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  • littleartdump
    28.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Redraws redraws and more redraws of our favorites grunkles

    Also a little Dipper and Mabel

    Now start to work on the expression requests

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  • dirtygfconfessions
    28.07.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • gravityfallscustomplush
    28.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    "My whole life I'd been teased for my six fingers. But that got my thinking about anomalies: things that were odd, unusual, statistically improbable!"

    Finished my young college age Ford! I like how he turned out and he looks really cute with Fiddleford. Up next is Robbie because I really want to finish the Zodiac. Someone had asked me how big my plushie are so the last pic is me holding Ford💙

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  • thelastspeecher
    28.07.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Trouble in Paradise

    Yes, even more Marriage of Convenience AU content!  This time, Ford’s lovely wife finally makes an appearance!

    Once again, thank you to the folks on the Discord who have been helping me with the development of this AU, y’all rock something fierce.  c:


                  The front door opened.

                  “What are we doin’ fer dinner?” a woman asked as she stepped inside.  She looked over.  Her mouth fell open in a small “o”.  “I get the feelin’ that ain’t the question I should be askin’,” she said slowly.  Stan raised an eyebrow at her thick southern accent. Orion and Iris, who had been playing with Stan and Ford on the floor, both got to their feet and toddled to the woman.

                  “Mama!” Iris squealed happily.  The woman crouched down to embrace Orion and Iris.

                  “Hello, my babies,” she cooed, stroking their hair. “Did yer Daddy take good care of you today?”

                  “No, their Uncle Stan did,” Ford corrected tartly. The woman looked up, confused. “You mistook my twin for me and sent him to our home.”


                  “Angie, do you have any clue how dangerous that is?” Ford demanded, getting up and stomping over to his wife.  Orion and Iris scampered to Stan as Angie straightened. “You sent a stranger here. Where our children were.”

                  “Clearly, he’s not a stranger, if he’s yer twin,” Angie snapped.

                  “He’s a stranger to you!”

                  “It worked out, didn’t it?”

                  “I know you’re smarter than this!  You have to understand why your actions were foolish!”

                  “You were home, right?  It was fine!”

                  “No, I wasn’t home!”


                  “I had to work today.”

                  “You were still sleeping when I left.  I thought that meant-”

                  “Oh, god forbid I sleep in on the one day I don’t teach until the afternoon!” Ford shouted, throwing his arms up in the air. “It’s not like I stayed up late grading papers or anything!”

                  “Forgive me fer assumin’ that ya wouldn’t leave our children home alone!” Angie screamed.  Stan grimaced, growing increasingly uncomfortable.

                  “You didn’t check with me before you left to make sure I was watching the kids!”

                  “I thought you wanted yer sleep!” Angie shouted. Orion and Iris buried their faces in Stan’s shirt, whimpering.

                  Okay, that’s enough.

                  “Both of you, shut the hell up,” Stan hissed fiercely.  Ford and Angie glared at him.  “Unless you wanna keep fighting in front of your kids.”  Ford’s face went slack.  Angie covered her mouth in horror.

                  “Oh, no,” she whispered.  “I didn’t- I didn’t mean to.”  She walked over to Stan and knelt next to him.  “Sweeties, it’s okay.”  Iris let go of Stan to latch onto her mother.  “I’m sorry Mama and Daddy were loud ‘n angry.  It’s okay, it’s okay.”  Ford crouched next to Stan as well and held out his arms.  Orion toddled over to him.  Ford embraced his son tightly.

                  “It’s okay, Orion.  Everything’s fine,” Ford whispered.  He kissed the top of Orion’s head.

                  “I can’t believe we fought in front of the kids,” Angie said in a quavering voice.

                  “They’ll be fine.  Kids are pretty tough,” Stan said with a shrug.  Angie sat down and looked at him.  Her eyes were a bright blue, just like Orion’s.

                  “I take it yer my brother-in-law.”

                  “Yep.  Name’s Stan.”

                  “I’m aware.”  Angie looked at Ford.  “Stanford told me ‘bout ya a few times ‘fore ya ran away.”

                  “And your name’s Angie, right?”

                  “Correct,” Angie said with a nod.  Her caramel-colored hair, cut into a short bob, danced from the movement.  Like Ford, she was dressed professionally, wearing slacks, a blouse, and a cardigan. “Thank you fer watchin’ our children today.”

                  “Not a problem.  I like kids.  Always have.” Stan grinned at Angie.  “By the way, no offense to Ford, but you’re way outta his league.”  Ford sighed. Angie blinked in surprise.  A faint flush spread across her cheeks.

                  “Ah, uh, thank you?” she stammered.

                  “Stanley, please don’t hit on my wife,” Ford said wearily.

                  “Fine.”  Stan looked at Orion and Iris, then at Angie.  Both the children had inherited Ford’s thick, ruddy nose, rather than Angie’s long, thin one.  “Maybe your third kid will have your nose, Angie.”  Angie’s eyes widened.  She glared at Ford, who held his hands up defensively.

                  “I didn’t say anything, Angie, Stanley just likes to tease me.”

                  “Hmph.”  Angie carefully deposited Iris in Stan’s lap and stood.  She brushed off her slacks.  “I reckon Stanford didn’t make dinner.”

                  “I was busy catching up with my long-lost twin.”

                  “I see.”  Angie sighed.  “I’ll try to whip somethin’ up.  In the meantime, Stanley, I’d like to repay ya fer watchin’ the kids today.”

                  “When I was checking out the place, I saw a guest room,” Stan said idly.  “It’s got a nice, big bed.”  Angie managed a small smile.

                  “Would ya care to stay the night?” she asked.

                  “Well, since you offered, I can’t exactly turn it down,” Stan replied.  Angie laughed, a sound that made Stan’s stomach somersault.

                  “I like yer sense of humor.”  She walked away.  In a few moments, the clattering of pots and pans sounded.

                  “Yeah,” Stan said.  He looked at Ford.  “You really married up, Sixer.  She’s too good for you.”  He expected Ford to respond with bluster and frustration, but to his surprise, Ford merely sighed.

                  “Yes,” he said softly.  “She is.”


                  “Yeesh.”  Stan grimaced at the apple juice that had spilled all over Orion.  “Guess the lid wasn’t on tight enough, huh?”  Orion giggled.  “Hey, Ford?”

                  “Yes?” Ford called from the kitchen where he was making dinner.

                  “Orion spilled his juice on him, so I’m gonna change his clothes.”

                  “Okay, but be sure to use clothes from the dresser by his crib, not the one by Iris’s.”

                  “You got it.”  Stan picked his nephew up and brought him down the hall.  It was his fourth day at Ford and Angie’s, and he was already considering just moving in.  He liked the consistency of things.  Ford and Angie woke up, took care of the kids, then went to work, leaving Stan to watch the kids.  In the evening, they had dinner, put the kids in bed, and then went to bed themselves.

                  Having a proper roof over my head is pretty nice, too. I’ve been living in the Stanleymobile for way too long.  Stan pushed open the door to the nursery.  He set Orion on the floor and went to the dresser Ford had told him to use.

                  “And…nothing,” Stan muttered after he had pulled open every drawer, only to find it completely empty.  “Hmm.”  Stan looked at Orion.  “It’s too cold to let you walk around in your diaper.”  He crouched down and winked at his nephew.  “I’ll get you one of your sister’s things, okay?  Don’t tell your Dada.”  Orion giggled and stuck his fist into his mouth.

                  Stan grabbed a soft onesie from Iris’s dresser and brought it over to Orion.

                  “Don’t fight me on this,” he instructed his nephew. He removed Orion’s onesie and carefully zipped on the fresh one.  “There! All done!”  Orion fussed loudly.  “What’s wrong?”  Orion began to wail at the top of his lungs.


                  “Aw, it’s okay, Orion, it’s okay,” Stan said in a soothing tone, holding Orion close.  Orion thrashed in his arms, continuing to cry.  “C’mon, kid.”

                  “No!  No!” Orion screamed.  He squirmed desperately.  “No!”

                  “Hey, hey, you don’t gotta be so upset!”


                  “Stanley, what in the world is going on?”  Stan spun around.  Ford stood in the doorway of the nursery.

                  “I put him in new clothes and he lost his mind.”

                  “Did you dress him in clothes from his dresser?”

                  “No, but-”

                  “Damn you, Stanley,” Ford hissed, snatching Orion from him.  Ford quickly unzipped the onesie, pulled it off Orion, and threw it onto the floor. “It’s okay, Orion.”  Ford gently rocked Orion until his sobs quieted to hiccups. “He can’t wear his sister’s clothes,” Ford whispered.

                  “Why?  He’s not exactly macho.”

                  “It has nothing to do with gender, it has to do with tactile sensitivity.”


                  “Orion is extremely sensitive to certain fabrics. He can only wear clothing made of certain material.  Even then, he has to be awake.  He won’t fall asleep if he’s wearing anything more than his diaper.”

                  “…Oh.”  Guilt began to spread throughout Stan.  “Well, why didn’t you tell me?”

                  “I did!”

                  “You told me what not to do.  You didn’t tell me why,” Stan said.  Ford scowled.

                  “I shouldn’t have to explain myself when it comes to matters involving my children.  I’m their father.  I know their needs best.”

                  “Yeah, yeah, whatever, fine.”  Stan crossed his arms.  “I’ll only dress him in his clothes, then.”

                  “Good.”  Ford carried Orion over to his crib and carefully set him down inside.  “He tired himself out from crying.  I hope it doesn’t throw off his schedule much.” Ford sighed.  “I need to get back to the kitchen.  Please watch over Iris until Angie comes home.”

                  “You got it.”  Stan followed Ford out of the nursery, but veered into the living room instead of the kitchen.  Iris stood in the playpen, pouting at Stan.  “Hey there, sunshine.”

                  “Unc,” Iris said in a tone that made it clear she was disappointed with him.  Stan laughed.

                  “You sound just like your dad when you talk like that, you know.”


                  “All right, all right.”  Stan lifted Iris from the playpen.  “I’ll rescue you from the baby jail.”  The front door opened.  Angie walked in.  “Hey, Ang.”

                  “Stan,” Angie said with a nod.  She beamed at Iris.  “There’s my lil rainbow!”  Iris squealed happily.


                  “I sure am,” Angie gushed.  Stan handed Iris over to her.  “Where’s Orion?”

                  “In his crib.”


                  “He had a bit of a meltdown and wore himself out,” Stan explained.

                  “Oh no.  Do ya know why?”

                  “According to Ford, it’s ‘cause I put him in the wrong clothes.”

                  “Ah.”  Angie nodded sagely.  “That’d do it.”


                  “Oh, yes.  He’s a sensitive little boy.”  Angie smiled. “But at least ya know now and ya won’t dress him wrong next time.”

                  “Yeah…”  Stan stuffed his hands into his pockets.  “Look, Ang, I gotta ask you something.”


                  “Isn’t- isn’t it kinda coddling Orion?” Stan asked. Angie frowned.  “He should just deal with wearing clothes he’s not comfortable in.  That’s how life works.”

                  “Stanley, Orion ain’t even two yet,” Angie said patiently.  “He’s supposed to be coddled.”

                  “Well, yeah, but-”

                  “When he gets older, if it’s still a problem, we’ll address it, try to ease him into other clothes.  But right now, he’s too little to understand what’s goin’ on. All he knows is that he’s uncomfortable, in pain, even.”

                  “Fair enough,” Stan mumbled.  He looked down at his feet.

                  “Stanley.”  Stan looked up.  Angie was watching him, not with sympathy, but with empathy.  “I understand.”

                  “You do?”

                  “Yes.”  Angie took a seat on the couch.  Stan sat down next to her.  “Stanford told me ‘bout how yer father was very into tough love.”

                  “Yeah, he was.”

                  “That was somethin’ I was worried ‘bout.  I was worried Stanford might slip into similar ways of parentin’.  But he didn’t.  He told me that the second he held Orion and Iris, he knew he couldn’t be harsh or tough on ‘em.”  Angie played with Iris’s six-fingered hands, her eyes soft.  “I understand that ya have that same instinctive urge to do as ya were raised.  But trust us when we say we know what we’re doin’, okay?”


                  “Good.”  Angie smiled at him.  “‘Cause Stanford ‘n I have been talkin’, and we think that, if yer willin’, we’d like to hire ya as a live-in nanny fer Orion and Iris.”


                  “We’d pay ya and let ya stay in the guest room.” A twinkle appeared in her eye. “But only if ya do what we tell ya.”


                  “The kids love ya.  We need childcare, you need a job.”  Angie shrugged.  “Seems like a win-win sit’ation.”

                  “You know I’m unemployed.”

                  “Oh, sugar cube.”  Angie put a hand on Stan’s shoulder.  “We know ya ain’t just unemployed, we know yer homeless.”


                  “But if ya take us up on this offer, ya won’t be.”

                  Good point.

                  “I’ll think about it,” Stan said after a moment, wanting to avoid seeming too eager.  Angie nodded.

                  “Good.”  Crying sounded from down the hall.  Angie sighed. “I better go check on Orion.”  She handed Iris to Stan, then kissed his cheek. Stan watched her walk away, warmth spreading across his face.

    #idk why this AU has been living in my head rent-free but it has so y'all get some more writing lmao #Stanley Pines#Stanford Pines#Angie McGucket #Marriage of Convenience AU #ficlet#my writing#speecher speaks
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  • bittersweet14
    27.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Gravityfalls : A rewind loop summary

    Set when the Stan twins were seventeen after Stanley was kicked out and Ford graduation .

    It was their graduation or at least Ford’s and Stanley wasn't going to mess his brother graduation even if his brother didn't want to see him there it was okay Stanley plan was to go watch his brother graduate wearing a Hoodie or a Disguise to hide identity he will see his brother graduate from a distance without being caught and then he will leave .

    That was his plan simple and easy three steps plan what he didn’t expect is while he was driving to the said graduation is his car crashing into a truck and rolling down to the bottom of a hill he was injured so badly that he expected himself to die right away .

    Luckily for him ambulance has arrived while he was passed out and took him to the nearest hospital.

    As for Ford at his graduation a sense of dread wash over him like there’s something wrong or something bad happened and he doesn't know what is it ? But what could possibly have gone wrong he is graduating high school and soon going to college there is nothing going wrong now right ?

    The graduation went on smoothly but the feeling of dread was still there growing stronger each second he tried to push it down and have a nice graduation he didn’t know what caused that feeling until he got home with both his parents and watched the news that his father love to watch so much that he found out what was the feeling about .

    There at the news was scene of horrible accident a car crashed into a truck while the reporters were trying to explain the accident his heart stopped beating when they showed the state of the car it was crushed , broken beyond Repair but what caught his eye was the sing on the car it had the name Stanlymbl on it .

    But it couldn't be he couldn't believe it until the reporters said Stanley name and in his name was shown in big bold letters and where he's at which hospital he was in with that information set in front of them the pines family went to the hospital Stanley was in as fast as they can .

    When they got there they asked about Stanley and which room he was in when they reached there Stanley was there lying in bed looking so close to death When the doctor responsible to watch over Stanley arrived to report them with Stanley condition shocked them and strike them at same time .

    What the doctor said about Stanley is :

    He is lucky that he made it that he still alive that Stanley was in a coma and there a huge chance he won't wake up and if he did he will suffer from memory loss and properly have a short _term memory for the rest of his life

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  • gravityfallsrockz
    27.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Old friends reunited

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  • orig-suckamunch
    27.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    madness by muse fiddleford mcgucket song circa late 1981 to early 1982 send tweet

    #gravity falls#gf#fiddleford mcgucket #nobody’s gonna argue w me but #i’m correct!! i am i was listening to it earlier it’s literally 1980s fidds #like straight out the gate w ‘i can’t get these memories out of my mind’ like come On #also ‘all the crazy fights we had like some kinda madness was taking control’ very much trouble in paradise fiddauthor vibes #personal #prolly gonna make him a playlist soon too. rent free
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  • hopefully-not-the-ghostbusters
    26.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Me suddenly realizing that Wilbur has a bandage on the OUTSIDE of his COAT

    #my post#mcyt#dsmp#dream smp#Wilbur soot#/roleplay #??? #girl what #why’s ur bandage there #like I get it’s there bcus I couldn’t see it otherwise #but no #no meta explanation #I want the in canon reasoning for why there’s a bandage on his coat #old man mcgucket arc #‘why’s there a bandage on my beard? why did no one ever point that out?
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  • rosalyn64
    25.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    Summary : fantastic story about beauty and the beast au in Gravityfalls where Dipper , Mabel , and Stanford pines spending a few months or so in the beast (Stanley) castle to trun it into an attraction Stanford doesn't remember having a twin brother and have some memory lapse lives with Fiddleford and his son tate in the woods both Stanford and Fiddleford have memory lapse and doesn't remember much of their past as for Stanley he is the master of the castle he have animals living around in his castle he looks like a white tiger more or less he is seven foot tall and doesn't remember anything about his past all he remember is waking up in the middle of the castle looking like this and he didn’t have a name

    Writen by : detectivejigsaw

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  • leaujacques
    24.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    80’s Hot Boy Summer California trip! Just wanted to put all the boys together, Weekend at Bernie’s Soos, Lifeguard Rick, Venice Beach roller Skate Stan, Speedo Ford and Miami Vice Fidds. There’s some timey-wimey stuff going on, here. Don’t overthink it. Or maybe do.

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  • fiddlefucks
    22.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    HEY DEMONS, IT’S ME, YA BOI, here with another au that literally no one was asking for. Warrior Cats.

    Okay okay calling it an au is a really big stretch, I do have ideas for how the story would probably go for this? But Not enough to call it a whole ass au, I just really wanted to draw everyone as warrior cats lmao!

    Things I know:

    I’ve come up with names for everyone hehe

    Mabel and Dipper are smol because they’ve just become apprentices, Stan is Mabel’s mentor and Ford is Dipper’s

    Fiddleford is a medicine cat

    Ford is the clan’s deputy

    they’re all in shadow clan because pine forest

    +more but this post is obnoxious enough lol! I can give full details if anyone wants but otherwise enjoy the cats!

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  • citricacidprince
    22.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    Here's some warm up doodles I did of Fidds cause I love that funky country beanpole very much

    Imagining Fidds as a grumpy morning person is very fun and I will continue to do so

    Gods that line was really good-

    Was thinking about a certain scene in a Timestuck fic I really wanna write cause holy fuck Mad Fidds

    #hehehe that scene i wanna write is real good and i wish i had the attention span to sit down and actually write once and a while ajhdjwjd #gravity falls #gravity falls fanart #fiddleford mcgucket#young fiddleford#sketches#doodles #warm up sketch #warm up doodle #citricacidart#fanart
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  • overheard-at-the-mystery-shack
    21.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Ford: FOUR MONTHS!

    Stan: What's he talking about?

    Fiddleford: I'm sure it's nothing.


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  • thecraftgremlin
    20.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Oh no I’m thinking about an HLVRAI Gravity Falls crossover again.

    #fandom stuff #basically ford interned at black mesa for a summer #so he knows coomer and bubby #science team ends up in gf somehow #chaos ensues #coomer bubby ford and mcgucket form the ultimate chaotic old science men dream team #coomer and stan have a boxing match #ford and dipper sre desperately trying to figure out what the hell benrey is #spoiler alert they don’t #tommy and mabel are instant bffs #dipper follows gordon around like a duckling because he’s another cool action hero science guy for him to look up to #fun is had by all
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  • six-fingered-genius
    20.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Ford complaining about Bill and being like My Muse(derogatory), and Fiddleford being like, “Your what?”

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  • possumbreath
    20.07.2021 - 1 week ago


    he just can't imagine where he fucked up here

    #gravity falls#inku art#animation (ish) #(it's just some tweening it's a shitpost) #fiddleford mcgucket#emma-may mcgucket#tate mcgucket #usually i'd link the youtube version #but this is so short it feels silly to do that
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  • daidz-art
    19.07.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • daidz-art
    19.07.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • mysticmeadowgrass
    19.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    I did something bad.

    Are you ready?

    No you're not.

    Here it is anyway

    Not bad enough yet?

    OK, well she's not as bad I guess.


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