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  • geminitay-but-everywhere
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    [Image ID: A screenshot of GeminiTay’s MCC 17 vod. She looks at Tubbo’s Minecraft character in game. Tubbo’s character looks towards the bottom right, which is where Gem’s facecam is. /End ID]

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  • clnnamon-rolls
    20.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Art I made before MCC 17!

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  • geminitay-but-everywhere
    18.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    [Image ID: A screenshot of GeminiTay’s minecraft character being almost entirely covered up by Sneegsnag’s Minecraft character as he runs in front of her. /End ID]


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  • thatgirlissopeculiar
    17.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    That was a fun stream actually

    Punz and George is a fun dynamic

    #I wish Dream would join their Fortnite streams just to chat though #the random sound was so freaky lmao #George Fortnite/MCC Practice Stream 17/10/21
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  • cgnf
    14.10.2021 - 1 week ago
    #red rabbits mcc 17 . i miss them every single day. #[redacted] tumblr user #asks
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  • myceliumromance
    12.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    I think that as Hermitblr/MCCblr people we don't appreciate False protecting Grian during MCC17 SG enough. Like she says "stand behind me" while Fruit's trying to get Grian (right before she shoots Fruit to knock him back),,,,,

    #idk #something about it just makes me :sadball: /pos #mcc 17#mcc#minecraft championship#grian#falsesymmetry #mcc 17 orange ocelots
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  • aroaceacacia
    09.10.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • cgnf
    09.10.2021 - 1 week ago
    #did u mean ace race or #wait. they didn’t place ace race #bro i ahve like. No memory of mcc 17 #[redacted] tumblr user #asks
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  • heykindangel
    08.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    MCC 18 teams and how many wins they have:

    Red Ravens: Wisp (1 win), Ph1LzA (2 wins), Jack Manifold (0 wins), TommyInnit (1 win)

    Orange Oozes: GizzyGazza (0 wins), Mefs (0 wins), TapL (1 win),  Krtzyy (1 win)

    Mustard Mummies: Sylvee (0 wins), Tubbo (0 wins), Sapnap (2 wins), Smajor (3 wins)

    Lime Liches: Gee Nelly (0 wins), Illumina (1 win), CaptainPuffy (1 win), Ryguyrocky (1 win)

    Green Goblins: Grian (1 win), Nihachu (0 wins), HBomb94 (4 wins), GeminiTay (0 wins)

    Cyan Centipedes: CaptainSparklez (0 wins), Ranboo (0 wins), Sneegsnag (0 wins), WilburSoot (2 wins)

    Aqua Abominations: Punz (1 win), Antfrost (0 wins), Shubble (2 wins), vGumiho (0 wins)

    Blue Banshees: 5up (0 wins), PeteZahHutt (4 wins), DanTDM (0 wins), PearlescentMoon (0 wins)

    Violet Vampires: TheOrionSound (0 wins), SolidarityGaming (1 win), Smallishbeans (1 win), Seapeekay (2 wins)

    Fuchsia Frankensteins: Dream (4 wins), awesamdude (0 wins), Quackity (1 win), GeorgeNotFound (2 wins)

    #doing the same thing i did for mcc 17 #mcc halloween edition #mcc teams#MCC#minecraft championship#mc championship #again im not gonna tag anyone because its too much
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  • kaustic
    07.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    this is not a safe space for people who dislike scott smajor. i have a gun and it’s on sight.

    #FUCKING COME AT ME MOTHERFUCKERS #I WILL NOT TOLERATE SMAJOR SLANDER IN THIS FUCKING HOUSEHOLD #mcyt#scott smajor#mcc#mcc17 #im pretty sure its 17??? #i have since been told its mcc18 but my idiocy is funny so im leaving the tags #mcc18
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  • belovedgamers
    07.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    “If you see me beating some raiders with my shovel, ignore it.”

    Personally I think Gumi killing those mobs with her shovel was kind of badass.

    reblogs >>> likes!

    Taglist under the cut!

    Hello everyone! Yes, I am still on that MCC 17 art swing. We’re going to all pretend I planned to post this on MCC team reveal day from the start. ^-^

    @stardust-studi0 @kleptodragon @erent @netheritenugget @conflicted-phoenix @miss-match01 @somehowmags @neapolitantoebeans @knowone08b @aceofspades12 @rufuslupislupis @artanogon @mistressoffandoms @stars-and-candybars @lynxalon @nerdybitchywitchy @shiftingdreamer @enby-chaos @dsmp-blog-i-guess @truncatedgrip @stablerock @imdedinsidex-x @anotherweirdohere @indridthemoth @d3v1lb0yt0mmy1nn1t @sweetsmalldog @honeybee-block​ @intense-magnet-enthusiast @chaosofsmarty

    Have a lovely day! Thank you for your support!

    Remember you can send an ask to be added to my taglist!

    #vgumiho#mcc#mcc 17 #mcc 17 red rabbits #gumi fanart#mcc fanart#mcyt#catrina art #there are a LOT of details in this one that kind of get lost #so i will be posting those in close ups later maybe
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  • y4rdbird
    07.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    mcc vod time: pink parrots 17

    I am back with hopefully better typing skills. it is time for pink parrots <3 once again I am not an expert and these are my opinions lol. Im not going over every game and not getting super into analysis, this is more just for my (and hopefully your) enjoyment.

    Going in I wanted to say this team needed to be viewed a bit differently then other teams, as sasha and zues are different kinds of players then most others, in the fact that they. don’t play minecraft lol. I went in not expecting that much from these two, and was blown away by them. By the end of the event they both went up around 15 individual scores then their typical placements, and carried their weight. proud of my simmers <3 alright appreciation time over. time for actual game commentary!

    Hole In The Wall

    starting off strong, hole in the wall! first round sasha and zues got 39th and 40th and fruit and illumina got 1st and 2nd. comedy. hitw is a more individual based game so not much to say other then I enjoyed illuminas very panicked wall calls. really throughout the entire event this team made me laugh so much and made this one of my favorite teams of all time.

    Sky Battle

    up next sky battle <3 this game made me realize zues is a GREAT support. throughout the entire event he was great and keeping calm and giving comms but this showed a lot during sky battle. after dying trying to get into miss they decided to go bonkers and immediately secure mid. king fruitberries being a mad lad and going to mid 10 seconds into the game. pink was definitely at a disadvantage by the time other teams arrived at mid and got overtaken quickly, so their is room for improvement. overall still enjoyable though so 10/10 in my heart.

    Grid Runners

    I love krypticzues.

    Sands Of Time

    sands of time time!! so many thoughts here. to start off, sandkeeper sasha!! she did amazing communicating time and zues as support sandkeeper worked super well. going back for keys as soon as they knew what vault path they were on was smart and got them two vaults early on.

    unfortunately it seems both illumina and tommy (cyan) both fell victim to the same ravager trap after opening a vault. those ravagers have a taste for blood and coins. illumina did open the gold vault and they all got out, so overall good sands of time!


    So. I don’t think anyone expected pink to get to dodgebolt, but they suprised everyone and did SO well. pink 17 my beloved. sasha and zues carried.

    That being said I loved this dodgebolt so much. like genuinely probably one of my all time favorites to watch from both povs. im ecstatic that the simmers got to dodgebolt even if they didn’t win, because they did AMAZING and worked hard to get there. the arrow splitting from both teams made it that much sweeter and overall I just. loved this mcc. it was so fun and pinks pov was so entertaining to watch

    that is all I have to say, Ive been putting off finishing writing this for a week. hopefully this was a good read and if you haven’t watched pinks vod yet PLEASE do. it was so good. that is all <3

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  • red-phosphor
    07.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I know people usually don't like their posts blowing up but I'm really glad the Grian's Strat for Build Mart one did. I have a few regrets not rereading it LMAO, I left out some things on accident but oh well, I don't think it's worth a reblog.

    Also one of y'all offered to put it up on Reddit which—Thanks! I really wanted the ccs to see it but Reddit intimidates the crap out of me and I'm never getting a Twitter due to the drama.

    I'm just—aaaa I almost didn't post it because I was talking about MCC 17 after Rising. No clue how y'all have gotten it to four HUNDRED notes in a few hours.

    #Idk I just wanted to talk about this #younger me always wanted one of my posts to blow up #and now one has #and it's about fricking mcc of all things #just me being a nerd PFPFPFT #mcc#my post#post 17
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  • red-phosphor
    07.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Grian's current strategy to winning build mart (MCC 17):

    3 roles:

    Floater - In charge of collecting materials, initially grabs ~20 of each wood type and then takes all requests through the micromanager.

    Micromanager - In charge of funneling requests to the floater & helping them remember what to get. They decide who's collecting what, and are primarily the one to set aside their build to focus on others (usually if it's a golden build). They basically give all the orders.

    Builders - Primarily focused on building. Initially gets non-wood materials needed for their first build. Only goes out to collect items that aren't being collected by the floater or micromanager.


    If a member (usually the micromanager) is waiting on materials while the other members are collecting, then they should try to place all the blocks they have that are needed for the builds, even if it's left floating in the air until the member collecting comes back.

    Members shouldn't collect things in the same area, if someone's already in stone, don't send someone else to get granite.

    Builders should let the micromanager know exactly what they need so that they delegate someone to get it.

    Pickblock (default keybind middle click) saves time navigating your inventory to get blocks you need to place.

    Use the recipe book to save time crafting certain things (fences, fence gates, campfires, etc.)

    Collect a bit more than you think you need.

    Only the central fan can launch you up.

    Don't mine the orange jump pads.

    #mcc#grian#build mart#mcc 17 #if dream sees this I'd like him to know #that he was already behind the teams doing the strat/some variation of it #before where's the build appeared #contrary to the name there isn't much to building in buildmart #it's optimising teamwork and menu navigation #Idk what willed me to make this #maybe it's because i was watching cyans buildmart in mccr #and they were just everywhere and I was AHIPKAFNEORWJFU #imagine eret sees this #if she does then i hope this helps in the future #to those that saw the tags messed up no you didn't #post 15#my post
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  • fo-wl
    05.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago
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  • cat-26
    03.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    How to win Build Mart: A Guide by Grian (or The Tale of How Pink Parrots Won MCC Rising)

    (From Grian’s MCC 17 and jojosolos’s MCC Rising VODs)

    [ Transcript under the cut ]

    The clips alternate between Grian’s VOD (with Grian, Pete, SB737 and false) and jojo’s VOD (with xNestorio, SpeedSilver and Blushi).


    Grian: (getting closer to the mic) Please tell me it’s…. AH! OH-HO-HO! The prophecy is true!


    Jojo: That’s Build Mart! I can sense it in my bones! (Decision dome shows “Built Mart”) *excited sound, slams on desk*

    Nestor: Big Sales at Build Mart, let’s go!


    Grian: Right, okay, guys, listen up, listen up! I’m manager today. Right. Who’s gonna be our floater?


    Nestor: Uh, I’ll be manager. Scott is gonna be floater.


    Grian: Your job at the start is to go to every single wood, and get a lot of it.


    SpeedSilver: Get everything you need apart for wood.

    Jojo: Yeah, don’t get wood.


    SB737: Oh, we won by a thousand points!


    Nestor: We got first! We got first!

    Blushi: Yeah, we did, we did!


    SB737: I now know how the good teams do Build Mart


    Nestor: We got the coin!!


    Pete: I don’t think anybody’s gonna say or argue that you aren’t the best Build Mart player.


    SpeedSilver: Best Build Mart players!


    Grian: But the thing is, everyone’s gonna be onto my tactics now, Pete, what do I do?

    Pete: While they’re learning your tactics, you’re inventing new ones.

    Grian: Exactly.


    Nestor: Shoutout my man Grian

    Jojo: Yeah, right: Grian, it’s all you bo! (laughs) It was your VOD, that’s how we got here!



    Grian: That’s what we’re talking about! (in a sing song voice and snapping his fingers:) Manager of Build Mart!

    Jojo: Heyo Grian! This is us asking you to duel us. Build Mart. We’re ready for it.

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  • silverphoenix212
    01.10.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Zeus and Vixella were cheering for Illumina in twitch rivals. My heart. MCC 17 pink parrots forever <3

    #illumina #mcc 17 pink parrots
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  • silverphoenix212
    30.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Might as well repost this here! I drew this a while back when pink parrots were announced for mcc 17, because I can’t draw humans but I do enjoy dragons :) Dragon versions of the winners (in our hearts) of mcc 17

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