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    Lol I didn’t know there was a submit button on this blog lol. But any. This is an au that i made and I think you’d might like lol. So basically. It’s a warrior cats au (warrior cats being a book series about talking cats and they have little kitty fights and stuff lol) where sonic and mega are warriors lol

    There names are bluerunner (sanic) and rockpelt (mega boi)


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  • Mega Man X: Horizon

    Prologue (part 2)

    After going through the stage, Vile confronts X and his team, and captures both Zero and Axl in the electric cages. Vile uses his Ride Armor to destroy X, so now, X has to destroy his Ride Armor and then defeat Vile.

    However, Vile made a harder fight than before and stuns X with his Ride Armor which is not good. Vile usually doesn’t like following orders and other people’s plan, but destroying X here in Sigma’s fortress was all part of Sigma’s plan which made Vile satisfied about it. Now that he finally got X, using his Ride Armor, he can finally destroy him.

    But then Axl was able to figure out to free Zero and himself from the electric cage. Axl jumps on Vile’s Ride Armor and destroyed it, to save X’s life. Axl got damaged while Vile was able to escape from explosion with no damage. Zero and X are now battling together against Vile.

    After a short fight, Vile managed to damage Zero while X was knocked out. Vile admits that X has gotten stronger than before, but he doubts that X will change the world with his potential. As Vile was about to finish him with his shoulder cannon, Zero grabs his leg to stop him. While Zero districts him, X was able to blast Vile with his Charge Shot and defeat him.

    After they defeated Vile, Axl needed repairs and they don’t have time because they’re concerned about what Sigma will do next. So, X tells Zero to send Axl for repairs while he’ll find Sigma and stop him on his own. As determined he is, Zero tells X to be careful because, you know, he cares about him. X tells Zero that he will and said thanks to Zero and Axl for helping him. Zero gave him a smile and nod while Axl gave him a thumbs up for good luck before they warp out.

    When X finally found him, he angrily tells Sigma that his actions were unforgivable. Sigma then decided that X might be ready to face him, although he wished to test X further by battling Velguarder. After X destroyed Velguarder, he then decided that X did indeed have the potential he thought he saw in him earlier, and vowed their combined potential would make them unstoppable.

    Although X decried Sigma as insane for even thinking that he had potential at all. Sigma implied in turn that X’s ideals in justice were simply implemented in rather than genuine before fighting X.

    X ultimately did significant damage to Sigma, with Sigma congratulating X. While admitting that designating X as a B-class hunter was a mistake before laughing exhileratedly while X angrily tells Sigma his Maverick plans are to end, Sigma jumps high and land on something.

    When he did, Sigma activates and ride his giant mechaniloid called “Wolf Sigma.” Sigma then tells X that their battle is not over yet, and declares his intent to make X understand that Reploids’ true potential is in battle, angst and destruction, with X declaring that he’s ending it right then and there and vowing to defeat him.

    After X has been damaged a lot, Sigma was about to finish him until suddenly, X somehow activate his form into the Armor of Light (from Mega Man X and Mega Man Maverick Hunter X).

    Sigma was so surprised to see that X activate his Light Armor. He’s now interest to see how powerful X is with that form.

    After a short battle, Sigma was ultimately defeated by X. With Sigma making a final attempt at X with his Wolf Sigma, he only ended up having his Wolf Sigma exploded, worsen and force him to let go and fall to his death as X warps out.

    As the Sigma Palace began to fall apart, X watches the fortress falling apart and forms back into his original-self. He then looks both of his hands and questions himself of how did he do that.

    X doesn’t know how he activate his Light Armor and isn’t sure if he can do that again. But maybe someday he will when he needs it to fight against evil and to protect his friends, his family, and the innocent people. He also wondered if Dr. Light knew about his Light Armor he gave him before he was awoken for the first time.

    X went back to the Abel City to see if Zero, Axl, and all Maverick Hunters (bosses) are okay. And they are alright after they got repairs, and the Maverick Hunters (bosses) are back being their old-self again.

    X was relieved and the Maverick Hunters (bosses) wanted to apologize about what happened and what happened to Mega Man. They felt bad and blame themselves, but of course, X is a kind-hearted Reploid, so he forgave them and told them that it’s alright, it’s wasn’t their fault. It was Sigma’s fault and his actions were unforgivable.

    X then told them about what happened, battling with Sigma. He explains about his Light Armor and isn’t sure how he did it. He only remembered that he started to remember about his friends and family, and doesn’t want to lose them and let chaos happen to everyone around the world. He began to filled with determination and then activate his Light Armor.

    Aiden believes that maybe it’s his emotions or his potential that actived it and maybe X can activate again when he needs it. He wondered if Dr. Light did put something in him without telling him, Rock, or anyone about his special power. But who knows, maybe one day they’ll find out soon.

    One week later, Aiden, X, and the others made a funeral for Rock. They found a perfect spot for Rock’s final resting place. Rock’s resting place was at the field of flowers and the hill next to the tree, where Rock, Aiden, and 11th liners used to hang out.

    One week later, Aiden, X, and the others made a funeral for Rock. They found a perfect spot for Rock’s final resting place. Rock’s resting place was at the field of flowers and the hill next to the tree, where Rock, Aiden, and 11th liners used to hang out.

    Aiden, Roll, and all robot masters gives a eulogy for Rock. They made a speech about how amazing Rock was and how grateful they were for saving and helping the robot masters, and give Wily’s robot masters a chance for a better life to be happy and free.

    X, Zero, and the others began to feel emotional to hear their speeches. They put flowers for Rock and said how grateful they were and awesome he was, and said their goodbyes and hope that he’s living in peace in the afterlife with Dr. Light.

    Now that Sigma is gone, the Maverick Hunters (bosses) are back to their old-self and people in the Abel City are safe. Everyone around the world are now still living in peace with humans and robots living together in harmony. There is now nothing left of Sigma and he is gone for good…

    …Or so they thought.

    Two months later, Axl was on his mission to find Mavericks who have been stealing the museum’s ancient artifacts for 2 weeks.

    The Maverick Thieves are known as the most wanted criminals around the world stealing artifacts from different countries to have money and be rich. They now stole the ancient artifacts from both Mega City and Abel City.

    The Reploids are on their mission to find the Maverick Thieves to arrest them in prison. Axl and the other Maverick Hunters are in different cities to find the thieves. Axl was on his own to find them until he met a police officer named Matthew Armstrong at the Mega City near by.

    Matthew was doing a legal search to find the Mavericks who stole the ancient artifacts. He heard about him and ask if Axl could help him to do legal searching. Axl likes the sound of that and agreed to help him. Matthew introduces to himself and talk about their lives as they search for clues.

    They found tracks and found the abandon factory. When they went inside and search, they found few traces from the Maverick Thieves that they left. After five minutes of searching, they found a tunnel that leads to the Mega City, which could possibly lead them to find Maverick Thieves.

    As they went through the tunnel and made it inside of the building and all the boxes were opened, they believed that they must’ve already stole rare artifacts. They then found the Maverick Thieves outside, putting artifacts in their trucks. One of the thieves spotted Axl and Matthew, so they drove away as fast as they could.

    Axl and Matthew are now chasing them and trying their best to stop them. Axl distracts the thieves who are driving and trying to stop him while Matthew uses his gun to pop the tires to slow them down. And it worked, until one of their trucks crashed to the wall while the other truck was about to hit two parents and their child. But luckily, Axl jumped out of the truck and saved their lives.

    All Maverick Thieves were unconscious when they crashed except one of them was about to shoot Axl with their cannon. But then Matthew hits the thief with a pipe and knocked him out and saved Axl’s life. The people in the Mega City saw what happened and they were clapping their hands, congratulating that Axl and Matthew stopped the thieves and saved someone and each other’s lives.

    Matthew and Axl did a great job as a team. Axl thanked him for helping and saving his life. He told him that it made him a great hero. But Matthew thanked him and said “I’m just a guy who never gives up.” Axl and Matthew became good friends and everyone around them were cheering for them.

    One week later, due to Matthew heroism, the Mayor of the Mega City presents him with a medal at City Hall. Matthew’s family came to meet up at the ceremony for him. Axl and his family came for the ceremony too along with his friends, X and Zero.

    Axl told his friends and his family about everything. About how Matthew helped him and saved his life. His father Dr. Cossack was grateful for that and wanted to meet him and thank him for saving Axl.

    Before the ceremony starts, Matthew and his family made it early and met Axl’s friends and his family. They introduced themselves and got along pretty well.

    As the ceremony starts, the Mayor made a speech about heroism and to never give up. He then gave Matthew a metal of honor and congratulated him.

    Matthew then made his speech and said to the audiences about his family support and how grateful he is to have them in his life. Everything was going great in the ceremony, until something worse happened.

    The Mavericks arrived with a number of explosives they carried. All of them are wearing explosives strapped to their chests. When the Deputy Mayor is revealed to be one of them and tries to detonate his bomb in the crowd, Matthew tackles him and shields other officers on guard, using his body, sacrificing his life to protect the crowd.

    The Mavericks caused a few deaths in the crowd and made the crowd panicked when they start the explosions.

    Blackness sets in, and then Axl and Kalinka are being dragged away to safety while remain unconscious. Ring Man, Skull Man, Pharaoh Man, Tundra Man, and Dive Man help Kalinka and Axl to safety, but they lost the track of their father.

    As Axl and Kalinka regain consciousness and X and Zero are helping people to safety, Tundra Man, Skull Man, and Ring Man decided to go and find their brothers and Dr. Cossack.

    As they search for them, they found Bright Man, Toad Man, and Drill Man trapped under the rubble. They lift it off and managed to free them. Ring Man told them to go with Kalinka and the others to safety while he, Tundra, and Skull will go and find Dr. Cossack.

    After they find and search on the stage, they only found Matthew and other few people, dead. But then, Tundra Man got attacked by the Maverick. Ring and Skull tried to save him, but got shot by few Mavericks. They were about to kill them, until a Reploid named Gate, calls them off.

    Gate tells them to stop and that they need to leave immediately. He decided to spare their lives because he needed the robot masters alive to capture them soon when the time comes for their leader’s evil plan.

    As they leave, Tundra Man finds his father and found out that he’s dead. Tundra, Ring, and Skull were shocked and devastated that he died because of the Mavericks. They reunite with their siblings and showed that Mikhail is dead, which made them shocked and grief.

    One week later, Kalinka and her siblings made a funeral for their father where Light and Wily’s gravestone are.

    Aiden, Roll, Torch Man, and the others came for Dr. Cossack’s funeral and wanted to share their thoughts about how great he is. Tundra Man and his siblings shared their thoughts about him too and how grateful they are to have him as their father. They’ll miss him dearly and hope he’s resting in peace in the afterlife.

    Matthew’s family came to his funeral too, to share their thoughts about how kind, brave, and a great man he was. Axl came to them and said sorry about Matthew. They told him, “It’s okay. It wasn’t your fault. No one could’ve predicted of what might happen to him. It was the Mavericks’ fault who cause the explosions.”

    The Maverick War have already begun and it’s already getting worse and there’s still Mavericks causing chaos around the cities. X, Zero, Axl, and the other Reploids if Maverick Hunters are doing their best to stop them on their missions.

    Torch Man, Kalinka, and her brothers are doing their best to comfort Tundra Man. While Aiden and other robot masters are helping Maverick Hunters to find Mavericks and stop them.

    For what they don’t know is that there is a secret criminal organization of Mavericks called “The Organization Sigma.”

    The members of the criminal organization are known Vile, Gate, Dynamo, Lumine, Double, Isoc, Agile, Serges, Violen, Dr. Doppler, Zain, Geemel, Ferham, Scarface, Botos, Epsilon, Shadow, and Colonel Redips.

    And the leader of the Organization Sigma is obviously Sigma.

    Sigma survived the explosions after he was defeated by X, along with Vile. Sigma then met a Reploid scientist named Dr. Doppler who was dump by the humans. He heard about him before and figured that Dr. Doppler might be useful for him.

    Sigma told Dr. Doppler about his plan and ask if he wanted to join him to revolt the world into darkness. Dr. Doppler began to think about and then chose to join him.

    After a while, Sigma, Vile, and Dr. Doppler found an old fortress that used to be Wily’s Gear Fortress. But since they found a place to be hidden, Dr. Doppler rebuild it and made Sigma’s fortress of his own called Sigma Palace. And made the symbol of the Organization Sigma for the Mavericks.

    After a while, Sigma saw a Reploid with a long lavender hair and orange eyes, slaughtering people in Abel City. Sigma was interests and decided to meet him.

    When Lumine first met Sigma, he was aware at first until Sigma tells him that he heard about him before and the knowledge of Lumine’s power.

    Sigma then asked if Lumine is interest to join him to revolt against humanity and help battling against humans and those who are Maverick Hunters and robots who are on humans’ side, and change the whole world into a better place to show that reploids/robots are far more superior than anything.

    That made Lumine agreed to join him and become the member of Organization Sigma because if he works with Sigma, he can try to make humans and robots separated and never live together in peace.

    Lumine’s goal is to destroy humanity and fear everyone around the world and to make sure humans and robots would never live together in peace.

    At the Abel City, X, Zero, Axl, and the robot masters have been wondering how are they gonna stop the Maverick Wars since Mega Man is gone. At first, they were starting to lose hope, but Aiden lift their spirits up and told them to stay determined because he believes that there’s still hope even if this seems bad, there’s always another way to end this madness.

    It made them feel a bit better and have hope again. Aiden still has his same personality like Rock.

    They’re hoping if Aiden’s right. They can figure things out, and with all the help they need from their friends, their family, and the Maverick Hunters, they can win somehow.

    Our story began.

    To be continued in episode 1

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  • Mega Man X: Horizon

    Prologue (part 1)

    In the year of 20XX, before Thomas Light and Albert W. Wily retired, they created their final creation named X and Zero. They build them to help people and for the future generations of humans and robots.

    After that, Aiden became the first robot as a robotic scientist and the greatest robotic scientist that ever lived for the next generation, and for humans and robots to continue to live together in peace and harmony.

    Milo Odin, Jasmine Santello, and Beatrice Allen became the Doctors of Robotics. While Kalinka will become a Robotic Doctor like her father soon.

    And Mikhail Cossack has created a Reploid named Axl. He created Axl with the ability to shapeshift with a Copy Chip because he thought Mega Man and the others would need help to fight against whoever or whatever they’re facing. He thought it would be useful for Axl to use it to disguise himself as someone else who are villains or somebody who are working with villains.

    Roll open a hospital to help people as she had hoped to make her dream come true.

    In the year of 20XX, Aiden has done an amazing job as a robotic scientist for all humans and robots, leading and inspire to everyone. The new generation of robots has made so remarkable for all humans and robots to live together in peace and harmony.

    Two years later, after Dr. Light and Dr. Wily passed away, A lot of robots chose to lack their program and purpose because they want their own freedom. They believed that humans were only using robots as tools and toys and then throw them away as they get old and become useless to them.

    So, they turned themselves into evil and insane, abandon their own family and friends, and turned into rogue robots known as Mavericks. When Aiden, Rock, and the others heard about what was happening to the city, they knew they had to do something to stop them.

    They did try to reason with the rogue robots, but they didn’t want to listen or don’t want to change to become a better person. So, they had to stop them or destroy them. There were still more Mavericks harming people and causing a lot of trouble to the city. But luckily, Aiden and Rock met a good friend named Dr. Cain who is a scientist and archaeologist, and lives in Abel City.

    Dr. Cain told them everything about creating new robots called Reploids and the enforcement organization called Maverick Hunters which can help protecting humans, robots, and the world from Maverick attacks. When he told them everything, Aiden and Rock believed that it would be a great idea. The world needs heroes to fight evil and protect people from danger. And heroes do need help.

    So, Dr. Cain created lots of reploids as Maverick Hunters with Aiden, Rock, X, Milo, Dr. Cossack, and Isabella’s help. After they finished creating them, the Maverick Hunters did a remarkable job stopping all Mavericks and saving people’s lives.

    There’s also a lot of new reploids who are the Maverick Hunters, helping and protecting the innocent people of both humans and robots.

    Now, the new era of humans and robots are still living together in peace and harmony. Even though there are some robots out there who became Maverick and those who are going to go Maverick, the Maverick Hunters will always be there to stop them.

    And if they need help Aiden, Mega Man, and their friends will be there.

    One year later, since there’s now Reploids and Maverick Hunters, X, Zero, and Axl decided to join Maverick Hunters because they wanted to protect and help people from evil and Maverick attacks, including protecting their friends and their family.

    Zero and Axl are now the A Class hunter while X is B Class Hunter. Sigma was the leader of the Maverick Hunters until he turned into insanity and became Maverick.

    After the Maverick Hunters were trying their best to stop and destroy the mechaniloid, X came just in time until the mechaniloid grabbed one of the Maverick Hunters which made X hesitate. But then Sigma arrived and already destroyed the mechaniloid with his saber.

    After that, Dr. Cain tells Sigma about X’s great potential. But then he adds about Aiden and Mega Man’s potential, too. X’s personality is similar to Mega Man and Aiden, which is the reason why robots are now becoming heroes, protecting and helping both humans and robots from evil and Maverick attacks.

    Aiden and Mega Man made the new connection between robots and humans. They helped change the world for the better, and brought robots and humans together, united as one, living together in harmony. They’ve also inspired humans and robots to do good things for the world and for the brighter future.

    Of course, we don’t know what will happen next in the future. Dr. Cain is a bit worried and isn’t sure if Aiden, Rock, and X’s potential will still bring hope for this world. Because something bad will happen in the future that will bring chaos and destruction to this world.

    In the Day of Sigma, Zero, X, and Axl were on their mission to find who’s causing destruction in the Abel City and who killed the reploids. After they made it to the Missile Base and Sigma arrives as well, Zero figured out that it was Sigma who killed the reploids and then dodges when Sigma was about to stab him.

    Sigma then grabs Zero and holds him up, using him as a shield while X and Axl are aiming him. X is hesitating. He couldn’t do it because he doesn’t want to hurt Zero. So, Axl tried shooting Sigma’s arm to let Zero go, but then Sigma stabs Axl and then slashes Zero with his saber so quickly. Sigma grabs X, stating that he missed his last chance of stopping his scheme while picking a remote from his belt.

    After pressing a button on the remote, the base’s entire content of missiles are being prepared to be launched, directed at Abel City. Deceiving X into literally disarming, he throws him away. X then questions Sigma as to why he’s doing these actions, with Sigma then stating he’s doing this for the future of Reploids, believing that their potential needs to be put to the “ultimate test.”

    X then realizes that Sigma has caused all these horrific actions from the start which killed several of their own comrades, before Sigma cuts him off by stating that many others will be on his side, summing it up by stating that evolution requires sacrifices to be made, before firing the missiles in front of X.

    The Maverick Hunter Base then picks up the unauthorized missile base launch and tried to discover what their target was before discovering to their shock and horror that Abel City was the target. As X tries desperately to stop Sigma, the missiles destroy large parts of Abel City, one of them hitting Dr. Cain’s laboratory, seemingly vaporizing the old man.

    As this was going on, Cain is reflecting on how Reploids, despite being created by humans, had possessed capabilities far beyond their own, and also ponders whether that was due to the arrogance of mankind before denying it, just as the launched missile detonates near his house. Which made Cain die from explosions.

    Sigma killed his own creator and doesn’t regret it at all. He has no love in him, not anymore. While X got stabbed by Sigma’s saber, Sigma then tells X that the latter had invited all of this upon himself for what has transpired, due to limitless potential and limitless danger existing within him, and then tells him that rather than an end, it was a beginning for Sigma’s new world just as the last remaining missile launched.

    And then X’s unlimited potential is supposedly unleashed for a moment as his energy crystal and left hand begin to glow. He manages to get free of Sigma’s hold before dashing at him, grabbing his face, giving Sigma his signature scars in the process.

    However, after this action, X seemly shuts down and falls down on the ground, due to the enormous damage he has already taken. Sigma comments on X’s action and his potential. After Sigma left, Zero and Axl regain consciousness and bringing X back to the Hunter Base while Sigma stares at the devastated city.

    Sigma then kidnaps and reprograms all the Maverick Hunters (bosses) to make them as his army, serve him, and follow his orders to cause chaos around to the city and revolting across the land and other places.

    Mega Man, Aiden, and the others heard about what happened when X, Zero, and Axl told them. Aiden was shocked to hear about it. He was friends with Sigma, but he never knew that he was planning to go Maverick.

    Aiden, Rock, and all robot masters will help out if they need them. X was on his mission until Vile shows up, wanted to destroy X who is working with Sigma. Vile defeated X and was about to shoot him with his shoulder cannon, until Zero stopped him and teleported with X to safety.

    They are also willing to help X and the Maverick Hunters to save them. And yes, the robot masters can help save the Maverick Hunters (bosses) and send them to Aiden, Kalinka, Milo, Beatrice, and Jasmine for their repairs.

    One day, Aiden and Mega Man were on their mission to find Boomerang Kuwanger. They found him and defeated him, until Sigma ambush them. He was about to stab Aiden’s core with his saber, but instead, Mega Man sacrifice himself to save him.

    When Sigma destroyed Mega Man’s core, Aiden began shocked, seeing his best friend got killed by Sigma right in front of him. Aiden tells Mega Man that he’ll fix him and tries to save him, but it was too late for him. Both of Mega Man’s core and data are destroyed and gone forever. There’s no other way to bring him back or to fix it to save him. As Aiden begin to cry and have tears, Mega Man said his final words before he’s about to stop functioning.

    Aiden: It’s okay! You’re gonna be fine! I’ll fix you. I’ll… *sob* I’ll… *sobs*

    Mega Man: A-Aiden… Take good care of Roll and… Rush for me, okay? A-And… enjoy the future for me…

    As Mega Man stops functioning, he’s gone forever. Aiden began to cry and went furious as he summon his buster gun and blasted at Sigma. Aiden questions, “Why Sigma is doing this?” “Why did he decided to go Maverick? Why did he killed his own father? Why he killed Aiden’s best friend?”

    Sigma tells him that he believes that peace only makes him and all robots weak because they were build to serve humans. He believes that humanity was keeping Reploids and all robots potential down. So, he decided to revolt against humanity and create a Maverick War to battle against humans and those who are Maverick Hunters and robots who are on humans’ side.

    He believed that power is the answer for him and all Mavericks to go stronger and can give the world a better place for robotkind’s rights and freedom. But, Aiden disagreed and told him that power and violence is never the answer and can only cause chaos and destruction for all humankind and robotkind. Peace and harmony can give the world a better place for all humans and robots to live together and to balance for the whole world. Sigma, of course, disagreed Aiden’s naive belief.

    Sigma then told Aiden that he was only Dr. Cain’s tool and nothing more, and was never his family to him. And the reason why he killed Mega Man is because he knew he would sacrifice himself to save Aiden. He thinks that Mega Man has always been a fool and naive like Aiden and all of his friends.

    That made Aiden furious. Aiden was about to blast him again, but when he looks at Kuwanger, he remembered that he needs to take him for repairs and reprogram back to his old self. So, he quickly grabs both Boomerang Kuwanger and Mega Man’s body, and then teleported with them to escape from Sigma.

    After the robot masters were able to bring the Maverick Hunters (bosses) to safety and for their repairs, they see that Aiden brought Kuwanger with him, but they see that Mega Man didn’t make it.

    Aiden explained everything about what happened. Roll, X, Rush, Auto, and the others were upset and devastated to hear that and can’t believe that Rock is gone forever.

    X was really upset that Sigma killed his brother. He started to lose hope because of Sigma, causing destruction to the city and a lot of deaths from the innocent people. But luckily, Zero, Axl, Aiden, Roll, and the 11th liners were here, helping him to lift his spirit up again a bit and have hope.

    After a while, Aila and Layer were able to find where Sigma could be hiding. They find the location of a place called “Sigma Palace.” X, Zero, and Axl are on their mission to find Sigma and put an end to this madness.

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  • Holy heck I’ve been listening to this for weeks now.

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  • auto is like 7 feet tall what the hell

    #mega man#megaman#auto #auto mega man #auto megaman #idk why i havent really thought abt it before cuz he very clearly is Tall #he just. hes got manlet energy i dont KNOW
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  • bass throws a wubble bubble ball at rock full-force

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  • image

    Name: Tenor (In Japan – Piano)

    Creator: Dr.Wily (Design) and Dr. Cossack (Design and building)

    Number: SCN – 001 (Special Cossack Number)

    Species: Robot

    Description: He was just a rusty robot from the garbage dump until Dr. Cossack repaired him and he became what he is today. Since then, he has been a happy boy with a happy family. However, when danger is near, he is determined to defend his loved ones.

    Personality: He is very cute, loving, cheerful, friendly and playful. Despite that, he has a strong fighting spirit. Normally, everyone sees him as a very naive robot that can be easily fooled. However, he’s smart enough to give you an unexpected turn.


    He was created as a Bass’ test prototype by Dr. Willy. However, he had a lot of mistakes: A minimal power and his naivety won’t be enough to defeat Megaman. Wily ended desactivating him and he left him in the garbage can.

    One day, Kalinka was playing close to the garbage can and she found a half rusty robot. She started to play with him like he was a doll. Her father, Dr. Cossack, noticed of the new “toy” of his daughter that he decided fix the robot and give him a new utility. And like this Tenor was born as Kalinka’s fellow game and Dr. Cossack’s assistant.


    • Tenor Buster.
    • He has copy ability like Megaman too.


    • “Tenor/Piano” was the name Kalinka gave him.
    • He has the appearance of a spoiled child.
    • He doesn’t remeber anything about his life when he was built by Dr. Wily. Dr. Cossack couldn’t save his internal memory.
    • He considers Kalinka as his sister and Dr. Cossack as his father.
    • He became friends with Megaman, Roll and Dr. Light.  
    • His best friend is Windy.
    • He seems to be Bass’ opposite pole.
    • Bass hates him for looking like him in appearance.
    • He isn’t as strong as Bass or Megaman, but he’s determined to fight anyway.
    • He has the mental age of a 10 years old kid.
    • He likes play with garbage.
    • Taiga Woman just noticed his existence when she started to leave the frozen forest more often.
    • In a good future, he’ll become Kalinka Cossack’s assistant.
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    Nombre: Tenor (En Japón – Piano)

    Creador: Dr. Wily (Diseño) y Dr. Cossack (Diseño y construcción)

    Número: SCN – 001 (Special Cossack Number)

    Especie: Robot

    Descripción: Era solo un robot oxidado del basurero hasta que el Dr. Cossack lo reparó y se convirtió en lo que es actualmente. Desde entonces, es un niño feliz con una familia feliz; sin embargo, cuando el peligro está cerca, él está determinado a defender a sus seres queridos.

    Personalidad: Es muy lindo, cariñoso, alegre, amigable y juguetón. A pesar de eso, tiene un fuerte espíritu de lucha. Normalmente, todos lo ven como un robot muy ingenuo que se puede engañar fácilmente; sin embargo, tiene la suficiente inteligencia como para darte un giro inesperado.


    Fue creado como un prototipo de Bass de prueba por el Dr. Wily; sin embargo, este tenía muchas fallas: Un poder mínimo y su ingenuidad no serían suficientes para derrotar a Megaman. Wily terminó desactivándolo y dejándolo en el basurero.

    Un día, Kalinka estaba jugando cerca al basurero y encontró un robot medio oxidado. Ella empezó a jugar con él como si fuera un muñeco. Su padre, el Dr. Cossack, se dio cuenta del nuevo “juguete” de su hija que decidió arreglar el robot y darle una nueva utilidad. Y así nacería Tenor como el compañero de juegos de Kalinka y ayudante del Dr. Cossack.


    • Tenor Buster.
    • También tiene habilidad de copia como Megaman.


    • “Tenor/Piano” fue el nombre que le dio Kalinka.
    • Tiene la apariencia de un niño mimado.
    • No recuerda nada de su vida cuando fue construido por el Dr. Wily. El Dr. Cossack no pudo salvar su memoria interna.
    • Él considera a Kalinka como una hermana y al Dr. Cossack como su padre.
    • Se ha hecho muy amigo de Megaman, Roll y del Dr. Light.
    • Su mejor amiga es Windy.
    • Parece ser el polo opuesto de Bass.
    • Bass lo odia por parecerse a él en apariencia.
    • No es tan fuerte como Bass o Megaman, pero, de todas maneras, está determinado a luchar.
    • Tiene la edad mental de un niño de 10 años.
    • Le gusta jugar con la basura.
    • Taiga Woman recién se da cuenta de su existencia cuando ella empezó a salir más seguido del bosque helado.
    • En un buen futuro, se convierte en el asistente de Kalinka Cossack.
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  • Kalinka is right you know

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  • Skull Man: I like a nice nap. And my naps can last for up to 3 hours. Some call that depression, I call it nap time.

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  • bwee <:] i get shy about kisses so i feel weird posting this in discord servers so. heres this 

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  • image

    Work in progress. Beginning with pencil sketch, the inking, soon to be water colored :3

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