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    26.07.2021 - 14 hours ago

    RE Voice Actor Master List

    Drabbles 1, 2, 3

    #RE VA master list #thatgoblin
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    26.07.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Front Cover Photographer coming soon

    " I only had a drink Y/N, like 4 hours ago. I wou8ld rather drive you home, get you into bed and stay there to make sure you don't choke to death then stick you in one of these cars where I can't even make sure you get to your door." Y/N tucks her head in Harry's neck and breathes in heavily. " Do I smell nice Moppet?" Y/N pulls her head up. | or Y/N owns a magazine and Harry is on the cover of the June issue
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  • wingwaver
    26.07.2021 - 19 hours ago

    starting to wonder if I even wanna bother taking requests on the tf/braves blog anymore...

    #I get a lot of stuff that I... just feel no inspiration for #sometimes someone will submit something and its like ''WE ARE ON THE SAME WAVELENGTH 👀'' #but I also get a lot of stuff thats like... bro I have done this concept already pls #like as much as I love Starscream I get a lot of requests for him that sounds exactly the same and I'm like... #just look at the master list bro what you're looking for is probably already here #and then there's the people who I CAN TELL have not read the rules and it gets so frustrating man #like pls it takes a minute they are literally pinned to the top of the blog just read the goddamn rules #Lias talks #maybe I'll just start doing prompt requests instead that way I know I'll be getting something I actually feel like working on #and doesn't feel like a chore/job
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    26.07.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Kiss me more | Tyler Glasnow added to Masterlist 

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  • tawneybel
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    June 2021 Reader Insert Smut Masterlist


    1. Top 10 Hottest Characters, Part 14

    2. Carlisle Cullen and Esme Cullen from Twilight

    3. Rory Peters from Final Destination 2

    4. N/A

    5. N/A

    6. N/A

    7. Stuntman Mike from Death Proof

    8. Ransom Drysdale from Knives Out

    9. Frankie Cheeks from Final Destination 3

    10. Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    11. N/A

    12. N/A

    13. N/A

    14. Jonah from SiREN

    15. Silver Shamrock Androids from Halloween III: Season of the Witch

    16. Aleksander Morozova from Shadow and Bone

    17. Murk from Aquaman

    18. N/A

    19. N/A

    20. N/A

    21. N/A

    22. N/A

    23. N/A

    24. N/A

    25. Blayne Moll and Xander Harris from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    26. Draknarok from Power Rangers Dino Fury

    27. Lamplighter and Hughie Campbell from The Boys

    28. N/A

    29. N/A

    30. N/A

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  • randomfandomingwrites
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    me always: i’m gonna take a break from making ocs to focus on the ones i have


    #keke talks #anyway if you look at my pinterest i have more than one more than five unintroduced ocs #rip my master list
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  • twinkleimagines
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    ✨masters list ✨

    Warning labels-❗️language ❕drugs ⚠️smut 🚫 abuse/ fighting

    Rafe Cameron + topper

    Sharing is caring❗️❕⚠️ https://twinkleimagines.tumblr.com/post/657700685427671040/sharing-is-caring

    Drew starkey

    Let’s go camping❗️⚠️ https://twinkleimagines.tumblr.com/post/656470649938853888/lets-go-camping

    Don’t be jealous❗️ https://twinkleimagines.tumblr.com/post/656009955834511360/dont-be-jealous-princess

    The break up❗️⚠️ https://twinkleimagines.tumblr.com/post/655168778159718400/the-break-up

    Rafe cameron

    Take me back to the night we met❗️❕🚫 https://twinkleimagines.tumblr.com/post/655850735695790081/take-me-back-to-the-night-we-met

    Rafe Cameron fanfiction *somebody save me*

    Chapter one❗️ https://twinkleimagines.tumblr.com/post/654881914718765056/somebody-save-me

    #smut#drew starkey #drew starkey fanfiction #drew starkey imagine #obx #rafe cameron fanfiction #rafe cameron imagine #obx fiction #drew starkey dirty imagine #drew starkey smut #topper obx smut #topper and rafe #topper fanfiction#topper obx#obx masterlist #Drew starkey master list #masterlist #Rafe Cameron masterlist
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  • dungeon-apprentice
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Link to artist found in the source of this post.

    Here is a list of 10 relatively quickly resolved encounters, not necessarily combat, that your group can stumble upon. Some may spawn adventures of their own, others may simply serve as flavor for a particular location in your world.

    While walking along an otherwise deserted street, the party spots a hulking wolf. Its muzzle and front paws are covered in blood, and it's limping slightly. This is a werewolf. She will not attack on sight, as she's wounded. If the party approaches her, she will try to scare them off. If they can discern her true nature, she will transform into her hybrid form and confess to having just killed someone in a fit of rage. She claims that she's trying to leave the city before she harms anyone else. The werewolf is clearly trying to suppress the urge to lash out at the party. Will they help her, or slay her? ー Suggested ability checks: Animal Handling, Insight, Persuasion

    One evening in the tavern, citizens complain that the water in the local well has lost its (alleged) healing powers. They speculate that the "gentle soul", which they believe is a spirit who lives in the well, is unhappy with them. If the party takes a sample of the water, they can discover some impurities, provided they have the right know-how or tools. The well ends in a flooded, subterranean cave. If accessed, the party can discover a water weird living in the cave. It seems friendly, but unhappy. What (or who?) is the cause of the impurities in the water, and why is the water weird so displeased? ー Suggested ability checks: Alchemist's tools, Arcana, Brewer's supplies, Herbalism kit, History, Nature

    While shopping, you hear a sudden racket down the street. A very angry merchant is chasing two small children - you hear the jangling of coins as they race past you, around the corner and out of sight. If the party chooses to proceed down the street to find the children, they'll see a sewer grate that isn't quite in place. If they enter the sewer, they'll have to be careful, as noise might attract the tribe of bugbears who have their home there. If the players are perceptive, they'll be able to follow a combined trail of dropped coins and subtle markings in the sewer walls to discover the children's hideout. Turns out a group of about a dozen kids live down here, stealing to survive. One kid is "the face", and uses the money the rest of them steal to buy food. They are afraid to come up, because the city guard is likely to punish them, but live in beyond squalid conditions here. How will the party deal with this situation? ー Suggested ability checks: Investigation, Mason's tools, Persuasion, Stealth

    While exploring the city's underbelly, the party discovers (whether by accident or not) a secret passageway that has been improperly sealed. Behind it are two nothics, evidently in an argument. If anyone in the party speaks Undercommon, they'll be able to learn that one is upset with the other for not sharing the secrets of the Lady of Rot and Decay, while the other claims to have no such knowledge. What can the party learn from this conversation, and how will the nothics react if they find out their hiding place as been discovered? Do the nothics keep something interesting in there? ー Suggested ability checks: Arcana, Calligrapher's tools, Investigation, Religion

    A young mage with grand ambitions for urban improvement contacts our fearless adventurers. They had the bright idea to summon and use magma and steam mephits for luxurious and cheap heating of the city - no more firewood necessary, and the streets will always be free of snow in the winter! Unfortunately, the mephits proved unwilling to be helpful, and immediately escaped to a nearby bath house. The city guard is unwilling to go into the by now extremely hot building, and is more interested in finding the source of the problem. The mage is terrified that the guards won't understand they had the best of intentions, even more so because they aren't sure how to banish the mephits again. How will the party handle the mephits, and will they expose the careless mage to the guards? ー Suggested ability checks: Charisma, Constitution, Deception, Persuasion

    A local inn advertises a new, special brew: "A fun night guaranteed, or your money back!" After indulging, the party lose themselves to fits of laughter and don't remember much of the evening otherwise. However, the next morning they awaken to find that a nilbog followed them to their sleeping spot. Inspired by their chaotic merriment last night (and perhaps the amount of gold they carry around), the nilbog has approached them to ask for help with disposing of a particularly cruel goblin captain, who abuses the goblin tribe that resides in the nearby hills. Will the adventurers trust the nilbog and help the goblins, and what will happen if they do? What happens if they refuse? Is there something more to the drink they had last night? ー Suggested ability checks: Constitution, Insight, Intimidation

    An elderly beggar catches the hem of a party member's cloak and asks for "a little kindness". If the party helps them in a satisfactory way (DM's discretion), the beggar will give them a blunt dagger as thanks, saying only to use it at the uttermost end of need. The dagger seems ordinary. If the party can unveil its secrets, they'll learn it's an instrument of a blood-sacrifice happy cult. If two people use the dagger to make a blood pact, they'll be able to share in the other's suffering (if character A takes X points of damage, character B can choose to sacrifice themselves and take the damage instead. If this kills them, character A regains an amount of HP. DM's discretion; go ham!). How did the beggar get the sacrificial dagger, why did they get rid of it, and will the cult want it back? ー Suggested ability checks: Arcana, History, Religion

    The party takes a wrong turn and find themselves in a part of town none of them recognize. The people here seem suspicious of the party and don't believe they got here by accident. After meandering for a while, an elf with severe facial scarring stops them and offers to show the way out, if they'll take a little wooden doll with them and give it to someone in town. Will the party accept the deal? How will the elf react if they don't? Who is the intended recipient of the doll? What happens if they don't deliver it? And where exactly did the party end up? ー Suggested ability checks: Insight, Survival, Woodcarver's tools

    The party overhears a shouted exchange between a group of stone masons and their foreman. They're working on restoring a cathedral, but according to two masons, monstrous statues have appeared overnight. The masons are too spooked to go back to work, but the foreman is dismissive of their "superstitions". Should the party investigate, they'll find that three gargoyles have taken up residence in the cathedral, and they're not exactly planning to leave, as they have nowhere else to go. How will the party deal with the gargoyles? What happens if they stay? Will the foreman believe their story? ー Suggested ability checks: Mason's tools, Persuasion

    One day, the party witnesses a sudden, very bright explosion as they pass an alley. Upon investigating, part of the street has been blown to pieces, and there's now a massive hole leading into the city's sewer system. Wait - is someone crying down there? If the party goes into the sewer, they'll find a band of distressed darklings. They are fearful of the party and will attempt to flee. If the party can calm one (or more) of them down, they'll explain that their friend died as a result of a ritual to turn them into an elder. The darklings are afraid the explosion will attract the attention of less friendly characters. They ask the characters to distract anyone who comes this way so that they can gather their (stolen) possessions and flee through the sewers and hopefully hide somewhere until it becomes dark. Will the party help the darklings, and will the darklings manage to escape? What sort of treasures do the darklings keep? ー Suggested ability checks: Deception, Glassblower's tools, Navigator's tools, Painter's supplies, Performance, Persuasion

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  • redatheart
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hiya, I'm Red! - The confused hothead artist with a phone and a digital pen!

    If you're new around here: you can ask me for a fanart, a moodboard or a fic and I will try to make it for you with as short dragging as possible. I'm a mess like that, so please be patient to me-- or just scream at me in my dm's/inbox (whatever goes your way)

    You can find me under those tags:

    #redatheart, #red, #red speaks or #red rambles

    #reds fanarts, #reds moodboards, #red's ideas (#reds ideas), #reds fanfics or #reds fanfictions

    also, one of my favorite mutuals has a habit of tagging me under #red cheeks!

    [this master list will be poor for now]

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  • narutogwriting
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Akatsuki Headcanons


    ☽Who looks the best wearing fishnets?
    ☽Characters as Nikita Gill Quotes
    ☽Itachi Falling in Love
    ☽Characters comforting you


    ☽Who looks the best wearing fishnets?


    ☽Who looks the best wearing fishnets?


    ☽Who looks the best wearing fishnets?


    ☽Who looks the best wearing fishnets?
    ☽Characters as Nikita Gill Quotes
    NSFW Alphabet ☽


    ☽Characters as Nikita Gill Quotes


    ☽Characters as Nikita Gill Quotes
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  • yannowhatigiveup
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    My One And Only - Chapter 23

    Previous | Next | Master List

    I haven’t had much time to write so this chapter is shorter than the last two, but I’ve got the next few chapters planned so there’s that. Also everything that didn‘t already have a name will be given one through a generator (this will make sense later)

    Anyway, I hope you like this chapter.

    | TW: This chapter mentions attempted sexual assault |

    "Coming Maman!", the bluenette answered, putting the gift box back in a safe place in her room. Giving the two kwamis in her room their respective foods, Marinette headed downstairs, a positive pep in her step.


    To some, life has a more twisted path than their peers, Damian is one of these people. Being raised by assassins and being the only biological son of a billionaire isn’t necessarily a common life many get to experience. But of course, Damian never shared details of his private life to the public. Then there are people who slither their way into the lives of the wealthy or powerful, this girl was one of them.

    Damian was sitting with Jon on their lunch table when a brunette with bleached hair walked up to the two of them. Jon heard her walk up to them so he turned to face the figure. When Damian is at school, he’ll observe the students for a few moments, learn their name and if deemed not a threat, he’ll easily ignore them. In Gotham Academy you’re either a threat or an annoyance to Damian Wayne, unless your name is Jonathan Kent. This girl, Madison, if he remembered correctly, was the type of girl he knew to avoid, a person only seeking for money, power, and fame.

    “Damian, there’s something I need to tell you.” The girl, Madison, began, drawing the whole cafeteria’s attention. In fact, she waited until she had every ounce of attention she could get from the people in this room, every single drop.

    “Spit it out.” Damian deadpanned, suspecting and not liking the way this was going. He made it clear at how irritated he was with a glare that did deter the girl at first, but she soon collected herself.

    “So we’ve been at this school together for a long time and I just wanted to tell you that I love y-“

    “No.” Damian shut it down immediately.

    “W-what?” Madison stuttered, her heartbreak clearly present in her voice. But, to Damian at least, it was the sound of her pride that broke.

    “I said no. I do not reciprocate your feelings and I never will.” He and Marinette haven’t even told each other the phrase ‘I love you’ yet and this girl had the audacity to use a powerful statement, such as that one, as a silly love confession? How disgraceful.

    “Come on! I’m the most attractive woman here and yet you choose to reject me?” Madison’s previous lovesick façade had faded completely, showing the entire cafeteria of her true colours, if they didn’t already know. Damian scoffed at her behaviour.

    “I am not a fool, Carter.” Damian called Madison by her last name, irritation dripping from his voice. “I know what you’re trying to do, this stupid gimmick. You only do this to increase your fame and popularity, I do not associate myself with people like you.”

    Madison scowled, well if you could even call it that. In all honesty, the lousy attempt of trying to seem threatening made Damian tied between snorting in amusement and yawning in boredom, it was that bad. But since the situation was serious, and to keep up his reputation, the stone cold expression remained on his face. She then scoffed. “You just don’t know how to admit your feelings for me.” Then she did what no one anticipated. Maison took a step towards the green-eyed boy, grabbed his face with both of her hands and attempted to place a kiss on his lips. Luckily, Damian was quick to react. He forcefully pushed her off him, leaving Madison flat on her backside. “Ow-!“

    She cut herself off as Damian menacingly rose. “Keep your filthy hands of me you harlot.”


    “Did I stutter?” As he raised his voice, Madison curled in on herself. Jon looked tense, his angry gaze was directed at the girl on the floor, ready to intervene if anything else were to happen. Though, he knew he wasn’t need. “First and foremost, I explicitly told you that I was not interested. Obviously you, Carter, cannot handle rejection as evident by the way you dealt with it just now.”

    “I-“ Madison tried to defend herself but Damian wasn’t having any of that.

    “You have the audacity to call yourself a woman yet when something as petty as rejection is thrown your way, you go as far as assault to get what you want. How disgusting and pathetic. Don’t you, for a fucking, second think it is acceptable to do that, because it isn’t. You ever dare try that again I promise you, I’ll do a lot worse than shove you.” Damian let his words sink in before he grabbed his bag, preparing to leave. He heard Jon gathering his belongings together but he didn’t wait for him. Damian passed Madison, who was still on the floor. “You’re lucky I won’t sue you for sexual assault.” He seethed before walking away.

    Damian risked a look back as he was about to leave the cafeteria, he saw Madison on the floor still, a mixture of shock, sadness, anger and fear were displayed on her face. He gave her one of his signature glares before turning away, leaving her as prey to the audience in the cafeteria. Making his way to the library, Damian made his way through to a back corner, a place he knew would be quiet and empty. Messaging Marinette, Damian sent her a request to video call. During their conversation, Jon came into the library. It was pleasant having Jon there, it was also comforting to Damian. Soon the bell rang.

    “Well that’s us.” Jon said after the warning bell sounded out.

    “We have to go now, Angel. Talk to you later”, Damian had a small smile on his face.

    “Yeah, I know, Bye Jon, talk to you later, Dami.” Damian and Jon both waved at Marinette after she had said goodbye. Taking their belongings, the two made their way out of the library.

    “I didn’t realise you haven’t told them, you know, about you and Marinette.” Jon mumbled.

    “I’d like to keep her a secret from them for a while, with the ‘family business’. They’re bound to be absurd. Also, they might want to interrogate her since she’s from Paris, the place we’re investigating.” Damian replied quickly, making sure to be in control of his heartbeat and his breathing so that his best friend’s super-hearing wouldn’t even able to pick up on it.

    “Out of all the nicknames in the world, you chose ‘Angel’. It’s quite cute actually, very fitting for Marinette.” Jon told him as they were walking down a hallway. “How’d you choose it?” Damian raised an eyebrow at his friend. “I’m just curious.”

    He sighed. “One day she was wearing a colour similar to white and she just looked like an angel, nothing else to add.”

    The blue-eyed boy hummed. “Reasonable enough to me, also” Jon looked at Damian worriedly, well as much as he could while they were walking side by side. “The reason I went to the library was to check on you, are you feeling okay after what Madison did?”

    “What Carter did was unsettling and disgusting, but I’ll be sure to tell Father about it”, Damian sighed again, looking at anywhere but the boy next to him.

    “But are you okay?” Jon asked again, his blue eyes sparkling with apprehension.

    “I’m… fine, it’s fine. Thank you for your concern, Kent.” Damian said to his friend with sincerity. Jon smiled in response.

    “You’ll be happy to know that the entire cafeteria bit into Madison after you left.” Jon stated.

    “She wanted their full attention and made a fool of herself after, I’d say it’s fair.” Damian responded, ignoring the looks that the students waking past him were giving.

    “Now there’s one last thing I gotta say, I heard your heartbeat quicken after Marinette bit her lip.” Jon snickered at Damian’s shocked expression.

    “Shut up, Kent.” He grumbled, his flushed face betraying him. Jon laughed at his expression.

    Jon laughed. “Well see you after school!” He chirped as he left Damian at the mercy of his own emotions. The teen in question grumbled before walking into his classroom.


    As soon as Damian returned home, he got on with his sorry excuse for homework. He had learnt all the material back in the League of Assassins. It only took him around a few minutes to complete, including the extension work. He was putting away the remainder of his work when the sound of something entering his room caught his attention. Turning, Damian smiled.

    “Hello Titus,” He looked at the time. “Oh, it’s time to go on a walk, isn’t it?” As the Great Dane wagged his tail, Damian got his leash. Looking at the time, he realised that they couldn’t go to the Botanical Gardens and be back in time for dinner so they would just have to walk around the garden, not like it was any different. The garden was more than large enough for the two of them. So Damian and Titus went down the stairs.

    Enjoying his walk, Titus was blissfully unaware of what was going on in his owner’s head. Damian however was recollecting the events that happened earlier that day. True he wasn’t unsettled about it but that didn’t mean it didn’t bother him. His train of thought was cut off when Titus started barking. That meant that his father had returned home.

    Damian brought Titus back inside and into his room, where he gave the Great Dane his food. Washing his hands, Damian made his way down stairs where most of the residents were already situated. On his way down, he heard Drake talking with Mar’i.

    “That dress looks very good on you, Mar’i.” Damian heard his brother say. Mar’i, in response, giggled.

    “What did you get Uncle Timmy?” The half-tamaranean asked excitedly. Damian watched the conversation from where he was in the staircase.

    “Well Damian was nice enough to give me a suit made by the same designer as your dress, their name is MDC.” Tim told her, trying to be all calm in front of the girl when in reality, he was squealing on the inside. MDC is his favourite designer after all.

    “If you like it so much, why aren’t you wearing it?” Mar’i questioned, genuinely curious.

    “It’s a suit Mar’i, it’s to be worn at work. And I don’t want to risk ruining it.” Tim pointed out. She made an ‘o’ shape with her mouth and nodded in understanding. Damian got off the staircase after Tim had left to go to the dinning room.

    “Uncle Dami look!” Damian turned to the sound of his niece’s voice, finding the girl in the purple dress that Marinette had made. She even twirled around to show it off more.

    “You look very nice, Mar’i,” Damian said with a smile, sneakily taking his phone out to take a picture.

    “Yes you do,” Kor’i appeared from the living room, smiling at her daughter. “Now what must you say?”

    “Thank you!” The young girl chirped, twirling her dress one more time before going to the dining room. The tamaranean chuckled lightly at her daughter’s antics before following her in into the room. Damian followed suit.

    Moments later, the rest of the manor’s occupants entered the dining room sitting at their respective seats. The dinner started with some light chatter as they were filling their plates with the delicious food Alfred had prepared. But as any living person in the Wayne Household knows, the peacefulness never lasts. Soon enough voices were being raised at the table, Damian didn’t even remember the cause of such a loud discussion. The one thing he did know was that Jason threw a piece of broccoli at him as a result. Before any food fighting, or fighting in general, could ensue, Bruce brought the table’s attention onto himself.

    “Earlier today, Tim though of an idea that could quite possibly help us.” The billionaire, along with the rest of the table, turned to the Co-CEO. He put his cutlery down.

    “Remember last year when WE hosted that competition? Well I was thinking we do it again this year but-“ Tim paused for dramatic effect. “-we choose a winner from Paris.”

    “It will provide us with enough information so we can offer assistance to the Parisian heroes.” Bruce continued, once again getting the table’s attention. “Not only that but it will good for their mental health, considering the villain preys on emotions. They’ll be able to express themselves fully, doing good for both them and us, seeing if they do reveal more information we aren’t currently aware of.”

    “So basically,” Jason began after some moments of silence. “It’s rigged.”

    “Putting it simply, yes.” Tim nodded.

    “I don’t understand…” a small voice from further down the table spoke up. “What”s wrong with Paris?”

    Kor’i sighed, “My little bumgorf, do you remember why your uncle went to Paris?” The young half-tamaranean looked thoughtful, only to shake her head. “Well he found out that there is a villain in Paris so he went there to get more information.”

    “Oh”, Mar’i looked at her plate.

    “Like your uncle did, we want to help those people. Speaking of which, what do you think Damian?” Dick turned towards his youngest brother, as did most of the occupants at the table. Damian wasn’t expecting the question and was just barely paying attention.

    ‘If they’ll be choosing people only from Paris, is there a possibility that Angel, or her class, will be chosen? I shouldn’t hope just yet…’ He blinked. ‘Should I mention what happened today? No, that isn’t relevant’ “Well Grayson, I think the idea is… adequate” he said after some time, his silence was enough to raise a few eyebrows but no one openly commented about it.

    “Well then, that’s what we’ll do.” Tim announced after swallowing a spoonful of food.

    “We just have to make the arrangements during the next meeting, considering the one that was supposed to happen today was cancelled.” Bruce concluded, a few nodded after he finished talking.

    Dinner continued on as normal. After dinner was patrol but apparently since it was a ‘school night’, Damian wasn’t allowed to go. That and the fact he still hasn’t adjusted to the six hour time difference. Honestly, why was everyone telling him that he is tired? Couldn’t they see he was anything but-

    Damian yawned.

    ‘Oh’, he grumbled in his head. He was irked that you couldn’t go out as Robin but he didn’t protest as much as he usually would. He sat on his bed, unable to sleep when a notification on his phone caught his attention.

    Angel: You awake?

    He rolled his eyes with a smile on his face.

    Me: Yes, shouldn’t you?

    Angel: I’m not tired

    Me: Should I be surprised?

    Angel: oh hush

    Angel: And besides, I’m worried about you

    Me: Why are you worried?

    Angel: Whatever happened earlier seemed to make you uncomfortable, are you feeling alright?

    Me: Well yes, I’m feeling much better than earlier.

    Angel: That’s good, is there anything on your mind?

    Damian contemplated telling her about the planning that Drake and his father were doing.

    Me: No I’m fine thank you, I really don’t deserve you

    Angel: Good, that’s good

    Angel: I don’t deserve you either, Dami

    Damian remembered the picture he took earlier.

    Me: *image.png*

    Me: Mar’i really likes the dress you made

    Angel: That’s a relief, she looks adorable!

    Me: She does

    Angel: You really have a soft spot for your niece, it’s cute

    Me: Who wouldn’t

    Angel: She seems very lovable

    Me: It’s late, you need at least a few hours of sleep

    Angel: Alright, goodnight mon démon

    Me: Goodnight, Malaki

    Damian put his phone down on his bedside table, Alfred the cat made an appearance soon after. Petting the cat lightly, Damian made himself comfortable on his bed.


    “What are you looking at, Marinette?” Tikki flew up to the bluenette who was sat at her desk, on her phone. “Shouldn’t you be asleep?”

    Marinette brought her phone’s screen closer to the red kwami. “Damian sent a photo of his niece, she looks very cute.”

    Tikki hummed. “Yes she is very nice but shouldn’t you be asleep? You still have school tomorrow.” Marinette sighed while turning away.

    “I know, Tikki, but I’m just not tired.” Tikki was right but Marinette couldn’t find the will to sleep.

    “If you’re really that bored,” Plagg flew up to the two, making himself comfortable on Marinette’s desk. “A little midnight run never hurt anybody.”

    “It’s a long time past midnight, Plagg.” Tikki said unimpressed.

    “Not a bad idea Plagg,” Marinette got up from her desk, oblivious to the smug look Plagg had sent Tikki. “Is it alright with you, Tikki?”

    The kwami sighed. “Fine but you really should get more sleep more often.”

    And like that, Marinette went to her balcony and transformed, flying through the night sky. The spotted heroine landed on a roof top, it didn’t matter which one and Ladybug sure didn’t know, nor did she care. She sat, legs dangling over the edge as she observed the city skyline, very slightly illuminated by the last remaining streetlights. There was practically no one around and even if there were a few individuals wandering the streets of Paris, they wouldn’t have noticed Ladybug. She paid no attention to them, they would be safe for the next few nights after all. Ladybug closed her eyes and focused on the sound of the wind blowing through the shrubs of greenery. The sound of someone approaching snapped her back to reality. Turning, she faced the owner of the sound.

    “Hello, Chien.” Ladybug greeted the dog-themed hero with a smile. He smiled in return before sitting next to her, “Why are you awake at this hour?”

    Chien chuckled. “I could ask you the exact same thing, but I think we both know the answer.”

    “You couldn’t sleep either, huh?”, Ladybug moved her legs onto the roof so that she could comfortably lay her chin on her knees. Chien nodded.

    “Barkk suggested going on a stroll, to try and tire myself out.” The hero mentioned, shrugging his shoulders. Ladybug chuckled under her breath.

    “Plagg suggested something similar. Speaking of the kwami, how did you and Damian put up with him and his obsession with Camembert?” The spotted heroine joked, causing him to laugh. But he was quick to put his hand over his mouth, that way it would stay mostly silent.

    “I just gave him Camembert, he’s gets annoying without it. As for Damian, I actually have no clue. Perhaps since he’s Plagg’s true user, maybe Plagg is nicer with him. Not sure though.” Chien shrugged before an expression was present on his face. “Actually, there’s been something I’ve been meaning to ask you.”

    Ladybug gestured for him to continue.

    “How did you find out that Damian is the true user?”, Chien didn’t seem jealous, in fact, he looked genuinely curious. Because of this, Ladybug looked proud, Chien was a very good friend.

    “Plagg found out actually. After finding out that I got, you know, stabbed-“ the dog-themed hero shuddered. “-Plagg gave him permission to use his miraculous and I think he realised that he was the true user. I’m not entirely sure though, I’ll have to ask Plagg.”

    Chien hummed, “That makes sense, but how come he was already so skilled with the miraculous? If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought he was trained beforehand.”

    Ladybug let out a laugh that hopefully didn’t sound nervous. “Well back in Gotham, with him being the son of Bruce Wayne, he’s a target to criminals as he can be used to gain money from his father. So he’s trained to get himself out of most situations, he also enjoys swordplay.” Ladybug kept her voice to a whisper, that way no suspecting civilians would be able to eavesdrop.

    The hero hummed again. “That… makes sense, yeah.” Chien opened his mouth as if to say something but he closed it again, the question disappearing from his mind. Ladybug noticed this.

    “Is there something you wanted to talk about?”, Ladybug asked the hero sat next to her, concern lingering in her voice. After a few moments of silence, he sighed and gave in.

    “Is he okay with it?”, seeing Ladybug’s confused expression, Chien elaborated. “Damian I mean. Is he okay with our friendship after I used to… confess my love for you at any chance I got?”

    Ladybug giggled and he laughed along in good humour. “He understands how we’ve been partners for a long time, how we both trust one another with our lives. Dami has nothing against you, or Luka either.” The spotted heroine sighed dreamily, a slow smile appeared on Chien’s face.

    “That’s a relief.” He turned to face the night sky, lifting his head to view the few stars in the sky. “You really like him, don’t you?”

    Ladybug nodded. “I really do.”

    “Well I’m happy for you, he’s a great guy I must say.” He kept his gaze locked on the sky, completely the missing the look that Ladybug sent him.

    “Oh so you have a crush on my boyfriend now?” The spotted heroine teased, making the dog-themed hero freeze.

    “Wh- No-! I- Um-,” Chien stuttered, unable to get words out as his face turned bright red.

    Ladybug giggled, much to his dismay. “Relax, I’m just teasing” Chuckling at the weak glare Chien sent her, the spotted heroine turned to face the crescent moon. A comfortable silence stretched between them, one that was soon broken by the heroine herself. “It’s getting late, we should go back.”

    Chien nodded. “Yeah, we still have school later so it’s best if we try to get at least on hour of sleep.”

    “Yes, that would be helpful.” Ladybug said as they both got up from where they were once comfortably sitting.

    “See you at school later.” Chien waved as he leaped off the rooftop, Ladybug waved back as she watched him leave.

    She stood still for a few moments before unsheathing her yo-yo, twirling the string around her finger before launching it at a chimney. Usually when she was soaring through the Parisian skies, the thrill of adrenaline would be pumping through her viens. Except this time, it didn’t feel anything close to that. The wind blowing through her hair made her feel calm, relaxed, it almost lulled her to sleep.

    Upon reaching her own rooftop, Ladybug de-transformed, leaving a tired Marinette where the spotted heroine once was. Tikki floated over to her desk to get a cookie before making herself comfortable next to Plagg, who was asleep. Marinette kissed her fingers and placed them on the red kwami’s head before climbing into her own bed. Not bothering to stifle her yawn, Marinette pulled the covers over her cold body, almost instantly falling into a pleasant slumber.

    ——— Taglist:@little-bluestar,@miracleofadisaster,@frieddonutsweets,@jjmjjktth,@genderfluidmomadragon,@starlit-dreaming,@icerosecrystal,@lolieg,@kashlyn,@mochegato,@eggadoodle,@walkingthroughonautopilot,@toodaloo-kangaroo,@lady-bee-fechin,@weebjai1,@trippingovermyfeet

    #daminette #marinette x damian #damian x marinette #my one and only master list #maribat #mlb x dc #ml x dc #damianette
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    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    What Could Have Been?

    Part Two.

    You knew what you were doing was wrong. Sneaking around and texting Johnny, trying to find the time to be alone with him at work and possibly outside of work.

    But something about Johnny just gave your heart a flutter and a blush to your cheeks that you missed. That you wanted to feel so badly with your boyfriend but he just didn’t give you that anymore.

    He hadn’t for a very long time. No matter what you tried or did, things just weren’t working out anymore.

    The communication was very limited and ended in pointless fights. There was no intimacy, no passion. Even when you did end up in bed together, it was a quick passing by thing.

    The rare times you did end up in bed together, you didn’t bother taking your clothes off and he didn’t seem to care enough to try either.

    Even though you sneaked around with your phone, you knew that your boyfriend was well aware of you talking to someone else.

    He saw it in the way your face lit up whenever you talked about your job but specifically about Johnny. He saw it in the way you stayed awake while he ‘slept’ and heard your giggles and keyboard clicking away in the middle of the night.

    Your boyfriend was one of the best things that ever happened to you and even though you only spent a year and some time with him, he was everything you wanted at some point and more.

    And being that’s how you felt for him, you tried your best to just lean away from the feelings you were starting to have for Johnny at least until you got the courage to end things with your boyfriend. But it was clear that whatever you felt for Johnny was much stronger than your mind of reason.

    Because the first opportunity you got to have Johnny over, you took it in a heartbeat. Your boyfriend would be out of town for a few days and so that was your window.

    You texted Johnny that you had the house alone and was wondering if he wanted to hang out, of course he said he did. He came over within the hour with a bottle of liquor.

    Johnny knew very well that you had someone in your life and that you shared a home with that person but he said that as long as you were okay with what you were doing, he was too. And that if you didn’t want to do anything then nothing needed to be done.

    Things were going smoothly at first, you sat on the couch, close to each other watching a movie of some sorts. After some time he put his hand on your thigh and traced small patterns while you rested your head on his shoulder.

    Johnny would turn every now and then, placing soft kisses on your forehead, making your face burst into flames. You’d hide away from his view until your face was normal again.

    The movie ended and you stayed on the couch, now facing each other and talking. Drinks were being poured until the bottle finished. By then, you were both tipsy and you knew that your body was going to start to betray you.

    “Let me take these to the kitchen.” You said reaching for his empty glass and getting up to make some space between the both of you so that your body could cool off.

    Your back was to the door so when you felt his hand on your shoulder moving away your hair to expose your neck and his body pressed so close to yours, it startled you but not for long.

    “How much longer are you going to tease me?” He seductively whispered in your ear, so close you could feel his lips move against the shell of your ear.

    “Johnny.” You breathed out, feeling your legs become jelly under you.

    “Hm, make that sound again.”

    With the small space you had, you turned around to face him, or to face his chest at least. You were scared to look up at him but he didn’t leave you much of a choice when he lifted your face so that you could look him in the eyes.

    Alarms and sirens were ringing in your head to not do it, not like this. But when he leaned in and your lips connected, you gave into him. You gave into the passion and fireworks that exploded through your body.

    Johnny snaked his arms around your waist pulling you closer to him, closing the barely there gap and you draped your arms around his neck melting away in the kiss.

    Everything was happening so fast, one second you’re in the kitchen making out with Johnny, the next you’re wrapped around his waist being banged against walls trying to find the living room couch. And now you were straddling him on the couch, grinding against his hard on.

    Hands were roaming anywhere they could get on, touching and squeezing with need and desire. Your shirt had been thrown off five minutes ago and Johnny’s button down was ripped opened, his bare chest on display.

    “I want to fuck you so hard right now.” Johnny groaned into your neck, biting down on your skin harshly but careful enough not to leave any marks.

    You threw your head back in pleasure moaning his name, grinding down on him harder. He moved from your neck down to your breast, kissing and sucking on the skin of your cleavage.

    Pleasure was consuming your bodies like a wildfire in the woods. Moans were bouncing off the walls and you were seconds away from losing more clothes before reality came crashing down on you.

    “I can’t, I can’t.” You forced the words out your mouth while he was still attached to your skin.

    He pulled away and looked up at you, “What?”

    You forced yourself off him and went to grab your shirt, “I’m sorry Johnny. I want too, my god do I fucking want too so badly. But I can’t, not like this.”

    “I can’t do this to him, it wouldn’t be fair. He deserves more than this and I want to give him at least that.” You explained adjusting yourself.

    Johnny buttoned up his shirt and nodded his head, “Hey, it’s okay. I told you that if you wanted nothing to happen right now, nothing had to happen.”

    He walked up to you and cupped your face, “I’m doing this at your pace. Whatever you want.” He finished pressing his forehead against yours.

    You closed your eyes and nodded okay.

    The following day, your boyfriend returned home and you waited for him in the living room with nothing but silence surrounding you.

    “I’m home.” He shouted opening the door, not even knowing if you were home or not because he didn’t ask. He just let you know he was coming home today and at what time, that was it.

    When he walked into the living room and you looked over at him with glossy eyes, he knew that today was finally the day. That you two were no longer going to be one, you two were no longer going to share the dreams and life you once promised each other.

    “I shouldn’t bother unpacking tonight, should I?” He asked, walking over to you to take the seat next to you.

    The tears you were holding in, fell down your cheeks when you said no.

    Deep down you knew that he also knew where the relationship was so it didn’t come out of nowhere for him either.

    It broke his heart just as much as it broke yours. And that’s why he never told you that he knew about you and what you did.

    What Could Have Been?

    #nct#nct 127#nct johnny #nct 127 johnny #seo youngho #nct johnny bias #nct johnny blurbs #nct johnny master list #nct johnny smut #nct 127 johnny bais #nct 127 johnny blurbs #nct 127 johnny master list #nct 127 johnny smut #nct smut#nct fluff#nct angst #nct sad hours #nct soft blurbs #nct soft imagines #nct soft hours #nct stories#nct senarios#nct series#nct scenarios #nct 127 soft blurbs #nct 127 sad hours #nct 127 soft imagines #nct 127 stories #nct 127 scenarios #nct 127 series
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    Master-Master List

    As my art and writing posts increase I shall update this list... But for now, here’s what you can find of my work on this page.

    Fair warning, it’s alot.

    Before hand, if you would like to help support my art and writing you can buy me a coffee here. You can also message me if you’d like to commission a piece.

    Itasaku Kiss - Sept 9, 2014

    Ulquihime Kiss - Nov 20, 2014

    Marinette in Chinese Garbs - May 21, 2018

    Anime I am Searching for - June 19, 2019

    Marinette Sketch - July 13, 2019

    Miraculous Fan comic sketch - July 13, 2019

    5Hour Homura - Sept 29, 2019

    5Hour Homura with Background - Sept 29, 2019

    Loom Knit Boston Terrier Hat - Nov 6, 2019

    Christmas Sasori and Alternate Version Sasori - Dec 27, 2019

    OC First Draft and OC 2nd and 3rd Drafts - Dec 27 and 28, 2019

    Hand-a-day 1 - Dec 31, 2019

    Hand-a-day 2 - Jan 1, 2020

    Hand-a-day 3-  Jan 3, 2020

    Hand-a-day 4 - Jan 4, 2020

    Hand-a-day 5 - Jan 5, 2020

    Guess Who - Jan 15, 2020

    Inko M. Attempt - Jan 16, 2020

    Hand-a-day 6 - Jan 25, 2020

    Smooth Adrien - Feb 15, 2020

    OC Fena - Mar 7, 2020

    Cherry Blossom Tree- Mar 7, 2020

    Marinette Akuma - Jun 9, 2020

    Damianette Video pt 1 - Jul 25, 2020

    Damianette Video pt 2 - Jul 30, 2020

    Damianette Video pt 3 - Aug 11, 2020

    Akuma Marinette Video- Oct 16, 2020

    The Bats Meet the Bug Master List - Jan 4, 2021

    Jirou Speedpaint - Apr 1, 2021

    Sailor Moon Commissioned Writing pt 1 - Jun 12, 2021

    Damianette Kabedon Redraw pt 1 - Jul 1, 2021

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    the amount of empty blogs I’ve blocked this week?

    #I’m sorry but you can’t just like a ton of shit on my master list for nothing
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  • dreamsmpimagnes
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    Dream SMP

    Individual Characters




    Headcanon | General Relationship Hcs  • Las Nevadas Arc









    Dream XD



    Headcanon | General Relationship Hcs • Royalty Arc

    Headcanon | NSFW Hcs


    Headcanon | General Relationship Hcs • Las Nevadas Arc


    Headcanon | General Relationship Hcs • Las Nevadas Arc





    Jack Manifold

















    Headcanon | General Relationship Hcs • Las Nevadas Arc


    Headcanon | General Relationship Hcs • Las Nevadas Arc








    Headcanon | General Relationship Hcs •  Las Nevadas Arc


    Headcanon | Having a Witch S/O

    Short story | Having a S/O Who Betrays Him [Pt. 1] [Pt.2 (coming soon))








    Dream, Ghostbur, Philza, and Technoblade

    Headcanons | Having a S/O Who’s Incredibly Caring

    Origins SMP

    Individual Characters




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    Natasha Romanoff x Reader x Wanda Maximoff

    Odds: “Right person, wrong time” doesn’t always work the way one thinks it would. (Series - AU)

    Wanda Maximoff x Reader

    Under Her Spell: Is love enough to keep what was once an unspoken thing afloat?

    Yelena Belova x Reader

    You Again: Running into the same person over and over again while at a bar crawl isn’t unusual but it may get annoying. (AU)

    Last Updated: 07/24/2021

    In the Works

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    It should be noted that I am not up to date with pokeani but that my Kojiro is gonna be a mix of game/anime canon anyway, very canon divergent and very headcanon based. I am also really into rocketshipping, but jessie/Musashi’s that see them as friends just have it in your rules or let me know and I will adjust accordingly! But disclaimer, I do ship them v hard!!! I also play Kojiro as nonbinary with they/he pronouns!

    #m. kojiro/james #headcanon. kojiro/james #will use the names interchangebly #will post their headheadcanons shortly I have a master list of them!!!!
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  • sojournmichael
    24.07.2021 - 2 days ago
    #the newest ch i just posted isnt on the master list yet but everything else should be! #🧁 anon
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  • bisexualaliennerds
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    Master List of Roswell Vids

    Malex Half Of You by Dessa

    Too Good At Goodbyes by Sam Smith

    The Archer by Taylor Swift

    Come On Get Higher by Matt Nathanson

    Never Look Away by Vienna Teng (Also feat. Echo)

    I Know Him So Well from Chess: (Also feat. Miluca/Malexa)

    Echo Half Of You by Dessa

    Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay

    Never Look Away by Vienna Teng (Also feat. Malex)

    I Know Him So Well from Chess: (Also feat. Max/Cam)

    General Tubthumping by Chumbawumba

    The Diner by Suzanne Vega (About the Crashdown Cafe)

    You're my Best Friend by Queen- Alex & Maria

    Holding Out For A Hero by Bonnie Tyler: Ladies of RNM

    I F*cking Love Science by Hank Green

    Six Foot Town by Big & Rich

    Why'd You Come In Here Lookin' Like That? by Dolly Parton (An RNM Thirst Vid)

    Pod Squad: Hey Brother by Aviici

    Brother by Kodaline Individual Characters: Max Evans: "Graagh!"--Max's powers rocking out to Overture by East Village Opera Company (from Le Nozze di Figaro)

    Rosa Ortecho: This is Me Trying by Taylor Swift

    Kyle Valenti: Bad Medicine by Bon Jovi

    1947 Cast: This Town by Nashville Cast

    Alex Manes & Jesse Manes: The Lamb by Dessa Other Ships/Pairings: Take Me To Church by Hozier: Malexa

    Lady Like by Ingrid Andress: Maribel

    Come On Get Higher by Sugarland: Miluca

    I Know Him So Well from Chess: Miluca, Malex, and Malexa Multiple Versions (where we've vidded the same song for different pairings): Half Of You: Echo (Album Version) and Malex (Band Version)

    Come On Get Higher: Matt Nathanson Version (Malex), Sugarland Version (Miluca)

    I Know Him So WelI from Chess: John Barrowman and Daniel Boys version for Alex, Michael, and Maria; Julia Murney and Sutton Foster version for Cam, Max, and Liz

    Other Silly Vids: I'm A Son, I'm A Brother

    Slow Motion Kyle

    You're Wrong

    We're Closed

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    for when you are involuntarily emotionally-celibate 💀 (aka a cold hearted sterile bastard but like sad about it)

    #this is the absolute master list of lonelyass songs #feel free to suggest others #they have to specifically be about being alone or being the distant onw in a relationship tho
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