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    23.04.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #lol those tags were real tho 😂 #I’ve been like waiting for may bc it feels like a turning point toward some things to look forward to #but now that it’s almost here I don’t feel ready 😭 #asked & answered #lulu tag 🐿 #life chats with lulu and eri!
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    23.04.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Fanfic Recs: Married

    Wow! You guys really want recs for when Harry and Ginny are married! I usually focus on stories where they are getting together because

    for me, but! Since there are so many requests, I’ve done my best to cobble together a list for you even though I may not be the best person to ask based on my reading tastes. Also, wow if you have read every single story of the authors I have rec’ed because even I have not yet (you must know more stories than me then!).

    All stories with * indicate that it’s a WIP.

    Married without Children

    I wish I had more of these – if others have recs, please send my way!

    gone was any trace of you by @annerbhp
    You’re probably all tired of me rec’ing this story, but hey, it’s one of my favorites and it fits the request!

    Ginny is injured in a Quidditch match by @floreatcastellumposts​

    I love a panicked Harry.

    If the Fates Allow by @thebiwholived

    In which our favorite married couple work through some of their trauma after the war.

    Snitches, Bubbles, and Pizza by little0bird

    A lovely slice of domestic bliss, where Harry takes care of an exhausted, busy Ginny. Made me melt a little inside.

    Acaronar by @gryffindormischief

    Ahhhh, such an adorable, sultry, warm and gooey delight of a story. It made me feel better on a bad day.

    Married with Young Children

    I aimed for very young, like not in Hogwarts yet young for this section.

    Strangers at Drakeshaugh by Northumbrian
    A fantastic Muggle outsider POV of our favorite married couple and their children. It’s not primarily focused on Harry/Ginny, but there’s adventure, there’s lots of interesting ways the Potters interact with and are perceived by these Muggles.
    The War Isn’t Over When the Soldiers Come Home by keepcalmsmile
    Another great Muggle outsider POV when Harry and Ginny are married. It’s the perspective of a new Muggle nanny, who surprisingly has more in common with the eccentric Potters than she first thinks. 

    Blackboards and Broomsticks* by @glisseowrites

    An absolute delightful professor!Harry story where, in this universe, he decides to become the DADA professor much sooner than we usually read about. The writing is truly amazing, bringing interesting OCs, seeing Harry transition into teaching, and spending more time with his burgeoning family. 

    Just Harry by @glisseowrites

    Ginny gets Harry an amazing birthday gift. The banter, the humor, the feels –this story hits such a lovely, soft spot.

    Coal by @floreatcastellumposts

    Two Christmases, a lifetime apart. For all the things we put Harry through, we always want to see him with the happiness he so very much deserves.

    quiddity by @gryffindormischief

    James Sirius is quiet, and it’s worrying Harry. Gryffie has a bunch of others and plenty of fluff in her work if you crave more!

    a collection of drabbles by @fightfortherightsofhouseelves

    There are some adorable dad!Harry stories in this collection, including chapters 14, 16, 19, and 21.

    How I Met Your Mum by NaruKoibito (me)

    Lily Luna wants to know.

    Married with Older Children

    Between Walls and Harvest Moons by @ellizablue
    During Albus’s third year in Cursed Child timeframe. It’s heavily focused on the Al’s disconnect with his parents. Ginny pays him a visit. There are heartbreaking moments of Harry angsting over his relationship with Al, but I have such a soft spot for Ginny & Al stories, and this one hit all of them.

    It’s Tea Time Series* by @ellizablue 

    If you’re looking for a multi-chaptered story, this is it! (Though you may have read it already.) It features some of my absolutely favorite married Hinny moments. The third part is much more focused on Next Gen than Harry/Ginny, but definitely worth reading. 

    Nostos by @thebiwholived

    I don’t even know how to describe this story, but it is so good! It has all the angst and feels and bits of fluff that both kept me going and tore me apart. It had me feeling all the Harry/Ginny feels.

    The Brain Has Corridors by pale_and_tragic

    Ouch, ouch, such a beautiful piece of how time passes, but Harry and Ginny remain haunted.

    There’s This Girl by @keeptheotherone

    A lovely, hilarious piece where Harry and James Sirius discuss witches.

    Unsettled Spaces by tosca

    Part I | Part II | Part III

    Crossover with Batman: Struggling with her place in a new world, Ginny finds solace in a particular case at work that takes her across the Atlantic and helps her examine her life. I actually never read crossovers, but this one certainly captured my attention! I like seeing Ginny in other careers aside from Quidditch and how her and Harry’s choices might cause rifts, and whether they can bridge the distance.

    And Every Day Is A Start by MagEd

    A story where an older Ginny still loves Harry but feels unhappy. Not a typical portrayal of Harry and Ginny, but I loved the realistic sense of a relationship that has grown with time, but is it a problem that things have become...routine? How does one keep the fiery passion in a long-lasting relationship? And is that what one really needs?


    Feel free to check out my other rec lists if you are so inclined!

    All-time Favorite recs

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    Muggle and Wizard/Witch recs

    Rivals to Lovers

    #fanfiction rec list #married#Harry Potter#Ginny Weasley#Harry/Ginny#hinny #fanfic rec request #i ended up with more recs than i expected #but also there are many i'm sure i haven't thought of or read #a mix of fluff and hurt/comfort and angst #hope you enjoy! #i'm going to focusing a bit more on writing when i can #so my recs may come at a slower pace
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    May 2003 PDX Portland Oregon U.S.A.

    © KOJI ARAKI Art Works

    Daily life and every small thing is the gate to the universe :)

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    #i see others leaving #one may not even come back #i know i know life moves on and stuff
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    I just wanted to share that I'm a Queen fan!! (just recently. haha!)

    Idk why JUST NOW?

    I'm obsessed with their music, their talent, their friendship! I just love them.

    They're so talented individuals and I just love each of them.

    I love Freddie! his voice, his enthusiasm and passion for music, his talent in song writing it's overflowing! he's everything! (RIP Freddie 😢)

    John Deacon, i love how he's the most silent in the group. He's a serious type of a man who's just focus in his bass guitar.

    Brian May, the lead guitarist and MY FAVORITE. He sounds so good, yeahhhh... And most of all, he's my fave coz he seems like a super nice, genuine, and calm person. I want to marry him. (joke)

    Roger Taylor, my crushhhhhh. He looks so so so so fineeee in his time (Well im not saying he's not now haha). He's a bad boy in drums but he's a comedian backstage. He also can sing. Galileo! Galileo!! Arghhh, i love it! (All of them can sing btw.. specially the choruses and the operas)

    I just can't get enough of them.

    My Top 5 songs of them

    1. Love of my life

    2. Don't stop me now

    3. Somebody to love

    4. Bohemian rhapsody

    5. Another one bites to dust

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    #my edits#tik tok#nerov#nero/v#dmc5 #devil may cry 5 #nero devil may cry 5 #v devil may cry 5 #dmc v#dmc nero#nero sparda #v devil may cry #devil may cry v #nero devil may cry #devil may cry nero
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    The whole "cup runs over" thing was misinformation.

    That's a mess.

    Coffee everywhere.

    #coffee#quotes #it may be a disaster but it's my disaster
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    23.04.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    thanks to @pendragaryen i was sent into kind of a reread of the 100 books and now im writing a canon divergence fic with bellamy being caught and punished in s1 for shooting jaha and then being locked up and clarke sneaking in to talk to him.

    #bellarke#bellarke fanfiction #not sure if anyone would read this actually #but thanks anne!!! #it may take me a moment to finish it #tho im 1000 words in #but it's a one shot so #anyway #HURT COMFORT BICHACHOS
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    Someone has probably come up with this theory, but since I haven't seen it yet... considering the following:

    The rejuvenator is called, well, the rejuvenator, and seems to have been part of the Aeorians' attempts to push the boundaries of what mortals could be

    It's dunamantic, and we know that dunamancy can magically extend lifespans (via consecution)

    We've already seen an Aeorian relic mess with Jester's lifespan

    Matt asked Travis to roll a d100, with a total of 59

    ...how likely do we reckon it is that Fjord just got 59 years added to his lifespan?

    (A dumber and less likely but intriguing additional theory: Fjord just got consecuted.)

    #considering that Fjord's lifespan is considerably shorter than most of the nein's? #i'd be very here for it #this may be a dumb theory please do pick holes #critical role#cr spoilers #critical role spoilers #fjord
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  • merethicera
    23.04.2021 - 16 minutes ago
    #all things considered if there ISN'T any concrete text about the subject of like. #the age at which people can venture out on their own #it may be a good thing. #im not sure i trust the tes writers to establish something like that #without also throwing in something weird. #Anon
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  • bintturaab
    23.04.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    It's been exactly 10 years now that I started to take my deen seriously and try to practice Islam as best as I can. Sometimes it feels unreal when I think about it SubhanAllah.

    It's been such a ride man. There were so many ups and downs, so many beautiful souls who came along during this period who taught me deen and showed me life from a different perspective, people who've inspired me in countless ways.

    The first couple of years were the absolute best years of my life despite the numerous hardships. And no matter what has become of life now and regardless of all the hurdles in my personal growth and journey, I feel so blessed to have found Islam, Alhamdulillah.

    This deen is the best thing to ever happen to me wallahi. It wasn't easy to stick to my principles, there were so many difficulties that felt never-ending, and yet, wallahi every second of it was worth it. There is nothing in this world that I would give up for imaan, nothing that I would exchange for the guidance to Islam.

    May Allah guide us to the truth and continue to guide us to accept and act according to it. May Allah grant us steadfastness upon His Path and grant us the patience to stick to it. May Allah use us in His Cause and never replace us. May our last breath be upon Islam and may our souls depart this world only when He عز وجل is pleased with it. Allahumma ameen.

    الحمد لله على نعمة الإسلام ♡

    #personal #2011-2013/14 were the absolute best years of my life wallahi even tho 2012 was MAD lol #makes me so nostalgic ya Salaaam #khayr.. may Allah grant me better times and better people #ameen #I can only hope for the best
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    #1st gen american what what #and theres a lot to unload here #i was depressed for a long time #but if 10yo me knew those things coping may have been easier #yeah#ask game#ask meme #thanks for interacting with me lol
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    when i finish my bbc application piece i'm posting it here coz u man need to experience my MIND 🤩

    #it's only 300 words but it's ✨eloquent✨ #i wrote about i may destroy you coz i'm still not over it #i watched it b4 the hype and i was worried that the whytez would let it flop
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  • thespiderwoman
    23.04.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    just saw the brilliant hot take on reddit that ser barris is as bad as fiona for... walking away after his superior punched a nun in the face?

    yeah, that sounds about the same as selling your brethren out to tevinter enslavement, right?

    #hmm. i may be awakening some old. terrible discourse i was blissfully unaware of but #just admit you hate the templars and are completely uninterested in seeing any portrayed sympathetically/reedemably lol #(except cullen bc he's ~different~ right)
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    #✉️.mailbox #THERES JUST SMTH ABOUT HIM #yea he may come across a bit of an ass #but like he’s GOT SMTH 👹👹👹👹
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    23.04.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    New challenge: Post your favorite Queen picture, I'll start off

    #queen#queen band#freddie mercury#brian may#roger taylor#john deacon#deaky#disco deaky#classic rock#70's #why is he so cute?!?!?!!?!?! #it's midnight and I am madly simping over this man rn #he is just perfect
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    gona write,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wana write,,,,,,,,,,,

    #nalas rambling again #what will i write tho???? #the world may never know
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  • freddiemercuryandqueen
    23.04.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    I found some rare audios of John Deacon singing that you might not have heard before, so I thought I'd share

    Enjoy this cute little bean 🥺💗

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