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    • Mark: I want to go to the liquid zoo.
    • Mat: What?
    • Mark: I forget what it's called... like the actual zoo but with liquid animals.
    • Mat: You mean the aquarium?
    #this is a prequel to the one where mark fights a squid #markiplier#matpat#devil's deal#incorrect quotes
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  • This is the context for the last post I made btw

    It’s kinda quiet and Nates mic was broken but I wanted to give the full experience of how this was said

    #matpat#natewantstobattle#cancelcancer #the game theorists charity livestream
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  • I still have no idea what petscop is about so I just listen to whatever game theory tells me and accept it as fact

    #Petscop#Petscop arg#Args#Arg #matpat game theory #matpat #the game theorists #game theory
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  • why do people hate matpat? genuine question

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  • dont @ me dont even look at me

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  • I know matpat’s gotten a lot of shit for some of his fnaf theories but honestly???? I like the “mangle is a dog” theory. Not only did he provide some pretty good evidence but mangle being possessed by a dog makes for some pretty fun scenarios to think about. Like if all the animatronics from UCN or something have a big family dynamic then all the mangles are their dumb dogs.

    Imagine mangle attempting to use plushtrap as a chew toy and toy freddy or something has to come in and go “NO BOY BAD PLUSHTRAP IS NOT A TOY!! PUT HIM DOWN BOY OH MY GOD PUT HIM DOWN! NO!! BAD BOY!! OH MY GOD”

    Imagine security puppet teaching phantom mangle tricks

    Imagine chica putting nightmare mangle in a kennel because he chewed up some of the plushies

    I just ditietxigsrukgcrduitc

    I love this,,,,

    #Fnaf #five nights at freddys #fnaf ucn #fnaf ultimate custom night #ultimate custom night #mangle fnaf#fnaf mangle#nightmare mangle#mangle#phantom mangle#plushtrap#toy freddy#security puppet#fnaf chica #I'm defiantly writing a fic about this some day #matpat game theory #matpat#scott cawthon#scottgames#fnaf scott#toy foxy #Mangle is a dog
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  • okay but why would you ship safpat when rofiya is literally right there

    #this is all in good fun btw #if any actual die hard safpat fans come for me #don’t#please don’t #escape the night #escape the night season 3 #escape the night 3 #safiya nygaard#matpat#rosanna pansino#safpat#rofiya#safiya#it me#etn
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  • The difference between game theory and gtlive Matpat


    Originally posted by aikofanfan

    So I don’t know why I was thinking about this but I feel like I’ve seen people hate on Matpat in various ways, which I’ve discussed before, and I feel like discussing a possible reason why people feel as strongly as they do. This is an opinion that I feel maybe accurate to a portion of the Matpat’s viewers but if people dislike him for other reasons than they are free to do so. I like him for many reasons so clearly this might sound biased. Also this probably isn’t a hot take but again it’s just an opinion I feel like sharing.

    I think part of the reason this happens is because people separate game theory and film theory Matt from gtlive Matt. These two versions of Matt are different because the voice overs on both channels allows for people to view him in the same way we view YouTube commenters, nameless people with opinions that we either don’t agree with or enrage us. That’s not to say Matpat’s theories are on the same level as know it all youtube comments but it’s understandable why people might see him that way.

    Gtlive Matpat on the other hand is an actual human who’s surrounded by people like Stephanie, Jason, and Chris who crack jokes and share differing view points, particularly in choice related games, which makes him seem relatable and probably reminds many of us of playing games with some friends.

    Game theory is and film theory is clearly more popular that gtlive, at least in terms of subscriber count, so it’s likely people would see they theory version of Matt before they see they guy who plays video games and does challenges with his wife and coworkers.

    I was introduced to Matpat through gtlive and youtubers react and didn’t get into the theories until a week later. The man behind the madness immediately interested me, partially because I too was and still am an overachieving theater nerd with opinions, but also because the guy I saw seemed genuine and willing to interact with his fans and viewers to the best of his ability. Stephanie and Jason being there, and later Chris, also added more genuineness because it felt like hanging out and goofing off with friends.

    When I got to the theories, I was a little confused because I didn’t know if I should be taking his theories seriously. I think I either started with a fnaf theory or sans is ness, which is controversial but after a few watches I kind of began to understand that theory Matpat wasn’t being serious with these theories. He was just looking at a game or film through a different perspective and having fun with it.

    I won’t deny that Matpat has made mistakes that people have every right to criticize him for but frankly it’s hard to see the man who raised thousands for mental health research, millions for st. Jude, makes funny faces at his child who is off camera before the live stream ends, and takes the time to publicly compliment his wife in streams as some bad person.

    Anyways, this might have gone a little over board as far as opinions go but I hope thoughts were interesting to someone.


    Originally posted by aikofanfan

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  • Matpat literally raised 1,330,000 dollars for St Judes and people still try to make him look like a bad person

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  • I’m watching the cancel cancer livestream from matpat and the funniest thing is when mat talks about what happened when he and nate(wants to battle) filmed that video where he (Mat) was gagged and tied to a chair as Nate sang that one fnaf song and honestly, it’s hilarious.

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    • Cry: So, what do you do?
    • Mat: I work in genetic research, and I'm currently trying to eliminate all Cancers.
    • Cry: Wow, impressive.
    • Mat: Yeah, then I'll move on to Virgos.
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  • My Current Ideal College Dorm Room

    Ok, all my current fandoms, main that is:

    • Harry Potter
    • Marvel
    • Youtubers (specified later)

    With that covered I can continue. I would personally have black curtains and aqua walls. Bed sheets would likely be Harry Potter as well as my Pillows, taking care of that section. A bookshelf with the Harry Potter books, the extra ones as well (Cursed Child, Fantastic Beasts, the screenplays, etc.), Marvel books based of the movies, and of course the Youtuber’s books, like theodd1sout and Felix. The pictures would be a youtube logo, Game Theory, Film Theory, GTLive, Seán (@therealjacksepticeye), Mark(@markiplier), Ethan (@crankgameplays), Felix, Natewantstobattle, Thomas Sanders, and DanPlan are 100% in there.

    Marvel heros include:

    • Clint
    • Natasha
    • Peter
    • Steve
    • Bucky
    • Wanda
    • Shuri
    • And Pepper

    Now just imagine it

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  • Reblog if you’ve watched every single one of MatPat’s FNaF theories.

    #reblog#matpat #five nights at freddy's #fnaf lore
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    • Matt: Do you need a back massage?
    • Nate: I mean, need? No. Want--
    • Matt: Want? I mean there's a very flat table here. I could *mimes message*
    #bro tone down the gay a little #natepat#platonic natepat #I mean I always tag it that way with the actual humans but what am I supposed to say? #natewantstobattle#matpat #2019 charity stream #Matthew Patrick#nathan sharp#Game Theory#game theorists
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  • Have you ever just binge watch MatPat’s (Game Theory) whole FNAF théories and are confused cause you don’t know which theory is right CAUSE THEY ALL MAKE SENSE?!

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  • I’m not a FNAF fan, I’m a game theorist’s fnaf fan

    I watch MatPat’s fnaf theories like I watch tv series: I wait patiently for new episodes and I make frequent rewatches to keep up with the plot.

    I also enjoy the explanations and the thought process that’s behind every theory

    #game theory#game theorists#matpat#fnaf #five nights at freddy's #Fnaf game theory
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