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    18.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Lost Princessa 25

    So I'm quarantined until Thursday (if I don't pop positive on a test before then) so you guys reap the benefits of me having bronchitis and possibly COVID.

    Thanks to @drabbles-mc and @iamthegraham. I love how you guys keep me going with this story and take anything I throw at y'all in stride.

    This is a BEAST of a chapter with plenty of set up for the next chapter which may or may not already be written, so let's get the formalities out of the way.

    Please do not translate, duplicate or in anyway copy my writing on any other platforms. I promise, there's only one of me and the only place this is posted is right here.

    Warnings: cursing, talk of murder, talk of human trafficking. Let me know if I missed anything please?

    After her shower, Megan searched through the closet to see what Letty had bought. There were a couple of backless dresses - surely Letty had thought of what went under those. Megan sighed and picked up her phone to call and find out.

    Two rings in, Coco picked up Letty’s phone. “Who the fuck is this?!”

    Megan giggled. “Well good morning to you too, Coco. It’s Megan. Got a question for my personal shopper.”

    Coco chuckled. “Sorry Ma. I was expecting it to be some asshole boy. Gimme a sec. I’ll roll her outta bed.”

    “‘Kay. Thanks, Coco.”

    “No problem, Ma.”

    Megan giggled again as she heard a muffled scuffle and much swearing from the teenager. A minute or so later, Letty’s sleepy voice came through the speaker. “‘Lo. Who’s this?”

    Megan outright laughed. “It’s Megan. Got a question for you about my wardrobe that you purchased.”

    “Oh. Hey girl. What’s up?” Letty asked through a yawn.

    “So, you bought me backless dresses - any chance you bought the bra to match? I can’t exactly wear a regular one for a few days. It’ll rub the new ink.” Megan flicked through hangers looking for a shirt to wear. The dresses were tempting just because they were something completely new to her - and they were especially tempting after this morning’s time in bed with Hank - but not exactly practical with riding the bikes.

    An excited squeal came through the speakers. “Yes! I got some of those stick on bras. Things work miracles for a clubbing dress. Please tell me you’re wearing one of the dresses today?”

    Megan laughed again. “I thought about it, but I really can’t. I’ve never worn one and dresses and bikes don’t mix.”

    “Oh please! I thought of that too. There should be some cotton shorts you can wear under the dresses in there somewhere too. Please wear one? I desperately want to see you in the green one. Hank will lose every bit of his SHIT!” Letty begged.

    “So will Papa!” Megan exclaimed.

    “Nah. Taza’ll be cool with it. Please…?” It sounded like Letty was really turning on the puppy eyes. “It’ll make putting lotion on your tattoo SO much easier too!”

    Megan bit her lip and sighed as she found the dress Letty was referring to. A dark green skater dress that was backless but actually had ¾ length sleeves to it. It wasn’t TOO short… and if she had shorts on under it, it couldn’t be TOO bad… “Fine! You win. But if Papa or mi padrinos lose their shit - I’m blaming you!”

    Letty cheered triumphantly and Megan could hear Coco in the background asking what the fuck was going om. “I’ll take it! See you later at the club house?”

    “Yep. See you soon” Megan chuckled as she hung up before going to dig through the dresser and find where Hank had put the bra and the shorts Letty mentioned.

    Forty-five minutes later there was a knock on her bedroom door. “Chica - you good? Breakfast is ready,” Taza called.

    “Ugh. Okay, Papa. Just fighting with my hair!” Megan called back.

    He cautiously cracked the door open to find Megan fighting to twist her long hair into a bun in front of the dresser mirror. His eyes briefly scanned over her in the deep emerald dress with the open back proudly showing off her new ink. He couldn’t help but smile. “Well look at you, Chica! Don’t you look pretty this morning.”

    Megan smiled a little at him in the mirror and let her hair fall again. “Need to let the tattoo breathe. I couldn’t find a shirt to do it, and Letty begged me to wear the dress so…”

    Taza slipped inside and shut the door. “You’re beautiful, Sweetheart.” He kissed her forehead gently. “Want me to braid your hair like yesterday so it doesn’t irritate you so much?”

    “Do you mind? I was trying not to bug you about it today.” She smiled sheepishly up at him.

    “I’ll never mind helping with your hair, Chica. We need to get you a dressing table for in here.” He smiled. “I’ll have the prospect go pick one up today. Til then…” he slipped out and found the little wooden step stool she’d been using in the kitchen “this’ll do.” He sat on the bed with the stool in front of him and patted it.

    Megan sat in front of him and handed him the pins and hair ties from the day before along with her hair brush.

    Taza brushed her hair gently and started braiding. “Yeah. A dressing table and a good hair brush. Somewhere to keep your hair things. Maybe a few pretty things for if you feel like getting dressed up sometimes.” He smiled and carefully slid some pins in as he went. The braiding went a lot quicker today since he’d remembered the feel of it.

    “Papa… you know I don’t need things like that.” She played with the hem of her dress and looked down at the white low tops she was wearing.

    He kissed her hair and smiled. “I know, Chica. You’re gorgeous without them but every girl deserves some pretty things. And I have some of my mother’s things in my closet. Seeing you in that dress reminded me.” He slid the last pin in. “There you go, Sweetheart.” He stood with a smile.

    Megan went to glance in the mirror. “Thank you, Papa. I love it.”

    “You’re welcome, Chica. Wait right there for me. I’ll be right back.”

    Taza slipped out the door and shut it firmly before moving to his room across the hall.

    “Hey - she okay, Taz?” Hank asked anxiously from the end of the hall.

    “Yeah, brother. She’s fine. Just had an issue with her hair. We’ll be out in a minute.” Taza chuckled and went to get the wooden box from the top of his closet.

    Inside was all his mother’s everyday jewelry. Some of it was heirloom stuff from his mother’s tribe. Some of it was Mexican from after her marriage to his father. Either way - it would all be Megan’s now. He chuckled and resolved that he’d buy her something pretty on each run he went on without her - starting with tomorrow’s Vegas run.

    He took the wooden box back in and set it on Megan’s dresser for now.

    She smiled at him as she finished putting in her earrings. Her crown necklace already sat around her neck. “Wow.” She touched the lid reverently. “Was this hers?”

    “Yeah. And her mother’s before that. Only right that it belongs to you now.” He opened the box to show beaded and metal jewelry alike. He pulled out a soft cloth bundle and revealed a pair of small silver hair combs with a single green gem on each.

    Megan gasped softly. “Oh! They’re gorgeous, Papa. I can’t wear those. What if they get lost?”

    “Then they get lost, Chica. It happens. Most of this is everyday wear. I have all the special pieces put back for special times for you.” He smiled and slipped the combs securely into her braids. “There. They suit you, Chica.”

    “Are you sure, Papa?” Megan looked in the mirror and couldn’t help but touch the silver pieces where they stood out against her dark hair.

    “Of course I’m sure. You’re allowed pretty things.” He nudged her chin up so she was looking him in the eyes. “Don’t worry. I have all her ceremonial things with her regalia. These are all things that she wore whenever she felt like it.” He smiled. “You’ll get her regalia too, when you’re ready for that.”

    Megan nodded and smiled softly. “Okay.”

    “Good girl. Now - breakfast is ready and Hank is anxious.” He chuckled. “I hope you have shorts under that dress so he can show you off before Templo.”

    Megan giggled a little and nodded again. “Letty thought of everything I think.”

    “Good. C’mon then. Let’s get you fed.” He slung his arm around her shoulders and led her to the door. “Besides, I want to see his jaw hit the floor.”

    Hank looked up as Taza entered the kitchen. “Get it straightened out? I put the pancakes in the oven to stay warm.”

    “You tell me…” Taza smiled and stepped to the side to start making Megan a cup of coffee.

    Megan laughed at her father’s dramatics. “Sorry. I was trying to get my hair to stay up…” she trailed off as she watched Hank’s jaw go slack.

    Taza chuckled. “Told ya, Chica, and he hasn’t even seen the back. Give him a spin.”

    Megan shook her head a bit. “You gonna catch him if he passes out? Hank, Baby, you gotta breathe. It’s just a dress.”

    Hank took a deep breath. “Dios mío! Warn a man, Princessa.”

    Megan laughed again. “It’s JUST a dress, Hank. Letty bought it and I figured it would let my tattoo breathe.” She played with her hem a bit self-consciously.

    “It’s not just the dress, Princessa. You’re beautiful.” Hank stood and took two steps towards her.

    “Thank you.” Megan smiled and took the cup of coffee from Taza when he offered it. “Thank you, Papa.”

    Hank offered his hand to escort Megan to her seat and she took it with a grin. As he seated her, Taza replied “you’re welcome, Chica.” He chuckled as Hank stared at Megan’s exposed back and Taza saw him swallow hard. “You okay, hermano?”

    Hank chuckled back. “Fine Taz. Our brothers on the other hand may not survive the day if they can’t keep their eyes to themselves.”

    After breakfast, Megan tucked her wallet and phone into the inner pocket of her riding jacket. “What time is Templo?”

    Taza glanced at his watch. “About an hour. You ready, Chica?”

    “Yeah. I’ll do whatever you guys decide - as long as it doesn’t put any of you at risk.” She took her jacket down off the hook Taza had hung next to the one where his kutte hung.

    “Princessa, we won’t take unnecessary risks.” Hank took her jacket from her and held it for her to slip into before brushing his fingers gently over the back of her neck. He couldn’t help envisioning a gold crown tattooed just below her hair line. While Taza was shrugging into his own kutte, Hank placed a kiss there.

    Megan smiled at him over her shoulder. “Try not to kill your brothers today, hmm. It’s just the dress.” She squeezed his fingers gently.

    “No promises, Princessa. And I keep telling you - it’s not just the dress.”

    Taza chuckled. “C’mon. Let’s get la princessa there early enough that the novelty of seeing how pretty she is has time to wear off before Templo or her padrinos might just murder them all for you, Tranq.”

    At the club house, the only bikes there before them were EZ, Marcus and Bishop.

    Hank helped Megan out of her jacket and tucked her securely under his arm. Taza just shook his head with a smile. He knew Hank was going to lose his shit, but this was better than he expected.

    The bigger Mayan seemed stuck between wanting to keep his hands on Megan at all times and trying to be a gentleman. The planned boxing lesson should be absolutely hilarious. Taza shot a quick text to Marcus and Bishop so they’d be sure to watch Hank and be as amused as Taza was.

    Inside they found only the Padrinos at a table. EZ was nowhere to be found. He was probably in his trailer.

    “Buenos días, Poquito! Look at you! Remind me to send a picture to your tía of you today. She’ll love this.” Marcus smiled as he stood to offer his god daughter a hug.

    “Buenos días, Tío Marcus,” Megan said with a smile. “Thank you. I just needed something to let my tattoo air for the day.”

    “You definitely found something to do that.” Bishop chuckled and motioned for her to turn so he could examine her ink. “Wow.” He looked at Hank. “Beautiful work, brother. Can’t wait to see it finished.”

    “Thanks, Bish. She takes ink like a champ.” He smiled but kept his eyes on Megan as Marcus led her away to get another cup of coffee. He startled a bit when Taza patted his shoulder.

    “Easy, hermano. Just her tío,” Taza said with a smile. He knew how Hank felt.

    Hank grinned sheepishly. “Can you blame me? She looks like she stepped out of a storybook.”

    Bishop chuckled. “She’s beautiful, brother, I admit. Where’d the hair combs come from? I thought we weren’t giving jewelry gifts before the Quince?”

    Taza chuckled at his brother’s suspicion. “Not a gift. An heirloom. They were my mother’s.”

    “Ahh. Fair enough.” Bishop looked at Hank only to see he was smiling at Megan who was watching him from across the bar with a grin. Bishop shook his head and nudged Taza who hid a smile behind his hand. “Dios mío. I swear - he’s twitterpated!”

    Hank snapped out of it to look at the two older men. “What?”

    “Man, are you going to be able to concentrate during Templo? We need all hands on deck here,” Bishop reminded him. “Megan’s safety depends on it.”

    Hank nodded and shoved his hands in his jeans pockets. “I’ll be fine.”

    “Good, because we’re holding Templo out here. El Padrino and I agree - Megan needs to be a part of this discussion. We can’t just make decisions for her. Since she’s not patched, she can’t enter Templo. Prospect is gonna get a headstart on his yardshift and we’re holding full Templo in the bar.” Bishop lit a cigarette.

    Taza nodded. “Sounds like a good idea to me. She can keep Hank focused enough. We’ll just sit her on his lap!” Taza teased.

    Hank just chuckled. “Fair enough. That’s where I want her anyway with both charters here.”

    EZ slipped inside from the kitchen doorway and Hank tensed. Marcus noted the sudden tension in the younger man from across the room and smiled down at his adopted niece. “Hank seems extra protective today. Everything alright, Poquito?” Marcus asked her as she put together coffee for herself, Hank and Taza.

    Megan smiled. “Everything’s fine, Padrino. I just startled him this morning with the dress. I’ve never worn one before.”

    Marcus chuckled. “If he loses it this much over a sundress, we may need EMTs at your party.”

    Megan caught Hank’s eye with a smile and ducked her head a little shyly. “I’m still me.”

    “You sure are, Poquito, but Hank is new to this relationship stuff too. He desperately wants to keep you safe and near him. He’d do anything if you never had to cry again. He doesn’t want anyone to even think about you in a disrespectful way, but he has no way of marking that you’re under his protection except his presence either.” Marcus reached out to gently tug the crown pendant around her neck. “That marks you as a daughter of the club. Gives you your father’s protection as well as Bishop’s and mine- but not HIS.”

    “But I AM his girl. Eventually I’ll wear his mark. The vote just said only wives wear the permanent mark. We haven’t been together long enough for that.” Megan poured coffee into the three cups she had ready and offered Marcus a refill.

    “True enough, Poquito. We just need to keep him from killing anyone until he relaxes into it.” Marcus winked and held the tray of coffee for her as she came out from behind the bar.

    She laughed and waved at EZ to let him know she had Hank and Taza covered. They had settled into one of the seating areas of the club house and after she had put the coffee on the table between them, Hank gently guided her into his lap.

    “Yo Prospect!” Bishop called, making Megan startle a bit. “C’mere.”

    Megan settled closer to Hank's chest and leaned into him and his arm went around her bare back to steady her. He couldn’t resist stroking her soft skin with his thumb soothingly.

    EZ came over to see what Bishop needed. “Yes, sir?”

    “I need a Templo table put together here in the bar. One large enough for el Padrino’s men as well as ours. Once everyone gets here - you clear out and shut the gate. You’re on guard duty until otherwise notified for that rat bastard cop.” Bishop lit a cigarette.

    “Yes, sir. Should I set up the front office for the girls? They’ll need a cooler and I can go turn the A/C on for them…” EZ asked.

    “No need. Coco’s girl can stay in here if she comes. She’ll keep her mouth shut. And Poquito will be at the table with Hank and Taza.” Bishop exhaled smoke and waved it away from the group.

    EZ startled a bit. “Yes, sir.” He went to start pushing tables together as the other men chuckled.

    “Why hold Templo in the bar?” Megan asked quietly. “Isn’t the table in there big enough for both groups?”

    Bishop chuckled. “Yes, but you have to have a full patch to enter Templo and YOU don’t.”

    Marcus smiled softly as awareness bloomed across Megan’s face. “You deserve a say in what happens to the bastard, Poquito. He’s tormented you for fourteen years. Now you get to return the favor.”

    The roar of bikes cut through the bar as Megan nodded, but pressed herself closer to Hank’s comforting warmth.

    Hank stroked gently down her spine as her felt tension begin to knot her up. “Easy, Princessa. I’m here. Lean on me,” he whispered. He felt her tuck herself completely against his chest with her forehead pressed against the side of his neck. Her back was braced by his arm and the arm of the couch.

    “Hank?” Megan whispered as men began to come inside revealing el Padrino’s men and not the men of the Santo Padre charter.

    “Si, Princessa?”

    “What happened to that prospect’s sponsor?” she asked quietly as her eyes roamed the unfamiliar men nervously.

    “Hmm. Dunno.” Hank slid the hand that rested on her knee up to cup her face and kiss her forehead. “Stay right here until we find out though.”

    Marcus sat up in his arm chair and greeted his men. “Buenos dias! Get yourselves some coffee. We’re holding Templo here in the bar.”

    Marco - who Megan recognized as Hank’s friend - nodded with a frown. “Everything alright, Padrino?”

    “You’ll find out during Templo,” Marcus said and lit a cigarillo.

    “Si, Padrino.”

    The men were noisy, but Megan could see that they weren’t as close as her own little family. There was joking and ribbing, but almost no contact between these strange Mayans. She looked to Taza and Hank. “Should I be behind the bar since EZ is busy putting the table together?”

    Bishop answered her. “No, Poquito. You aren’t here as the bartender today. You’re family. You stay right where you are. You’re doing plenty keeping Hank focused.”

    Megan nodded and glanced up at Hank who pressed a gentle kiss to her lips. “Stay right here, Princessa. I’ve got you.”

    One of Marcus’ men noticed her and laughed. “I didn’t realize we could bring our own girls. I’d have brought a few of Vickies’s for myself.”

    Hank tensed and Megna slipped her hand under his kutte to grip his shirt. “Remember - Arthur and Guinevere…” she whispered.

    Hank took a deep breath of the scent of her shampoo and forced his muscles to relax. “Arthur and Guinevere.”

    Megan smiled and kissed his jaw before looking up at the stranger. “You obviously weren’t here last time.” She held up her crown necklace. “But I KNOW the results of the princessa vote went wide, so either you’re begging for a cage match or you’re stupid. Which is it?”

    “I’d like to hear that answer as well…” Bishop said, ashing his cigarette casually, but sitting forward in his chair with authority. “If you want a cage match, I’m sure Tranq will oblige, but making stupid comments about my god daughter will almost certainly get you killed here.”

    Marcus sighed theatrically. “I thought I’d weeded out the dumbasses this time. Clearly I underestimated his stupidity. My apologies Bishop, Poquito.”

    The man stuttered through an apology to Bishop and Marcus.

    “Why are you apologizing to us? It was OUR goddaughter you basically called a whore. The daughter of the Santo Padre VP, I might add. You should be apologizing to her and her caballero - not us.” Bishop pointed out.

    Hank was still tense, but Megan stayed snuggled against his chest and his hands were gentle as they continued to stroke the skin of her lower back and outer thigh.

    The Mayan attempted to apologize to Hank - who growled deep in his chest causing goosebumps to litter Megan’s skin. “Still no apology for la princessa de los Mayas? You and I will be meeting in the cage this afternoon,” Hank growled. “We’ll see if you apologize better with fewer teeth. Get the fuck away from us.”

    The man scrambled to put himself on the other side of the bar from them and Hank relaxed a smidge. He pressed apologetic kisses to Megan’s forehead.

    Megan sighed. “I’m going to have to sit at the table with them, aren’t I?”

    Bishop sipped his coffee. “We were just going to leave you on Hank’s lap so you’d be more comfortable, but now I think we need to establish you as Princessa. You’ll have a chair between Taza and Hank. You won’t have to be near anyone you don’t want to be.”

    “How are we doing this?” Taza asked quietly. “Santo Padre on one side, Oakland on the other? Usually we only combine for Grand Templo and then it’s just officers at the table.”

    “Sounds like a plan to me - Bishop and I at the head of the table - but you run the show, hermano. Your club house,” Marcus said. He sat back in his arm chair and offered Megan a small smile.

    A loud rumble of bikes announced the arrival of the Santo Padre charter. Megan relaxed just a little bit more as she realized that her friends were here.

    The men piled in laughing and joking to be greeted by their more serious brother charter. They quickly made their way over to the gathering at the couch. Morning greetings were passed quickly with many of them aimed at Megan.

    Hank watched as Megan resituated herself on his knee so that she wasn’t hidden against him any more and had to smile. She was much more comfortable in the presence of her family.

    Creeper had noted it too. “Everything go alright before we got here, Little Princess?” he asked her with a smile.

    “I guess. Hank’s got an appointment in the cage this afternoon though.” Megan shrugged a bit nervously. “Apparently my reputation does not precede me yet.”

    Creeper looked to Hank for an explanation.

    “One of our Oakland brothers needs a lesson in manners is all. I’m more than willing to be the teacher.” Hank kissed Megan’s knuckles and smiled. “They’ll learn to give mi princessa the respect she deserves.”

    “Fair enough.” Creeper smiled and patted his brother’s shoulder. “I’ll ref for you.”

    “Hey Coco? Where’s Letty?” Megan asked curiously. “She said she’d be here and she better show after begging me to wear this dress.”

    Coco lit a cigarette with a smirk. “She’ll be here later, Ma. I made her finish her homework first. Chuckie’s gonna go get her around lunch.” He chuckled. “She told me she’d picked your outfit this morning. Said something about airing out new ink. Lemme see.”

    Megan grinned and stood to give the guys her back and show off Hank’s work. “Hank started fixing it yesterday so I had to be careful what I wore. Isn’t it gorgeous?”

    All the guys very pointedly kept their eyes on her back as Hank narrowed his eyes at them.

    “Wow, Shorty. That’s a lot of ink over your spine,” Angel said. He looked at Hank and grinned. “Very nice work, brother.”

    Hank smiled up at Megan. “She took it like a champ too. Nearly four hours work and only took one break. She’d have kept going if I hadn’t stopped where I did.” He chuckled. “I’ll finish it in a few weeks when she’s healed.”

    Coco looked closer and Hank tensed a bit before realizing that Coco was just admiring the art. “You did a great cover-up. Can’t even tell the old one was there.”

    Megan smiled down at Hank proudly and preened - just a little - at his public praise for her stamina.

    A sharp whistle cut through the air. “Time for table - Prospect make sure everyone has what they need and then shut the gate. Keep an eye out for our out of town friend,” Bishop called.

    EZ quickly made sure everyone had a drink and put a few bottles of water at the end of the table where he knew Hank and Taza would have Megan and then went outside, shutting the door decisively behind him.

    Bishop and Marcus moved to the head of the table before indicating for each group to take their places. Hank and Taza escorted Megan between them to the chair placed for her. None of the Santo Padre chapter batted an eye when Megan took her place, but a few grumbles were heard from the Oakland men.

    Bishop called the meeting to order. “We have serious business to discuss today, brothers. My god daughter has a very large stake in the main matter of discussion. That’s why we’re holding Templo out here, so she can express any opinions she might have. Other matters can be freely discussed with her present as well - she knows all club business - but she won’t speak on anything to do with normal business.”

    There were nods all around the table.

    Marcus spoke next. “First - let’s get the run planning out of the way. Housekeeping first. Galindo will match our numbers. Who’s going?”

    That was Creeper’s que to speak. “Taza is going as senior officer. As Road Captain - of course I’ll be going. We need at least two more.”

    Bishop looked over his men. “Your turn Riz. Coco, Gilly and Angel were on the last run. Hank - you’re on minimal runs until we get the situation with Megan sorted and I can’t go because either Taza or I have to be present for the trespassing complaint to stick.” He turned to el Padrino. “Any of your boys want to make some quick cash while they’re down here? That’d solve our issue nicely.”

    Marcus looked over his men. “Marco - I’ll give you first dibs. I know your daughter’s quince is coming up.”

    Marco nodded. “I’ll go, Padrino. Becca’s party is getting close. Appreciate the extra cash.”

    Bishop nodded. “Good. Coordinate with Creeper or Taza then. Preferably Creep. Taza has his hands full.”

    Once Marco nodded, Bishop lit another cigarette and leaned forward over the makeshift ‘table’. “Now - for our main order of business. Some of you don’t know, so I’ll summarize from the beginning. A short time ago, Taza discovered that he had a daughter on a run. When given the option, Megan decided that she wanted to get to know her Papa and came back to Santo Padre with us. She is now my god daughter as well as being Marcus’ god daughter. She is also the reason for the princessa vote that happened in Santo Padre a few days ago as well as the markers for our queens.”

    Marcus interjected as he tapped the ash off his cigarillo. “She is la princessa de los Mayas and will be treated as such. By all charters. She’s chosen Tranq as her caballero until they either part ways or she becomes his reina. Any slight to her means a cage match with him or another chosen champion. Am I understood?”

    A chorus of “Si Padrino”s was heard. Marcus nodded and turned back to Bishop as Hank slid an arm around the back of Megan’s chair offering quiet support.

    Bishop nodded. “Once here, we discovered MEgan was being stalked by her abusive ex-husband to attempt to beat an attempted murder rap. We eventually caught him and disposed of the issue.” He saw heads nodding all around. This was pretty standard practice in the club. “We disposed of the body in a car accident since the asswipe was out on parole. Figured it would keep the State of Tennessee happy while still giving Megan any benefits he may have had as next of kin.” He stopped to take a sip of beer. “Yesterday a Tennessee detective showed up asking questions and demanding to take Megan into custody. He set off her PTSD pretty bad, but after we got rid of him, she identified him as her foster brother from the age of twelve, Brandon Coleman. Further investigation on our part shows Detective Coleman is actually on leave from his department and is not here on state business. He just wants Megan and thought he could bluff his way into getting her because we’re a bunch of ‘dumb bikers’.”

    One of the Oakland brothers frowned. “Why? No offense, but why does he want his sister so badly? No offense.”

    Bishop looked to Megan who was chewing her lip hard enough to make it bleed. “We think he’s tied up in human trafficking. All evidence points to him selling Megan to her ex- for an undetermined price. He may want to dispose of her as evidence…” he paused and took a deep breath. “Or he may want to sell her again.”

    The table was silent except for Megan’s harsh breathing. Hank was doing his best to resist pulling her into his lap to comfort her. He kept his arm tight around her and noticed Taza gripping her hand under the table.

    Bishop swallowed and looked to Marcus. “You called Galindo’s people to see what you could find out. Any answers?”

    Marcus nodded to the man beside him. “José was the contact I gave. I wanted to be freed up to help if Poquito needed us.”

    Bishop nodded. “Anything?”

    José pulled a folder out of his kutte. “Coleman is connected to three powerful trafficking rings. Two are of the mail-order bride type and the third is a hard core sex slavery ring. From what we can tell - la princessa would have been his first victim. No money seems to have exchanged hands, but shortly before he made detective, Coleman broke three drug cases wide open. The only way he could have gotten them is insider information.” José paused. He looked at Megan apologetically. “Then again - after the wedding of his sister to her now ex-, Coleman broke another career-making case wide open.”

    Megan swallowed hard. “So he did sell me to advance his career.”

    “I’m afraid so ma’am.” José said quietly before clearing his throat and continuing. “After that, Coleman can be connected to the disappearance of several women after their cases were closed. He goes on record saying he found them resources to start over and have a better life. On paper - the man’s a saint. In truth, Lucifer himself would condemn this man.” He passed the folder to Bishop. “All the proof is in there.”

    Bishop flipped through it. “We’ll pass this information to our local police contact. It should be enough to get his badge pulled and a bolo put out for him. Until we can catch him - Megan you will stay in the presence of two full patches at all times.” He looked at her apologetically.

    Megan nodded. She’d expected as much. At least they weren’t locking her down at the club house. “Si, Padrino. I understand,” she said quietly and looked down at her hands.

    “Everyone else who isn’t on the run or babysitting duty - be on the lookout for anyone out of place. We’ve got pictures of him, but we don’t know if he has any allies here in Santo Padre.” Bishop passed around a picture from the yard security camera.

    Megan spoke up. “Be careful if you do find him. He does have law enforcement training as well as being a big game hunter back home. He shouldn’t have S.W.A.T. or special ops training though.” She looked down at her lap. “If you have him and need physical leverage - his left shoulder is very weak from an old injury when we were teenagers.”

    One of Marcus’ men spoke up, “Anything else you can give us? Any habits he would need to feed while he’s out here?”

    Megan thought carefully. “No drug habit, but he likes to drink. Can’t hold his liquor very well though and has a rotten temper as a drunk. He’ll probably get himself thrown out of at least one bar.” She flinched at the memory of him being drunk and belligerent as a teenager. “He’s a bully. He won’t pick on someone his own size. And he likes to hit women. Like a lot.” She looked at Riz. “Did Vickie get warned about him? I’d hate for her girls to get hurt because he’s here after me.”

    Riz smiled and nodded. “I can send her a copy of his picture, but I asked her this morning to not accept any new customers until this is sorted. They’ll be safe, Princessa. And this was NOT your fault. He’s not here because of you. He’s here because of him.”

    Megan nodded and swallowed hard before looking at Hank. “You aren’t going to like this,” she said quietly. She met everyone’s eyes at the table. “I’m telling you all - right now. If he somehow does get his hands on me and tries to use me as a shield to get out - I’d rather be dead than be sold again. Take the damn shot.”

    Coco spoke up. “It comes down to it, Ma, it’ll be me taking that shot. I won’t let him take you, but I won’t kill you either.”

    Hank gave up and pulled her into his lap. “He won’t take you, Princessa. Not again.”

    Megan nodded and curled tight in Hank’s lap burying her face in his kutte. He shielded her from the eyes of the brothers who didn’t know her situation as Taza petted down her back. Creeper was on Hank’s other side and gently jostled her white sneakers in support.

    “Alright. You heard her. Spread out if you don’t already have an assignment. Show his photo to bar bouncers and diner girls. You find him - you call one of us -” Marcus indicated himself and Bishop. “And don’t be shocked if five-oh and Galindo’s men are looking for him too. Remember - today we’re all on the same team.”

    Bishop struck the gavel and Oakland immediately cleared out. Gilly and Angel both patted Hank’s back on the way out but Coco reached out to Megan and nudged her gently where she was curled in Hank’s lap.

    “I gotchu, Ma. He ain’t gettin past me.” He kissed his fingers and pressed them to the crown of her head before heading out to work in the yard.

    Creeper nudged her again. “Hey Little Princess. We got you just like we got your pops. Ain’t nobody taking you from us now. We’re family and you’re stuck with us.”

    Megan gave him a tiny smile from her safe spot under Hank’s chin. “Thanks, Creep.”

    “No problem.” He winked and went out to patrol the perimeter of the scrapyard.

    Soon it was just Megan, Hank, Taza and her Padrinos. Then men sat and let Megan calm as Hank rocked her.

    “So, Poquito, ready to hang with the old guys for the afternoon?” Bishop asked with a smile. “Hank’s got a shift so we thought we’d take advantage and take you to look and Quince dresses. He’s not allowed to see your dress as your escort until your party anyway.”

    Megan giggled as Hank groaned.

    “Hey now. It’s tradition - and you best be making bouquet arrangements, hermano. You know that’s on you.” Marcus teased.

    Hank chuckled. “You’re funny if you think I’ve got ANY say in that matter. Mama probably had had the flowers on order since we got back from the reservation run.”

    Taza laughed outright. “You aren’t wrong. She asked me about colors at dinner the other night!”

    Once they’d all had a good laugh at Hank’s expense, Megan spoke up hesitantly. “Could Letty come look at dresses with us? She’s really good with clothes.”

    “Of course, Poquito. Maybe even see if she wants to be on your court, heh?” Bishop asked. “She could be your first maid. You really should have at least a small court.” He looked at everyone else. “Who could we get as her escort?”

    Taza grinned. “Either make the Prospect do it or one of the other idiots.”

    “The Prospect - definitely the Prospect. Coco would shoot our asses if we did Angel or Gilly and we’ll be lucky if Coco puts on clean jeans for the party,” Hank chuckled.

    With all the talk of the party, Megan started to relax and come out of the shell she’d been hiding in. She’d uncurled some and was now more just resting back against Hank’s chest with a small smile.

    Bishop grinned as Megan relaxed some more and even joined in the teasing. Even though he knew she was scared out of her wits - she was comfortable enough with just these few men to still relax. She was finally starting to realize that she was truely family and it made him very happy..

    He stood and stretched. “I’m sending the prospect to pick up Letty. I know Chuckie was supposed to go, but I’d rather someone a little more alert pick her up to be safe.” He patted Hank and nudged Marcus. “C’mon Padrino, Taza. Let’s swap Megan’s stuff to our bikes.”

    Marcus chuckled. “Not subtle Primo, but alright.” He winked at Megan and followed Bishop.

    Taza chuckled and kissed Megan’s head. “Come find me when you’re ready?”

    “Okay, Papa. Be there in a minute.”

    The elders slipped out leaving Megan and Hank alone.

    “What happened to two patches at all times?” Megan asked Hank with a grin.

    Hank chuckled. “Guaranteed one of the assholes is right outside the door. It counts.” He nuzzled her gently before encouraging her to sit astraddle of his lap. Once she was settled. He lifted her chin to kiss her deeply and smiled as she melted into him. He held her close once he finally let her breathe and kept their foreheads pressed together. “You did good, Princessa. Real good. I’m proud of you.”

    Megan fiddled with his rosary and sighed. “Do we trust Oakland?”

    Hank nodded. “For the most part. They’re El Padrino’s home charter. The Mother Charter if you will. We trust them with club secrets and we trust them not to betray us to our enemies.” He gently stroked a wisp of hair out of her face. “Do I trust them alone with you? Hell no. But I don’t trust anyone but Taza and your Padrinos for that.” “Okay, so let’s keep my babysitters local if we can? Please? I know that’s a lot, but I don’t know those other guys.” Megan shrugged.

    “Of course, Princessa.” Hank pressed another kiss to her lips. “Try to have fun with your tíos and papa this afternoon, huh? They’re excited to get to do this with you.”

    Megan laughed. “We’ll see how excited they are after they see all the frills and lace.” She planted her knees and sat up tall to kiss him on a more even level, deepening this kiss and running her fingers through his hair.

    Hank let her lead with a grin. She was getting comfortable with starting affection and he loved it… at least until he realized that he was going to pull a yard shift with his jeans tighter than they should be in a certain spot. He groaned and broke the kiss. “Mi Princessa… you are making it very difficult to let you go with your Papa this afternoon…”

    She smiled and pecked his lips again slyly. “But now you’ll think of me this afternoon…”

    He petted firmly down her spine to grasp her hips and sighed. “Definitely. Tell you what. We can’t exactly go on a date right now, but this evening - if you’re good - I’ll have you a surprise planned for at home.”

    She nodded eagerly and kissed his jaw before allowing him to stand. She couldn’t help but giggle as he tugged his kutte straight but forgot to straighten the mess she’d made of his hair.

    “Good girl. Let’s go find your pops, mi princessa. You’ve got shopping to do.”

    #mayansmc#mayans mc#lost princessa #che taza romero #mayans mc fanfic #taza x daughter!oc #hank loza #megan(oc) x hank
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    18.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Not Sorry

    Creeper Vargas x F!Reader

    Request by @broiderie​: Any chance of a Vargas Wolfpack story about one of the kids getting in their first fight and how Creeper reacts? Love your Wolf Pack!

    Warnings: Creeper being the world’s best dad

    Word Count: 1.6k

    A/N: This is technically a Creeper/Reader fic but it’s definitely more about Creeper and his kids. Who doesn’t love Dad!Creeper? Also, if the Wolf Pack dynamic is something you’re interested in, check out the rest of their stories Here

    Mayans Taglist: @thesandbeneathmytoes @paintballkid711 @tomhardydallasstarsgirl @queenbeered @kelpies-shed @sesamepancakes @yourwonkywriter @chibsytelford @gemini0410 @behindmyeyes-insidemyhead @plentyoffandoms @georgiaaintnopeach​ @twistnet​ @garbinge​ @themoonandthewicked​ @bucky-iss-bae​ @encounterthepast​ @rosieposie0624​ @mylittlelonelyappreciationtoo​ @mijop​ @xladymacbethx​ @blessedboo​ @holl2712​ @lakamaa12​ @masterlistforimagines​ @toni9​ @shadow-of-wonder​ @petlaufeyson​ @crowfootwrites​ @redpoodlern​ @punkgoddess-98​ @black-repunzel99​ @lexondeck​ @mrsstevenbuchananstark​ @lovebishoplosamiguelgalindos​ @amorestevens​ @angelreyesisdaddy04​ @mijagif​ @frattsparty​ @winchestershiresauce​ @bellisperennis0​ @beardburnsupersoldiers​ @mveggieburger​ @thanossexual​ @xeniarocks​ @choochoo284​ @littlekittymeow​ @beardsanddetectives​ @bruxasolta​ @slut-bitch-brat​ @i-love-scott-mccall​ (If you want to be added, let me know!)

    When you’d called Creeper while he was at the scrapyard, he automatically assumed the worst. It wasn’t often that you called while you were at work, and when he saw your name and picture on his phone screen, his stomach twisted into knots. He put a little distance between himself and the noise of the scrapyard before answering the call.

    “Hey, mama, all good?” his free hand came to rest on the back of his head.

    “I, um, I don’t know,” you sighed, clearly stressed, “I need you to go to the school for me.”

    “Why? Somethin’ happen?”

    “Apparently,” you shook your head despite the fact that he couldn’t see you, “Got a call from the principal at the school saying that Brandon and Alex need to be picked up immediately.”

    “Both of them?” he couldn’t pretend that he wasn’t surprised, “She say why?”

    “No. And normally I’d go, but I just got back to work and I’ve got this meeting and—”

    He didn’t even let you finish the explanation, “You don’t gotta explain. I got it under control, baby, alright? I’ll let you know when I pick them up.”

    You let out a sigh of relief, “You’re the best, you know that?”

    He smiled, “Nah, just part of a really good team. I love you.”

    “I love you too.”

    As soon as he said goodbye, he wasted no time getting his things and grabbing the keys to one of the scrapyard pickup trucks. A couple of the guys asked him what was going on as he made his way out, since he wasn’t one to ever just cut out of work with no reason, but as soon as he said it was something to do with his kids, they didn’t push it any farther. Although, they did remind him that if it was a good story that he’d have to report back to them about it.

    All the years that his kids had been attending the school, every event and sports came that the two of you showed up at, all the parent-teacher meetings neither of you ever missed, and yet people still couldn’t help but to stare at Creeper whenever he showed up. Even when he was with you, people stared, but when he was walking through the entrance and towards the principal’s office by himself with a vague look of determination on his face, the staff there physically couldn’t stop themselves from watching.

    Walking into the main part of the administrative offices, he saw two of his kids sitting in chairs off to the side, both of them looking extremely annoyed with the entire situation. Shutting the door behind him, he cleared his throat, causing both his kids to look up.

    “What’s goin’ on?”

    “Dad,” Brandon immediately spoke up, “Listen it’s—”

    He didn’t get to argue his case as the principal came out of her office, looking a little surprised that it was Creeper who had shown up, and that he had shown up alone. She recovered quickly, though, “Mr. Vargas, thank you for coming on such short notice.”

    He shook his head, “Not a big deal. What’s…what’s going on?”

    “If you don’t mind, I think it would be good for all of us to talk about this together, hm?” she glanced over at Brandon and Alex, who rolled their eyes in-sync with each other without even trying.

    Creeper tried not to look amused, “Yea, alright. C’mon,” he gestured for his kids to stand up and make their way into the office.

    Once everyone was seating, the principal looked over at the three of them, clasping her hands on her desk in front of her. Taking a deep breath, she leveled her gaze with Alex, “Miss Vargas, would you like to explain to your father why we’re all here today?”

    Turning and facing her father, there wasn’t a hint of fear or hesitancy in her eyes. She was the same extremely self-assured girl that she had always been despite the fact that she was in the principal’s office about to be sent home, “Tony pulled my hair at recess so I punched him in the face.”

    Creeper’s eyes grew wide, and if they had been anywhere else but in the principal’s office of her school, he would’ve laughed and applauded her. But he also knew that it wasn’t going to help the situation at all if that was his immediate reaction. Instead, he took a beat, nodding his head before looking over at his son, “Alright. How’d you get involved with this?”

    Alex spoke up before her brother could, “They were outside for gym and Brandon saw that Tony was gonna chase me, so he ran over and—”

    “And I tackled him to the ground and punched him again,” he crossed his arms over his chest, looking down at his sneakers, “And I’m not sorry about it.”

    “Brandon…” there was a hint of warning in the principal’s voice.

    Creeper looked back to the woman across the desk, “Alright. So. What’s up with this Tony kid? He going home too?”

    Tapping her pen on the surface of her desk, it was clear that she was giving a lot of thought to how she was going to answer, “We’ve called his parents as well.”

    “To let them know that he got punched and tackled for bullying my seven-year-old daughter?” he was so focused on the woman across from him that he missed the impressed looks of the two children sitting next to him, which was a shame.

    “Mr. Vargas,” she sighed, “obviously we don’t condone that kind of behavior, but we also can’t allow students to—”

    “What exactly was she supposed to do then? Just let ‘em pull her hair?” he shook his head, “I’m sorry, Miss, but eff that. We didn’t raise our kids to just—”

    She cut him off, knowing that it was never going to reach the resolution that he wanted, “They are both suspended for the remainder of the day today, and all of tomorrow. They can both come back on Thursday.”

    “And Tony?” he didn’t stop pushing.

    “Tony will be going home for the remainder of the day, and he will be back tomorrow.”

    Creeper shook his head, “’Cause starting a fight is fine but finishing it isn’t? Got it, got it,” shaking his head once more, he stood up and motioned for his kids to do the same, “C’mon, guys, let’s go get your stuff,” he saw how the principal stood up from her chair and he turned back around to face her, “This ain’t over, by the way. I’m getting all three of my kids and takin’ them home. But when I come back, with my wife, we’ll finish figuring this out.”

    The fear of it growing into a larger issue shown clearly on her face, “Mr. Vargas—"

    “I ain’t arguing in front of my kids. I’ll be seeing you soon, ma’am,” he didn’t give her the opportunity to respond as he pulled the door shut behind him. When he looked up, both his kids were staring at him, wide-eyed. He flashed them a smile, “Alex, grab your sister when you get your stuff, alright? You’re all gettin’ a day off tomorrow.”

    The two of them laughed, clearly relieved that they weren’t about to be getting in a second round of trouble after what they’d endured from their teachers and the principal. Giving Creeper a hug, they quickly made their way out of the offices and off to their classrooms to grab their backpacks, and in Alex’s case, her sister. While he was waiting, Creeper set about signing all of them out at the front desk. Under the reason why, he chuckled to himself as he promptly wrote nunya which got a sincere smile and nod from the woman there who must’ve already heard about what had been going on. Word travels fast in such a small school.

    When the three of them made their way back to their dad, they all looked more than ready to get out of the building, and Creeper had to admit that he was more than ready too. He herded the three of them close as they walked out the main doors, and he could tell that Brandon was trying to figure out what was okay to say and what wasn’t, and that his little twin sisters were following his lead.

    “I think Dad scared her,” Brandon finally said with a laugh, “No one talks to her like that.”

    Creeper chuckled as he lovingly ruffled his son’s hair, “If she’s scared now, wait till your mom hears about all this sh—” he stopped himself, “all this.”

    There was a smirk on Brandon’s face at his dad’s near slipup, “Right.”

    “Tony Roden was crying in the hall when he went back to his class,” Ava made the statement with a little more satisfaction and joy in her voice than the typical seven-year-old girl might.

    The feeling was immediately reinforced by her siblings and father as they all replied, “Good,” causing the whole crew of them to break into laughter.

    As they all piled into the pickup, Creeper gave the answer to the question that they’d all been wanting to ask but were too nervous to, “I’ll talk to Mom when she gets home,” he turned the key in the ignition, “But she’s still gonna wanna talk to you two, you know,” he saw the way they gave slow nods, “She ain’t gonna be mad, but she is gonna wanna know what happened, alright?”

    “Okay,” Alex and Brandon mumbled out their response. They knew that their dad was right, that they weren’t going to be in trouble, but it still wasn’t a conversation that they wanted to have all over again. Three times was enough.

    “You guys all had lunch, right?” Creeper looked over at them as they all gave various forms of a yes response. He nodded, “Alright. Well, then, you guys wanna go grab ice cream and visit your uncles till Mom gets outta work?” he laughed when all their faces brightened at the idea, “Good—they’ll wanna hear the story too.”

    #mayans mc#mayansmc#mayans fx #mayans mc imagine #creeper vargas #creeper vargas x reader #creeper vargas x you #creeper vargas fanfic #neron vargas #neron creeper vargas #wolf pack au #my writing#fanfiction#drabblesmc
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    Come back to bed. Please. - Angel Reyes

    Warnings: pure fluff

    A/N: It’s another one out of my google survey. 

    If you like it leave a comment, like or reblog. 

    “Dulce, come back to bed.” Angel called out for you. He came back home late last night and found you sleeping on the couch. He gently scooped you up in his strong arms and made his way towards your shared bedroom. You wanted to surprise him with breakfast in bed, but a certain man child refused to sleep any longer. 

    You walked back to the bedroom just to find him resting against the headboard, pouting and waiting for you, his chest on full display making you weak in the knees. You didn’t want to give up your surprise. 

    “Mi amor, why are you awake? You should be sleeping.” you climbed back on the bed and sat next to him. 

    “I missed you. It’s lonely here without you.” he tried to pull you on top of him, but you stopped him. 

    “Naha, wait here a second.” you pecked his lips. “It’ll be worth it.” you walked back to the kitchen to finish what you started. Suddenly you felt two arms around your waist and a hard chest pressing against your back. 

    “Angel, I told you to wait in the bedroom. You ruined my surprise!” you knew exactly he couldn’t wait for you to come back, so he took matter in his own hands. 

    “Breakfast can wait. I want you, in our bed and I want to cuddle you the whole day. Please querida.” What a man child. Your answer obviously took too long, so Angel took matters into his own hands. He spun you around and lifted you up over his shoulder. You tried to protest while laughing but without any success. But before he marched off to the bedroom, he grabbed the plate with the toast and bacon. 

    “Mmhh, toast, bacon and my wonderful girl. What more could a man wish for?”

    #Mayans MC #mayans mc imagine #mayans mc x reader #angel reyes imagine #angel reyes x reader
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    Row 3 and 4

    Row three: Valentine's Day --- Librarian --- Zoologist --- Medical Examiner --- Archaelogist

    Row four: Seamstress --- Wedding Planner/Florist/Baker --- Sparring/Personal Trainer --- Break-up/Make-up --- Bartender

    #adarafaelbarbabirthdaybingo #karen makes a moodboard #karen hosts a bingo #law and order svu #one chicago#chicago pd#chicago fire#chicago med#mayans mc #a discovery of witches #kingsman#outlander#marauders era #fantastic beasts and where to find them #marvel
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  • adarafaelbarba
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    Row 1 and 2:

    row one: Picnic/Spring --- Sports/Winter Olympics --- Day Care ---Painter/Face Painter --- Humanitarian

    Row two: Birthday --- Airport --- Passing Ships --- Psychology --- Karaoke Night/Singer (singer square will be on the last post)

    #adarafaelbarbabirthdaybingo #law and order svu #law and order crossover #chicago pd#chicago fire#chicago med #a discovery of witches #kingsman#marauders era #fantastic beasts and where to find them #outlander#marvel#mayans mc #karen makes a moodboard #karen hosts a bingo
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    So I just found out that tumblr has blocked a bunch of random words which is why most writers are probably seeing low engagement

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    One King Bishop and Padrino Alvarez

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  • charmingrpg
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    Welcome to Charming, Nadia & Zeo! BARRY KEOGHAN & NICK ROBINSON are now taken. Feel free to check out our handy checklist, linked in the source, and please have your account in within 24 hours! We’re happy to have you!

    [ barry keoghan. cis male. he/him. ] did you hear that fionn seamus callaghan is currently living in charming, california? they’re a twenty-nine year old who has been in town for about one year, and are a prospect for the devil’s disciples & an underground fighter at renegade gym . it’s known around town that they’re quite resilient but can also be quick-tempered people in charming always say they’re reminded of fi when thinking of the ever present stain of red on a pillow case from wounds forgotten in the arms of someone without a single scar, the rare sighting of a grin that cracks a scowl open with bloody teeth, a green eyed monster buried deep in the skin of a healing bruise that makes itself known when it isn't caressed, the shadow of a shattered youth hidden behind the gray tint where baby teeth where torn to silence a voice that dared to speak up. [ nadia, 29, cst, she/her, none ]

    [ nick robinson. cis male. he + him. ] did you hear that landon teller is currently living in charming, california? they’re a twenty five year old who have been in town for about twenty five years, and are a prospect for the devil’s disciples & a server at hale's diner. it’s known around town that they’re quite affable but can also be imprudent trait. people in charming always say they’re reminded of landon when thinking of laughter echoing through the house, muddy footprints treaded over the carpet and singing carelessly out of tune to the car radio. [ zeo, twenty nine, gmt, he + him, non applicable ]

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    It's a Confidence Thing

    If you’re interested in being on my tag list, please let me know!

    Mayans MC Tag list: @mrsstevenbuchananstark, @rose-bliss, @lyly00

    **Contains smut! This is my first time writing something smutty with Coco. Let me know what you guys think!

    “Querida! You got the number for the air conditioning guy?” Coco shouted from the living room of the apartment. It was the middle of the summer in Santo Padre, so it figured the air conditioner would blow. And while you were willing to tough it out with a fan in every room to save some money, Coco was getting tired of sweating like a goddamn pig. “I can’t do another second of this shit.”

    “In my phone! Should be on the couch somewhere.!” You replied from the kitchen, rolling your eyes at the dramatics. You were distracted writing the grocery list for the upcoming week that you didn’t even think of what your boyfriend would find when he unlocked your phone. Before you could jump up to grab it, Coco sucked in a sharp breath. He mumbled something as his finger swiped through the number of suggestive photos that you were in the process of editing a couple hours ago. “I can explain.”

    Coco didn’t respond for a second since he was clearly distracted. Dark eyebrows pinched together as he studied each one carefully. “You giving these away to someone?” Maybe it was the previous, and often disastrous, relationships but the first thing that Coco thought was that his girlfriend of two years was cheating cause he sure as hell would’ve remembered seeing her splayed out on the bed in bright red lingerie. Or a lacey black bra and thong with. Or the angelic white bodysuit she was sporting in the picture timestamped from today.

    “What?” You tried to keep the anger out of your tone. “Baby, I would never do that.” These two years with your man have taught you that he sometimes needed reassurance. More like constant reassurance but that was something that you were willing to accept from the beginning. Your stomach dropped imagining the spiral of thoughts that were happening behind those deep brown eyes. Coco put the phone down on the kitchen island and leaned against it with crossed arms and tense shoulders. You strided closer trying to catch his eyes. “The only person that would get to see those is you.”

    Usually the soft voice and doe eyed look would do him in. Apparently it wasn’t gonna work this time. He stared at the floor with a pout. “You don’t do it that often. And I definitely haven’t seen those pics. Or the lingerie.” He couldn’t help the accusatory tone from slipping out.

    You sighed, running a hand through your unkempt hair. It was still curly from the private photoshoot you had today while he was at the yard. “Can you sit? Let me explain before jumping to conclusions?”

    Coco took his time getting comfortable in the chair before eyeing the phone. “Fine.” He added, begrudgingly.

    You sat across from him, leaving the phone in the middle as some sort of peace offering. This wasn’t necessarily something that you ever planned on telling anybody. It always felt like your own sexy secret and who would want to give that up? But giving Coco some piece of mind would be worth it.

    “Okay, well I’ve never actually told anybody about this but…” You chewed on your bottom lip, “I like to dress up and take sexy pictures every now and then. I don’t share them with anybody, except for you,” he smiled slightly. “It’s good on days when I don’t feel so confident. It usually makes me feel better.” Your cheeks flushed at the admission. During the relationship you tried not to show any insecurity, taking the ‘fake it till you make it’ motto to heart. It wasn’t anything that he did. It was just a feeling that you always held close to your chest, keeping anyone from seeing the potential vulnerability.

    Coco leaned forward on lanky elbows taking in the site of a flustered Y/N. “I’ve never seen you not confident. You’re the hottest thing in my life on any given day!”

    “You sure? Cause I’ve seen you stare at your motorcycle for minutes at a time. Practically drooling on it.” You joked, snickering when he shot you his typical glare.

    “Nah mami, you got the bike beat by a landslide. And it’s not for a whole minute.” He added. “Seriously though, why don’t you come to me when you feel this way? Thought we were open with each other.” The Mayan was a bit miffed that he hadn’t heard about this at all.

    You sighed dramatically. “I don’t want to make you think that you don’t make me feel sexy. Cause you do. Every day.” It was true. The man was always whispering sweet, and sometimes dirty, things in your ear throughout the day. “That doesn’t mean I’m always gonna feel my best. I’ve just been doing the pictures thing for so long that it was easy to rely on that.” You reached over the table and encased his large hands in yours. “It’s not that I don’t think I can tell you these things, okay? I know I can be honest with you.”

    Coco stared at their entwined hands while mulling over the words. That voice of doubt that seemed to be a constant in his life was fighting back, telling him that she was lying. That she found someone better than him. But the longer he stared into Y/N’s loving eyes, the quieter it got. It had to be one of her superpowers. Nobody had ever been able to quiet the thoughts like his girl. “Alright,” he finally said before squeezing her hand quickly. “Can you promise me you’ll talk to me when you start feeling like this?”

    “Every time? You sure you want that?” Somehow it came out sounding weary.

    The Mayan stood up and made his way to you, pulling you up from the seat and wrapping his strong arms around your waist. You melted into him, resting your lips on his tattooed neck. “Fuck yeah.” He said with undeniable certainty “I’d give anything to make you see what I see. Make you understand what you do to me..” His warm hand made it to your ass, gripping it and pulling you closer. His hot breath fanned across your neck, lips dancing across your pulse point before sucking. The moan that came out of you would have been embarrassing in front of literally anybody else, but Coco just sucked harder, adding a bite for. Your hands made their way under his shirt, long nails scratching his back in encouragement. Soft lips detached from your neck as one hand traveled down the front of your shorts, tracing your wet slit while the other moved up your stomach and tweaked your pebbling nipples. You opened your legs for easier access and closed your eyes in bliss, letting the feelings of pleasure take over. “God, you know how hard it is to hold back whenever we go out together?”

    It was hard to really focus but you managed to think somewhat straight as his fingers played expertly with your clit. “Coco, we’ve fucked in pretty much every place we’ve gone to.” You yelped at the sudden pinch on your nipple then moaned as the two fingers curled inside you.

    “Stop interrupting me.” It was a command, making this situation ten times hotter. He didn’t often get bossy but when he did, it was a guaranteed good time. Usually three or four orgasms, guaranteed. You shook your head quickly, moving your hips back and forth across his hand in a daze.

    “Good.” Coco grinned before turning you around so that your cheek was flat against the cold counter. He grabbed your arms and pulled them behind your back, gripping with one hand. The other made quick work of your shorts and his jeans.

    “Fuuuuuck,” he groaned while sinking fully into your heat. You moaned at the first stroke, pushing your ass back, trying to get as close as possible. “You okay?” he asked quietly, making sure to hear a verbal yes before pulling back and slamming in, forcing your whole body forward.

    “Oh god Johnny.” It was the only thing you managed to say. The rest was just moans and whines as he pounded away.

    Coco gripped her forearms securely, using them to pull you back into him, engulfing his entire cock. It didn’t take long before praises were spilling out of his mouth; things like “you’re taking my cock so well, baby girl.” “You like being my good girl, huh?” “Pussy’s squeezing me so good” “I know you can moan a little louder than that. Want everyone to know how good I make you feel” “such a good girl.”

    Those words were like a drug, causing your pussy to tighten around him with almost every stroke. Your only response was a repeating chorus of ‘please’, encouraging him to go faster. Nimble fingers reached around, circling your clit with pressure four or five times, causing the string to snap. Coco groaned, resting his forehead on your back as you cried out in ecstasy, feeling you tighten more around his thick cock causing his own release. “Fuck, Y/N.” He huffed, keeping himself buried in your pussy, allowing both of you to catch your breath.

    You hissed when he finally stepped back, standing up gingerly. The counter took most of your weight as you ran a hand through your now sweaty and even more unruly hair. Your boyfriend grabbed a glass of water, handing it to you with his signature shit eating grin whenever he gave you leg shaking orgasms. “Was that okay?”

    “Mmhmm,” you gulped down half the glass in one go. “It was amazing. Thank you.” A flush was creeping up your neck, no doubt giving your cheeks a nice and rosy look. Thinking that was enough, you moved to pull up your shorts. It wasn’t until Coco shook his head and pulled your jeans back down that you realized how long of a night it was gonna be.

    With every step towards the bedroom door, your pussy clenched, that throbbing of desire coming back full force when you finally made it. Coco followed behind. “How about we take some more pictures?” Your phone was in his left hand while the other stroked his dick.

    You smirked at the thought. “You sure?” He was known to be a bit camera shy.

    “Maybe we’ll make a whole video.” Your pussy clenched again at the thought. “But only if you do something for me.”

    “Anything.” You responded without hesitation.

    His face split into a wide grin, hands cupping your waist and pulling your flush against him. “You gotta model that red lingerie.”

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    • Dave East

    • Method Man

    • other _______


    • Arin Ray

    • Chris Brown

    • other____


    • Michele Morrone

    • Manny Montana

    • other ________

    Drop your requests or “Ask me” with the person you want and the plotting. I’ll be doing requested stories on Tuesday.

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    ♡ — a starter call for CAPTAIN JUNIPER WOLF, AN OC FOR THE STAR WARS UNIVERSE. i have plenty of verses she is active in, too. open to all mutuals and non-mutuals. personals do not like or reblog. multis specify your muse(s) !
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    O'Grady: Are we at least straight? 'Cause this is clearly a debt paid. Come on, man. Am I free?

    Ezekiel: Are any of us?

    O'Grady: What the fuck? What the fuck does that mean? ...Fucking existential biker bullshit.

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    I see the other photos from this shoot get shared, but I never see this one. I love his eyes in this photo. There’s something that is just so genuinely kind about these eyes. And I have to admit…. It makes me think about how Bishop might look at the person he loves. We’ve seen the playful and flirtatious smirk, but what about when he’s just asking about your day? What about looking at you as you speak enthusiastically about your latest obsession? A simple good morning over coffee?

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    This is the writers appreciate post.

    Some of my favourite writers and the fandoms I read from them!!!!

    @disasterfandoms - Seal Team, Swat

    @galaxysanduniversesinmymind - Seal Team

    @blathannabeaga - Seal Team, SWAT

    @rebelwrites - Seal Team, Mayans, SOA

    @chibsytelford - Seal Team.

    @theysayitscrazy - seal team @quality-on-a-patch-of-awesome - Seal Team

    @alidravana - Seal Team

    If you haven't go check their works out, honestly these guys are amazing!

    I've had the great pleasure of knowing them.

    Alright I'm off ! x

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    #oc rp#appless rp#soa rp#crime rp #mayans mc rp #small town rp
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    We are so excited to be opening tonight! I am currently working on the introductions for my characters but I will be around for a bit! We’d love to get more members before we open! So don’t be afraid to send in an app or send in questions! 
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    All That’s Left

    Happy Lowman x F!Reader

    Request by @kat8989: I was also wondering if you could do a Happy Lowman one with the phrase “You’re the only good thing left in this world.” (Prompt is from This List)

    Warnings: angst, canon compliant/post-s7 finale of SOA, mentions of injuries

    Word Count: 1.6k

    A/N: It’s angsty hours here at drabbles-mc lately. Sad, soft fic for the Tacoma Killer.

    SOA/Mayans Taglist: @garbinge @masterlistforimagines @thesandbeneathmytoes @paintballkid711 @tomhardydallasstarsgirl @queenbeered @kelpies-shed @sesamepancakes @yourwonkywriter @chibsytelford @gemini0410 @behindmyeyes-insidemyhead @plentyoffandoms @georgiaaintnopeach @twistnet @themoonandthewicked @bucky-iss-bae @encounterthepast @rosieposie0624 @mylittlelonelyappreciationtoo​ @mijop​ @xladymacbethx​ @blessedboo​ @holl2712​ @lakamaa12​ @toni9​ @shadow-of-wonder​ @crowfootwrites​ @redpoodlern​ @punkgoddess-98​ @black-repunzel99​ @lexondeck​ @mrsstevenbuchananstark​ @lovebishoplosamiguelgalindos​ @amorestevens​ @angelreyesisdaddy04​ @mijagif​ @frattsparty​ @winchestershiresauce​ @bellisperennis0​ @beardburnsupersoldiers​ @mveggieburger​ @thanossexual​ @xeniarocks​ @choochoo284​ @littlekittymeow​ @beardsanddetectives​ @bruxasolta​ @slut-bitch-brat​ @i-love-scott-mccall​ @adela-topaz-caelon​ @i-just-read-stuff​ @unicornucopia-fuckers​ @jitterbugs927​ @be-my-dear​ (If you want to be added to the taglist just let me know!)

    It had been a long few days since the last time you saw Happy. You knew that things were spiraling quickly with the club, and you knew that that was why he hadn’t been home. You knew better than to try and pry for details that he would never give you. Happy was tough, brave, sometimes too much for his own good, but you knew that from the get-go, and it was one of the things that you loved about him.

    That same love was what made the long days of silence and distance worth it. You knew that when it was time for him to come home, that’s exactly what he would do without a second to waste. Still, it didn’t make the house any less eerie as you sat in the living room alone. You kept the television on constantly just so that you didn’t feel quite so alone with your thoughts. Even in the days leading up to his latest stint away from home, Happy had been different. He was never the most talkative person in the world, but he always listened, was always attentive, but he’d seemed farther away than usual. Whenever you asked him about it, he shrugged it off, and you didn’t have it in you to put up the battle of trying to pry.

    It was late, and you were nose-deep in a new book when you heard the lock clicking on the front door. Your heart sped up in your chest as you looked over the back of the couch, like you had to confirm that it was really him. He was slow getting through the door, his movements calculated as he shut and locked the door behind him. You saw the way his shoulders rose and fell as he took his first deep breath in his own home again after a long, undoubtedly stressful, time away. You wanted to run over and hug him, but the fact that he hadn’t even looked at you yet had you thinking that maybe he needed some space.

    Setting your book to the side, you leaned against the back of the couch and waited. When he turned around and faced you, you saw the bandages on his arm, the way he was hesitant to move it or flex his hand too much. The caretaker in you wanted to jump up and offer to help him, but you fought the urge when you saw the vacancy in his expression.

    He walked over towards you, and for the first time ever since you had met happy, you shrunk back a little. It wasn’t that you were afraid of him—you knew that he was a man who wouldn’t ever hurt you. But for the first time in a long time it was impossible to read the emotions on his face, in his eyes, and that left you not knowing what to do.

    Reaching with his good arm, he rested his hand on the back of your head and pulled you closer, the movement gentle as he rested his forehead against yours. His eyes fell shut as he took another long inhale, like the scent of you wafting over him would free him from everything the last few days had put him through. Words got stuck in your throat as you soaked up the gesture, and you wanted to reach out and touch him, but you didn’t.

    Placing a soft, lingering kiss on the edge of your forehead, he made his way to the bathroom without a word. You wondered if you should follow, but when he didn’t look back at you, you decided against it, allowing him alone time to decompress.

    You stayed on the couch, too distracted to pick your book back up as you waited for whatever was coming next. You were half paying attention to the show on the television, but mostly you were listening to the sound of the shower running on the other end of the house.

    The water stopped, and you fought the urge to stare down the hall. Twisting your hands in your lap, you waited. It was really only a couple minutes, but those seconds stretched into hours as you waited for him to come back out of your shared bedroom. When he did, he was in a pair of old sweatpants, didn’t even bother with a shirt. The bandages were gone from his arm, and you knew from first glance that it was a gunshot wound. Fighting the urge to pry, you looked up at him as he made his way to the couch, towering over you as he stood while you were curled up on the sofa cushion.

    He held out the hand of his good arm, lips tugging down into a slight frown, his voice quiet and heavy, “Come to bed.”

    You let him pull you up off the couch, shutting off the television and all the lights as you both made your way to your room. His hand didn’t release yours the entire time, which wasn’t like him at all—it wasn’t his usual brand of affection. This felt needy, and Happy was not a man you would ever describe as needy.

    When you both got to the room, Happy went over and sat on the edge of the bed and faced you, but he couldn’t meet your eyes. You were about to finally ask him what happened when he pulled you closer, resting his head against your stomach as he wrapped his arms around your middle. The gesture threw you off, but after a moment you caught up to what was happening and draped your arms around his neck, one hand coming to rest softly on the back of his head. He pulled you tight, pressing himself to you, and that was when you felt his shoulders start to shake. His hands balled up the fabric of the old -shirt you were wearing, his shirt to be precise, as his body continued to tremble.

    You took a deep breath, hugging him back as best you could. You’d seen Happy cry maybe twice in the entire time you’d known him. Maybe twice. It left you with a million questions but no ability to ask them. You didn’t know if he would be able to answer them, anyway.

    The two of you stayed like that for a long while, and you had never felt so close to him, yet so far away at the same time. It wasn’t the kind of intimacy he usually allowed himself to experience—he was usually the one holding you together. But the air of mystery around your life together lately left a distance that you couldn’t collapse on your own.

    “I love you,” you whispered it, the first thing you’d said to him all night.

    You heard him sniffle, and it made your heart shatter as he replied, his voice choked with emotion, “I love you too.”

    You pulled away, just enough to be able to tilt his chin up so that he was looking at you. Thumbing the tears off his cheeks, you nodded towards the pillows stacked at the base of the headboard, “Come lay with me.”

    He let you go just long enough for you to each crawl into bed and underneath the covers. You shut the bedside lamp off, enveloping the two of you in darkness as you met in the middle of the mattress. Happy looped one arm around your waist while his other hand came up to cup the side of your face. His fingers lightly pressed, caressing your cheek as he inched closer to you. Your foreheads rested against each other once more, and you couldn’t help but to rest your hands flat against his chest, feeling the heat from his skin and the steady thumping of his heartbeat.

    Even in the darkness, you could still see his expression, his eyes. There was a sadness and a heaviness in them that said soon, but not tonight. You accepted that, knowing that whatever transpired earlier in the day took an immense toll on the man laying in front of you, the man who was clinging to you for dear life.

    You let your eyes drift shut, not that you were planning on falling asleep any time soon. Time ticked by, and you felt the way that Happy’s breathing evened out, knowing that he was slowly calming down and hopefully falling asleep to wash away the pain of the day. Silence threw a blanket over the room as the two of you laid together, arms and legs entwined like if he tangled you up enough, the universe couldn’t take you from him like it’d taken so much else.

    He’d been still and silent for so long, that you were caught off-guard when he spoke up, “You’re the only good thing left in this world.”

    Your voice was soft with drowsiness, “Happy…”

    He pressed a soft, needy, lingering kiss to your lips, “I mean it,” he leaned in so that his lips were hardly apart from yours, “You’re everything I’ve got.”

    You rested one hand over his that was still on your face, “We’re gonna be alright,” you traced your fingers over his knuckles, “Whatever it is, we’ll figure it out.”

    He gave the slightest hint of a nod but didn’t say anything more. You felt him relax into you, though. Letting out a breath you hadn’t felt yourself holding, you wrapped him up a little tighter, knowing that he needed it. You knew that the morning wasn’t going to be easier, but at least you’d have each other.

    #sons of anarchy #sons of anarchy imagine #soa#soa imagine#happy lowman #happy lowman x reader #happy lowman x you #mayans mc#mayansmc#mayans fx #mayans mc imagine #fanfiction#my writing#drabblesmc
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    Me: I love when my characters are content and in love! They’re all my babies and they deserve nothing but happiness!

    Also Me: *spends days writing the most emotional and angsty stories that put every single one of them through the wringer over and over again*

    #ANYWAY after that heartbreaking ez fic i have decided to continue that story #and i am also working on an angsty happy lowman request as we speak #and i've got a couple other ideas up my sleeve #it's sad boy hours out here #writing#writer#fanfiction#mayans mc #sons of anarchy #soa#narcos#outer banks#obx#author
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    My Heart Needed You Part 25

    An: I’m back, y’all I’ve struggled but I feel like I’ve got back on track!

    Warnings: smut 18+ only, a little angst, language, Nestor being so dang sweet.

    Tag list: @withmyteeth @lexondeck @redpoodlern @bellisperennis0 @thegirlwhowritesfics @chibsytelford @oklahomapeach @lyly00 @nessamc @enjoy-the-destruction @stephaniem1519

    Nestor’s POV

    These last few weeks couldn’t have been better, waking up next to Hailey each day, falling asleep beside her each night, it’s all you have ever dreamed of. Glancing down at her peacefully sleeping, the pregnancy pillow completely surrounding her, her long lashes resting on her cheek, and her bump peeking out of the bottom of the tank top she’s wearing, your chest tightens, full of love.

    Deciding she needs more sleep, you move quietly from the bed not wanting to wake her and make your way to your gym wanting to get a workout in. After an hour of weights and hitting the heavy bag you take off your gloves and pull your shirt off, a sound behind you causes you to whip around only calming when you spot Hailey with her low hanging sweatpants and tiny tank top. “God Nestor, you look so good!” She shuffles over to you, her slippers skidding against the wood floors, and you immediately wrap her in your arms, not caring how sweaty you are. “Why didn’t you wake me up so we could have gone for a run?”

    Giving her lips a small kiss, you shake your head. “You looked so peaceful and comfortable so I couldn’t wake you up.” Her smile let’s you know she appreciates the sleep.

    “You’re too good to me.” Standing on her tiptoes she kisses your lips.

    “Mhmm I love you.” You can’t help but run your fingers through her hair, tucking a few strands behind her ears before holding the sides of her neck, thumbs rubbing her chin. The last few weeks have allowed you to see her calm, relaxed and happy once again. Seeing the girl you’ve always loved finally having her carefree self back. “Take a shower with me?”

    “You have to carry me there.” Without hesitation you lift her up bridal style walking to the master bathroom, her giggles filling your house. Setting her down on the tiled bathroom floor you strip your clothes and lean in turning the shower on allowing it time to warm up.

    Turning around your hands find her belly rubbing small circles before moving them to her back and pulling her into you, capturing her lips with yours. Slowly you begin pulling her tank top over her head running your hands gently over her body, thumbs grazing her nipples causing her to moan into your mouth. Pulling from her mouth you get on your knees in front of her and take her sweatpants with you. Looking up you can’t help but admire her beautiful body, the body carrying your baby. “Jesus Christ you are so beautiful, baby.”

    “Nestor, I can’t tell you the last time I shaved, my hair is a mess, I have old makeup on, and morning breath, don’t lie to me.” Her fingers find the end of your braid, pulling the rubber band out and unraveling each braid.

    “I’m not lying, you like this, just casual, relaxed and carrying my baby, fucking flawless.” Getting to your feet and grabbing her ass you pull her flush - as close as the belly allows - to your body again, “you’re perfect. Now let’s shower and I’ll get you breakfast on the way to Miguel’s.”

    “Are we going to have a little fun in the shower? I can’t go all day at his house feeling like this. I need you, Nes.” Her voice is pouty and you know she’s doing this on purpose to get you to agree.

    “It will have to be fast.” Pulling her into the large shower you immediately push her up against the wall, mindful of her belly and shielding her face from the water spray. Capturing her lips in a hurried wet kiss, you grab her thighs and lift her into your arms, without any foreplay you thrust into her in one rough thrust.

    “Oh my god,” her words come out as moans, her fingers gripping your shoulders, nails digging into your skin. You begin moving but she stops you. “Just give me a second.”

    “Did I hurt you? We can stop, Hails.”

    Shaking her head, her right hand lands on your cheek, her thumb softly rubbing against the stubble on your jaw. “No, I’m fine, just sensitive and it feels like a lot of pressure. I’m okay, just go slow at first.” Nodding you begin kissing along her neck, jaw, leaving behind a trail until you meet her lips. Kissing, nipping and sucking on her lips until her hips begin moving. “I’m gonna move now.”


    The room was filling with steam and her little noises, gasps, moans, and begs. “I love hearing you, Hails.” You want it to last longer but the clock is ticking. So you snake your fingers between your bodies and start rubbing between her legs, while you kiss the sensitive skin of her neck. “I need more, can I go harder?” Nodding she wrapped her legs higher around your waist giving you better access. Her grip on your shoulders tighten as you slam into her.

    “I’m gonna..gonna cum Nes.”

    “Let go baby, let go for me.” She explodes around you, chanting your name and curses. Holding on to her tightly you remove your hand from between the two of you but continue with your brutal pace. Her forehead is resting on your shoulder, her fingers digging into your back, tiny gasps escaping her lips. You’re close, so close, all it takes is her lips and tongue meeting the sensitive skin below your ear, then her teeth grazing your neck. A few more deep, hard thrusts and you let go inside of her with a growl. “Fuck, Hails.”

    Leaning back she rests her head on the shower wall, her eyes closed, chest heaving still, you’re immediately worried when you see her eyebrows pinched together. “Hails, are you okay?” Nodding she opens her eyes, and gives you a small smile.

    “Yeah, that was a lot.” She lets out a breathy laugh, “my body wanted you but was not prepared for that.”

    “I’m sorry baby, I shouldn’t have been so rough.” Gently you run your hands over her thighs and up her back, before slowly pulling out. Feeling horrible at the small hiss she releases.

    Grabbing your face she pulled your head up so your eyes were level with hers. “I’m fine, he’s fine, don’t freak out. I enjoyed it, I would have told you to stop if I wasn’t.” Leaning in she kisses your lips softly before pushing you both into the spray. Quickly you both shower and get ready for work.


    After going to a local taco truck to get Hailey her favorite breakfast burrito you finally make it to Miguel’s, with a happy girl beside you. Walking her to her office you leave one more kiss before finding Miguel in his.

    “Mikey do you have time to talk?” You asked, needing to have this conversation with someone other than yourself.

    “Of course. Everything alright? Haley and the baby?” He asks, you can see he’s hiding concern.

    “All good, great actually.” Taking a big deep breath you blurt it out. “I’m going to propose.”

    The grin that graces Miguel’s lips brought one to your own. “It’s about time. You both deserve to be happy, to have the life you planned. I’m thrilled!” Getting up from his chair he rounds the desk pulling you into a hug. “I love you, Brother.”

    “I love you too, Mikey.”



    You’ve spent the full morning in your office and you hadn’t realized how long it had been until you’re suddenly hit with a bout of nausea.

    Grabbing your phone and trash can you text Nestor as you rest your head on your desk trying to calm your stomach with deep breaths and small sips of water.

    Shooting a quick text to Nestor that you're really sick and need him you try to relax. Hoping this is a quick wave of nausea and not the rest of the day. Nestor all but flies into the room Miguel trailing behind him.

    “Hails, what’s going on baby?” He kneels in front of you, gently rubbing your back.

    “I feel so sick, Nes.” Just then the nausea won out and you threw up what little you had in your stomach. Once you were feeling better you turned your head towards Nestor. “Can you get me tea or something light so I can try and eat? Maybe that will help”

    “Yeah, I’ll get you something.” As he gets to his feet, Miguel steps further into the office.

    “Hailey, why don’t you go rest upstairs?”

    Shaking your head - which made the nausea return in full force causing you to groan. “No, I’m fine, I have work.”

    Coming around your deck he grabs your hands, “You can’t work when you are so sick, you need to go lay down and eat. Work can wait. My nephew has to stay healthy and so do you. Let’s go!”

    “Okay Jefe, you don’t have to use your cartel voice with me.” Huffing you get up, and grasp his shoulder to combat the dizziness.

    Mumbling Miguel steadies you, “told you that you need rest.”

    “Fuck you, Mikey.” That got a roar of laughter from him as he walked you towards the steps. “But laying down does sound good right now.”

    Grasping your arm he helped you up the stairs and into the room that you had shared with Nestor. Pulling the comforter and sheets down he helped you into the bed and covered you up. “Nestor’s bringing food up, but I’ll make sure Maria checks on you too.”

    Nodding you wrapped the covers around yourself, “Thank you.”

    Minutes after he left Nestor is back with soup and crackers, along with tea and a random plate of other snacks. “Maria insisted that all of this will make you feel better, and she wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

    You can’t help but laugh, “She’s kept Miguel healthy all these years. I think we can trust her.”

    Sitting up, you take the soup from Nestor and begin eating but almost immediately you are sick once again. “Hailey, I know you've had bouts with morning sickness, but this feels different. You’ve never been sick like this. Should we call your doctor?”

    “No, I'm sure I’m fine, I’m just going to take a nap.” You can see the worry in his face, “I promise, I’m okay. If I don’t feel better I’ll call okay?”

    “Fine, but don’t get up without someone to help.” Leaning over he kisses your cheek, then your nose, then your temple and finally your lips. “I love you, please call me if you need me.”


    A dip in the bed startled you awake and you couldn’t help but curse it. The sudden movement made you even dizzier and the nausea returned. “Nes?”

    “Hey baby,” he grabs your hand, rubbing the back of it softly with his thumb. “How are you feeling?”

    “Terrible. I threw up more, I’m so dizzy, I can’t even drink. Can you call my doc..” Before you could finish you were sick again, but Nestor was already dialing while he rubbed your back.

    “Yes, she’s been throwing up all day, she’s not able to keep anything down even water, and she’s very dizzy.” You can see Nestor nodding his head as he’s on the phone, “almost 7 months…no other complications and she hasn’t had any major issues with morning sickness…this is not normal for her no…take her to labor and delivery? Yes, we will be there shortly.”

    Laying on your side you close your eyes trying to take a few deep breaths to hopefully stop this next wave of nausea. “Is she worried?”

    “She isn’t worried about the baby but is concerned about you. So we need to head in.”

    Groaning you sigh, “Can you get me different clothes? I don’t want to be in this anymore. I'm so uncomfortable.”

    “Yeah, let me see what I can find.” Squeezing your thigh he makes his way to the dresser where he pulls out one of his black shirts. “Let me get some sweatpants from Miguel. Don’t move.”

    Within minutes he’s back with sweatpants and slippers from Emily, “Okay sit up slowly and let’s get you dressed.” Taking your hands he helps you, then gives you a few minutes to make sure you are okay to change. Then gently he helps take your work clothes off and gets you into the comfortable clothes. Once the sweatpants are on he slips on the slippers and helps you walk out of the room. By the time you got to the stairs your dizziness was back in full force.

    “Nestor…I can’t do the stairs. I feel like I could pass out.” Without another word he carefully picks you up, moving slowly to avoid making you sick again. After cautious steps by Nestor and a lot of slow deep breaths by you, he’s finally got you buckled into the car and a trash can in your lap.


    Nestor’s POV

    It was taking every bit of control you have to remain calm. Seeing Hailey so sick and miserable was killing you. Her tiny hand was squeezing yours as you drove through town towards the hospital.

    You’re pulled from your thoughts by her dry heaving next to you and you spot the tears on her cheeks. “Nestor I feel so miserable.” She whispered.

    “I know baby,” giving her hand a firm squeeze, you try to remain calm for her. “It’s going to be fine, they will make you feel better and we will be home before you know it.”

    A few minutes later you’re pulling into the hospital, and quickly get her inside. Carrying her until a nurse brings over a wheelchair and leads you to the labor and delivery floor. Once she was checked in and in a room you helped her change into a gown and into the bed when the nurse came in and hooked her up to countless monitors to ensure she and the baby were okay. You could see her relief when you could hear the baby’s heartbeat.

    The doctor came in and took some blood and ran a few other tests, assuring you she would be back shortly.

    Laying on her side, Hailey’s eyes meet yours, “I love you, Nes.” Her voice is so soft and soothing. Grabbing her hand you scoot closer to her, resting your forehead on hers. “And I love you, Hails.” The two of you are quiet just holding on as you wait.

    A gentle knock at the door is followed by soft steps, “I’ve got some good news.” Her doctor said once she was in front of the two of you. “Looks like you have a bad case of food poisoning, and you are extremely dehydrated from throwing up. But the baby is perfect. We’re going to get an IV going with nausea medicine and some fluids. You should be feeling better quickly but I do want to keep you overnight.”

    Groaning Hailey’s eyes meet yours once again, “I’ll go get your pregnancy pillow. I know you won’t rest without it.“

    She gives you a tiny smile, “you’re the best.”

    As the doctor reviews the monitors on the baby, a nurse comes in, taking Hailey’s hand to get her IV started. Haileys other hand firmly holding yours. Once she was done the nurse left quietly and the doctor turned to you both again, “Alright, Hailey you should start feeling better soon. If you need to get up you need to call for one of us. With your dizziness we don’t want to risk you falling okay?”

    Nodding, Hailey rolled back on to her side, “Thank you, sorry for freaking everyone out.”

    Her doctor just smiled, “Coming in was the best option, with how dehydrated you are this could have been very serious. Always trust your body, mama, you are doing great.”

    You were filled with pride hearing the doctor's words knowing Hailey is doing amazing taking care of your little man. Leaning over you kiss her forehead. Now that she just had to rest you ran home to get her the pillow and a few essentials for the night and tomorrow. Then raced back needing to be with her.

    “Are you going to stay with me?” Her words startled you a little because you thought she was sleeping as you got her pillow in position.

    “No way I’m leaving you here, baby.” Quickly - as quick as her belly allowed - she scooted over and patted the bed beside her. Kicking off your shoes you lay next to her and wrap her in your arms holding her and rubbing her back until her breathing slowed and she relaxed into sleep, only then did you allow yourself to sleep too.

    The next morning you’re woken up by a nurse coming in, thankfully they didn’t come in during the night everyone agreed sleep was what Hailey needed.

    Coming in quietly she gives you a small smile, “I’m sorry, we need to check her and baby, if all looks good they will have you out of here this afternoon.”

    Nodding you pull yourself from Hailey’s arms, causing her to groan. “Hails, you need to wake up.” Gently you shake her shoulder before placing your hand on her cheek. “Hails.”

    “No, Nes.”

    Looking at the nurse you smirk, “She’s not a morning person, or really a being woken up person.”

    “Come on Hails, you gotta wake up if you want to go home.” Shaking her again she finally stirs.

    “You’re annoying me, Nestor.” Her sleepy eyes glare at you as the nurse comes in and checks the baby’s monitor first and then asks Hailey some questions. After switching the IV bag out for a fresh bag of fluids she leaves the room, breakfast arrives almost immediately. “Nes, this looks gross.”

    “It does, but you have to eat and keep food down all morning for them to let you go home.” Her pout is almost enough for you to go get her food immediately but you also can’t leave her. “Come on, you can eat this and when we get home I’ll cook you something good okay?”

    Grumbling, she rolls her eyes, but lights up when she mentions her favorite food. “Alfredo?”

    “Yup, anything you want you’ll get it!” Kissing her temple you pull back so she can eat.

    A few hours later, another round of tests and fluids, you are rolling Hailey out of the hospital with strict instructions for her to rest the next few days. “I’m taking a shower the second we walk in that door.”

    That evening after a hot shower, a long nap, and her favorite dinner Hailey is curled up on the couch. Her head resting on your lap as you run your hands through her hair. “I’m so grateful for you.” She whispered, her eyes barely open.

    “I’ll always be here for you.”


    Haileys POV

    After a few days of resting and being babied by Nestor you’re finally feeling better and just in time for your birthday. Kisses up your shoulder and neck wake you on your big day and you can’t contain your smile when Nestor whispers “happy birthday, baby!” In your ear.

    With his hand on your belly he leans over so he can see your face and kiss your lips. “I have a whole day planned, starting with chocolate chip pancakes and coffee in bed, followed by a visit to the spa, then lunch at our place obviously, a little San Diego pier walk, dinner and if you’re really lucky dancing.”

    “All of my favorite things.” Wrapping your arms around his neck you pull him to you causing him to climb over you so you can kiss him again. “I would love to keep kissing you, Nes, but the pancakes really sound good to me and your baby.”

    “You got it, let me help you sit up.” Climbing off the bed he lifts you up as if you weigh nothing to help you into a sitting position. You can’t help but giggle at his excitement as he comes in from the kitchen a trey in hand with food, coffee and flowers. As you do a little dance he laughs as he walks out and returns with his own plate, joining you in bed.

    “Do you hate food in bed as much as you used to?” You ask as you devour the pancakes in front of you.

    Chuckling he takes a drink of his own coffee, eyeing you over the rim. “I’ll make exceptions for important days, your birthday is number one on the list…but I’ll be changing the sheets while you shower.” Leaning over you kiss his cheek, and you enjoy your breakfast together.


    After a morning of pampering, the best lunch, a long walk along the beach, shopping and dinner, you find yourselves walking along the pier again. You can’t help but notice how nervous Nestor is acting. To the outside world he’s calm and seems normal, but you can tell somethings up. Giving his hand a little squeeze he looks down, smiling big he leans down kissing you.

    You both quietly walk along the pier no sound but the waves and your feet hitting the wood, as you get closer to the end you can’t help but wonder why it’s empty. “It’s weird that there isn’t anyone out here.”

    He shrugs his shoulders, “It’s booked for a private event.” Your head snaps up to face him and you see a small smirk.

    “Nes…” lifting your joined hand he kisses your knuckles and points towards the end of the pier and then you see it light up. “Oh my god.”

    Pulling you the short distance to the end you start to hear music playing, and see frames around the edge of the pier. Once you arrive under the lights he pulls you close and starts swaying to the music. As you move around you can see the pictures are of the two of you throughout your friendship and relationship, highlighting every stage of life. Tears start burning your eyes and you can’t help but to stretch up and kiss Nestor’s lips.

    “Hailey, we’ve been through a lot in our life, my best memories have been by your side, and I can’t wait for the adventure that we’re going to be taking together with Niko, the happiest memories are still to come.” You can hardly breathe as the tears stream down your cheeks. “You were right when you said this pier has heard and seen all of our highs, our dreams, our life, and it felt perfect for this next dream.” He stops swaying and lands on one knee in front of you, hands holding yours tightly. “I want all the rest Of our adventures and memories to be as husband and wife, I want it all, Hails. Abuela knew when we were 10, you knew at 16, and I admitted it at 18, now I’m here reaffirming my love for you. Will you marry me?”

    Falling to your knees in front of him, wrapping your arms around him tightly, you nod your head whispering he’s in his ear. “I love you so much, Nestor! I can’t wait to be your wife.” Wiping your cheeks he smiles at you, his eyes crinkling in the corner, you don’t miss the glassy sheen of unshed tears. Taking your left hand he places a beautiful diamond ring on your finger.

    “I thought about using the original ring because you loved it, but I felt like a new one was needed as we start our new chapter together.” As he stands you grasp his face in your hands.

    “It’s so perfect, Nestor. All of it.” Kissing his lips once again, you move your hands around his neck and his land on your hips and you both begin to sway to the music once again, staying that way for a while before either of you speak again.

    “I feel like I checked off all of your favorite things today, but I have one more surprise for you at home.” Your eyes light up as you meet his loving gaze.

    “Another surprise, I’m not sure it can top this…but what is it?”

    The deep vibration of his laugh wraps around you, filling you up with so much love for this man. Taking your hand he begins to walk back to the car, “let’s get home and you’ll find out, baby.” Winking at you he turns around, his pace slow for your smaller strides.

    Pulling into the driveway of the house you're buzzing with excitement, and you can feel it coming off if Nestor too. Coming around to your door he helps you out, threading your fingers together as you head to the door. Once inside he lets go of your hand in the entryway, “stay here, I have to bring it to you…close your eyes.” Humoring him you do close your eyes, trying to be patient. “Okay, open!“

    In front of you is a large box and a grinning fiancé. Slowly approaching the box you lift the lid and are met with tiny barks and a large tail thumping the side of the box. The fluffiest German shepherd puppy is jumping up to you, and the tears are streaming down your face once again. “Nestor..” a sob escapes and you lift the puppy into your arms and fall into Nestor’s.

    “Happy birthday, baby!” He whispers in your ear. “This isn’t the end of the night though, we have cake and then I want to show you how much I love you.”

    After a delicious cake, a walk around the neighborhood with your new, currently unnamed puppy, you and Nestor head to the bedroom. Immediately he pushes you up against the closed door, hands exploring your body while yours explore his, no words just feeling.

    His hands remove your clothes and yours remove his, reverently you both enjoy each other's body. Pulling you to the dresser he turns you so you’re facing the mirror, your hands on top as his run up and down your sides. “Spread your legs further for me, Hails.”

    Entering you slowly, he takes your hands, his body covering yours. You can’t take your eyes off of him. “I love you so much, Hailey. There aren’t words to tell you how much…just know that I love you with every fiber of myself, I would kill for you, I would die for you.” His thrusts have become more forceful, but his words and kisses on your shoulders and neck are soft.

    “I love you so much, Nes.” Your words are whispered as you lose yourself in him and he in you, your hands squeezing his tightly.

    “Here’s to forever, Hails.” Kissing you again he pulls you into his arms and lays you in bed.

    “To forever, Nes!”

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