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  • ceniorina
    31.07.2021 - 6 minutes ago
    #ask me stuff #why you do me like that anon #i’m not okay
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  • cmnder
    31.07.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    i hate fix it fanfics . buddy if you’re gonna tell me that anime boy survived getting hole punched through the chest like a paper card at a coffee shop you’re gonna give me a reason and it’s gonna make more sense than like “we fixed him with the power of love and some tape” you better make that shit a PLOT POINT . i want to see people FIGHT about it ... you KNOW none of your favorite anime men are really out here living normal domestic lives . i’m here to see violence . this post is not about jojo

    #like . this cute stuff of very violent franchises makes me INSANE #to each their own i’m not gonna make fun of you for writing harmless but boring fan content #but do you guys really never want to see the little guys get in actual fights #and be genuinely mean to each other and have to overcome THAT #instead of the age old setup of the miscommunication they would solve in #about 3 god damn seconds if they just talked to each other #if you wanna make that a character trait do that don’t pussy out . COMMIT #captain's log
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  • devilbunzz
    31.07.2021 - 11 minutes ago


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  • hounskul
    31.07.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    When I get to write about Sunhold griffons. nice

    #when I get to write about Thalmor ruled Summerset and political things. nice #love that for me actually #Zana stays in Sunhold for a while and gets to see a lot of Things. and Stuff.
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  • bu1u
    31.07.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    1) my actual clown of a friend

    2) *and hanzo 1tricks apparently, also, theres no way craken doesnt have it, he used to be a mercy main

    3) cute supps from previous match.. :')

    #i had a big heart to heart with a relatively new friend #(agam) #he was drunk and wanted company and it was basically three hours of him telling me he appriciates me #until 4am #we have a similar way of talking so talking with him is easy and hes good at reading minds like my sister is #i went to sleep very appriciated ywy #My post #bu1u does stuff
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  • talos1
    31.07.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    prey is good but i keep getting lost

    #personal #like theres parts in the game that prevent u from going everywhere like the elevator being off/alex shutting whatever down #but the g.u.t.s being open is confusing for me every single time i go in #it just might be the zero gravity stuff too but still #anyways my typhon only playthrough is sad bc i cant hack shit :( #or lift things. my alternative is lifting things w telekinesis and hoping i can then blast it while its up to move things #*lift the human way. not the typhon way lol #that or turn into a coffee cup or smth small to try and get through a crack #i miss turning into a rat in dishonored
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  • thesavagedaughter0627
    31.07.2021 - 19 minutes ago
    #asks #ask me stuff #random asks #don’t let my cool persona fool you #I am a nerd #savage answers
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  • aeshiteirus-self-shipping
    31.07.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    So I learned of a song called Like Sexy Dynamite last week and I have no words for how much of a call out it was.

    And of course I would find it when I was questioning my feelings for Bakugo. Of course I would. But that's to be expected because obviously I wouldn't be here if everything went my way.

    #crashed and burned #like badly #and you know what #this only makes me more like Bakugo #well also Izuku #but mostly Bakugo in regards to how i'm bad at feelings™ #new tag #Aeshi Is Bad At Feelings #and so now every time I go to read a BakuDeku fic with Bakugo Katsuki Is Bad At Feelings #I get to think about how I relate on a Spiritual Level #aeshi's 3:00 am thoughts #that's what i'm calling this now #self ship#self shipping #self shipping community #self shipping stuff #fictoromantic#fictosexual #f/o: katsuki bakugo
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  • hearties-circus
    31.07.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    Thinkin about how when me and my friends played among us I would get killed so often and so quickly, no one was surprised if the first death of the round was me. I'm pretty sure we were kind of expecting it after a bit.

    It got to the point were it was agreed that I should have at least 1 bodyguard just. To ensure I didnt die immediately. I think the first couple games I had like 5 people surrounding me at all times until we decided on 1 bodyguard.

    And then there was the issue of 'what if I'm the impostor one round? How am I supposed to kill someone with a bodyguard always by me?' and we decided that my bodyguard just wouldnt be a snitch. They would see me kill and turn a blind eye.

    I fucking loved that

    #gamer txt. #i loved the bodyguard stuff. although being the first kill like everytime was kinda funny #i think one game me and my bodyguard were the impostors and that was fun #i think there was also a game were i managed to split off from my bodyguard; kill someone; vent away and bump back into them. - #- we stood there silently for a moment and they were just gonna ignore it and walk away but my partner found them and killed them b4 that #good stuff #i know its funny to kill your friends but damn. dem and corvus just annihilated me constantly
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  • stonequeerbitch
    31.07.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Maybe you guys could leave me asks and anons to wake up to? You know, I’d you want 👉👈

    #mine#it speaks#text post#send asks#send anons#send questions#send stuff#send things #send me stuff #send me things #ask me whatever #ask me anything #ask me a question #ask me stuff #ask me something #interact #interact with me #bored#i’m bored#nsft#mildly nsft#t4t#queer#lgbtq#lgbt#lgbt nsft#t4t nsft#minors dni#genderqueer#nonbinary
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  • aneres21
    31.07.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    When searching tumblr for Heroes Rising stuff I get two things:

    1) Bakudeku

    2) Hawks

    Only one of them was in the movie for the main portion yet both have the same amount of posts.

    #mha hawks#mha#heroes rising#bakudeku #i don’t ship it but it does make up most the posts #hawks though #Tokoyami: *is in danger* #Hawks: CALL EVERYONE GET PEOPLE OVER THERE!!! MY BIRD BRO IS IN TROUBLE #Hawks: *digging through the rubble* TOKOYAMI!!!! SPEAK!!! I GOT MORE MCR STUFF AT THE OFFICE!!! #Tokoyami: I have been woken by the sound of emo. Hawks has arrived. #Hawks: Me?? Worried? Never. I only brought a few friends with me. #*entire armies and waves of heroes arrive*
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  • greatshell-rider
    31.07.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    FUCK ME i was writing a whole ass thing for a person on fr and forgot about rollover. an entire hour's worth GONE and it was good stuff too :///

    #will maybe rewrite it tomorrow because now im just >: #serves me right i guess for not writing it literally anywhere else but >: #man im sad that was good stuff #sigh#fr
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  • vriedi
    31.07.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    epic nae nae

    #my art#my stuff#fefrezi#sanmos#madness combat#madness#madcom#homestuck#begrudgingly#feferi peixes#terezi pyrope #this is made for like me and my boyfriend and basically just us bc no one else ships these things together
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  • grlsoft
    31.07.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    get me outta here :)

    #me takin the chance to go camping w childhood friends #and being exhausted by yt ppl :)))) #what’s uglier than a yt dude w a mullet and dirty fingernails who complains abt how he doesn’t understand indig stuff #as tho he’s made any effort to understand the gravity of things regarding indig issues in kkkanada lmao #GOD zhaagnaash folks stop commenting on shit they know nothing about bc they don’t put in the effort to learn :^)
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  • annabelle--cane
    31.07.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    tma thought number, just, so many at this point: even when people try and limit themselves and only do the harm that they think is most necessary for doing good and saving people, it still doesn't work. the most obvious example of this is gertrude; she avoided becoming inhuman and she didn't like compelling people, but she still hurt and killed plenty of people because, to the best of her possible knowledge, she thought she had to in order to save the word and help others. of course, it all turned out to be for nothing.

    bare with me, but I'm going and try and provide another example of a similar thing in action: jon killing helen.

    jon goes through a lot of variations of finding that he really really likes doing something a bit monstrous, realizing that it's just doing harm, and all but cutting it out completely. he told gerry he liked being able to compel people, but those around him said they didn't like having it done to them and he stopped. he liked extracting statements, but once he was made to realize that he was capable of stopping and that the good it did him didn't permit the hurt it did others, he stopped. he liked smiting avatars, but even with martin and helen directly encouraging him to keep going, he came to the conclusion that since it didn't help anything, he shouldn't do it anymore.

    he did two more smitings after that for the following reasons: breekon directly asked for it, and though helen was no more evil than simon fairchild or dr jane doe, jon thought she was going to be a direct danger to changing the world back and therefore killing her would actually help something. as it eventually turned out, simply changing the world back was never possible, and helen or no helen, jon's inability to remember the lighter that was the final catalyst to web's plan was already in place, and there was no way he was ever going to wind up with a different ending than the one he got. if anything, helen would have wanted to keep the apocalypse in her world and likely would have helped jon's final plan. she was someone who enjoyed hurting people and had proven herself to be very dangerous when jon was trying to get things done, he had every reason to think killing her was the only option, but she was still another ultimately unnecessary death.

    #this isn't me saying jon should've known better or killing helen and chucking jan kilbride into the abyss are the exact same or anything #these are just both examples of people doing harm to try and avoid future harm that ended up being pointless due to Cosmic Horror Stuff #tma #marina marvels at life
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  • squishownu
    31.07.2021 - 52 minutes ago
    #I called my uni asking when the profs i had classes with are in so I can go and ask them if they can write me recommendation letters #and the first 3 on my list have left the uni apparently... #i just confused... #i have their contact info so i can contact them directly but like... don't the rec letters need to be approved by the uni and stuff?? #ughh this complicates things TTTTTTT #ask#❤️anon
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  • vibeforce
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    achievements of the day: woke up, still alive, took morning meds, ate a granola bar, pulled out switch and played some tok, brushed teeth x2, ate some dinner, watched a bit of sw/imming w mom, had some good laughs, caught up w my conservatory bud, took night meds, flossed, did salt gargle

    #daily achievements #got some good convos tonight so that's good. #i'm close to finishing tok. i'm at the castle but i wanna try to get more stuff 100%ed before i do even if i have time to do so in endgame #kk was a very good girl tonight. she was smiling and giving me so many loves #i hate that i just freeze up when it comes to taking her on a walk. i get so scared
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  • sol1taryconf1nement
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    idk how im gonna get through this cut alone and with no contacts either lmao time to buy rc i guess

    #if someone has experience with rc and can rec me some hit me up pls #im scared to hell of that randomly ‘researched’ stuff literally don’t wanna end up like flakka dude #or with a bursted emunctory or whatever
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  • cryptid-stuff
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I just finished her palace for the first time aaA i loved it so much I'm mad at myself now that I haven't finished the game yettt (also sorry for deleting and reposting this I realized I messed something up with how I posted it and wanted to fix it)

    #i messed up posting my other persona art from yesterday but im to lazy to repost that too anYWAYS #im having so much fun with this but idiot brain doesnt give me motivation to finish stuff #im im determined to finish persona (eventually) #digital art#my art#original art#digital drawing #persona 5 fanart #p5 fanart#p5 futaba#futaba sakura#persona 5 #its either i messed up something up or tumblr doesn't show you yoir stuff in tags anymore who knows #just wanted to be on the safe side and try again :)
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  • oohlook-thevoid
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Julian would go on Love Island.

    #the love island - star trek link in my brain is fucking cursed #anyway I finished DS9 around the time/just before love island started this yr and Jake rocked up and in his intro he was like #'hey I have a foot fetish' and my brain was like ohhhh like Julian #(which sidenote I have 0 memory of whatever made that canon but I've seen it referenced enough to accept it and I'm just grateful I blanked #it out whilst I was watching DS9) #yeah so anyway that formed the link but because I'm thinking wayy too much about the two shows lately I've realised Julian definitely #strikes me as someone who'd go on love island #actually actually he'd be kinda like Hugo - like he's announced and ppl are like oh it's a nice looking fellow with a career I respect #so he's liked and he keeps ending up in friendship couples and the public are like aw that's such a shame these girls have teribble taste #BUT THEN the Chloe/Toby/Abigail stuff happens and in the recoiling he's like oh wow Chloe deserves someone better I'm gonna save here and #takes this moral high ground and everyone's like hold up why didn't you do that with Kaz and then it comes out it was coz he liked Chloe #so ig that makes Jadzia Chloe but like not because Jadzia would be far less whiny and hypocritical but like same purpose in this scenario #yeah anyway in conclusion I can see Julian on love island as one of the lads that makes me yell at the TV constantly #which isn't to say I dislike Julian - he's actually one of my faves but like he'd probably be really fucking annoying irl on the surface #I'm not tagging this properly because this is a shitpost that caters solely to me #*recoupling not recoiling
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