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  • Peter: Menstruation is when the uterus says “this bitch empty” and “YEETS” the endometrium out of the body

    Natasha: Peter, shUT UP!

    Y/N: He’s right though.

    #source: ??? #incorrect marvel quotes #peter parker x reader #peter parker imagine #peter parker #natasha romanoff x reader #natasha romanoff imagine #natasha romanoff#marvel#MCU
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    • Harley: I'm gonna mix a can of Red Bull with seventeen shots of espresso in a fishbowl and then chug it while Kids by MGMT plays in the background so I can perceive twenty-three spatial dimensions and fight my own soul.
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  • Summary- Short. Bucky Barnes x Y/N. You can’t sleep and want some cuddles. Fluff. Written for @captnrogers​ 300 Followers Writing Challenge. 


    Originally posted by sunoficarus

    You knew better, you shouldn’t be here. This was Buckys Room, and although your friend, the Avenger you were closest to, It didn’t make you knocking on his door at 4 am okay. Yet here you were, a blanket draped over your shoulders, biting your lip and a hand fisted to rap against the wooden door. Should you? Shouldn’t you? Fuck you were so tired and just wanted to sleep. How often have you two drifted off together watching a movie on the couch downstairs, both of you waking up after, and you quote, “The best fucking nap I’ve ever had.” Your words. 

    You two were “besties”, again your words. He always roll his eyes when you would start in after a mission. Wrapping an arm around his shoulders and holding the Stark Tech Phone up the the both of you, taking a selfie. “God you know I hate that.” He would glare at you and you would beam at him. “I need it for my collection.” You would retort, and although he looked grumpy, you knew loved it. 

    So why are you hesitating now? Cause what if he was appalled by your request? What if he thought you were asking for more? You chided yourself, and finally did a firm rap rap rap. Knowing he would hear it, “Super Soldiers seemed to hear everything.” You’ve been told many times when you were muttering under your breath? To many from Steve and Bucky. 

    You could hear thumping and a muted voice of “coming, just give me a second.” and then the lock flipped on the door and he sprang the door open, liking at you in surprise. “Y/N, what’s wrong? are you okay?” 

    “Yea, Im fine Buck… I was just uh… wondering if you would want to, Hang out? Ya know… sit on the couch and watch a movie?” you asked a bit sheepish, and Bucky rubbed at his face and tried to process what you were saying, his gaze went from worried to soft, a smirk playing on his lips as he folded his arms over his chest. 

    “You come to my room and wake me up at 4am, to cuddle?” His brow arched at you, and you huff out to cover your tracks. 

    “No, watch a movie Buck. Jeez.” You push past him into his apartment and close the door. And he follows you afterwards, seeing you sit up all stiff. 

    “Come on Doll… You can’t sleep, right?” Bucky comes up to the couch and nods his head to the bedroom. “How about we just get a some early morning sleep, and not pretend to watch a movie?” 

    You contemplated, then nodded as you moved to a stand. You thought sleeping on the couch was good… 

    Sleeping in his arms was even better. 

    #bucky barnes #bucky x reader #bucky x you #bucky x y/n #writing challenge#amber writes#mcu#marvel#marvel fanfiction#bucky fanfic#short #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes x you
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  • I am now taking requests for icons! Let me know what character you want one of and a minimum of 3 colors!

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  • The Spider & The Cat

    Spiderman!Sugawara x BlackCat!Reader

    Summary: Sugawara Kōshi and y/n l/n are acquaintances who go to the same school, Karasuno High. They share laughs, smiles, and desks, but how will they react when they realize that the quippy spider and the flirtatious cat are nearer than they think?


    Sugawara stretched, his back popping a couple times before he itched face gently. He slammed his hand on his alarm clock, the clock smashing into pieces as a visible cringe appears on his face.

    “Not another one…” he groaned, falling flat onto his back, his hands collapsing on his face. He got up, slipping on his slippers as he brushed the broken pieces into the trash can. “Aunt May?” Sugawara questioned, sticking his head out the door. “where is she..?” He shook his head, letting out a sigh. “Whatever…” he murmured to himself, “I’ll just walk to school.” All of a sudden, his small aunt popped up in front of him.

    “I don’t think so mister!” His aunt chastised, “You need a ride to your study group, right? Although, I don’t know why’d they make it so early…young teens like you need your beauty rest~” she teased, her hands going up to pinch at his cheeks.

    “Aunt Mayyyyy!” He droned as he swatted Aunt May’s hands from his face, “I’m not 12 anymore.” He reminded, picking up his backpack. “Besides, I think I need to walk anyway. To get my cardio up…y’know?” He said, his hand going to the nape of his neck, rubbing it slightly. He hopped on his toes slightly, hoping his aunt would buy his excuse.

    “Really?” His aunt questioned, a slight frown coming to her face. “Alright…I guess you are growing up! My little baby thinking about his cardio” She sniffed, her eyes welling up with small tears. She kinda reminded him of that cutesy emoji. He giggled at the thought.

    “Well” he started, “I’ll be off! Don’t wait for me at supper, I might be a little late because of volleyball!” He gave his aunt a small wave, before leaving for school. But first, he wanted to patrol. He stopped at an empty alleyway, looking to the left and the right to make sure no one was following him. He unzipped his bag and took out his mask, but then he saw y/n l/n. He quickly stashed his mask into his bag, hiding it behind his back. “L/n…? What are you doing here?” He wondered, zipping up his bag that laid in his hands.

    “Oh um…I’m feeding the strays cats that are here…” Y/n answered, her hand rubbing her wrist. “But I can leave if you need me to!” She said, pointing her thumb to the exit of the alleyway. Sugawara looked back, seeing the stray cats she mentioned. He gave a slight smile as he turned back to her.

    “No no! It’s fine, I was just making sure I had all my assignments before I headed all the way to school.” He gave a tight lipped smile, hoping she would believe his fib. Y/n nodded, not really believing him, but she decided she’d let him go regardless.

    “Okay? That’s a bit strange, but you gotta do what you gotta do I guess.” Y/n shrugged, moving past him as she placed down the food for the kittens. She looked up at Sugawara, nodding her head towards the kittens. “Would you like to pet them?”

    Sugawara brightened as he kneeled down next to Y/n. He raised his hand and brought it down to pet the reddish kitten’s head. When his hand was about an inch away, the kitten hissed at him, making him jolt his hand back. “I guess it doesn’t like me..” He joked, giving a slight laugh.

    “Cats just must not like you, huh?”

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  • 26/5/2020

    See you in 164 days

    #bw movie #black widow movie #black widow countdown #black widow release #black widow#natasha romanoff#marvel#MCU
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  • Pepper: What is wrong with you??
    Tony: I have this weird self-esteem issue where I hate myself but still think I’m better than everyone else.

    #tony stark#pepper potts#ironman#pepp #tony and pepper #pepper and tony #pepperony#okay but #he really does though #and i feel so bad for him #also guuuuys!! #my irondad big bang story just got promoted ahhhh i'm excited! #i'm posting it on AO3 on June 20th if anyone's interested! #mcu #mcu incorrect quotes
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  • Maggie: Why are you still single?

    Cassie: I don’t have time for idiots.

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  • #natasha romanoff #natasha romanoff imagine #natasha romanoff x reader #natasha romanoff headcanon #black widow #black widow imagine #black widow x reader #black widow headcanon #marvel#marvel imagine#mcu #marvel x reader
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  • Everyone: I miss 2012 Domestic Avengers!

    Me Outwardly: I never look back, darling, it distracts from the now.


    Originally posted by babeimgonnaleaveu

    Me Secretly: I wasn’t in the fandom back then. I’ve missed out on so much…

    Me: I need to think up 2012 Domestic Avengers ideas! 

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  • I just really miss him💔

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  • Warnings: dubcon/noncon sexual acts, violence, trauma, allusions to abuse and noncon, isolation, torture, (handjob, masturbation)

    This is dark!Bucky and explicit. Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you.

    Summary: Bucky surprises you. Then you surprise yourself.

    Note: Thanks to everyone who has hung in there. I managed to finish this chapter and figured I’d share it with you all after you waited so long. Again, I’m sorry about being all over the place. Hope you enjoy it. Thank you. Love you guys!

    Please leave some feedback, like and reblog <3



    You woke to a tickle along your spine. You shivered and opened your eyes. Bucky’s arm snaked around you and he drew himself against you as he had the night before. He was hard again. He let out a gasp as his erection rubbed against your ass. He wiggled just a little and groaned. You tensed and grabbed his wrist.

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    #Bucky Barnes#Steve Rogers #bucky barnes x reader #steve rogers x reader #dark bucky barnes #dark!bucky barnes #dark bucky barnes x reader #dark!bucky barnes x reader #painted windows#series#fic#dark fic #dark!fic #mcu#marvel#captain america#au
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  • this is how this scene went, right?

    (Requested by @deforevermore)

    #you know a scene is gay af when you change one word and suddenly they are boyfriends #stucky#stuckyedit#steve rogers#bucky barnes#steverogersedit#buckybarnesedit#marvel#marveledit#mcu#sebastian stan#chris evans#incorrect quotes #shut up it's correct #requests#mine #my gif set
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