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  • Wednesday, October 7

    A day for relaxation and recreation but also a day of discoveries. 

    Matthew takes Diana for a ride and when they talk about Ysabeau’s dislike of Diana, he says it’s more of her being envious or jealous of Diana than hatred.  Human Ysabeau was a seer and she was made without consent by a vampire that wanted her for a wife. Her powers and the ability to have children was robbed from her. Matthew then presents Diana with the result of her DNA test and what it shows scares her. There are just too many powers for her to grasp, but as Matthew says “These powers may never manifest, but you’ve inherited the genetic predisposition for them.”

    Diana then spends some time getting to know Matthew through the books in his rooms. Darwin’s Origins in particular is full of notes and annotations, making it clear that Matthew in 1859 thought humans, daemons, witches and vampires had a common ancestor somewhere way back in time. 

    Dinner followed by dancing. Diana starts to glow and is floating on air while she dances with Matthew. When Ysabeau learns of Diana not using her magic, she tells her to grow up and accept responsibility for who she is. Diana agrees that she at least needs to learn how to be able to control her powers. 

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  • ᴍᴀᴛᴛʜᴇᴡ & ᴘʜɪʟɪᴘᴘᴇ

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  • ᴍᴀᴛᴛʜᴇᴡ & ᴘʜɪʟɪᴘᴘᴇ

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  • the one and only matthew goode

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  • Tuesday, October 6

    It’s past midnight before Matthew returns, looking angrier than when he left. He tells Marcus he’s taking Diana to France, something Marcus feels is unfair to both Ysabeaus and Diana but Matthew’s mind is already made up.

    Matthew watches a sleeping Diana, and when she answers his thoughts as if he was saying them out loud, he realizes that she can hear them, but only when she’s not conscious.

    When Diana wakes up, she causes a witchwind remembering what Gillian told her about her parents and Knox’s threat. She’s feeling trapped but Matthew is able to calm her down again. He tells her they are going to France when her the phone rings. It’s her aunts. They have been calling all night, worried about Diana. When they hear what’s happened, they want her to get back home immediately but Diana says she’s going to France with Matthew. 

    Diana’s trying to get out of the deal so Matt bribes her with the chance to read a very unique alchemy book he owns, Aurora Consurgens. They leave and fly to France in a private plane. 

    The couple arrive by car at Sept-Tours and meet Matthew’s vampire mother Ysabeau and Marthe, an old vampire woman that’s been with the family for as long as anyone can remember. 

    Matthew takes Diana to his rooms as she needs rest. She then spends the day either sleeping or exploring the castle with Matthew. 

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  • Monday, October 5

    Diana’s attempt to recall Ashmole 782 fails and when Knox threatens Diana, who starts to panic, Matthew decides she needs to be protected and decides to take her to Woodstock which turns Diana’s panic into anger and her fingers start to sparkle to Matthew’s delight. She decides to listen to him so he takes her home to pack what she needs for a couple of days. 

    A home, a letter is waiting for Diana. She opens it and has a full blown panic attack when seeing the photo inside. Matthew senses Diana and comes running to see what’s happening. He manages to calm her down, giving her a sedative and exhausted, she falls asleep. 

    Marcus has left a number of messages for Matthew, Diana’s results are in. “I have Diana’s DNA test results. They’re . . . surprising. Call me.” Matthew calls and Marcus comes over, bringing Matthew his passport. Matthew reads the results and doesn’t believe they are correct. A heated discussion follows, should Diana be told or not? Matthew leaves Marcus guarding a sleeping Diana to find Gillian.

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    😅 ᴍᴀᴛᴛʜᴇᴡ & ᴘʜɪʟɪᴘᴘᴇ (😎 Matthew Goode and James Purefoy in The Wine Show season 3. October 29 Amazon Prime video in UK (US airdate TBA; 📷 TWS)

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  • I’m a vampire. And before you ask, I can go outside during the day and my hair won’t catch fire in the sunlight. I’m Catholic and have a crucifix. When I sleep, which is not often, I prefer a bed to a coffin. If you try to stake me, the wood will likely splinter before it enters my skin. No fangs either. And one last thing: I do not, nor have I ever, sparkled.

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  • Saturday, October 3

    First kiss.

    Diana is wined and dined by Matthew at his college, All Souls, the college for the elite of the elite. When she asks what she’ll taste like, he gets angry and starts challenging her, kissing, touching wanting her scared, but she tells him she’s safe with him. At the end of dinner, Diana says she’s recalling Ashmole come Monday, expecting Matthew to be there by her side. He then takes her home, kissing her palm as they part. “Wordlessly I looked back at him, astonished that a kiss on the palm could be so intimate.” 

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    ✨ To celebrate A Discovery of Witches season 2 coming to HBO Nordic in January 2021, here are some of their memorable posts from the last season ✨

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  • HBONordic It’s time to choose your side. Season 2 of #ADiscoveryOfWitches premieres January 2021!

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  • @butternuggets-blog Baldwin is a pilot in ww1 with the call sign “Copper Prince”. Matthew finds this out. They’re in a pub. Matthew nearly dies laughing.


    “It’s hardly the Ritz!” Baldwin regarded the small village pub with snobbish disdain.

    “Lighten up,” Diana rolled her eyes, “the kids need to stretch their legs and I need some tea.”

    “Honestly Baldwin,” Matthew chuckled, “you are such a snob. It’s meant to be a nice drive through the Scottish countryside.”

    “We could have taken the plane, it has windows, we can easily see the scenery from there.”

    “It’s not the same,” Diana laughed, “besides, Douglas is expecting his second child any day now, we insisted he take at least a few months off to help at home.”

    “I can fly a plane, don’t know why we even keep a pilot on retainer.”

    “You can fly?” Diana asked, stunned.

    “Yes, I like to keep up with my certification, designs have changed much since they came into being. I could have shown you, and gotten to Osborne’s home sooner had flying been an option.”

    “Pip, Pip, they have swings!” Rebecca squealed with delight, grabbing her brother’s hand to pull him to the play area.

    “Kids, don’t rush off.” Diana sighed.

    “It’s fine,” Baldwin shook his head, “I’ll watch over them, cannot imagine this place has anything I would want.”

    “Alright,” Diana shrugged, linking arms with her husband and leaving the children, both pulling their uncle towards the swings.


    “Mmm,” Diana sipped at the comforting warm tea, “I needed this.”

    “Wine selection could be better.” Matthew grumbled.

    “Now who’s the snob?”

    “Apologies Ma Lionne,” he gave a respectful nod, “at least the children are happy.”

    Diana turned to see Baldwin push both on the swings.

    “How was Hamish, last you spoke to him?”

    “Um, a nervous wreck, but deliriously happy at the same time. Nathaniel and Sophie will be presenting young Margaret for flower girl duties with Becca tomorrow and Thomas’ nephew will be accompanying Philip as usher.”

    “They’re going to look precious.” Diana squealed, suddenly aware of a commotion in the pub by the window.

    “Dad,” the bartender started with gentle coaxing, “you know you’re the last member of your squadron, remember, we went to Harry’s funeral a couple of months back.”

    “No,” the elderly man retorted with firm confidence and hobbled over to a photo on the wall, pulling it off to hand it to his son, “you tell me that isn’t him.”

    Sighing, the man carefully looked at the photo and vaguely glanced out of the window before doing an obvious double take.

    “See?” The old man stated smugly.

    “My God, he has to be a relation, grandson maybe, it’s uncanny.”

    “He is the total spit of Benoit.”

    “Merde.” Matthew swore under his breath.

    “What is it?” Diana asked, unsure of the problem.

    “A recognition, we didn’t have it as much before but its become more difficult with things like photos and film. He knew Baldwin from the war.”

    “So, what do we do?”

    “We can’t let them meet, we need to distract the old soldier.”

    Matthew took a deep breath and approached the man and his son.

    “Excuse me, I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation, and I just wanted to tell you that you are right. Baldwin’s grandfather was a pilot. My name’s Matthew, I’m his step-brother.”

    “Would explain why you don’t look very much alike.” The man held out his hand for Matthew to shake, which he accepted.

    “No, we do not, but I am very familiar with the proud military history of our family. Oh, and please let me introduce you to my wife, Diana.”

    “It’s a pleasure,” Diana beamed, “could I-“ she stopped, thinking of how to delicately ask the next question, “I’m a bit of a history buff and would be honoured to perhaps take a look at the photo?”

    “Oh yes of course dear,” the elderly man cocked his head in the direction of his son, instructing him to hand it over, “doesn’t he look so similar.”

    “Yes,” Diana managed to contain the amused gasp, “not so much with the moustache though.”

    The older man laughed.

    “It was a bit dramatic, even for that time,” he admitted, “but Benoit was one hell of a pilot, there wasn’t an enemy gunner who didn’t wet themselves at the prospect of facing ‘The Copper Prince’ in a dogfight!”

    “I’m sorry, the what?” Matthew summoned every inch of control not to combust with laughter.

    “Yeah, he hated it but too bad you don’t get to pick your call sign,” he shook his head, “we got the idea from the girls in the postal barracks, always swooning over the handsome prince with the copper hair. They made up all sorts of ridiculously romantic backstories for him. Really, we knew very little about him so for all we knew they may have been right.”

    “Could I perhaps snap a quick photo on my phone, I’m sure Baldwin’s mother would like to see her father as a young man?”

    “I insist!” The soldier returned and Diana ignored the side-eye Matthew was shooting her as she snapped the picture and included every member of the family in a group message with strict instructions that Baldwin was not to know.

    She had her time planned.


    “You needed me for something?” Baldwin joined Diana in the room made up for the children.

    Both twins were in bed but still listening intently to Diana’s story.

    “Not me, these two insisted you sit in on the latest bedtime story, which you are interrupting.”

    “Alright,” he shrugged, taking a seat by the door, “pray continue.”

    “Thank you,” Diana turned back to the children, “where was I?”

    “Oh, the prince didn’t want the room full of silver-“

    “Yes that’s right Becca,” Diana praised, “because he wanted more. So, the enchantress offered him a second door and when he stepped through, the room was full to the ceiling with gold and precious jewels.”

    “Accepting a high instant return is always more advisable that gambling an unknown, of course he too it!” Baldwin rolled his eyes.

    “But he didn’t,” Diana smiled, “if the first room had silver and the second had gold and jewels, just imagine the riches beyond the third. At least, that’s what he told himself.”

    “Then he’s an idiot.”

    “No, he was greedy, even when his wife begged him to take it the gold he swore to her on his thick and manly moustache that the third door would be worth the risk and so he took it.”

    “What was in the room?” Baldwin asked, surprisingly involved in the tale.

    “No silver, no gold, no riches,” Diana sighed dramatically, “as soon as he crossed the threshold he was transformed into a bronze statue.”

    “See, I told you, never go for the unknown quantity. He’s an idiot!” Baldwin snorted in derision.

    “He was,” Diana admitted, “but that’s not what his people called him after that.”

    “What did they call him?” Philip asked with interest.

    “Ask your Uncle,” she smiled widely, teeing up her shot, “what would you call a prince who was forced to spend eternity as a copper coloured statue.”

    “The Bronze Buffoon?” He offered to giggles from the children.

    “Good suggestion but no, they called him,” she looked between the twins before fixing her brother with an unwavering stare, “the Copper Prince!”

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    Inspired by ‘TAKE A MOMENT 4 MIND’ virtual exhibition

    Edited/Orig. Dylan Don

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    𝐂𝐡𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐭 𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐜𝐮𝐬!

    Matthew Clairmont | Marcus Whitmore

    check out these gorgeous vampires at SKYTV Instastory today!

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  • Friday, October 2

    Matthew brings Diana to his lab where he’s doing research on creature blood, old and contemporary. The results show that creatures are failing and dying out and he’s trying to understand why. After hearing about what the test can reveal, Diana wants her blood tested, thinking she might finally get some answers: 

    “It seemed very simple to me. My blood could tell Matthew things I didn’t want to risk discovering haphazardly. I didn’t want to set fire to the furniture, or fly through the trees, or think a bad thought about someone only to have that person fall deathly ill two days later. Matthew might think giving blood was risky. To me it seemed safe as houses, all things considered.” 

    Matthew takes the blood himself, not trusting any other vampire to do it. Diana’s AB-negative and she was born August 13, 1976. Both things will be relevant later on.

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    ⭐️𝐌𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐰 𝐆𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐞⭐️ be still my heart

    a discovery of witches 𝟐

    original photo teresa palmer bad wolf tv

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  • Sky ha deciso di promuovere la seconda stagione di A Discovery Of Witches un pezzo alla volta -.-’



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    🖤 Matthew Clairmont

    *check out SKYTV Instastory

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  • Thursday, October 1

    Diana invites Matthew to dinner, using wolves feeding habits as a guideline for what to serve. They spend a nice evening getting to know one another. Matthew answers all Diana’s questions, including the one about his age, more than 1500 years. ““We didn’t keep track of birthdays back then. It’s tidier to pick the date of five hundred and be done with it.” He looked up at me, briefly, and returned his attention to the candles. “I was reborn a vampire in 537.”” 

    Matthew tells Diana what he thinks Ashmole 782 contains and why he has been looking for it since 1859, the same year he first read Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. She reveals that it is a  palimpsest where magic hides what is written on its pages. 

    The evening ends with a kiss on the cheek, Matthew returning it favor twice. 

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