and made things harder on my friend. "There you are. I've been looking all over-. Hey, Elzer told me what happened, but he didn't mention a welt. How badly are you hurt?" Diluc pushed through the vines faster and hopped over the last row. He knelt beside me and carefully lifted my chin so he could see my face. "I'm just being a baby." I leaned back, the moonlight catching my skin. He ran his thumb over the knot on my forehead, and he clenched his teeth. "Damn bastard." He looked back at the mansion. "He might be wearing a mask, but there's only one person in Mondstat with monogram shoe buckles." "What?" I laughed; he was so serious, but the idea of a monogram shoe buckle had me drying up my tears. "Who pays for that kind of thing?" "Mr. Barker." Diluc wiped under my eyes. "Are you hurt anywhere besides your head?" "Besides the guilt of running the dress you got me and making the party harder for you to manage, I'm fine." I let it out. There was no use in pretending it wasn't bothering me. I had learned a lot about Diluc in our years of being together. While he was a very perceptive man when it came to solving crimes and putting things together, he didn't have the same skill for guessing how I felt. He's known something was wrong before, but he'd just find ways to blame himself if I didn't tell him. "I'll have you another dress made, and those Barkers aren't your fault. Ms. Barker started it, and I ended it. There's always a little drama at these events." He twirled my hair around his finger. "I'm sorry I wasn't there to stop it entirely." "Don't go blaming yourself now." I scooted so close; I was almost in his lap. "Let's just focus on the music or the sky. I know you'll have to go back in soon, so let's just relax for a moment." "Hmm, I can hear it from here. It's nice." A soft number started to play, and people passing by the window cast shadows into the courtyard. He leaned his head against mine. Minutes passed by, and the song changed, both of us just settling our nerves. "So, I guess we won't have the last dance together this year." I hummed, the thought burning at the back of my mind. "I can't go back in there like this." I forced myself to laugh, trying to get it off my chest without sounding too sad. "We don't have to go back in. Elzer can handle the end of the night speech for me, like every year." Diluc stood, reaching his hand out to me. "Milady, may I have this dance?" "Diluc…of course, you may." I pushed my insecurities down and gripped his rough hand. Being wealthy, Diluc had been trained in many different types of formal ballroom dances. When he was in the zone, there was no one but Kaeya who could match his prowess and aura. But I wasn't blessed with the same background. I was just the daughter of the maid, and while my mother was paid well, there wasn't enough money to pay for a dance instructor. However, Diluc taught me everything he knew. We use to spend hours after his class, practicing and gliding around the living room. After some time, I even got to join the classes as Diluc and Kaeya's partner. Creepus convinced my mother it was just good practice for the boys, but looking back, he just wanted me to get that experience as well. "You okay?" Diluc gently gripped my waist as I spun back into his arms. "Yes, I was just thinking about when you taught me how to dance." I closed the gap between us and started moving with the song. Diluc took charge after a few more movements, and I gave up trying to lead. It was always a fun game for us to try to take charge, but I normally gave in fairly fast. Every now and then, he'd let me lead, but I often stepped on his toes when I did.   The ground wasn't level as a dance floor, so it was easier to just follow Diluc. Since he took the first step, he was able to find the best footholds. When we did hit a small hump, we'd steady each other and share a small smile. It wasn't a seamless performance like when we were on solid ground, but it was fun. It also gave us a reason to cling tighter to each other. His broad chest was always so warm; there was nothing more pleasant than laying my head there and closing my eyes as we swayed under the moon. "That was always so much fun." Diluc spun me out, then back into his arms. "Father use to watch us practice, he never told me directly, but Elzer said it was one of his favorite memories." Diluc pressed his lips into a line, eyes turning back to the manor. "He always loved this event, but I can't help but hate it." "I'm not a fan of the crowds or the entitled guests. But I do enjoy dancing with you." I laid my head on his shoulder, bringing him back to the present. "It seems we only dance when this event rolls around. And I can't help but wish for more moments like this. So, while I understand your distaste, I do think Creepus had the right idea. This is a chance for all of us to come together do something we all loved…it just is hard to enjoy when other people are so entitled." "I feel the same way. Dancing with you, it's always my favorite part of the ball." We swayed back and forth in a tight embrace, the music fading out and our footwork growing sloppy. "There's been so much to do recently. I'm afraid I've neglected you." "Mother told me that as friends get older, drifting apart is normal… I'm just glad you're still here with me. No matter how short that time is." He hugged me tighter, inhaling a sharp breath. "Maybe friends do, but my feelings for you are much stronger than just friends." I gasped before I could stop myself. Crickets chirped in the distance, and the lighting bugs emerged just as the party started to close. This moment was very much real…but did he really just confess? "You want to be with me?" I slowly looked up, grabbing the sides of his suit. "As more than friends?" "I do." He pulled back a little, glancing at the ground. "How do you feel? Could you ever love me as more than a friend? I know it's selfish to ask that of you, given the dangers that follow my line of duty. But I can't deny myself any longer." "My heart is going to jump out of my chest, Luc." Grasping his hand, I pressed it to my wrist. He smiled, rubbing his thumb over my pulse. "I want to be yours, and you mine. To be honest, I've had feelings for you for a while now. I just thought you didn't return them." Heat climbed up my face, and I looked away to hide it. While his confession was so smooth, mine was energetic and messy. Why couldn't I keep it calm? "That settles it then." He stepped closer, our eyes locking and fingers lacing. "We'll be together from here on out." A warm breeze went by, picking up the bottom of my ruined skirt. "Next time there's a dance, you won't have to leave my side, nor I yours. There will be no flying wine glasses or uncouth guests. We can dance the night away without worry or interruption." "I don't know if a party could ever go that smoothly." I pushed his hair back and cupped his face. "Unless we barred over half the guest list." "If you don't think I'd do that, then you underestimate how far I'll go to make you happy." His checks tined red, barely illuminated by the moon. "Oh, I don't doubt you, Master Diluc. But I'm not hard to please, we could dance in the living room like we use to, and I'd be the happiest person alive." I tugged him closer, wrapping my arms around his hips, and swaying to an imaginary beat. "It's not often you add my title before my name." He hummed, letting me lead us to the song in my head. "Master Diluc, whatever do you mean?" I batted my eyelashes and snickered. "I didn't realize I added it. Maybe it's where I've spent most of the night talking about you, and not to you that I've forgotten how to be relaxed. There was many a guest who wanted to pry about your love life." "Well, you have a definitive answer now, Lady Amber." He kissed the top of my head, stopping for a moment. His body radiated a wave of heat, and he nodded to himself. "It's starting to get cold. We should head inside before you catch a cold. I'm sure everyone's left by now." "I don't want this moment to end." I clung to his shirt, the warmth he emitted making my eyelids grow heavy. Whenever he allowed me to use him as a personal heater, I took the chance. But this was the first time I didn't worry about it being the last.   "We have many more moments like this ahead of us." He supported me as we walked towards the mansion, looping his arm around my waist. "Let's go clean up, and turn in for the night. Tomorrow we can have breakfast and go for a ride along the river. How does that sound?" "It sounds so nice." Once we were back in the house, Elzer met us in the doorway. "Where have you been, Master Diluc?" He rubbed the bridge of his nose and glanced at me. "And you, Ms. Amber, what were you thinking tossing your drink? You completely ruined the night. I could hardly contain the guests" Diluc wrapped his arm around my shoulder, and Elzer's tone sifted from miffed to muted. "Elzer, the issue was with the guests, not Amber." He steered me towards the stairs, nudging me along. "Go on to bed. I'll be up there in a moment. I have some business to finish up." Diluc walked towards his office, motioning for Elzer to follow him. Elzer shot me a perplexed look and tried to mouth out, 'be more careful' before hurrying after Diluc. I whisper back, "okay," before taking the stairs two at a time before stopping. I wasn't going to get in trouble, so I might as well show I'm not ashamed. "Goodnight Elzer," I called after the older man, with as "pleasant" of a tone as I could muster. Parties almost always stressed him more than Diluc, but since Elzer was an employee, he couldn't run and hide like Luc. Truth be known, if Diluc hadn't been there, I would have gotten a long lecture on the importance of keeping good relations with potential business partners. But that's only because Elzer couldn't let his frustrations out on anyone else. I was always there to listen and receive his distain when things went wrong. It wasn't my favorite pastime, but it did help him feel better. It was surprising he was so stressed, he actually chastised me in front of Diluc. It must have been a tough night even after I left. I usually was lectured in private, but he really was ready to let me have it.   Once in the guest room, I disrobed. The heavy gown took several minutes to untie and loosen the laces, but once it was done, my lungs could fully expand. My ribs ached, so I rubbed circles on my sides till the initial throb dulled. The night had gone better than I ever planned, and now it was over. Yet, there was a worse throb in my chest than the pain of a corset. Diluc and I were finally together. We removed the ever-lingering question and just confessed. Why did it hurt inside? Was it that the party was hard on everyone else and I was so happy? Or was it something else? Tilling the blue pitcher on the nightstand, water rushed into the ornate basin below. Dipping a rag into the cool water, I began to wash the wine from my face. It had been such a stressful night. Perhaps the empty feeling inside was fear of the unknown. Or fear that Diluc would wake up and change his mind. That he'd send me away for good once he realized he could never be with someone of such low status. Someone who didn't couldn't even keep up public appearance at a ball. Maybe, it would just take me slipping up once when I was wearing a mask? Then he'd send me away from the manor. I finished cleaning up, then tossed the water out the window. Fixing the pitcher and basin back in place, I reached below the nightstand and pulled out my nightgown. Slipping on the flowy gown, I turned down my sheets and got comfortable. This guest room had been mine for as long as I could remember. While I still lived in the cottage by the river with my mother, I spent more nights at the mansion than at home. Diluc and I would rush through his paperwork every night, and I'd help get his gear ready to go protect Mondstat. I was his sidekick in many ways. Spending so much time there at night, it just made sense for me to sleep here too. We were a great team. Plus, the close proximity made things easier and less suspicious… But that wasn't the whole truth. It was more so that my mother had met someone new, and he had moved into our shared home. He was a nice man, a retired Knight of Favonius, but I just couldn't relax around him. He was stern about me not going out after dark, so staying over at the mansion became more and more frequent. Which was better for mom and Mr.Godfrey's partnership. But while I spent more nights away, mom started to believe there was something between Diluc and me, so she was happy to see me leave home. She was going to be overjoyed to hear the news that we confessed. Though, I'm sure she'll say kicking me out was the reason we finally admitted our feelings, which was not the whole truth. Still, I did miss my own bed sometimes. Pressing my back to the headboard, I curled my knees up and rested my head between them. Sucking in a deep breath, small tears slipped past again. There was too much happening. I couldn't think about one thing for too long. So much good just happened. Why? Why was I thinking about the bad? A familiar rasp at the door rang through the room. "Come in." Wiping my eyes, I sat up and pulled the covers up to my neck. "You're crying again." He walked into the candlelight. I could tell he had cleaned up before coming to see me. He was wearing one of his loose puffy shirts and some cotton pants; his hair had been smoothed and pulled into a low ponytail, water dripping from the ends. It didn't matter what he wore. He always looked unbelievably handsome. "Was it Elzer? He knows it's not your fault. He was just worried about our trade deal." "There's just so much to think about. I can't let myself be happy." I rubbed my eyes again. "What if you realize I'm not good enough for you? Or what if my mother's partner treats you poorly because you quit the Knights? Then that couple, what if they stop working with you and it hurts the business because of me? No one is ever going to see me as anything more than a gold digger." My brain let loose, new concerns and problems being added to my mix. "I'm so negative right now, and I know you probably just want to be happy that we feel the same way…but- I'm so sorry. "He pulled back the covers and crawled in with me. Wrapping me in his arms, the blanket went over our heads, and Diluc settled down. "There you go, having to comfort me like a child." I rested my hand on his shoulder. "You sure you could learn to love a mess like me?" "I already love you." He rubbed patterns on my back, pressing a kiss to the lump on my forehead. "You've been like this since we were children, plagued with worries beyond your control. I know that after you let it out, you always feel better. And that the minute you go silent, that's when I really need to do some digging." He paused drawing on my back and instead moved to play with my hair. "We'll figure it all out as we go, all the what's and if's. We'll take them one at a time, starting with the one I have control over." "Woah." He flipped me over, hovering inches from my face. He pinned me between his legs, the v neck of his shirt hanging open so I could see the red hairs on his chest. "You could be from the richest family in Mondstat or poorest, and I'd still want to be with you." He kissed me, pressing down just until our bodies touched. "I'd go as far as to say, if you were a member of the Fatui, I'd still be smitten. I would certainly find a way to break your ties with them, but I couldn't stop loving you. So, you are more than enough for me, and if anyone makes you feel differently, then I will handle it." "That's a bold statement coming from you." I ran my fingers through his ponytail as it hung over his shoulder. "I can't argue with that logic, but I promise I'm not a member of the Fatui." I wrapped my arms around his waist, encouraging him to squish me with his full weight. "I'm going to crush you." He fought against me, but I only nuzzled his neck, blowing raspberries. "Amber, hey." "I know. But I'd also like to point out how improper it is for you to be in my room at this hour. So, I'd like to be crushed as repayment… please." I let go of one side of his hip and wiped my eyes. "You are right. It is improper." He lowered himself a little more but didn't fully lay on me. "A true gentlemen would never stay this late with a proper young lady. However, there is something else I want that's a little scandalous." "What could that be?" I gasped, my lungs not fully expanding as his weight sunk down on my chest. He noticed as he sat up to his previous position. "A kiss?" He moved his elbow up and cupped my face. His eyes glimmered with the flame that was lighting up the room. His touch was gentle but so firm I couldn't imagine being in another person's embrace. At that moment, there were only two people in the world, and I was madly in love with one of them.   "That sounds quite proper to me. You should always kiss your lover goodnight." I stuttered a little, unable to keep up the playful banter as I looked at his lips. The smile that spread on his face made the butterflies in my stomach flutter. Archons, I was smitten.   His thumb brushed my lower lip before he brought his mouth down for a chaste kiss. Testing the waters, he hovered millimeters above me, and I stole his lips in a deeper kiss. Having a lack of experience in the field, I matched the pattern he set. Just like dancing, I tried to take the lead and failed miserably. So I did was I was best at, adding the fun flourishes. I curled my fingers into his hair and snaked my hand up his shirt and across his chest. He matched my movements, caressing my face and tilting my head up to deepen the kiss. Every star in the sky dulled in comparison to the explosion of light that spread over my body. He shifted back, catching his breath. he smoothed my hair and peppered, kissing around my face before setting back. "Thank you." He laced our fingers together, pulling my hand to his mouth and kissing my knuckles.     "Will you stay tonight?" I took our intertwined hands and kissed his knuckles in return. "I don't want you to leave just yet." "As you wish." He got behind me, adjusting the covers we had tossed around earlier. "Now, let's get some sleep. We have a big day tomorrow." I laid my head on my pillow and scooted back until we were slotted against each other. His hand wrapped around my shoulders in a reassuring squeeze. "I love you." "I love you more." It took a while for all the blood pumping through my body to relax again, but once it did, I fell into a deep and peaceful sleep. Dreams of dancing through the clouds with Diluc filled my head, and I had the best rest of my entire life. Next to the man I dearly loved.   

    The End

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    im meant to be working on chp 2 of look who’s digging their own grave but fuck i wanna write (or possibly continue a loose wip i have) about dilucs whole fucking off for four years and the subsequent Identity Crisis of it 

    #diluc who drops everything that made him diluc ragnvindr and just goes feral #bcs he grew up only aiming to achieve his fathers dream and that was ripped away from him #diluc who burns himself up in the flames of grief and rises from its ashes as someone else entirely #and who comes back to mondstadt feeling like 'master diluc ragnvindr' is more a mask than himself #ft a gender crisis bcs in this house we stan nonbinary transfem diluc #who i call eos on their journey bcs <3 name pretty #horus chatters#diluc#genshin
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    sir i just want him to come home :,)
    rb/like if used/saved (◍•ᴗ•◍)
    𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚜𝚑𝚒𝚗 𝚒𝚖𝚙𝚊𝚌𝚝 ✧*。
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    kaeya: You love me, right, diluc?

    diluc: Normally, I’d say yes without hesitation, but I feel like this is going somewhere and I don’t like it.

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    Married with Diluc be like


    YN: Look, I made a spoon hat! :D


    Diluc: Well, that explains why I’m having to eat my soup with a fork.

    #genshin impact #diluc x reader #genshin impact reader insert #genshin x reader #genshin impact x reader #x reader #diluc x traveler #diluc x you #diluc x y/n #genshin impact diluc #diluc#diluc imagines#diluc ragnvindr#master diluc
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    #shut up maverick #SHE CAME HOME #dusk dont look #master diluc can we get mcdonalds
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    childe basically said until we meet again with "if you're still alive" and.. sir...

    #shut up maverick #childe what the fuck #master diluc can we get mcdonalds
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    makes reminder to bar all three... i mean, what?

    Master Diluc, please, I’m paying for my drinks at least... I’m bringing business... Mora... please. Working in the theater industry is stressful, too... Please no bar. :c

    #❄  ―  CRACK.  ╱  cursing is like a balm for the soul and so is my honest word to your bs. #thank you for this I'm cackling here like a fool i am #diluc: not allowed. #zarina: gasps in snezhnayan and just 'imma disguise if I have to master diluc i need to drink once a week or once in two weeks please' #rcgnvindr
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    ooOooHhhH its soooOo cOooLlllDddD i sure hope that a pyro claymore user that goes by the name diluc doesn’t hug me so i can sleep ooOoOooOoohhHhh that’s honestly the worsttt

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    this chapters just like. zhongli: guess who just got murdered

    #shut up maverick #master diluc can we get mcdonalds #genshin spoilers #??
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    "now that you've left your godless city" JESUS LADY.

    #shut up maverick #master diluc can we get mcdonalds #i mean she is Correct but damn did you have to phrase it like that so condescendingly
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    I don’t get healer characters like after I defeated the fucking flower me and this other person twirled Barbara for like five minutes and she only healed our individual characters I don’t think that’s very healing well it is healing but I suspected in coop you could heal each other

    #shut up maverick #my healer is Noelle spinning anyways #master diluc can we get mcdonalds
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    i took one for the team🥲

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    ཻུ۪۪͎ genshin impact characters as your roommate

    note: a request by an anon!! 💓 thank u so much for being patient with me have a nice day!! i also posted the roommate au for albedo. i hope you like it :O
    ps. if you want your requests to be in one place pls give me a codename :)) i’ll put your codename in the hashtags!
    masterlist <3
    warnings: diluc having a nightmare and is panting/sweating, mentions of someone’s death in the past (his father)
    character(s) included: diluc and gn! reader
    category: headcanons
    a/n: it’s up to you whether you’ll see this as Diluc being your friend, crush, or lover :)) (unless stated otherwise!)

    he is super organized and clean when it comes to both of your things. he doesn’t want to see anything on the floor.

    he sleeps so early and wakes up early as well 💀 he’ll probably stay in bed for a moment or two and think about how he’d start his day.

    when he’s done with his self pep talk he’ll wake you up too.

    but only when he knows you have work/school or an important business that you need to attend to.

    he’ll prepare like a butler lmao he’s so formal and stoic 😭

    but you know deep down that he cares for you so much that’s why he’s doing these things for you :)

    it’s definitely quiet most of the time in the apartment. you’ll strike conversations here and there to lessen his shyness.

    (ik this red boy is just shy sometimes and needs a little push)

    his ex gf is his friend named jean. but they are on very good terms. you found this out one time when you three hung out and sometimes it was very awkward. you absolutely love hanging out with jean and is close to her lol you asked jean if your theory was true and it is

    he frequently has nightmares and would pant/sweat in his dream. you’ll have to shake him to get him to wake up from his bad dreams.

    he didn’t tell you what his dreams were about tho. when he wakes up he’ll jolt up his bed with wide eyes, catching his breath.

    when he sees you worried, he’ll swat your hand that was touching him and immediately goes to the bathroom.

    you were worried the entire night and couldn’t sleep. Diluc would feel bad about this. you would hug him after he’s calmed down.

    you love hanging out with him tho!! as calm and collected as he sounds, hangouts are NEVER dull when you’re with him!

    maybe it’s because he lets himself... well, be himself when he’s with you. (also because you’ve seen each other’s highs and lows and have grown with each other)

    he loves animals so much and is a big softy for them!!

    you guys would visit an animal shelter and adopt some of them. he then adopted an eagle! you were scared of it sometimes tho because it’s really big 😅

    his outfits are really intimidating AGHDDGKL like he’s a king who’s pretending to be a normal citizen lol.

    when you sense tiredness in each other, you would suggest a little self care moment for the two of you.

    you bought some face masks that are light and won’t harm his skin or yours. he refuses to wear it of course lol he said he’s alright with just a hand and foot spa.


    soon after the little self care moment, you guys would buy juice and snacks for movie night!!

    as for visitors, he’s okay with it! as long as you and your friends know your limitations. a guy acquaintance you say? well he does mind the attempts of them flirting with you (mostly because he gets secondhand embarrassment lol).

    Kaeya would visit you guys from time to time. he said it was to tease Diluc but in reality, he’s just really worried about his brother’s wellbeing. especially when he knows that he frequently has nightmares scarring him.

    (nightmares mostly about their father dying...)

    one time someone knocked on the door. Diluc opened it and as soon as he sees his brother, he would slam the door shut at him and sits back, continuing what he’s doing 😭

    you would eventually feel bad for Kaeya and would gladly let him inside of the apartment. when Diluc does this, Kaeya still won’t leave the front door lmao

    you were like a babysitter when they’re together because of their constant bickering and teases that are meant for each other

    but then again, this is how they both show affection with each other.

    i see him as more of a lake/river person lmao

    Diluc would sometimes catch some air and clear his mind by the river that’s not far from the apartment.

    it’s his comfort place :’))

    he always goes at night since the river is beautiful when the moon shines against the whole area.

    Diluc will invite you and you’ve never been so excited that this man invited you to his comfort place.

    On the way there, you two would just walk silently. the silence healing each other’s wounds that are long embarked, waiting to be cast away in the past and into the wind...

    Diluc cherish the moment of silence you two would have.

    “as the full moon finds it’s place, love will uplift despair” - (angie weiland-crosby)

    and most of the time, love is all our hearts need to be healed <3

    he watched you all those times you’d watch the moon lovingly. the moon illuminated your soft skin and in that period of time, he admired how strong you were/are.

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    Diluc ❤️ Hope you like my drawing

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