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    summary: the marauders attempt to get out of the castle and end up getting caught & freeing an extra astronomy revision session for the rest of the year. but, they sneak off to stay up and watch the stars in a cave

    word count: this is a little spin on what the writing was originally meant to be (which was the marauders just sneaking off to watch the stars), but i hope u like it nonetheless! notes - sirius is genderfluid, but in this writing piece, she is going by she/her pronouns ! - professor dara is an oc - i know u guys wanna see the james having a twin sister writing, but i'll post it soon !! i just liked writing this sm <3

    word count: 2,355

    cw: n/a

    marauders era writings
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    Tonight was supposed to be different.

    The Marauders were supposed to watch the stars and tease each other mercilessly if they said one wrong thing about the night sky, or if they said too much about it.

    "You're too much of a swot Moony," Sirius was supposed to say, "I can't believe I'm in love with a swot."

    But it wasn't just the Marauders, it was practically all of the fifth year students. They'd all invited themselves along, praising the Gryffindor mischief makers for "showing an interest in their lessons and participating in extra curricular activity."

    They were supposed to be sneaking out, but after they'd been caught out by way too many people and the Astronomy teacher, they'd ruined their chances. They had to pass their tendency to sneak out of the castle in the dead of night for wanting to spend time with some of the classmates they hated so much.

    Stargazing had turned into another one of their revision homeworks.

    And they were doing it on the lawn outside of Hagrid's house.

    "Nice one Pete," Sirius said furiously under his breath. It wasn't Peter's fault in particular, Sirius was just looking for someone to blame.

    "You can't always blame me!" Peter shot back, "I wasn't the only one caught!"

    James intervened, knowing their arguments could last all night, and frankly if they were going to go through with their quickly thought of plans, they didn't have very long to wait.

    The four of them were walking slowly behind the others, James was slightly in the lead and Sirius was close behind, hand in hand with Remus. Peter was only at the back because he walked slowly.

    For no reason at all.

    Marlene, Dorcas, Mary and Lily were just ahead of them, silent so as to eavesdrop on their plans.

    "Oi Evans," James grinned.

    She turned around with a stern and less-than-impressed expression, "What?"

    He chewed on gum in his mouth that wasn't there.

    His inner cheek. He was chewing on his inner cheek.

    "Stop eavesdropping, love. I know we lead colourful lives and you four just like to gossip in the corner of the common room-"

    Marlene tutted and folded her arms, "We just want to know what you're planning on getting up to. You lot are the reason we had to get up in the middle of night to do bloody Astronomy. If I wanted to get frustrated looking at the stars, I'd just stare at Sirius until I wanted to punch her in the face!"

    "Now now," Sirius let go of Remus' hand and pushed past James gently so she could seize the opportunity to walk up to Marlene and tease her face to face, "you know you love me, Marley boo."

    "I may throw up," Dorcas commented, observing Sirius trying to keep up her facade with Marlene. It had been said from first year that Sirius and Marlene were the most likely to end up together.

    How they were all wrong.

    "Homophobia." Dorcas stuck their tongue out at Sirius, and then their middle finger.

    "This is all well and good," James said in a low voice, "but the Professor is looking at us funny and wants us all to sit down."

    Lily looked at James in a way that made James feel as though she knew what he was going to do.

    But she sat down on the ground and then proceeded to lay on her back so that she was facing skywards.

    And everyone else followed suit.

    They were lying there for a while, observing all the stars in the night sky, naming them here and there.

    When it got to a constellation they were familiar with, a classmate would shout it out and get rewarded house points from the teacher.

    "So you see here," Professor Dara shouted above all of the murmuring noise, "that's the brightest star in the sky, Sirius!"

    She was pointing up at it, but there were clusters of stars everywhere - the only way they could even distinguish that star from the others was the fact that in all of the white specs they could see, Sirius was the biggest and the brightest (obviously).

    "Did you hear that, Sirius, mate?" James shouted with a cocky smirk on his face, "You're the brightest star in the sky!"

    Professor Dara smiled and shook her head. She looked fond of the Marauders, and everyone knew she secretly was.

    Had Professor McGonagall not claimed the title 'The Marauders' mother', she would've taken it for herself.

    Dara was admirable, she was a good teacher and she was so patient. It took guts to be able to teach James and Sirius and she'd mastered it pretty well.

    "No. I don't believe Miss Black is the brightest star in the sky, but her namesake certainly is!" she laughed, her eyes almost twinkling.

    Sirius pretended to look downtrodden to gain sympathy kisses from Remus.

    Instead, Remus shouted, "It's alright Sirius! You're the brightest star in MY sky!"

    Everyone giggled. It didn't make much sense. His sky?

    "In my world, I mean," they added on pretty quickly, reddening slightly but looking quite pleased with the fact that he'd managed to be a loud one, like James and Sirius, for once. It's strange, what that shy person would do love.

    There was now raucous laughter from everyone as they were so sleep deprived and almost delirious from having to wake up in the middle of the night.

    "Settle down!" Professor Dara called to the year, but she was giggling too.

    It was interesting how clumsily flirting with your girlfriend was so funny, but Remus was laughing too.

    There was only a few more minutes of laughter before everyone did, indeed, settle down.

    The teacher named more constellations and galaxies, but the Marauders were no longer paying attention.

    Marlene, Dorcas, Lily and Mary were also not paying attention. They were staring at the others trying to find the right moment to sneak off.

    "No," they heard Peter whisper, "I don't want to let Professor Dara down."

    "What's she gonna do? Laugh with us and tell us not to do it again? Merlin's nutsack, Pete. Come on!" Sirius replied in hushed tones, crouching besides her friends and looking over to the Astronomy professor every minute.

    Remus and James had surprisingly already left, from what Marlene, Lily, Dorcas and Mary could just about see, they were darting towards Hogsmeade.

    "What are we gonna do with them, eh?" Lily muttered to the others, unaware that Marlene had already gone over to Sirius and Peter, who were just about to leave.

    "Whatcha doin'?" she asked in a less than casual voice.

    "Minding my own business, what about you?" Sirius responded nonchalantly, as if she had nowhere to be.

    Marlene cut to the chase, "Why are you four going over to Hogsmeade? You're the ones that got us stuck out here in the first place!"

    "We're stargazing," Sirius shrugged and turned on her heel. She was only a metre away when Marlene registered what she'd said and yanked her jacket.

    Sirius looked disgruntled and her usual 'devilish' charms were absent from her face. "What?" she grumbled.

    "We're stargazing right now!" Marlene gestured to the others and then towards the sky, "I don't know if you've noticed..."

    "Go join them, Pete," Sirius muttered out of the corner of her mouth, waiting for him to nod and bound off after them. When he'd left, Sirius crouched again, grabbing Marlene's arm to bring them down with her. "We're doing a different sort of stargazing."

    "Is this a weird way of saying you're going to have an orgy?" Marlene joked before Sirius clamped her hand over Marlene's mouth.

    "No," she responded, impatient and aggravated, "this is where we don't have to stargaze with them," she pointed to the other people in the class, the people who weren't really paying attention to their tiff, "also, keep your voice down!"

    Sirius made to turn back and run towards Hogsmeade, but a look from Marlene's deadpanned face, a glance at their crossed arms and tapping right foot made her turn back around again.

    She sighed. Usually she was the first to make a getaway, but Remus and James had moved too quickly. Lucky bastards.

    “Can we come?” Marlene asked feverishly, hopefully gesturing with their head towards the others.

    “Yes. Only if you make it quick, don’t be too obvious, and keep your mouth shut.”

    Mary spoke for the first time that night, "Can I bring Emmeline?"

    They sounded shy, and unlike herself. Could it be..?

    Sirius smiled and softly responded with, "Yeah. Just make it quick. I'll take Marlene, Dorcas and Lily with me to Zonko's. Do you think you two can get there alright?"

    "We're better experts at sneaking around than you lot are. You've got that damned Invisibility Cloak but you can't shut your mouth," Mary smirked and winked.

    She flushed with embarrassment, "You don't know what you're talking about. We're going now."

    The four of them stuck close together and tried to keep out of sight, ducking down and looking the other way just at the right moments.

    As they entered Hogsmeade, they all let out a huge breath and began lapsing into conversation.

    "This is so thrilling!" Dorcas looked around, although they were in the clear.

    Meanwhile, Lily spiralled, "Where's Mary and Emmeline? Oh we could get into such trouble."

    Sirius stood a little out of the way from the others; she brought out her wand and summoned her leather jacket, determined to take it wherever she went.

    She'd banished it when they'd gotten caught by the teachers. There was no reason for it, but she did it anyway.

    Mary and Emmeline came rushing towards them a few minutes later, red from the cold and holding hands. They fit so well together it was almost as if they'd had years of practice carving their hands into the perfect shape for each other.

    "What kept you?" Marlene asked in a voice that was marginally louder than the one they all used when they were gathered together in their impromptu class.

    "Never mind that," Sirius used their hands to gesture them to walk faster, and then she grabbed Lily and said, "we've gotta go!"

    They started picking up speed as Mary shouted, "WHERE EXACTLY?"

    "Do you see those caves?" Sirius pointed to the mountains in the near distance, albeit it was difficult to see in the dark. The mountains were jagged, darkly outlined and way too high.

    “UP THERE?” Emmeline asked, still holding hands with Mary. They were all still running: they shouldn’t have wasted all their adrenaline and energy on the jog to, instead of the climb up the mountains.

    Lily halted and almost doubled over and grabbed her knees as she tried to catch her breath, “We’re going to be going up bloody mountains. I am not running there and up. Let’s walk.”

    And so they walked.

    They walked for about fifteen minutes, stopping occasionally to put their hands on their forehead and bent elbows, observing the distance they still hadn’t covered and then starting again.

    Conversations came and went. The one that stuck the most was talking about relationships.

    “Relationships are tricky,” Lily deduced from the conversations, taking in every word Marlene, Dorcas and Sirius were saying. Mary and Emmeline were taking notes too, not saying much of anything because they weren’t exactly ‘experts’ on the arts of being in a relationship. Or fucking up. Or making up.

    “But they’re beautiful,” Sirius added on, making sure she got that point down in her head.

    They were at the base of the mountain, and they were building up their adrenaline yet again, getting enraptured at the prospect of stargazing and breaking the rules.

    Lily and Emmeline, anyway.

    “Is there no other way to get up?” Marlene grumbled, finding herself to be quite cold and crossing their arms and hugging Dorcas to huddle for warmth.

    But Sirius shook her head now and they proceeded to climb up anyway, knowing that no amount of moaning and groaning would get them to the highest cave, where they were sure the others had been waiting for at least ten minutes already.

    They started off walking at a steady pace, staying in silence and regretting their existences. They looked up at the stars and thought to themselves about how lucky they were to be loved by so many. It's not as though they couldn't relate, their minds had just wondered from pure boredom.

    At the halfway point, they began to pick up the speed and ran up. They tore their way towards the top of the mountain.

    It took about five minutes this way and even after they'd got to their cave, Lily was still running at top speed.

    She collapsed into James and found herself laying neatly on top of him.

    James smirked, and said seductively, "Hey Evans."

    Lily hoisted herself up immediately from James and stumbled away.

    And then she turned around and looked at the scene.

    There were masses of blankets, pillows and picnic baskets in sight.

    Remus was busy settling up the cave to be cosy and warmer than it normally would've been.

    It was perfect.

    After a while of the other eight gaping in awe, Remus stood back up and dusted himself off.

    "Are we stargazing, or what?" they said, with a charm in their voice and a smile on his face.

    It was a true smile.

    Remus John Lupin looked truly happy to be amongst his friends.

    They all laid down, cuddling with their significant other and quietly waxing poetic about love and life.

    And about the stars.

    And about everything.

    Peter was okay to be alone, and he was okay to mooch in on other people's conversations, finding comfort in the things that were said about romantics - applying them only for himself.

    They pointed out stars, constellations and planets and other galaxies you could only observe with the naked eye.

    They murmured to each other in French, Welsh, Hindi, Spanish and Yoruba.

    It was beautiful.

    Their picnic was left abandoned and they cuddled and kissed until they fell asleep.

    taglist: @just-a-smol-spoon @crazy-beautiful @royalty-of-fandoms @dreamerthinker @fried-broccoli @realm-breaker @hua-lian-sho234 @abee33 @l0vely-lupin @peachybaes @el-imaskingforyourlefthand @gothboutique @wisedreamcatcher @jamiesimps @daydreaming-reader @book-dragon-not-worm @eleventhboi @ronsmommy @shibble @longlivelupin

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    This wildflower verge in my village never fails to make me smile. They're just so bright and spectacular :)

    #theres so much variation #theres another one on the roundabout which is a completely different colour palette #same mix i think #wildflowers#wildflower meadow#flowers#cornflowers#cottagecore#plantblr#plantblr community#plant life
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    Flynn: Yep.. clearly mine

    He chuckles, getting up, deciding to take a couple of pictures to show his dad, his room, and of course the house. Sending them quickly telling him they have safely arrived, tossing his bag into the room, going to explore more of the house. River answers Flynn quite quickly telling him how nice the room looked at sending him a pic for good measure of the dog he has on the observation table at the clinic. A pretty golden retriever who looks far too happy with a cone on.

    Flynn: What do you think Emil, not bad right? 

    He holds the orb in his hand so that he can look around without having to fly out unless he wants to. Noticing the message back from his dad chuckling a little at the way to happy dog. Emil shifts inside his orb and finally comes out, looking around. They fly around the room, perching by the window as they saw the mountain and snow. Making a small growl as it reminded them of "home" and they hated "home". They burned down that home and all those that lived there. Yet, they felt a certain longing, a longing for a time where they were happy "home", happy, hopeful... loved. Why did they remember this now? They look at Flynn sadly, wondering if it was the young child's hope that made them remember. They make a sad shrill and return to their orb. Looking for the mp3 player. 

    Flynn: That bad Emil? 

    He looks at the little dragon as it flies back to its orb, admitting he was hoping he would be a little happier about where they were. He puts his stuff away quickly then pokes his head into Meadow’s room. 

    Flynn: Time to explore? Meadow: Sure thing Rider, let’s check this place out!

    She stretched and joined him, the two quickly exploring the place, eventually finding the others. 

    Vy: Such a pretty room! 

    He looks at Hayden and smiles

    Vy: sledding with the kids. That sounds like fun. We could like make teams and take turns on who sleds with who! 

    He takes Hayden's hand, looking around the room.

    Vy: But you have to promise to save one ride for me! Hayden: Of course I'll go sledding with you. - he chuckles. - And there will always be a ride waiting with your name on it!

    Beginning - Previous - Next

    #the ward legacy #simblr#simblrstories#ts4 story#ts4 alpha#ts4#Hayden Ward#River Ward#Yvreon Ward#Hayle Ward#Christian Ward#Fannar Ward#Flynn Ward#Eltanin Ward#Arlene Ward#Emil#Meadow Silversweater #Emil is not to happy #it reminds him of home #which of course reminds him of Ty #which is not a happy story #his story is written by mahvaladara #so you can read that there #if your are wondering #but Flynn is still trying to make the best of itt #its time to explore
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    I think my brain overdid it with the adrenaline last night, I still feel awful.

    First of all: Fuck sea serpents! is2g if I get a hold of the guy who's responsible for these hell spawns I'm throwing hands!

    Second, we found a cool looking village in the Meadows. It was filled with very grumpy dead people. I'm so glad we've seen the Swamp before, otherwise I would have freaked out.

    Lastly, we build an outpost next to the goddamn swamp. Guh, I already don't want to go on that expedition. I hate every single swamp creature we encountered so far. I just know I'm going to die again.

    #valheim #I just want to stay in the meadows forever and build cool stuff
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    We always be together right?

    Day & Night version!
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    #Meadow (at Longmont, Colorado) https://www.instagram.com/p/CR0O3cInDNs/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    Part 2

    Continuation of my wolfstar au (shrek inspired lmfao). Btw sorry for any mistakes, i'm not an english speaker... Hope you enjoy! :)<3

    Remus was nervous the whole trip. And share scared looks with Lily a couple of times. His fears were due to his condition, which was a total secret, only his parents and Lily knew about.

    And in a future, King Arthur, who may bring an end to his problems.

    James and Lily form a really good connection between them, to Remus despair. Both were too excited talking about something Remus was not interest in hearing at all.

    "Enjoying the fresh air, your majesty?” next to him Sirius stood with a smug grin on his face, to which Remus rolls his eyes, “Don’t call me that.

    As much as he tried to get his attention away from Sirius, it was a really hard task, “Sorry, sorry, he raise both hands apologetic, “I’m just trying to break the ice here, love.”

    To Remus utter horror, since the moment Sirius start using the nickname he didn't dislike it at all, on the contrary, he really guilty enjoy how the nickname sound coming from Sirius. He gave him an awkward half smile and look away.

    They keep walking in silence. Remus couldn’t help but sneak looks at Sirius. He was really handsome. Too handsome to be real.

    What he like more about Sirius was his storm looking eyes, quite mesmerizing. Or maybe the waves his hair fell to his shoulders. Or the dimples that appear when he grin that heart stopping grin… or maybe…

    “Enjoying the view, aren’t we love?” Remus blush immediately as Sirius catch him, “Sorry, I-I didn’t meant to offend you.” He look the opposite way then, really ashamed of being caught.

    “Don’t be sorry, love. I now I’m pretty breathtaking,”

    Remus snorted, “And with an insane huge ego, for sure,” Remus rolled his eyes, “That really takes away the appeal, actually.” Just to hear James and Lily laughs made Sirius blush himself.

    And for rest of the way they spent it bickering at each other, and totally flirting if you asked either James or Lily, who were fascinated by their respective friends obliviousness.

    It was all laughs until they were ambushed. They were a big group, and of course, the first thing they saw was the emblem on Remus chest, that show off his nobility status. Stupidly they tried to act like saviors, but neither knew what hit them when Remus used his powers, while both, James and Sirius, were hanging from a rope, gapping surprise at such reveal.

    “Blimey,” James exclaimed before being free by Lily and feel roughly to the floor.

    Sirius look at Remus with awe, maybe he have underestimate Remus before, because of how delicate he seem to be, but he have totally wrong him. As he took his hand and was lifted from the floor he say, “Thank you… that was quite impressive,” Remus smile at him, and hell, a million things bloom in Sirius chest right that second, Are those were butterflies, Black?!

    “How? How did you manage to do it?” And Remus told him. About the royal family and it’s powers throughout generations of great wizards. He told him almost everything… except for that. Which lead them to their second problem: the full moon was approaching.

    They found an old windmill as they left the forest behind. It was empty and abandon by its owners. The perfect place for his transformation… far away from any village.

    Lily and Remus got into planning then, while James and Sirius unaware of it were looking for something to eat.

    They came with a lame excuse to let Sirius and James stay outside, and they did as told.

    Everything was going according their plan until Sirius and James heard weird noises coming from the windmill…. Howls, to exact. “LILY!” James jump on his place as he heard something being wreck from inside.

    James, in his ignorance, open the main door, letting the wolf escape, “What have you done?!” Lily scream as she change to her human form. But before neither notice, Sirius has already gone after the werewolf… in no other but his dog form.

    He catch the wolf not so far away. At first he throw a fight, but the dog was stronger enough to fight back. To whom, after a few rounds, the wolf surrender.

    Sirius, to say the least, was bewitched. They play along for a while and hunt together. They run and run, feeling the summer wind in their faces and the soft grass in their paws, trying always to keep enough distance from the windmill. Sirius have never felt more free and alive than that night spent with Remus.

    When Remus woke up from his transformation, he found himself not at all harmed. Or at least not like previous times. He was so amazed by it that it took him a couple of minutes to realize two BIG things. 1) He was out of the windmill, actually in the middle of forest, and 2) He was naked (a cape cover him up a bit) IN the middle of the forest.

    “Morning, sleeping beauty,” and beside him was a sleepy-looking Sirius (which by the way look too attractive for a just-wake-up person) grinning at him and eyeing him up and down, Remus cover himself as much as he could with the cape before yelling, “LOOK AWAY, YOU PERVERT!”

    He was for sure red as a tomato, probably even more.

    That’s how James and Lily found them.

    “Stop doing that!” Remus yelled.

    “Doing what?”

    “That!” Remus lifted his hands at him, showing his annoyance, “Looking at me like that! Like I’m some kind of rare specimen… which I totally know I am, but please, it exhausting” Remus sighs deeply rubbing nervous the bridge of his nose, “We already talk about it. It’s enough.”

    “Sorry. I didn’t meant to upset you.” Sirius look at him apologetic, but he was not over, “But I just- I just gotta say… it was fucking amazing what you did there. I’ve never seen something so… wow.”

    “Pardon?” Now Sirius was blushing. He open and close his mouth before something came out of it, “I know, i know, that sounded better in my head. Sorry,” he shove himself a face palm, completely embarrass, “What I meant with that is… like, couldn’t you feel it?” Remus lifted an eyebrow and shook confuse, “I’m not very good at wording but… I’ve never felt quite life that in my life. I’ve never been more free than I feel with you. And you-“ he look at Remus in the eye, “You were marvelous, Remus.” Remus for sure was astonished by that statement. And he hated the way his chest bloom with million things at Sirius words. Fuck, this is not right.

    He decided to change the subject then, too taken aback to put a finger in what Sirius just say, “How did you… became a dog yourself?” Sirius notice the hint and shoving away his own feelings, as well as his gaze, he told him then. About his family and how all of them were able to change of forms “Like Lily!” Sirius nodded, “Yes, she is an animagus too, as you already know. Mine it’s a dog, and my family had others, we used it to work out our farm.” Remus knew about them, the animagus part, for Lily. You can’t choose it, they choose you and all that. But what came next he didn’t. Sirius told him he have lost his family in a brutal mass murder, some villagers weren’t so enlightened about their powers, and out of envy, they decided to hunt them all down. Sirius have escaping since, until he found James. “That’s horrendous, I- I didn’t knew about it… I’m deeply sorry for your loss, Sirius.” He reach for his hand and when he took it they shared a look. They couldn’t stop themselves and feel the million emotions blooming in their chests. They were helpless.

    For the rest of the trip they definitely bonded. And unsurprisingly, that something both tried to push away started growing more and more, to which neither of them wanted to dig into.

    But it wasn’t until they were a few towns away from the kingdom, that Sirius found himself alone with Remus again. They were looking out for something to eat, when he saw it. The way Remus laugh at his stupid jokes and how his dimples rise with a subtle blush on his cheeks, or when he argue back at Sirius, sarcastically playing off with him and being remarkable while doing so, or the way his soft curls were push aside by the wind, showing off those honey brown eyes look at his way, making him mumble and lose himself like a fool. He is so beautiful, Sirius thought. And then, the realization hit him. Like a thunder. He couldn’t deny anymore how he feel for Remus. He was too immerse on it, the mere thought of watching Remus go away killed him. And if he was honest, he would gave up his whole world just to see that smile for the rest of his days. He must do something about it, he thought, before it was too late. And so he did.

    The next day he went out looking for the most beautiful flowers, to made himself with a charming bouquet and gave to Remus when he confessed his feelings for him. Everything was falling into place when, “Aha! Here you are,” James say behind him, before Sirius could hide his work James yelped, “Oh no you did not!” He took the bouquet in his hands and smile knowingly at him, “You romantic asshole! Who are that for?” “Who you think brainy?” And James jumped in his place, to Sirius shame, “I KNEW IT! It was so bloody obvious,” he chuckle before hugging his best friend and being shove off by him, “You lucky bastard, good for you Pads! This is really remarkable work of yours, i must admit” And as much as he wanted to punch James on the face, he couldn’t contain his lips from curling up in a smile.

    But things didn't turn up as Sirius excepted, as he overheard Remus and Lily conversation.

    “Remus, be reasonable-“ she exclaim, “Lily, enough. You heard me right. It's the right thing for me to do! Remember what the witch said: ‘They would have the power enough to help you held your curse.’ It’s obvious, Lily! What would Sirius bring to the table? He, I must admit, is really charming and all, but the king… he might- he might have the solution for my situation. He has… he has the power to do it after all. Maybe he has the answers I’m looking for, and I won’t let this blew away my chances after all we’ve been through. By no means I let this thing go away. Not even because of some handsome looking-guy who thinks he understands what this is all about when he actually don’t! Lily…” he took his hands and look at her solemnly, “I’ve waited so long for this chance to come… I- I can’t give it away-“ he sigh, “It’s not correct. It not the right path. And it's my final decision on the matter, like it or not. I’m doing what’s right, for both of us.” “Remus, please listen! …” But Sirius didn’t stay to hear the rest. Instead he walked away, throwing away the bouquet and swallowing the last of his pride. He felt like a fool. And sorrow filled the empty space in his chest; that his broken heart left behind. How bloody stupid you were to believe he actually… he groan and grimly shove the tears away, in need to occupy himself on something else.

    Sirius avoided Remus for the rest of the day. Making not only Remus, but James confuse as well.

    It wasn’t until pretty late at night, when both Lily and James peacefully sleep next to the bonfire, that Remus seek out looking for Sirius. Who he found next to the river, throwing away some rocks.

    “Hey…” he called from behind him to be met with silence, “…Sirius?” he tried again with the same lack of response, he breathed deeply before asking, “Sirius, is everything alright? You’re acting really weird lately…” Sirius scowl at him, completely ignoring what he just said, which only made Remus feel angrier and less patient.

    “What the hell is wrong with you?! You’ve been acting like a prick the whole day! Could you at least tell me what’s going on?" As Sirius throw another rock to the river, Remus felt his cheeks turn crimson, "I’m leaving tomorrow for Merlin's sake! And the last thing I want is for us to part in bad terms. So please, Sirius. Please tell me what’s going on.”

    He catch his attention after the last yell, by how Sirius finally look back at him, “Why do you fucking care how I feel?” he spit out, the cold tone he used made Remus shiver, but also... the look Sirius gave him was something he have never seen before, they were fierce, like he was almost… hurt? Remus felt lost.

    “It’s not like we would cross paths after tomorrow. No… never after tomorrow,” he laugh bitterly, “You’ll be too occupy being King Andrew’s little wife after all”

    “Excuse you!”

    “It’s not like I’m telling lies, huh? He’ll give you the fucking world Remus, and im really happy for you. But is the fucking price really worth it?"

    "Sirius, you don't know what you're talking about..."

    "No, no, of course I don't. I hear you and Lily talk this morning, not that I intended but..." he sniff, "I was there, and well I might overheard somethings, and you know what? I'll never be up to give you all that you need, I don't have money or power of any kind, but I-" Sirius wanted to say it, he really did, but he stop. I love you, it was pointless, as the words Remus said earlier resonated in his heard. Because deep down he knew they were true. He was not enough. Remus needed someone who could help him, Sirius didn't wanted to be an obstacle for Remus.

    So Sirius did what he thought best. He let him go, even if it hurt like hell.

    "I really hope you get what you want. I know he will make sure to give you the world in exchange of good shagging after you became his little pet.” Remus acted before thinking, that’s why he slapped Sirius so hard on the face, he realized his actions mere seconds after. “Oh god. Sirius, Im so sorry, I didn’t intend to-“ he tried to apologize, feeling completely ashamed. But Sirius was taking none of that, for his only reaction was to shove Remus hands away and narrow at him, bitterly saying, “Have fun with your precious king. Hope you make a happy couple.” He left without looking back, completely oblivious of the tears streaming down Remus face as he watch Sirius walk away.

    The next day, after the sun rise a group approached them. It was no other than King Andrew himself, surrounded by his chivalry.

    “You must be Prince Remus…” he said as he gracefully dismounted his white horse. When he was close enough he took Remus hands, kissing his knuckles, “And I must admit… rumors tell no lies, no sir. You’re definitely by far the most beautiful creature I’ve ever place my eyes upon. It’ll be such an honor for me to take you to my palace, your majesty” he made a slightly bow then, to which Sirius couldn’t stop himself from rolling his eyes, how pathetic. “The pleasure is all mine, sir.” Remus responded, and Sirius tried hard not to break his own jaw out of anger.

    “You two…” King Andrew directed his attention to James and Sirius, “As I promise, your land will no longer be bother, and in reward for your acts of service, take this” he throw two sacks full of coins at them. “So, now that all is said and done, we must leave, my Prince.” He jump into his place at the horse and hang his hand towards Remus.

    Remus look back at his friends, and giving them a small smile he say, “Thank you, guys. From the bottom of my heart, Im really grateful for all you’ve done.” he subtly stare at Sirius, but he was intently not looking at him back. Lily approached then, wrapping Remus in a tight hug. Remus look at her with confusion, to then comprehended the situation. It only took him a glance to see it, it was the way James look at her and the way she returned his look, that he understood. He hugged her a second time then, tighter, Its a goodbye.

    Only when the horses where far away Sirius glance back. His heart felt heavy as he lost the crew from view.

    “You are really stupid, you know?” James say from behind. Sirius just roll his eyes, “Sod off. We’re going home now.”

    “Sirius, I think James is quite right on his statement.” Lily say then, to which Sirius turn to look at, surprise, “Your acting like a moron. You can’t just look at him go and sulk like a fool. You must do something!”

    “What else can i do?! It’s not that bloody simple, Lily!” He yelled back then, but she didn’t flinch, “I did what I have to. He needs him and even if i hate the idea of him marring that prick, it's for his best him. The dude is a freaking king, thanks to whom all his troubles will be solve. So why not just erase myself from the picture? It’s not like I could give him a better life, the least I want is for him to suffer because of my lack of... It's simple not fair for him, alright?” his voice came out rough in the last part of his outburst, as he tried to hold himself from crying. So, instead he sat down on a trunk to calm down. And brushed back his hair, exhausted.

    Lily sat right beside him, and gently say, “What make you believe all of this crap, Sirius? Did he told you something?" Sirius shook his head, "Lily, I overheard you and him talking yesterday, and for what I understood Im no position to help him. So, I made my decision."

    "Theres were you are wrong, Sirius." she search for her eyes while saying so, “He won’t have it all. I see it the other way around. You see, I think both of you are wrong. He for being a close minded prick and you for believing he doesn't need."

    "What do you mean?" he ask, Lily sigh before saying, "That I think we are not catching on something. Well, long ago when he was curse, the witch that did it said that all he needed to heal was a person with enough power to held up his curse, which I think he totally got its meaning wrong. What im trying to say is that YOU are the answer to his problem. You and only you. And my proof is this past full-moon. Cuz, in all my years with him, I have never seen something quite like you did.”

    “It would be senseless, Lily. You- It just doest make any-" But she grab him by the arm, fiercely, if you look closely you could see fire in those green eyes, it was almost scary, “Haven’t you see the way he look at you after the full moon was over? How he glows by just hearing your laugh or when you tell those silly stories of yours? Are you really that blind to just not see it?” Sirius was astonished, Lily scowled at the realization, these assholes.

    “Sirius! You gave him what few people in the world had ever give him! Not even his parents have reach so far!"


    “Let me ask you something, and please answer with the truth. What did you feel the night of the full moon?" Sirius didn't have to think too much to actually go to those memories, as he have them printed on his heart.

    "I've never felt more free, Lily. It was like magic." he answer in a low whisper, "Do you love him?” he nodded, “With all my heart,” and then she smile, “Sirius, he beg me not to tell you what im about to, but I’ll do anything to see Remus happy, he deserves it. ” She took a high breath before saying, “He is madly in love with you, idiot.” Sirius eyes wide to almost jump out of their place, and his heart felt like resurrecting all of the sudden, “And let me tell you one last thing. I believe, a hundred percent, that YOU bring much more to the table than that twat of a king!” She got up and pointed right at him, “And if you believe I’ll stay here seeing you moping for Remus ass and doing absolutely nothing, you really underestimate me, Black!”

    After a moments of silence, Sirius say, his usual grin back, “James, you better treat her right, or I, myself will kick the hell out of you!”

    “Sure I will, mate!” And then three of them laugh before getting on their feet.

    There was a wedding to stop...

    “Ready, your majesty.” The maid say, and after Remus thank her, she leave. Remus look at himself in the mirror. Some of his scars were covered by make up, his curls where put on the right place and his clothes were all tied up. He look breathtaking for sure, but all he feel was emptiness. The only thought on his mind were those stormy eyes. Ones he love so deeply but who have hurt so much to look at last night. He sighs, feeling ashamed of himself. And silently asking the universe for Sirius to forgive him.

    They gave him a bouquet of flowers and the last touch-ups before walking down the aisle.

    The ceremony started then, everyone in the room paying close attention to every detail. All was going quite right until,

    “If anyone has an objection why this two men should not be wed today, you may speak now or forever hold your peace.” And just then the doors bursted open, and to Remus shock, standing right there was no other than Sirius. Remus's heart jump on his chest.

    “I OBJECT, your honor” The whole room gasped surprise at his entrance. Remus was so shock, no words could came out of him.

    “Remus,” he say when he stand mere feet away from him, the whole room watching expectantly, “I should’ve told you before, but I know now. Remus I-… I'm in love with you. And I know I may not look like much, cuz I don’t own a palace or a great fortune, not even a great house, but I believe I can make you happy… Only if you want to give me a chance. And I promise to you I will forever…”

    “That’s enough!” King Andrew speak up, narrowing viciously at Sirius, “Guards!”

    “NO!” Remus scream. But before he could do anything, King Andrew hold him by his elbow and violently he shove him back. “You must be mental if you…” but he didn't continue as Remus whine by the press of his rings against his skin. Silver. Pure silver. SHIT!, Sirius though, as King Andrew's eyes wide in acknowledged.

    He push him to the floor then and disengage his sword towards Remus, “I should’ve seen it! You’ve tried to trick me! And the price you may pay is a death!” He pointed his sword at Remus face, making his cheek turn a dark shade of crimson, making his cries increase in volume. “STOP IT! You are hurting him!” Sirius screamed, as much as he tried to run to him he was stop by the royal guards, “There’s no time to lose. The beast must be vanish!” But everything went to shit right before he could do more. When a big as hell dragon, riding by a crazy haired guy, made its appear throughout the window.

    There were screams and people running everywhere. Remus with his magic shove away the king and the guards that held Sirius, for him run up to where Remus was laying. He kneel beside him and took his hands, “We must go now, my love.” And with the biggest smile Remus nodded. “Not so fast, you two!” King Andrew pointed his swore at the couple, but little did he know that made the dragon angrier. So, with a simple bite, King Andrew was long gone… Jeez Lils, Remus thought.

    “Ride for two?” James yelled at them, hanging his hand for them to board, and not losing anymore time Remus and Sirius got on the dragon.

    Remus wrapped his arms around Sirius and place a tender kiss on his cheek, while whisper in his ear, “I love you too, douchebag.” Sirius turn then, and grabbing Remus face tenderly he crash their lips together, in a passionate kiss. “Wait till we land, dickheads!” James scream while beaming a huge smile as they flew far far away (not quite literally tho).

    The end.

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    lonesome dance

    #flower symbolism go brrrrr #I want to hug child lily #insomnia comic#liliana meadows#agatha#micheal evans#oc#my ocs#my art
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    In the end, they died — but before being martyrs, they had been warriors; and before being warriors, they had been students. Then again, in 1976, it was hard to tell one from the other. But, before being anything else, they were simply James and Lily: two awfully temperamental and stubborn teenagers that, somehow, ended up fighting in the same side of a terrible war.
    In the end, they died, but this is a story about their lives.


    I've been meaning to publish a multi-chapter Marauders Era fic for SO long and I'm finally going to do it... which is both scary and exciting because I've never published any of my Jily fics online. Special thanks to @clare-with-no-i because her advice to 'just go for it' was the final push I needed to do this <3 So, with no further ado, I present to you: FROM THE ASHES!!

    Follow James Potter, Lily Evans and your favourite co-dependant dead teen wizards as they scour through a magical Scottish castle for the junior Death Eaters that have been leaving ominous propaganda everywhere. Teenage drama ensues; mysteries abound; friendships rise and fall; political strategy is thoroughly discussed. Flirtatious banter makes up half of the dialogue; 70s music is described in loving detail; the highs and lows of Hogwarts Quidditch are meticulously explored; and Severus Snape has, overall, a terrible time. James calls Lily "Sherlock" and Lily calls James "Watson" and they turn out to be the best pretend-Aurors / pseudo-detectives Hogwarts has ever seen.

    All of this and much more in From The Ashes!! Coming soon to AO3 ;)

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    #Azimuth 133.20 #Blue Skies #Blues Skies with Clouds #Boarded Walkway#Canvas #CanvasFree Verse Poetry #Day 5 #Dune Succession Trail #DxO PhotoLab 4 Edited #Forest#Forest Landscape #Grass Covered Dunes #Grassy Area#Grassy Meadow #Hillside of Trees #Indiana Dunes National Park #Landscape #Landscape - Scenery #Looking SE#Lower Peninsula-Heartland #Michigan Lower Peninsula #Midwest-Great Lakes Area #Nature #New River Gorge and Indiana Dunes National Parks #Nikon D850#No People #North America Plains #Outside#Partly Cloudy#Photoshop Edited
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    The Cabbage Patch Kids Magic Meadow Ponies make up the bulk of my herd. So let's start with Star, a Crimp n' Curl unicorn!

    #mlp g1 #cabbage patch pony #magic meadow pony #crimp n curl pony #mlp collector#vintage toys#Instagram
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    Oh so you are a sirius kinnie?

    Tell me, have you already found a way to cope other than making jokes about the trauma that your family gave you that made everyone around uncomfortable?

    Yeah me neither

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    Dorcas: Is that true what you said? You can’t come?

    Marlene: Yeah, I think I have some problem. I should go to the doctor, but-

    Dorcas: What makes you think it’s your problem?

    Marlene: What do you mean?

    Dorcas: If you were my girlfriend, I’d make you come in under a minute.

    #Incorrect Harry Potter Quotes #Incorrect Marauders Quotes #Dorcas Meadowes#Marlene McKinnon #Dorcas x Marlene #Dorlene #Source: Feel Good
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    Cottage in the Hills (A Sestina)

    Some may consider me insane, for in the hills I am all alone.

    It is not easy to find my quaint little cottage, even if you are really looking.

    I sit by the fire in the evenings, writing poems about my love lost.

    In the morning, I make my way to the babbling stream.

    I follow the stream, listening to it talk, until it leads me to the meadow.

    The grassy, golden meadow, nature’s stage with a spotlight of sun.

    I feel my heart shimmer in the wake of the sun.

    And at this moment, I am glad to be alone.

    Others would judge me if they saw me skipping like a maniac through the meadow.

    And I know nobody will find me, because nobody is looking.

    After my march through the flowers, I ask if I may rest my feet in the stream.

    He says yes, and I sit for a moment, watching the leaves that the trees have lost.

    I feel around in the pockets of my dress, realizing that the stones I have collected are now lost.

    I am sad for a moment, but then happy, knowing that they may be somewhere, free and bathing in the sun.

    Any other thoughts I have about the stones are quickly washed away by the stream.

    But for a moment, in a bout of fear, I realize that I am alone.

    If I want to find my way back home, it will surely take some looking.

    But, if it really comes to it, I may spend a night on a bed of grass in the meadow.

    It welcomes me with open arms, and I let my hands drift lazily on the tall flowers of the meadow.

    Anybody else may be concerned that I am sleeping outside, but I am not lost.

    I know where my cottage is, I simply am not looking.

    I wake up some hours later, completely exposed by the sun.

    And since the beginning of my quiet life, the sun is the one thing that has kept me from feeling alone.

    Eventually, I make my way back home with the stream.

    My eyes find the small structure, the only thing showing life other than the stream.

    I pick off the flowers my dress has collected from the meadow.

    I place them on the doorstep, and I enter into my home, all alone.

    I see the embroidery hoop with the phrase, “Not all those who wander are lost.”

    I feel as if I have hurt the sun.

    Maybe she is wondering where I am, feverishly looking.

    I imagine that all of nature is looking.

    Maybe at four, the sun asked the babbling stream.

    Maybe the stream told her, “I saw her go that way, Madame Sun.”

    Maybe at five, the sun drifted towards the meadow.

    And at six, she began to fear that I was lost.

    And at seven, she felt so, so alone.

    But, she and I are never alone.

    Because we are lost.

    We are lost and found a home in the stream, the trees, and the meadow.

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    for @dinnfameron​ 😚💖

    Fandom: Schitt’s Creek Rating: General Audiences  Category: Gen Relationships: Stevie Budd/Ruth Clancy, Alexis Rose/Twyla Sands Characters: Jocelyn Schitt, Alexis Rose, Stevie Budd, Twyla Sands, Ronnie Lee  Additional Tags: Post-Canon, Vacation in NYC,  Well Alexis lives there but You get it, Some tourism, Mostly Introspection,  Our bbs have come so far,  Female Friendship, Pre relationship Stevie/Ruth and Alexis/Twyla,  There’s some pining in there,  You could even say A Whisper of Desire,  Blink and you Miss it,  Queer Feelings,  Just a whole bunch of feelings in this fic, Epistolary intro to set things up, multiple POVs, Mentions of drinking,  Going to the Museum of Sex Summary:

    “C’mon, gals, where’s your sense of adventure? You know, this is just like class, all the cool people sit in the front.” Jocelyn places her bag at her feet, hooking her ankles around the strap in case someone tries to run off with it.
    “Not in my experience,” Stevie mumbles, falling into the seat two rows behind, Ronnie sitting next to her. Gwen sits next to her and Twyla and Alexis fill in the middle.
    “Are you ready for two hours of fun?” Jocelyn asks, turning around to take a photo of the group. None of them are smiling, but that’s ok. They probably just weren’t ready for the photo.
    “Mm, I don’t know that I would call multiple hours on a bus fun? Considering the last time I did that my family had just lost all of our money and we had to move into a sketchy roadside motel.” Alexis yelps and when Jocelyn turns around she’s smiling brightly, Stevie leaning into the space between her and Twyla. “But, mm-hm, yes. I cannot wait.”
    Post Little Towns Big Voices 2k21 the Gals spend some time in NYC.

    (read on AO3)

    (thank you @roguebebe​ for the banner!)

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    These channels of water are about a foot deep. The water is clean, cold and delicious. I saw a few small trout hiding under the banks. John Muir Wilderness, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, USA. Photo by Van Miller

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    Fresh, clean, cold water flows underfoot, supporting this delicate alpine meadow habitat. Three Island Lake, John Muir Wilderness, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, USA. Photo by Van Miller

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     Spongy clumps of Alpine hummock surrounded by clean water. Three Island Lake, John Muir Wilderness, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, USA. Photo by Van Miller

    #alpine hummock#meadows #three island lake #john muir wilderness #Sierra Nevada Mountains #california#©Van Miller#hiking#backpacking#outdoors#alpine#camping#photography#original photographers #photographers on tumblr #travel#Wanderlust#Wilderness#nature #the wilderness journals
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