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    MCU unpopular opinion, Thor and Loki's relationship is so toxic that I'm genuinely surprised that their relationship weren't mentioned in the damn Britney Spears' song.

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    22.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Notes: It’s been a while since they’d been around.


    “Have more wine.”

    Loki smirked at the elf. “Trying to get me drunk, Your Majesty?”

    Thranduil laughed. “I do enjoy you when you’re inebriated, Loki, but this time it’s just the wine that’s delicious.”

    “That it is.” Loki extended his cup so Thranduil could pour him some more. “You have exquisite taste for wine.”

    Thranduil put a hand on his waist and pulled him closer. “Not just for wine.”

    Loki chuckled. “And now you’re going to make me spill it.”

    “It’s fine.” Thranduil abandoned the decanter. “I’d rather drink it from your lips.”

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    22.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    And I thought LOKI was second 😆.

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    22.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Of Dragons Blood and Serpents Tears


    Summary: Loki, a young mage from the kingdom of Asgard, prepares to bid his brother farewell at the annual Feast of Martyrs. Thor is about to become the next general of the Asgardian army. Loki decides to use the final vial of dragon's blood for a protection spell. That is until an unfamiliar face arrives at the court in an identical general's uniform. What Loki does not know it the man in front of his is about to take him on the journey of a lifetime.

    Chapter Word Count: 512

    Warnings: None

    Notes: This fic is based on a short story I wrote a while ago. I thought the setting was perfect for Lokius. Consider this a semi-fantasy AU, loosely inspired by Lord of The Rings. Anyway, if you like dragons, swords, and Lokius, you'll love this :) Enjoy chapter one, more is coming soon <3

    The small kingdom of Asgard was not known for much. Its economy was in shambles following the forty years war, leaving the outskirts of the square in absolute ruin. No culture was able to flourish within its impoverished confines. And there were certainly no remarkable people to ever escape from Asgard’s tight grasp. You either die a hero of war, or suffer its detrimental impact.

    However, there was one thing Asgard was known for. The extravagance of the royal family. Criticized by the poor and celebrated by the rich, their existence was complicated to say the least. King Odin’s favorite activity was to regale to tales of war. He frequently dawned his faded armor, reminiscing of the glory days. Known for his precarious tactics in battle, it was no wonder he was the subject of great discussion within his kingdom.

    Twenty years following the war, his two sons prepared for another one of his extravagant parties, for today was the Feast of Martyrs. It was a celebration of those who had died in the war, especially those who had served under Odin's command. This would be the final feast before his son, Thor, would take his father's place on the battlefield.

    Loki, the youngest of the two princes, sat alone in his chambers, opting not to light the stone fireplace in the corner. The heat felt suffocating in the already cluttered room. This was not the typical clutter, within it was its own strange form of organization. Anything could be found within the room, if only he knew where to look. Loki paced back and forth in front of the overflowing shelf of books, each leather-bound and marked with ribbons and scraps. Reaching for the thin volume tucked in the corner, he gave a satisfied smile when it reached his hand. A Mages Guide to Dragon's Blood was inked onto the worn brown leather, faded from repeated use. He methodically turned each page until he found exactly what he was looking for.

    “Excellent,” he muttered to no one in particular. A nervous habit, perhaps. He had no time to dive into his inner psyche, there were only a few more moments before he was expected to appear before all the neighboring royalty.

    “Sage, rosemary, mar-,” He listed each ingredient as he pulled it off the shelf. With a small mortar and pestle, he ground up a precise amount of each ingredient. When he was satisfied with the result, he reached for the pendant around his neck.

    “Thank you, Fenrir,” He whispered into the vial. He opened the cork and poured out a single drop of the silver liquid, creating a puff of smoke when it touched the blend of herbs. In a glass vial he has reserved for this very spell, he carefully poured the silver concoction. With a satisfied smile, he replaced the now empty vial of dragon's blood with this new silver vial. With a snap of his extravagant green and gold cape, the vial was concealed, and he made his way down the stairs, prepared for whatever lay ahead.

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  • quibblesticks
    22.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    sorry, it's just. i'm thinking about loki and it's literally just. everyone's blogging about how he's canonically bi (used as an umbrella term) and genderfluid and i just. "diversity win! character who is bi and genderfluid in the original source material has now been officially labeled as bi and genderfluid in a large company's use of their character" like. bestie. like, yeah, good! i'm not saying it isn't, it's just. it should have been established from the start, is basically what i'm saying here

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    22.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Am I the only one who doesn’t agree/think Loki and Peter would be friends? Outside of fannon that is.

    #I again don't get it? #is it just me?? #Loki also isn't fit for the older brother role #thor's his only brother #i'm defensive over them ok??!! #loki #thor is a good bro #thor#brodinsons#peter parker#fannon#mcu#marvel#thor odinson#loki odinson#spiderman
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    22.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Dinner with the Avengers

    Summary: A Saturday night with the Avengers is not what you might expect. It's better.
    Pairing: bucky x you
    Warning: swearing, kissing, Wanda's "bad cooking" HAHA
    author's note: one of my fav so far


    You could hear Wanda's sizzling pan from your spot at the couch. It was music to your ears, as well as to your hungry stomach. Nonetheless, Pietro's neverending remarks and rebuking at Wanda could also be heard.

    The feeling of Bucky's metal fingers playing with your shoulder distracted you from my hunger, yet it made you realize how risky this was. It was a Saturday night, and all the Avengers were huddled in couches and seats in the space in front of the kitchen, wine and alcohol already served.

    They don't know about Bucky's thing with you. It's extremely new. So new you're still figuring out how to tell Natasha, who sat cuddled against Steve beside her. Sam sat beside you as Thor, Vision, Rhodey, Tony, Clint, Bruce, Peter, the only person drinking juice, and surprisingly Loki sat nearby. You have been chatting and laughing for about a quarter of an hour, as Wanda made dinner.

    "Were you two watching a movie last night?" Sam asked, turning to face you.

    "What do you mean?" you ask in return.

    "After all the-"

    "Smooching in the kitchen," Nat interrupted.

    You felt heat rise to your cheeks as you stared at them blankly.

    "Oh, come on, you can't hide that anymore," she said, grinning and pointing an accusing finger at you and shifting it onto Bucky and back at you repeatedly.

    Bucky keeps quiet beside you.

    "I've got to say, after months of hearing you two bickering to then find out you're secretly in love is quite a story," Loki chimed in.

    "You saw us last night and told everyone? And I'm- we're- just finding out? Snitches end up in ditches, Sam," you exclaim at him.

    "Hey, I just wanted some water and instead I find him all into you, and you were sitting on the counter, while something seemed to be in the microwave" he says, holding his arms up as a sign of innocence, being unable to control his laughing. His laugh is contagious, spreading onto you.

    "What do you have to say for yourself, Buck?" asked Steve, offering a teasing smile.

    "I'm not sorry," he admits, smiling back. You can feel your cheeks heat up when he places a quick peck to your cheek, and the stares from everyone could be felt without having to even look at them.

    "That's the most bizarre thing I've ever seen," Loki remarks, and agreeing statements are said.

    "If you're lonely, just say it," you tease at Loki, a smirk playing it's part on you face.

    "Actually, every god needs companion and I have found mine," he admits.

    "Excuse me?"



    "I'm not telling who it is," Loki says.

    "Is it Jane?" Wanda asks from the kitchen.


    "Oh god"

    "Jane?!" Peter exclaims at him.

    "It's not Jane. For all I care, the Dark Elves could do us all a favor and fucking kill her," Loki admits. Surprised exclamations are heard around the room.

    "Woah, language," Steve says.

    "Right, brother?" Loki asks.

    "I can't confirm nor deny," Thor says, looking down at his beer and fighting back a smile, and more exclamations are heard since we all know he wants to agree yet he wants to be a 'good person.'

    "Who is it then?" Tony asks, fidgeting with a gadget, probably made by himself.

    "I'll just say he likes jet skis," Loki admits.



    "Good for you, brother," Thor says, patting Loki's shoulder and offering him a sincere smile.

    "Dinner is served," Wanda says, and everyone hurriedly stands, stalking towards the table to munch food down, hunger being a common sensation amongst everyone. Vision steps in front of Wanda and gives her a kiss, while Pietro watches in utter disgust.

    "I can get used to your bad cooking ways, sister, but I'm not getting used to that," he admits.

    #marvel#mcu#the avengers #avengers age of ultron #loki laufeyson#bucky barnes#natasha romanoff#sam wilson#steve rogers#marvel fans #marvel cinematic universe #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #eternals #spiderman no way home #vision#wanda maximoff#pietro maximoff#peter parker
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    22.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    What if loki was happy?

    #@ marvel #mcu#loki#loki laufeyson#what if #what if…? #what if series
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    22.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Full god mode: On

    I have like a super big AU with this freckled Loki variant and omg I’m so proud of this art help me🗿😅

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  • lowkeylightning
    22.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    party thor 😭

    Good news! We are finally going to get Party Thor!!!

    But... bad news....

    He’s an only child... 😭


    I wanted bromance

    I was bromance baited

    (if they make it seem like Thor would be better off without Loki)

    (i will cry)

    UNLESS it’s Thorki  😉

    but mcu doesn’t have the guts

    #what the fuck mcu writers #what the fuck #anti mcu#thor#thor odinson#loki#brodinsons#brothers4ever#mcu#marvel#what if #curse you mcu!!! #he's not an only child and he never will be #thor and loki #loki odinson#thorki #this is a crime against the universe #they are soulmates!!! #the brothers must be back together #so i say it again #fuck mcu
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    22.09.2021 - 4 hours ago


    #marvel#mcu#loki show#loki laufeyson#sylvie laufeydottir#Gems art #ignoring what happened right before this part I have so many thoughts abt it FGHGJKH #like #I remember some people being upset with Sylvie when this happened and lik e #did some people really think she wasnt going to go through with her plan?? #taking down the TVA by killing the ones behind it was her life missions #like literally ever since she was taken as a ki d #no one was gonna stop her killing kang hgjkhlj not even loki #she was going to kill the one behind it and when the timekeepers turned out to be fake she went on to the real person behind ti #Im just glad she was able to go through with it #even if she is unleashing a multiversal war between kang variants GFHGJKH #many many thoughts abt sylvie in general though #also hello mutuals I promise these thoughts make sense FHGJKHLJ
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    22.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Let me tell you how uncomfortable I felt sitting there waiting for my photographer...in this cosplay....in handcuffs..... I felt like an escaped convict (which I technically was).  Photos: Vanya Photography by Emily Bradford

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  • wheredafandomat
    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Bang Bang

    Contains lyrics from the song ‘bang bang’ by Nancy Sinatra

    I was five, and he was six

    Walking into the palace, accompanied by her parents, y/n looked up in awe at the massive pillars surrounding her. Noticing the queen coming towards her, y/n began to bow as she’d been taught.

    “No need for that dear” the queen said gesturing for y/n to stand up. “Boys where are you? The princess has arrived” Looking up to see the bickering princess, y/n’s eyes widened at the sight of them. Smiling, she began to curtesy as they bowed before her.

    As Frigga and y/n’s mother began exchanging pleasantries, the prices invited y/n on a tour of the palace which mainly consisted of them going into the kitchens and raiding the pantry.

    We rode on horses made of sticks

    After a while, visits to the palace became more frequent for y/n. Pretty much every week she’d find herself there running around with the princes. They’d usually go into the gardens and pretend they were at war with a far away realm and the three of them were the only saviours. They’d pretend they were charging at the chaos with their horses and swords.

    As they grew older, y/n found herself becoming closer with Loki. On her visits, she would find out that Thor was busy or that he was preparing for something so naturally, y/n and Loki became closer.

    They’d sometimes prank Thor which often made y/n laugh and Loki blush at the sight. She was drawn to the mischief and he was drawn to her.

    As they got older, the three of them grew further apart. Loki found out he was actually adopted and went on a rampage causing chaos. He was so angry at this discovery, that one night he took it out on y/n.

    “Loki calm down”

    “Calm down. CALM DOWN. My whole life has been a lie y/n. A LIE! I- I- I’m the monster parents tell their children about at night”

    “Loki you are not a monster” caressing his cheek, y/n’s lips were inches away from Loki’s. He could feel the warmth of her breath on his skin. He wanted to kiss her. But instead, Loki pushed her away. Not expecting Loki to react this way, y/n tumbled backwards barley catching herself before she fell. Tears began to prick at her eyes as she stood silently looking at Loki hoping he’d meet her gaze. He didn’t. Instead he firmly, coldly told her to “Leave”

    In search for his crown, Loki abandoned his roots in Asgard. He abandoned her. Loki’s rage is what kept him going. He didn’t need them, his fake family. He didn’t need her.

    Meanwhile, Thor was on Midgard, this was where he met Jane.

    He wore black and I wore white

    Thor and Jane were happy. This lasted for a while until Thor had to return to Asgard. He’d always check in with Heimdell to see how Jane was doing until she couldn’t be seen. Noticing Thor’s worry, y/n encouraged him to go and find her whenever they’d meet up. Since Loki’s departure, they’d meet up less frequently then they’d like but they’d meet none the less.

    When Thor returned, he had a sick Jane unconscious in his arms. They were rushed to the palace. Meanwhile, y/n was back home staying as far away from the palace as she could. Hearing that Loki was back, she thought she’d be ecstatic. She missed him. His company. Their mischief. But knowing he was rotting in the dungeons, she couldn’t bring herself to go there.

    On the day of Jane’s arrival, Y/N woke up with a horrible feeling twisting away at her guts. She didn’t know what it was about but pushed it to the back of her head and continued her daily activities. A week later, y/n was woken up by the the loud banging at her door. Opening her bedroom door, she was greeted by one of her maids with their heads down holding what looked like a letter.

    Upon reading this ‘letter’, y/n fell to the floor with a heart wrenching cry.

    Frigga was dead.

    She’d been invited to the palace to pay her respects to the late queen. Growing up, Frigga felt like a second mother and knowing she was gone tore y/n in half.

    Arriving at the palace, y/n saw Thor with his head down. Running towards him, she instantly engulfed him into a hug. They held each other for ages crying into each others necks until y/n pulled away and noticed Loki was nowhere in sight.

    “Where’s Loki?” y/n asked eyes searching the crowd

    “He isn’t allowed to attend” Thor replied sorrow laced in his tone

    “Isn’t allowed to attend? On who’s orders” y/n asked starting to get annoyed

    “The kings”

    Without even giving an answer, Y/N stormed into the Throne room to speak to Odin


    “My king” she said as she bowed

    “I know you mourn, we all do, but not letting Loki say his goodbyes? Please, he doesn’t deserve this”

    “The same Loki who nearly destroyed the realms and abandoned you. You come here to plead for his release?”


    After a while of back and fourth, y/n left the throne room. She knew she couldn’t convince him.

    Standing next to Thor, they watched as lanterns lit the way for Friggas departure. That’s when y/n felt a hand encasing hers only it wasn’t on the side Thor was standing on.

    “Thank you” the person whispered

    “You’re welcome. Loki”

    He would always win the fight

    Weakened by the departure of his Queen, Odin feel into the Odinsleep. Thor decided to go back to Midgard with Jane which left Loki on the throne.

    “It suits you” y/n said walking into the throne room

    “You really think so?”

    “I do” “was it worth it?”



    “No. Y/n, if I could go back in time and change my actions, I would. It was my careless antics that allowed those vagabonds entrance into Asgard. It was my anger and spite that drove everyone away. Drove you away”

    “I always knew you’d be king Loki. I didn’t know how but I knew that one day your cruel and selfish ways would lead you towards a victory. I knew you’d always win the fight” y/n spat at Loki and with that, she was gone.

    Bang bang, he shot me down

    Bang bang, I hit the ground

    Bang bang, that awful sound

    Bang bang, my baby shot me down

    A/N: Did we like? Should I carry on? I’ve got a few ideas to continue this if that’s what you want? Lmk 🖤🖤

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    21.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    2012 P2

    Green = Flashback

    “I- it was like I was in a trance- Y/N! Y/N STAY AWAKE. THOR GET HELP”

    Y/N laid in Loki’s arms as her clothes dampened with the crimson ribbons spilling from her abdomen. Feeling faint, Y/N struggled to keep her eyes open as she felt herself welcoming the void. The only things keeping her present were the distant panicked shouts of the brothers around her.

    “Y/N don’t. Please don’t” Loki’s broken pleas were accompanied by his cold hand caressing y/n’s cheek. She could see the worry, the shock, the guilt, the desperation all present in his features as she gazed up at him. The main thing that stood out was the love.

    “You’re back” she said slowly reaching out to touch his face

    “Yes I’m back. Before I left I’d promised I’d be back. Don’t I always come back?” Loki said cheerfully holding his arms open welcoming y/n’s embrace

    “And you’re looking well”

    “Yes despite a couple of scratches and bruises, nothing to worry about”

    “The price to pay for victory” y/n replied sarcastically pumping a fist into the air

    “Haha very funny. How about to help me with these cuts, I’ll even let you wear the horns when we—”

    “No need to say anymore” she replied smirking taking Loki’s hand in hers and leading him to the bedroom

    A faint smile made its way onto y/n’s face as she looked into Loki’s eyes.

    “I’m back I’m back, don’t say anything y/n just stay still”

    “Loki- there’s some—” y/n was cut off by the blood starting to spill from her mouth. Coughing, she felt herself falling victim to the light.

    “Y/N! Stay awake, help is on the way” Thor shouted although y/n couldn’t hear him, all she could hear was a distant shout echoing around her.

    “Thor, THOR, what should I do? I can feel her slipping. She’s going brother and it’s all my fault”

    Hearing Loki crying and cursing himself above her, y/n tried her hardest to speak again.

    “L-Loki, listen, th- there’s so—something”

    “Y/N don’t speak just stay still and focus on staying awake” Loki begged trying to keep y/n eyes open.

    Watching Loki softly stroking y/n’s face whilst she laid barley conscious in his lap, Thor knew that the dark angel was fast approaching. Thor didn’t want to betray y/n’s trust. He wanted her to come out of this alive so she could tell Loki herself, but seeing her barley clinging to life, Thor had a decision to make.

    “Y/n my love, I am sorry I am so sorry. Please don’t leave me. Don’t go. I can’t do this alone.” Loki begged beginning to feel y/n’s life draining rapidly out of her.

    “Loki, if I were to die, what would you do? Who’d cook for you? Who’d clean up after you?” Y/N asked whilst securing Loki’s daggers to their hilts at his hips.

    “I’d simply ask one of the maids”



    “Would one of these said maids be able to do that thing with their tongue you love so much?”

    “Y/N, I don’t know why you’d discuss such bleak imagines but if it’s a truthful answer you’re after, I’d simply perish. I couldn’t live in a world without you in it. I’d fall at your feet and join you in Valhalla. We’d walk the valley of death hand in hand knowing we’d lived a wonderful, full life.”

    “And what if I was extinguished?” Y/N asked curiosity yet amused by Loki’s previous answer

    “If someone harmed you, I’d hunt them down with no ounce of clemency in my revenge. No realm would be escapable. I’d tear the stars from the sky one by one until I’d found your victor”

    “Poetic” y/n replied laughing

    “Now, let’s talk about something more uplifting”

    Gathering up all of her strength for one last time, y/n tried to speak again. She had to tell him. He had to know. Realising what she was trying to do, Thor quickly interfered.

    “Y/N don’t talk, let him see. Brother, look into her mind”

    Placing his fingers on y/n’s pale temples, Loki began letting out loud sobs.


    “My darling, yes”

    “Tell me that story again please”

    “Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom, there lived two princes. One had blonde hair—”

    “Uncle Thor!”

    “Yes, and the other had hair just like yours.”


    Loki cried at the sight of this interaction. He saw y/n, but he also saw her interacting with a very young girl. Like himself, this girl had the longest, most striking raven locks.

    Trying to see more, Loki applied a tiny bit more pressure to y/n’s temples.

    He couldn’t see anything.

    Opening his eyes, he immediately looked at Thor not wanting to let his gaze wonder down to her.

    “Brother?” Loki said just above a whisper

    A/N: What dooo weee thinkkkk? Another part? Prompts and ideas are always welcomed 🖤🖤

    #hiddlestoners#hiddleston daily#mcu loki#loki fanfiction#loki odinson#loki angst #loki x female reader #loki x you #loki x reader #angst #thor x reader
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    Some Lokius , WandaVision and Jedtavius sketches asked on Twitter

    Nothing special, they kinda suck lmao but I love my babies so I had to draw them❤️ >:3

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