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    Ford V Ferrari Parents Guide Movie Review Kids In Mindkids In Mind awepics.com/image/8JDCv

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    22.06.2021 - 25 minutes ago
    #daniel ricciardo fanfiction #daniel ricciardo oneshot #daniel ricciardo imagine #daniel ricciardo#max verstappen#f1 mclaren#f1 fanfiction#f1 oneshot #f1 one shot #f1 2021#f1 fandom#f1 #f1 x reader #f1 imagine #formula one oneshot #formula one imagine #forumula one #formula 1 oneshot #formula one#formula 1
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    22.06.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    Dreamwatch: NIGHTFLARE (Match 7)

    Katsu Himuro vs Johnny McLaren (Click here to watch!)

    This match was somewhat of a mystery, which is really saying something! About a month ago this would have been a definite win for Himuro, but to say things have changed would be an understatement. This change really started in the Round Robin tournament, where Katsu Himuro was arguably and favorite and McLaren was definitely not a favorite. At the end of this tournament, Himuro finished with one point (from a draw with Kousei Kanai) and Johnny McLaren made his way to the finals, defeating Himuro via KO along the way! Himuro is still a high profile talent in theory, but his momentum is gone at this point. Meanwhile, McLaren has started a new bond with two of his other wrestlers and has been doing well for himself leading into this match. In a shocking turn of events, the odds are in McLaren's favor, and yet this match was still so, so unpredictable...

    What a match this was! Especially for Katsu Himuro who seemed completely reinvigorated. This is a Himuro we haven't seen in Dreamwatch for some months now, and this is arguably his best performance to date! Johnny McLaren was no slouch either in this match. Johnny McLaren proves time and time again that his striking game is top tier and can bring him a long way in any match and against absolutely any opponent. However, Himuro isn't just any opponent. Himuro is truly a total package in Dreamwatch. He hits hard, he's physically strong and imposing, he is extremely agile not only for a person of his size, but for a person of any size. Throughout the match you could tell that McLaren was fighting his hardest and putting his best foot forward, but all he could manage to do was survive Himuro and hope for some kind of comeback against insurmountable odds. So often in this match it felt like any time McLaren would turn things around, Himuro would just turn things back around on him twofold. McLaren even landed his signature Pedigree that knocked Himuro out, but this time it didn't help him, and from there he was out of answers. McLaren has proven to everyone watching that he has immense potential as a competitor, but this is a challenge he simply could not overcome. Not yet, not tonight. With his options and his body thoroughly exhausted and beaten, he got caught by a double wristlock from Himuro and was forced to tap. Probably a disappointing performance from McLaren's perspective, but a brave and hard-fought performance from mine. Perhaps more importantly though, is the fact that Katsu Himuro is back and I couldn't be happier.

    Himuro says that he's managed to make up for the horrible embarrassment he suffered from McLaren the last time the fought, finally. Himuro recalls the worry on everyone's faces when they would see him, see how he's changed. He would look at reporters or personnel and their eyes would be saying "what happened to you?" and Himuro managed to shut them all up in under 20 minutes. Himuro tells everyone to mind their business, he knows what he's doing, he knows what he is. He's the ultimate wrestler, the untouchable, unstoppable titan of Dreamwatch and no one, not even McLaren, can change that fact. Himuro says that he has developed some respect for McLaren. McLaren is very obviously skilled and more important he's unafraid of anything. Himuro can see it in his face. Perhaps McLaren should have been afraid of Himuro tonight, but in another company, perhaps in another time, that confidence would get him far. However, its Himuro's world right now, so respect is all McLaren will be able to get. Himuro will get everything and more. Its time that the world recognized again what Overkill is. Overkill is Dreamwatch. We'll all truly understand what that means soon enough.

    McLaren holds his sore body, shaking his head in disappointment. The last time he and Himuro fought, he managed to knock Himuro out completely. He put Himuro on the shelf for a little bit even. Now, a little while after that, he's fighting against someone who is undoubtedly a monster. This is fine, though. Throughout McLaren's entire time in Dreamwatch, it feels like every match has been him having to overcome the odds for a victory, and he's been more victorious than most. Himuro can be a ridiculous, monstrous opponent but everything can be slain, and McLaren's done it once before. He bets that his kicks and knees managed to bruise Himuro up, and the next time he'll do even more. Besides, there's got to be a next time, they're 1-1 against each other. They need a definitive winner to this epic series. Before they fight again though, McLaren needs to figure something out. He just needs that little bit of extra push to get there, to be at the top of the heap. It feels like its in reach for him, and not that long ago he thought about quitting the business, so he knows he's always got room for growth. He knows he'll see Himuro again, and next time he'll slay that monster, and maybe even shake hands with the man underneath. For now, he needs to lay flat somewhere for a little while.

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  • scotlynaurora
    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The Neighbor (a mini fic)- part 2

    It was surprisingly brisk for a summer night in Monaco. Luckily I had grabbed the right jacket before we had left my apartment. Daniel had shown me the path along the water he liked to run on. It really was beautiful at night. Something about being near the water just calmed me. We had walked along the path and found a place to sit and chatted there for a while.

    “Ready to go?” Daniel asked me, starting to get up.

    “Yeah. So what’s this surprise place you want to show me?” I responded, taking hold of his outstretched hand to help me up. I quickly brushed myself off as we had been sitting on the stone wall, our legs dangling over the side just above the water.

    “Well if I tell you now then it’s not a surprise is it?” He smirked, leading us back toward the apartment building. I playfully shoved him in response.

    As we neared our building I started to get really confused. He quickly caught on. “We have to drive there. My car or yours? Wait do you even have a car here?” He laughed as he remembered that I had taken a taxi from the airport earlier today.

    “Not yet. I think it’s getting here later this week, hopefully” I responded as I continued to follow him through the garage. That was when I had noticed what the other residents drive here. Nothing but extremely expensive sports cars and luxury vehicles, some I don’t think I’d ever even heard of.

    “Oh my god my car is gonna stick out like a sore thumb here” I laughed as Daniel slowed down when he reached his car, a beautiful blue mclaren. He looked at me, seeing I had noticed all the vehicles and joined in on my laughter while getting into the drivers seat.

    “What do you drive?” He asked me as I sat down in the passenger seat and he started the engine.

    “Oh this could be fun, what do you think I drive?” I asked him playfully as I put on my seatbelt.

    He looked at me and then focused back on the road as we pulled out onto the street. He pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes, clearly thinking very hard.

    “A Ute” he answered confidently, seemingly very proud of his answer.

    My eyes widened not knowing what that was. “What the hell is a ute?” I looked at him, trying to suppress a giggle.

    He chuckled “sorry, a truck. It’s Aussie slang”.

    “Oh ok! Yeah no, definitely not a truck” I shook my head, laughing at the thought of tiny me driving a giant truck, especially around these streets.

    “I give up, just tell me” he put on his turn signal and slowed down for the red light.

    “A Chevy Cruze. A bright blue one” I answered confidently.

    He laughed loudly. “Yeah that’s gonna stick out here for sure. Not a bad car though. Pretty standard American vehicle right?” He asked, starting to go when the light turned green.

    “Yeah it’s pretty typical I think. Oh god that’s not even the best part though. It has a massive decal on the side of the Bills logo in a slightly darker blue”. I gestured with my hands showing just how big I was talking here.

    He looked at me for a second with an expression I couldn’t really read. I took it to mean that he didn’t know what I meant by ‘Bills logo’ so I clarified. “Oh sorry, the Buffalo Bills, it’s an American football team” I said hoping that cleared it up.

    “No I know what it is, I love the Bills!” he laughed “are you from Buffalo?” He was genuinely curious as he kept driving, taking us further away from the city.

    “Yeah I am. Born and raised” I smiled at him. “I can’t believe you like the Bills, I didn’t think anyone here even watched American football. Small world” I more so said the last bit to myself in disbelief.

    “Well I’ve never actually been to a game but I’ve wanted to go for a while now. Just feel like I could get behind the vibes there” he shrugged his shoulders. “Plus Josh is a pretty cool guy. He’s been wanting me to come to a game for a while now”. My eyes definitely bugged out of my head at that.

    “You know Josh Allen?!” I looked at him and my jaw dropped.

    He laughed at my expression “yeah he’s a fan of mine actually” he said as he slowed down to pull into a driveway to the right, which led us to a security gate that opened instantly for us.

    “That’s really cool” I replied, not really paying attention as I was now looking at the massive house we were pulling up to. There were a few other cars already parked and I could hear music coming from possibly the back of the house.

    “You brought me to a party?” I turned to Daniel, starting to panic a little bit inside. I was definitely not dressed for a party, especially with a bunch of other wealthy monegasques that would probably be very judgey.

    He caught on pretty quick that I was nervous. “Yeah sooo… here’s the thing,” he started, looking somewhat apologetic and shy. “It’s not really a party, just some of my friends hanging out tonight having some drinks”

    “Okay…?” I narrowed my eyes at him, not quite catching on just yet so I let him explain further.

    “They’ve been trying to hook me up with this girl that I’m really not into so I was hoping that if I brought you with me then they met let it go, atleast for tonight” he quickly explained and looked hopefully at me. He had the cutest expression, eyebrows raised questioning me if it was ok and the sweetest smile.

    I let out a huff of air and looked back at the house, shaking my head in disbelief that he had actually done this. I mean we were already here. Atleast if it wasn’t really a party then I think I was dressed well enough. And if his friends are like him then maybe it could be fun.

    “I also figured you could meet some more people this way, maybe make some new friends here” he added as I hadn’t said anything yet. He did look like he genuinely meant that when he said it, not like it was an afterthought.

    I smiled “alright. As long as your friends are cool with it” I added the last part quickly as I saw he got really excited that he won this battle.

    “Yeah I already asked them actually and they said it was fine. Well actually Blake asked first if you were hot” he laughed as he started to unbuckle his seatbelt and get out of the car.

    “Oh god ok that’s not making me nervous at all” I laughed too as I also got out and started walking with him toward the house. He reached back and grabbed my hand as we got closer to the door. “You’ll be fine” he said as he gave it a quick squeeze trying to comfort me. He dropped it just as quickly and opened the door, simply letting himself in.

    The house was absolutely gorgeous. Very spacious and modern but in more beige neutral tones as opposed to gray. It made the space feel so much cozier and warm. I followed him through to the back yard where I could see a bunch of people gathered around a fire pit on the patio.

    “DR!!” A few of them shouted and embraced Dan in a bro hug. I shyly stood a bit behind him as I didn’t know what to do. I was ok around strangers. In fact I could easily make friends. But I was feeling a bit out of place as I didn’t even know I would be here tonight and I was also here with someone I only met today.

    “Hey everyone so this is Amy. She’s my new neighbor” Daniel spoke up to address the whole group as he reached his arm back toward me, placing it around my shoulders to pull me further toward the group next to him.

    I gave a small wave and looked at everyone now fully staring at me. “Hey guys” I smiled. A few said hello back, some welcomed me, a few friendly smiles here and there and then everyone went right back to their conversations like normal. Definitely not a bad start I thought.

    “Amy, can I get you a drink?” One of the guys who had originally hugged Daniel asked me. He had some funky glasses and looked like a pretty decent dude. I gathered that he might have been the owner of this house. “Oh I’m Blake by the way, it’s nice to meet you” he added, stretching his hand out for me to shake, or so I thought. Instead he briefly brought it up to his mouth to kiss the back of my hand. I was so caught off guard I couldn’t stop the giggle that came out of my mouth at the gesture.

    Daniel started to laugh as he covered his eyes with his hands “why do you have to creep everyone out like that, mate?” He slapped Blakes shoulder which caused him to let go of my hand.

    He also laughed and then spoke to me again. “Sorry, I do that to everyone new. Think of it like an initiation” he said.

    “More like a fraternity hazing ritual” another guy spoke up as he walked up behind Blake. This guy was a bit taller, taller than Daniel even. Also had brown hair and an Australian accent. But his eyes were a darker brown and they had a kindness to them. “I’m Michael, Daniel’s trainer” he said as he gave me a little wave.

    “Nice to meet you both” I nodded at them, also now laughing a little bit at the joke. Blake spoke up again, “Now what can I get you to drink?” He asked.

    I noticed they were all drinking beers. Some of the girls had wine or some sort of cocktail. I figured beer was the safe bet in case I would end up having to drive Dan and I home later. It usually takes me a lot more beers to get drunk than wine or liquor.

    “I think I’ll just have a beer thanks” I smiled back at him. He gave me a quick pat on the back and gave me a very big grin right before he walked over to a small fridge that was built into the beautiful outdoor kitchen. Not sure what that smile meant but I figured I’d find out as Daniel now spoke up.

    “I think you’re the only girl here that will gladly have a beer with us boys” Daniel said as he smiled at me and then at Michael. Blake was already back by my side, handing me a beer. Ohhh ok so that’s what it was, I guess I had made a good impression after all. I decided to take my chances and ask Blake what my results were, “so did I pass initiation?” I said, looking up at him with a hesitant smile.

    “With flying colors my dear” he responded as he put an arm around my shoulder and tapped his beer bottle against mine before Daniel and Michael joined in, toasting to new friends. It was then that I noticed an exchange of looks between Blake and Daniel. Not sure what it meant but it wasn’t my business.


    A couple hours later and I had talked a little bit with every person there. The girls were really nice and friendly. I was surprised because they definitely looked like they might be the mean girl type. They were all gorgeous enough to be models. I guess you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

    I felt surprisingly comfortable as Daniel and I had split up a while ago to talk with different people. I did notice him glance over to me every now and then and give me a discreet thumbs up with his eyebrows raised, questioning if I was ok. Every time I had just smiled back and nodded. Eventually I got so into the conversations I stopped noticing wherever he was.

    Suddenly I felt a pair of arms wrap around my shoulders from behind as I was standing around the fire pit talking to some of the girls. The girls smiled at him and then continued conversing with each other.

    “Having fun?” Daniel quietly spoke as he rested his chin on my shoulder. I turned my head slightly to glance at him as best I could.

    He had the cutest smile on his face. He definitely wasn’t sober anymore. Not drunk though. Just enough that he seemed super laid back and chill and very smiley, like more so than what I gathered he usually was.

    “Yeah I am” I smiled back at him. “You? Haven’t seen you in a while” I said as I shifted in his arms so I could face him. He dropped his arms, suddenly feeling a bit too close to me I think. But he smiled nonetheless.

    “Yes. And sorry about that, you seemed to be doing ok so I didn’t want to hover” he said as he brushed his hand through his curls.

    “I appreciate it, thanks. Your friends are really nice by the way” I added as I crossed my arms, suddenly feeling a slight chill as the fire was starting to die out.

    “Yeah they’re pretty great” he looked down at me and frowned slightly. Suddenly, he pulled me into his chest into a very warm hug. “Thanks for coming with me” he spoke into my ear quietly and just held me like that, rubbing his hands up and down my back, effectively warming me up a little bit.

    I pulled my head back to look up at him. “Thanks for tricking me into it” I smirked, which caused him to laugh. “So did your plan work?” I asked as he slowly let go of me, but not fully, just enough to move his hands to my upper arms to repeat the same action of warming them up.

    “Yea-“ he paused, suddenly very aware of his actions. “Sorry, I get kinda snuggly when I’m sleepy. Is this ok?” He asked, gesturing to his hands on my shoulders where they had stopped, his thumbs lightly brushing against my skin still. He looked genuinely concerned about if I was comfortable or not. It was such a sweet gesture. How is this guy single? Wait, maybe he’s gay? Maybe that’s why he wasn’t interested in the girl his friends wanted to set him up with?

    “Yeah it’s fine, I’m a bit cold actually so it’s nice” I reassured him which seemed to make him happy again.

    “You want to head back home now? It’s pretty late. Nearly 2am” he said looking at his watch.

    I nodded “Yeah I’m getting pretty tired. Are you ok to drive?” I asked, not wanting to sound overbearing but also not wanting to get into a car with a drunk driver.

    “Yeah I switched to water like an hour ago”. We started to walk back through the house, making sure to say goodbye to everyone that was still there.

    “Amy, it was so lovely having you here. Don’t be stranger ok?” Blake said as he gave me a hug goodbye. I stood back waiting for Daniel as he said farewell to everyone. I noticed Blake give Dan another look. Was that a wink?

    Finally we got back into his car and were on our way back into the city.

    “Hey you never told me if your plan worked out” I suddenly remembered, trying to talk through a yawn.

    “Well yes and no. It kind of backfired on me I think” he laughed to himself.

    “How so?”

    “Well I’ll put it this way, I’ve been dodging questions about you for the last 2 hours” he smirked as he looked over at me.

    I laughed “wow karma did you in good tonight” I said as I started to yawn again. “I don’t think I’ve stayed up this late in a long time, sorry” I suddenly felt a bit embarrassed.

    “No you’re fine, I’m gonna pass out as soon as my head hits the pillow” he chuckled. “We’re almost home”.

    About 10 minutes later we had pulled into the garage and taken the lift up to our floor. Daniel stopped when we got to my door and pulled me into another warm hug. “Thanks for not being mad at me about tonight. I feel pretty bad for springing that on you,” he said as he slowly pulled back and looked genuinely apologetic “but honestly you fit in really well with everyone. Blake especially doesn’t really warm up to people that quickly”.

    “Wow I feel special now” I laughed quietly so as not to wake anyone else on our floor. “Hey what would you have done if I’d said no?”

    He laughed and without even thinking said “I would’ve guilted you by reminding you how I helped you unpack your entire life AND cooked for you all in the same day” he smirked, knowing that would elicit some sort of rise from me.

    Which it did. I gently smacked his arm “Daniel-“ I paused, “I just realized I don’t even know your last name” I smiled shyly, starting to feel a slight blush come to my cheeks.

    “Ricciardo. Daniel Joseph Ricciardo, nice to meet you ma’am” he joked, pulling my hand up to his lips to kiss the back of it, mocking the same thing that Blake had done earlier.

    “You know I thought the first time was funny but now it’s just getting ridiculous” I laughed as I pulled my hand away.

    “Oh would you rather I kiss something else?” He smirked at me suggestively, quickly breaking into a playful grin and laughing.

    I gasped at him “Daniel Joseph Ricciardo, you are incredulous” I boldly said, looking up into his eyes and crossing my arms.

    “No, I’m sleepy” he laughed as he also now started to yawn. He wrapped his arms around me one more time, “thanks again Amy, goodnight”.

    “Goodnight” I replied as I opened my apartment door and closed it behind me.

    I went into my bedroom and got changed into some pajamas. As I got into bed, I looked over at the photo of my parents on my bedside table. I picked it up, “well I’m here. Where you always wanted me to be” I spoke to them, hoping that some way they could hear me.

    “I made a new friend today. He’s actually my neighbor. His name’s Daniel. He’s really nice” I said as I gently brushed my thumb over the photo. “I think you’d like him dad, he’s a race car driver,” I paused, just staring at the photo. A tear escaped my eye and I realized I had started to well up. “I still miss you” I whispered, as more tears began to stream down my face.

    After a while, I took a deep breath. “But it’s getting easier. I think I might go explore Monaco a bit tomorrow. Maybe I’ll figure out why you guys loved this place so much…” I said as I slowly drifted off to sleep.

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    my favourite thing about Alpine is that instead of doing a teammate challenge before every race or have a mini documentary about the race weekend ... Aurélie and Alex said: Uhm, here's Esteban and Josh talking about the track in great lightning, enjoy!

    #it's like these two looked at each other and said: we'll give Chris everything she wants #urgh #can ya'll imagine I am basically a Alpine fan now #after years of intense dislike #wow #might as well just become a mclaren stan jk jk but also everything is an illusion #esteban ocon#f1#josh peckett#aurelie donzelot#alex thomson#alpine f1#honestly™️
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    @ToyoTires | #TOYOTIRES

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    Damage costs this season 👀

    Credit: @/HiThere_f1 on Twitter

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    Just finishing up The Neighbor-part 2

    What do you guys want next??

    Could do more of You Have Me or I think someone had asked for a 3rd part of The Hotel Guest… let me know!

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    via McLaren Twitter

    #paddock view is the best view #mclaren
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    lando's instagram stories • 20.6.2021

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    #i'm still thinking about this pic #once again I'M SO PROUD OF HIM #mclaren#lando norris#f1#* #french gp 2021
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    #anon#q&a #*sad clown noises* #No updates for Ferrari for the rest of the year #Imagine how Carlos feels with McLaren doing better than them lmao
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    Dan: I would never say that Max is a bitch and I don’t like him. That’s not true… Max is a bitch and I like him so much!

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