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  • Matt (gonna go swimming with the bois): *takes off shirt*

    Edd: Wow, Matt, you’re ripped

    Matt: *looks down at his body panicked* WHERE?!!?

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  • The first snowstorm of the season had already blown through the school grounds, and with the extension of the Greek house social distancing exchange, Suzy was not too excited, but not very happy, either. She couldn’t even go back home to see her family or even go back into Gamma to stay in her room and occupy her own space. The visits that she would do- like the one she just did today with Matt- were just not enough. 

    “Is the heat always this…functional, in the winter?” Suzy asked as she pulled off her hoodie, “I’m fucking cooking in this house!”

    “We made it so that we had a fireplace that heats the center of the house like a heart. Then, we save money when the HVAC actually cuts on, and it gets so cold up here, that running both is natural..I don’t know why you didn’t expect that, one of our presidents is Canadian. They know all about extreme cold and saving money,” Matt explained as he prepared their mugs.

    “Hehe..hm, I guess you’ve got a point there,” she said, “Then what’s with your room being so cold?”

    Matt turned around, taking his vape off the table and taking a hit, blowing rings in the girl’s direction, making her giggle as she kicked lightly, not taking an eye off of her thighs, “I like it on the cool side, and I’m usually smoking cigs, and I don’t want the smoke to linger in my room.” He loved how she looked wearing a baby tee with some lounge shorts, sitting on his school hoodie. She must know what that does for him, her hair hanging out of the usual tie and ponytail she wears with the fresh blush on her cheeks of her sweat. The way this was all comfortable, and her easy amusement made everything so wholesome and familiar. 

    “That makes a lot of sense…guessing you close the window when I get down there?” she asked.

    “Yup..Either that or I crack it..you want cream in yours?” he asked, turning his attention away from the girl sitting on the island.

    “You already did that!~” she quietly pointed out, feigning shocked and kicking his back with her foot playfully, “But I could never mind a little more…and cinnamon, too, please!”

    “Coming right up! You get to try our house’s specialty hot cocoa-”

    “Your house has a specialty cocoa?” Suzy looked up from her phone, “I thought that was only Alpha..”

    “Gamma have one?”

    “Nah…we just heat up chocolate G-Fuel with milk and Yoohoo-”

    “That sounds interesting and very unhealthy, but what can you expect of streamers and gamers, right?” he said, waiting for the kettle to heat up and focusing his attention on her thighs again. He liked how even though she was sitting on the counter she was still underneath him, reaching a hand up to caress her cheek with his thumb as she moves to suck it slowly and seductively, then both breaking character to laugh as he grabbed the canister of cream, playfully and gently grabbing her jaw at its base, pointing her head up and lightly squeezing her cheeks, “Open your mouth for me,” he commands.

    The words made the girl swoon a little as she opens her knees to bring them closer as she stuck her tongue out and gets a few seconds of spray of the homemade creamy foam onto her tongue as Matt sat down the canister and grabbed Suzy’s waist, locking their lips as she took in the foam and tasted it and the musty nicotine of Matt. She wrapped her arms around him as a moan tumbled out of her mouth as they shared a long and deep kiss while the kettle began a low whistle. “That was amazing~!” she moaned as he pulled away to grab the unmarked bottle, chocolate syrup, and a bottle of cream, “I want more~”

    “You always want more, Suzy..you’re so needy” Matt joked, pulling out the electric stirrer and putting the ingredients together in a medium tumbler glass with some cinnamon powder.

    “No, but seriously..that was the..sweetest whipped cream I’ve ever had…the kiss made it so much better..” she mentioned as she grabbed the canister next to her.

    “We make out stuff in-house, since we usually don’t leave and our house made us follow this code of taking pride in the pure materials that makeup small things. So we source as many things as freshly as possible and make it ourselves…Also, we’re very particular about our coffee, so we have to hand-pick our materials, which also make great deserts…” he said as he poured the mixture into his large mug and goes to wash the head and the tumbler.

    “Who made the whipped cream?..What’d you just put in yours?” Suzy asked as she kept taking samples of the cream.

    “Homemade Kahlua liquor..figured you didn’t want to get even hotter by having bourbon whiskey liquor warming you up in your hot cocoa..Also, it’s strong,” he said, dipping his finger in his mug and coming over to allow her to taste it, Suzy again seductively sucking on his finger with some familiar tactfulness and class. Matt breathed as she moaned again from the flavor. 

    “I really like it~” Suzy bit her lip as she playfully wrapped her legs around Matt’s waist, to pull him in, “And of course your trailer park ass needs brown alcohol to keep warm..it’s so..primitive, but…more rustic coming from you..”

    “It’s called Southern charm and hospitality, baby~..A lil love makes everything a lil better…” Matt cooed after he handed the girl her large mug with the cocoa powder and sugar and the bag of extra large marshmallows, which she sat the bag on the counter and waited for the water. He takes the assembles and garnishes her mug with the cinnamon as per her request atop her whipped cream that hid the huge pillow floating in the chocolate. He finished assembling his own and toasted with the girl for the first sip. 

    ~Half a cup of Cocoa later~

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    talk about festivity

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  • Tied and retied a noose so many times this evening. I’m not sure what’s stopping me anymore.

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    Fionn Whitehead for ‘Don’t Tell a Soul’

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  • quick make out - matt

    a/n: so just ignore the fact that the films mentioned in this technically weren’t out in the 80s 🤣 maybe think of it as a modern au lol


    since matt isn’t getting along with his dad much recently, you asked him if he wanted to spend christmas with you and your family. he was pretty excited about this, your family loves him and he loves them.

    at the moment, matt was watching a film with your younger cousins. they’ve been wanting to watch elf for the longest time, and matt was more than happy to be the one to watch it with them.

    “join us, love,” matt says as you hand him a plastic cup with soda in it.

    “i’m helping mum with the potatoes. but as soon as i’m no longer needed, i’ll join you.” you give matt a quick kiss and walk back into the kitchen. before you walk in, though, you glance back at matt, and see a disappointed look on his face.

    once the potatoes are finished and you help with a couple more things, you walk back into the living room and see that the film is over.

    “look what happened, love. the film is over and you didn’t get to watch it with us,” matt says jokingly.

    “you still have the vhs. it’s not like we can’t watch it again.”

    “we could always watch another christmas film, though,” he suggests. your cousins yell and jump in agreement, so he quickly finds the santa claus and plays it. your cousins settle down on the floor in front of the couch you and matt sat on.

    “are they being good?” you ask him quietly.

    “they’re great. lots of fun, as always.”

    “not giving you too much trouble, though?” he smirks and kisses your cheek.

    “they have asked a lot of questions about us.”

    “really?” he nods and turns back to the film.

    “well, like what?” you continue. he shakes his head and puts his finger up to his lips.

    “the film is starting, you have to be quiet,” he says a little louder so your cousins hear.

    “yeah! be quiet and pay attention!” your youngest cousin yells at you. your eyebrows raise at her sass as she turns back towards the screen.

    “so rude.”

    matt’s arm wraps around your shoulder as the movie progresses, and at one point, he begins to get bored with it.

    “babe, can we go outside for a moment?” he whispers in your ear. you give him a confused look.

    “it’s freezing out, matt. why would you need to go outside?” he shrugs and sighs as you turn back to the screen once again. all he wanted was some alone time with you, honestly.

    a little bit longer, and he starts kissing your neck. your hand rakes through his hair, trying to pull him off of you, but it was no use.

    “uh, you guys continue watching this. matt and i need to talk about something upstairs for a moment,” you say to your cousins, standing. they shoo you away and you drag matt upstairs in anger.

    “what is so important?” you snap. he pushes you down on your bed and pounces on you, kissing you deeply. you moan against his lips and melt into the kiss.

    he continues for five minutes, just making out with you, slowly and passionately. when you finally pull away, you’re slightly out of breath and your lipstick is very much messed up, and all over matt’s lips.

    “i just wanted to make out with you,” he winks cheekily. standing, you help him wipe the makeup off of both of you before fixing your hair and clothes.

    “don’t think because you got what you wanted, you’re off the hook,” you tell him before opening the door and heading back downstairs. you settle back down on the couch together before matt whispers in your ear.

    “what does that mean?”

    “it means i’m gonna get back at you for needing to make out with me in that moment.”


    “you’re in for it when everyone goes to sleep.”

    #matt#matt imagines #matt x reader #dean charles chapman #dean charles chapman x reader #blinded by the light #imagines#fanfiction#fanfic
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  • -Light had an emo phase and is secretly still emo lowkey.

    - Misa asks for the manager

    -Light plays as princess peach when he plays Mario with ryuk. 

    -When Ryuk and light cuddle ,ryuk is the small spoon (This is mostly a joke)

    -Matt and Mello definitely do cuddle though and Mello is the small spoon 100%

    -(A bit sad) Near has survivors guilt

    - Near sleeps with a bunch of stuffed animals

    -Near and Halle bake cookies together(mostly Halle and near just eats it)

    - Every time near gets a new toy they name them and introduces them to to the other toys .

    -Near is nonbinary  

    -Mello uses he/they pronouns 

    -Mello has definitely knocked down nears dice/card towers to try to piss them  off.

    - I don’t really see mikami having social media but if did he posts light edits.

    -He’s also the type to post religious stuff and a bunch of pictures of him at the gym and his protein shakes.

    -Matsuda can play guitar

    -he also very afraid of the dark

    -I feel like matsuda is the type to have one of those spa days and he has a face mask and the cucumbers on his eyes and everything.

    -Would def do Tiktok dances and forces the task force to do it with him (especially aizawaa)

    -Misa cosplays

    -Misa and Rem watch those cheesy romance movies together

    -Mello met the mafia at a strip club.

    -Matt watches lots of porn

    -Matt and Mello live together in the most messiest apartment.

    -Near does not like to be touched especially their  hair but they would let someone close to him run their fingers through their hair.

    -Ryuk listens to Loona 

    -Near has many parties with his toys and sometimes Rester joins.

    -Mello is the biggest taylor swift fan

    (I dont have many L headcannons)


    These are all I have for now 


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  • disclosure.

    [photography courtesy of @vaun0815 on unsplash]

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    Matt and his wife Mandi getting married cause why not? 🥰

    Wanted to make a nice picture of these two. Might do pictures with the other couples. 😊

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  • Te escribo esto porque necesito sacarlo de mi pecho. Yo sé que nunca lo vas a leer -por la barrera del idioma y el que ESPERO que jamás encuentres mi blog-.

    Eres la última relación tóxica que tendré en mi vida. Contigo se acaba ese ciclo tóxico de dejarme a un lado por idealizar a alguien. Gracias a ti pude olvidar al que creí el amor de mi vida, Julián, pero eso es otra historia.

    Sí, soy una persona muy enamoradiza. Carezco de un ancla que me permita permanecer en tierra cuando conozco a alguien. ¿Será que mi signo al ser elemento aire me eleva? Qué sé yo.

    Pero sí. Te conocí y de pronto empecé a sentir mariposas. Te conocí de la manera más random posible y pensé que nunca más te volvería a ver. Y no fue así. Empezamos a salir, empezamos a mensajearnos a diario y a compartir vivencias y planes.

    Empezamos a proyectar muchas cosas juntos y, de pronto, todo acabó.

    Los temas de conversación se volvieron vacíos. Pasó todo a un plano físico y a falsas promesas. Pero seguimos, seguimos en contacto siempre, hablando siempre de lo mismo. 

    Esto sonará ridículo para los no involucrados, pero dejamos de vernos a fines de agosto, pero hasta ayer incluso seguimos en contacto. ¿Y por qué? Ya ninguno sabe. Nos hemos aferrado los dos a mantener esa comunicación vacía, pero que a la vez nos llena.

    Siempre me arrepentiré de no haber sido sincera contigo. De no haberte dicho que la que mandó ese mensaje que cambió todo, no fui yo. Fue una amiga que usó mi celular por mí, pero no tiene caso. 

    Y me jode que nunca me hayas dicho lo que sentías por mí en el momento adecuado. 

    “I did have feelings for you and I was genuinely excited to see you for a proper date. I thought there was potential…”. No era difícil comunicarte conmigo si algo te incomodó. Si de verdad viste potencial, hubieras intentado que yo comprendiera tu incomodidad en lugar de aislarte en tu propia fortaleza. 

    Yo también tuve sentimientos sinceros por ti. Y algo que nunca le dije a nadie y mucho menos a ti es que cuando dormimos juntos por segunda vez, ese día sentí algo. Me dio por rezar mientras tu cabeza estaba sobre mi pecho y recé “Dios, que Matt nunca me haga falta porque me va a doler mucho perderlo”. 

    Y bueno, nunca te “perdí”, nos perdimos.

    No nos hemos visto desde hace tanto que a veces no recuerdo bien tu rostro, pero eso no viene al caso.

    Solo quiero decirte que si yo no detengo esto, las cosas nunca van a terminar y tú siempre vas a volver. Quería acabar todo cara a cara, pero no se pudo dar y es lo mejor. Todo pasa por algo.

    Lamento mucho que el choque cultural haya afectado las cosas entre nosotros. De verdad lo siento, porque yo también vi y sentí potencial.

    Take care, churro x 

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  • Tentando uma nova coisa❤eddsworld🌍

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