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  • cattyw4mpus
    16.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    your daily reminder that its okay to love a bands most popular song! its okay to like an over-rated artist! it doesnt make you fake, or a poser, or a trender. it just means you like that music!

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  • emomotorbike
    16.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    Quick reminder to listen to all of the MCR songs, again.

    #my chemical romance #mcr#music#emo music
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  • trashland-llamas
    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Ted Nivison having a whole milkman character/persona (x)

    The 3rd vol in Gerard Way's edition of the Doom Patrol comics is called Milk Wars & the Swedes in The Umbrella Academy being milkmen.

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  • mychemicalaromanticism
    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    i was reorganizing my deviantart folders and oh my god i was drawing so much danger days in 2020 and early 2021

    #cat talks #like SO OFTEN #im moving my mcr fanart from my ''other'' folder into the one i originally had for just danger days #so i was checking when things were uploaded to put them all in the correct order #and it was just like ''okay i posted this on the 8th- oh that one too? and that one? all on the 8th? alright then'' #''these two drawings were three days apart? aight'' #*stares at my 11hr comic* *stares at my 11hr comic* #Can You Tell I Experience Hyperfixations and Special Interests .
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  • palayelawyer
    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Heheheh them hehehe

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  • parasiteeve
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    ew. as if they could ever be half of what cobra starship was.

    #why do mcr fans always say shit like this #don't ask why I'm in the awsten knight tag
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  • professorsparklepants
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    EVERY time I hear the guitar solo in house of wolves i'm like "what the fuck"

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  • famousinmyfandom
    16.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    So I finally decided to see if I could track down my old NCIS Tony/Gibbs fics and I think they’re gone. Google turned up nothing and at least one NCIS kink meme has been purged. A little sad that I likely won’t ever see them again, but oh well. I’m sure they weren’t anything great 😂

    #life update #one was elevator sex and I don’t remember the other #I’m pretty sure there was another though #those were my first real published fics #I think I published an mcr Drabble around that time #and I had tons of bandom drafts #but that was the first fandom I wrote for #(thank god I can’t find that mcr Drabble 😂😂)
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  • tonysstark
    16.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    frank iero in famous last words

    #frank iero#mcr #my chemical romance #mcredit#my gifs#* #I just think he's despaneato
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  • writingisharderthanithought
    16.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    A competition where the price is getting adopted by your favorite band.

    #omg yes #books & libraries #mcr #fall out boy #music#ptv #sleeping with sirens #not pr0 just using tags #favorite bands #What would the rules be
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  • a-quite-small-mango
    16.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    i would love to grow and change as a person but unfortunately i will never get over The Black Parade (2006)

    #mac screams to the void #music tag#mcr #This goes for the entirety of mcr's discography tbh i am a 5'0 gay girl what do we have besides mcr and chocolate
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  • spiderways-a-vampire
    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #mcr inktober day 15 #mcr #my chemical romance #gerard way#inktober #the black parade #famous last words
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  • lunagray113
    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Alright this is going to a long shot, but I've been searching for a Ferard fanfic that I read when i was younger for days now. I know it's on Wattpad bc I didn't know AO3 was a thing. I don't remember anything but the fact that one of them saved the other from a falling tree but turned out to be a murderer. The saved one let him stay in his house for a while as a thank you. If anyone knows what it's called please let me know !

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  • 4cciddd
    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    i brought you my bullets, you brought me your love is my favorite album from mcr so far.

    #mcr #you brought me your bullets i brought you my love #mcr memes #?? #help im mentally unstable
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  • anystalker707
    16.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Tight grip around your hips

    Pairing: Frank x [afab] reader Word count: ~ 5 000 Genre: Fluff / Smut / Comfort Summary: This tension has been going on between Frank and (y/n) since they met each other and Frank can't take it anymore. Kind of content: Teasing / Fingering / Overstimulation / Rough / Safe / Dirty Talk / Throat grabbing / Loving / Praising

    Requested by anon

    For today, I got to help this band around. And this completely wasn’t me saying ‘this band’ as if I didn’t have My Chemical Romance songs in my playlist or something of sort, but as Mrs. Gruna will always tell each one of her employees, we need to keep it professional.

    A sigh escapes my lips as I check myself in the mirror, evening out the smudged eyeshadow under my eye and adjusting the name tag around my neck. I squeeze past the others on my way out of the staff room, hoping the band won’t have arrived first – some of them do tell us they’re going to be here at a certain time, arrive half an hour earlier or later and get mad at the rushed reception or even lack of it.

    This time, however, things happen differently. The bus is just stopping in the parking lot at the moment I’m stepping out of the building, followed by one of my co-workers.

    My Chemical Romance is far from being the first famous band I deal with, but that doesn’t stop this nervousness from bubbling in my stomach like it always does in situations like this. The worry and fuss around the venue’s management is always the same.

    “Hello!” The guy who leaves the bus first greets, probably the band’s manager – I only smile in response and let my co-worker step ahead.

    “Hey, good afternoon,” someone else catches my attention and I turn to see Gerard standing there with a side smile and with Mikey and Ray behind him whilst Frank’s still approaching. “I hope we aren’t late!”

    “No!” I shake my head, checking my phone. “Don’t worry, you’re actually just in time! And welcome to the Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall! I’m (y/n) and I’m responsible for showing you guys around so you know exactly what the place is like!” Sounding as excited as I really am without letting any of the awkwardness or nervousness slip through is harder than I expected, but manageable. Let’s fucking go.

    The four follow me into the building and a silence settles between us, lasting all the way to the hall.

    “Here,” I tell them, “bathrooms and there are the dressing rooms. Eight of them.” I point to the two doors in front of us and then down the hall, slowly walking down it. “The second to last door is the kitchen, followed by the lounge. All of the rooms are very wide, as you can see.” I open one of them and let them take a look inside – Gerard, Ray and Mikey only throw glances while Frank seems to inspect every single detail. Something wrong? Doesn’t he like the place? At least I hope he isn’t annoying about something or too demanding.

    After a walk through the main part of the venue and learning more about the main parts, the guys decide to stay around to at least hang out with us in the lounge taking in consideration they need to leave so soon and this is honestly the best thing because it means more time off for me.

    “Six years, huh?” I hear someone suddenly interrupt the ongoing talk, having just walked into the room.

    “Well, yeah,” Mikey chuckles, scratching the back of the head and the others have similar reactions – he shares looks with Gerard and Ray, who also sit on the couch with him and smile rather shyly despite the pride lying underneath.

    All of them continue to talk, but well, everyone aside from Frank. I furrow my eyebrows, wondering if I missed something.

    “Hello,” a voice says out of nowhere and next to me.

    “Fuck!” I place a hand over my chest, glaring at Frank. “You almost gave me a heart attack!” And to my comfort, he only shrugs, continuing to sip on his coffee.

    “Chill, I’m not that ugly.” He sticks his bottom lip out, but he’s got more of a genuine smug expression on than a feigned sad one.

    “Well, not ugly at all, if I’m to be honest.” I shrug, watching him snort whilst looking away with a small smile tugging on his lips – his posture drops at the same time his ego inflates, resulting in a funny awkwardness.

    “That’s just the truth.” Frank’s smile evolves into a small smirk and he glances at me by the corner of his eyes, chuckling quietly at how I roll my eyes. A moment of silence hovers around for a second before he stands up to put the empty cup on the coffee table, surprisingly coming back to sit down next to me. Am I that interesting? “So, you’re going to watch the concert?”

    “Well, maybe,” I sigh, leaning back against the couch. “It’s past my working time, so I’d need a ticket and I don’t think they’re available anymore.”

    “Oh,” he mumbles, “but you could make it work if you wanted to, wouldn’t you?”

    I narrow my eyes lightly, only observing Frank for a moment, letting my eyes linger on the seemingly permanent smirk on his lips. The small hole where the piercing used to be is still there, under his lip. “Yes, I would, but why would I want to?” A grin tugs on my lips as I watch him try not to do the same, pressing his lips together for a moment.

    “Why wouldn’t you want to?” Frank raises his eyebrows lightly, a poor attempt to play it cool.

    Something about Frank’s attitude makes me not want to admit I’m actually going to watch them play and that I love their music even if he probably already knows that – at least got aware of it somewhen between my answer to his first question and my prolonged gaze.

    “There are more things to do in life than seeing four silly little men performing on a stage.” I can’t help but to chuckle as Frank pouts at my words, shaking his head and placing a hand over his chest theatrically.

    “Heh, not my loss, though, so…” He shrugs, rolling his eyes, compelling both of us to burst out in chuckles, but I quickly fall silent again, shifting lightly in my place. Feeling Frank’s breath fanning on my shoulder, however, startles me a bit. “Why are you tense? It’s not like I’m going to bite you. Unless I’m asked to or someone’s into that sort of thing, of course.”

    I raise an eyebrow at him and crack a grin despite feeling the warmth on my cheeks. “I’d watch that mouth if I were you.”

    “Why? Are you going to do something about it?” His eyes follow me as I stand up, observing me from under his eyelashes.

    “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”


    “I thought you said you wouldn’t show up! (Y/n), hey!” someone calls and I only notice the words are directed to me when my name is being called and I turn around to see Frank jogging past a few people who clog the hall. He smiles as he comes to a stop, eyeing me from head to foot. “And you’re looking really good for someone who has more things to do in life than seeing silly little men perform.”

    “Don’t act like that, I wanted to surprise you,” I joke with a pout, looking away from him – why is keeping eye contact or looking anywhere near him so hard?

    “Well, can’t deny it’s a surprise, in some way.” He crosses his arms, leaning against the wall. “I didn’t expect to see such a hot person walking by when I was going back to the lounge. A really pleasant surprise, if you want me to be honest.”

    I furrow my eyebrows and cross my arms over my chest, mimicking him. “And what are you even doing wandering around? Weren’t you supposed to be checking the instruments or whatever?”

    “No, actually no,” Frank sighs and purses his lips, shaking his head. “Soundcheck is over already, so I have some time free, and…” he pauses to look at me from head to foot again, though furrowing his eyebrows this time. “Y’know, there’s something that’s kind of missing from your outfit.”

    “Something missing?” I look down at myself, wondering what’d be missing that obviously.

    “A choker.”

    “A choker?”

    “A choker.” He shrugs, bringing a hand up to trace along his collarbone lightly, finger trailing up his neck and– Okay.

    “Oh, and would you like to help me with it? Now that I think of it, you’re so right.”

    The corner of Frank’s mouth twitches with a small smile before he looks around, bringing his weight off the wall, and nods in a motion for me to follow him – he momentarily disappears inside a dressing room before we’re heading off to another, an empty one.

    Frank closes the door behind us at the moment we’re in the room, locking it while I tap around for the light switch and his lips are pressed to mine at the moment the lights turn on, hands around my hips to pull me closer. Despite the initial tension, I slowly kiss Frank back, placing my hands on his shoulders, and his lips are actually really smooth and taste of something sweet, something I can’t really tell what it is.

    A new feeling shows up between us, bringing a new urgency to everything hence I bring a hand to the back of his head to deepen the kiss and Frank hums softly against my lips. We pause to take a breath, looking at each other through half-lidded eyes, though he glances somewhere behind me. A light push on my hips sends both of us stumbling backwards whilst he presses short, slow kisses to my lips and something digs against the back of my thighs after a few steps – the edge of the table.

    “Wow, met me almost a week ago and we’re already here?” Frank hums, raising an eyebrow at me, face still inches away from mine.

    “I could tell you the same.” I chuckle and lock our lips again, only allowing him to let out a weak groan in response. His hands slip under my shirt lightly, allowing his thumbs to rub circles into the skin, pathetically making my knees weak. “But I wasn’t the one flirting with the other every two seconds,” I add, a little breathless.

    “You weren’t?” He scoffs. “I’ll let you believe whatever you want, hun.”

    “Aw, don’t be like that!” I tease him, “I could see the way you looked at me. Y’know, if your look actually did anything to me–”

    “Oh, you’d be so ruined right now!” Frank wraps a hand around my neck and grins at how I immediately stop talking, but fuck, how could I even say anything? Thank hell I’m leaning back against the table and have some kind of support. He pecks my lips and looks at me once again with that smug face.

    After what seems like forever, I’m finally able to recompose myself. “And why don’t you actually do it?”

    “What if I did?” He loosens his hand around my neck, expression falling serious for a second.

    “I’m afraid that’d be the best that happened to me in a while.” I lean in, only letting my lips linger over his for a moment.

    “But let me know if I’m doing something you don’t like, okay?” Frank looks at me in the eyes, hand cupping my face, then leans in to press soft kisses to my jaw and I’m slowly melting under his touch once again. “Say bullets and I’ll stop at the same moment, okay? Don’t be afraid.” He runs his nose along my jaw before he’s pressing kisses down my neck and all I’m able to do is hum in response.

    The soft atmosphere quickly dissipates to turn into something rougher again, sharp.

    Frank quickly gets rid of my jacket without pulling his lips away from my neck, only moving away so we can get rid of my shirt and there he is again, nibbling down on my collarbones and running his tongue across the skin.

    “Fuck,” I mumble with a hand on the back of his head to pull him closer.

    “I’ll make you feel so good, hun, you’ll see fucking stars,” he says under his breath and his shirt is soon meeting the same fate as mine, being thrown somewhere in the room’s ground, which is probably dusty, but it’s not a problem right now. Not with Frank pulling me close again to the point our chests are touching and he shoots me such a hungry look, lips soon locked with mine again, and his hands drop to the back of my thighs to help me sit up on the desk.

    Kissing and touching Frank is awesome, for some reason. It’s difficult to identify whether it’s something about him – his confidence, the way he handles things, the fact he’s just him – or how we’re about to fuck in a dressing room before one of the most important concerts of his career.

    My legs wrap around Frank’s waist out of instinct, but it doesn’t seem like a problem at all for him, only an advantage. His hips roll against mine and I can’t hold myself back from gasping.

    “I’m so sorry,” Frank says as he pulls away, though not sounding very genuine, “but we’re gonna ruin all of your pretty makeup.” His thumbs run along the waistband of my pants and he sinks his thumbs inside them lightly; it’s a matter of seconds for him to start undoing it.

    “Not a problem.” I hold onto his shoulders, shifting lightly so he can lower the pants along with my underwear and my cheeks warm up a little at seeing him also get rid of my shoes. “I can redo it later or something, besides, I’m not going back just because of it.” A smile tugs on my lips with how he looks at me, raising an eyebrow.

    “Dedication,” he teases, standing up again.

    “But you’ve been planning this, haven’t you?” I chuckle, hooking my fingers around the belt loops of his jeans to pull him closer.

    Frank hums, kissing me. “You wish, don’t you?”

    I snort. “I know you didn’t, or else you would’ve had the decency to tell me your hotel room or something.”

    “Can’t we do that later, too?” He frowns lightly.

    “Shut up, you’re talking with your dick right now!” Taking things further would be a good idea? Maybe. But is talking about this right now a good idea? Absolutely not. He’s about to argue, but I press my lips to his again, only to be pulled back by a hand around my throat.

    “Now,” Frank mumbles, lips lingering against mine, “you’re not pulling that attitude on me. You’re going to be good for me, aren’t you?”

    Holy hell. It’s impossible to deny in any way, fuck.

    “Yes, you are,” he says softly, “I know you are.”

    This thing, I notice, isn’t just about fucking kissing Frank. How does he reduce me to this so quickly?

    The thoughts quickly vanish from my head once I start to feel his lips against my neck, hand now firmly set under behind my neck to pull my head to the side so he can work his lips along the new exposed skin. His other hand, meanwhile, rests on top of one of my thighs, giving it a light squeeze. His thumb runs along the inside of it, trailing along the sensitive skin. Oh, damn.

    Frank unfortunately pulls away without doing anything and my frustration must be evident enough since a small smile tugs on his lips once his eyes land on mine. On the other hand, he’s pulling away to get rid of his pants.

    Almost inaudibly, he mutters something to himself, reaching into his back pocket – a couple of condoms come from there and he sets them aside to lower his pants and kick them aside along with his shoes. His fingers hook around the waistband of his boxers to pull them down and I immediately avert my attention to observing him. “Enjoying the view?” he chuckles.

    I can’t bring myself to reply this time, only looking at him with obvious fluster, which he thankfully frees me from by taking a hold of my jaw to press his lips to mine once again – I kiss back almost immediately this time, holding onto his shoulders and letting my fingers run along the skin lightly. The kiss is slow this time and Frank refuses any of my attempts to change the pace, only tightening his grip around my jaw each time I try to do so and I understand it when feeling his hand on the inside of my thigh.

    Now, Frank allows his hand to go further and easily snatches a gasp from me once his fingers are slipping past my folds. His knuckles run against my clit before his thumb replaces them, sliding around the nub experimentally before he can actually start running his finger against it and I would’ve already closed my legs around his hand if he wasn’t standing between them. He finds just the right angle, the right sensitive area, and isn’t afraid to work on it.

    His thumb continues working against my clit while I feel a finger tracing my entrance before slowly pushing in, creating a slow pace until a second finger also slips in and the steady moans escaping from my lips make it impossible for the kiss to continue, hence it’s replaced my Frank nibbling lightly on my bottom lip.

    “Fuck,” I moan, clutching onto Frank at the moment his fingers curl up inside me and whatever spot he hits, it has a wave of pleasure running up my spine at the same moment.

    “How good does it feel?” he whispers, cupping my face to press kisses to my jaw again. “Tell me, baby.”

    “Very– Very good,” I struggle to say, not just because of the moans since he continues doing the same motion after having found out the effect it has, but also due to the fluster.

    “It’ll only get better.” Frank kisses the corner of my lips and slips in a third finger.

    As soon as Frank lets go of my jaw, all I’m able to do is to wrap my arms around his shoulders and bury my face in the crook of his neck, trying to hold myself back from bucking my hips forward – not like it would be possible, after all, with the new grip around my waist, but it thankfully saves me from extra embarrassment.

    My moans are muffled against his neck, growing louder each time with his continuous motions because he is somehow able to reach all the right spots with whatever he’s able to do with his fingers – it almost makes me not want more than this. A weak sound escapes my lips at how he suddenly pulls away just when I could feel the pleasure building up in my lower stomach, leaving behind the empty feeling.

    “Now…” He steps back lightly to grab one of the condoms, ripping the foil wrapper to slip the condom on. “We can’t have you cumming so soon, can we?”

    “Maybe we can,” I offer with a grin, only to receive a much darker one in response. Damn.

    “I said no.” Frank raises his eyebrows at me as if a silent challenge for me to argue again, but I decide to remain silent this time and only let him approach again. He cracks a smile, chuckling lightly. “C’mon, you have to work more for it.” He brings me closer to the edge of the table by my hips, wetting his lips as he looks down between us for a moment and presses a kiss to my collarbone. “You good, baby?”

    “Yeah,” I breathe, adjusting my arms around his shoulders. A sigh escapes my nose as I trace his skin lightly, observing the ink along his shoulder – that is until he is letting go of my hip and I can feel his cock running against my clit then pressing against my entrance. “Fuck.”

    A small kiss is pressed to my chest before he’s pushing in at once, not hesitating to start a heavy pace right away and fuck, I can’t even think properly at first. I clutch onto him tightly, wrapping my legs around his hips with a gasp, but no sound really escapes my lips at the first moment, only starting to give place to cracked ones according to how I get used to the feeling.

    “Fra-ank,” I say in such a high-pitched tone, clutching onto him.

    “You feel so good,” Frank says into my ear, interrupted by deep moans escaping his throat. “And all for me, baby.” His words seem to have some sort of power on me as they somehow just make everything more intense, even more with how awesome he feels. Frank’s pace isn’t really as fast as it’s heavy, rough in the right measure. I don’t think it helps me last too long, summed up to how he fingered me earlier.

    Frank slips his hands under my thighs and his fingers sink into the skin to pull me closer, lifting my thighs lightly to create just the perfect angle. Holding back the moans is almost impossible, fuck. My nails drag up his back due to my attempts of holding tighter onto him for more support and even if useless, I swear one of the louder moans escaping his lips is due to how my nails dig into the skin in return.

    “I-I’m close,” I stutter, pulling back from his shoulder just enough to press my forehead to his. “I can’t–”

    “Go on.” He looks at me through half-lidded eyes and runs his tongue between his lips, muffling a moan.

    A few more thrusts send the pleasure running up my spine before it’s going down again and I tighten my legs around Frank, holding him tighter at reaching my high, even if it doesn’t feel quite enough thus far – in a good way of course. He presses kisses down my neck at the meantime and continues to fuck me through all of it, not decreasing the pace until my breath evens out from all the gasps and hitched breaths.

    “Oh, wow,” he says shakily and bites down on his lip, letting go of it when he meets my gaze. “I hope you know we’re not done yet.”

    The way Frank handles me is almost pathetic – he has me bent down against the table so easily and quickly, but there’s not even time to feel embarrassed since his hands are tight around my hips and he’s pushing in again. Despite starting to move right away like last time, the moans escape my moans almost immediately now, with the moderate overstimulation. The new position probably allows him to go deeper in such a nice angle that my legs feel weak.

    I adjust my arms, folding them in front of me, observing a small scratch on the wooden surface of the table whilst trying to focus on not letting myself fall even with Frank holding tightly onto me. I look back forward again and being this close to the mirror has it fogging lightly where my breath comes in contact with the surface, which I’m secretly thankful for since I don’t have to look at myself. But then, there’s Frank. A small smirk tugs on his lips at the moment his eyes meet mine through the mirror and the next thing I’m aware of is his hand tightly wrapped around my neck, yet again.

    “Fuck,” Frank breathes, bringing me up by his grip. “You’re so, so damn hot, y’know that?” His eyes leave mine momentarily with how he presses a few kisses to the side of my face, eyes half-lidded and mouth slightly open with moans escaping his lips and I don’t think I’m the hot one here, at least not the only one. “Hell– I never wanted to fuck anyone so badly.” He groans, trusting harder with each word, practically, and feeling the edge of the table digging into my skin would be uncomfortable if the pleasure wasn’t greater than it.

    “I can’t, fuck,” he mumbles, pressing kisses to my shoulder at the same time his hand tightens around my neck and this shouldn’t feel that good. “Who makes you feel that good, (y/n)?” His eyes meet mine through the mirror again from under his eyelashes. “Tell me, hun.”

    Nothing is in my mind for a solid minute, nothing aside from how good it feels to have Frank slamming into me and how hot his moans sound, but his grip tightening around my neck changes it, putting ground under my feet. “You, Frank, fuck, you,” I mumble almost automatically, followed by a shaky moan that’s interrupted halfway by how his hand actually presses down against my throat, momentarily reducing the air flow.

    A smile tugs on Frank’s lips as he is pulling his hand away from my neck, leaving behind clear fingerprints on the skin, but I doubt that’s gonna be the only marked place considering how his thumbs sink into the back of my hips.

    Frank is looking down. I mean, it’s easy to see him behind me – even easier to keep my attention on him while trying not to look at myself in the mirror – and also not difficult to know what he’s watching. It makes me feel weird, at first, though the worry slowly dissipates after noticing the dumb look on his face; his bottom lip hangs lightly with how his lips are parted and his moans are somehow louder.

    Suddenly, Frank’s hand lowers against my asscheek heavily, sending the sharp sound echoing through the room at the same time the sharp pain spreads across the skin – I gasp, feeling this familiar pleasure building down in my lower stomach again. He pauses for a brief moment before he’s leaning down, arms wrapped around my hips loosely as he starts moving again, faster.

    “Damn, can you feel it?” he mutters against my shoulder blade, tickling the skin lightly. “It seems like I can never get enough of you, holy shit, (y/n).” A louder, throaty moan comes from him, high-pitched. “I… I’m close, baby.”

    “Me too, Frank,” I breathe in response, leaning back into his touch, but I’m actually tensing up when I feel his hand reaching down. His fingers find my clit without much difficulty, a couple of them running against it just perfectly, immediately having my thighs quivering and I’m not even able to muffle my loud moans a bit.

    “Why don’t you cum for me again, hm?” Frank asks in my ear. “So good for me, aren’t you? Getting fucked so nice and hard. Imagine what I’d do to you if we had a bedroom and an entire night? I love how you would be thinking of me every time pain ran up your spine when you took a step the next morning. Pathetic.”

    And it’s really pathetic. It’s as if Frank’s words make me fucking cum and I swear my vision goes black for a moment and the pleasure lasts for longer this time, my thighs quivering and really going weak this time. I hum softly as I let most of my weight fall on the table. Frank does cum too, along with me and moaning just as loudly this time. The sudden stop makes everything awfully silent, our heavy breathing weirdly quiet.

    “Oh, damn,” Frank groans softly as he pulls away, and probably gets rid of the condom since he momentarily disappears to show up again pressing kisses to my back. “You fine, baby?”

    “Yeah.” I nod and turn around with a sigh.

    Frank smiles at me and places his hands on my hips, actually rubbing them soothingly now. “I’m glad. This was really good, y’know? ‘M happy I wasn’t the only one to enjoy it.” He says sweetly, a bit breathless, cupping my face, and would press his lips to mine if I didn’t move away from the kiss. He frowns lightly, looking me up and down. “Something wrong? I’m sorry if I did something I wasn’t supposed to.”

    “No, it’s not that!” I say quickly, placing my hands over his, and can’t keep eye contact with him before his worried gaze. How am I supposed to say I didn’t expect him to be so caring after getting what he wanted? Unless he wants more? “You don’t need to make sure I’m okay and all,” I manage to say, loosening my grip around his hands. “You still need to get ready for the concert, you can go! I’ll be fine, don’t worry! I don’t mind it if you leave already… not like it makes a difference, but still.” I shrug lightly.

    Frank looks at me for a solid minute until he’s blinking, confused. “What? You– You thought I’d just leave like this? Hell, no, I didn’t just want to get in your pants or something!” He sighs, twisting his mouth lightly, and pulls me for a hug. “I mean, if you want things to stop here, it’s alright, but… Dunno. It’s only been a few days. We can go out, maybe?”

    I can’t help but to crack a smile, maybe a sad one. It’s kinda stupid, to be honest, but saying no feels so hard. “Alright, then,” I breathe, resting my head against his shoulder.


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  • mcrmcramazingfecesmcrmcrmcrmcrm
    16.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    This is a bit of big ask because I know we’ve been waiting two years but mcr fandom wake up for spoopy month and the reunion and the rats birthday

    It’s time again

    #mcr #my chemical romance
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  • aliensaresupergay
    16.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    not to be gay AND emo but what is it with 2000s pop punk (mostly my chem) having major shuake vibes

    #just. three cheers for sweet revenge? jesus christ #jake talks#persona 5#shuake #this may or may not be relatable i've just been listening to mcr and fob a lot again recently this time through the lens of Them
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  • wenightmareyou
    16.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    hear the sounds, the angels come screaming down

    #mcr #heaven help us #mcr lyrics #my chemical romance #graphic design is my passion hours #angels#sculpture#only angels#lyric edit#mcr edit #mcr lyric edit #photo on the left is the red angel from zale central cemetery in slovenia #photo on the right is the grave of opera singer jane margyl in batignolles cemetery #i am literally. so obsessed w the photo on the right omg #my post
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  • stupid-fr-you
    16.10.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #frank iero #frank iero my beloved #my chemical romance #my chem#mcr #h a n d s #oh my god his tattoos will be the death of me
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