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  • liminalethereality
    18.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    I will fight the whole world for LWJ, WWX, and JC and that’s all anyone really needs to know about me 

    #mdzs #mo dao zu shi #lwj#lan wangji#lan zhan#wwx#wei wuxian#wei ying#jc#jwy#jiang cheng#jiang wanyin #anyone who looks at any of these characters and chooses to tear them to shreds #and blaming everything on one or the other #has staunchly missed the entire point #of the entire story
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  • qi-rong-enjoyer
    18.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    remember when I said that I headcanoned nhs, jc, and wwx all have adhd?? and remember that wwx and jc shared a living space?? well, mothers and fuckers of the jury, I present to you:

    late night happenings that occur only at ass o'clock.

    so!! me and my brother both have adhd!! my brother will barge in to my room to ramble about whatever hyperfixation he has now and he starts with the "it'll only be 5 seconds" which when I try to kick him out, and then I let him talk, and before you know it an hour will have passed because I got really interested in what he was saying and we inevitably get side-tracked

    wwx and jc would do this. to each other.

    jc also mumbles weird facts under his breath without noticing, and sometimes wwx happens to hear. he'll say some shit like "geese and ducks have teeth" or something along the lines of "Mozart was the first catboy" and wwx will just turn horrified, in a 'jiang cheng, my brain is already filled with volumes of forbidden knowledge, I do not need to file that into my already extensive library' kind of way.

    wwx does it to but jc's reaction is more of a 'why god, why?' type deal.

    and late at night, if they're staying in the same room???? wwx is making noise, like whistling or humming really loudly and jc's just like please shut up, I am begging you, I just want to sle eeep.

    #post brought to you by when my brother would not stop texting me about how he excited he was about the new batman movie #the one with robert pattinson #and we started discussing the riddler and catwoman and plot relevant shit #and then we somehow started talking about man-bat being vampire batman in a different universe (as he DESERVES) and how shit his life is. #that is all. #mdzs#jiang cheng#wei wuxian #mdzs adhd hcs #I love that my brother comes to me to talk about the things he's passionate about but sometimes I need to sleep #also ive been on an mdzs kick lately huh???
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  • plan-d-to-i
    18.10.2021 - 56 minutes ago
    #hopefully he'll qi deviate by himself #mdzs#answers #mdzs donghua spoilers #mdzs donghua#jiang cheng
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  • inktrailing
    18.10.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    Ah, of course, rolling around with feelings from finishing the MDZS dongua. 


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  • plan-d-to-i
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • qqgk
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    every time i am reminded of this line from jin ling i lose my shit. he drops this like less than halfway through the novel! this is chapter 45 out of like 100 something! 

    #mdzs #it gets me every goddamn time. jin ling i LOVE you #personal
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  • occasionally-writing
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Just finished Mo Dao Zu Shi season 3 and omfg. I am so freaking sad it ended!!! But it was a beautiful ending and even though there was the Chinese censorship forced onto it, I could clearly see the love in Wangxian’s actions <3  

    #sparks talks #mo dao zu shi #mdzs season 3 #wangxian#ebfbekwrkbdbfjkdsbfkjdsb #IT WAS BEAUTIFUL
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  • tsunamigongs
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    quic doodle of the cultivation world's sweethearts <3

    #they make me sob #might paint l8r #jiang yanli my goddess #jxz wldve been the best dad ever i #i feel sm emotions #jiang yanli#mdzs#the untamed#cql#fanart#doodle#jin zixuan #jiang yanli x jin zixuan #my art#mdzs fanart
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  • aliavarrin
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    He looks so young here

    #mo dao zu shi #mdzs#mdzs s3 #mdzs s3 spoiler #grandmaster of demonic cultivation #founder of diabolism #jiang cheng#jiang wanyin
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  • cloudrecessespod
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    This one goes out to everyone who’s ever gotten so mad they died from it. It’s S3E7, “Deviated Spirit,” so play us some Inquiry (not poisoned) about fatal bussy, getting kicked down a staircase (again), or being accused of snatchos body!

    #grandmaster of demonic cultivation #mdzs#podcast #mo dao zu shi #gdc#mxtx#魔道祖师#魔道祖師#the untamed#cql
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  • bloody-bee-tea
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Beetober 2021 Day 18 - Blep

    This follows after Beetober 2021 Day 9 and won’t make much sense if you haven’t read that first.

    “Jiang Yanlei!” Jiang Cheng yells, walking along the piers and looking for his daughter. “A-Lei!”

    “Baba,” a drawn out whine reaches him and Jiang Cheng follows the sound of it.

    He’s not particularly worried, because Lotus Pier is safe and Jiang Yanlei learned to swim really early, but it doesn’t change the fact that she’s fast and loves to slip away. Jiang Cheng has some practice with that—Jin Ling didn’t want to stay still, either—but unlike Jin Ling Jiang Yanlei can turn into a snake and disappear much more easily.

    “What are you doing, you little rascal?” Jiang Cheng asks when he finally finds his daughter in the water.

    She’s in her human form right now, but Jiang Cheng guesses that she swam around in her snake form for most of the time. She loves to do that, after all.

    “Swimming,” she happily gives back and then turns back into a snake, dipping beneath the water surface and splashing at Jiang Cheng.

    He chuckles at her antics, but he also holds his hand out into the water.

    “Playtime is over, A-Lei,” he tells her, which makes her stop. “It’s lunch time.”

    They try to stick to a rigid schedule for her, because she doesn’t feel hunger like normal humans do, especially not when she’s in her snake form, but they know from experience that it negatively impacts her human form if she doesn’t eat regularly.

    Jiang Yanlei pouts at him, Jiang Cheng can tell that much even in her snake form, but in the end she slithers up his arm.

    “That’s a good girl,” Jiang Cheng teases her and earns himself a stuck out tongue. “Ah, ah, ah, no blep-ing at people, you know the rules.”

    Jiang Cheng is not about to admit that it’s undeniably cute when his daughter does it, but most people consider it rude to have a tongue stuck out at them, so he and Nie Mingjue are vigorous in telling her not to do it.

    She’s under enough scrutiny as it is already, they don’t have to add rude to her apparent list of flaws.

    Jiang Yanlei sighs, which is also adorable in her snake form, and then she transforms back into human, throwing herself at Jiang Cheng. He got very good at anticipating that kind of behaviour and catches her easily.

    “Blep-ing at you is okay. Blep-ing at people I love is okay,” she mutters, her little face pressed into his shoulder and Jiang Cheng sighs.

    “As long as you know the difference,” he tells her, because he can’t quite bring himself to tell her no to that.

    It’s too adorable for that.

    “Come on, now, a-die is waiting for us.”


    “Where is our little rascal?” Nie Mingjue sing-songs, walking in circles around Jiang Yanlei’s room.

    It’s long past her bedtime, but she’s nowhere to be found, at least not at first glance. But Jiang Cheng just brought her back from her bath, so Nie Mingjue knows she’s in this room.

    “Turning into a little snake is not gonna get you out of bedtime,” Nie Mingjue says into the room, damn well knowing that his daughter is slithering around somewhere and is probably laughing at him to boot.

    There is no answer of course, but Nie Mingjue checks the most likely places for her to hide. She has a few favourite corners, but he can’t see her in any of them.

    He doubts she snuck back out, because she knows better than to do that, but it seems like she’s in a playful mood today.

    “It seems like my daughter just vanished,” Nie Mingjue says into the apparently empty room. “Maybe it’s time to get her baba. He seems to have a second sense for her,” he muses.

    Jiang Cheng is an expert in finding Jiang Yanlei, even when she doesn’t want to be found and when she actually tries to hide, snake form or not. Nie Mingjue has wondered more than once already if Jiang Cheng is so good at finding her, because he secretly has a snake form as well and knows the best hiding spots, but when he brought it up once, Jiang Cheng had only laughed in his face and then kissed him silly.

    It wasn’t quite an answer but Nie Mingjue stopped asking.

    The threat works wonders, though, because Nie Mingjue detects a little wriggle under Jiang Yanlei’s blanket.

    He walks over to the bed and pulls the blanket away, only to come face to face with his daughter, who blinks up at him innocently.

    “You, my little heart, are a menace,” Nie Mingjue says with a smile and in response Jiang Yanlei sticks her tongue out.

    It’s the most endearing sight Nie Mingjue has ever seen but before he can be overcome with feelings, she turns human again.

    “I’ve been in bed all along,” she says and scoots up so her head touches her pillow. “Silly a-die for not finding me.”

    “What am I going to do with you?” Nie Mingjue sighs but he pulls the blanket over her when she stays still.

    “Read me a bedtime story?” she asks, looking hopeful at him and Nie Mingjue shakes his head.

    “When do I ever not?” he gives back and barely has time to sit down before she throws herself at him.

    “Best a-die,” she decides and snuggles into his side.


    “Where’s my little A-Lei?” Nie Huaisang asks as soon as he steps into Lotus Pier.

    “Hello to you, too, didi,” Nie Mingjue drily gives back, but Nie Huaisang doesn’t pay him any attention.

    He’s here for his niece and his niece only.

    “Gimme, gimme, gimme,” he says, entirely unbefitting of a Sect Leader, but he doesn’t care at all.

    Nie Mingjue rolls his eyes—a habit he clearly took up from Jiang Cheng—but he steps to the side to reveal Jiang Cheng behind him.

    “It’s good to see you,” Jiang Cheng says with a smile and before Nie Huaisang can repeat his question, he holds out his hand, Jiang Yanlei curled up on there.

    “There she is!” Nie Huaisang says in delight and holds his hand out as well, so she can slither over to him. “Hello, my most perfect niece!”

    Jiang Yanlei turns human without warning and he almost drops her with the sudden weight, but he manages to get a good grip on her.

    “I’m your only niece,” she huffs out and he wonders who allowed her to be this clever.

    “That you are. Still my favourite, though,” he gives back and then holds up his new fan. “I painted a new one,” he tells her and she looks curiously at it.

    “Show me,” she demands and Nie Huaisang is too whipped to deny her, not that he really wants to.

    He unfolds the fan, revealing a picture of her on it; he’s rather proud of it, because he managed to capture her colours perfectly and it’s one of his better fans if he’s being honest.

    “Mh,” she hums out, turning back into a snake in the blink of an eye.

    She moves down his arm and onto the fan and manages to contort her body to match the drawing on the fan. When she perfectly overlaps, she turns her head a little bit and then she sticks out her tongue.

    “Oh my gods,” Nie Huaisang whispers, feeling like he’s being fatally wounded. “You can’t just do that to me!”

    Jiang Cheng and Nie Mingjue are openly laughing at him, but Nie Huaisang doesn’t care. They figured out a while back that Jiang Yanlei only does that to people she loves and it’s making Nie Huaisang so incredibly happy he could cry.

    “You need to sit down, didi?” Nie Mingjue asks and Nie Huaisang glares at him, while he carefully takes Jiang Yanlei back into his arms.

    “I’m not giving her back,” he decides and instead of being affronted, both Jiang Cheng and Nie Mingjue just laugh.

    “We’ll see about that,” Jiang Cheng says and puts a hand to Nie Huaisang’s shoulder to lead him into Lotus Pier.


    Jin Ling is drifting off, the warmth of the sun and the murmur of the water better than any lullaby anyone could sing to him and it’s only in Lotus Pier that he feels truly happy and at ease.

    Jiang Cheng and Nie Mingjue left him to his own devices after lunch and Jin Ling is kind of glad for it. He desperately needs this time for himself in Lotus Pier; his own Sect is demanding enough of him as it is.

    Jin Ling is certain that he falls asleep right there on the pier, but he startles awake when something makes his way up his stomach.

    He cranks his eyes open, only to see Jiang Yanlei curled up on his stomach, her snake form glistening in the warm sun and Jin Ling smiles.

    “Hello, A-Lei,” he softly says, raising his hand to briefly cup her body with it.

    Jiang Yanlei blinks at him, before she curls further into herself and Jin Ling takes the hint.

    Time to sleep some more then.

    He wakes up again when the sun dips low enough to cast shadows over him and when he blinks Jiang Yanlei is still on his stomach, though she’s awake and looking at him.

    “Good afternoon,” Jin Ling says, his voice rough from sleep and Jiang Yanlei blinks at him again, before she sticks her tongue out at him.

    He reciprocates the gesture and then he groans when Jiang Yanlei turns into her human form to laugh at him.

    “It doesn’t seem right when you do it,” she says between her laughter and Jin Ling shrugs as best as he can from this position.

    “Doesn’t matter to me,” he says and sticks his tongue out again, causing her to erupt into more laughter.


    Lan Qiren is waiting for Jiang Cheng and Nie Mingjue at the entrance to the Cloud Recesses. They are there for official business, so technically it should be Lan Xichen who receives them, but they also bring little Jiang Yanlei with them, so Lan Qiren could not wait for them.

    “Teacher Lan,” Jiang Cheng greets him with a shallow bow when they finally make it to the gate and Nie Mingjue follows his lead.

    “You’re late,” Lan Qiren tells them, stroking his beard but his stern expression softens when Jiang Cheng smiles at him.

    “We’re not,” he gives back, clearly certain about that and Nie Mingjue huffs out a laugh.

    “He’s just impatient to see A-Lei,” Nie Mingjue says to his husband, who fondly rolls his eyes and then holds his hand up.

    Lan Qiren would reprimand them both for their improper conduct, but they are right after all. He has missed Jiang Yanlei dearly and he can’t wait to see how much she’s grown now.

    He watches as she uncurls herself from Jiang Cheng’s neck and slithers onto his hand, and he visibly sees her perking up when she notices him.

    “Leilei,” Lan Qiren softly says and holds his hand close to Jiang Cheng’s and she immediately transfers over to him.

    “You could think she loves him more than us,” Jiang Cheng grumbles and Nie Mingjue presses a kiss to his head.

    “You’ve grown so much, Leilei,” Lan Qiren says, choosing to ignore Jiang Cheng and Nie Mingjue for now and he’s rewarded when Jiang Yanlei sticks her tongue out to him.

    Lan Qiren knows about the particular meaning of that gesture and he cannot with words express how fond he is of her.

    He anticipates her changing into her human form, and it’s easy for him to adjust his hold on her.

    “I’ve been eating all my vegetables,” Jiang Yanlei proudly tells him and Lan Qiren nods.

    “That’s a good girl,” he praises her and she slings her arms around his neck and puts her head on his shoulder.

    “I’ve missed you, yeye,” she mutters and Lan Qiren smiles.

    “I’ve missed you, too, Leilei.”


    Jiang Yanlei does not like bobo and his husband. It has less to do with how loud and obnoxiously annoying bobo is—and how silent and boring his husband is—and more with how her baba acts when they are around.

    Baba is always happy and relaxed with her and a-die and with gege and shushu, and he plays with her whenever she wants and he laughs at so many of her antics.

    But when bobo and his husband visit that changes completely and he gets tense and stand-offish and she doesn’t like it at all.

    “Don’t touch me,” she hisses when bobo reaches out for her and he stops dead in his tracks, his hands still hovering in front of her.

    Her human form lacks protective scales and she feels vulnerable like this, so she’s quick to transform into her snake form. She’s much more nimble like that and she instantly feels better.

    “Your child lacks manners,” bobo’s husband says and Jiang Yanlei hisses at him, this time for real.

    “Our child is allowed some bodily autonomy, so she can decide on her own who is allowed to touch her and who isn’t,” her baba gives back and when a-die steps close, she slithers up his leg.

    “And it seems like she doesn’t want you to touch her, Wei Wuxian, so you would do well to remember that.”

    “You should have raised her properly,” bobo’s husband says and Jiang Yanlei wants him gone from her home very badly when she sees her baba flinch.

    “We raised her as we saw fit,” baba gives back but his voice sound wrong and not even a-die’s hand on his back makes him relax.

    Jiang Yanlei really has had enough of these people barging into her home and making her parents unhappy, so she gets back down on the ground and she slithers up to bobo’s husband.

    She’s aware that everyone is watching her, but no one is reaching out for her, which is good, because she doesn’t want anyone to touch her right now anyway.

    When she’s close enough to bobo’s husband, she strikes like she never did before. Her teeth sink into his ankle and she violently gets flung away when he kicks out.

    “Did she just bite Lan Zhan?” bobo yells and Jiang Yanlei shakes her head before she turns back into her human form.

    “Yes,” she tells them and then goes over to baba, demanding to be picked up.

    “That was very naughty of you,” baba tells her, but she sees the way his lips twitch. “Never do that again.”

    “Alright, baba,” she agrees and snuggles close, absolutely planning to do it again, should bobo’s husband upset her baba again.

    “Lan Zhan?” bobo says and she turns her attention back to them.

    Bobo’s husband doesn’t look too well; he’s swaying on his feet and he’s turning an unnatural blue.

    “Is she—is she venomous?” bobo screeches and Jiang Yanlei blinks.

    “I don’t—she never bit anyone before, how are we supposed to know?” a-die says but he rushes forward to catch bobo’s husband when he crumbles.

    “Get a healer,” baba yells towards his disciples and suddenly there’s activity everywhere.

    Jiang Yanlei watches everything with big eyes and she startles when baba puts a hand to her back.

    “A-Lei, never do that again.”

    “He was being rude and mean,” she gives back and baba sighs.

    “That’s not a reason to bite someone, especially given that you’re apparently venomous.”

    Jiang Yanlei frowns.

    “Can I do it to bad people, though?” she wants to know and baba nods.


    “Then I don’t see what I did wrong,” she tells him and baba snorts.

    “A-Lei, Lan Wangji is not a bad person.”

    “He makes you unhappy. He must be a bad person.”

    “Oh, my baby,” baba sighs and kisses her head. “Don’t bite people related to our family, okay?”

    “Fine,” she grumbles, not at all happy with that but she’ll try to remember it.

    At least she got one bite in.

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  • rosethornewrites
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Sunday NR, E, & M reading

    The usual.


    Not Rated:

    Dark!LXC, by @mondengel


    i'm loosely holding you, by Mollshka (CaptainAmelia22)

    The girl has her father's eyes and his bright laughter. Lan Wangji knows and remembers this.


    to live for the hope of it all, by mirrorofprinces

    The last time Wei Ying had seen him, it was raining, the streets molten silver under the moonlight. By the time he had filled his trunk with suitcases and boxes, he was soaked through, fighting a bone-deep chill that would follow him for months later. He had watched Lan Zhan in his rearview mirror for as long as he could, as if he had to commit this to memory.

    a heart (i forgot about), by pink_fluff

    Five times Wei Wuxian doesn’t ask Lan Wangji for help, and one time he does.



    A Torn Red Ribbon, by shiroakuma

    The night before they marched into the Nightless City, Lan Wangji was invited to join Wei Wuxian in his tent.
    Unbeknownst to him at that time, it became their last real conversation.
    In which, a resounding victory against the QishanWen Sect is won seemingly at the cost of Wei Wuxian's life. Lan Wangji still spends some time being heavily injured. Lan Xichen tries to pick the pieces left behind by the war. The Jiang Sect is renowned thanks to the revered Wei Wuxian and the cultivation world is plagued by unknown forces while Lan Wangji meets with Wei Wuxian in his dreams.

    Divergence and Convergence, by dissentingsweaters

    Fate is a fickle thing. If one element was flipped on its head, how would that change a story?
    Lan Wangji still composes Wangxian for Wei Wuxian and still loves him, but it is no longer something that is only theirs. Stolen by an outsider and popularized among the masses, it now represents nothing but pain for Lan Wangji who lost his song and the person who inspired it in one fell swoop.
    When Wei Wuxian returns from the dead and unknowingly plays Wangxian, Lan Wangji not only fails to recognize his childhood love—he holds no interest in getting to know him. However, Lan Sizhui sees a chance to learn more about his enigmatic father through the arrival of this newcomer. His desire to uncover the past just might be enough to keep Wei Wuxian close and nurture a relationship that never had the chance the first time around.
    Or: Our take on writing an alternative storyline where some things are just meant to be, while we try to save some of our favorite characters along the way.

    When your bro's a hoe, by Miss_Choco (second in a series)

    Think hard. How do you get your prickly, awkward love interest into bed with you? Lan Xichen would like to know.
    This is a continuation of Matchmaker Bros.
    #the untamed#untamed fanfiction #mo dao zu shi #mdzs #chen qing ling #cql
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  • rosethornewrites
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Sunday T & G reading

    The usual.



    Lan Wangji and the Love(s) of his Life, by BuckyAboveEverything

    Lan Zhan is forced to choose between the sweet, adorable Wei Ying and the insanely attractive Yiling Laozu. The problem (good thing) is - they're the same guy.

    this night that doesn't want to end, by Misila

    The last time Jiang Cheng saw his nephew, Jin Ling was surrounded by five cultivators from at least three different sects.
    Now, Jiang Cheng doesn't even know where Jin Ling is.

    what i couldn't do for you, by WisdomPearl

    Jiang Cheng half-drunkenly orders for a bunch of demonic cultivators to come to the Lotus Pier for rehabilitation. He then realizes that his disciple took it seriously, and now it's spiraled into Jiang Cheng taking in even more.

    Royal misunderstandings resolved, by h0peless_oblivion

    When the elders of the royal Lan family suggested a marriage between their second prince, Lan Wangji, and the noble Jiang family's Wei Wuxian, Lan Xichen held out hope that his little brother's new husband and longtime crush would eventually return Wangji's feelings...
    One morning, seven and a half months into Wei Wuxian's first pregnancy, he stumbles upon a scene which implies that it might just have happened already.

    Branded, by cytheriafalas

    Lan Xichen knows his brother isn't handling the loss of Wei Wuxian very well, but he hadn't expected to be woken in the middle of the night because Lan Wangji had broken into a store room.
    Lan Xichen POV of the night Lan Wangji got drunk and found the Wen brands.

    Somersaults, by salakavala

    It's Lan Zhan's first time playing board games with them, so Wei Ying wants to make sure that his friend is all well and comfortable.
    He might have missed the point a little.

    In a dream I do not know I am dreaming, by MountainRain898

    Wei Wuxian has been leaning on the railing outside the Jingshi long enough that his eyes have adjusted to the dark, even without the moon and stars. He can see the faint outline of the lotus flowers in full bloom below him. Lan Zhan planted them shortly after Wei Wuxian returned from his gallivanting abroad, in order to make him feel more at home. It worked. One of Wei Wuxian’s favourite places in Cloud Recesses is now the pond outside the Jingshi, where he can sit on the wooden deck and dangle his feet amongst the pink flowers. It’s even better when Lan Zhan joins him, so they can lean against each other and trade kisses as the day fades away. Wei Wuxian knows now that sometimes home isn’t a place, it’s a person.
    Wei Wuxian spends the evening taking care of his tired husband.

    Sweet is the taste the sorrow leaves in my mouth, by chubby_lwj_love

    Lan Wangji has been punished and placed in seclusion. His brother brings him his favourite candy from when he was a child to remind him of sweeter times, in an attempt to comfort him. It helps, yet the results are unexpected.

    idiot's guide to parenthood, by yellowginkgos

    “I was a good father, right?”
    “Well, I wouldn’t say good, but you were okay.”
    “I think A-Xian and A-Cheng would agree with me when I say that you made a better uncle than you did a father.”
    Jiang Fengmian reels back in shock.
    in which, jiang fengmian reads some parenting books and realizes that maybe he was a shit father


    Come Lay Your Head Down Beside Me, by Preludian_Staves

    “Enough of that now.” Shufu surprises him by squeezing his shoulder gently to quickly distract his spiraling thoughts. “You have been plenty useful, a-Ying. Now you must rest and let us do the work with your condition as it is. Trust that your husband and your family will take care of you, boy. We are here and we will not let you go.”

    River Eyes, by AgentFreeWill

    “Are you a dragon?” Wei Yuan asks, and then sits down. Oh no, he thinks, Baba will be really sad if I’m eaten by a dragon. This thought proves too much for the day of A Lot and tears start again…”

    My Heart's Desire, by phnelt

    It’s fine. Lan Zhan is here with him. Lan Zhan is making a pocket for Wei Ying to stand inside so he can regain his composure. Lan Zhan is… reaching for the cup of wine that Jin Zixun is trying to hand to Wei Ying.
    In what is a clear case of Wei Ying’s patented One Shot Swallow trademark infringement, Lan Zhan throws back the cup, barely coughing, and hands it back.

    Puzzle, by Thetalkingcherry

    Why did he do it? The answer was simple really. Jin GuangYao's mistake was that he expected revenge to come to him armed with swords, not with a fan and a shy and harmless face.

    Afternoon in the waterfall, by the_heartofstars (sixth in a series)

    A calm, lazy afternoon with Wangxian playing music by one of Gusu's waterfalls and Wei Wuxian's realizations about food and love.



    the adults are talking, by agloeian

    “How long have you lived on the streets?” Wangji asks.
    Xue Yang shrugs. “All my life, I think. I don’t remember anything else.”
    Wangji tosses him the next meat bun. Xue Yang catches it easily – and he grins at Lan Wangji, wide and cheeky. Then, unexpectedly, “Why’re you talking to me?” he asks.
    Lan Wangji blinks. “Why should I not?”
    Xue Yang rolls his eyes, as if the answer is obvious. “No one else does. I’m a street rat. They’d rather I be dead.”
    There's more truth to Hanguang-jun's reputation for picking up strays than one would first believe - aka Lan Wangji takes Xue Yang in before Jin Guangyao can.

    Through All of These Years, by ladylapislazuli

    “It’s been a long time,” Jiang Yanli says. Her voice is tiny, barely more than a whisper. “Have you travelled far? Please, sit down.”
    Hanguang-Jun does not. Instead, he bows his head, polite even in refusal. Perfectly courteous – and, as always, his face betrays nothing.
    “I will not stay long,” Hanguang-Jun says. “I have come to discharge my duty.”
    - - -
    Jiang Yanli survives the battle at Nightless City, and finds an unexpected friend in Hanguang-Jun.
    #the untamed#untamed fanfiction #mo dao zu shi #mdzs #chen qing ling #cql
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  • raine-hearts-art
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    MDZSInktober Day 17: Gusu

    A cute post-canon afternoon where Wei Wuxian regales his husband with new talisman concepts.

    ID: Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian sit together on the porch of the Jingshi under the shade of a green tree. WWX’s mouth is open and he waves one hand as he talks. Lan Wangji looks at him fondly and has an arm around his waist. ED.
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  • goddamnshinyrock
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    genderbent motorcycle lesbians nieyao because the chat asked for it: a-yao has borrowed mingjue-jie's spare jacket, but it's a little big on her

    #nieyao#mdzs#nie mingjue#jin guangyao#meng yao #mo dao zu shi #the untamed#dimples gays #motorcycle da-jie hot #my art #hello friends in case anyone forgot I am a Big Gay #fem!mdzs #I think was my tag?
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  • sweetlittlevampire
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    don't wanna know this feeling (unless it's you and me)

    Rating: G | 8010 words | Oneshot | Completed

    Pairing: Lan Wangji / Wei Wuxian

    Romance | Reunions | Found Family | Getting Back Together | False Identity | Witness Protection | Youtuber Lan Wangji | Music | Based on a Lady Gaga Song | Kid Fic |No beta we die like Wei Wuxian

    There’s this Youtuber who goes by the name HanguangJun. He’s mostly known for his beautiful piano covers and own compositions. One day, HanguangJun publishes a new cover video, in which he plays an absolutely heartbreaking rendition of Lady Gaga's "I'll Never Love Again".
    The video title only says "For the Sun to my Moon."
    His face is not visible; it never is in his videos, only his fingers while they dance over the keys. But the droplets of water landing on the ebony and ivory cannot be mistaken for rain.

    A little something that I first published as a threadfic on my twitter!

    The AO3 link is in the replies.

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  • wangsxiansmusic
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Wen Xu is readable. YEET.

    #the untamed#mdzs#cql #mo do zu shi #wen xu#readable#yeet #who knows what this means #not i #thats for sure
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  • andersfell
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    jiang cheng fans are so fucking annoying

    #so weird that you want to push wangxian aside in favour of him #as well as condemning wuxians actions but praising and forgiving his #i can sense a connection here #my things#mdzs
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