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  • pernapernaperna
    28.07.2021 - 45 seconds ago

    single best thing I have done for accessibility when working since my eye surgery is change my mouse pointer to INVERTED - EXTRA LARGE <3

    #is it just me or is the default mouse pointer almost impossible to see almost all the time?? #i just fuckin lose the mouse pointer every 5 minutes #i think if anyone uses my computer they'll laugh cos the mouse pointer does look a little silly #but seriously. it's a massive improvement #Perna posts
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  • purity-boys
    28.07.2021 - 1 minute ago

    you and I as interchangeable

    #you and i are subjects and you and i can be the same subject #they both refer to me and to you and to us and to none #i as the same as none #you as the same as none as the same as the absence #you and i as a pair of wandering hands seeking out another set #and finding nothing but each other #you and i as a pair of wandering hands reaching each other and clasping #you and i as the shadow of the cross and the penitent prostrated form #you and i rocking back and forth in an empty prayer to an emptier heaven #the coffin is open
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  • iwillhaveamoonbase
    28.07.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    On this week's WIP Wednesday, a bit of what I've been working on for this AU:

    Callum couldn’t deny that when he looked at Rayla, he wanted to hug her and hold her close. It was more than just how striking an image she cast; there was an intense sadness within her that called to him to comfort her. To promise her that, no matter, he would give her anything to make her smile again. But it was far more than just her grief calling to his, one kindred spirit to another. She had ignited something in his heart when he’d heard her singing and now, when he closed his eyes and slept, she invaded his dreams. A smile he’d never seen her wear on her lips and eyes bright and full of mirth, nights of passion and happiness, and a voice saying his name with love and devotion.

    The first chapter of this AU is on AO3 and all the characters are aged up by five years from their season 1 canon ages. Rated E for explicit and more mature themes

    #rayllum fanfic#rayllum #the dragon prince #guide me through this song
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  • redphienix
    28.07.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    don't mind me, fucking with camera and thinking "holy fuck my eyes look tired... let's put light on it and see what expressions bring out the worst in it" and here are a couple because it's 6am and who gives a fuck~

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  • pupspuppet
    28.07.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Look at him!

    #darkest dungeon#dd 2#dd2 #leper got me thirsty #how dare he look this good #damn
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  • junebugsandknives
    28.07.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #no he actually said 'YOUR FRIEND LIKES ME MORE THAN YOU' i wish i was kidding #asks#rey tag #if he ever draws more dream i know who i'll send it to :^) #the ass turns eight tomorrow god.....
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  • fairisfair
    28.07.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Tag drop 🎀

    #if I die young bury me in satin lay me down on a bed of roses 🌹 padmé (musings) #you have my hands — Sabé (musings) #she will always choose Naboo & I will always choose her 🌸 Padmé & Sabé (musings)
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  • zybnie
    28.07.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    love coming across an opinion post that has absolutely no nuance whatsoever really makes you think about things

    #not saying a strong opinion isnt allowed #oftentimes strong opinions are warranted #for example u tell me anyone who likes jeffree star is a piece of shit and im like yeah probably right my guy #but that is not most situations #and yet in most situations people still come at it with the if you like them i will beat you to death #like hey man. hang on
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  • jootslat
    28.07.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Sorry I can't sleep I just really wanna top Diavolo. Question is do I wanna be a hard dom or do I wanna be so soft to him. Bites him. Eats him. Kissy kissy all over his face. His hair looks great for pulling-

    #.personal. #not sfw #bold of me to assume hed even let me top #let me take care of you you sad little man
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  • annagrundulsdesign
    28.07.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Treat yourself ✨ annagrunduls.com

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  • pinkhyojin
    28.07.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    curiosity tag💌

    tagged by: @jaehyukkies (thanks e!<3)

    which artists make you instantly smile when you hear their laughs?

    yuto (onf), chenle (nct), yuchan (a.c.e), taeyong (nct)

    what's a song you'd like to recommend to the person who tagged you?

    hmmmm🤔 for erin i will recommend:

    this is how u feel by loote AND overdrive by drippin

    which artist/s have your favorite voices?

    so many… but! my choices for this are hui (pentagon), jihyo (twice), doyoung (nct), jaehyun (nct), hyojin (onf), haechan (nct), yedam (treasure), all of a.c.e, siyeon (dreamcatcher)

    what are some sets from the wonderful ccs here that you find yourself thinking about often?

    this wonpil set by @dazzlingkai

    this byeongkwan set by @donghunies

    OF COURSE this hyojin set by @cherriki

    this mk set by @ultsua which is probs my most reblogged post ever

    this e-tion set by @jjear

    this hyojin set by a fave mutual that deactivated recently and i’m actually really emo abt it😔

    this junkyu set by @jaehyukkies obvi!!

    and so many more OF COURSE but it’d be hard to fit every post here (also sorry to anyone i tagged here that didn’t want to be tagged, i just really love these gifsets of yours<3)

    if you could steal an idol's pet, who's would it be and why?

    DAEGAL (chenle from nct’s puppy, she is so small and cute<3)

    which artists that share your star sign do you like?

    yuto (onf), dami (dreamcatcher), haknyeon (tbz)

    do you have any favorite photoshoots that your ults have done?

    this star1 photoshoot w jungwoo, mark, and haechan

    this allure korea shoot w nct dream

    THIS marie claire shoot w hyojin and changyoon

    this shoot onf did for the star

    what songs do you always get stuck in your head?

    every song i listen to gets stuck in my head so… this is difficult🤔 here’s a few i can remember:

    lie by imfact, player by mcnd, stay young by ab6ix, do or not by pentagon, shine by drippin, ugly dance by onf, anti-romantic by txt, chi mat ba ram by brave girls, aurora by onewe

    this is really scratching the surface tbh😅 today i had do or not in my head when i was shopping

    who are your favorite dancers in kpop right now?

    yuto (onf), taeyang (sf9), haechan (nct), hwanwoong (oneus), shotaro (nct)

    are there any photos of your ults that you find yourself thinking about a lot?

    are there???????

    which artist/s do you feel you can see yourself in?

    uhhhhh idk myself well enough to answer this question, so hmmm. maybe mk from onf? just bc sometimes he’s just chillin in the background with absolutely zero thoughts goin on in his head, other times he likes to be the center of attention causing chaos, he is very serious when it comes to work and his passion for music. can sometimes alienate himself from the rest of the group by being on a completely different wavelength. idk really. that feels like it fits.

    who's rapping do you always find yourself vibing with?

    not that many people fit this tbh, but i’d say mark (nct), yoshi (treasure), and hanse (victon). and honestly i don’t always vibe to them bc sometimes rap just feels unnecessary in certain songs, but they are the rappers i enjoy the most consistently

    are there any artists who's talking voice you could listen to forever?

    hyojin (onf), jacob (tbz), renjun (nct), heejin (loona)

    is there someone who always manages to give you gender envy?

    oh for sure. miya from gwsn. she’s the kind of androgynous i aim for but constantly miss.

    and finally, what idol do you think the person who tagged you is most like?

    ooh i’m gonna say j-us from onf on this one. bc erin is playful and likes to joke around with her mutuals and followers, is constantly making new connections with her friendly nature, but can also get serious when it matters and is super driven (hello nursing school!!!), and also a super talented person who deserves the world☺️☺️ (also sorry ik u don’t really know onf but it fit)

    tagging: @lineegrace / @anyhao / @minhyukmagritte (but totally no pressure as always!)
    #this got long #but it was super fun to do #thanks for tagging me erin! #if you listen to the songs i recommended pls let me know what you think!!:)) #hi erin☂️#tag games
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  • mickstart
    28.07.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Every new victim Andre collects on the race track this year makes him going wheel to wheel with jev for multiple corners of tough racing without even tapping him in Valencia even funnier

    #antonio: he tried to kill me #jev: rip to you but I'm different #sorry ik I talk about this a lot but i just CANNOT get over it
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  • franklinia
    28.07.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #7 de kalkip kahvaltidan sonra geri yatan mal me
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  • adoptedbybruciewayne
    28.07.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Y'all this is your gilf?

    #I'm joking don't come at me #i too believe in gilf Ra's supermacy
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  • sundxysun
    28.07.2021 - 4 minutes ago
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  • actress4evr
    28.07.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Underrated Mysterious Benedict Society things:

    The way the show universe makes no mention of normal popular sports, but specifically mentions and/or shows Tetherball, Pool, and Water Polo. It’s show canon that THOSE are the popular sports of the TMBS universe 😂 I love adaptations that add touches that feel like they could be canon to the source material, and this one very much does.

    #the mysterious benedict society #tmbs #mysterious benedict society #by me#my posts #ash watches tmbs
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  • adrianocs
    28.07.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    The Afterschool Gem Bois

    Heya, this is a prologue I made for my OC’s Story 

    It’ll take a while to post the other chapters so I’m going to post this first.

    NOTE: The story is First Person because I find it suitable to write tbh and Prologue hints the key concept of the story so don't ignore it lol (Guess who’s the POV :>). 



    The faint glow of the projected screen became the only light of this place. The fresh warmth of this soft material could protect me from shivering from the cool air that drifted across the dark corners of the room. The fragrant smell of cheese drifted along with the cool breeze when the bag of popcorn tore out open. Nothing beats a movie night with someone you love. I said to myself.

    I followed the prospect of the characters at the projected screen, gazing blankly with arms grabbing on a bowl of popcorn. My partner sat beside me and watched the view, humming to the iconic soundtrack of the film. I slowly swayed my foot in sync into the soft melody. The humming faded while I took a bite of popcorn, rubbing off the remaining cheese dust with my fingers. 

    “Um, Connie?” 

    I looked away from the screen and glanced at my partner’s eyes.

    “What is it, Steven?” I asked.

    His face slowly drained, stroking the curved tip of his star-shaped pillow, carefully thinking about what to say. Ignoring the following scenes at the screen, my attention locked on him. He spoke out of the blue, “Do you think teaching and training those half gems at their abilities would be a good idea?” I gave him a puzzled look.

    He must refer to the half gems, I believed.

    The sudden existence of new gem hybrids surprised us. It was astonishing, going back to the history of how his parents got together. Though, I wasn’t sure what he worried about when he discussed this to the Crystal Gems. Training and teaching the half gems could shape them into fully mastering and overcome their powers. Sounding hesitant, I was confused by his expression. I shook my train of thought.

     “Of course, Steven. Why not?” I asked.

    He let out a weak chuckle. "Heh, well... um," he cuddled the pillow, burying his mouth, making his words slightly audible.

     “I just feel worried about those children,” he said, his eyes drooped. “What if they ended up like I used to be back then? Could they also bear the risk and consequences of using their powerful gem abilities like me?” His hands quivered, grasping the pillow, squeezing it tight. The cold took advantage of him.

    He has a point. Sometimes he struggles to bear the unusual powers he felt. It was hazardous and scary. However, there’s no denying that any situation is adaptable. I leaned over his shoulders, warming his shivering arms, reaching for his curly puffy hair. “Oh Steven, of course, they could. They can believe in themselves, and they would have someone to guide them, like how the Crystal Gems helped you.” I stroked my fingers into his hair, comforting him, warming him up.

    “A-are you sure? I feel bad for ever doubting the Gems,” he confessed, hugging his star pillow, sounding slightly audible.

    “Of course, you should believe in them more,” I gave him a little hug.

    “Besides, if they already had experienced the nature of gem hybrids from you, that would’ve been a benefit for them,” I added. His cheeks landed on my forehead, making me blush slightly.

    “Y-yeah, I g-guess it does.”  I smiled at him and felt his hand on my back.

    I turned my head a bit to see him gently smile, and we continued to watch the movie.


    Months later, I got to visit Steven’s father at his car wash. I suddenly stepped on something hard. Into my surprise, I picked up two familiar gemstones, walking nearby Mr. Universe’s van.

    “Connie! It’s good to see you again,” I glimpsed around and heard the voice coming from the car wash. A man in his early 50s came out soaking wet. It was Mr. Universe. 

    “Mr. Universe, what happened?!” I ran up to him as I get a proper grip of the blue and red gemstones. Catching up, I accompany him, leading him to the back door of his van. 

    “Bluebird came back, attempting to threaten me.” he said.

    “Are you okay?!” my expression changed, inspecting the man.

    " Of course, I am, a kid was with me, and he used his watery powers until she got defe-”

    “Sir! There you are,” I quickly glanced around once more, fixing my eyes to the root of the sound. A young boy running out of the car wash, rushing towards Greg, “H-here’s a towel.” the boy said, handing him a clean towel. He fixes his outfit that wasn’t entirely wet, unlike Greg’s. 

    “Thanks, kiddo, you don’t really have to-”

    “But you almost got hurt by those pesky aliens!” the kid, half raised his voice, fixing his glance on Greg, worriedly spoke. “S-sorry, th-this what at least I could do,” he said with concern. I stared at them both, curious about what happened. Nevertheless, I immediately thought of Bluebird. Steven told me about her, how she plotted to threaten to kill him by befriending his family, deceiving them, and attempting to hurt one of them. I shifted my train of thought and looked at the boy.

    “Who is he?" I asked Greg.

    “M-my name is Kai ma’am,” the boy answered weakly, facing at me, glancing back to Greg.

    “This kiddo just attack these gems with water powers, and after that, he threw them off as far as he could,” Greg said, rubbing the towel, drying his soaking wet hair. 

    “I d-didn’t attack them s-sir, I just defended.” the boy corrected, rubbing his nape.

    “Wait, where is she? Is she-” he gasped as he saw their gems onto my hand.

    “Did I kill them?!” He slowly walked back as his expression changed drastically. Greg awkwardly shut his mouth, looking at me. I take a look at the gemstones once again, nothing damaged.

    “I- I didn’t mean to kill her, I w-was trying to protect him,” he said, almost covering his mouth, tugging the sleeve of his light blue hoodie. The false thought concerned him. Immediately, I stopped him.

    “Hey, don’t worry, Kai, they just retreated into their gems when they get physically hurt,” I reassure him, placing the gemstones behind me. Kid shifting his expression, turning at me. “Th-they c-come back to life?” the boy’s eyes widen, keeping his hand covering half of his mouth.

    “Gems like her regenerate,” I corrected.

    “Th-then what would we gonna do if she regenerated?” the boy asking, worrying as he peeped on their gems. 

    “Don’t worry, bud. Someone will take care of them,” Mr. Universe said.

    My eyes immediately stared at the tiny droplets of floating water. I heard a gulp as the water dropped. For this instance, I’ve recognized this power before, reminding me of someone familiar. The woman in blue, her wings, her ability to control, I’ve seen it all here at this carwash before. Would that be his gem?

    “O-okay,” he sighed in relief, shoving his hands on his pockets. I took out my phone, scrolling to find Pearl’s number. The Gems could handle this. I can’t just guard them, I assumed. 

    “Say, are you from here, kiddo?" Greg asked.

    “Kinda, my hometown is next to this city, my dad works near here,” he said, looking at the two gemstones. Mr. Universe looked puzzled at the boy’s gaze.

    “You haven’t seen or met a gem, have you?” Greg asked. I listened to their conversation, holding the two gems and the phone, texting Pearl, informing her about Bluebird.

    “Nope, except for that blue and red gem-pipsqueak,” he answered.

    He must haven’t realized he’s a part gem, I thought to myself. Due to his confused look about gems, I might help him understand if I consider this suggestion I had in mind. I stepped closer to him.

    “You should join Little Homeschool right there, then.” I pointed to the tall building with a large flat turbine on it.

    “Woah,” the kid was awed by the structure of Little Homeworld.

    “She’s right... Join them.” Greg swung the towel onto his shoulders. “You know there are kids like you who had ‘shiny rocks’ on them as well,” Greg said to him. I waited for the boy’s response.

    “Wh-...r-really?!” his eyes widen. His enthusiasm beams the area, reminding me of someone I love. Laying my hand on his shoulders, locking his eyes on the construction of Little Homeworld. “Yes, and you’re going to like that place.”


    #steven universe#original story#story#connverse#prologue#the beginning#gem#gem hybrid #the afterschool gem bois #su spinoff #but lemme just show steev and connie :v #and also greg #and introduce my character #it's my first time writing so im sorry if you notice some mistakes #you can correct me if you wanna lol
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  • vvitchfinderr
    28.07.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Sometimes I miss it

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  • anteroom-of-death
    28.07.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Who wants to hear a shameful recurring sex dream I've been hauving...

    #personal #its been a year and a half #please leave me cursed and problematical visions
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    28.07.2021 - 4 minutes ago


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