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  • “What a foolish sister I was—”

    New sacrifices appear before her of their own accord. Joining hands, the sisters still their trembling legs, and look up at the completely disfigured monster.

    “…No. What foolish sisters we were. I did not ask you to protect us. You looked like you were having so much fun, I just thought you should enjoy it while it lasted,” said the eldest sister, Stheno, in a gentle voice. Lovingly, like always, she smiles at the monster.

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  • Highkey HC that Medusa (and thus Ana and Gorgon too) is colourblind

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  • image

    Where you at? Hmu

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  • This started as a warmup, and then I took way too long to finish it. :’) The Astral Plane has a lot of colourful characters as it is, but this one is in the background, just to populate the world even more. :) There are around 100 constellations that I’ve either taken or added to this story that will be referenced in some way, though not all will be characters like this.

    But for now, here’s Medusa! She’s a full constellation for this story, but she does technically exist already… but only her head! Held by Perseus, no less. That brace around her neck isn’t just for show! If I do side stories with some of the minor characters, my version of Perseus will definitely interact with her… very awkwardly, I’m sure. xD

    Her gaze won’t turn people to stone, but that usually doesn’t dissuade others from panicking, so she wears the glasses just in case. Unless she wants to mess with them, that is. This was a fun design, so I hope you like! ^_^

    (there’s also a really subtle pun in here that I’m quite fond of, but I’ll be very surprised if you find it xD)

    #art #artists on tumblr #Akysi #Art by Akysi #Katie MacKenzie #Katie MacKenzie Art #oc#original character#character#design#character design#Medusa#gorgon#monster#creature#mythology #idk if I should tag anything more because of her head thing??? #you can't see anything but still #let me know
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  • I saw this draw of Medusa and I blind girl as girlfriends so I decided to write a short fic about it. Enjoy!

    Note: I have a very low knowlegde of Greek Mythology, I’m sorry for any mistakes.


    She was born blind. The story of what happened with her eyes was not precise, however her mother was almost certain it had something to do with her being ill during a certain time of her pregnancy. During that time, the healers thought both the mother and the baby were not going to survive, yet they did (even though her father wished they had not when he learned of the girl’s condition).
    Since she could not miss what she never had, she learned to pay attention to her surroundings by hearing. In this way, she learned from her mother that she was the prettiest of the 5 children (and from her siblings that they all looked the same), learned to take care of the house, to cook and to take care of herself.
    She especially loved to talk with people in the town, when she went out with her mother. That way she could learn about things that happened not only in Eresos, the town where they lived in, but also about all over Greece.
    So she heard of the Nemean lion that Heracle slayed and the Minotaur that Theseus encountered in Crete, those creatures that were cursed by the gods and defeated by heroes that were half gods themselves. But those stories made none of the easier to hear about the creature that appeared in the east side of Lesbos, just a horse ride away from her home.
    The creature that no man was able to defeat, that no hero came back from going to face. Which naturally created a forbidden zone in the forest that only the bravest (or stupidest) would dare get close to.
    So when in a clear morning, after her mother passed away, and her father told her that he wanted some berries, the ones that only grew in the edge of the forbidden forest, in his dinner, she understood that what he really wanted was for her to be gone. It was not a secret that he never wanted her and always said that the girl would never get married and would stay forever his burden.
    (She proved again and again that she did not need any help to take care of herself).
    Even as aware as she was about his intentions for her to get lost, she went out to find the berries. Her sister and the youngest of her brothers objected, but none of them had quite the courage to go against their father’s wishes, so she heard their sobs as she left.
    Walking through the forest was a little difficult, since the ground was not leveled and she had to go up and down a hill with only a walking stick to stumble in the stones. However the direction was easy to follow, she only had to keep the sun burning her front while she went towards the left side of the island.
    The shift from the lively forest to the forbidden one was very noticeable too. All the way through she heard sounds of birds, small animals and even some deer, but suddenly everything was quite. Even the wind made less noise as it passed by. As if the place was still, like a statue.
    Being blind never frightened her, but the quiet did. She wanted to run.
    Instead, she crunched down and started to feel around for the berries. That was when she heard a voice.
    “You’re not a hero” the woman said.
    The voice was a beautiful one, the kind that made you wish to hear in a lullaby: sweet and comforting.
    The girl heard the woman’s footsteps getting closer, so she stood up to reply.
    “Were you expecting one? I’m just trying to find some berries”
    “I’ve only ever received heroes in my house since I was sent to this place” the woman replied before stopping maybe one or two footsteps away, then she pointed out the obvious.
    “You’re a blind girl”
    “The very opposite of a hero, I’m afraid”
    “Well, I’m glad” the woman sighed in relief.
    “That must be the first time I meet someone that prefers a blind girl than a hero”.
    “Heroes don’t like me so much”
    “And why is that?”
    The woman fell silent, and the only thing the girl could hear was the shuffling of some plants. Then the woman took her right hand and placed something that felt like the berries on her palm.
    “Here, take it. I bet those were the ones you were trying to find, they are very delicious”
    “Thank you”
    “But why would you come so deep inside of the forest for some berries?”
    The girl then told the woman about her father.

    “I think it’s better if you go home then, show him how amazing you are for coming back from a quest no one managed before” the woman’s voice was excited, sounding happy for her.
    “You’re right. Thanks for the help.” The girl reached her right hand forward and waited for the woman to take it. “I’m Kassie by the way”
    “I’m Medusa, it was nice to meet you.”
    The girl then went back through the way she came. Much for the surprise of her family, she was back with not one single scratch and prepared the supper as if she never left.
    In the next day, she was sent for the berries again and found Medusa once more.
    “You father is not a man to give up easily I see”
    “I won’t give up easily either”
    From then on they started a conversation about their families that continued every time the girl came back. Kassie talked about her mother, her four siblings, her birth, and Medusa told her about her 2 sisters and being a maiden in the temple of Athena.
    “What made you leave the temple?”
    “I’ll tell you that another day… if you come back”
    So she kept coming back, not only because her father wanted her gone, but also because she missed Medusa when she was away from her. Her presence was addicting, everything about her was so sweet: her voice, her smell, her personality. It made Kassie dizzy and her stomach turn every time Medusa took her hand to give her something, even though it seemed that the woman was very careful for them to not be close during their interactions.
    After weeks of the girl coming to collect berries everyday, Medusa finally commented on the girl’s father intentions.
    “I’m sorry, but you father is mean and not even the brightest. How could he not realize that the monster won’t keep you from coming back?”
    “You’re not a monster. You might be cursed but you’re not a monster”
    They were set side by side eating a cooked rabbit that Medusa hunted before she arrived. The woman then stood up.
    “When did you figured it out?”
    “From the moment I met you” the girl said it nonchalantly.
    “Then why didn’t you run away?” She sounded sad, scared even.
    Kassie offered her hand for the woman to take, and when she did so, the girl pulled her close until Medusa was set by her side again.
    “You’re not a monster, you didn’t hurt me and I’m sure you had no intention to hurt the heroes that never came back. What happened to them?”
    “They turned into stone. You can’t see it, but I’m cursed to have snakes in the place of my hair so I’ll be so ugly that I’ll turn people that look at me into stone”
    The girl then reached her free hand in the direction of the voice. Medusa immediately understood what the girl wanted and placed the girl’s hand on her face.
    Kassie traced Medusa’s features with the point of her fingers. The line of her jaw, the arc of her eyebrows, her cheekbones and her nose. The woman had a delicate face.
    “For me, you’re beautiful”
    The girl’s heart raced when Medusa’s hands took hers and leaned her face forward, touching their foreheads together.
    “Can I kiss you?” The woman asked with a voice so quite that was mostly a whisper.
    And so she did. Medusa met her lips in a delicate way, the same way she held her hand and caressed her palm. It was almost impossible for Kassie to think that a woman so sweet and caring, that treated her like a flower, could turn people into stone.

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  • DW are cowards for not giving Medusa a scar around her neck as a nod to her being beheaded in myth

    #fate series#medusa #good job I do it instead then huh
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