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  • forgedinshadowsbathedinlight
    22.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    i've learned more cc's real names from ao3 than anything else (derogatory)

    #mcyt fanfiction #so much suffering comes from those tags
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  • wither-rose-circus
    22.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    *thinks about how Sausage and Scott’s arcs are inversed* *thinks about how Sausage and Scott’s arcs are inversed* *thinks about how Sausage and Scott’s arcs are i

    #I was rambling in yb’s tags about it but like #they’re fucking foils your honor #mcyt#empires smp#mythicalsausage#smajor1995
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  • frogetime
    22.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    they r talking about venom again

    (click for higher quality)

    #osmp#ranboo#sneeg#beautie_#beautie fanart #idk what her tag is so she gets multiple. hashtag girl #mcyt#myart
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  • dynetheperson
    22.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    what if... chat during exile??

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  • callmesausage
    22.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    staff of mythland and the rune sword are wayy too powerful to be held by both scott and sausage

    xornoth could easily snatch the sword when he gets out and evil sausage could easily snatch the staff, wherever that is 

    unless it’s foreshadowing scott and xornoth’s separation as bounded souls, but then, wot are they gunna do bout evil sausage?  

    #empires smp#spoilers#xornoth#scott smajor#mythical sausage#evil sausage #is evil sausage a tag #whatever this is minecraft roleplay #mcyt #ngl i'm kinda scared #yanno #for future lore n that
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  • celestialking
    22.01.2022 - 3 hours ago


    ~Minors/Ageless DNI~

    Word count: 1.1k

    Warnings: amab, oral, 

    A/n: this chapter is literally only- 

    Last chapter ~ Next chapter

    A sharp knock was at your door. You furrowed your eyebrows, why would someone be knocking at your door. 

    "Come in," you answered. 

    The door slowly opened revealing Sapnap on the other side. He was quick to let himself in. The Texan moving over to your side. "Hey Sap- woah-" he pulled your chair back, keeping eye contact as he kneeled in front of you. The movement was slow, giving you plenty of time to yell at him. Yet you moved to give him more room to settle at your feet. 

    "What- what're you doing?" You turned your head to the side, gripping your thighs nervously. "Why're you-" eyes flicked to him. 

    Sapnap looked up at you, his hands were resting on your knees. "You said suck your dick," 

    Your fingers dug deeper into your thighs glancing back away nervously. You knew there would be crescent shapes from your nails left behind soon from how harsh you held on. 

    "And I said bet," 

    You didn't think your cheeks could burn anymore. You felt aflame. "I- I was just joking," 

    Sap hummed. "Were you?" He didn't seem too convinced. 

    He could see the way you seemed to hold your breath, you felt tense under his fingertips. Maybe he had misread the situation, but then again why had you moved for him if it was a no. Sapnap rubbed his thumbs comfortingly on your thighs. "If you don't want this I can leave, we can pretend this didn't happen," when you didn't answer he assumed he had overstepped. A bit embarrassed he started to retract his hands. 

    You made a small noise that faintly sounded like words. His eyes snapped to your face; your hand had enclosed around his wrist keeping him from moving anymore. "Wait," your voice was breathy, shaking as you spoke. "I want- I want-" your voice died every time you attempted to finish your sentence. 

    Sapnap settled back on his knees, his hands smoothing up your leg. "Want what baby boy?" he searched your eyes for any sign of distaste towards the name.

    There was none. You cleared your throat trying again. "I want- I can't say it," 

    "Yes you can," Sapnap urged. "Cmon use your words," 

    You wiggled in the chair making a frustrated whine. "I can't," you whispered.

    Sapnap’s fingertips slowly walked up your thighs. "Mm we'll work on it," he hummed. 

    Work on it? Would that mean there's a next time? 

    Reaching the waistband of your sweats he gripped the soft material and pulled them down gently. "No boxers?" Sapnap chuckled when he didn't see a second layer, his eyes hungrily roamed over the inches of skin he uncovered as he continued to pull them down. 

    "Just hadn't done laundry yet, " you gulped. 

    Sapnap wasn't listening to your answer however, he had pulled them down far enough to have you cock out. His hand was warm wrapping around it.

    Surprisingly he wasn't moving right away, your heart pounded harder as you realized he was simply admiring it. Then he let go. 

    Sapnap's hands moved with a mind of their own. They touched everywhere, tweaking any sensitive spot they found. Everywhere except where you needed him most. Your cock twitched as he brushed over your hips. Sapnaps thumbs applied pressure into them. 

    "Please," you whined. That caught the brunette's attention. 

    "Hm? What was that? Please what?" He held you down with a firmer grip. 

    "Please touch me," 

    "There we go baby boy, now touch where," you choked on a whimper. Stupid Sapnap. He knew where. The smug grin on his face told you so. His hands told you as well, letting go from your hips and moving down. It was starting to get difficult to think and you had to give in. 

    "My- my cock. Touch my cock, I need it please," you cried, bucking your hips. Tears were ready to slip with how worked up you were. Sapnap grasped your cock, the tip drooled pre cum. 

    "Cute," he chuckled. 

    "Say cute again and I'll make you choke on it," you snapped, flushing a dark red.

    Sap shook his head, beginning to slowly stroke you. "I'm sure you will-" he trailed off. 

    You whined as his tongue traced up the side. His previous teasing had made you sensitive. Sapnap brought the tip into his mouth suckling it. His tongue pressed into the slit a bit before he decided to take you deeper. 

    Part of you wanted to knock that dumb hat off his head so you could grasp his hair. 

    There was no way he hadn't done this before. It's like he knew exactly what made you tick. You were putty in his hands. A puddle of warmth, whimpers, and whines. Sap pulled off ignoring the bit of saliva that connected his lips to you. 

    He continued moving and while it felt good you were desperate to feel the warmth of his tongue. You reached down to him pushing lightly on his head. 

    "Please," you whined. "Use- use your-" Sapnap chuckled at your inability to speak still. 

    "You want me to use my mouth pretty boy? Want me to make you my trembling little mess? I can do that," 

    His lips wrapped around your cock and he took you until his nose brushed up against you. Your hips jolted up making your cock ram against the back of his throat. 

    Sapnap was quick to pull off. "Don't move," by the look in his eyes you could tell this would be your only warning. His hands moved up to your hips pressing into them gently. Your hands clawed into the arms or your chair. 

    "Please, please, m' gonna ngh," you whimpered before finally cumming on his tongue. 

    Sapnap could feel you quiver below him, eagerly swallowing around you. He pulled off with a pop hearing you whine once more. You had gone limp in your chair, relaxing back into it. "Was that good? I've never done that before," he seemed a bit uncertain. 

    "So good," you slurred. Sapnap grinned at your answer, pulling back. His eyes drank in your dazed expression, he was proud of himself.  

    You couldn't believe that was his first time. Gently he pulled your sweats up. 

    "If you'd ever like to return the favor let me know," Sap mumbled softly. He kissed your head fondly before moving to leave. 

    Before you could ask him to stay, he had moved out of the room leaving you to your fuzzy post thoughts. 

    #celestial:scribbles#celestial:drm#celestial:spnp#celestial:karl#celestial:sub#celestial:hhours #dream x reader smut #sapnap x reader smut #karl jacobs x reader smut #
    #mcyt smut
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  • celestialking
    22.01.2022 - 3 hours ago


    ~Minors/Ageless blogs DNI~

    Word count: 1.2k

    Warnings: mentions of dream/Karl, suggestive

    A/n: i consumed an unhealthy amount of valorant content- still even then some of the stuff i said down below is probably off- 

    Last chapter ~ Next chapter

    Something soft nudged at your face. You groaned lightly, pushing it away. When the feeling continued you opened your eyes. It was blurry but you could tell right away what it was. "Patches," you cooed. "Pretty girl," the cat had jumped onto your chest at some point and was curled up, purring contently. After the movies yesterday you had ended up passing out on the couch. You assume Dream had been the one to throw a blanket on top of you. You needed it, this house was freezing. 

    Yelling from down the hall made you and your furry companion jump. Slowly you grabbed patches and threw the blanket off of you and followed the sound of heated words. "What's going on?" You yawned opening the door. Sapnap was sitting in his chair facing his computer, you recognized the bright colors of Valorant. 

    "Oh yeah, that's what your mom said last night," he snapped into his mic. After bickering with a team member about fucking the strangers mom he turned to you. He took in your image. You were carrying patches to your chest protectively, wearing one of his merch hoodies and some sweats. 

    "Ugh get that bitch out of here," he finally said. You yawned again and he couldn't help but copy. 

    "You're just saying that because this sweet angel is getting all my attention and you're jealous," 

    "Yeah, maybe I am," 

    Silence. That familiar tension settled into the air. Just a joke again, right? The tension quickly dissipated when Dream opened the door. 

    "You want- oh hey y/n. You guys want breakfast?" 

    "Uh yeah sure, I can help," you replied, eager to leave the odd tension behind. 

    ~                                                            ~                                                              ~

    Thursday came quicker than expected. Your room was unpacked and put together and you began falling into a steady cycle of living with the boys.

    Sapnap liked to make it a tradition to all eat dinner together and watch stuff on Saturday and he kept to the schedule even if he was with Karl. Now that Punz was nearby you and Sapnap would visit or stay over often. Dream was correct in him never wanting to be in the same room as your three. You tended to get a bit rowdy but there were quiet moments. Punz would deny if you ever accused him but there were some nights you'd both snuggle into his side. 

    Dream had some habits he quickly included you into as well. Dream liked to cook which meant you would spend a lot of time in the kitchen trying new recipes he would find. You would sit on the counter on your phone or petting patches while he handed you utensil after utensil. 

    "It tastes great, Dream, stop worrying," you would always tell him. 

    His nose would crinkle before he'd start whining. "It has to be perfect tho,"

    "Why? Cause you want to impress someone?" You laughed suggestively. 

    "Don't even start with me, you've got that weird staring thing with Sapnap," 

    You scoffed crossing your arms. "Yeah well we all know you have the hots for gogy," 

    Dream glanced at you startled then looked away. "Um actually-" 

    Your jaw dropped. "Wait, Sapnap?" He shook his head. "Wilbur?" 

    "Closer to us," 



    "No...is it Karl?" The blonde blushed a light pink. You bounced on your feet. "Did you tell him? Hm? Did you?" Now Dream was starting to regret saying anything.

    "Tell who, what?" You both looked up at Sapnap's voice. 

    "Nothing," you replied in unison. No way would Sapnap keep a secret. He raised an eyebrow at you both before shrugging. "Whatever, you guys are weird," 

    "Are you going to order something for dinner tonight?" Dream asked as Sapnap rummaged around for a drink in the fridge. 

    "Probably, Oh!" The younger, turned to you. "Me and Punz need a third, you in?" You glanced at Dream who waved you off. 

    "Yeah I'm down," 

    "cool I'll let him know," 

    He went back to his room leaving you and Dream again. 

    "Should I leave the house?" He teased. You hopped off the counter throwing a confused look his way. "Have to have some way to expel your rage after losing," he trailed off. You said nothing before making a grab at patches. 

    "Fuck you," 

    He wheezed before realizing you were walking away with his precious cat. "No wait, patches come here," 

    "She likes me more," you let her go before shutting your door. The last thing you heard was dream accusing patches of being a traitor before joining Punz and Sapnap.

    ~                                                           ~                                                               ~

     This match was a joke. Honestly you were kinda throwing and trolling. It was whatever. It was the 5th match in a row playing fracture and none of you wanted to dodge in fear of ban. You bought an ares, heading off to A. It was quiet. Dead silent. "B it's B," some random commed. You sighed pulling out your knife and heading over. You cut through dish grabbing the orb and towards arcade. There was a ping as two of your team members were picked off. 

    "Sage you have res?" 

    "Yeah," you responded almost to B. 

    Just to your luck, however, you turned the corner to come face to face with the majority of the remaining other team. 2 quick shots and you were dead. You sighed into comms "two arcade," the screen switched to Sapnap's pov. "Ugh, suck my dick," you groaned, frustrated hitting your hand on the desk. You didn't even have the heart to see if you were bottom fragging, it was just an off match all around. 

    "Bet," Sapnap replied he clicked a few times starting up his Jett ult. Joking again. Right? You decided to goof it up and play along for Punz's chat. 

    "Yeah you'd like that wouldn't you," 

    "I would," 

    "well I'm just next door," 

    Punz was chuckling quietly. His silence was even more funny however. 

    "Jealous Punz?" You asked, leaning back in your chair. You had his stream pulled up on a different monitor of course his chat was screaming about your "sus" antics. 

    "Oh yeah, definitely," Punz replied sarcastically. 

    "Yeah it'll stay that way too, y/n's all mine," Sapnap spoke proudly. There was something about the way he said it. The possessiveness in his tone seemed sincere. 

    You cleared your throat. "Anyways gamer bladder be right back," you excused yourself heading to the bathroom. 

    Once you were back however it was back to teasing and being toxic towards other players. The usual content from Valorant games. It was over too soon in your opinion, Punz said goodbye as did Sapnap leaving you to your thoughts. What really was to think over though? It was all a bit. 

    You opened streamlabs with the intent of streaming but was quick to shut it. Maybe not tonight. You switched off your pc and sighed leaning back in your chair. 

    Not that you would be able to think in peace for long however. 

    Footsteps lead up to your door.

    #celestial:scribbles#celestial:karl#celestial:spnp#celestial:drm #dream x reader smut #sapnap x reader smut #mcyt x reader smut #karl jacobs x reader smut #mcyt smut #
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  • desenhanenha
    22.01.2022 - 5 hours ago


    Haha this is a DTIYS LOOL, there is no prize, I just want to see what you guys will do! Use #AnesDTIYS so I can see your version of this thing

    You guys can change anything you want, the position, maybe the colors

    Just keep the original composition I guess?? lmao

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  • slaying-absolute-penis
    22.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    allow me y'all to be annoying for a second and advertise my block man

    for good luck and my undying love or something go and watch doctor4t on yt please <3

    his newest video just came out and it's fucking great

    he's a smaller minecraft youtuber and modder he's really nice and you can even personally bully him in his discord if you so desire

    and also if you ever wanted to get tortured in a 100 player challenge by a french guy wearing a maid costume and a rat mask you can finally experience that by becoming a fan of him 👍

    trust me it is totally worth it and you won't lose any braincells consequently

    #am i held at gunpoint while im typing this no one will ever know /j #mcyt#mcytblr#small youtuber #how do i tag this help #doctor4t
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  • redrosedream
    22.01.2022 - 8 hours ago
    #i cant bring myself to tag posts w anything mcyt related unless it's something obscure like 709 otherwise lmaoo #red answers #anon my beloved
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  • poorlydrawnmcyt
    22.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    a bit late but eyy birthday Chaz :D

    #chazm#tiredblr#fanart#art#mcyt #chaz tag is dry af im sobbing #pls watch him i beg
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  • erasmp
    22.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    "I miss being able to float around like Tommy can"

    something about little brothers and wings and making the first slow-falling potions

    #o!wilbur #phantom wilbur just got to me okay #origins smp #o!tommy #o!crimeboys #art tag#osmp#mcyt
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  • vanie12
    22.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    aimsey :D

    #mcyt#art#bear smp#aimsey fanart#aimsey #bear smp fanart #mcyt art#cricket crew #im probably going to make art of billzo and freddie #honestly i don't know any other things that i could tag this with lol
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  • emelky
    22.01.2022 - 21 hours ago
    #the empires smp are all patron gods for their respective empire #in addition to other domains #each god has up to 3 domains (specific areas of influence) #(i.e. fire or cats or rage or dragons or magic or a certain place) #if you have any suggestions my ask box is open and so are my thoughts! #im not tagging every smp again #mcyt#GGaD AU #mcyt god au #gardenergulfie#ask
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  • omeletteyyy
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    hi chat!!!!

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  • stagedfinale
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I think my absolute favorite thing about the Dream Team + Bad/Muffinteers dynamic is just exactly how it shifts. Like, when it’s just the Dteam, Dream is the eternally suffering one who has to deal with George and Sapnap’s bullshit, but the literal second Bad joins their dynamic Dream abandons all sensibility and becomes part of it. It’s fantastic and I think it’s hilarious

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