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  • albino-whumpee
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The Master of Masterlists

    Here´s all the masterlists to my writing projects and links to other important tags! Some stories might be incomplete, so apologies.  

    Updated (23/06/2021)

    **NOTE: This links will take you back to the old page. I will dedicate to make the individual masterlist posts in the next week. **

    You came back a stranger

    Albus is an Albino box boy bought by successful business woman, Zarai Montenegro, who orders him to hide his status and assume the identity of Albus Serra, her new assistant. His world will take a 180 degree turn upon meeting Robert Glass, one of his Mistress’s friends and the owner of Sann, a mute box boy with a ghost’s face.

    CW// Human trafficking, modern slavery, dehumanization, child abuse and neglect, pet whump, captivity, sadistic whumper, intimate whumper, forced mutism, mute whumpee, burns, multiple whumpees, scarification, depression, dubcon and noncon, self loathing, defiant whumpee, death and emotional whump.

    Demon Angel AU (Albino whumpee´s fantasy AU)

    It´s getting hard to track this thing, so here´s the compilation. This AU was born from conversations with @haro-whumps​​ and a few anons about Angels that are treated as trophies by their Gods and the one who refuses to be only that and a demon who isn´t that evil.

    CW// Body horror, hurt comfort, slavery, hunt for sport, multiple whumpers, burns, demon whump, angel whump, wing whump, winged whumpee, captivity, blood, slightly gore-y and graphic at times and branding.


    A white haired boy bows to welcome you to the magical theater where you can live experiences as if you were the character itself. When it´s time to close you´re guided outside by the same boy, so he can go back to his owner and real Master. An immortal magician the boy has no words to name his adoration for, but the man who shares his face trapped behind a wall he´s forbidden from getting close to, has lived long enough to recite how large his hatred for them is

    CW// Body horror, chemic burns, magical whump, nonhuman whumpee, creepy/intimate whumper, slavery, pet whump, broken whumpee, immortal whumpee, skinning and psychological abuse.

    The Redhead (BBU)  [for now only one chapter]

    A young pet is bought to replace the one the Hearst family lost in an unfortunate incident. Nor the young boy´s new owners, who all have distinct ideas on how he should be used, nor the older slave with the eyepatch will go easy on him despite his attempts to perfectly fulfill his role as the new pet.

    CW// Slavery, human trafficking, child slavery, multiple whumpees, dehumanization, pet whump, burns, child and domestic abuse, minor whumpee.

    Scars for redemption

    A villain who has a story of being locked in small places, a hero who forgives a villain´s life and a sidekick who finds intoxicatingly amusing to have a villain in the palm of their hand, have a try and fail game of wether or not people can change.

    CW// Captivity, hurt comfort, angst, pet whump, creepy whumper, villain whump, recaptured, defiant whumpee, conditioning, mind games and dehumanization.

    An old thing

    The story follows Roahn, an slave that came to her new owner´s house inside a box. She then begins to tighten her relationship with the other house´s slave: Shy. A tall young man who has been sold a few times over. When their Masters plan for them begin to move into action, they have to be quick witted to let their kids and them escape a life of brutality.

    I´m aware it´s incredibly fucked up and it´s not for everyone. If you´re sensitive to any of the next triggers, go with caution.

    CW// Non Con, Dub Con, NS*W at times, dehumanization, mentions of pedophilia and CSA, along, slavery, human trafficking, forced breeding, blood, whump of minors, manhandling, creepy and explosive whumpers, physical and emotional abuse.


    Illustration tag
    Tattoo artist AU
    Miniseries Masterlist
    Sann´s Sign language analysis by @just-a-whumping-racoon-with-wifi (thank you!!)


    Sann and Albus fanart by @haro-whumps
    Sann wingsby @haro-whumps
    Sann and Albus fanart by @boxboysandotherwhump
    Sann dancing and Sann crop top fanart by@boxboysandotherwhump
    (my gentle human, thank you so much!!!)
    Ray by @cubeswhump
    Albus nailed to the wall by @whumpfigure
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  • fontneat
    23.06.2021 - 5 hours ago


    Call me Badlands (or Bad!)

    No set pronouns atm, just call me whatever i honestly dont care tbh

    This is my OriginSMP (and occasionally DreamSMP) blog, but i do WOF and other stuff at @neatfont 

    No sending in homo/trans/aphobic, things abt puke or rotting food, racism or sexism, ty :)

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  • mercelotweek
    23.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    💖 Mini Mercelot Week 2021 💖

    Day 3: Angst Masterlist

    Thank you everyone who gave us something to angst about for day 3!

    Facsimile by @thefollow-spot - Fanfiction (cw canon major character death)

    Come Back to Me, My Love (Chapter 1) by @little-ligi - Fanfiction

    The Body Sleeping Next To Me by @gwen-cheers-me-up - Fanfiction

    No Body, No Crime by @rainbowvamp - Fanfiction (cw non-canon major character deaths)

    Summer of Whump - Animal Attack by @little-ligi - Fanfiction

    Do not disturb the flowers by @admiralsushishin - Fanfiction (cw canon character death)

    Angst by @thebookluvrr1816 - Giset/Edit

    last spell by @camelotsheart - Gifset/Edit

    A Nice Relaxing Bath (Chapter 1) by @gremlinbehaviour - Fanfiction

    Percy Bysshe Shelley: Adonais by @lit-beyond-measure - Gifset/Edit

    i fell in love with the fire long ago by @bellamyblakru - Gifset/Edit

    Vae Victis (woe to the vanquished) by @agent-bertbeer - Fanfiction

    Please check out all of these absolutely brilliant entries, and show the creators some love! 💖

    #minimercelotweek2021#masterpost #day 3: angst #mercelot#merlin/lancelot #merlin x lancelot #lancelot/merlin #lancelot x merlin #merlance#masterlist #thank you for your wonderful creations
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  • bottomdeanbigbang
    23.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Title: Visionary

    Author: @verobatto (BENKA79)

    Artist: @soleeryx

    Pairing: Dean Winchester/Castiel

    Rated: Mature

    Lenght: 5,570 words

    Warnings: N/A

    Tags: Tags: Sci Fi AU, police officer!Dean, genius!Castiel, AI invention, cyber terrorists, hacker!Castiel, action, strangers to lovers, socially awkward Castiel.


    When the incredible AI Angel contacts officer Dean Winchester in his own computer, the newbie cop didn't expect he was about to live such an incredible adventure. There's a cyber attack coming to his country and he needs to seek for Castiel Novak, a young and famous genius who's the one that created AI Angel. He is the only one that can stop this attack. Will Dean be able to find him on time?

    Link to Fic

    Link to Art

    #bottom dean big bang #bottom!dean #bdbb2021#destiel art#destiel fic#masterpost
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  • casuallycompetitivepokemon
    23.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Casually Competitive Pokemon; Unova? U know it

    Gen 5 at last!









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  • seraphinesembrace
    23.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    i feel bad for my fellow mutuals feeding me ship stuff when i'm writing absolutely nothing here. :')

    also i realized i might have been greedy with the amount of interactions i have going on so i will drop those where i can't find the inspiration for, my sincerest apologizes to those who have taken the time to write something, i'll make it up to you somehow

    #ooc tbt#sorry #i'm just a stoopid teen #gonna make a masterpost later today
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  • greenwitchtaimanslayer
    23.06.2021 - 15 hours ago

    navigation || about || masterlist || ocs

    ask game comp || prompt list comp

    haven rp blog

    tag system [below cut]

    #mystic whispers - my dialogue #mystic doodles - my art #mystic writes - my writing #mystical update - updates \o/ #mystic reblogs - when i reblog #mystical promo - me promoting stuff #dfbk - anything concerning Of Discordant Fists and Bloody Keys #renna - anything to do with Renna #haven - anything to do with Haven #resource - prompt lists, ask games, general writing references/resources #wano spoiler - i will tag anything that happens in wano as such, any other spoilers will not be marked. proceed with caution if you are new to the fandom

    - characters will be tagged, so will blogs and anons

    - any potential triggers will be the simple word, ex. #blood #injury #character death

    - if there is something you would like tagged let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

    #mystical masterpost #don't yall love how i remake my navigation post every three weeks? #adhd gotta love it
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  • angelsdyke
    23.06.2021 - 17 hours ago

    tbh sometimes i follow problematic people on here cuz they're funny....

    #it all depends on the problematic. like do they want people dead or do they make masterposts about how christianity is true
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  • backslashdelta
    23.06.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Glee Soundtrack Rating Project Results: Character Masterpost

    This post is a collection of links to all individual character results of the Glee Soundtrack Rating Project.

    About the Project | Results Masterpost

    Note: new results will be posted daily but may not be linked immediately since they are running on a queue. In some cases there may be a few days that pass between results being posted and linked in this masterpost. You can always search the #glee soundtrack rating project results tag on my blog to see the most up to date results.


    April Rhodes

    Artie Abrams

    Blaine Anderson

    Brittany Pierce

    Brody Weston

    Cassandra July

    Elliott Gilbert

    Emma Pillsbury

    Finn Hudson

    Holly Holliday

    Hunter Clarington

    Jake Puckerman

    Jane Hayward

    Jesse St. James

    Joe Hart

    Kitty Wilde

    Kurt Hummel

    Lauren Zizes

    Madison McCarthy

    Marley Rose

    Mason McCarthy

    Mercedes Jones

    Mike Chang

    Noah Puckerman

    Quinn Fabray

    Rachel Berry

    Roderick Meeks

    Rory Flanagan

    Ryder Lynn

    Sam Evans

    Santana Lopez

    Sebastian Smythe

    Shelby Corcoran

    Sheldon Beiste

    Spencer Porter

    Sue Sylvester

    Sugar Motta

    Tina Cohen-Chang

    Unique Adams

    Will Schuester

    #glee#glee stats #glee soundtrack rating project #glee soundtrack rating project results #glee soundtrack rating project results masterpost #masterpost#useful things
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  • wexhappyxfew
    23.06.2021 - 19 hours ago


    Eleanor Graham

    Florence Godfrey

    Sarah Prowse

    Marie Reynal

    Edith Lockner

    Alexandra Calypso

    Nellie Shaw

    Greer Riddell

    Jean Doxon

    Chiyoko “Luna” Omori

    Mercy Codona

    Laverne Robinson

    Alessandra Lisi

    Betsy Smith

    Marla Hughes

    Annie Laine

    #simplistic masterpost #fortune favors the brave #band of brothers #bob fic#fftb #original female (gifted) characters #all are gifted ocs*!! #also just needed to post this soomewhere to have!!!! #band of brothers ocs #i’ve been doing a lot of prep :D
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  • faithfulwhispers
    23.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Faithfulwhispers Master Post







    Deviant Art

    Youtube Channel

    Against the Machine:

    Ao3 Version

    FF.net Version

    Art Tag (contains story spoilers)

    Gift Art:

    Crazy Taco - cdarkheartzero

    The Tallest's Drone (collaboration with cdarkheartzero):


    The Tallest's Drone - Cdarkheartzero A Debriefing - Faithfulwhispers

    Art Tags:

    Faithfulwhispers Cdarkheartzero

    Gift Art:

    The Elites - @boldlyangryshark

    The Irken Exile (More details on the way):

    Art Tag

    Gift Art:

    Junkyard Raid - Cdarkheartzero
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  • yourblueberrymajesty
    23.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Grimsley Headcanons! (some relating to my Silver Dads au so they probably won't make any sense)

    -FtM Gay Demiromantic

    -He is Piers and Marnie's biological father.

    -In Unova and Alola Piers is constantly getting asked if he's related to Grimsely. In Galar Grimsley is constantly being asked if he's related to Marnie.

    -Considers Alder to be a father figure of sorts. He loves the rest of the Elite Four and Iris as family.

    -All his Pokemon are female just all of them every Pokemon he will ever have will be a female and thats pure coincidence.

    -Very first Pokemon is Leyla. A Liepard he befriended as a Purrlion when he was very young.

    -Gets cold really easy. Outside of Alola if you touched his hands they would feel like ice cubes. It doesn't bother him though like he's not constantly shivering or getting sick because of it. Alder makes him scarves for warmth.

    -Favourite color is yellow. Like a soft patch of sunlight yellow. It looks and feels very comforting.

    -Doesn't actually like money or wants to be wealthy. Money has never ever made him even remotely happy. He purposefully gambled it all away.

    -Once took a trip to Kanto and at the Game Corner he found out he is really good at cheating slots... a little too good. That caught some unwanted attention.

    -Was part of a Unovan branch of TR that would later disband and its left over members became part of Team Plasma.

    -Has a very debilitating fear of Granbull. Seeing or hearing one will send him into a panic attack.

    -He has several scars all over his body that practically no one knows about.

    -Severe stress causes his hair to go white and the dark circles around his eyes.

    -Partly ashamed of his looks and partly trying to disguise himself he was heavily make uped during his time as an Elite Four and dyed his hair to match his favourite blue suit.

    -When in a region that hosts them Grimsley loves participating in contests. Fave catagories are cute and beauty to show off how great dark types are.

    -Because of his proficeny with card games on occassion he dables in tarot card reading. He's not particularly good at it and just does it to mess with people sometimes.

    -No matter what/how much he drinks he doesn't get hungover.

    #grimsley#pokemon#blueb speak #silver dads au #finally a sorta masterpost of my ooc hcs lol
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  • carry-on-big-bang
    22.06.2021 - 21 hours ago


    Author: @sharing-a-room-with-an-open-fire

    Artist: @hufflepunky

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Tags: SnowBaz, Harry Potter AU, Post-Hogwarts, Oblivious Simon Snow, Penelope Bunce is a Good Friend, Aged-Up Characters, Pining, Fluff and Humor, Inappropriate Humor, Butter Biscuits and Tea

    Summary: Simon sees a fit bloke in a pub. Before he musters the courage to talk to the guy, Simon realises that is none other than Basilton Grimm, his former Potions teacher from Hogwarts.

    Naturally, Simon flees the scene before he’s been noticed by Basilton and seeks Penny’s help.

    Word count: 6,646

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  • carry-on-big-bang
    22.06.2021 - 21 hours ago

    The Courage of Stars

    Author: @Caitybuglove23

    Artist: @banjjakbanjjak

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Rating: Teen and Up

    Tags: Tyrannus Basilton "Baz" Pitch/Simon Snow, Penelope Bunce & Simon Snow, Penelope Bunce/Shepard, Tyrannus Basilton "Baz" Pitch & Agatha Wellbelove, Tyrannus Basilton "Baz" Pitch, Simon Snow, The Mage (Simon Snow), Penelope Bunce, Shepard (Simon Snow), Agatha Wellbelove, Ebeneza "Ebb" Petty, Fiona Pitch, Mordelia Grimm, Alternate Universe - Reincarnation, Alternate Universe - Soulmates, Past Lives, Fluff, Fluff and Angst, Angst, magic but also no magic, Alternate Universe - College/University, Getting Together, Character Death, but those are the past this is the now, Curses, Curse Breaking, True Love's Kiss, (kinda?), First Kiss, First Dates, meet ugly, Party, Drinking, graphic depictions of simon being hungry, Simon works at a bakery, POV Simon Snow, magic sharing, Rituals


    Simon’s a student at Watford University. His main goal is to pass his classes, make it through school fairly unscathed, and to find a job after he graduates. 
    His world changes, however, when he crashes into Baz, who he hates at first—but soon finds himself inexplicably drawn to.  
    Unfortunately for him, the world moves in mysterious ways, and while Simon is falling (quickly), a strange man with a moustache has other plans.
    With constant run-ins with Baz, a random man appearing everywhere, and strange dreams of past lives with Baz—Simon begins to wonder how coincidental all of this is. 
    But they have to be. 
    Because past lives are fake, magic isn’t real, and this strange man popping up everywhere can’t be for a reason. 

    Word count: Currently: 8086 Projected wc: ~40k

    Check out the fic playlist here!

    #masterpost submission#cobb 2021 #carry on big bang 2021 #cobb #carry on big bang #submission
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  • punksarahreese
    22.06.2021 - 21 hours ago
    #ohohoh I hate this #ava bekker#sarah reese#reesker #a chance meeting (twice over) #teen!sarah #teen!ava #my aus#tsf #cj add this to the tsf masterpost #anon#asks
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  • punksarahreese
    22.06.2021 - 21 hours ago
    #I love how every time I write I just #decide that #I’m gonna make a sentence that is so run on #ava bekker#sarah reese#reesker#chronic #spoonie!sarah #my aus#asks#anon#tsf #cj add this to the tsf masterpost
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  • fol-de-lol
    22.06.2021 - 22 hours ago


    Hello future/current creators!

    I’ve never been into history so obviously I’m in the wrong fandom. I’m here for the magic. As a fic writer, this makes me cry sometimes. I’ve spent so many hours doing research and thought I might spare some of you the pain. These will all be either easy reads or very specific reads, since that’s what I’ve been after and I do not wish to read about things that aren’t relevant to my specific interest.

    Some general useful tips before we move on: Romance novel authors are a goldmine, and I will link to several of them. Thank you for doing the research for me.

    Project Gutenberg and the Internet Archive? Love them, throw money at them if you can. If you wish to read books on the subject, try your local library. Libraries are cool.

    This post will be updated as new sources arise. Sharing is caring and feel free to add to this! But I really want to add all sources to this original post so everything can be found in one place. HAPPY READING.

    General info on the regency era

    Georgette Heyer’s list of resources

    Suzanne Dietze’s list of resources

    The Regency Redingote.

    Regency Reader

    Jane Austen’s World

    Resources for Writing Period Pieces: 1800

    Vocabulary & cant

    The Timelines of Slang, which has very useful charts telling you when all sorts of sexy, unsexy and naughty words started being used.

    Georgette Heyer’s list of expressions and cant

    Jonna Waugh’s list of cant

    Regency period glossary at janeausten.org

    1811 Vocabulary of the Vulgar Tongues

    Slang, euphemisms & terms the link is for the letter A, so there’s a lot here

    Susanne Dietze list of regency cant

    Riding Saint George

    Sexy Things (that are not just vocabulary lists)

    DirtySexyHistory.com  has tags for both 18th and 19th century

    Harris’s list of covent-garden ladies (will take you to a pdf) basically a list of services offered from prostitutes

    Sex and Sexability on lithub

    Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

    The Library at Hurtfew, a wiki that will be so very useful if you’re writing fic and don’t want to flip through the entire book. Timelines! Characters! Books! Spells! Places! Can you tell I am a fan?

    Friends of English Magic on dreamwidth, which has great metadiscussions and some excellent research (I haven’t spent enough time here)

    Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell characters as romance novel stock images is a quite useful tumblr post. Sorry.

    Magic and Folklore

    Sacred texts, which has several old texts on fairy lore and myths that are specific to the British Isles.

    Fairy Stories and Anecdotes From Around the World

    British Fairies, a blog which focuses on actual lore and lists other resources


    Here, an interesting tumblr discussion which has a couple of links

    Travels etc

    Cary’s New Itinerary of roads, timetables and such

    Tarot of Marseille/Tarot in general

    to be added

    Great free resources that you should use

    Project Gutenberg

    The Internet Archive

    Internet Sacred Text Archive

    Google Scholar is great for more academic sources but I will not link or encourage using it because :)

    #Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell #Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell #JSMN#resource masterpost
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  • tilynation
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago


    April 2017 - Lily is on the cover of Elle China and her spread features the color blue.

    April - both Tily girls are in Los Angeles. Lily attends fashion events and posts from the Sunset Strip. Taylor is recording part of Reputation at Max Martin’s studio in LA.

    April 30 - Lily likes a fan comment saying “Tell Tay that we miss her :)”

    May - Look What You Made Me Do music video is filmed in LA. Time magazine and the Fashion Blog Spot report that Lily is in the video as one of the robot girls.

    May 17 - media articles start reporting that Taylor is dating Joe.

    May 22 - Lily is in Cannes for Dior. Wears a snake necklace.

    June 3 - Taylor and Joe are papped on her balcony in Nashville. The next day Lily and Alshair are papped in Italy.

    June 9 - Taylor puts her music on Spotify.

    July 4 - Lily at Paris Fashion Week.

    Masterpost Index

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  • txmariz
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Masterpost! ✰

    【 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 】 |  【 𝐫𝐮𝐥𝐞𝐬 】 |  【 𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐝 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐬 】

    『 𝐦𝐲 𝐚𝐨𝟑 』

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