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  • altrxisme
    07.05.2021 - 2 minutes ago
    Jackson’s cryokinesis is very limited despite it coming through magical means. 

    Although he was blessed by an Irish deity, his cryokinesis is touch-based and has to connect with a surface enable to spread out otherwise it will spread onto him instead. He does have some resistance to the cold along with it, but the most damage Jackson can really do with what little training he has with his abilities is freeze the surface he is touching and if he were to extend it it’ll be a 20ft radius. 

    If he chooses to have a mentor, he could potentially make-up for the touch trigger of his abilities by freezing the air to reach the surface he wants to touch, increase the strength of his ice, and create weapons out of ice. 

    Unfortunately, going past what he can do at the moment without training results in him going into severe hypothermia and nausea.

    #mcu!jckcanons #[ jesus  i really just need to get these hcs off of me so i can rest in peace ] #[ and fix some of them later ] #[ this is specifically for his mcu verse tho his mha verse there's more to it ] #[ i just realized i made Jackson into Rukia's bankai from Bleach OH MY GOD ]
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  • lovemarvelcast0105
    07.05.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    How I think the Marvel cast would react to you falling asleep in their arms

    Robert Downey Jr:

    - Kisses your forehead

    - Pulls you closer

    - Wraps you in a blanket

    - Tells the others to turn the volume down

    Chris Evans:

    - Tightens his grip around you

    - Puts a pillow under your head

    - Takes you up to your room so the movie doesn't wake you

    Chris Hemsworth:

    - Pulls you in closer

    - Places you on his chest

    - Kisses your forehead

    Sebastian Stan:

    - Smiles down

    - Strokes your hair

    - Pulls a blanket over you

    Tom Holland:

    - Puts his hoodie on you to keep you warm

    - Pulls you closer to him

    - Falls asleep with you

    Anthony Mackie:

    - Laughs at your cute little face

    - Turns the volume down

    - Pulls you close

    - Puts a protective arm around you

    Tom Hiddleston:

    - Pokes you jokingly to see if you're really asleep

    - When he realizes that you are he pulls you to his chest

    - Smiles to himself

    Elizabeth Olsen:

    - Chuckles to herself

    - Snuggles into you

    - Kisses your cheek

    Scarlett Johansson:

    - Pulls you close to her

    - Gives you little gentle pecks all over your face

    - Traces patterns on your tum tum

    - Tucks strands of your hair behind your ears

    - Accidentally falls asleep with you

    Brie Larson:

    - Smiles to herself

    - Takes a photo and some selfies to remember

    - Cuddles!

    Hayley Atwell:

    - Chuckles to herself

    - Lies down with you

    - Traces patterns on your arm

    - Falls asleep with her head on top of yours

    #marvel#avengers#mcu#marvel cast#hayley atwell#chris evans #Chris Evans x reader #scarlett johansson x reader #scarlettjohansson#Elizabeth Olsen #Elizabeth Olsen x reader #Robert Downey Jr #Robert Downey Jr x reader #Chris Hemsworth #Chris Hemsworth x reader #Tom Holland #Tom Holland x reader #Brie Larson #Brie Larson x reader #Tom Hiddleston #Tom Hiddleston x reader #Anthony Mackie #Anthony Mackie x reader #Sebastian Stan #Sebastian Stan x reader #marvel preferences #marvel cast preferences
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  • bradypnoea
    07.05.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Whipstitch | kaasknot | (27/27) - 68.2k | June-July 2012

    It dawned fair and clear, the day they sewed Loki's lips shut.

    Note: (In honor of the impending relesae of the Loki miniseries and my sceptical optimism for it, I'm highlighting a few canon-adjacent Loki works that can pass the time between new episodes or, if you're like me, distract from new content long enough to miss the first wave of inevitable Discourse.) Whipstitch investigates a different avenue of consequences for Loki's failed invasion, both from Asgard and from Thanos. Most countries had Avengers playing in theatres by the first week of May 2012. Kaasknot had the sixty-eight thousand words of Whipstitch published before the end of July. To build a world accurate to Norse culture and mythology is an accomplishment in istelf; to integrate the Marvel infrastructure into an original storyline, in less than four months, is remarkable.

    - Read on Author's Tumblr | @kaasknot -

    It dawned fair and clear, the day they sewed Loki’s lips shut. Curiosity and ill-will made it into a spectacle: a prince of Odin, a traitor and genocidal megalomaniac, humbled before Hlidskjálf. It was the event not to be missed.

    So it was the throne room was full to bursting as the Þing met to declare the prince’s fate. The crowd of onlookers overflowed the aisles, pouring out between the columns into the plaza beyond—a veritable sea of greedy eyes eager for a show. The prince came quietly enough, by all reports, and it was true: there was no mewling or cowering. He strode to meet his father with his head held high and no sign of fear upon his face.

    Had he been better-liked this might have endeared him to his people. Had he the boisterous, effulgent disposition of his brother—but Loki had been distant before his crimes and subsequent disappearance, and now he was as untouchable as Ragnarök, and just as sinister. The look of the wild man hung about him, in the untamed length of his hair, in the wear showed upon his armor, in the fey gleam in his eye.

    The people stared at him, then looked to Thor, Asgard’s Golden Son, and it was as looking from night to day.

    Continue reading on AO3...

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  • unlikelymilliner
    07.05.2021 - 6 minutes ago
    #why did I make this? #WHEN did I make this? #i know my short term memory is shot atm but ... #my graphics #is this for the discord? if so why #tfatws#mcu#photography
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  • adorkwithaplan
    07.05.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    thinking about (especially the bold)

    “Have you ever considered that we found each other for a reason? I come here looking for answers about magic, you show up. You’ve been without love and kindness for god knows how long and well, hi, I’m Liora, God’s gift of light to you and I’m standing here telling you that I think I love you, Agatha. And that is my choice. You taught me not to define myself on one horrific moment in my life, have you ever considered that you’ve been doing the exact same thing?”

    from @nerdyanon ‘s “It Was You Along” and how that shit fucked me up in the best way possible

    #mcu#wandavision#marvel#agatha harkness #it was you all along #this was literally the greatest
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  • alternate-fandom
    07.05.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    tfatws + a scene in ao3 tags
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  • harkximoff
    07.05.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Agatha: Okay, so let’s go over this one more time.

    Agatha: If something breaks?

    Tommy & Billy: We try to fix it before mom finds out!

    Agatha: And if that doesn't work?

    Tommy & Billy: Blame it on dad!

    Agatha: Good job!

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  • natasha-romancff
    07.05.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    tfatws sam lockscreen | bucky version

    — all pictures are from pinterest

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  • natasha-romancff
    07.05.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    tfatws bucky lockscreen | sam version

    — all pictures are from pinterest

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  • sokoviarising-promos
    07.05.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    SOKOVIA RISING is a literate, app-based Marvel/DC crossover RPG written by and created for longtime writers and passionate fans of Marvel and DC comics, movies, and media. Dozens of roles are open, so apply today—Sokovia needs you, heroes!

                                    WILL YOU JOIN THE FIGHT?

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  • incorrectquotesmcu
    07.05.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Steve, about Natasha: She needs us right now.

    Tony: I think an e-mail would be sufficient.

    #source: keeping up with the kardashians #steve rogers #steve rogers incorrect quotes #captain america#natasha romanoff#tony stark #tony stark incorrect quotes #ironman#avengers #avengers incorrect quotes #marvel #marvel incorrect quotes #mcu #mcu incorrect quotes
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  • ignisrose
    07.05.2021 - 18 minutes ago




    #it would be so cute #sam wilsom#bucky barnes#sambucky #the falcon and the winter soldier #captain america and the winter soldier #marvel#mcu#anthony mackie#sebastian stan
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  • altrxisme
    07.05.2021 - 20 minutes ago
    Jackson was caught by SHIELD using his cryokinesis while while he was working with the Sokovian Relief Aid after the Battle of Sokovia. 

    While cleaning up some debris in a far out area, he spotted a leaking pipe that others missed. Unsure whether or not it would blow up, Jackson immediately ran towards the pipe and froze the leaking area.

    #mcu!jckcanons #[ so i haven't watched Agents of SHIELD ] #[ BUT i do believe while SHIELD disbanded after CATWS they are active underground instead ] #[ this is also based off a thread i had way before with a pietro ;A; ]
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  • parkeromanoff
    07.05.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    first friday with nothing in a while... much to think about

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  • smokeanxmirrors
    07.05.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    @smokeanxmirrors is an MCU OC

    Loved by Kim

    Side blog of @theguiltyman

    #self promo!!! #oc and crossover friendly #mcu oc#mcu rp
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  • ficsandgiggles
    07.05.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    The Avengers Will Always Have Your Back

    Idek if I’m still relevant here but surprise! I wrote a cute little fic 💕

    You sighed as you went into your own little world, you just didn’t feel yourself today and couldn’t figure out why, but the feeling well and truly sucked. You curled up on your bed, you honestly had no idea what would help you at this point.

    Suddenly, you heard a knock on the door, you reluctantly told the mystery person to come in, you turned your head and gave a weak smile when you discovered it was Bucky, who was clearly concerned about you.

    “Hey doll, you feeling alright?” He asked, sitting himself on your bed, gently rubbing your back comfortingly. You relaxed into his motion and shook your head, your silence told him that you didn’t want to talk about it, which led to a comfortable quietness between the two of you.

    “Well, I think this calls for cuddles and movie time.” He told you before picking you up with ease and throwing you over his shoulder, making you squeal in surprise and shove at his shoulders. “Bucky! What the heck?!” You yelped out as he playfully jiggled you around as he brought you into the lounge, plonking you down between him and Nat, who smiled and dragged you into a cuddle.

    “There’s my little cuddle bug Y/N.” Nat smiled, throwing a blanket over you so you were just a lump in front of Nat. What you didn’t realise however, was that your feet were sticking out, until you felt a finger run up your sole, causing you to let out a yelp.

    “I wonder where Y/N has gone?” Bucky asked, casually using his metal hand to grip your ankle, tightly yet gently. “All I can see are these teeny little feetsies! I wonder if...” He wasted no more time before scribbling into your sole, making you burst into high pitched giggles, you pulled at your legs and threw the blanket away from you.

    “Aw, there they are!” Bucky smirked, looking at Nat, who was giving you a playful glare. “I was cozy under that blanket! Now you must pay!” She growled, wrapping you into a hug so you were trapped, she then scribbled deep into your ribs, making sure to dig in between the bone to really get you laughing.

    “GUHUHUHUHUHUYS!” You scream out, unable to hold back your hysterical laughter as you thrashed from side to side, you were not expecting these torturous tickles, even though they were actually helping you quite a bit.

    “Aw look! We’ve got them giggling already! How cute...” Nat teased, slipping her awful nails up your top to gently flutter her nails into your belly, an incredibly sensitive spot for you.

    “NAHAHAHATTIE!” You scream, shoving at her hands as your laughter gets high pitched, you squirm even more, but of course, your squirming was no match for the Black Widow and Winter Soldier. You heard Bucky gasp before he scribbled his fingers under your toes, which he knew was an awfully sensitive spot. “Just Nat? That’s not nice!”

    You threw your head back and cackled with laughter, your two worst spots were being attacked out of pretty much nowhere, but deep down, you weren’t complaining.

    “We just wanna cheer our friend up! Is that so wrong?” Nat asked, fluttering her fingers all over your belly, ribs and sides, smiling at your wriggling self.

    “YEHEHEHES! JUHUHUHUHUST STAHAHAHAHAP!” You Yelp, beginning to run out of breath from laughing so hard, which made Nat and Bucky eventually stop and let you go and just sandwich you into a cuddle.

    You yawned and smiled at the two of them. “Thanks guys...” you murmur, smiling when you felt Nat kiss your cheek. “Anytime, Y/N...” she replied softly, and that was the last thing you heard before you drifted off into a peaceful sleep.


    You jolted awake a few hours later to see that you were now in Peter’s room, you let out a groan of confusion, causing Peter to turn from his desk to face you. He greeted you with a warm, gentle smile.

    “Good afternoon, sleeping beauty.” He greeted. “It’s always just splendid when you bless me with your presence.” He chuckled fondly, getting up to sit himself next to you.

    You looked around, admittedly a little confused about where you were, you looked at Peter sleepily as he smiled fondly, lifting your head to place it on his lap so he could run his fingers through your hair. “A little sleepy, huh?” He asked quietly, giving your cheek a playful poke.

    “Yeah, I guess...” You replied, closing your eyes once again as Peter relaxed you, you couldn’t help but smile to yourself, feeling thankful that you had the sweetest friends.

    “Well, that’s not allowed.” He replied, before suddenly scribbling his fingers into your sides. “You’re legally obligated to stay up and hang out with me.” He told you, smiling brightly as you squealed with giggles, clearly surprised by what’s just happened.

    “Peheheter! Whahahahat the heheheck?!” I squeal out, trying to thrash around to get away from his attack, but Peter was already two steps ahead, since he wrapped his arm around your waist, squeezing into your other hip to help pin you down.

    “Aww, tickletickletickle Y/N! This should keep you awake!” He teased, watching you as you squirmed around as much as you could, but obviously to no avail. You just lay there and accepted your fate as Peter fluttered his fingers all over your upper body.

    “Thihihihis is sohohoho mehehean!” You giggle out, screeching as Peter blew a raspberry on your neck in retaliation to your cheeky comment.

    “That’s not very nice, Y/N!” He gasped out, but his cheeky grin told you that it was all good, his fingers gently scratched all over your belly, he smiled fondly as you let out light and airy giggles.

    “I know! Isn’t it great?” He asked with a cheeky smile, now nibbling all over your neck gently, loving the adorable giggles which were pouring out of you.

    “Fohohohor yohohohou!” You reply, scrunching your shoulders up in an attempt to stop his torture.

    “Aw no, I’m pretty sure you’re loving this too!” He told you, suddenly drilling his fingers into your hips, an awfully sensitive spot for you. You arched your back and burst into deep laughter, unable to help the scream that came out of you.

    “PEHEHEHEHETER! I SWEHEHEHEHEAR!” You screamed, continuing to kick and thrash about, beginning to slowly run out of breath from the torture both on your neck and hips, you were ready to have a break now.

    Then, like Peter could read your mind, he let you go, and resumed stroking your hair gently. “We all love you, Y/N, and we will always be here for you no matter what, okay?” He reassured you soothingly, making you smile and nod in response.

    “Thank you Peter, it’s good to know the Avengers will always have my back.” I reply, letting out a yawn as I feel myself getting sleepy once again. This time, Peter allowed you to rest, and pulled you even closer to him.

    “That’s right Y/N, the Avengers will always have your back.”

    You smiled at that before slowly drifting off to sleep in your best friends arms.

    #avengers tickle #avengers tickle fic #mcu tickle #mcu tickle fic #marvel tickle #marvel tickle fic #ticklish!reader #ler!bucky #ler!nat #ler!peter
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  • abimess
    07.05.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    The high price of love // Part 2

    Wanda Maximoff x Reader

    Summary: Loving and desiring someone are the best things a human can possibly do. But what happens when you feel these things for a woman much older than you?

    Word count:  2.558 || 6.167

    Warnings: fluff; angst; milf; smut (+18 only!)

    Good reading!

    All parts || Part 1

    “No fucking way!” Ned speaks much louder than he should and draws the attention of some of the students and monitors around you.

    "Dude, shut up!" You complain in a low voice and he just laughs softly, putting his hand over his mouth.

    Ned is a physics monitor and is one of your closest friends, so you saw no problem in sharing with him what happened between you and Wanda. But maybe doing it while you’re both working wasn't such a good idea.

    "What's going on, losers?" You hear a female voice approaching you and you squeeze your eyes shut, knowing you were fucked. Robin was your other close friend, but you intended to take as long as you could to tell her, because the blonde wasted no time in teasing you about absolutely anything.

    "(Y/n) is dating a milf!" Ned tells her, and you widen your eyes. "Dude!" you say, slapping him on the shoulder. "I'm not dating her," you explain, taking a sip of your water in an attempt to wash away the bitter taste that has formed in your mouth. "So she is a milf?" Robin asks with raised eyebrows and an amused smirk on her face.

    The conversation is irritating you and the heat in your cheeks irritates you even more. "I'm not having this conversation." You declare but the other two smile amused. "She's friends with her aunt." Ned explains and Robin agrees with a mocking expression and you groan in irritation. "You know what? Gossip all you want, I have work to do."

    You grab some notes and turn to a student who is approaching your desk. You try to calm down, but it’s impossible with the two idiots giggling behind you.


    "You’re home!" You say excitedly as you enter the house and see Nat lying on the couch, reading some documents. She looks up at you with a wide smile and stands up, walking over to you and giving you a tight hug.

    "Did you miss me?" she asks with raised eyebrows and you make a dismissive noise with your mouth. "Of course not, I can't stand your face anymore." You scoff and she chuckles.

    "Well, it's my house, you can move out whenever you want." She retorts and you put your hands on your chest with a grimace and she laughs.

    "How was your weekend?" She asks casually, walking to the kitchen and pouring you both some juice. The question is simple but makes you break into a cold sweat with the memories of Saturday night flashing fast in your brain. "Normal, no big deal." You say, trying to sound as chill as possible and sigh in relief when Nat hums in agreement.

    "I was thinking about how we don't have any emergency contact." She comments, handing you one of the glasses and you frown. "We have the neighbors." You say and she rolls her eyes, "The neighbors hate us.

    "Maybe they wouldn't if you didn't complain about every single noise they make." You retort with a mocking smirk and she smiles too, rolling her eyes and giving your shoulder a small nudge.

    "I'll give you Wanda's phone number later." She says naturally and you get even more nervous. "Why would I need Wanda's number?"

    "You know how emergencies work, (Y/n)?" She asks with a mixed expression of mockery and confusion. "Just in case you need an adult when I'm not here."

    "I’m an adult." You retort feeling slightly annoyed. You’re about to turn 23 and Nat would still treat you like a teenager. Normally you would find her behavior amusing, but this time a strange irritation takes hold of you and it surprises you. But you quickly try to push it away.

    "I know you are." She says with a gentle chuckle. "But there are things we can't do alone." She explains and you swallow dryly, those words having a completely different meaning than she imagines.

    "It's just a precaution." She concludes, waking you from your thoughts and you nod in agreement, trying to disguise your anxiety, and Nat smiles one last time before returning to the couch and going back to reading her papers.


    Hey, Nat gave me your number in case of an emergency.

     You press send and immediately hate yourself for the stupid message. But your martyrdom is short-lived, because your cellphone vibrates a few minutes later.

     And is this an emergency now?

     You stare at the message, not knowing what to make of her words and nervously wiggle your fingers before typing your reply.

     Not really, it was just to let you know.

      What a shame, I thought it was an emergency.

    You laugh, biting your lip before typing your answer. You type a few things but nothing seems good enough, so you just send a wide-eyed emoji and then she replies with a blinking emoji.

    You smile at the phone for a while, but your bedroom door opens and you startle, blocking the device and putting it away in your pocket.

    "Jesus, Robin!" You say when you see the girl walking into your room. You take a deep breath, trying to get your heart beating normally again, and the blonde laughs.

    "Sorry, were you sexting your milf?" She scoffs and you shush her, widening your eyes. "Keep it down, dammit!"

    "Relax, your aunt is watching a movie downstairs." She reassures you, throwing herself on your bed. "What are you doing here anyway?" You ask and the girl rolls her eyes. "You invited me a few days ago so we could work out the questions for the mock exam, did you forget?"

    She says amused and you assume a thoughtful expression for a while as you revisit your memories and then remember that you did invite her. "Well, you could have at least knocked on the door." You say finally and she agrees with a mocking expression. "You're right, what if you were sending a nude to yo-”

    You pick up a used sock that was lying next to your chair and throw it at Robin's face, who stops talking immediately and lets out a groan of disgust and frustration.

    You laugh, and turn on your notebook, while opening some of your books to start working. Robin opens her backpack and also starts opening some of her books.

    The two of you discuss for a while the content and question models you want to use. You type one of the questions that Robin dictates to you but when she abruptly stops talking you look at her.

    The blonde is looking at you with a mischievous smirk and you swallow dryly, knowing that nothing good is coming of it. "What?" you ask impatiently and she raises one of her eyebrows, the smile never leaving her face. "Do you call her mommy?"



    It’s Saturday and you have to do your best not to show all the nervousness that is consuming you.

    Wanda has invited you and Nat for lunch and now you’re standing in front of the redhead's front door. You haven't seen Wanda since that night. The idea of seeing her again along with the uncertainty of what it’ll be like only increase the chance of you having a heart attack at any moment.

    Soon you hear the doorknob open and reveal Wanda right away. She’s even more beautiful than you remember, which you thought was impossible. She smiles at Nat and then at you, her green eyes sparkling as they meet yours.

    You greet each other and Wanda hugs Nat and then you soon after. The smell of her perfume makes your whole body shiver. Her body against yours brings back the memories of last Saturday and as you pull away, you notice that Wanda's pupils are slightly dilated, indicating that she’s had the same thoughts as you.

    Wanda guides you inside the house to the living room and you smile at the cozy decor of her home. Quick footsteps catch your attention and you turn around, seeing two little boys running up to you. They both smile at you and you smile too, thinking they’re the cutest little kids you’ve ever seen.

    The redhead instructs the boys to greet you, and they do, and you almost melt from the cuteness. "Do you like Star Wars?" Billy asks excitedly pointing to your t-shirt and you laugh softly. "Yes, I do!" You reply in the same tone and both boys smile happily. "We have a bunch of Star Wars action figures, do you want to see?" Tommy asks and you have to hold back the urge to squeeze their cheeks.

    "I'd love to!" You reply with a genuine smile on your face and Wanda looks up at you. "You don't have to." She says smiling tenderly and you return the smile. "It's no problem at all." She keeps her eyes locked on yours for a few more seconds before looking away.

    Wanda guides you and Nat to the couch in the living room while the boys run to their bedroom to get their toys. Wanda sits in the armchair and Nat sits on the end of the couch right next to her. You sit in the middle of the couch and soon the boys arrive carrying a bunch of toys and join you.

    Wanda and Nat chat while you interact with the kids. The boys show you each of their toys and excitedly tell you which ones are their favorites and which scenes from the movies they like best. You give them your full attention, with a smile on your face. They ask you which toys you liked best, what your favorite scenes and characters are, if you also have action figures, and you laugh amusedly at their enthusiasm, answering all their questions.

    Wanda watches the interaction carefully, her heart warming at seeing you getting along so well with her children. The fact that Billy and Tommy seem to like you so much stirs her in a way that Wanda can't understand, so she shakes her head, trying to push those new feelings away, and stands up.

    She invites you to the table so that she can serve lunch and you offer to help her bring the things over. She says that it’s not necessary, but you insist so she accepts. She tells Tommy and Billy to go wash their hands and Nat offers to help them.

    Wanda leads you into the kitchen and you try to ignore the discomfort that begins to form in the pit of your stomach at the fact that you and Wanda are alone.

    She looks at you with loving eyes as she hands you one of the platters. You hold the item firmly and open your mouth to say something, but Wanda holds your face firmly and connects your lips in a gentle kiss. You sigh, surprised and delighted by the redhead's action.

    With no time to waste, you gently bite Wanda's lower lip, and when she moans softly in surprise, you take advantage of the space between her lips to slide your tongue inside her mouth. Your tongues touch, and you both shudder at the sensation.  

    Everything about Wanda is so addictive and intoxicating, you would kiss her forever if you could. But you can't, and as soon as you hear footsteps getting louder, Wanda pulls away from you immediately and you two carry the food to the living room table, pretending that nothing happened.

    You serve yourselves and as soon as you start eating you and Nat compliment her lunch and Wanda smiles gratefully. You eat in silence for a while until Billy breaks it.

    "Do you have a boyfriend?" He asks looking at you and you almost choke on your food. "Billy." Wanda scolds him in a firm voice and you laugh, waving your hands dismissively. "It's okay." You say looking at Wanda and then turn your attention back to Billy, who is watching you with innocent curiosity. "No, Billy, I don't have a boyfriend. In fact, I don't like boys."

    You explain and the two boys exchange sad looks. "You don't like us?" Tommy asks, his voice disappointed, and the two older women try to contain their giggles at the innocence of the children.

    "Of course I like you! In fact, you are my favorite boys in the whole world." You reassure them and they smile, but Billy's face lights up for a moment when an idea seems to cross his mind. "You have a girlfriend then?" He asks and you laugh at the boy's cleverness. "Enough gossip, you two." Wanda scolds the boys once again, but she smiles amused at the conversation.

    "No, Billy, I don't have a girlfriend either." You reply and have to try very hard not to look at Wanda immediately afterwards. But you can still feel her eyes on you.

    "Um what about that girl who came over the other night?" Nat asks with a teasing tone and you almost choke for the second time that lunch. Wanda tighten the grip on her glass, not liking the direction of this conversation.

    "Robin?" you ask surprised and annoyed, laughing embarrassed before answering. "No way, she's just my friend."

    "Do you like her?" Wanda asks curiously, trying to match Natasha's tone but you could see something else in her eyes. A mixture of irritation and insecurity. Jealousy, maybe? Probably not, a woman like Wanda has no need to feel jealous.

    You clear your throat, realizing you took a little too long to answer, and shake your head dismissively. "No, Robin is just my friend. Nothing more." With your reply, Wanda looks away, but you can see the shadow of a smile on her face and you smile as well.

    For the sake of your sanity, soon the subject changes, and you begin to talk about other things. After lunch, Wanda starts to clear the table. You get up and start helping her, and Wanda doesn't object. Billy and Tommy have cornered Nat and are now talking about something very excitedly, but Nat seems quite interested in the conversation so you just giggle.

    You and Wanda take the things into the kitchen and this time the silence between you is awkward. Tense and heavy, maybe. You think about what might have caused this distance between you and the only thing that comes to mind is the conversation about Robin and you smile, incredulous. "Are you jealous of Robin?" you ask, unable to hide your smile and Wanda looks at you, surprised.

    She tilts her head slightly, a smile appearing on her own lips. But it’s a different smile, an intimidating one. And the closer she gets to you, the more intimidated you feel. "No dear." She whispers and you can feel her breath against your lips. You swallow dryly and her smile grows. "I know that at the end of the day it's between my legs you want to put your head on."

    Your breath hitches with her words and she bites her lip, looking down to your mouth. Without a second thought, you move toward her but before your lips can meet hers she turns and walks away.

    You sigh, your head spinning rapidly at everything that has just happened. You watch Wanda walk away, a mischievous smile on your face. That woman would be the death of you.

    Part 3

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  • altrxisme
    07.05.2021 - 30 minutes ago
    Johanne genuinely has a good life. At first glance.
    She already has a lot of grief from having lost her father a couple years after her half-sibling twins then witnessing his death years later beside her equally distraught step-brother. Her love life was near non-existent after she left her longest relationship and attempted to date here and there. 
    While her work in the dance studio and the occasional bassist kept her well-taken care of, there was something missing.

    After learning about her Asgardian heritage, she turned to vigilantism to see if that filled in the void. It worked for a while at first, helping people for the sake of helping people was just the right thing to do after all. She felt like a superhero and it managed with her normal life too. 

    The mercenary business however was never far behind the Frost family and it pulled her in quick, more so with Jackson’s involvement with SHIELD and the like. 

    It wasn’t until the Battle of Sokovia that made her rethink about what she had and what she could do. Johanne knew that as a civilian she would live in comfort, unaware and unable to be where she feels the need to be. As a free agent, she would a unbounded wayfarer. 

    And for some reason, that called out to her more.

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    he's vibin


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