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  • valacre
    27.01.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    I think I’m just now realising my love language is gift giving.... ‘cause damn the start of this new year has made me realise I have a shit ton of gifts to buy/make for different birthdays and... I’m enjoying myself a little too much.

    #I just love it when people become so happy when I give them a gift they love #Kind of makes me proud when they also realise I've been paying attention #Or that I've been observant of what they talk about or get themselves #Hehehe yes #This is fun... but maybe not so much fun for my wallet #I have too high standards when it comes to buying gifts oh my gosh
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  • cvrlosreyes
    27.01.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    hey so maybe suggest some of your favorite music streaming platforms that aren't Spotify?

    #just canceled my premium subscription and once that runs out I will be switching to another platform all together #but I'm not really sure which one to switch to so help me out? #christina talks
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  • lucasraymonds
    27.01.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    first midterm down, im literally panicking and i don't know why 🤪

    #i talk to myself when taking online exams but we use lockdown browser so she is just going to hear me mumbling about how dumb i am #also prayed to st. joseph before the exam started bc sometimes academic fright translates well into religious spook #thought maybe god would help me i guess we will find out lmao #mo chatting: school
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  • mashkwi
    27.01.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    Despite all the in-fighting that is apparently rampant on social media, I find that in recent times older people have started approaching me in the grocery store to make small talk. I think loneliness is starting to be stronger than fear for a lot of these folks.

    #personal#observation #like the things they talk to me about... real small talk you know
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  • bunni-art-929
    27.01.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    apparently last night i had a great PATB dream and i jotted down a few words in order to remember it later

    cue me waking up a few hours later, racking my brain as to what “reupholstery dream” meant

    #just thought i’d share #bunni talk #send me your theories. cuz i’m stumped.
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  • sybilhallward
    27.01.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    me: so I was thinking about Lys possibly being a good gender neutral nickname for me. It could also be read as "Lih" as in french...

    my friend: have you thougth about Lee?

    me: with the two "e"s?

    my friend: yeah like the character from Naruto

    #vane blogging #i might have an anime icon and nail art of another anime man on me that i did out of boredom but i don't usually talk about anime that much #... am i just dunking on myself at this point?
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  • louie-mania
    27.01.2022 - 13 minutes ago
    #sjdkdjdd but yeh!! #ive seen artist make the peach parts super soft and fluffy #and ive seen some where its literally like human skin #me i dont have enough braincells to think to hard about it lmaoo #i just doodle and let everyone else decide #i hardly have enough braincells to talk half the time 🤣 #it would feel wonky tho to just touch a hedgehog and it be no fur just skin #but sbsjsjsjs #this is really fun to wake up to tho #does spikey mouse feel floofy or no #honestly no sarcasm the best way to start the day 💖 #louis talks
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  • gorture
    27.01.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    when  your   stalker   is   still   talking  about  killing  you  on  some  edgy  blog  but   you’re   just   like   “ lmao  ok,   forgot  about  him,   anyways ”

    #ℜ — ‹ 𝐄𝐃𝐆𝐄𝐋𝐎𝐑𝐃 𝐒𝐔𝐏𝐑𝐄𝐌𝐄 › — ooc. #I am very physically strong I actually laughed when my friend told me this #he can try but won’t succeed #I'm just here vibing and this dude who believes I owed him everything is really having mental breakdowns over me #just cause I didn't give him what he demanded #he expected me to talk to him cause he was 'too nervous' to talk to me #and he made a DEATH THREAT against my best friend and boyfriend #hell no get fucked #I literally forget he exists until my friend brings him up
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  • silverskye13
    27.01.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    So I’m watching Into the Shadows on Youtube, and the current episode is about hidden armies and sleeper cells set up during the Cold War just in case the Soviet Union decided it wanted to wreck everyone’s day, yada yada. This is the first time I’ve ever heard about what actual literal sleeper agents / sleeper cells were, so that’s a cool thing. Anyway --

    Currently Simon is talking about how, when picking the leaders for the resistances, countries would intentionally seek out either older folks or disabled folks [who were then rigorously military trained, or who had already been trained] because they would be less assuming. The angry soldiers probably won’t beat up grandpa with his cane on his way to xyz houses delivering stuff his wife baked - oops actually that’s the resistance war summons, and now all the townspeople have guns for some reason.

    And now I’m wondering if this is where the media trope of the grizzled old random resistance leader comes from? Like there’s a thing in fantasy [or dystopian fantasy] where the heroes stumble on or know of crazy ‘ol X who lost his arm/leg/eye in the war, and they’re discounted as a major character until suddenly the heroes’ backs are against the wall, and grizzled ‘ol X swoops in and saves them or offers them the key to a resistance or a brave new prophesy or whatever. I kinda wonder if that’s where that trope came from?

    I mean, cursory internet searches would probably glean me that answer, and it also probably has its roots in the old wise man / old wise woman trope of gramps is actually a wizard or something, but it’s got me thinking.

    #the barking writer #trope talk #Into the Shadows #i'm just musing and making connections where probably there are none #humans seek patterns etc etc #but! it's still kinda interesting? #i dunno i feel like WWII / the Cold War and that whole 80 year block of time really brought out the dystopia in humanity #we were riding the high of innovation and riches and so of course now that we have the money and the means #to kill each other in extravagent ways we shall #and then the collectively decided hmmm maybe this isn't the kinda decadence we want to entertain #and now we do the warfare we do now which is mostly economics based with some explosions #hi yes all the people who followed me for undertale and hermitcraft you enjoying my random rants? #delete later
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  • thoughts-of-a-heathen
    27.01.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    Actually found a video with English subtitles. Cool.

    #let's talk religion #heathenry#forn sed #samfundet forn sed #norse heathenry#forn siðr#blot #random videos that make me happy #Youtube
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  • redjennies
    27.01.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    you ever have a job interview and afterwards you just immediately start applying to everything you can?

    #idk maybe they'll call me back but i did NOT feel like that one went well #i hate these phone interviews im so much more likeable in person #tess talks
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  • johnsquiregf
    27.01.2022 - 19 minutes ago


    #hi i'm sad someone talk to me send me asks #I need to move out so bad also i need to SLEEP tomorrow's going to be stressful i'm going to cry #anu's bs
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  • just2bubbly
    27.01.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    i sincerely apologise to all the ppl with an ask in my inbox- im still gonna take longer to reply

    patiently wait for your turn to come

    thank you

    #and yes i mean the request too #which is from 6 months ago #like i want to write it and no i can't do it #my draft won't complete itself #such a pain- #me talk
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  • w4rning-s1gns
    27.01.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    bru fuck econ

    #i hate it but guess what I initiated a conversation😎😎 #take that social anxiety 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 #anyway she has rly pretty brown eyes and she asked me for my socials😌😌 #lindsey talks into the void
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  • amaya-writes
    27.01.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    not me clicking reblog instead of schedule and lowkey crying abt it

    #my friend stared at me like i was crazy #which i am #love ya <3 #*bestie #that tag cut off #anyways i'm gonna log off early today #ik i didn't write much but eh i don't feel like it #amaya: talks #will write more tomorrow cuz i'll be more free #plus i woke up hella late today #not me making excuses when no one asked 😭 #anyways byee#love y'all
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  • your-poetic-cousin-clover
    27.01.2022 - 21 minutes ago
    #Sherlock#Supernatural#Doctor Who #Me and Elise always talk about how much of our lives we wasted on weird tv shows #I swear #what did they put in those shoes #*shows#clover speaks#asks
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  • nightlightprinx
    27.01.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    I’m making so many phone calls

    #rambles #I’m on hold #if you try to talk to me rn I can’t I’m sorry
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  • icantwritegood
    27.01.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    my dads partner turned around to me the other day at the beach and said "have you ever thought about writing a book?" and i was like "ha ha no. why would you ask that?" and she just gave me this knowing look and i was like bruh...... how would she know thats exactly what im doing lol. before that she was talking about how artists, no matter the medium, have the same creative process (she's an artist btw like with paint and stuff) but i cant think where she wouldve got the assumption from 🤔

    #i'll look very silly if it turns out my family have guessed and i think im being all secretive & elusive #but also very on brand for me so idk #maria talks shit
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  • lesovoj
    27.01.2022 - 26 minutes ago

    Some of you have a superiority / morality complex over your perception of men you've never met and it's ?!?!??! weird af

    #the shit i see in jikook tag sometimes like do you know you dont know them actually and what their dynamic is behind the cameras #not to even get me started on that weird ass j i m i n yt video that -proves- how he is actually -that horrible fanfiction trope - that so #many jikook blogs love to reference when they talk about how you see actually he is like this and not like that !!! you dont know him hello #the worst part is talking about it like it is for real and acting like you know their dynamic at least in f a n fiction shit like #a l p h a and o m e g a are meant to be you know just fantasy and imagination and not like have real connection to human beings #even tho im not huge fan of real life ppl fanfiction either but at least most ppl know that is all fantasy but with yt videos proving this #or that about a guy you dont know gives me the creeps #main reason why i dont go in that tag anymore made a mistake and went there no more tho
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  • master-gatherer
    27.01.2022 - 28 minutes ago


    At my job i finished the thing they wanted me doing in the office. And they liked me enough that they got a new position ready in a different department, going to get me trained over there

    BUT for like union/labor/company/WHATEVER reasons they need to post the position first and i have to apply for it

    Fine whatever

    So this week I'm back to my normal schedule on the factory floor and they posted the job listing. It's worded in a really passive aggressive way, like it doesnt read at all like they actually want people to apply. But w/e i already said i would

    So I need to fill out an internal job bid form to do so. EXCEPT there are no job bid forms available, and the supervisors can't put any out thats apparently HR's job (even though when i talked to HR they said the supervisors would have some but WHATEVER)

    Then apparently there may be a form on our online HR portal to fill out. Which... If thats the case why isnt it on the actual job listing but WHATEVER ill go fill it out online

    EXCEPT I'm on my HR portal now and I CANT FIND IT. There is NOTHING here about an application or a job bid or anything like that.

    Hell we're supposed to request our vacation time in this thing and i dont even see anything for that

    So now I got to talk to HR. Again. To see about actually applying for this job I was already kind of offered b/c my time is meaningless apparently and why are they being so hostile about it

    #do you want this position filled or not is my question #b/c if not- just say no #dont even do all this #and tell me *hey youre a good worker we like you but we dont have anything available right now* #*but well keep you in mind when we do* #at least respect my dignity enough for that #b/c nothing in this company is worth this many hoops #hopefully when i talk to hr they dont just brush me off again like they did earlier this week #like i know when i come in for 2nd shift its near the end of your day but please #this is your job #anyway ill give it one more go #if i dont make headway by the end of the week im done #they can fill it with whoever managed to figure out the riddles three #meanwhile ill be putting my newly updated resume (with fresh office experience) on like career builder and indeed #b/c i am a good worker #i am better than the position they have me in now #i dont mind doing it b/c i dont mind getting my hands dirty but #i am overqualified for this #and if they cant see that and respect me enough to work with me #thats their loss #i have already beem jerked around... twice??? #at least once #on promotions #due to office politics #i have zero patience for this bullshit
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