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  • iggythemachine
    05.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Bones and Spock: [aggressively arguing]

    Kirk: This is not what I meant by "express your feelings"!

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  • antonivs
    05.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    the triumvirate in 13 seconds

    #i love them all so much #spock #leonard bones mccoy #jim kirk #this meme was made for them #triumvirate#star trek #the queue is strong with this one #mcspirk#spones#spirk
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  • soundofsilverbirds
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Those other posts I did honestly, but now here’s some TMP novelization ripped mercilessly out of context:

    “Something was happening to the great pillar... thrusting up... It was... trembling like a live thing —a lovely thing in which... brilliant colors began to appear... like great unfolding blossoms.

    Even Spock’s eyes were widening —there was breathtaking beauty in what was happening. It was becoming all beauty, driving out any feeling of fear they might have had. McCoy was standing transfixed. Kirk became aware that they were also hearing beauty —and feeling it, too.

    ‘Jim... this is transcendence!’ It was Spock... The doctor had almost a look of rapture on his face”

    #star trek tmp #novelization#mcspirk
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  • vulcan-avenger-of-fandoms-27
    04.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Just some McSpirk high school interactions:

    And you know that one scene in the 2009 film?

    Jim: Who is that pointy-eared bastard? McCoy: I don’t know, but I like him.

    This image above is basically that scene, but Bones is already forming a crush on the Vulcan. But, of course, they still have their usual banter/flirting moments together.

    <- Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 ->

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  • leaf-hates-pears
    03.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Rewatching The Devil in the Dark be like

    “a lot can happen in three minutes” 😏hehehehe

    “you’ll be alright” *he dies immeadiately after* well that was a fucking lie

    ah, the triumvirate

    uh, I remember this one! the German dub was called “Horta und ihre Kinder” (Horta and her children)

    “you can’t get your starships down in the tunnels” thanks a lot, captain obvious

    the styrofoam... it’s amazing

    what. is Scotty looking at. this is a phonecall

    silicon-based life! yayy

    Spock: “I think it’s possible, that- ” Bones: “That’s nonsen-” Jim: “Guys please don’t fight :(((”

    oh no that’s so many redshirts

    well if that isn’t a person under a weird-looking blanket idk what is

    oh no a lover’s quarrel :(

    Jim: “Nooo bby I don’t want to get hurt” Spock: *spitting facts about the illogicality of Jim’s orders Jim:😍😍😍 “ok alrighte babe”

    nooooo don’t seperate you idiots, ever seen a horrorfilm?

    ok but for real, Spock’s croutching in these heels looks so uncomfortable, props @ Leonard Nimoy for pulling that off

    Spock shouting bc he’s scared 🥺

    these special effects tho

    ok but for real. Spock was the one who said they should protect the thing and now he’s like “Kill it, Captain”?? like, if that’s not love then what is?

    Spock: “Can I mentally cheat on you with that Silicon thingie?” Jim: “Well idk, that is pretty intimate... but if you wanna” Spock: “I’ll try”

    yea sure Jim, just call Bones down without any explanation

    “A Mr. Vanderburg and his men are here, and they’re pretty ugly” ouch

    ok but no joke Leonard Nimoy is such a great actor

    Bones: *sees Spock mindmelding with a silicon-blanket* “goddammit what did I do to deserve this life”

    Bones (as John Mulaney) “You want me to do what?”

    why is there a bucket and an ashtray in the shot (43:18)

    ahhhhh that’s cement

    and this is what Star Trek is all about!! Meeting new lifeforms, learning about them and befriending them, instead of being hostile towards them!<333 I really love this episode

    awwww, Bones being proud of saving the Horta is the cutest thing ever🥰

    “The Horta has a very logical mind and after close association with humans I find that curiously refreshing” damn Spock you ever turn down that sass?

    ok but this scene where they talk about Spock’s ears = Spock straight up calling himself a sexy bitch and Jim saying that he’s becoming more human

    and then Spock’s like “how dare you” while McKirk are like haha, teasing our boyfriend is fun,, truly an iconic episode

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  • vulcan-avenger-of-fandoms-27
    03.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    If the Star AOS characters had kids

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  • lejoursobre
    03.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    Relationship in a Space nutshell

    #Star trek#Spirk#Mcspirk#Spock #James t kirk #leonard mccoy#Bones#Tiny doodles #I drew Tha on an enveloppe #So it wasn't supposed to end here but #I liked the result enough #Hehhe
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  • tailoring-hearts
    03.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    I would deeply enjoying having a rousing discussion about

    Freedom, truth honor and patrio--

    Just kidding.

    Actually I'd love to have star trek discussion.

    Since people I know irl either don't watch star trek or i feel like I'm annoying them by talking about it, I realized there's a whole bunch of people who enjoy it here.

    It can be about anything star trek. I'll admit, my knowledge is limited. I've seen some of Next Gen. Some of TOS and the Tribble episode of the AOS as well as a decent portion of TOS movies. I've also seen the 2009 on movies with Chris pine aka William Shatner's reincarnation even though he's still alive. I've seen a large portion of ds9 and know pretty much everything but my dad and I have been going through the whole show and watching it so I can finally see it. I've seen Voyager...several times through. And I've seen Picard.

    But if y'all just wanna talk about any star trek I'm here and hyperfixating and will do my best to hold my own in conversation.

    You could talk to me about the fashion (many people think it's hideous, I'm in the process of making a PowerPoint in how I actually love a lot of it)

    You could talk to me about the one I've seen appearing a lot recently (Garak fucks every single Dukat although I'll admit that one I probably won't be as interested in discussing feel free to ask me why)

    You could talk to me about how I don't think Worf needs his own tv show because dear lord he's already been in everything.

    You can talk to me about how even though I don't like Zoe Saldana (is that how you spell it?) The JJ Abrams directed movies really screwed her over and Uhura's character

    You can talk to me about why I love Kukalaka

    Or ships even. And not just the space ones if you know what I mean.


    My asks are always open as well as my messages so feel free. I do my best to respond and would love if you guys would wanna chat it up.

    So don't off-butt. Come say hello.

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  • ineffablebuddies
    02.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    McCoy, who leads the leaders

    From The Covenant of the Crown

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  • a-human-pippin-took
    01.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    i just watched ‘the empath’ and i’m. oh my god. i don’t have coherent thoughts but. ahhhhhhhhhhhh. mcspirk,,, mcspirk rights?? but like in a very painful way??????? them all willing to sacrifice themselves for the other two???? the fact that they were literally chosen to teach gem love because of how much they love each other???????? bones fuckin’ mccoy doing ,, That???!! jim and spock being so heartbroken about bones??? the way they watched over him and were just constantly touching him and running their hands through his hair???? i’m going to lose my MIND.

    #i knew this was The mcspirk episode but... Damn. #star trek#mcspirk #star trek tos #the empath #eli.posts
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  • characterintheback
    30.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    Star Trek Missing Scenes 4

    Alright folks, as a finale of sorts I bring you my favorite finds.

    Because you know I found the gay shit.

    For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky. A bit of an addition to the scene when Bones tells Jim he’s dying. Love the use of the word “Anguish” here.

    All Our Yesterdays. A bit of extra dialogue between Spock and Zarabeth while he treats McCoy for exposure. I like how Spock describes their relationship, gotta love that denial.

     And lastly, Patterns Of Force. This picture exists. You’re welcome.

    Well that’s it for now friends. If people end up enjoying these maybe I’ll keep posting if I find anymore golden nuggets. The book is readily available for purchase also.

    Hope I brightened your weekend.

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  • outrageousokona
    30.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    kirk spock and bones are the perfect balance not just because of their views and emotions but because hunk twunk twink

    #i’m correct! #tos#captain kirk #james t. kirk #kirk#spock #s’chn t’gai spock #bones#leonard mccoy#mcspirk
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  • leaf-hates-pears
    30.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    Rewatching This Side of Paradise be like

    aaaand we start with some Spirk flirts as usual

    omg why do they always take the captain, the first officer and the CMO

    oh no I remember this one

    “Pure speculation, just an educated guess, I’d say that man is alive” wow, Bones. just. wow

    oh, the beautiful woman music

    oh, a close-up on Spock

    oh, it’s an ex. she’s his ex. he has exes. I’m sure Jim isn’t fucking jealous or anything, noo

    Sulu strikinga pose, we get it, you’re gay

    ok that’s interesting, Bones doesn’t have tonsils, and once broke two of his ribs

    “I’ve never understood the female capacity to avoid a direct answer to any question” Spock don’t act like you don’t do that too, every time someone asks you about your feelings

    bitch that aint where his heart is

    “emotions are alien to me” yea right

    “what about your animals” “we’re vegetarians” excuse me what

    tfw a flower explodes in your face

    “now you belong to all of us” ok that’s kinky af

    McKirk being worried about their boyfriend not answering his phone is pretty cute ngl

    damn you can’t just ghost your captain

    awww McKirk bickering <333

    tfw you find your boyfriend hanging from a tree (not in a dead way)

    oh god he’s so fucking high

    ok wait but why is Jim still sober

    oh no, Bones is high too

    communication is out, getting high is in

    “This is mutiny, mister!” “Yes sir, it is” damn jim what’re you gonna do now

    I love how Bones is so much more southern now

    oh no Jim is lonely :(

    just insult your boyfriend until he’s sober

    how did that work

    “hey babe I know I just said some racist bs but please help me with the science-y stuff uwu” “that is logical”

    ok this is actually kinda sad

    “I have a responsibility, to this ship, to that man on the bridge (he means Kirk)” ok that’s still pretty gay

    “Would you like to see just how fast I can put you in a hospital?” damn Bones I’m already gay

    “three years wasted” bitch me too, so what

    ok this is way too philosophical for me. all in all I’m not sure if this episode was supposed to be pro or anti drugs 🤷

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  • leaf-hates-pears
    30.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    Rewatching A Taste of Armageddon be like

    dafuq kinda uniform is this

    oh come on jim since when do you care about rules

    I love how Spirk don’t even have to talk to understand each other

    he said he’ll only tale a few sequirity ppl w/ him why does he take Spock??? for emotional security??

    now these outfits are more than ridiculous

    I mean it is kinda better to fight with computers I guess, but still wtf

    “I do not approve. I understand” is honestly such an important statement, bc just bc you get why someone is doing what they’re doing doesn’t mean you condone their actions or would do the same in their position and I love Spock for stating the difference and aaaaaaaaaaah

    tfw your ship has been classified as “destroyed”

    omg Bones is worrying about his boyfriends

    plssss get that this isn’t him

    Scotty and Bones are SUCH loyal ppl

    Spock using his telepathy bc the writers couldn’t find any other way to get them out lol

    “Sir, there is a multilegged creature crawling on your shoulder” goddamnit Spock I just cackled so fucking hard my neighbours probably think I’m a witch 😂😂😂

    I love how he’s just... walking away like he didn’t just stun some guard

    “There are no buts” excuse you have you seen Jim Kirk from behind??

    Why the fuck you lying? Why you always lying Mmh oh my god, stop fucking lying!

    damn, Scotty!

    damn, Bones!


    “The haggis is in the fire for sure” is that something people say? I have literally never hear anyone use that expression

    omg he said “barbarian” and I was looking at the subtitles and read “lesbian” like hell yea Jim is such a lesbian

    “knock her down and sit on her if you must” Spock instructing lesbianism is probably my new religion

    Spock is the sassiest mf in the entire fucking universe

    “I’m a barbarian, you said it yourself” ok calm down sweetie

    “I didn’t start it [...] but I am liable to finish it” didn’t I tell you to calm down

    yayyy peace

    “it was a calculated risk” bitch no it wasn’t

    “you almost make me believe in luck” “Why Mr. Spock, you almost make me believe in miracles” AAAAAAH GAY! THIS IS SO GAY! THIS IS LITREALLY THE GAYEST SHIT I’VE EVERHEARD AND I’M GAY MYSELF!

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  • trek-tracks
    30.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    Did you mean: Star Trek: The Motion Picture

    #star trek #star trek tmp #star trek the motion picture #the mcspirk post-breakup movie
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  • antonivs
    30.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    personal space? never heard of it

    #three husbands in space #mcspirk#star trek#leonard mccoy#spock#jim kirk #the queue is strong with this one
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  • leaf-hates-pears
    29.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    Rewatching Space Seed be like

    “Space seed”, that’s what I’ll call my next piece of star trek smut

    1990s? wow, that’s the future! uh, I mean past!

    ah, the 90s world war, I remember

    ah, spones bickering

    “Care to join the landing party, Doctor?” “Well if you’re actually giving me a choice-” “I’m not” dammit Jim

    awww Spock knows the names of the crewmembers!

    Bones complaining about beaming and Kirk being like “ok boomer” is so cute

    “what a handsome group of people” ok she’s so fucking bisexual I can’t

    yes, he’s fucking indian, and fuck that whitewashing in the AOS movies

    wow he’s wearing a full body fishnet

    “30 of those are women” who. cares

    Spirk flirting by exchanging theories

    oh no I sense a lovestory

    awwww McKirk flirting, yay

    Bones’ balls are so big, their gravity is twice as strong as ours, holy fuck🥵

    “cooperative”, huh

    omg I was 100% sure Jim’d slap Spock’s arse, but alas, t’was the chair behind him

    “it’s comfortable” “but it’s not attractive” omg shut uppp

    this isn’t romance, this is just sick

    whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I mean I get that he’s attractive and shit but maybe ask for consent first you 🤬🤬🤬

    blue juice, yummy

    you tell him, gurl!

    oops I spoke too soon

    now this is has wayyy too many D/s undertones, how did I watch this with my dad when I was 11

    Scotty admitting his celebrity crush 😍 

    McKirk agreeing and Spock being jealous 😍

    Jim ain’t got time for your augment supremacy bs, Khan

    why was Khan the only guy to wear a fishnet and all the other guys are wearing red jumpsuits?

    Awww, poor Scotty!

    stop talking and wasting air, idiot

    omg Scotty is so damn loyal I love him

    How dare you lay hands on Uhura!!! she is SO much stronger than anyone else

    Ugh I hate it when they make ppl watch their loved ones die

    ya man just insult your girlfriend you prick

    oh come on we all know they’re all too loyal for their own good

    “I’m a little pleased myself” awwwwww

    I love how the ENTIRE crew knows what’s going on

    Kirk fighting with his legs around Khan’s neck is possibly one of my favourite things

    ok so wait Khan seems kinda pleased, why was he angry in Star Trek II

    if that was the solution all along why didn’t they just talk about it before the entire fucking attempt at revolution??? fucking men

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  • incorrect-trekquotes
    28.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    kirk: i can't die yet! i haven't had the chance to sleep with spock

    bones: trust me, you're never gonna live that long

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  • leaf-hates-pears
    27.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Rewatching Tomorrow is yesterday be like

    Oh wow, that’s not the enterprise!

    huh, a UFO. wonder who that might be 🤔

    oh no it’s the sixties!!!

    “purpose undetermined” me too, sis, me too

    “a woMaN?!?!?!”

    “I never have believed in little green men” “Neither have I.” yaaas Spock go and shock that rude dude

    Jim: “anything else on your mind” * 😍 🥰 😘 @ Spock alright calm down dude

    “spoooock the computer is flirting with me again, make it stooop” 😩 

    imagine being too unimportant to be send back

    awww McKirk being flirty again “If you’re gonna be rude, I’m gonna leave”

    ughhhbut what if one of his kids is trans? just bc he doesn’t know he has a son yet don’t mean he doesn’t have one

    uhhhhhhh, secret mission, yay

    Bones: “ughhh Spock I’m worried about our boyfriend!” Spock: “There is literally no reason to worry, also I’m doing maths rn” Bones: “But Spoooock!” Spock: “Ok let’s call him I guess”

    that poor dude, srsly

    Bones slowly taking the gun from that poor guy is just so funny I’m sorry I can’t explain how much I love this scene askiewrnc

    Jim just. yeeting himself on his opponents is such a great concept

    that flirty smile holy fuck Jim, not know

    “Poor photography” Spock ma boi it’s the fucking sixties, what do you expect

    oh my god his innocent routine is so fucking cute aaaaah stop flirting

    “I am going to lock you up for 200 years” “That ought to be just about right” guys I cant XD

    ah, the chicken soup scene

    Spock: *grabbing Jim’s fist after he punched a guy* “Don’t you find that painful, captain?” omg guys stop making out you are literally on a secret mission

    why is Sulu so happy they are literally kidnapping a guy. again.

    ah of course, the obligatory “if we don’t get this right we’ll die” scene

    wait the dial stops after warp 8??

    wait they beamed the future versions into the past versions before the past versions were beamed up, how does that work?

    oh wow what a miracle they made it back who woulda thunk

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  • leaf-hates-pears
    27.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Rewatching Arena be like

    ok so the first shot is just like,,, McSpirk flirting. I can get used to that

    aha so we’re at spones now. interesting

    uh oh, desert

    redshirt down

    jimmy boi dodging attacks like a model

    “nevermind about me, protect my ship” me when reading very emotional hurt/comfort

    spock running to save jim is just *chef’s kiss*

     ok srsly that’s a little harsh

    Spock is so sad after Jim snapped at him :(

    uhhh this is the one with Gorn isn’t it? it’s been years since I watched TOS

    Oh god oh fuck he has a stick what do I do *swings his leg up like a ballerina*

    the homoerotic tension is strong in this one

    my rock is bigger than yours

    just climb on a rock and talk about your feelings, good idea Jim

    Spones worrying about their boyfriend

    BAMBUS!!! (only coldmirrror fans will understand this one)

    HOW did he survive that one

    yes, yes, you go smarty boi

    “it is possivle that you have feelings towards your captain” they really said McSpirk rights

    oh god I love Bones I know he’s problematic but that was good

    Spock being aroused by Jim being logical O.O

    did Spock say “coal” or “cool”? scientists can’t tell (and I refuse to believe the subtitles)

    yay, he spared him!

    “you’re still half savage” damn straight bi he is!

    and we finish it with some more McSpirk! yay!

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