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  • Bishop’s Niece


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    She was Bishop’s niece, hanging out with a couple girls from high school at the local nightclub when Angel Reyes, Coco Cruz, and Gilly Lopez come walking in with smug grins as their eyes land on their favorite subject matters.

    Her curly hair falling over her shoulder, a glass in her hand of a bright green liquor. Her electric blue freshly manicured nails against the green liquor.

    “Oh shit! Look at you, all pretty and angry.” Angel calls as the group saunters towards them. The chuckling of the three stooges resonates behind her. The two girls she’s with start to cackle as they bikers get to them. Rolling her eyes, she turns on her barstool to face the bar. The three jocks all chuckle, finding seats at the bar and ordering drinks. The lights dance off their body glitter and Angel can’t help but notice that her body glitter was smoothed along her collarbone and neck, the light refracting off it.

    “You’re not old enough to be drinking, querida.” He hushes into her ear. Scoffing, she gives him a side glance.

    “Right, and you are.” She rolls her eyes and averts her eyes back to the drink she swirls in front of her.

    “No, but this is coke. What’s that?” He asks, pointing with a pinky to the drink her hand.

    “Green apple martini, no tequila.” She nips, her eyes never leaving the sparkling drink.

    “Aw c’mon baby. You didn’t come in here dressed like that to sit here.” He murmurs with a sexy smirk on his lips. She all but groans and turns slightly away from him. “If you don’t dance with me, I’m gonna make a scene.” He husks into her ear before he stands and offers her his hand.

    “Angel Reyes, dance with one of them, they’d literally die to dance with you.” She groans, shoving his hand away. Looking over her shoulder a moment later, she finds that he’s disappeared and she smugly grins to herself. Finally. She chuckles, taking a drink. Of course she thought Angel Reyes was the hottest guy in school, everyone did. But him hitting on her and making a spectacle of her was something she hated. He always chose her to dote on, to torture.

    “Miel!” Angel’s voice calls from the dance floor. With a shiver of embarrassment, her face heating. “Miiieeell!” He sing songs, his hands cupped around his mouth like a megaphone. “It’s my birthday!” He shouts.

    “No it’s not!” She replies without ever turning around.

    “But I still look good though!” He cheers, watching her shoulders shake a little as she chuckles.

    “Yeah, hot tamale!” She rolls her eyes and spins on her barstool to face him.

    “I bet you wanna dance with me!” He calls, beckoning her towards him with a smug look on his face.

    “I bet I don’t!”

    “I bet you won’t come out here!”

    “I bet I won’t!”

    “Aw come on I love you!” He yells, laughing.

    “No you don’t!” She cackles, slapping her knee.

    “You never know, I might!” He calls, watching as she doubles over from laughing.

    “What? Can’t dance? Don’t have rhythm?” He comes dancing towards her, shimmying his shoulders. Rolling her eyes, she bites her bottom lip to hide the smile when a stranger steps up to her.

    “You wanna dance?”

    “No thanks.” She chuckles, waving him off as Angel continues his antics.

    “You got a man? I don’t see him.” The stranger barks, trying to sound cool when she grabs her phone and spins around on the barstool to avoid the weirdo.

    “Babygirl, put that phone down let’s go.” Angel laughs, putting her phone into his pocket and dragging her to the dance floor. Bishop walks into the nightclub to find the younger crew and his eyes land on Reyes and his niece, Miel. They’d been going to a dance class together, as Bishop had insisted he pay for a dance class and made Angel go because he trusted him. Angel runs up to the DJ who nods to Angel’s hushed words. As he runs back, he grabs her arm and gives her that smile.

    “You ready, baby?” He murmurs, calling her by her pet name. He loved to dote on her, make her feel loved and put on a pedestal. Giving him her sweetest smile, he places a knee between her own as their song starts. Rolling her eyes, she giggles and Angel just grins. They were about to show the whole club a Hispanic dance and he was a little nervous.

    “Angel, what if I mess up?” She mutters against his neck, her fingers curled around the nape.

    “You won’t.” He promises, nodding to her. His I hand pressed into the small of her back, they start to move, swaying back and forth, their hips rolling together and apart like waves in the ocean. He swings her out, twirling her back against him. Twirling her back out, she taps her toes and sways her hips, her eyes never leaving her partner. As Angel spins her back against him, her back to his front. They swing their hips together in a few low circles, Angel’s hand flat against her tummy as they roll. Once fully straightened, he swings her out, her arm swinging open and then he twirls her fast back against him. Her hand once again on the back of his neck as they roll their bodies together.

    Bishop watches on, mad and mesmerized. He never thought Reyes would actually do the dance class, he figured he’d skip out.

    Angel swings her once more, her toes tapping, her hips swinging, as he slides across the open space between them. One big hand covers her abdomen and the other runs along the curve of her body starting at her thigh and moving upward. Tingles chase his butterfly touch as she raises an arm to extend his path. Intertwining their fingers, Bishop watches as they somehow magically twirl into their beginning stance, his knee between her thighs, their hips rolling together sensually as the song comes to an end Angel gives her a dip and her curls flow behind her. Bishop can’t help but clap slowly. He didn’t really know how to feel. On one hand, the dance was beautiful. On the other hand, his niece was getting handsy with Angel Reyes. And he was the last person he wanted his little preciosa with.

    Stalking forward, he grabs her hand and starts out of the club.

    “Wait, Uncle Obi, what’s wrong?” She cries, pulling her hand from his tight grip.

    “You and Reyes been practicing that dance a lot, pequeno?” He hisses, dragging her completely out of the club. She didn’t dare disrespect him in a public place but she was outraged.

    “You made me go, and you made him go with me!” She groans, waving a hand to the sweet boy who had followed them outside.

    “Okay, well. It’s over now. No more dance. No more Reyes. Go get on the bike.” He jabs a finger to the motorcycle at once.

    “Hey, baby! Your phone!” He shouts, running to her. Gripping her in a quick hug he hands her the cell phone before Bishop grabs Angel’s kutte and tosses him away.

    “Baby? Want to tell me what’s up with that?” Bishop nips, glaring at her.

    “It’s just a nickname, Bish—“ The grown older man swings on his prospect, his fist connecting with his cheekbone with a sick crack and blood pulls to the surface.

    “Jesus Uncle Obi! He didn’t do anything!”

    ”He spoke without being asked!”

    “He was just explaining to you!”

    “I asked you.” His voice was low and threatening, chewed through clenched jaw.

    “I’m sorry. Angel, are you okay?” She whispers to him. He only nods as he gets up, wobbling inside. She climbs on the bike without another word.

    Once they get to Bishop’s, she storms through the door and slams it in his face.

    “Miel!” He yells, grabbing her door handle before she slams that too.

    “What!” She screams back.

    “Where did the nickname come from?” He asks calmly.

    “Angel calls me that at school. Some guys were picking on me and Angel came up and called me baby to get ‘em away from me.” She snips, crossing her arms over her chest.

    “I see, so it’s just a nickname then?” He asks, sitting on the end of her bed and spinning a ring around his finger.

    “Yep. Angel could’ve told you that though. If you hadn’t fucking decked him.” She snarls, glaring at him sideways as she flops on the disc chair in the corner of the room. “You didn’t direct the question, by the way. He had every right to answer.”

    “Yeah, I know. I’m sorry I suck at this uncle-dad thing.”

    “It’s okay, uncle Obi. I know you’re trying. But you sent Angel with me, and we’re actually good friends. So what if we date? Would it be so bad? He got into a fist fight because a guy at school grabbed my butt.” She snorts, getting up and sitting next to her defeated and now quizzical uncle.

    “He did?”

    “Yep. He also hung some kid by his underwear on the flagpole when he snapped my thong.” She smiles, glancing at her uncle to find him smiling a little proudly.

    “Really.” He shakes his head as he chuckles. “Reyes really do that for you?” He asks, looking up from twisting his ring.

    “Si, he likes me, tio. And I like him. I just don’t want to tell him, ya know?” She asks as he pulls her into his side.

    “Yeah, your dad would be so much better at this stuff. He could match make and give the best advice.” He smiles, ruffling her curls.

    “Nah, you give the best advice, tio.” She giggles, hugging him and leaning them back to look at the painting Bishop paid Taza to do. He painted a beautiful sunset on her ceiling when she was a baby and she’d loved sunsets ever since.

    “Thank you, Miel.” He chuckles, resting his arms behind his head.

    “Do you think my dad would like Angel?” She asks as she mimics him, bumping his elbow with hers. He side eyes her as he raises a brow at her before looking back to the ceiling and taking a deep breath.

    “Si.” He nods, sitting up and heading for the door. “Miel? Te amo, pequena.” He nods, shutting the door and heading to the living room for a beer and a moment to himself.

    The next morning, Saturday morning, she heads to the yard early. Around seven-thirty to be exact. She had breakfast for Angel and Ez, ready to see Angel. Nerves suddenly wash over her as she hears Angel’s bike pull into the yard and shut off.

    “Angel!” She cheers, rushing to greet him. His eyes scan the yard for Bishop before he greets her with a warm hug.

    “He didn’t ream you too hard I hope.” He chuckles, sitting on the bench on the porch and snagging the bag from her hands and digging their sandwiches out. Her fingers dance over the bruise on his cheek. “It’s okay, baby.” He murmurs, patting her knee and handing her the warm sandwich.

    “I’m sorry Angel.” She whispers, leaning on his shoulder.

    “It’s okay. You okay?” He asks, patting her knee. Bishop creeps up, watching the two on the front porch. He watches on as Angel wraps one arm around her shoulders and hugs her before eating his sandwich. Every other second or so his eyes would flick to her and he’d smile so very slightly.

    “Hey Angel?” Bishop calls and Angel looks up. Fear fills him, but he stays put right next to her, hip to hip. His hand reaches across her lap and rests on her knee and he gives Bishop a dark look. “Be gentle, yeah?” He asks with a chuckle before disappearing.

    “You talked to him.” He chuckles, turning to face her and grabbing her face in his hands. Chuckling at the butter at the corner of her lips, he swipes it away with his thumb and leans close.

    “I love you, baby.” She whispers, letting him kiss her.

    “I love you too, thanks for talking to Bishop.” He smiles, gripping her in a warm hug against his chest.

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  • Coco Cruz x Reader

    Summary: Coco had an intense run with the Mayans and you greet him home with some delicious, homemade cookies, but it’s not the only thing Coco wants

    Warnings: Kissing, implied smut.

    Word count: Approx 650


    A/N: Hi loves! I hope you enjoy this little Coco drabble! This was a request from my lovely @megantje123​ 💕 I hope you enjoy some soft, sexy Coco 💖
    (Gif is my own)


    “Cariña, m’home.” Coco called through the house. There was no response, but something smelled delicious. Dropping his bag onto the floor, Coco lazily walked through the house, forgetting completely to take his boots off, but he didn’t care if he tracked dirt all over the floor, he wanted to see you more than anything. Coco had been wanting to hold you nearly from the moment he had left on his week long run and now he was home, exhausted and craving the warmth he could only find from you.

    Walking through the hallway, he smiled as he passed the little side table, noticing a couple of instant photos of you and Letty you must have taken while he was away. He’d have to frame them, he thought, but not before he would make you both take some with him too. As he walked by the living room, he saw some school work paraphernalia still left on the coffee table and he assumed Letty was probably still at school or with a friend since she hadn’t bowled him down in the hallway yet like she sometimes did.

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  • I just


    I get human sacrifice is like oooohh sexy and scandalous and - dare I say - spoopy, but I’m so sick of hearing documentaries like… RITUALISTIC HUMAN SACRIFICE, MURDER, AND TORTURE!!! OH MY GOD SKELEBONES!!! Like… guys. This was a sacred practice, like a high honor and revered. Can we stop with the WOAH HEY CRAZY gimmicky shit? It’s way over done at this point like… just show some basic respect. Was this an intense spiritual belief system unheard of today? Yes. Was this a tragic, evil homicide? No. Chill on the gotcha shit.

    #stevmarie#stevmarie speaking#mayans#maya #i’m watching a documentary #documentary #just some personal thoughts #i just dont like seeing ancient people made a mockery if #i mean we really dont give these people enough credit #nothing was revered more than human life #which was why sacrifice was so important #there was no greater gift you could give the gods #and a lot of people think this means the maya were careless murderers #but they werent. this was sacred to them #i dont have a doubt the archeologists hold a lot of respect for these people and their craft #and the documentary people are more concerned with making money by getting people to watch #idk... it just seems pretentious sometimes
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  • Angel’s Edition

    Characters: Miguel Galindo x black!reader

    Summary: Miguel calls the reader to come trim his beard.

    Warnings: Smut

    A/N: This is my first time writing for Miguel! I hope y’all enjoy. Angel’s edition is linked above and y’all let me know if you want me to do more Mayans. I wanna spread my wings a bit.


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  • Angel Reyes x Reader | Smut

    Summary: Angel teaches the girl he likes to ride his bike, but they both get too distracted by each other to hold back their feelings any longer

    Warnings: Pure smut, dirty talk, flirty Angel, semi public fingering, sex, light choking, slightly possessive Angel

    Word count: Approx 1200


    A/N: Hi my loves! This turned out a lot smuttier than I had intended 😅 please let me know if I didn’t get Angel’s character right as this is the first time I’ve written for him! Thank you @everyhowlmarksthedead for the request, I hope you enjoy it and it didn’t veer too far from what you requested! 💖 Also, thoughts on a possible part 2??


    Originally posted by juiceortiz


    Angel bit his lip as he slowly guided your hips down, his dark gaze fixed on you, your body meeting his as you sunk onto his length, a soft, drawn out moan leaving your parted lips at the tingling stretch. “C’mon, take all of it baby.” Angel grunted, throwing his head back as you slid all the way down his length until he was fully seated in you.

    “Ride me, make yourself feel good.” His words reached deep, his low voice sounding almost dangerous as he trailed his fingers over your soft skin, circling a nipple before Angel reached your lips, slipping his thumb between them.

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  • A little update

    So pretty much all of my current stories are on hold. I’m finding it hard to get back into the groove of them currently. I am working on some new ideas though!

    So I’m sorry, I really am, but right now I feel I wouldn’t be putting out quality content for those characters and stories if I forced myself to write for them.

    Thank you for understanding.

    Love y’all


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  • A/N: So this is a little OOC for Coco, but I honestly just went with the song. I feel like it gives it more drama this way. But at the same time, seeing what he did to his own mother, I could see him behaving like this (especially with what happened to him at the end of Season 2). And I swear that I don’t write this kinda stuff all the time even though it may seem like it.

    Warnings: Angst. Drama. Toxicity, Language for sure. Degrading. Violence. POSSIBLE SPOILERS.

    Inspired by this song~


    Originally posted by fromthesixteenthfloor

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  • here’s a sneak peak of something new I’m working on; 

    Closing Mikey’s study door, the room is dark, a single lamp on his desk highlights his troubled thoughts. Dark circles frame his eyes and highlight his gaunt cheeks, his temples grayer than usual. 

    I stand in front of his desk, my hands clasped behind my back, waiting.

    “I need you to go to Boston for me” He says, his eyes meeting mine, a different conversation taking place “Claire is in Boston General and she will need some assistance” he flitches with the last part. 

    He hands me a file from his desk, I reach for it, and he holds it a moment longer “I need her to be okay” he tells me, his eyes red rimmed. 

    “It will be okay Mikey” I tell him, but inside I am not so sure.

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    Angel Reyes x Reader


    Word Count: 1705k

    Language: Smut, mention of blow-job, language, SMUT



    Y/N leaned dangerously lower finding herself eye level with none other than Angel and the guys. She smirked; “You have five minutes to meet me in the storage closet Angel Reyes or I’m starting without you.” Y/N whispered licking the shell of his ear seductively. “And I don’t like waiting…” 

    Her converse shoes squeaked ever so slightly against the wood floors beneath them as he ogled her ass swaying farther from his reach. Her form fitting shirt was leaving little to his active imagination. Her denim cutoffs taunted him with the simple sway of her luscious hips. She was a fucking deity and Y/N knew he was eating out of the palm of her enticing hand.

    Under his breath, Angel finally exhaled the compressed air lodged in his chest; “Fuck.” Popping the ‘k’ overtly. It wasn’t until Coco coughed attempting to clear away any residual sexual tension that Angel peeled his stare from Y/N looking around the table innocently.

    “Yo, I say this with mad love but if you don’t leave this table to fuck her, I will homie.” Gilly and Riz laughed wholeheartedly alongside Coco. The fire in Angel’s orbs blared to life, anger gripping ahold of him. His fist clenched ripping one of his cards clean down the middle trying to refocus his pent-up frustration.

    “I’d watch that mouth of yours, man. Anyone who dares to touch Y/N nonetheless solicit my girl will definitely be meeting me in the fucking ring. Got it, hermano?”

    Coco cheeks blushingly glowed chuckling at his best friend. They were in the middle of a poker game and Y/N knew to not bother him during these times. But, looks like Y/N didn’t want to play fair tonight and he’d have to remind of the rules. Angel licked his wet lips as saliva pooled within him.  

    “I only do it because you’re so easy to get a reaction out of…probably why Y/N loves seeing that pissed look on your face. Bitch knows how to play the damn game; I’ll give her that.”

    He threw his cards down to the table signaling his defeat; “Boys, I gotta girl that needs tendin to. Don’t come searching for us.” Angel raised his left eyebrow wiggling it to the best of his ability. His boots scuttled as the chair legs screeched backwards. Angel leisurely rose from his seat chugging the rest of his whiskey. The liquor was bitter, malty, and burned in all the right places. With his nerves afire and his belly ablaze, Angel sought out the one thing that could calm and simultaneously bait him.

    The rumblings of his brothers didn’t jog past him as he walked towards the empty storage room. The soft voice of Gilly made its way to him; “Fucking Reyes and Y/N. How the hell did he score her again?” Coco chimed in; “Cabrón con suerte.”

    Ez watched from the bar top inspecting his brother’s hungry glare scouring the room for Y/N. To say he was jealous wouldn’t be his choice of words but there was something about his best friend and brother boning that provided a weird energy of comfort.  

    “Avert your gaze, Prospect. That’s an order.” Angel raised his hand saluting him breaking into a fit of laughter. Ez merely nodded focusing his attention back to demeaning cleaning chores and collecting miscellaneous bottles. The older Reyes walked through the door in search of the hidden room approaching on his left. He so enjoyed these games especially when it included Y/N.

    “Oh sweetheart, where ya hiding? Papi is getting impatient.” His questioning tone vibrated off the bare walls as Angel observed the nooks and crannies surrounding him.

    “Querida, you’re being a damn tease…”

    Out of the blue, Angel heard the teasing tone of his girlfriend; “Marco….”

    “So, you want to play games, Y/N? Bring it on darling. Polo.”

    His ears perked up as his arm hairs stood straight looking for identifiable clues. Angel whipped around hearing a broom clash against the cold concrete. Y/N shuffled covering her mouth in hopes of keeping her laughs muffled. Her heart was practically beating outside of her rib cage as his signature cologne invaded her nostrils. Ever so quietly, Angel instinctively sauntered obscenely silent towards a corner of the abandoned room.

    Angel was swift on his feet jumping around the corner scaring the living shit out of Y/N; “Gotcha!”

    Y/N jumped as Angel watched her eyes bulge in momentary fear; “Shit, Angel! Well, looks like you found me. Now time to claim your prize?”

    “Don’t have to tell me twice, baby.” Angel’s grip on her smooth hips tightened gluing her between the wall and his frame. Y/N huffed pressing her breasts firmly against him in retaliation.

    “Well now that I’ve got you exactly where I want you…what are you gonna do with me?” Angel nipped at her exposed cleavage moaning loudly.

    “Jesus Angel. You’re driving me crazy.” With little vigor, Y/N’s hands shoved him giving her a sliver of distance. Grabbing by the collar of his pristine shirt, she pressed him into her former place. Immediately, Y/N reached for the bulky belt buckle currently blockading her path, pulling hard admiring it slipped through the loops. She kept one hand securely on his chest as the other dropped the offensive item to the ground.

    “You’ve been very naughty Angel. I’m here to deliver your penance.” Her flirtatious manner was beginning to get the best of her, her patience was truly being tested. She sunk down to her knees staring up at his bashful brown eyes and quivering Adam’s apple. Contemplating every sinful thought riddling his thoughts Angel tried to find the words garbled in his throat. 

    Her hands moved faster than his brain undoing the button of his jeans before Angel was graced with the delicious sound of a zipper lowering. A minor tug of his pants revealed his striped boxers as Y/N slipped beneath the pesky layer. Her doe eyes gawked towards him in a demanding yet submissive approach.

    “Looks like you’re in for a treat, Reyes…Of course if you’re not interested, I bet I could find—”

    “No more fucking around baby.” Y/N bobbed in innocent agreement; “As you wish.”

    She enveloped his hard cock stroking him the entire length, squeezing just enough at the tip as a groan slipped from him. “I can’t wait to taste you. I’ve missed you.”

    Y/N continued her perfected movements fondling his dick faster causing his breath to hitch.

    “Damnit, baby! What’re you doin—?”

    Before he could finish his sentence, Angel was engulfed in her heat, the warmth of her flawless mouth. Y/N sucked harder compelling Angel’s head knocking the white wall holding him.

    “You are too good at that. Too fucking good.”

    Drool oozed from the corner of her salacious mouth as Y/N hummed forcing the vibrations to take Angel to the next level of pleasure. She sucked him off like her life depended on it. He was a half second away from losing it when she deep throated him to her limit. The suction noise was enough to turn him on enormously, but watching his girl go full force was about to make him lose his load. Pre-cum leaked down her chin before Y/N made quick work of licking it away, tidying up her mess.

    She proceeded to remove herself, popping her lips loudly in effect; “Mm hmm, two minutes and you’re a goner.”

    Angel was stunned into submission at the attractive girl on her knees and it turned him on to no surmountable end. He guided her back to where he craved her most cleverly placing his hand on the back of her head. He hated controlling her mannerisms but strictly stayed in place for future guidance. Angel added the smallest of pressure as more of his length guided down her throat. So warm and welcoming, Angel had to think of literally anything else to stop himself from cumming. The lustful look, her hands locked behind his buttocks, it was all too much for a simple Mayan to take in.

    “Ahh, ahh shit. If you get doin that, I’m gonna explode.”

    So, Y/N kicked into overdrive taking him as deep as her body would allow. She loved watching his eyes roll into the back of his head and the part of his lips waiting to cry out. So close, Y/N knew he was teetering on the edge of a mind-blowing orgasm so she initiated into full force.

    The squelching noises coming from Y/N sent Angel overboard. Y/N sloppily slurped vying with every energetic thrust. The ache within him involuntarily released driving Angel to cum ferociously into Y/N’s sweet, hot mouth. Ribbons of cum filtrated the back of her throat welcomingly.

    ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck’ was the only explicit word in Angel’s mind as lustful chaos stormed throughout his body. Hot cum simmered down her throat as she so freely swallowed every gulp with dignified pleasure. She moaned around his length allowing his orgasm to linger. Angel lovingly held her in place as she sucked every last drop from the tip of his cock.

    “God damn. God damn woman.”

    Y/N’s fingers edged along the corners making sure to clean up any remnants remaining surveying Angel candidly. Y/N removed herself from the floor tucking him gently back into the folds of his boxers as his body turned to gelatin.

    “You taste sweet. A hint of strawberry and pineapple?” Her devious tone enticed him wanting to bend her over and make her scream. But they’d been preoccupied for longer than anticipated. Angel knew he couldn’t fuck her quite yet but the night was young and the devilish grin on Y/N’s face told him he was in for a night of fucking and love making.

    “Babe, that was fucking mind-blowing.” Angel cupped her cheeks kissing her excitedly. His cock twitched wishing to be buried inside Y/N but he knew better.

    “Damnit, one hour and we’re out of here. Got it?”

    “You don’t have to tell me twice, Reyes. I’m in dire need of an orgasm or two especially with my sexy as fuck Mayan to ride reverse cowgirl.”

    “You have to idea what you’re askin for….”

    Winking in Angel’s direction, Y/N knew precisely what she desired; “One hour or I’m starting without you.”


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  • Nightmare

    Request from Anon: I’ve been suffering really bad dreams and nightmares that are leaving me shaken the next day and all. And basically, I would really like and appreciate Ezekiel comfort post these dreams. He doesn’t know what the dreams are, so possibly he feels angry and sad on behalf of the s/o when she reveals the truth. The dream topic is quite triggering (bluntly, it’s sexual assault).

    If I keep tagging you and you’re not interested or you’d like to be tagged; please let me know!



    • Eres mia y yo soy tuya –  You are mine & I am yours.
    • Siempre.Yo también mi amor. Yo también. –  Always, me too my love. Me too.

    Ezekiel Reyes (Ez) x Reader

    Word Count:

    Warnings: TRIGGERING TOPIC, extensive mention of sexual assault, language, angst, mention of self-hatred. PLEASE don’t read any further if this is upsetting in any manner or form to you!!




    It was always the same nightmare, the same abandoned alleyway, and the exact same strange man following her for the last ten minutes. She’d just left Lettie’s surprise birthday. Nothing could’ve wiped the smile off her face that day, unbeknownst to Y/N. Her heart accelerated uncertain of what to do next as her feet sprinted a second faster. Her skin tinged with heat; her eyes dilated in trepidation. She remembered that disturbing night like the back of her hand, never forgetting a spare detail. Nausea trounced through Y/N as she turned the next street corner.

    Her vision soon blurred into shapeless blobs the nearer Y/N traveled home but the pitter patter of blatant footsteps haunted her. It was the world’s fucked adaptation of Groundhog’s Day dooming Y/N to repeat her horrid deliriums. Of course, details change a time or two but never enough to ease her panicked heart. Her own screams troubled her subconscious. 

    With her body aching for rest and her mind preoccupied elsewhere, Y/N begged for one peaceful night of sleep. But when her eyelids shut, another tale came to life lurking beneath the shadows. She never knew his name; the asshole who so vehemently manhandled her in a very public and humiliating tactic.

    Her purple nails slashed ferociously at his skin imprinting shallow cuts against his shaggy suntanned skin. His grotesquely bulky hand gripped her neck temporarily blocking her airways, lifting Y/N momentary levitating. Fuck, fuck, fuck, Nooo. Rapid sobs clawed at her throat in a forceful manner. She gawked in horror as he devoured her every inch by creepy inch. 

    A predator claiming his kill.  She’d loathed the sickening grin playing on his edge of his lips until he smashed the back of her head against the red-bricked wall.  An unwillingly imprint stamped in her disturbing memory.

    This time her vision embarked into dusky darkness similar to that of a curtain collapsing. Black spots prickled her advantageous points of her sight. Goosebumps trickled down her arms in response to the howling wind hitching her dress dangerously high. His callused fingers rubbed harshly stroking the outside of her lace underwear. Once the shock deteriorated, Y/N glowered blankly at the devilish black irises. A burst of energy tingled the tip of her fingers migrating within her muscles and bones protesting a final shout of defiance. Her ears resonated tortuously, her voice reverberated from her windpipe, and her knee left the ground in haste connecting perfectly with his groin.

    “Ooof, you fuck—ing bitch.” The man coughed violently falling to the paved cement.

    She planted her hands trivially atop his chest pushing with every ounce of strength thrusting him away from her.

    Y/N gritted in pure fury. “Fucking asshole!”

    Without a second glance Y/N ran, she sprinted until approaching Lindo’s ice cream parlor two three away. She’d never been so thankful for high school cross country in her entire life. Replaying her phone call to Ez overwhelmed her countless times a day, listening to the spooked man on the other end. The only man she’d grown to trust since the incident. It was also a call Ez couldn’t erase from his head listening to the dead tone. Never in a million years did Ez conjure hearing her disconnected tone. He found her easily enough sitting on the plastic chair near the window.

    Her back hunched sitting far from human contact. Still, the moonlight reflected off her in the most radiant of ways. Effortlessly magnificent. The bell hummed as the door closed behind Ez. Y/N didn’t look up until two brown boots met her penetrating stare. The rest was history. Ezekiel was more committed and in love with her than ever. He placed a kiss on her forehead resting his chin on her head. There was no hiding the flinching shudder that overtook her before Y/N leaned into his touch.; calming and familiar. He brought her into his tattooed arms, his comforting fingers ran along her spine. He’d never hated silence so much than in that very moment.


    Ez awoke from his slumber when Y/N started to mumble incoherently, her body whipped back and forth riddled with unreleased anxiety. Perspiration glistened along her exposed skin falling into droplets on their indigo/cobalt sheets. Her eyeballs bounced around her shut lids further worrying Ez. His left hand gently shook her arm hoping to stir, to throw him a damn sign, anything to know she was okay. Her nightmares were becoming a nightly occurrence. Just like lightening, Y/N bolted up chest heaving for fresh air. Her eyes scanned their room grasping she was home, with Ez. She whimpered burying her face into his neck. Wet streaks shot down his neck as tears specked her cheeks.

    “Baby, Y/N; can you hear me?”

    Y/N continued to glare straight refusing to glance at the angel by her side. Her room shifted into familiarity exhaling boisterously. Blood pressure returned to normal levels allowing her a moment of vital clarity.

    A meek ‘Yes’ stumbled from her quiet lips.

    “What’s wrong, Y/N? What’s eating at you baby girl?”

    To this day, Y/N never mentioned what happened that night, the assault. Whether it was shame or humility, Y/N was still working through the motions. Past experiences taught her to maintain an open heart to healing but the impenetrable wall inside stopped her. obviously so, he knew something was up when he picked her up, but he never asked any questions. Shortly after they became lovers, their friendship strengthened far greater than either prepared for.

    Soon, they became inseparable entangled in each other’s lives, and they were simply happy. Y/N was a hard book to crack, keeping her emotions in check, embracing rational thinking for any and all decisions. She was the only other woman to beat his GPA, challenge his testimonies, and explode into contagious laughter at the drop of a hat. Falling in love with Y/N was the easiest decision Ez made in the last ten years.

    “I’m here. I’m here” chanted repeatedly, a whisper in the calm of night.

    “Almost a year and a half ago…. I—” Y/N shuttered as her courage began to waver.

    Ez cupped her face bringing them to eye level. His amber orbs calmed her, oozing protection and unconditional love.

    “Go on…or well, don’t? The choice is completely yours.” Internally, his blood boiled with concern. Y/N was the bravest girl he’d ever encountered, it wasn’t like her to stay hush hush. Ezekiel swore he’d kill whoever scared the living shit out of her, to the bastard who rattled her bones. And, he definitely wasn’t a man to fall back on his promises.

    Y/N’s rolled her eyes at his cuteness, Ez was the ying to her to yang. She’d never trusted someone the way she treated Ezekiel.

    “I was aa-a-attacked. After Lettie’s 18th bday.”

    Ez ripped the sheet from his body standing up, quickly pacing. How the fuck did he let this happen? Why hadn’t she opened up to him earlier? Question after question poked at his fragile ego breaking him all the while enraging him. Y/N scooted to his side engulfing into his fading heat. She remained quiet sulking in the suffocating silence of the room. Ezekiel stayed speechless.

    “Don’t blame yourself, E.” Y/N quipped. “I know that look Ezekiel Reyes…” a hint of a smirk came out of the darkness.

    “Blame myself? Of course, I do! I’m fucking furious!” His voice broke into heart shredding quakes; “I wasn’t there to protect you. The one thing I promised to fucking do. I’m so sorry, so sorry querida.”

    “He didn’t—he almost raped me but didn’t. I kicked him in the balls and he dropped. If it hadn’t been for those few additional seconds, I’d be a goner. And that’s terrifying.”

    Ez sat on the mattress, his knees brushing hers, his hand guided to the outskirts of her thigh squeezing lightly.

    “If anything were to happen to you…I—I refuse to think about a life that doesn’t involve you. That fucking prick had the audacity to disrespect the Mayans unknowing of his repercussions. Did you recognize him? Any distinguishing features?”

    “Not really… Caucasian with hideous gelled tips? Breath reeked of barbecue and he smelt of pleather and whiskey. Hideous snake tattoo draped on his forearm. He followed me from the restaurant. He was watching, waiting to get me alone. I’m just …dealing with it. Finally getting around to the processing bit and it’s scary. This shit’s complicated and I didn’t want you think I was this weakling. So, I buried it so deep within me that it’s beginning to eat away at me edging closer to the surface.”

    Ez leaned in finding her lips with ease kissing her with fervor. They stayed like that a few kisses longer before faintly parting. The space between them was minimal but enough to be grateful for.

    “You are the opposite of weak. In fact, you’re the most determined and brilliant person I’ve ever laid eyes on. There is only one Y/N for me and I will stand diligently alongside her for as long as she’ll have me.”

    “I love you, Reyes. Eres mia y yo soy tuya. Siempre.”

    “Yo también mi amor. Yo también”

    Ez and Y/N understood the difficult road ahead of them, Y/N’s agonizing memories, but he was proud of her. Proud of the woman who took a stand and fought like hell, choosing to share the comfortable pieces of her past life.

    Her tone excluded downhearted sadness; “I’m sorry for coming in and fucking up your life.”

    “Stop that. Stop right there. Goodness can be found sometimes in the middle of hell.”

    Discreet snores told Ez she’d long fallen asleep. He laid them down holding her determinedly. Y/N cuddled into his warmth nuzzling his shoulder sheepishly sighing. His mahogany eyes grew heavy joining Y/N in a serene slumber. The crickets chirped at the summer’s heat worshiping the moon. The fire blazing in her dark and injured heart seemingly glowed around them like a moth a flame. To be alive at all is to have scars. But to love openly regardless of said scars; now that, that was life’s truest miracle.


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  • Welcome, Little Man.

    Pairing: Angel Reyes x OC (Valeria Estrada)

    Word count: ~1.2K

    Warning: sweet daddy Angel 🥺 and angry pregnant wife

    Enjoy xx


    Originally posted by mayans-mc

    A groan escaped Val’s lips as she was trying to relax on the couch but none of the positioned she moved to help. Angel was in the garage, working on his bike since he wasn’t on the run with the Mayans. Bishop had said they needed him, going down to Mexico to deal with some business but Angel explained his wife was due any day.

    He wasn’t going to miss the birth of his first born. Angel had been staying home with Val for the past week and only leaving when he didn’t want to cook. He had Val on the phone with him the entire time he was gone to make sure she wasn’t or hasn’t gone into labor.

    Valeria groaned louder as she was just beyond uncomfortable. She was upset she didn’t have any female friends that have had children to tell her how miserable her last few weeks of pregnancy was. Right now in this moment, she wanted nothing but her son out of her.

    “Val? Baby? You okay in here?” Angel called out as he was wiping the grease and oil from his hands. He was in his black tank top and jeans as he looked over at his wife who was trying to lay on the couch.

    “Absolutely fucking not. I want him out now.” Valeria glared at her husband. He raised a brow and looked at her very large and swollen belly before heading to quickly wash his hands.

    “I wanna meet him as much as you-”

    “I’m always tired! I’m always exhausted! I always have to pee because he decides to use my bladder as a wrestling partner. I can’t do this, Angel. Please.. let’s just go to the hospital so I can get induced…” Val said as she gave Angel a look. She was over this pregnancy which caused Angel to chuckle and kneel at the edge of the couch to rub and kiss her stomach.

    “Mijo, listen up. Mami is serving you with an eviction notice. You have 2 days to leave or-”

    “Two day?! Angel, he’s got two hours before I march down to that hospital.” Valeria glared down at her husband as another groan escaped her lips as she felt a sharp kick towards her bladder.

    “Calm down, hermosa. He’s just as excited to meet us as we are to meet him.” Angel explained as he place kisses against her stomach to try to calm their child.

    Val didn’t leave the couch besides to get up to pee a few times. Angel did all the house work and all the cooking. They sat on the couch eating dinner and watching TV when Val began to move and squirm uncomfortably. Angel watched, attentively as Val placed her plate on the small coffee table.

    “You okay? Val?” Angel set his dinner down beside her place and turned towards her. She was holding her stomach and groaning as she turned to look at Angel.

    “I can’t do this, Angel. We are going to the hospital right now.” Val demanded as she did her best to stand. Angel got up and helped her as she waddled her way to the truck. Angel shut the TV off, made sure all the lights in the house were turned off before heading to the truck to take Val to the hospital.

    Between red lights on their way to the hospital, Angel would send texts out: to his father, his brother, and sending texts to the entire MC. He explained that Val’s water hasn’t broken and she hasn’t gone into labor but they were going to the hospital anyways to get induced. Coco had sent back a text calling him pussy whipped but congratulated him.

    Once Val and Angel had a room and her water was broken, Val began to experience the pain of labor. She wanted to go as long as she could without an epidural but it didn’t last long. Val wasn’t one for pain and she hoped she would be able to handle it but it wasn’t for long.

    Angel was getting anxious. He had read a few pregnancy and birthing books and read about things that could go wrong. And he worried something would happen and would lose Val, the baby or even both. He let out a sigh and pushed the anxious to the side as he moved to Val’s side.

    “We’re gonna be parents soon, Val. He’ll be here soon. He’ll get all the kisses and hugs from us and all his Tios from the MC.” Angel explained to his wife as she was falling apart.

    “I want him out now, Angel. These contractions are getting closer together… so that’s a good sign…” Val said hoarsely. She was in pain and she couldn’t wait for the baby to be out.

    It felt like days before Val was told to start pushing. The grip she had on Angel’s hand made him yelp out in pain some. He kept encouraging her, kept telling her she was there and when the doctor said they could see the head, Angel was encouraging her more and more.

    “One more push, Val. Just one more. C’mon you got this baby!” Angel encouraged his wife as she pushed again. The crying of their son was heard and Angel’s eyes were instantly filled with tears. He turned to look at the tiny baby in the doctor’s hands. Valeria looked over at Angel to see the tears as he went to cut the umbilical cord. Once the little boy was quickly cleaned up, he was placed on Valeria’s chest.

    “It’s got a full head of hair! My man!” Angel laughed as he looked at the dark hair that laid on the baby’s head.

    “Our son.. our baby boy…” Val whispered as she rubbed the back of the sleeping infant. Angel smiled brightly as he took a picture of Val with the baby boy on her chest.

    “Man, wait until Coco sees this picture…” Angel said as he sent the picture to the group chat with the Mayans. Val shook her head as she looked between Angel and their son.

    “We.. we never thought up a name.” Valeria said softly as she looked at her husband. She was right, they never thought of names. They were busy with parenting classes, reading up on babies and Angel was busy with the club. Angel smirked as he sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed the baby’s back.

    “Angel Ignacio Reyes Jr.” Angel said proudly as Val rolled her eyes. Angel laughed and watched her. “What’s your idea, hermosa?” Angel asked as he gently and carefully grabbed his son to hold him against his chest.

    “Sebastián. Sebastián Angel Reyes.” Valeria smiled over at Angel who has the largest smile over his lips.

    “Sebastián. I like it. Welcome to the world, little man. I’m your papi Angel and that’s your mami, Valeria.” Angel told the infant as he made a small noise. Angel chuckled and gently rubbed his back and walked slowly around the room.

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  • Mayan Ruins in Guatemala Could Become a U.S.-Funded Tourist Attraction

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  • image

    Originally posted by pantherclawz

    Warnings: Depression, My bad writing & Spanish, Angel being a sweetheart

    Starting on my Requests now hope ya’ll enjoy this… <3

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    #angel reyes #angel reyes x reader #mayans mc fanfic #mayans mc #my bad writing #fanfics#x reader#imagine #angel reyes imagine #requests open#mayans#mayans fanfic #mayans mc imagine #angelxshiba#<3#fluffy#fluff#love#couple#relationship #angel reyes mayans mc #like#follow#comment#♥
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  • A/N: This is a part three! Go check out my masterlist for the first two parts! I couldn’t resist throwing the boys in there for a bit of teasing.

    Warnings: Teasing


    Originally posted by pantherclawz

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  • mayans mc headcanon | living with coco + letty


    Originally posted by shadesalvarez

    mayans e7 was so cute with coco and letty! could i request a hc of living with them? like reader is coco’s girlfriend and letty sees her as a mother figure☺️btw i love your writing so much

    - coco had promised that the minute he got a bigger place, you and letty would be moving in with him. he needed those he loved and cared for under a singular roof. it needed to be a safe space to de-stress about the day and forget about what made it stressful

    - when it came time for that move, coco got letty out of that horrendous apartment his mother had her living in, and got you to pack your things up from where you were living and into a quiet little house at the edge of town.

    - coco had spent weeks looking into the area, even going as far as plotting out how far it would be from your workplace, letty’s new school and the clubhouse. everything had to work out perfectly, otherwise he wasn’t taking it

    - the first couple of weeks were difficult, as it was normal when it came to adjusting to a new area and house. there were routines to learn, ground rules to be set, and schedules to adhere to. but coco was willing to make it work for the sake of having his family close by.

    - there is some major adjusting for both you and coco, as having a head-strong teenage girl running through the house was something complete foreign to you both and you had to deal with letty’s occasional attitude that made you laugh every time she got angry cause you knew exactly where she got it from.

    - more times than not, coco always walked in during a girl-to-girl conversation were letty was getting some type of advice or running something by you to get your opinion. he was more than grateful that he had you as someone who letty trusted to talk about her issues with. 

    - sometimes arguments would ensue, but over petty things like who’s turn it was to do the dishes, go to the grocery, clean around the house. this led to you and letty claiming a bathroom for your own and exiling coco to the other as too many times you fought over who was gonna have to clean the bathroom he used frequently.

    - coco tries to do more family things, or at least brings up fun things the three of you can do together. if no one is busy, meaning coco doesn’t have club business to attend to, friday nights are usually movie and pizza night. coco still goes to the redbox and rents movies from them. letty calls him old and makes a joke about him having a blockbuster membership. it’s still on his key ring.

    - sometimes, coco will just make a suggestion about making a day trip somewhere and just making a day out of it. he usually tries to get the two of you to eat at different places you’ve never eaten before. and is that parent that really likes the penny collection stampers and carries change around just so he can do that.

    - also, coco tries his best to be home so y’all can have a nice family meal together. even if it’s a bunch of street tacos he picked up on the way home. rarely does he cook anything that’s not already pre-made. but if you cook, he’s not opposed to having a good meal. sometimes he might go out and buy a nice pre-made meal from somewhere just to have something nice, and that’s not cereal.

    - more times then not, the three of you find yourselves in the garage, working on a car or bike, or just sitting on the porch and enjoying some time together. it’s moments like these where no one really needs to speak and you all just enjoy each others presence.

    - if coco is gone on a run, letty typically sleeps with you. she can’t always sleep without the comfort of knowing her dad is gone, so she will drag her pillows and blanket into your room so the two of you can get somewhat of a decent sleep for however long coco is gone. this was found completely by accident by you haven’t bothered to bring it up and neither has letty, so you just leave it.

    - when coco does return home, it’s just some nice dinner and some relaxing family time. it’s odd for coco to say that but he’s perfectly fine with just cuddling on the couch with his two favorite girls.

    #mayans#mayans fx#mayans mc #mayans mc fx #mayans imagine #mayans x reader #mayans headcanon #mayans mc imagine #mayans mc x reader #mayans mc headcanon #coco cruz #coco cruz x reader #coco cruz headcanons #letty cruz #letty cruz x reader #letty cruz headcanons #johnny cruz#leticia cruz#twistnet #twistnet works 2020 #twisty writes#twisty 2020
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  • mayans mc headcanons | vegetarian/vegan so

    hey i love you and your blog sm! i was wondering if you could go a headcanon of if the mayans so is a vegetarian or vegan. and even though they eat differently they still go out of their way to cook food with meat in it for the mayans? | anon

    - personally, i feel any mayan of choice would be supportive of your eating choice. 

    - for some like ez, taza, bishop, and riz, they would be the ones to question why you’ve chosen to change your eating. was it for environment? health? overall caring for the world and it’s animals? they would want to know the story or reasoning behind it

    - more so if their so is vegan, how far does that go? do you just consider yourself plant-based (i.e. you eat vegan but still buy/wear leather, use personal care products that use animal by products, etc) or are you fully vegan in not only food but lifestyle as well?

    - as for angel, coco, gilly, tranq and creeper, there might be some teasing. mainly in the aspect that all you eat are salads and tease you in a case of being extra when they eat meat around you.

    - as stated in the request, the mayan of your choice wouldn’t have a problem more so with your way of eating, so long as it wasn’t forced on them. that’s not to say they wouldn’t want to try your alternative of the dinner you are cooking or what you order from a restaurant. now, i do see angel, coco, bishop, gilly, and creeper, being fine with eating your alternative so long as it tastes like what they were use to 

    - speaking of which, they would make sure you are included in all meal choices. like if there’s a club party, there are options for you to eat. also, if they are looking to go out and get food, whether takeout or drive thru, they make sure to pick a place that caters to your way of eating. more so, even going as far to insure that if there is a family event, there is also food for you to eat.

    - there might be so frustration in the beginning, as making sure that something your eating doesn’t contain a animal by product that you avoid. like if you are vegetarian, making sure the cheese is actually vegetarian and not made with animal rennet or making sure something isn’t secretly brushed with butter if your are vegan. but after a while, things like this become second-nature and it is something they always check for.

    - also, gilly, riz, taza, tranq, bishop and ez would be the ones to find new places for you to eat at. something new just opened and they sell vegetarian/vegan food? great, that’s where date night is next. coco, angel and creeper would also do the same but not so much, as they will bring it up and let you look through the menu to see if it is going to be something you would like and then go from there.

    #mayans mc #mayans mc fx #mayans#mayans fx #mayans mc x reader #mayans mc imagine #mayans mc headcanons #mayans x reader #mayans imagine#mayans headcanons#angel reyes #angel reyes headcanons #coco cruz #coco cruz headcanons #bishop losa #bishop losa headcanons #gilly lopez #gilly lopez headcanons #creeper vargas #creeper vargas headcanon #tranq loza #tranq loza headcanons #riz ariza #riz ariza headcanons #taza romero #taza romero headcanons #female!reader #twistnet #twistnet works 2020 #twisty 2020
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  • A/N: This is just a cute fluffy short one that was inspired by GA.

    Warnings: Fluff? There isn’t much.


    Originally posted by mayans-mc

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  • “The Biker and the Baker”

    AN: Sup babes, this is a drabble? Fic? Thing about a baker moving into a shop next to felipes butchery, and ez goes all heart eyes at her the minute he sees her, cause I’m a whore for love at first site type shit. So enjoy.


    Tagging: @breanime @imagineredwood @woahitslucyylu @thickemadame @cherieann-2001 @hibiscuswrites

    Ez hadn’t paid mich attention to the shop next to his pops, it had been a million things, a flower shop, a small dress makers, a random tattoo shop before it became a smoke shop. He didn’t notice the renovations because he didn’t have to.

    Until he saw her, she was beautiful, her apron dusted in flour or some form of powdered sugar, she had run over to his pops, eyes wide looking around, he was about to ask her what was wrong when she smiled as his dad handed her a small bag of random meats, wrapped up in butcher paper

    “You my dear Felipe are a life savor, meat pies can’t be made when I miss buy the meat. You get the first like 4 from this batch as a thank you,”

    He watched her smile and run off, back outside, back to the shop next door. He watched the door even after it had slammed closed

    “That look, I’ve seen it before. Her shop moved in not too long ago, I think she puts the fresh pan dulce out right about now…” ez turned back to his dad before nodding

    When he walked in the smell of fresh baking bread and sweet cookies hit him, it was mouth watering and he felt he could stay in the small shop forever. He saw you behind the small cut out window, her hands working a black speckled dough on the counter, arms working against it.

    He was in love. He felt his heart slam in his chest when you looked over at him smiling, her hands pausing, you put the ball of dough in a large metal bowl, a towel draped over it.

    She walked out, hands wiped off on her apron, tucking her hands in her pockets. The large glass case shining light on her face, she seemed to glow, like an angel.

    “What can I get for you?” He couldn’t speak, he just blinked before swallowing

    “Um I’m Ez, Ezekiel, uh my dad runs the butcher next door. Um…would you want to get coffee with me sometime”

    Where had this confidence come from he didn’t know but he was grateful for it in this moment. Her smile expanded as she nodded

    “Sure. Why not.”

    Numbers exchanged, and he walked out, his heart still in his throat. He had a date.

    He had a date.

    #ez reyes #ez reyes x reader #ezekiel reyes #ez reyes x you #mayans mc fanfic #mayans mc#mayans#mayans imagine#jd pardo
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