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  • How its meant to be done

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  • How its meant to be done


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  • If it’s meant to be we will meet again.

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  • Sometimes it’s not meant to be…

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  • My baby and I? Oh, we’re meant to be.

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  • I feel like I was supposed to be a theater kid but god gave me social anxiety so I do art instead

    #bs #not to mean theater isn't art you know what I menat #MEANT
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  • “DO YOU THING I’M STUPID?” his voice reverberated of the walls and hit me. I was shocked I never though he would yell at me like that. The worst part was that a few friends were standing right off to the side. My one friend, Kevin was closest and heard. Quickly at my side, more like in front of me said something. Everything had muffled out in my ears. I slowly pushed him to the side and looked straight at Marcus.
    “We’re done” I could feel myself shivering. I felt Kevins hands on my arms, jostling me to surface. My eyes focused on his face and I realized his lips were moving. Slowly, the sounds cleared and I could here the loud music again. I saw two more of my friends holding James by the collar. 

    One of them looked at me, “Do you want us to deal with it?”
    “I say we do” Jacob said. He had the other side. 

     “No leave him.” I said slowly. “I just need to leave.” 

    I slowly walked back and quickly out of the bar. I stumbled as someone pulled me back. I was ready to swing my arm but stopped when I realized it was Kevin. He had followed me out and just walked beside me to my car.

    Just as I was about to open the drivers side, he took the keys from my hands and walked me to the passenger side. I tried to protest but all he replied with was “You’re not in the right condition to drive.” Huffing I knew I didn’t have the energy to argue. I just had to sit. I watched as he rounded the car back to the drivers seat and got in. We were almost 15 minutes out when his phone rang and Leo’s name popped on the screen. He nodded for me to pick up. Sliding the icon I was revisited by the sounds of the bar we had left. 

    “Hello” I said, to tell him it was me. 

    “Oh hey, where’s Kevin?”
    “He’s driving.”
    “Cool wanted to ask if you needed us to handle the situation here…because James looks just about ready to kill him right now.” Leo chuckled.

    “James….? Why James?” I wondered out loud. James was a friend but he wasn’t as close as to be invested in my life. “Anyway, it’s fine no nothing to handle. If he asks thought tell him that we are over and I will never change my mind on that.”
    “Hmm…Cool I shall inform him of that. Take care yeah?” Leo said as he cut the call.
    The rest of the ride was mostly quiet, with a bit of idle chat. As soon as I got to my gate, I told Kevin that he could stay over, simply cause it would be easier.  

    4 Months Later.
    It was time for the New Years Ball at the country club. I was nervous and was mainly going because all my friends wanted to make sure I was okay. The last few months had been difficult in the sense that there were a lot of things I wanted to do while at the same time all I could think of was how much better it would have been to do it with Marcus.

    I finish powdering my face and checked myself out in the mirror. I looked good. I had bought a new dress, an off shoulder black dress with a tulle skirt. I wore my heels and grabbed my clutch on the way out. My family had gone to Mumbai but I was held back due to work, I was supposed to join them for New Years but the tickets were too expensive. Locking up and heading towards met car I just glanced up at the dark night and it looked so serene. Not a single sound could be heard, soon the sky  was lit up, a stray rocket had been launched well before time and the sky was dotted with silver sparkles.

    The streets were littered with people, everyone was headed to a party at some corner in the city, I was headed to pick up a friend before we headed to the country club. I know what you’re thinking, its New Years, why was I driving? Well it was pretty simple, someone needed to be sober and I didn’t mind it being me.

    Almost an hour later we finally reached the club, the whole area was buzzing, people were waiting all around with the hope that they would get in, or that their friends would arrive. We hurriedly parked the car a little far off and walked in, we gave in our passes and went on to find our friends. They had secured a table at the far end of the club slightly shrouded in the darkness. 

    Almost immediately everyone split off into various activities, but first and foremost everyone got a drink and downed it. Soon, we made our way to the dance floor.

    The night went on. Somehow I was left alone with James.  The others had gone to either get more drinks or get high. I was still very sober as I had stopped after the first welcome drink, James on the other hand was high as well as drunk which I found odd because he had a very good tolerance to alcohol. 

    Nevertheless, he was dancing with me, to the pop song playing. Soon the DJ changed the tune to a slow one and I figured it was the right time to leave but I hadn’t take a step towards leaving when James pulled me against him. His hands fixed themselves on my waist and lightly began to guide me from side to side. “Just for a while” He whispered in my ear. My hands slithered up his arms and intertwined themselves behind his neck.

    It took us a few seconds but we fell into a nice rhythm. Slowly he lifted his head from my shoulder and looked into my eyes. Everything slowed down as I realized he was moving closer. I froze not knowing what to do. Soon his eyes fluttered close and his lips were on mine. It was the most chaste, ghost like kiss, slowly I couldn’t help but give in. I pressed my lips against his as his arms pulled my body closer, it did of course hit me after a while that I was actually kissing James and I pulled away wide eyed. I quickly got out of his arms and off the dance floor. The rest of the night I tried to avoid getting too close to him but he seemed to drunk to realise anything had happened.

    As the night came to a close I had to drop the relevant people home and James was one of those people. He was the last person to drop home so he has in the seat next to me. Upon reaching his area he refused to tell me where I was to drop him. He was half asleep and just kept mumbling. After 10min I just decided to take him to my house.  

    I couldn’t help it, I had to get him somewhere to get out of his drunken state. Thankfully, I was alone at home, so no unnecessary questions. I couldn’t wait to get out of this damn dress and heels. We stumbled into the house, I dropped my keys on the side table, the jingle of it was the only sound that rang through the house aside from our breathing. 

    I decided to let him sleep in my room, and I would sleep in my mums. I tried to get him onto my bed and he fell half off the bed. Taking this moment I got out of my shoes and tried to get his off as well. Slowly pushing him further up the bed, I slowly placed his head on the pillow, starting to take his tie off so that he didn’t choke in the night, I didn’t realize my tipping point was inevitable. A small nudge from james’ hand and i fell over. His hand though latched onto my waist and her me there. Tie in hand and facing James I couldn’t do anything. I tried to slip out of his grasp.  But his hand just held me there. I couldn’t even turn, I just lay there facing him and trying to steady my breathing.

    He looked peaceful, so peaceful that I almost believed he was asleep. Too tired to do anything else I fell asleep as well.

    During the night I couldn’t help but feel stuffy in my dress, slowly I tried to take it off, half asleep I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere, suddenly I felt the zip get undone, I slipped out of the dress and kicked it off the bed. I could feel warmth beside me, but yet I fell into a deep slumber. 

    Sunlight hit my eyelids, I could feel a little heat from them as if they were concentrated on my eyes. I could feel a hand loosely holding mine, eye still closed I felt around the hand to see if it was familiar. Almost as a reflex our fingers twined, I felt a person press up against me and I immediately turned to find James. We looked into each other’s eyes, we were still for a second before our lips crashed, quite literally and slightly painfully into each other. We kissed, passionately for a few minutes before we broke away and saw each other properly for the first time that morning, were vaguely aware of the fact that both of us were almost naked, it was quite the situation as we both were pretty much intertwined with each other. 

    The only sound in the air was the sound of heavy breathing, neither of us moved an inch, the position that we were in did not allow for any movement. Our lips reconnected in the slowest and most lingering ways, as we slowly moved into better positions.

    Our silence was shattered with sound of my phone ringing, Alyssa name flashed on my watch. I felt around for my phone still not leaving James’ lips. Slowly, I brought the phone to my ears and immediately cringed away.  I was painfully aware of his lips moving across my cheeks, down to my earlobe. Alyssa was freaking out about kissing some guy the previous night, about how she was so happy and ecstatic etc. 

    Finally, she calmed down and asked the dreaded question “Where’s James by the way? His mom said he didn’t come home last night.” 

    At that James smirked and lowered his head to my neck. His kisses started slow but my breath still hitched. His hands began wandering slowly under the blankets.

    "Uh hmm he slept over at my place.” I said trying to not moan or gasp into the phone. “He didn’t tell me where to drop him off and it was getting late. I’ll get him up and ask him to call his mum. Bye.” I responded quickly.   

    His lips were still traveling south, teasing the my collarbones before moving further down to the lining of my bra. “You have to call your mother” I breathed, my eyes flittering shut. My grasped through his hair, and gave it a little tug, eliciting a low growl from James. The air was hot and I was very aware that this wasn’t the most ideal situation to be in.

    Saved by a bell, as you might have it, his phone began to ring. He huffed in partial annoyance against my skin and got off me. Slithering off the bed he rummaged through his clothes to find his phone. Immediately, his body went slightly rigid as he answered the call. 

    Trying not to eavesdrop, I was more focused on calming the heat that was simply rising in my cheeks. He was mumbling yes’ and a no here and there, before he slowly stood up and began to wear his discarded clothes.   

    Clearly marking the end of our activity I reached for a shirt hanging off my dresser and pulled it over my head. The air was tense and neither of us new how to react, he was moving at a quick pace and gathering all his belongings, I fidgeted with the hem of my shirt and tugged my hair onto one side. He finally patted down all his pockets and seemed satisfied with all in his possessions. 

    There was complete silence in the room. His eyes grazed over me in the most tantalizing way, his eyes were beginning to get hazy by the time his eyes met mine. He hesitated in taking a step forward. Our eyes were locked and slowly moving closer, till he was just in front of me. 

    His breathing was low and the loud thumping in my chest was the only other sound I could hear. His hands slowly moved and intertwined with mine. His eyes were searching my face, in absolute wonder. As if it were for the last, and it felt like that too. 

    He moved forward and lay a chaste kiss on the corner of my mouth and lingered there for a bit before moving away completely and walking out of my room.

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  • We’re trying to love each other at the wrong times

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  • when soyeon said “aint nobody do it like me” she meant that 

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