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    26.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    🤲 spare sign of life @ mat barzal? 🤲 spare crumbs? 🤲

    #hes been too quiet. what is he doing. #mat barzal
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    26.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    good morning beauties,

    go check on your fav hockey boys and have the most wonderful day (:

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    26.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    jealousy, jealousy | ch. 1

    Pairing: Mat Barzal x Reader x Tom Holland

    Summary: Mat and you have been friends all of your lives and now lovers. Will what you have crumble when you begin a friendship with the Spider-Man himself? Will Mat remain calm or let his jealously get the best of him? Will Tom sweep you off of your feet?

    tagging: @barzysandmarnersbitch @ilikealotofpeople-younotsomuch @parkerpeter24

    #jealousy jealousy series #tom holland #tom holland x reader #mat barzal #mat barzal x reader #tom holland fluff #tom holland imagine #tom holland social media au #mat barzal angst #mat barzal fluff #mat barzal fanfiction #mathew barzal #mathew barzal fic
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  • hotanddistraught
    26.07.2021 - 16 hours ago

     i love you // sneak peek

    a/n: hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as u likely know, my Coping Mechanism for. recent events. has been to write angst! well, we are several weeks later and besties i am in dire need of validation so HERE WE ARE!!!! a small sneak peak for you! stay tuned for the full fic, coming soon 👀

    The moment Mat handed you the shot of tequila, you knew you were done for. You never could say no to him, so when Mat asked you to help plan his annual summer pool party, there wasn’t a second of hesitation before you agreed. But now, standing in your bikini in front of Mat and all your friends, head tilting back as the tequila hit your throat, you knew that getting drunk with Mat was the opposite of healthy for you right then. 

    His face scrunched up as he sucked on the lime in his hand and you resisted the urge to giggle. When he placed the red plastic shot glass back on the fold out table, he tucked a strand of hair behind his ear and faced you fully. You forced yourself to maintain eye contact because if you glanced down at his well-defined abs, you would surely turn beet red. 

    “Thank you for this, by the way.” He smiled slightly, eyes crinkling as his hands gestured vaguely around him. 

    You held your hand up to your eyes to block out the sun, smiling widely back at him. “It’s nothing, Mat, really.” You boldly took a step forward, placing both hands on his shoulders and feeling the muscles flex under your palms. “You come home once a year. You deserve the biggest of parties.” 

    You expected him to roll his eyes, or shove you away, or something like that - instead, he lightly grasped your hands from his shoulders and brought them back down in front of you, holding your hands gently between your bodies. Just having your fingers interlocked with Mat’s made your heart soar. You felt pure elation when he gave them a quick squeeze and gazed into your eyes. You would write his name in the stars if you could. 

    “I really love you for this, you know,” he mumbled. 

    You let yourself briefly wonder what it would be like if he was saying those words for real. 

    “Stop,” you whispered with a smile. 

    “I’m serious, though. You’re my best friend. I’ll always love you, you know that.” 

    If your contentment was a bubble, Mat’s words were a needle. He was all encompassing, Mat was. He infiltrated every inch of your brain, his name in the back of your mind with every second that passed by during the day. He was so infectious, it was easy to remember he wasn’t yours. He wasn’t yours, not now, not yet. 

    You were afraid to look in his eyes, worried about what you might see if you risk a glance. Before you could work up an ounce of courage, though, you saw a white-manicured hand lightly wrap around Mat’s bicep, and you looked up to see Mat’s ex-girlfriend giving you both a warm smile. He let go of your hands and faced her. 

    He wasn’t yours. Not now. Not yet.

    For the rest of the afternoon, you didn’t speak to Mat. You constantly sought him out though - saw him playing beer pong with Dante, saw him take a shot with Tyson, saw him wrap himself around his ex-girlfriend and jump in the pool with her in his arms. You kept yourself distracted with mindless conversations on the beach chairs, your friends laughing but your eyes wandering to the Islander in the pool, with his arms grasped around a girl’s legs, cackling as he played chicken in the shallow end. 

    Mat had always been flirty with people, you knew that, but you couldn’t forget the intensity in his eyes earlier. You couldn’t forget the way his hands squeezed yours. Those hands were now all over someone else. He caught you staring and gave you the biggest grin - in all honesty, you felt like dying. Nevertheless, you returned his smile, lifting a shot glass to your mouth and closing your eyes. 

    With shot after shot, the smile returned to your face, the gleam returned in your eyes. And when Mat returned to your side, you weren’t afraid to look into his eyes. 

    “Hey,” he was breathless, his cheeks flushed and hair still damp as his shoulders bumped yours. You wished he would stay pressed against you. As quickly as his shoulders made contact, though, he stepped away. The spot where his bare skin touched yours burned and it spread through your heart and down your stomach. 

    “Hi,” you giggled, the Pink Whitney you and your friends finished now bubbling up in your chest. 

    “You seem happy.” He commented, poking your bare stomach. 

    “I’m happy you’re home, is all.” You hummed, staring up at him through your eyelashes. For a second, you saw his smile fade and his eyes dart to the side. But before you could question it, his gaze found yours once again, a devilish smile on his face, his hands pushing you slightly closer to the pool's edge. You were too busy relishing the feeling of his hands on you, even for the briefest of seconds, to recognize what he was doing before it was too late. 

    “Mathew!” You screeched as his palms pressed flat against your shoulders and sent you flying back-first into the pool, limbs flailing. Your head emerged from the water just in time to see Mat leaping in after you, turning to avoid the splash but your hair still covering your face. From between the strands covering your eyes, you saw Mat stand in the water, pushing back his hair, taking a step towards you, before his hand came up to lightly push your hair out of your eyes. His gaze looked contemplative, his eyes dancing over your face as you fought every urge in your body telling you to hold his hand to your cheek, as you fought the urge to take a heavy step closer. 

    Beside you, Tyson and one of your girlfriends slipped into the water, but you couldn’t tear your eyes away from Mat. Smiling slightly, he dipped under the water and swam between your legs, standing up and gripping your thighs. 

    As you giggled and tried to shove your girlfriend off Tyson’s shoulders, you forgot that Mat pushed you in the water instead of jumping in with you in his arms, you forgot that his hands were on another girl’s thighs earlier as you watched on. His hands were on your thighs now, his attention fully on you, your name coming out of his mouth in loud giggles and your laughs mixing together. 

    He wasn’t yours. Not now. Not yet. But he could be.

    #mat barzal#mathew barzal #mathew barzal fic #dude idk what else to tag this so if this flops ksdgsklgjsdklgjs #anyways! would love some validation up in this joint! #i need some uh. motivation to keep writing #also if this changes when i post the full fic....... you didnt see this
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    26.07.2021 - 18 hours ago
    #this is a mat barzal lack of style roasting blog #mat barzal#isles #mat barzal least fashionable man in the nhl
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  • islesnucks
    26.07.2021 - 18 hours ago
    #mat barzal#isles #mat barzal least fashionable man in the nhl
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    26.07.2021 - 18 hours ago

    ɪ ᴡᴀs ʙᴜsʏ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍɪɴɢ 'ʙᴏᴜᴛ..

    #holy moly guacamole❤️‍🔥 #part 2 #m. barzals tongue 👅 #mat barzal gif #my gifs#mine: gifs#mat barzal#boys#charlie xcx#mathew barzal #mathew barzal gif #m. barzal #barzy#barzy baby#hockey aesthetic#NHL #new york islanders
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    26.07.2021 - 18 hours ago
    #mat barzal#mathew barzal#tyson jost #new york islanders #colorado avalanche#hockeyedit#myedits #yeah i'm back again editing objectifying offseason content what about it #it ain't much but it's honest work
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    26.07.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Okay but Florence Pugh and Barzy are nearly the same age. I would so prefer her to be dating a hot hockey himbo rather than her current boyf, I mean the flow is similar but they would match so well.

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  • calgarycanuck
    25.07.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Part 7 - As An Apology

    Series Masterlist

    Author's Note: I think I'm finally ready to start posting this series again. No promises for constant updates, but here's the next part. Enjoy!

    Warnings: Fighting

    Word Count: 701

    You and Mat haven’t talked in three days. You both got into an argument three days ago, it blew up, and now you aren’t talking to the other. You’re pretty sure you both can get through this, but you’ve never gone this long without talking to him. The longest you’ve gone without talking to Mat was three hours. You still saw him and everything. Except now, you’re not talking. You know how the team is doing because they won the previous night. You know that Mat was still coming home at night because he fell asleep right next to you. You know that he’s eating because he’s eating right across from you. You and Mat are acting normal except for one thing — you’re not talking to each other.

    You missed talking to Mat. You missed the way he’d always ask about your day and how he’d always laugh at any silly, corny joke you’d make. You missed the sound of his voice and his laugh. You missed having your boyfriend as your boyfriend instead of a roommate you loved who wasn’t talking to you.

    You woke up on day 4 ready to confront and apologize for the argument and taking the blame. You can’t remember what the argument was about, but all you wanted right now was to have Mat back. You missed his hugs, his kisses, the way he’d stroke your arms when he hugged you. You missed Mat, and you would do anything to have him back.

    You showered quickly and got ready for work as fast as you could so that Mat would have your undivided attention. You made a cup of coffee for Mat and put the amount of sugar and milk he likes. When he steps out of your bedroom and walks over to make coffee, you walk up to him and hand him the mug with a soft, apologetic smile on your face. He takes the coffee from you with a small grunt of gratitude but doesn’t meet your eyes. You can, however, see the strain and longing in his eyes. He misses you. He misses you as much as you miss him.

    You take a deep breath and prepare to say the speech you thought through while in the shower. However, the only thing you can manage to get out is “I love you,” apologetically. Mat meets your eyes at your words. He sees the sadness in your eyes and how much you’re trying to hold in the tears. He walks over to you and pulls you into a giant hug as the tears start to stream down your face. He holds you tighter as the tears begin to stream down his own face, too. He hated not talking to you. He hated not telling you how much he loved you, good morning, and good night. He missed hearing your voice so much that he replayed old voice mails and videos of you just to hear your voice.

    Mat pulls back and looks at you. He wipes the tears from your face. He misses telling you good morning and good night. He missed hearing your voice so much that he replayed old voice mails and videos of you just to hear your voice.

    Mat pulls back and looks at you. He wipes the tears from your face and you do the same. “I love you,” he apologizes. He kisses your lips softly and tastes the sweetness of your coffee creamer mixed with the salt from your tears. He missed the feel of your lips and the taste of them. “Good morning, good morning, good morning, and good morning.”

    You laugh softly. “Why did you say it four time?”

    “I haven’t told you for the last four days, so I might as well make up for it now.”

    “I think you should kiss me instead,” you say and pull Mat’s face closer to yours. You missed his lips and the way his hands would stroke soft patterns on your waist as he kissed you. “I love you,” you say once he pulls away.

    Mat pulls you into a giant hug and holds you tightly. “I love you, too. More than you could ever know.”

    Taglist: @joelsfarabees, @ana-maa, @stars-canucks, @ilyasorokinn, @maximoff-xmen, @barzysandmarnersbitch, @coffee-ontherocks, @2manytabsopen, @boqvistsbabe, @frederikanderson, @fanficrecsby-e, @iwantahockeyhimbo, @heatherawoowoo, @islesnucks, @plds2000, @goalision, @besthockeyfics, @heybarzy, @localhockeygirl @ddayyuu, @bb-nhlqueen7, @cherrybarzy @lam-ila (Join my taglist here!)

    #mathew barzal #mathew barzal x reader #mathew barzal fic #mathew barzal imagine #mat barzal #mat barzal x reader #mat barzal fic #mat barzal imagine #hockey fic#hockey imagine#hockey imagines#nhl fic#nhl imagine#nhl writing#nhl fanfiction#nhl imagines #new york islanders imagine #new york islanders fic #new york islanders x reader #claudia writes #the way you said i love you
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  • matwith1t
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago


    A/N: Hiii!! This is the first part to a little mini-series that came to mind! It was just going to be ~one fic, but I wanted to dive deeper into some aspects, so instead of an immense word count, I thought it’d be best to break it up 🤗 I hope you all have the most wonderful day / night !! I’d love to know your thoughts 😌💓
    Summary: Mat Barzal––terrified of never finding love––solicits the help of a matchmaker; you. You’ve never had a problem finding a match for your clients, but the more time you spent with him, you found Mat different from any of your other clients. A good different. Finding love for your clients was easy… But finding love for you? A bit more complicated. 
    MASTERLIST | LET’S CHAT 🥂 | Mat Barzal x Reader 
    Warnings: None! // WC: 2.6K // Fluff

    It wasn’t the first time a professional athlete sat nervously in front of your desk, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. But the client in front of you seemed more hesitant than any other client you’d previously worked with. 

    He wasn’t able to hold eye contact; eyes darting around your office as fast as a hockey puck passed around the ice. He wasn’t able to sit still; leg nervously bouncing, and maybe that was a side effect from always having to be in motion for his job. And he kept unusually quiet; which confused you most of all, considering he always appeared to have something to say during a hockey game.

    This was not how you expected Mat Barzal to act.

    He called you last week, begging for an informational interview. And when you offered him an abridged version of your pitch, he asked to meet with you in person on that same phone call. The meeting started off normally; you gave him the full sales pitch, picked up on his nonverbal cues that would be useful for his profile, and informed him about the online questionnaire that he would need at least an hour of uninterrupted time to complete. At the end of it all, you handed him a fairly thick manilla folder with all of the information in print.

    Even though over the phone he sounded keen on the idea of a matchmaker assisting him in finding the love of his life, he looked as if he wanted to run out of your office.

    “Can you…Can you go over the contract again?”

    Carefully, you stretched your hand across the table and opened up the folder you just slid across to him.

    “You can either do a month to month based contract,” you flipped through the document that outlined the specifications and pricing, “Or you can sign a six to twelve month contract that’ll continue to keep you in the database. And I’ll keep matching you up until you find someone.”

    Mat nodded his head slowly, pinching his lip between his thumb and index finger, “And I can approve or deny anyone you send my way?”  You silently nodded, and awaited his follow up question, “Will they know someone denied them?”

    You shook your head, “No, that’s all kept internally.”

    “So I…” He crossed his right leg over his left thigh, no doubt to stop it from bouncing, but his foot still shook, “Will anyone know that I joined a matchmaking service?”

    You knew exactly what he was asking.  

    Would anyone know if New York Islander’s star player, Mathew Barzal, was so terrified of ending up alone––petrified that he wouldn’t find a single soul to love––that he resorted to a matchmaker to help him find the possible love of his life?

    Again, you shook your head, “Not unless you publicly say you used a matchmaker.”

    “What about other employees?” He briefly looked out the window behind your desk before looking back at you, “What if someone sees me here––”

    “It’s just me.”

    Mat’s shoulders relaxed, a somewhat relieved sigh escaping his lips, “Okay.”

    You flipped the contract back to the beginning and closed the folder, sliding it toward him again, “You can always have a lawyer look over it and then come back with a decision if you’re not comfortable.”

    Mat shook his head, leaning forward and hastily re-opening the contract, “No I––I want to do it.”

    You smiled at him and plucked a customized pen with your company name––Devant Toi––out of a mug on your desk and handed it to him. He eagerly took it as you began to re-explain the terms of the contract, “We do thorough background checks on everyone, but for some reason if something happens, this is this is where you don’t hold me liable––”

    “Wait,” Mat looked up from the contract with scared eyes, “What if I’m matched with someone and they know who I am? Couldn’t they––”

    With a shake of your head, you offered him a reassuring smile, “There’s a confidentiality clause in every contract,” you flipped a few pages ahead and pointed at the clause. Mat faced his head down, skimming the words, as you summarized it aloud, “Since this is a high profile matchmaking service, clients are aware that they have the potential to match up with someone…” You hesitated with your next words, and Mat looked up at you with raised eyebrows, waiting to hear how you would describe him, “Who has a job that puts them in the spotlight.”

    Mat nodded his head as he slowly asked his next question, “So if someone says they met me on a matchmaking service?”

    “Legal action will be taken.”

    Once again, he nodded his head and went back to reading the contract. After a few more moments of silence, Mat flipped back to the beginning of the contract. He twirled the pen between his fingers, gnawing at his bottom lip, and he looked up at you with doubt written all over his face, “And your success rate?”

    His skepticism didn’t throw you off, every potential client that sat in the same chair as him came in with his same questions. Although some had been more difficult to sign their name, Mat looked eager.

    You let out a chuckle, “Do you really think Emma Stone met her husband while hosting SNL?”

    Mat raised his eyebrows high, “They’re married?”

    “I never miss a match.”

    He let out an audible breath as he gripped the pen until his knuckles turned white, “Okay…” he said under his breath, as if to encourage himself.

    And once the first page of the contract had his signature in black pen, the rest was easier. His grip on the pen loosened as you answered more of his questions, repeated contract clauses no matter how many times he asked, and when he lifted the pen after signing the last page, the tension in his shoulders disappeared.

    He pushed the contract towards you, and after you reviewed it to make sure all appropriate places were signed, you closed the folder. And with a smile on your face, you stretched your hand across the table, “Welcome aboard.”

    Mat grasped your hand in his for a firm handshake, “Thanks, it’s, yeah––Feels nice not to worry right now.”

    You dropped his hand, the business deal officially closed, as you appreciatively smiled at him, “It’s what I’m here for.” Mat shoved his hands into his pockets as you came from around your desk to walk him to the door, “Any apprehension you feel during the process, or any more concerns you have, I’m only a phone call away.”

    Mat nodded his hand as he held up the business card you gave him, “I hope you're prepared for all of the calls you’re about to get.”

    You let out a breathy laugh at his joke, but when you looked into his alluring dark eyes, he looked serious. You cleared your throat and smiled at him, “I’m looking forward to all of them.”

    A twinkle of amusement lit up Mat’s eyes. With his hand on the door handle, it looked as if he was about to walk out the door, but he turned around to face you. His chest expanded with a deep breath, his amused eyes growing more lonesome.

    After a few seconds, he exhaled, “Do you believe in soulmates?”

    “You called me, remember?”

    He nodded in acceptance, although you could tell he wasn’t content with your answer.

    You matched strangers together based on the compatibility you thought they had. While you wanted nothing more for the people who came to you to find their one true love, you viewed them as clients. On the questionnaire you require every client to fill out, you asked them about their preferences in a partner. You viewed the matter of soulmates differently.

    Soulmates, you believed, were two people who the universe placed together to find each other all on their own in divine timing.

    Soulmates don't write down their ideal partner and then send to a service to match them together; soulmates grow to love each other. Soulmates valued a deep-rooted emotional connection. And it’s not to say that your clients couldn’t foster those connections, because you believed overtime they could.

    But there was a difference in putting all of your faith in someone to match you with a stranger that you had to actively remind yourself to try and love, rather than trusting yourself.


    “What do you think went wrong this time?”

    Mat slumped down on the couch in your office as you sat across from him on a cushioned chair. You picked up your cup of tea and waited for him to let you in on his thoughts.

    He brought his hands up to cover his face, “She was perfect,” Mat let out a deep sigh and removed his hands from his face, “She works in hockey and understands the crazy schedule, smart, we share a lot of the same interests…” he continued to list the reasons why he should’ve kept seeing the girl you matched him with, but when you noticed he was getting himself worked up, you cut him off.

    “But not enough for a third date?”

    Mat looked down at the ground with defeated eyes, “No,” he whispered.

    “That’s fine,” you reassured him with a smile, “Sometimes it takes a few trial and errors, not everyone works out how you want. But when you meet that person–” you snapped your fingers, “–it’s all worth it.”

    Mat nodded along, but kept his eyes glued to the ground. Since your contract started with Mat a few months ago, you had set him up with matches that you thought had real potential, but he never made it past a third date with anyone. He’d call you up after every first date, recapping how great of a time he had. Then the second date, he’d text you saying it was fun, but something was off. And before he could make it to a third date, he always called you up, or randomly stopped by your office.

    He kept his promise regarding bombarding you with calls.

    “Something is wrong though. There has to be something wrong that stops me from going on a third date.” Mat pinched his nose as he swallowed hard, “Do you think it’s me?”

    Your eyes widened, unprepared to support a client like this. Sure, you talked to clients to get feedback on why matches didn’t work out so you could tailor your plan with them, but never had you spent more one-on-one time with a client than Mat. And you always saw the doubt in your clients’ eyes whenever a match didn’t work out, but never had any of them verbalized their insecurities with so much pain.

    But before you could give him an answer, a single roaring of an alarm went off in the building your office was located in.

    “They close the building in ten minutes,” you said with sympathy. Normally, you would tell a client to come back at nine in the morning, but this was Mat. “We could…There’s a bar below if you want to go there and we can keep talking?”

    Mat eagerly nodded his head and jumped up from the couch. After making sure you had everything you needed from your office, you shut the lights off, locked the door, and followed Mat out the building. The walk to the bar was silent and awkward. You thought Mat was a great guy, but when it came to him, the line between client and acquaintance was beginning to blur.

    Once the two of you arrived at the bar––Mat insisting on paying for your drink––the two of you settled in a back booth. And once the two of you were away from prying eyes, Mat’s smile dropped as he stared into his hazy beer, “So…” his shoulders fell, “Do you think I’m the problem?”

    You tapped the side of your glass, “It takes time––”

    “I know, you said that,” Mat interrupted with an exasperated tone, “But everyone I spend time with always wants to continue seeing me, but I can’t.” His grip tightened around the beer glass, “So I know I’m the problem.”

    You shifted closer to him in the booth, “How much time are between dates?”

    Mat squinted his eyes, staring up at the ceiling as he bit the inside of his cheek, “Usually the next day or two days after.”

    “You need more time between dates,” you said and he looked at you as if he was mentally taking notes, “Take time to digest the first or second date, take time to see if you miss them when you’re not together.”

    After taking a sip of his beer, Mat placed the glass down on the wooden table, “But I like spending time with people, I want to know if they’re that person––”

    “And how has that been working out?” He was silent, and avoided eye contact with you, “I’m not saying what you do isn’t good enough, but if you’re attaching yourself too soon you set unrealistic expectations for yourself.” He looked up at you with dejection written all over his face, but you smiled at him, “You’re a great person, Mat. And I know you’ll find someone who sees that with or without my help––”

    “Are you firing me?”

    You threw your head back in laughter and shook your head at his panicked tone, “Absolutely not,” the two of you shared a soft laugh together. “You’re probably my favorite client at the moment, but please know that you’re not the problem.” You tried your best to show him all of your sincerity, “You’re thinking too much about if the person you’re on a first date with is going to be your one.” He nodded his head dismally, “Relax. Enjoy getting to know someone.”

    Mat leaned his head back on the booth’s cushion, “This is too stressful.”

    You laughed into your drink. And when you looked up at Mat, he was already looking at you with a soft smile, “It’s really not.”

    Mat scoffed, “Says the matchmaker.” Another cheerful laugh escaped your lips, and Mat’s smile widened at the sound, “How did you find your person?”

    And with that question, your smile slowly diminished and Mat tilted his head in curiosity.

    “I––Uh––I don’t have a person.”

    He scrunched his eyebrows together, “Really?” You nodded your head. Mat rested his forearms on the table and leaned forward, “The matchmaker hasn’t found love?”

    You waved him off and rolled his eyes, “I’m a little preoccupied with finding love for you.”

    He held his hands up in defense with a wicked smirk. And when you looked into his eyes, they held a bit of mischief to them; they held more interest. But from your conversation, you couldn’t pinpoint what he held more interest in.

    “How did you even get into this?” Mat moved an inch closer to you in the booth.

    You shrugged your shoulders, “I was always setting up friends in high school. And kept setting people up in college. And when most of the people I set up got engaged…I thought I had a knack for it.” Mat let out a hearty laugh that you found yourself missing the second it went away.

    “When we first met in person I was…Surprised,” Mat smiled.

    “We’re around the same age.”

    Mat rolled his eyes, “I know, which is why I found it surprising. Most people our age are on dating apps.”

    “I’m essentially a dating app,” you joked with him as you lightly punched his shoulder, “But you have me instead of an algorithm matching you up.”

    Mat bobbed his head up and down, smirking, “I like you more than an app.”

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    #mat barzal #mat barzal x reader #mat barzal blurb #maddie writes
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    mat with the C and beau with the A does things to me so… i did a thing

    you’re welcome

    #imagine this like 5-ish years into the future bc right now we still love our dilf leaders #it’s a real struggle between wanting the dilfs to stay forever but also wanting the young guys to start (and get the C and As👀) #tried to edit as best i could but ahh well 😂😮‍💨 #mat barzal#anthony beauvillier#mathew barzal #new york islanders #q
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    jealousy, jealousy | intros

    Pairing: Mat Barzal x Reader x Tom Holland

    Summary: Mat and you have been friends all of your lives and now lovers. Will what you have crumble when you begin a friendship with the Spider-Man himself? Will Mat remain calm or let his jealously get the best of him? Will Tom sweep you off of your feet?

    tagging: @barzysandmarnersbitch @ilikealotofpeople-younotsomuch @parkerpeter24

    #jealousy jealousy series #tom holland #tom holland x reader #mat barzal #mat barzal x reader #tom holland imagine #tom holland fluff #mat barzal angst #mat barzal fluff #mat barzal fanfiction #tom holland social media au
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    jealousy, jealousy (Series Masterlist)

    Pairing: Mat Barzal x Reader x Tom Holland


    Mat and you have been friends all of your lives and now lovers. Will what you have crumble when you begin a friendship with the Spider-Man himself? Will Mat remain calm or let his jealously get the best of him? Will Tom sweep you off of your feet?

    Updates daily at 12am PST.













    Send me an ask if you’d like to be tagged.

    #jealousy jealousy series #tom holland #tom holland x reader #mat barzal #mat barzal x reader #tom holland imagine #mat barzal fanfiction #tom holland social media au #mat barzal fluff #mat barzal angst #nhl fic
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    Lifetime of Waiting *Chapter 7*

    Anthony Beauvillier and Mathew Barzal X Original Female Character
    *smut in the chapter* TW: Mentions of death and Covid
    (I’m a whore and cannot stop writing smut alongside with the other content but I’ll try to tone it down. Enjoy!)

    Chapter 7

    “So you’re going back to British Columbia? And you’re going to Quebec and I’m going to be here?” Tessa asks sitting across from her two soulmates in disbelief.

    “You’re not coming with one of us?!” Mat asks.

    “Was I asked? No, I have a life here and I can’t just be assumed to come with you two always. I have to be asked and you have to ask.”

    “Would you like to come?” Tito asks.

    “Well considering I have a life, no I can’t.”

    “It’s a worldwide pandemic Tess, we’re not letting you stay here. What if you die?” Mat pipes in.

    “So what if I die then? So what? Oh well, nothing we can do.” The two men look at each other in alarm.

    “You can’t just say that Tessa, you are not going to die and we’re not going to let you.”

    “So what if I die. With this pandemic there’s a chance I’ll die, you’ll die, your teammates could die, Anise could die. Death is going to be a part of this and I understand that it’s normal. I wish death is painless but it’s not and we can’t worry. What if this is the last little bit we ever see of each other? What if I die when you guys are gone.”

    “That won’t happen, come with us. Or split time between the two of us.” Anthony says.

    “I wanna cry or scream or die or anything to feel. I am so so scared guys. I am living in the states, I’ve been around for too long to not be afraid.” Tessa can’t look the two men in the eye. Anthony moves towards her and she flinches away. “Don’t, I don’t want to be held or talked to like I’m fragile guys. I don’t want to, so do not pity me. I am scared and you two aren’t getting it.”

    “We get it Tessa, we do. I promise everything is going to be okay, we are going to make sure that you are safe and nothing is going to happen.”

    “I don’t want to die.” She cries, her body shaking with sobs. Mat and Anthony look at each other both hearts breaking equally as quickly.

    “Tess, you’re not going to die. Can we take you to bed to cuddle you?” She wraps her arms around herself and shakes her head.

    “No, I don’t want to be comfortable. I want to feel Mat. I want to feel pain, feel anything because all I feel is nothing since this whole pandemic started. People are dying, what if I am dying, what if I get it.” She’s not making any sense her body racked with sobs, panic rising in her system. She slides to the floor in a heap. “I-I can’t breathe, help.” Anthony comes behind her and holds her to his chest. Mat kneels in front of her and takes her hands into his.

    “Okay I need you to look at me Baby girl. Focus on me and my breathing, look at my eyes. Focus,” Mat says rubbing his thumbs over the tops of her hands.

    “Matty, help me.” Anthony kisses the back of her head.

    “In and out, mirror us please. Everything is going to be okay.” Tessa reaches out and attaches herself to Mat’s body.

    “You’re okay Tessy, I promise.” Anthony soothes as him and Mat have a silent conversation to move to his bedroom. Mat scoops her up and easily walks with her to Anthony’s room. Once situated Mat is on one side and Anthony on the other. Tessa is slowly calming down being wrapped not only in blankets but in the arms of her soulmates.

    “We will not let anything happen, if anything Canada is safer for you.”

    “Okay, I’ll go. I’ll split the time, half with Matty and half with Tito.” She shrugs. “But you two have to promise me that you’ll be safe and you won’t let me take away from time with your families.”

    “You’re our family too.” Tessa takes a deep breath calming her fast beating heart and lets her eyes close.

    “I mean your brother and sister, your parents, grandparents! Please don’t let me take time away from them. I will come with you but I want you to spend time together with them.”

    “Deal.” Mat says and Tito agrees.

    So the three made plans to go to Canada. Tessa helps the boys split her time between the two. She plans to stay a month with each just to begin. So April 14th to May 14th with Mat and May 15th to June 15th with Tito. She knew this was going to do a number on them but she knew that they could handle it. They would figure it out and get through it.

    “Okay so Mathew, we’re leaving in two days for a month. Anthony I’ll be with you for a month as well okay? If anything happens or we have to change it we can. Now, I don’t want you two having issues with it okay? Does that make sense?”

    “Do we have a choice?” Anthony asks.

    “No, deal with it.”

    “But what if I get horny?”

    “Then you call me and I’ll help you deal with that. If I get horny because between you and me, I don’t know how the fuck you were made but it makes me want to be on you all the time. You could just give me a look and I’d drop to my knees right there.” She shrugs turning around to clean up her random papers she had thrown across the table. The boys smirk and shake their head.

    “What look?” Mat asks pressing himself against her back.

    “Not now, I need to go home and pack.” She gulps zipping up her bag.

    “No, I think you need to answer him Little one.” Anthony chuckles looking at her darkly. She shakes her head and rolls her eyes.

    “No, that’s not going to work.”

    “Did you just roll your eyes at me?” He asks and Mat runs his hand up her torso to grab her neck. She gasps and her head falls back.

    “No.” Mat chokes a bit harder.

    “No what?” Anthony asks.

    “I think you better answer him Tess.” Mat whispers nipping at her ear softly. She whines low in her throat.

    “No Daddy.” Mat releases her throat and she huffs grabbing it again stopping his hand from fully leaving her. “Don’t leave please, keep it there.” She sucks his thumb into her mouth swirling her tongue around it, pleasing her oral fixation.

    “Such a good little slut aren’t you? Just want whatever we can give you?” She moans, nodding in agreement. Tessa relishes in the feeling of having the two of them take care of her and just being there.

    “So, what should we do to her?”

    “Okay, I guess I can stay for just a bit.” She shrugs dropping her hand from Mat’s arm.

    “I want to eat her out, I think she needs to relax a bit.” Mat smirks against her neck nipping at it softly.

    “Sir please, Mat I need it.”

    “Oh, I know you do. You’ve just been so wound up lately, come lay on the couch.” Anthony sits down and pats his lap. Mat helps her strip out of her pants and panties. She climbs nervously into his lap and he wraps his legs around hers, holding her open for Mat. She looks up at him and he captures her lips in a fiery kiss. Mat takes her distraction as a good time to start. He starts by kissing the top of her pussy and down all the way to her hole before giving it a soft little lick. Tessa chokes on a moan that is quickly swallowed by Tito’s mouth.

    “Fuck, you taste so sweet. I could spend forever between your legs.” Mat works her up to an orgasm and just as she’s about to bubble over he pulls back and softly strokes her legs as they shake.

    “Relax, we’re just getting started.” He chuckles.

    “You said that I deserved to relax, let me cum.”

    “I did say that, however we’re playing by my rules and I say you aren’t relaxed enough.” He shakes his head in disapproval.

    “No, Mat I’m sorry. I don’t wanna disappoint.” She whimpers.

    “Babygirl, you know that’s not my name. You’re not disappointing me though, I just want you to enjoy your orgasm and the work up.”

    “Fuck,” her head lulls back on Anthony’s shoulder and he chuckles kissing her forehead. Mat slides two thick fingers in her pussy and curls up gently rubbing against the little bud inside Tessa. “Fuck, Mat don’t stop. Please, don’t stop.” Her hips buck wildly. He pushes her close to the edge and stops again removing his hands. She growls and lurches forward at him.

    “You’re a fucking dick, why didn’t you let me cum?!” She huffs panting. Mat smirks and chuckles leaving feather touches on her thighs, close to her pussy.

    “Shhhh baby.” Tessa lurches out of Anthony’s grip and pushes Mat to the floor holding his hands above his head. He looks at her in surprise.

    “You fuck me and make me cum or so help me I am going to go to the bathroom, lock the door and make myself cum without you. You would only get to hear my moans,” she growls feeling desperate and undone and Mat interlocks their hands flipping her around so he’s on top.

    “Oh yeah? So cute when you try to be dominant.” He chuckles, his breath tickling her face. His hair tousled and messed up from messing around. Mat leans down and sucks roughly on her neck marking his territory. Tessa’s hands tense and she fights to touch him.

    “No, keep your hands there.” Anthony commands from the couch, watching Tessa struggle under Mat. She whines.

    “You’re not in charge here boys.” She says and she feels Mat’s thigh wedge itself between her legs pushing roughly into her clit. Her hips involuntarily buck up into his knee.

    “Oh yeah? Because your body says something different. Come on, just give in. Give into what your body desires, if you give in we’ll let you cum.”

    “You were mean, fuck you.” She bites.

    “Oh you’re gonna regret that! Come on.” He stands up and throws her over his shoulder taking her to his bed, Tito following on his tail.

    “Put me down you barbarian!” Tessa smacks his back. He spanks her, effectively stilling her moves.

    “One second babe.” He chuckles throwing her down on the bed. “Edge of the bed now.” He commands. She obeys and gets on her hands and knees.

    “I’m gonna fuck you and Tito is gonna fuck your face. We’re not going to stop until your brattiness is gone.”

    “I’m not being a brat though.” She chuckles sticking her tongue out. Anthony slides near her mouth with his cock in his hand.

    “Put that mouth to use and suck ange.” His hand in her hair was soft compared to what his and Mat’s other actions were. She practically melts when she reaches his blue eyes staring down into hers.

    “Yes Daddy.” She breathes licking her lips.

    “Good girl.” She whimpers taking him into her mouth. Behind her Mat spanks her watching her ass jiggle before he’s rubbing his tip up and down her slit. Tessa subconsciously tries to push back on his cock.

    “Stay still and I’ll give you what you want.” Mat grunts. She bobs her head up and down on Anthony’s cock before going down all the way so he hits her throat. She gags but keeps down there, breathing through her nose and attempting to relax.

    “Fuck…” Anthony trails off and Mat thrusts into her causing her to take Anthony impossibly deep. She pulls off with a gag, drooling dripping down her face. She takes a few deep breaths and Anthony is pushing down again. Her mind goes clear and she feels a haze start to form over her mind as she focuses on the overwhelming sensations between her two men. Mat somas his hard cock into her dripping pussy. She moans around Anthony’s cock causing him to thrust a little rougher in her mouth.

    “Holy fuck that feels amazing… shit baby don’t stop.” He grunts gripping her hair in his hands. She hums lazily looking up at him through her lashes. She bobs her head and jerks what she can’t fit in her mouth and it isn’t long until he’s cumming down her throat. She swallows and keeps sucking before Anthony tries to take it out of her mouth. She whines, her mouth feeling empty.

    “Aww does the poor baby not like having her pretty little mouth full.” She nods and Anthony takes pity on her letting two of his fingers slide into her mouth. She lets her eyes close and focuses on the sensations coursing through her.

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